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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 23, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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the community-based program like the boy scouts that gave law enforcement is to give the abilities so as teenagers. >> jesse: vertical assault. sound like something that you do, greg. "special report" is next. >> bret: thanks, jesse. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. house impeachment managers say president trump should be removed from office now, right now, making their case at this hour to senator tonight withholding military aid to ukraine in order to get an investigation of his main political opponent and the president obstructed congress' investigation in the abuse of power. we are on the second day of the prosecution's three-day prosecution. there you see hakeem jeffries on the senate floor. it would be followed by 24 hours of defense rebuttal by the white house legal team.
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president trump he restated today after a tweet storm about impeachment yesterday. we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel and a wrap of tonight's prosecution. >> big emphasis by house impeachment managers making the case in great detail that president trump abused his pow power. speaker impeachment is not a punishment for crimes. impeachment exists to address vets to the political system. >> jerry nadler let off the impeachment effort to make the case that president trump abused his power the senate can take action. speak of the constitution is not a suicide pact. it does not mean that we are stuck with presidents who abuse our power who threaten our sense of security. >> then it was congresswoman sylvia garcia who said that
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president trump abuses power because public suggested joe biden lead impeachment manager adam schiff got a reaction out of senators from this line. >> thank god, putin says. you've got to give double dribble credit for this. he's made a religious man out of vladimir putin. >> hitting a nerve when he said republican senators voting against the witnesses and testimony were engaged in a cover-up. asking republican senator lisa murkowski told reporters said, i took a very offensive as one who is listening attentively and working hard to get to a fair process, i was offended. she's critical to the democrats' goals to convince four g.o.p. moderates to vote with democrats.
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>> four brave republicans will come forward and say you can't shut this down without witnesses can be a shut us down without documents. >> he is not alone. speaker every senator up there representing the american people, not donald trump, but representing the american people, should be making sure there are more witnesses. >> leading republicans are pushing back. >> the talk about overwhelming evidence. you do not think they would talk more about what will be evidence. >> chairman lindsey graham says the house impeachment managers deserve good marks. >> i thought they did a good job of taking bits and pieces of the evidence and creating a quote out of it. what i will tell my colleagues is the other side gets to talk and see if they can pull a thread here, pull a thread there, see if it holds up. >> going well into the evening talking about abuse of power, health democrats are expected to focus tomorrow on the second article of impeachment, obstruction of congress.
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bret? >> bret: a look at what his defense team is preparing to do and say where they get their turn on the senate floor after tomorrow. correspondent kiersten fisher is at the white house tonight. >> president trump's defense team that in order to be impeached, president trump must have committed a crime. >> we've got lawyers representing multiple schools of thought on what is and what is not an impeachable offense but they've got one thing in common, the actions alleged do not that level. former president andrew johnson impeachment trial back in 1868. alan dershowitz says the same argument will be central to the constitutional defense that he will make in the coming days on the president's behalf, that abuse of power does not hit the high crimes and misdemeanors threats rolled.
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>> it's a political argument made abuse of power cannot be a criteria for betraying a president. >> house and future managers the exact opposite and reminded senators that dershowitz did too during clinton's impeachment. also a 2018 memo from bill barr written before he became attorney general in which he made the case that congress could impeach presidents who abuse their power. >> everyone who said president trump and his lawyers agree that presidents can be impeached for abuse of power. the president's position amounts to nothing but self-serving constitutional nonsense. >> even jonathan turley who argued against impeachment as agreed with the president's defense team of this argument, "while i believe articles of impeachment are based on well-defined criminal conduct, i do not believe that the criminal code is the effective limit or
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scope of possible impeachable offenses. president trump chose not to speak what he chose to leave the white house this afternoon for florida, but he's said plenty over the last 48 hours on twitter. on today, he picked up right where he left off, by calling his opponents the do-nothing democrats and the impeachment trial a witch hunt. >> the president has been very pleased with the way it's going but looking forward to the chance will be good to lay out our case. the attorneys are excited about that and they will attack on that front. >> tomorrow, president trump will become the first president in history to attend march for life, the largest antiabortion event in the world and on saturday, the president's legal will finally began mounting a full defense from the senate floor. bret? >> bret: kristin fisher live on the north lawn. we are monitoring the senate floor where hakeem jeffries from new york has been arguing about
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ukraine and specifically what was said about the ukrainian president's efforts to meet with president trump. we'll listen in for a while to the senate floor. >> when you added that president zelensky will do anything that you >> i said something to that effect because i remember the meeting of the president, president zelensky was very solicitous is not a good word, but very willing to work with the united states and was being very amicable. putting it in trump speak by saying, he will do whatever you want, said he'll really work with us on a whole host of issues. >> he was the only willing, he was very eager, right? >> that's fair. >> because ukraine depends on the united states as its most significant ally, is that correct. >> one of its most, absolutely.
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>> in other words, any risk quest president trump made ukraine would be difficult to refuse. when president trump asked ukraine to investigate joe biden as well as the wild conspiracy theory about the 2016 election, those were absolutely interpreted by president zelensky and his staff as a demand? and that is where the white house enters into the equation. when ukraine did not immediately cave to rudy giuliani in the spring and announced the phony investigation, president trump ratcheted up the pressure, as leverage he chose the white house meeting he dangled during his april 21st call precisely because president
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president trump knew how important the meeting was to ukraine. following their visit to giv ki, ambassador sondland, ambassador volker, and took terry terry met with president trump and each of them encouraged the present to president to schedule a meeting. here's what investors someone had to say. >> advised the president the importance of ukraine and the value of strengthening the relationship with president zelensky. to support this reformer, we asked the white house for two things. first, a working phone call between presidents trump and so lenski, and a working oval office visit. in our view, both were vital to cementing the u.s. ukraine
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relationship. demonstrating support for your crane in the of russian aggression, and advancing broader u.s. foreign policy interests. >> even though this meeting was critical to both ukraine and america, president trump ignored all of his policy advisors and expressed reluctance with me, >>making the prosecution's case with the president saying he must be removed because of article one, the abuse of power and article to go, they say obstructing congress. let's bring in our panel, medical and nt, founding editor of the washington free beating you are making the case that each of the managers in a way stitching together both the house and judiciary into the
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committee hearing this, using sound bites from that testimony in a pretty interesting way as they tell this story. it is the same story, but it's told a different packaging. >> may be it appeals to senators. maybe having the video wakes them up if they are nodding off or doodling on their desk. the question is behind all of this, does the conflict of president trump initiated rise to the level of impeachable offense? even though the story might be well produced and well polled, at the end of the day a do not think it would give any republicans -- part of the reason is right now we are in the part of the trial where the platform is entirely given to the prosecution. that will change over the weekend. once the defense has an opportunity to present its side of the story and its case, i think republicans will feel the wind in their sails. >> today is about ukraine, their interaction with ukraine.
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he was senator lindsey graham. >> what i think the best thing to happen is to have oversight of ukrainian potential misconduct and move on to the election. i'm not going to use my vote to extend the trial. >> the more i hear about republicans talk about what's next, the witness vote and other is saying i sense a growing confidence that they may have heard it to catch on this issue, mitch mcconnell that is. >> in other words, there's a very low likelihood that there will be this four witness list actually called, and the party discipline of the republicans seems not only to be holding but they are there at the margin strengthening. susan collins has been behaving for her very partisan by calling out jerry nadler with her little note. >> as did murkowski. >> those are two of the four
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democrats pin their hopes on. i would take a slightly different point of the substance from this. look, since the transcript came out, it's clear what president trump did. to a lot of people, it's wrong. what's interesting here is the republicans as a matter of the case that trump steve is making are not really being offered the option to say it was wrong but not impeachable. they are going to be told by the defense here, nothing at all is wrong. it's interesting. the white house is in effect forcing them if they are going to acquit him also signed that. >> bret: they do not have the option of represented will hurd option to say i did not think it was i in a perfect call but it s not impeachable. >> they are arguing that trump's intentions were corrupt. nobody is arguing trump canceled the aid, nobody is arguing that
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the president cannot ask for leader to investigate the corruption. they are saying what's wrong here is they he is doing it with the intent to help him here politically. he says will trump is not the first wano do it. we know president obama did it with russian officials. i will have more likability after the election, asking a foreign official to do him a political favor. this is regularly done and for us to set a new standard here where the president can be impeached for doing something he's allowed to do legally, but did for political reasons, i think is a very low standard. >> bret: quick, witnesses or no? >> i don't think this is really... >> bret: i do not think there will be with us are not? >> other major stories today >> bret: as we had to break,
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resident of hakeem jeffries wrapping up a case before the dinner break. you can watch live o on we'll take this to break. we will see you on the other side. >> even president trump realized the face-to-face talk on the floor the united nations general assembly was not the same as an official oval office meeting. sitting next to the president trump in new york, he again raised... that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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>> bret: looking live at the senate floor again, representative hakeem jeffries. we will bring you more from the senate floor. you can see it on streaming live. other news to cover quickly. china attempting the monumental task of isolating three cities with a combined population of 18 million people in order to curtail the spread of a deadly virus. back here in the u.s., there were concerns that visitors from china could spark an epidemic in this country can real concerns tonight. correspondent jonathan serrie reports from atlanta. >> the chinese government imposed strict quarantines like those in nearby wuhan where the airport and transition are closed. >> the general does not
3:20 pm
recommend any broader restrictions on travel. >> a new outbreak of the coronavirus has claimed 17 lives in china, the world health organization stop short of declaring a global emergency. >> we know that there is a human to human transmission in china, but for now it appears limited to family groups and health workers caring for infected patients. at this time, there is no evidence of human to human transmission outside of china. >> major airports around the world are implementing a hand screening of passengers from china. >> they are 16 identified close contacts. washington state health officials monitoring people exposed to a u.s. traveler who became ill shortly after returning from china. >> appears to be doing well and we hope that he will continue on
3:21 pm
his excellent clinical course and hopefully will be able to return home in the near future. >> coronavirus concerns prompted a in a message to families, the principal's right that while health officials believe the risk of the double coronavirus from the students is extremely low, we felt it necessary to make this adjustment. british media reports that flying passengers from trade with like symptoms taken to the hospital for testing. a returning path traveler in l.a. and in texas undergoing similar precaution. >> bret: thank you. newly unclassified documents from the foreign intelligence service court indicate that the justice department has concluded there was insufficient evidence to establish probable cause that former trump campaign advisor carter page was acting as an agent of the foreign power. that was used by the fbi to get to go surveillance.
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the fisa warrant omissions in the fbi'srequest p, today's unprecedented court filing the present another step to the road to recovery for america's deeply damaged judicial system. take a look at the markets got mixed today, the dow lost 26, s&p 500 gained four. the nasdaq was up 19. we are expecting to hear from from senators leaving the senate floor once this is completed. we also have some other news on the panel with 2020 on the campaign trail. we will head to break listening to representative hakeem jeffries, one of the house impeachment manager is. >> ambassador volker found investors on lynn's commons in that meeting to be inappropriate >> i participated in the july 10th meeting between national security advisor bolton and then ukrainian chairman of the national security and
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>> bret: breaking tonight, the senators taking a break for dinner as they continue to press their case for the abuse of power charges against president trump, abuse of power,
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obstruction of congress but let's find that what the mood of senators is halfway through the prosecution's and tatian, on a break right now. correspondent chad program has not had many breaks up on capitol hill. chad to come what's feeling inside the chamber, our senators getting restless? >> senators are more rested, keep in mind that tuesday's session went to 1:50 in the morning so people today are more focused, taking better notes, they are seated more often, not wandering around the chambers plus they seem to be more dialed in and some of that is because some of the testimony when i talked to some of the senators has been more compelling when they focus on the russians and biden and also talking about ukraine. that's one of the main things. let's listen to mark warner, democratic senator from virgin virginia. >> i may have been caught looking at an iphone on my first day and getting up and walking around. i took it off after that.
3:28 pm
these have been some pretty long days and i have never seen 100 politicians be this quiet. >> in his opening prayer, senator chaplin barry black implored senators to take attention, listening is often more than hearing. it can be a tetanus that builds bridges and unites. >> bret: 16 hour window for senators to then pose the questions, they go through the chief justice but do we know exactly how it's going to work? >> everyone has been focused on this issue of witnesses but we've heard a lot of republican senators that they have wanted to call adam schiff as a witness oh 11 there is if they might direct the question to adam schiff, the lead impeachment manager, and make him the defect a witness for a bit. that could lead to questions that john roberts the chief justice might have to rule on or commit this to a vote. regardless to let that elongate the process. >> bret: chad, thank you. we are waiting for a couple of senators from both sides of the aisle to join us live here on
3:29 pm
the "special report" to give us thoughts about today's testimony and argument, one of the pioneers in the meantime of the news business has died. jim larranaga has died peacefully in his home this morning looks at leher's life and legacy. >> jim leher started what was the "pbs newshour" with robert mcneil and through decades of war and interfering was soft-spoken and self-effacing, widely praised >> the most important interview i did is what i did with president clinton. >> that was the day that the
3:30 pm
monica lewinsky story broke and clinton denied a relationship sexualrelationship. >> lehrer even kept an even tone on america's darkest days. >lehrer was best known as a presidential debate monitor and when he was retiring in 2011, he told me he was finished. >> i did 11 of them and i feel pretty good about it. i survived, i've got some psychic scars in me. >> he agreed to one more debate and drew criticism for not pressing candidates and the time losing control. >> let's talk about the big one. >> let's not. >> lehrer had no apologies that his job was to stay out of the way and had personal rules. >> i'm not in the undetermined business. >> jim lehrer was very gracious to me, not doing it as a tv star but as another working reporter,
3:31 pm
trying his best to be fair. a throwback to an earlier era. >> bret: i speak to all of us at "special report," we send our sincere condolences to lehrer family. jim was a legend in our business, inspiration to a whole generation of political journalists, including this one. james p29 was 85 lehrer was 85. co to help with homeowners insurance. yeah, it was really easy and we saved a bunch of money. oh, you got it. you are such a smart bear! call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, blem. and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do.
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>> bret: we will get some reaction to today's presentation. josh hawley is the republican senator from missouri who joins us now. we hope you can get some dinner. senator, thanks for the time. your thoughts on today's presentation by the prosecution and house managers? >> i thought they made a mistake and highlighting the role of hunter biden and burisma, saying there is no corruption involved, joe biden had no comp of
3:36 pm
interest when he got the prosecutor with jurisdiction fired he was looking into hunter biden and biden. i think it was a very strange choice and a department that so much of the house's case turns on hunter biden and burisma and there is no -- the house made a very clear that we will have to call hunter biden, probably joe biden? >> what your guest? are you voting for witnesses? >> i don't think at this point there is any need to go beyond the evidentiary record the house has a mast. we admitted that into evidence, that includes the witness statement, but if the senate does elect to call witnesses and subpoena documents, i'm assembling my own and i think we need to subpoena and as for joe biden, hunter biden, the whistle blower, maybe adam schiff.
3:37 pm
>> bret: chuck schumer has not missed an opportunity and here's his take on yesterday's trial. take a listen. >> people squirm, people look the other way, they don't sit still when they do not want to hear it but the evidence was so compelling and shifts arguments were so powerful i looked around several times, every republican was looking right at him and listening. our hope is this will have an effect. >> what's your reaction to that? >> not so sure we are witnessing the same event. what you saw is a lot of grandstanding, a lot of playing to the camera. you can saying that mr. schiff is acutely aware when being on prime time television. it's become something of an open joke among the signers and that this point, i do not see them trying to convince senators. i think they're playing their own bases, their own at home, what mr. nadler said about
3:38 pm
refusing to call their witnesses would be akin to a treacherous vote against united states, i think that's the spin they are heading. that's going to be the party line and i predict that they will soon i'll be saying that. >> you say you clerked for the chief justice and you're surprised by his reaction when he admonished both sides. that was a moment for you? >> i was very surprised. i've never seen him admonished parties from the bench before. it's worth emphasizing he did that of his own accord. he wasn't asked to do that, he admonished the parties, asserted himself which is very unusual in any trial in a public setting, unusually here and in direct response to mr. nadler talking about treachery on the floor of the united states that is senators committed a vote here, he'd be committing an act against united states, i don't know if you eat did that to accuse us of disloyalty or what it was it was deeply
3:39 pm
inappropriate. >> we don't control the cameras in the trial itself, so we get one shot of the house manager making the case, paint the picture of what you all are doing at your tasks. have you chosen water or milk, what's going on in the senate chamber that the time that these house managers are making the case? >> for my part, i have a couple of different notebooks going where i'm keeping track of the managers' arguments. noted down the time, questions that i have as the argument goes on. i'm also reading. i've got all the trial briefs in front of me, refer to those frequently, compiled a timeline of events i refer back to, try to keep all that material at hand. help me to listen, help me to process the arguments and to follow exactly what's going on.
3:40 pm
>> bret: do you think it's going to get wrapped up next week? >> it's hard to predict. there's ten more hours a presentation at the house managers have, the president site is going to have their chance to questions. at this point, bret, it's hard to say. >> bret: we appreciate your time. get something to eat. we look alive at capitol hill, jay sekulow talking to some of the reporters. let's dip in there for just a bit. >> call professional responsibility and ethics. that's how you do it. next question. >> are they reporting that they may run late tonight? >> i'm here to 1:00 in the morning. do not know if that's true or not. >> what's been helpful for you to go tit for tat instead of blaming? >> it's not the way to go. once i go for 30 minutes, the next site goes for 30 minutes, sometimes they'll occasionally allow for a bottle. we did that kind of emotions.
3:41 pm
but once the preseason start for that party, in this case the managers, we get under the rules that would document, they get 24 hours over three session da days. i know people are looking... b1 jay sekulow going in the specific is how it's going to tick-tock. we'll have more from jay in a little bit. let's get the democratic senator, chris van hollen is a senator from maryland. >> bret, good to be with you. >> bret: your take on today's presentation where it stands for you? >> my take is the house managers have provided a mountain of evidence to support their charges, it's very clear that president trump withheld vital military assistance to ukraine and denied the ukrainian president a coveted white house office to pressure the new president of ukraine to open an investigation or announce an investigation into his political
3:42 pm
rival joe biden. the facts are crystal clear on that, that is an abuse of power. using the office of the presidency that only he has in order to try to get the ukrainian government to do something politically to help him in the 2020 election. >> bret: you have made up your mind? i have not made up my mind print president trump said he wanted to call witnesses, he mentioned that he wanted mick mulvaney to testify in the united states senate trial. so do i. if the president lawyers want to contest the facts that i just outlined, then let's have them be sworn in under penalty of perjury like people testify in the house, the white house denied these key witnesses in the house. the president says he wants to call them, let's call them. was called john bolton who called this a drug deal and all that supports this
3:43 pm
characterization. >> bret: you say it's the house's job, they should've waited, they should've done it, that the pitch about urgency and holding on to the articles for 33 days doesn't really line up. what do you say? >> first of all, the house did act like a grand jury investigation and when you get to trial you often have more evidence and information and witnesses. that's exactly the point. it is fair to wait to try to get an agreement from the senate that the trial will be fair. like we hope most trials in america will be. for example pure just the other night, i offered an amendment to say, let's let the chief justice to the united states make the preliminary ruling on request for witnesses and documents. but the chief justice was not needed by republican president, he can call the balls and strikes. let's let him decide what's a relevant witness. republicans all voted no. no one can argue that that's an
3:44 pm
impartial approach. that's the way we do it every day across the country, the judge decides what comes into evidence. >> it's lining up to those big boats. the office he already had them, but falls in line after the initial arguments here. how much pressure do you think is on the four moderates that are under a focus on republican side but so many like doug jones from alabama who was a democrat in a state that's obviously upside down as far as where it stands in impeaching this president? >> i hope the press will be on everybody to get to the truth of the four witnesses you have sworn in under penalty of perjury will have material evidence, who have relevant information to this case and the documents. you would think if people want to get to the truth and whatever it is. you asked merely what is my bottom line? i haven't gotten to see all the
3:45 pm
evidence because the white house has been blocking those witnesses and blocking those documents. at the same time the president said he wants those witnesses to testify. so let's have it. >> when you hear the white house argument and they say this is not impeachable, we shouldn't be here, then make the case about the constitutional aspect of this and dershowitz makes his case about how you need a crime on the senate floor, you are open being swayed by the white house argument? >> that's a legal argument that says you need a statutory crime in order to impeach a president. that's a question of law. that has been debunked by all the constitutional scholars, including, by the way, jonathan turley who was the white house witness, the republican witness at the house hearing when it came to the question -- now, dershowitz is a criminal lawyer, and as you seen the tape, i'm sure, he had a very different
3:46 pm
view a couple of years ago. >> bret: he's come out on twitter to say he was wrong then and right now. let me say this, i ended the video with senator hawley the same way. paint a picture of what you guys are going through on the chamber through it what are you doing? did you choose water, milk? give us a picture behind the scenes. we don't see your side. i think everybody is taking it seriously and focusing on the testimony. whoever decades ago decided that senators should not have any sort of electronic devices on the floor of the senate? that was a good idea because people are not trying to sneak a text or look at the emails. i'm looking at all the information, taking notes as we go on the relevant parts. i really hope that if our goal is to get to the truth of what happened and people can make up their own mind about whether or not that is an impeachable offense or not, that's an
3:47 pm
important question. but we should all be interested in getting all the relevant facts to make the ultimate decision. and that's why it is so important to call witnesses and that's why the overwhelming majority of the american people understand that that is part of a fair trial. >> bret: we appreciate your time. i don't see you as a milk guy, i bet you chose water. next up, with just 11 days before the iowa caucuses, a live update on the democratic presidential campaign. ♪ $12.99 all you can eat now with boneless wings. only at applebee's.
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>> bret: we have just learned that president trump will sign the usmca trade deal on wednesday, the single biggest bipartisan legislative win of his presidency. in tonight's democracy 2020 report, we are just 11 days from the first voting of the 2020 election season, the iowa caucuses. many of the top contenders are obviously stuck here in washington for the senate impeachment trial. peter doocy reports from des moines again tonight. >> in iowa, the campaign trail has gone cold. joe biden privately meeting with
3:52 pm
>> i made a commitment and i will be here. i am very happy to see that the grassroots organization that i've been trying to develop for over a year has really sprung into action. >> sanders sitting on his desk too. sitting on a sizable lead of new hampshire democrats. 12 points ahead of the runner up pete buttigieg who's campaigning in washington and south carolina. >> i've always asked voters to visualize in much detail as possible the days, that first day that the sun comes up and this president is no longer in the oval office. >> president trump zeroing in on michael bloomberg tweeting, many michael bloomberg playing poker with his full hardy and unsuspecting democrat rivals. he says that if he loses, he will spend money helping whether democrat primary winner is. he figures they will not hit him
3:53 pm
as hard. bloomberg believes they are on their way t to a head-to-head wh trump predicting he'll soon leapfrog warren. >> she is now in fourth place in this race. >> there is no sign that warren, sanders, klobuchar, or bennett will bail on their duties as jurors even if it complicates their odds of winning the caucuses. >> a week and a half before the caucuses, candidates would usually be here meeting as many undecided iowans as many as they can come of this cycle 11 days out, the only candidate here today is the one running in nontraditional campaign, andrew yang. bret? >> bret: peter, thanks. back with the panel. matthew, chuck, jason. state of the race right now as you look at how things are congealing with some senators stuck in washington.
3:54 pm
>> sanders is a little bit ups upset. senator warren try to kneecap him on the private conversation they had, so he's probably a little unhappy about this. but the problem i think is this is not taken so many candidates off the campaign trail, it's taken them off message. impeachment has not been something they've been talking about. they sentence is into resonating much with voters so they probably are not happy with th that. someone like amy klobuchar who's in iowa or bust candidate, not well-known? i think she's the one probably hurt the most by having to do this senate trial. >> i think it's fascinating that a lot of the excitement right now in the democratic nomination race is focused on two people who aren't democrats. bernie sanders and black michael bloomberg. there is a not 50 plus percent, but a real possibility that the race, if joe biden does not make it strongly through the first couple of contests would
3:55 pm
actually come down to that. >> bret: fascinating. matthew? >> elizabeth warren sounded extremely depressed having to be here instead of iowa. >> bret: taking selfies. >> for all the good polls we forget that biden is still on top in iowa, he's had good polls in iowa and it will be iowa that starts the engine of this race. >> bret: there is a sound bite, pete buttigieg talking to our own peter doocy saying, i can't remember the last time i heard a question about impeachment. >> all the candidates say that we talk to. >> bret: think about that in context of what we see in washington how it plays around the globe, especially in the u.s. 11 days from the iowa caucuses. panel, thank you very much very different show because of the structure of the senate's trial. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced, still unafraid. th"the story" hosted by
3:56 pm
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>> martha: stay tuned for the democrats impeachment trial of president trump, keeping a close high on the senate floor as house managers on a break. they'll be back shortly, to continue making their case, taking all of this in and planning their rebuttal, they'll have our first crack it looks like right now, but if you've been following along at home, you have noticed no doubt that democrats appear to be using much of the airtime to repeat the arguments that we've heard when we are in committees in the house and now here in the senate. that's part of their plan essentially. they know that americans tune in at different times of this process and they want to reach as many as they can to try to drive home they're