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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 24, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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house, gentlemen, thank you so much and great to see you all tonight. shannon breamm and the fox news at" night team take it from her. ♪ . >> shannon: this is a fox news shannon: this is a fox news alert. day 2 of arguments, impeachment managers hammering donald trump on abuse of power, democrats get one more day. are any gop senators being swayed? we will ask senator mike braun about that. first we go to kevin cork with key moments from day 2 of the arguments. >> you don't hear it often, at least not allowed but in washington people know the deal but if you lose a senator like
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lisa murkowski you've got real problems and in particular in a circumstance when we are talking about trial where one vote could mean the difference between more evidence and witnesses or not and that is certainly the circumstance we are dealing with in this instance. let me tell you what seems to have upset the senator from alaska. she was upset by jared nadler's assertion that gop members voting against allowing new testimony and evidence would be engaged in a cover-up. she said this to reporters as one listening attentively and working to get a fair process, i was offended. added susan collins from the state of maine, i was stunned by congressman nadler's approach adding shortly thereafter, the chief justice did admonish both sides and i was glad that he did. we all saw that play out and keep in mind collins's complaint is noteworthy because she remains among a small group of senators thought to be possible
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swing votes during the trial. some like martha mc sally, cory gardner, mitt romney and others. democrats remain unbound by the criticism and they suggest it is the president who deserves to be admonished. >> impeachment is not a punishment for crimes. impeachment exists to address threats to the political system. the constitution is not a suicide pact, it does not leave us stuck with presidents who abuse their power in and for seen ways that threaten our security and democracy. >> jared nadler, judiciary chairman for house democrats, you may not have seen this but really giuliani made the hearing today, not in person, he made it in clip form and so while you were busy preparing for this evening's show you probably didn't get a chance to see this, there was a picture of rudy with liberty university's finest,
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shannon bream. >> funny how many people let you know when you show up at a congressional hearing. thank you for your thorough report. fox news alert, stunning newly declassified documents from the fisa court outlining that at least half of the applications for warrants to surveilled trump campaign associate carter page did not establish probable cause. trace gallagher has been doing into the story for more. >> this is a very public rebuke to a fisa court that operates in almost total secrecy, the court has admitted the two of the four fisa wants to wiretap and spy on carter page were not valid. for clarity, 3 and 4 are invalid, warrants one and 2 have not been ruled on. as for the invalid warrant, quote, there was insufficient
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predication to establish probable cause to believe carter page was acting as an agent of a foreign power. it is also notable the two invalid warrants were signed by james comey and former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe. the fisa judge went on to say using information obtained by the invalid warrant is a federal crime, but the next part of the judge's ruling was redacted so it remains unclear if the government potential user is using information from the carter page warrant in other cases but the judge also said information concerning, quote, related investigations must be turned over by next tuesday. carter page responded with this quoting today's unprecedented court filing represents another step on the road to recovery for america's deeply damaged judicial system. i hope this slated admission of deal from the civil rights
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abuses by the justice department marks continued progress towards restoring justice and remedying these reputational erroneous injuries. this is an embarrassment for the fbi which obtained a warrant for a series of mistakes commits misrepresentations and at least one falsified document, not a single one of those fell in favor of the president. >> trace gallagher, good to see you. >> congress is unprecedented in the 238 year history of our constitutional republic. it puts even president next and to shame. this conduct is not america first, it is donald trump first. >> the senate can remedy donald trump's unprecedented cover-up. >> we have seen a cover-up that we have never seen before in the history of the united states. >> democrats focusing on their abuse of power claim against donald trump in day 2 of their arguments. joining us, republican
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congressman from north carolina mark meadows. i want to read something from eugene robinson who thinks this is going great for house managers, the house impeachment managers have masterfully laid out a clear easy-to-follow narrative of trump's misconduct, more importantly they have made a powerful case that the senate must gather evidence including witness testimony and documents beyond what the house was able to obtain. that is a key issue trump's defenders are afraid to confront. your one of his defenders. >> when we were in the house it was our job to investigate. we knew that when the impeachment vote happened, when they rested through right before christmas, they said they had an indisputable case but what we are finding is not only was it flawed but unprepared, it's not ready for prime time so for the washington post to suggest this is a great case, i have seen
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this movie not just once but twice and three times, this is the third time i'm getting to see it, hard to pay attention because you know all the arguments. the reason why they delayed, i thought it was have these new impeachment pins by speaker pelosi but it was really so they could prepare their talking points in such a way to convince the american people, they are not buying it because there is no underlying facts that suggest, and i would say no underlying facts that would suggest that the president did anything appropriate. that is why they are wanting witnesses. if they want to do that, revoke and repeal the impeachment articles, bring it back to the house, why is there not a subpoena for some of these
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witnesses, we know why that is, because they don't trust donald trump but they also don't trust the judiciary. >> they elected not to go to the court battle, but it would take too much time in a divergent matter. so you say the house controlled this, they had the time to do that but do you worry they are making headway with these arguments in the pr battle with people because polls show majority of people think more witnesses would be appropriate at this point. >> whenever you want to adjudicate something everybody always wants more. i've seen in the past we had 17 different witnesses so i would ask my democrat colleagues this. how many more witnesses do you have to have come before congress to say the president didn't do anything wrong. we've had 5 different people, the president of ukraine number 2 and number 3 underneath him say there was no pressure. we had ambassador volcker come forward, the vice president, multiple public statements, tim morrison, these are people with firsthand knowledge where they talked to donald trump about this. all this is about hearsay and
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hurt feelings. we have a situation where everybody wants to convict the president of the united states and disenfranchise voters across the country because my democrat colleagues think there will is more important than the will of the american people but they want to do that in the hopes of sending a message and what is that message? that adam schiff and his team think their opinion is more important than the american voter and it is not something most americans are buying into. shannon: we had a soundbite, we can't trust the system but his argument has been all along there will be corruption if this president is not stopped by impeachment, the atlantic said no democrats are not trying to overturn a 2016 election. it is a surprisingly durable talking point. it finds a way to avoid talking about the substance of the
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accusations against him. it is a difficult task and there were very few substantive defenses of the president yesterday. >> whoever is writing that didn't tune in. the republican defense team didn't even get to go. it was amazing, chuck schumer went to the microphones today and said the trump defense team is doing a terrible job in defending the president. it took them 48 hours to come up with a talking point. they haven't even gone yet to to suggest once you've seen two days of arguments from democrats that somehow we can reach a conclusion the defense is coming, it is very strong and it is not going to bode well for adam schiff and the narrative they have been putting out. shannon: the way the schedule looks the president's team would get started on this saturday and a lot of his defenders say it
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will not get prime time coverage, people are taking their kids to soccer games and are not going to hear it. >> they are not getting primetime ratings right now running it through. if you look at the ratings it is a great time for the history channel and nick at night because everyone's tuning into other things other than this impeachment trial because they notice for outrage on behalf of my democrat colleagues. here's what i do see it is a strong defense that is not only fully articulated but well-documented as the defense of the president happens over the next 2 to 3 days. i think it will be shorter than that. i don't have any personal knowledge to suggest that other than i just know what the evidence supports and how concrete that is. as we go into that i am hopeful that by the end of next week that we have a vote where we
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vindicate the president of the united states and move on to what most americans want to focus on, lowering prescription drug prices, fixing our roads and bridges. they are tired of this drama on capitol hill because it doesn't really affect them. they know they can go to the ballot box in november of 2020 and make that choice for themselves contrary to what adam schiff -- >> we heard from democrats and republicans alike, we will see. thank you for taking the time to stay a plate with us. much more analysis on impeachment ahead but there's a major development on immigration. the trump administration takes new steps to stem the growing epidemic of what is called birth tourism. >> reporter: this new rule flips the burden of proof from the state department to say they suspect the case of birth tourism for a pregnant woman to be denied a visa but now a tourist can be denied if they
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can't convince the immigration officer they have another legitimate reason for visiting. >> we are the only country in the world where person comes in, has a baby and the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states with all those benefits. it is ridiculous and it has to end. >> the president previewed a crackdown on birth tourism a year ago in an interview on hbo. his press secretary explained this rule changes necessary to enhance public safety, national security and the integrity of the immigration system. alexandria ocasio cortez tweeted this administration is targeting pregnant women. the cruelty is the point. hashtag abolish ice, hashtag break up cvp. birth tourism has become a lucrative business and last year officials took legal action against companies involved in the practice in southern california. those companies charge 80,$000 for combination of medical care
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for pregnant women which many of them travel from russia or china, then have secured citizenship for their child, probably leave the united states. >> some people do come here to have their children. >> there is no hard number on the number who come here to give birth to the numbers estimated in the tens of thousands. this rule change tries to cut down on that number but nothing to change birthright citizenship which is what chris*walt calls the rulebook otherwise known as the constitution. shannon: thank you. democrats say gop senators were dialed in and focused today. mike braun of indiana sitting through all the arguments will give us firsthand reaction live next. is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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>> i don't see how any senator, democrat or republican could >> i don't see how any senator, democrat or republican goods from the floor, listen to adam shifts and the house impeachment managers and not demand witnesses and documents. unless, that is, they are not interested in the truth, that they are afraid of the truth, that they know the president is hiding the truth. >> most of us get restless when presented with information we don't want to hear, right? >> senators from both sides bending the rules a bit during another day of long arguments. adam schiff is lavished with praise. with his argument be enough to sway the number of remaining senators. mike braun sent 3 days, see what he thinks at this point, good to have you bit with us. what is all this rule breaking
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and walking around and snacking that was not going to happen? >> we were warned if we spoke to another you could be put in prison. >> we heard jail. >> they said prison actually. i wondered how long that would last. a difference between talking and whispering and i think it has been monotonous in a sense. i paid close attention in the house proceedings and every piece of information is repackaged and we are hearing the same thing. for some senators it may not have -- picking up something here and there but the basics of the case have changed, listen to chuck. the evidence is overwhelming and they have been stressing and stressing that so that would beg the question why they need more witnesses. i really feel because it is not overwhelming. it is analogous to the brett kavanaugh hearing, the case started to stumble, delay, look for more witnesses.
12:21 am
>> greg sargent has a piece, ask a tough question, talks about how you guys were stonewalling because you don't want to know. future revelation standard evidence of what gop senators cover-up but that is politically less risky from their perspective and taking the chance new evidence could be more damning than what is already known and they have to then a quit at that point. >> leader mcconnell put it very astutely that it was their case and it was put together after the mueller report fell apart and they weren't in a time squeeze because all along, i will give them one thing, they have been completely thrown off by donald trump. when i go back to the fact of hearing discussions of impeachment before he was inaugurated that that maintained the process. we as senators are taking on such a grave consideration, this is like if you end up with a
12:22 am
conviction you could get probation. is like nikki haley said, the death penalty. they are trying to put together a circumstantial case on quid pro quo and all along, i have been a trump supporter on the agenda across the board, what the president did probably entangled him in this but it is not impeachable. pushing the envelope on investigating corruption, that is natural when one of the most corrupt places -- in the world. shannon: everybody can see that. >> when you talk about witnesses i'm certain that if we get there it will be reciprocal. that means the bidens, the whistleblower and the discussion might fall apart. shannon: you would call a perfect call. >> know. heather: but that doesn't mean you think it is impeachable. those are two questions.
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i want to play something else chuck schumer had to say about how intently you were watching today. >> the evidence was so compelling and schiff's arguments were so powerful, i looked around several times, every republican was looking at him and listening. our hope is this will have an effect. >> senator kennedy told us yesterday he did hear or learn some things he didn't know. do you think these arguments are connecting? >> there method is time of possession but no field goals and no touchdown. i did listen to almost every part of the house proceedings. it started behind closed doors, then had the public version, the four constitutional expert and every time you could see where they would bring up the same information. here they packaged it with audiovisual and have done a pretty decent job but if you watched it in the first go around all of that was there in the house proceedings.
12:24 am
i have not seen anything new. shannon: you are going back for another day. are you taking -- >> my own snacks? probably not. i will work out of the cloak room, supply, maybe one of my neighbors might take a snack. >> we hear senator romney has some goods. don't get your self in prison because it is important what you do. good to see you again. joe biden with a prediction about how impeachment might boost donald trump. our power panel debates next.
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♪ >> shannon: former vice president and 2020 contender joe biden >> former vice president in 2020 consider joe biden acknowledging impeachment may benefit donald trump at the ballot box. >> i always get asked is the president going to be stronger and harder to beat if he survives this. the answer is yes probably. but congress has no choice.
12:29 am
the constitutional responsibility. shannon: let's turn to even bearman and larry o'connor and deputy assistant attorney general tom dupree. good to have you with us. let's talk about what is going on on the campaign trail because there are interesting conversations going on. the recent polls on wbr in new hampshire, has senator bernie sanders way ahead at 29%. one of the first big states followed by pete buttigieg, joe biden and elizabeth warren. everyone else in single digits and the overall national polling has biden first followed by sanders, warren, bloomberg and buttigieg.
12:30 am
what do you make of this? there has been a lot of surging back and forth, iowa comes first, new hampshire is a big prize, you would think bernie who a lot of people forget won 21, 22 of the primary contest last time start picking up really once. >> rcp average is interesting but not relevant to the nomination process because it is not a national nomination process despite the fact democrat hate the electoral college, bernie sanders has been there, 3 years ago he ran in every one of the 50 states, came a whisper from hillary clinton, the best financed and biggest supported candidate the democrats never put forth in a contested primary and almost won. tell me why it is not bernie's to lose, he should be the front runner. >> charlie gasparino at foxbusiness tweeted this out, democrat party sources who have spoken with barack obama say they are increasingly anxious about bernie sanders's rise in national polls and worthy about socialist to take the country, he is considering a public statement addressing it. more on foxbusiness.
12:31 am
president obama has spoken out a number of times over the past few and warning about progressives going too far to the left. do you think he would step up and get involved? >> maybe it would push him to the point to speak out and support his vice president, joe biden who is a hidden all the key states. iowa and new hampshire absolutely not representative of the united states or the democratic party in terms of diversity, very white state handler, south carolina, subsequent primaries, joe biden is crushing it and what is most surprising is michael bloomberg is jumping up very quickly, the most well-financed candidate, he can write billion-dollar checks without affecting his net worth. >> jim mussina, and obama campaign manager in 2012, here's what he says about the idea of
12:32 am
bernie sanders. >> is bernie the worst candidate? >> no question. it is very clear to me with the swing voters i care about, the trump obama voters bernie sanders is not the candidate we need to beat donald trump in november. >> by what is happening on the 2020 campaign trail it is important for everything that circles back to dc. we cover the courts, you practice in these courts including the supreme court and somebody who wins, bernie will appoint different justices and donald trump. >> can't even begin to imagine what a bernie sanders appointed supreme court would look like. bernie sanders's effect on the court and the economy and american life as we know it will be profound and that is why people in the obama camp and hillary clinton camp are sounding the alarm on bernie sanders because they know he is fundamentally different from all the other democratic candidates in the race, a committed socialist who is determined to take america in a different
12:33 am
direction from the one we have always known. >> i don't see him being that different from the mainstream of the democratic party today. they have embraced his ideas, medicare for all was his idea now elizabeth warren once it and half of the other candidates wanted, the power and energy in the house of representatives with aoc and ilhan omar, they are all bernie brokes in the roadway. bernie sanders best represents where the democratic party is. >> i do think one of the biggest rallies we have seen on the democratic side was bernie sanders and aoc in new york and it was giant. he definitely has energy behind him but i want to ask a little bit about impeachment, jim jordan tweets this about adam schiff. he says these are things he told you before, more than circumstantial evidence of collusion, nunez memo was
12:34 am
process, fisa process was fine, the whistleblower will testify, parodied the president's call. mister z, referring to a different mister z, we are supposed to trust him. >> the case is very clear, the president went on tv to say i am withholding evidence from this trial. i have the evidence and we are not handing it over, the attorney general tried to tell the whistleblower to violate the actual statute, you shall turn this over to congress and tell him he didn't have to. no one is questioning whether the president strong-armed ukraine, they are deflecting from the process in a political way. this impeachment should be happening, republicans want to deny the reality of what is going on. shannon: there are things going on at this point about witnesses, executive privilege,
12:35 am
document and subpoenas. the health withdrew some of those so they don't get to the question of whether or not they will testify but where do you see this going? there are questions. >> democrats need to wrap up their case. they have done a workmanlike job in making the case, don't know they changed anyone's minds. focusing the last day or so on the facts rather than the jerry nadler moral shaving of the republicans and the republicans turn, democrats are getting press coverage but now the spotlight is going to shift to the republicans and i'm eager to hear the republicans defense of the present that i want to hear their understanding of the constitution and what rises to the level of impeachment worthy and a robust defense of the president on the fact. we haven't heard it yet but we are going to hear it in the senate. shannon: that comes on saturday. we will dvring it. we will see what is going on
12:36 am
with that, appreciate your time. much more on the 2020 front, senator elizabeth warren promising this. if she is elected her cabinet will be at least half female and non-binary people, that is a series focusing on her words, restoring integrity to the government. lori lightfoot sounds unimpressed with warren, sanderson's biden. in an interview with the chicago sun-times she says about the two progressive presidential candidates they didn't feel it was necessary to talk to the new black lgbt queue mayor, certainly not endorsing somebody that never bothered to reach out and a person i haven't heard from directly is biden. joe biden is think the trail with swing district democrats in an effort to win over moderates. jackie heinrich is live with more. >> good evening.
12:37 am
in deep red country and western iowa there is a surprising challenge for establishment democratic candidates like joe biden who are trying to make inroads with independent voters or even trump voters. in the far west part of the state there were three light red counties donald trump won by a smaller margin, they are being targeted by several democrats including biden but during the 2016 iowa caucuses these counties referred democratic socialist bernie sanders over hillary clinton and the green on the map showing widespread bernie support the clinton campaign was bitterly contested by a razor thin margin. expert say it is not surprising to find a progressive pocket of blue in deep state red. >> activists spent a couple
12:38 am
hours caucusing, going to be more ideologically strained. you will live in an intensely red area you might grab on and hold onto your progressive values very tightly. >> in the selection sanders's message isn't as unique as it once was. all democratic candidates support public health care were small business owners care about. candidates like joe biden and amy klobuchar on issues like agriculture and trade. klobuchar made the point to campaign and all 99 counties and biden's campaign is using surrogates who have a consistent presence in rural communities talking about how his connections with world leaders hurt in the trade war. >> farmers like the idea that trump was talking about trade but so far they have seen the
12:39 am
results of that and they have gotten some bailouts, they want to grow and sell crops across the world. >> reporter: all democrats have had presence in western iowa with even more stop scheduled. 11 states. >> he has a brand-new book digging into the political corruption and has next time someone tells you hunter biden story has been debunked you're not getting the truth, peter schweitzer is next. am in real le not just on the internet♪ ♪all strength, we ain't stoppin' believe me♪ ♪go straight till the morning look like we♪ ♪won't wait, we're taking everything we wanted we can do it♪ ♪all strength, no sweat ♪all strength, no sweat
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>> joe biden is one of the finest men i know but somebody needs to look at this. why did a biden get $1 billion when he had been in business for 60 days. >> impeachment managers say the biden family connection to ukraine has been debunked, no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of mister biden and republicans are responsible to
12:44 am
keep promoting false conspiracy theories. lindsey graham calling them out saying when and where have those allegations have been debunked. let's turn to peter schweitzer who has a new book called profiles in corruption, abuse of power by america's progressively. i have to note, the claim senator graham just made is something, one of the major fact checking organizations has said this idea that hunter biden got $1 billion is not factual. >> he didn't get 1 billion a have dollars that was put on the board of directors of investment fund financed by the chinese government and this is the pattern you see with hunter biden, no background with china, no background in private equity, the question is why did he get that job. he got that position after he traveled on air force to with his father to beijing, china and that is what is so troubling. everybody gets in washington dc this your last name is biden or bush you will have some
12:45 am
advantage but the timing of these matters, when you look at the ukraine situation, in february 2014 the russians moved into crimea. in march, barack obama says joe biden is our point personal policy towards ukraine, within 2 or 3 weeks hunter biden is hired by the ukrainians. those have to be connected. >> when we are told this is debunked because we hear that all the time, if you bring it up, there's nothing factual about that and you're besmirching a company that trades on their last name but there was nothing the various a criminal there. >> i don't know there's anything criminal. a lot of things in washington dc are corrupt but not necessarily criminal. the question is what was hunter biden being paid for. they were not just trying money at him. they wanted something in return. he got $3 million from the ukrainians. they were getting paid something. the question is what. my point, it goes back to the time they hired him several weeks after his father was put
12:46 am
in charge of our lead policy, those events are clearly thai. a lot of people in washington say this is just the way things are done. when you talk to people outside the beltway it doesn't matter what their politics are, they think it smells. >> the former vice president talked about this on the campaign trail yesterday, here's what he said. >> nobody, nobody in his administration has questioned that i did my job. he said it was a mistake for him having done it because he didn't count on thugs like rudy giuliani and others using it as a means by which to try to hurt his father. >> you and i know there have been a number of people who are not republicans or conservatives who said they worried about this conflict of interest, at least the appearance of it. a headline in the new york times in 2015, obama administration concerned about biden ukraine corruption and a number of people in the state department and elsewhere who said we were worried at least about how it looks.
12:47 am
>> to me the real tell, this happens in washington, people on both sides of the aisle do it but the big tell is when joe biden started getting heat from this what did he do? he announced if elected president no foreign deal for his family members, why wasn't that your policy in the first place? it is because he got caught and that is part of the problem. >> elizabeth warren said relevant witnesses, people who know what donald trump did and what his intent was and what his impact was on national security and the security of ukraine, hunter biden doesn't have anything any knowledge of that or any bearing on that. this conversation whether he should be a witness or not, where do you think that goes? >> that is the root question. the question is was it legitimate for the president of the united states to inquire about a deal involving ukraine, was there something real? that is the heart of the matter,
12:48 am
hunter biden is central to it. if there's corruption going on and i believe there was. we know he wasn't qualified. we know the pattern of behavior regarding his dad and the ukrainians, that speaks to the question. corruption is a huge problem in ukraine. the new leader of ukraine, if you look at his who his chief sponsor was, a ukrainian oligarch who many people believe is linked to burisma. the point is this needs to be investigated. you can't just brush it off and say there's nothing here. this is the central question of the phone call. >> in a week we should know whether they decide to have witnesses and if hunter biden's name is on the wish list. the book is out and i'm sure it is getting a lot of eyeballs. thanks for dropping in.
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>> shannon: we need to make a quick correction on that change we need to make a quick correction on the last segment, the new york times have finally
12:53 am
cited talking about the biden and hunter biden situation the headline reads joe biden, his son and the case against a ukrainian oligarch for the quote was incredibly of the vice president's anticorruption message may have been undermined by the association of his son hunter biden with one of ukraine's largest natural gas companies, burisma holdings, with people who are concerned about appearance of conflict, we wanted to correct that headline. shine is attending the task of isolating 3 cities with a combined population of 18 million people in order to stop the threat of the deadly virus. there is a confirmed case of the us and fears about more. ice as neil has more on the coronavirus. >> reporter: this is breaking in the last couple hours, 25-year-old woman was hospitalized in new jersey, doctors are still evaluating her. they haven't quite diagnosed are just yet. medics are monitoring 16 people with close contact with patient 0 as he's being called in washington state.
12:54 am
those people have not developed the illness that are being watched. another suspected victim is in a california hospital, that patient arrived at lax from mexico city and in texas a texas a&m student is being tested for possible exposure after traveling to china, let's talk about china, china is shutting down 6 cities in the bay problems, quite a feat, this was the heart of the outbreak, total of 20 million people who no longer have access to public transportation and are required to wear masks in public. the capital city of beijing canceling all major public events indefinitely. at last check 830 people are sick with a corona virus, 25 people are dead. despite the growing numbers the world health organization still not calling this outbreak a
12:55 am
global health emergency. that would free up more resources to help fight this virus but doctor mike siegel tonight told me that could all change very soon. >> they are going to call this global health emergency very soon especially if it continues to spread beyond china. my biggest concern is there is likely a lot more cases in china and we are hearing about. they are closing down and locking down entire cities because there is more than 600 cases. >> doctor siegel does believe the cdc at our airports at home are doing a good job containing the virus. >> tonight at heroes for three american firefighters died when their water take a plane crashed in new south wales. all three were us military veterans, more than 200 us firefighters have gone to help, many were greeted with australian applause when they arrived earlier this month. authorities don't know why the plane crashed. american and australian firemen held a moment of silence today,
12:56 am
lowering flags to have staff a comrades. we salute them for extraordinary service and sacrifice, we recognize them and all the men and women out there fighting those blazes, tonight's midnight heroes, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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>> covered it up, he is trying to obstruct you and has violated the constitution. okay, he is guilty. >> it is friday january 20 fourth. happening right now 4:00 on the east coast, impeachment insanity, republicans push against abuse of power claims saying democrats haven't introduced any new proof. we are live on capitol hill with scorching testimony from the senate and renewed calls for the bidens to take the stand. race against time, chinese officials shuttering season


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