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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 24, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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we will make a fun series of questions on the table. we will never be the media mob. always look for the truth. never miss an episode and let not your heart be troubled. why? laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is next. have a great weekend. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." what a show we have for you tonight from washington. our own raymond arroyo spoke with president trump today about lev parnas, impeachment, and his historic address at the march for life. it was a tour de force. the two part exclusive a straight ahead, and we unpack all the impeachment madness. it was groundhog day today. we need bill murray to show up in the house. democrat house managers just wrapped up their case and trump impeachment lawyer, congressman mark meadows, senator david perdue are all here to break it all down. plus 2020 democratic candidate tulsi gabbard is here to talk
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about her parties russia obsession and her present impeachment vote, and we have part three of our investigation into a 2016 white house meeting that involves obama officials and ukrainian prosecutors. we've spoken to one of the ukrainians now who was in that meeting. what he told us will be later on in the show. but first, despite what many in the public might think, democrats keep telling us that their case against president president trump isn't complicated at all, it's simple like basic math. >> there is no doubt that's obstruction, plain and simple. >> that is a quid pro quo, as clear as two plus two equals four. >> this is very simple. >> a conclusion as simple as two plus two equals 42. >> laura: this is nursery school. adam schiff may need to go back to primary school because what the democrats told us in their
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closing arguments today doesn't really add up. first they keep claiming that they have proof of this. >> witness testimony, text messages, emails, call record itself confirm a corrupt quid pro quo. >> president trump communicated the quid pro quo clearly to ukraine. >> we have read the transcript and it is damning evidence of a corrupt quid pro quo. >> laura: if any of them are lawyers they should lose their license over that statement. it's funny how they always leave out this part of ambassador sondland's testimony. >> president trump never told me directly that the aide was conditioned on the news. >> laura: the president cannot be impeached on innuendo and their sense of things, speculation, especially from someone as slippery as ambassador sondland.
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second, democrats contend trump held up ukrainian aid to help himself. speak of the evidence is clear. the question for you is whether it's okay for the president to withhold taxpayer money, aid for our ally, our friend at war, for a personal, political benefit. >> laura: personal, political benefit was never discussed and for the record, trump ran on a platform committed to reforming the distribution of foreign aid, much to the chagrin of the establishment g.o.p., i might add, and one of the reasons that so many of us supported him. he's also held up taxpayer funds of several countries to get them to change their policy. the truth is, trump antiforeign aid agenda has ruffled the feathers of all these career globalists embedded in the state department who sometimes have more of a focus on their countries of focus and their own little sections where they work than they do what's good for the
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united states. by the way, even if what congressman crow says here is a true, it is a ludicrous legal standard. law professor josh blackman explains it best, in "the new york times," "otherwise legal conduct even when plainly politically motivated does not amount to an impeachable abuse of power. the house's shortsighted standard will fail to knock out mr. trump, but if taken seriously, threatens to put virtually every elected official in peril." third, and this is a favorite of adam schiff, that trump is basically just a manchurian candidate. because if that the president of the united states to discredit his own intelligence agencies. they got the president of the united states to withhold aid to ukraine in a war with russia, in a war that is claiming ukrainian lives every week. has there ever been such a coup? >> laura: is there a russian
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under the desk here tonight? what? nothing could be further from the truth. this is cuckoo stuff. trump has not only increased sanctions against russia, he also gave ukraine lethal military aid to protect itself from russia and remember the obama administration refused to provide the aid? how many times can we say this because mike adam schiff is supposed to be so smart, did he just forget all this? let's not forget that under trump we are now the world's largest oil producer thanks to the president's energy dominant agenda. that fact alone gives the russians nightmares. this impeachment trial will eventually come to an end. trump is going to be acquitted and democrats will still have to face voters in november. we think with an agenda at some point. when that happens, trump will have a massive list of accomplishments. the u.s. mta, the china deal, deregulation, 160 judges now.
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a booming economy and so on and so on. what will the democrats have? joining me now, congressman mark meadows, trump defense team member, it's been apparent that the democrats' case is a smear job. it's somehow orchestrated by russia, and prudent is up stairs pulling the strings. >> adam schiff talked about the president being a russian accent again and jerry nadler talked about him being a dictator, and this is not about the american voter. this is not even about the senate, it's about their own fragile ego. the democrat house managers want so much to make an impact that they are out there exaggerating, mischaracterizing, lying, and instead of it being the end of trump's presidency, this is going to be the end of a
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joe biden nomination. i can tell you senators are upset by a false narrative that is tried to be perpetrated on the american people. hunter biden, joe biden, you will hear from senator david perdue a real, serious and thorough senator there today. i was behind him on the senate floor, i look forward to seeing what he has to say about that very subject. >> laura: adam schiff says trump is so dangerous that we cannot risk waiting nine months until the people get to decide. >> there is powerful evidence that president trump will continue to betray the national interest to a foreign power and further undermine our security and democracy. this creates an urgent need to remove him from office before the next election. >> it's amazing. here we have adam schiff,
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democrat house manager on the senate floor suggesting that his opinion is better than the american people? i mean, what are weak? we are a democracy where every four years we get to go to the ballot box and pick a new president. he is suggesting that he has a better idea than the voters in my home state, the voters across the country customer xp when is from california, of course that is a majority that despises trump right off the bat. >> well, they do, but here's the thing, we wasted three years of attacks from adam schiff. he lied about russia collusion. when that didn't work, he said just wait. the mueller report. when that didn't work, what did he say? a new russian narrative with a ukrainian span and he's been spending at, three wasted days and three days of wasted nights and yet here we are today trying to understand all these false narratives. tomorrow morning, saturday morning i can tell you the trump
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defense team -- >> laura: they are ready. they are chomping at the bit. >> so many false statements that were made by my democratic colleagues that it will make your head spin. >> laura: one of your favorites at msnbc had something to say. watch. >> there are so many republicans in this building who we all know are horrified by what the president is doing. that is not my opinion. that is simply what we hear as reporters on capitol hill. day in, day out in a private setting. >> i challenge casey to go ahead and start naming those senators. i saw casey down there. she was actually one level below the senate chamber where she was actually doing most of her coverage. listen, it's really easy to say there is some senators somewhere that has a problem with that but i can tell you, i know that there were 53 senators that stood together motion after motion to make sure that they
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stood with this president and at the end of the day, they are going to not only vindicate this president but they are going to tell the american people one important thing. we trust you more than democrat house members here in the senate. we will wait until november to let you be the judge. >> laura: we want you to have your say. things are simple? how was that for a simple proposition. congressman, i know you've had a long day. thank you so much for being here tonight. we will check in with you next week. and president trump making history today. he became the first u.s. president to ever in person address the march for life. he spoke with our own raymond arroyo on the sidelines of the pro-life rally. he addressed new recordings allegedly revealing lev parnas' role of the firing of ukraine ambassador yovanovitch. and, absolving hunter biden of any wrongdoing at all? >> he claimed the other day that hunter biden had nothing to do with it. these are groundless charges.
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your reaction to that? speak up when you look at the biden family, when someone with no job was taken out of th, thrown out of the navy, had nothing. all of a sudden the polyp comes vice president, he's making millions of dollars, his son is making millions and millions of dollars. we are not only talking about ukraine, we're talking about china and other countries too that will be found out as we go along and there are those saying it is extremely dishonest, it is corruption and it is corruption. >> they said you weren't interested until biden is rising in the polls. >> laura: it looks to me like he might not even make it and he was 1 of 26 people? it is so ridiculous to think that and you have to understand, when i made that call, there might've been 25 people on the call. i know there are many people -- you're talking to a world leader, they even have a print guy on the call, a lot of people on the call. can you imagine? i wouldn't do it anywhere you can imagine with all these people, mike pompeo, secretary of state, with all these people
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on the call i'm going to say something that is an appropriate? that call was perfect. i mean, people, when they read the transcript they say, that call was perfect. speak up before i get back to pro-life, this major event, history making moment, abc newss reporting a recording of lev parnas, another rudy giuliani affiliate and you, reportedly come at the trump hotel from april 2018 where you were quoted as saying of marie yovanovitch,n ambassador, get rid of her, ok okay, do it. we relying on lev parnas to get rid of the ukrainian investor customer >> no, i'm not a fan of that investor, just so we understand. from what i understand, she wouldn't put my picture up. she was an obama appointee, i believe and she wouldn't but my picture appear to speak a
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>> didyou tell lev parnas to do that? >> secretary grisham: i wouldn't have said that. i probably would've told rudy or somebody. but i have every right, i want ambassadors that are chosen by me. i have a right to hire and fire ambassadors and that is a very important thing. but even if you look at the conversation i had with the president, he didn't like her because in there, he didn't like her. i don't know, i didn't hear this but if they have that, i will tell you right now, i feel strongly that this is somebody who probably shouldn't be with us. she wasn't popular even in the country and the new president who ran on corruption -- >> but parnas might've been at a table you were at, a function. >> sure, but you have to understand i see thousands of people. i just left florida where i was shaking hands, taking pictures with hundreds and hundreds of people in one night. >> what would be your advice to your defense team customer you are a man of tv. with ronald reagan probably the man who knows to be better than, what do you want to see from
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your defense team? what would be your advice to them? >> i watch all the lies and all of the misstatements, it's a fraud, i watched schiff prior to this. he tried to make up a statement that i made, that is why i released the transcript, they were making up a lot of statements that were just false. i watched him say that there were eight quid pro quos. there were none. we got approval from ukraine and i released it. many people heard the conversation, but i don't want to do this. but we got approval from ukraine. i watched him say, he made a mob kind of, don't call me, i'll call you. that's like a mob, that is from "the godfather" or someplace. i watched all this and i said this is terrible, we've got to release it. it was a total lie, fabrication, a made-up statement. what my people have to do is be honest and tell the truth. they've been testifying, the democrats, they've been telling so many lies, so many
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fabrications, so much exaggeration, and this is not impeachable. in fact, i don't even know how to determine this. you say, it's not a crime. everyone says it. the other side says it. it's not a crime, it doesn't have to be a crime. maybe it doesn't have to be a crime but can you imagine being impeached and you didn't commit a crime? there is no crime. this is a political, horrible witch hunt and they are doing it to try to win and election. >> laura: more from our exclusive interview with president trump later on in the show and he just heard the president's advice to his legal team as they prepare for oral arguments to begin tomorrow. robert ray is a member of trump's defense team and he joins us now. robert, you all begin bright and early tomorrow around 10:00 a.m., so what will be the main point you try to get across to the senate jurors and whatever time you have a lot of tomorrow. we understand it is going to be perhaps about two hours. >> just what you heard the
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president say, be honest, tell the truth, and the president's own words to me were very simple instructions, do what you think is right. what better client to have done that? so that is what we aim to do. i think we are probably a couple of hours tomorrow and the message will be to organize, to be persuasive, to not be repetitive and to do only what is necessary to persuade members of the senate that these impeachment articles are not sustainable and do not warrant the president's removal from office. >> laura: okay, we have a lot to hit in this interview so i want to keep it moving. congresswoman demings made a kind of outrageous claim today that if trump isn't removed, his
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obstruction will keep rolling. check it out. >> the president abused the powers interested in him by the american people. in a scheme to suppress evidence, escape accountability and orchestrate a massive cover-up. his obstruction remains ongoing. >> laura: that is basically claiming that you all, in refusing to provide documents and texts and witnesses, you are all part of the obstruction. that is kind of an outrageous claim to make against the entire defense team for the president. >> it has not been limited to that. they've essentially try to make the argument also that if the senate doesn't do what they want that the senate is part of that cover up. i don't think it is a particularly good idea, essentially being in a position of impunity and integrity, the decision-maker in this process. look, they can make that
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argument all you want. you heard from the president, the president released the full transcript of the call that led to his own impeachment. how you could possibly conclude that his conduct warrants and obstruction of congress in charge is beyond me. that is a basic understanding of what is going on. >> laura: they are trying to infer intent which is ridiculous when he has 15 people listening to the call. he somehow had criminal intent, knowing that people were listening and transcribing the phone call. it doesn't pass the straight face test. >> it can never be corrupt intent, that is the point. and the only relevant article. >> laura: when democrats yesterday kept mentioning over and over again the bidens. >> now that biden is in the
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picture, he's got a point. >> a firm founded by hunter biden. >> he continued to work hard to get dirt on biden. >> vice president vice president biden. >> which is code for the bidens. to speak of the allegations against vice president biden ar. >> laura: yet today, schiff claimed this. >> it shouldn't matter if it was joe biden, wasn't hunter biden there? it was joe biden. wasn't hunter biden on the call? joe biden. shouldn't matter if it was hunter biden or joe biden. we are talking about american citizens. it shouldn't matter to any of us which american citizens. >> laura: they are just american citizens. i guess it just like page was. >> you can expect we will have a section of our presentation that will address the question of the
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bidens because house impeachment managers have ejected that into the proceedings at their own peril and have opened the door to it but i will say this, one of the problems with having a standardless impeachment is really two things, one is that you can pour pretty much anything that you want into vague articles of impeachment, and the second is that you wander all over the place on factual issues that really don't go to the question about whether or not the articles as charged warrant removing the president from office. this is an impeachment trial. and the senate needs only to decide there or not they need witnesses or further evidence to render judgment about whether the president's conduct warrants removal from office. that is next. >> laura: i will take it a step further, this is a campaign commercial. they hope that is what this is going to be. this is an attack ad, that is all this is. an attack ad on trump paid for
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by the u.s. taxpayers. we will be watching tomorrow, we look forward to it. we will talk to you next week. in moments we speak to 2028 democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard on her party's new, not really new, but very odd obsession with the new cold war. plus more of our exclusive investigation on the 2016 meeting between the bidens and burisma. an official who was at the meeting speaks out to "the angle." plus, president trump was at the march for life. all coming up here
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♪ >> cbs news reported last night that a trump confidant said that g.o.p. senators were warned,
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vote against your president, and your head will be on a pike. i was struck by the irony of the idea that whoever that was would use the terminology of a penalty that was imposed by a monarch. ahead on the pike. >> laura: house democrats just wrapped up their closing arguments at the senate impeachment trial and it was those comments by adam schiff that really riled two moderates, susan collins and lisa murkowski, the democrats desperately need. they need those two senators if they want to get witnesses. they weren't happy about hearing that. joining me now is senator david perdue who endured groundhog day today. from the senate foreign relations committee. senator, head on a pike. did anyone say anything close to that to you? of course not. but this is just one more lie in a series of lies this entire week. i've never been more embarrassed about being in the united states
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senate and i am now listening to these house members come over and lecture to us about being complicit in a cover-up, calling the president's defense team liars right out of the gate. the hypocrisy is just something you can't describe. >> laura: actually, just openly insulting the senate. look, everyone has their own little power play here going on but to come in and say that they were warned that you either get in line, and they are all scared of trump, the dictator, and when collins apparently audibly said no, that is what was reported. >> it was ridiculous, i heard that too. the very first opening statement, adam schiff gave away their real theory and that is, you can't trust elections, therefore we have impeachment. any time you have an opposing party that has a majority in the house and a different party in the white house you are going to have an impeachment.
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>> laura: schiff actually spoke to that unwittingly, i think, watch. >> you think if we do nothing it is going to stop now. it is not going to stop. the president just told one of the members of his body he still wants biden investigated. it is not going to stop unless congress does something about it. >> laura: i think we need to check on adam schiff tonight, he seems a little uneasy there. >> he is disappointed, what is he going to do to mark west reiki can't talk for two hours tomorrow. what jason crow said was so unnerving to me. he said, this impeachment is not about convicting past wrongdoings, it is about protecting america from future wrongdoings. that sounds like the minority report to me. this is incredible, what they are talking about and they are going about, this whole thing
7:29 pm
about motive, the principle is if the president doesn't think about what they want you to believe is that he does something lawful but they can convince you that it is for political gain, that is impeachable. well, they have not proved that this was done for his political advantage. and what he was doing after the five year legacy of corruption that we now know is coming out about this biden, burisma baloney if you will, it certainly requires -- >> laura: the obama administration was having meetings about the conflict, which we will get him in the next segment. >> wait until you see what obama did with poroshenko. he did a quid pro quo about firing shogun and if he didn't he was going to withhold a billion dollars of loan guarantee. that is never come out and not only that, but devon archer, the partner of hunter biden, on they had a meeting with john kerry, the secretary of state. two days later, he calls and
7:30 pm
demand he be fired. a week later, this is when joe biden had that poroshenko conversation -- >> laura: who is getting home fired here? speak of the prosecutor going after the burisma issue. >> laura: next week you will hear from the president. >> for the first time since this whole travesty started, we finally give the president an opportunity to present his side. >> laura: great to see you, come back if you can. if there's one thing we've learned from washington, the house impeachment manager this week it's that russian paranoia has completely overtaken the democratic party. to speak at this is how alliances with her and i and how russia wins. >> russia was watching very closely for any sign of weakness. the damage was done. >> in a war with russia, has there ever been such a coup? i would submit to you and the entire length of the cold war, the soviet union had no such
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success. >> laura: joining me and i was 2020 democratic presidential candidate tulsi gabbard. great to have you on tonight. i'm curious, when did your party start buying into the neoconservative desire to resuscitate the cold war? speak i can tell you what the consequence of it is, we saw all of the headlines yesterday, the doomsday clock being moved to 100 seconds to midnight as the bulletin of atomic sciences announced we are closer yet again to nuclear catastrophe and we are seeing the results of this new cold war ratcheting up tensions between the united states and russia. a lot of people may be not remembering that we have a lot of missiles still pointed at each other's countries on hair trigger alert, within minutes of those missiles could be launched, so there are serious consequences to this new cold war that pose an
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existential threat to our country. we've got to take it seriously. >> laura: congresswoman, the thing about this is russia's economy is about the size of france now and meanwhile we have china that has a larger standing army than the united states, a billion plus people, and assets all of the world and growing. if you want to talk about threats in general to freedom, encroaching upon freedom it would be china, yet suddenly we are freaking out about the former eastern bloc countries? i just don't think that is what the american people are, yet anytime someone raises the issue of a reset with russia, you are called a russian asset, you've been called a russian asset, i'm sure somewhere i am called a russian asset. i don't particularly like russia but i also don't want war if we can avoid it. >> exactly, exactly and that is really the point here.
7:33 pm
this is the major reason why i decided to run for president, because we had a huge nuclear wakeup call in hawaii back in 2018 that really was a wake-up call about this existential threat that is posed with these increasing tensions between the u.s. and nuclear countries like russia and china, and the need for courage in leadership to exercise diplomacy to de-escalate these tensions to try to put some of these treaties back together again, that reagan and gorbachev negotiated so long ago to actually deal with the problem, walk us back from the brink of nuclear catastrophe and ensure the safety, security, and freedom of the american people because that is the most important responsibility that the president has and that our government has and that should be the driver behind the decisions that are being made. >> laura: congresswoman, i know you voted present on impeachment in the house, and you've gotten a lot of grief
7:34 pm
about that on the campaign trail. what are your thoughts now? i'm sure you've caught snippets of the senate trial. any changes in your thinking? >> only snippets, to be honest. i am here in new hampshire, we are spending every day campaigning across the state. 18 days out from election day here and you might be surprised that not many people are asking about impeachment in the town halls we are holding every single day here. their minds are focused on things like the opioid crisis that families here in new hampshire and across the country are still being devastated by. they are focused on things like education on our national security. things that are really directly impacting their lives and are sick and tired of a washington that is not focusing on them and not hearing their voices and their calls for a government that is actually working for them. >> laura: do you agree with president trump that the democrats are trying to sabotage bernie sanders?
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>> i think there is clearly some powerful forces who are trying to keep him from gaining more traction. i think people like bernie, and myself scare a lot of the democratic establishment in washington because they can't control us. bernie and i agree on something's, disagree on others, but my loyalty, my focus, my mission is to serve the people of our country and i'll call it straight. i say what i mean, i mean what i say and no one can have any doubt that as i make decisions, the kind of leadership i will bring will continue this commitment to service i've had throughout my entire adult life. service to our country and the e american people. >> laura: congressman, it's great to see you tonight. a lot of people want to know if you are going to wear anything other than white? your cleaning bills on the trail must be very difficult. >> [laughs] >> laura: you look great in white. it's like the tom wolf of political campaigning. >> thank you, there you go.
7:36 pm
i had my new england flannel on earlier tonight, but i don't know. it was good for the town hall. >> laura: okay, sounds great. take care of yourself. up next, the third installment of our exclusive "the ingraham angle" investigation into the secret 2016 white house meeting between the bidens and burisma. one of the attendees of that meeting spoke to "the angle." plus, our exclusive coverage of president trump at the march for life. that's ahead. garcy
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>> laura: of the past few nights we've laid out details of the 2016 white house meeting between obama officials and ukrainian prosecutors. the bidens and burisma are the main topic. we discover the existence of this meeting in an email chain between state department staffers in "the new york times" reporter ken vog. we obtained those emails exclusively. in examining archive visitor logs, we came across two names that piqued our interest. the first, the person who checked and the ukrainians into the white house the day of the meeting. that person has been identified as some by the impeachment whistle-blower second point, another 201 2016 meeting, he wod at the ukrainian embassy at the time and was quoted in a 2017 political article also by ken vogel explaining how he was forced to work with the dnc operative to hurt trump. he sought part two of our investigation last night and tonight he has decided to speak
7:42 pm
out. i'm being pressured to hobble trump 's campaign, he told "the angle," i was told to work with the dnc operative, she asked me to help her get dirt on presidential candidate donald trump. i never coordinated any work with her or the dnc because i did not support the unethical orders to work and assist one party. he also provided these documents, a white house invite and a schedule of the meeting, listing two names. one associated with the whistle-blower, whose name we blacked out and elizabeth, both from obama's nfc. he also told us that while the meeting was touted as a "prosecutor's training program," much of the conversation revolved around the bidens and burisma. it wasn't the ukrainians who brought up by it in and burisma. he said the representatives of the doj, u.s. embassy in kiev,
7:43 pm
and nfc staff raised the question of the burisma investigation, most of the nfc staff were people from bidens team. wow. you getting this, folks? joining me now, chief political correspondent for the examiner and sara carter, host of "the sara carter podcast," and lee smith, author of "the plot against the president." how can democrats continue to claim the bidens and burisma have no relevance? >> they can't, this is the point. this is the reason why adam schiff doesn't want to call the whistle-blower, this is the reason why he doesn't want any more information coming out because what we know now is those connections were so deep inside the state department, and by the way, it's not only ukraine, you hear this now coming from other countries, officials and other countries, guatemala, the same thing, pressure to do things their weighwayor withhold aid p this n
7:44 pm
explosive report, it is huge and it has to be investigated but who is going to investigate a customer the doj? >> laura: someone should be other than "the ingraham angle." >> this could be the nexus between the whistle-blower and the biden-burisma story where you have concerns in the white house about hundred bidens connections in ukraine. his father is the vice president and that we have, we know, the person alleged to be the whistle-blower was involved with that. so it makes it very hard -- senators, republicans, do not want to call witnesses, they don't want any witnesses but if they had to have a witness it seems that whistle-blower is that one. i do not believe it is possible to call for the removal of the president of the united states and say, some of the evidence has to say to make stay secret. >> laura: to invalidate a presidential election? lee smith, that whistle-blowers name is on every log for that meeting, meaning he checked in
7:45 pm
everyone from anticorruption, prosecutors now, it looked like they were discussing what to do about the bidens and this corruption and burisma. that was the focus and it was built to something generic so as not to raise eyebrows. >> another key point which you have a statement is that they are looking for information on candidate donald trump at that point. that seems to cut right to the heart of the impeachment issue here. if their complaint is that the president was looking for information on biden and what we are really looking at, sources, they were collecting dirt on candidate trump in 2016. >> laura: and remember, senator grassley, we should get into this, senator grassley and senator johnson wrote our request for records from 2016 white house meetings between the obama administration and the ukrainian official and they asked for the record speed this
7:46 pm
is an outstanding request for information. byron, you know this information is out there, you know everything a person at this meeting knows a lot about how this started and how the concern about the conflict arose. >> i tell you, interest in the whole hundred bidens story. among republican senators it has gone to the roof in the last 24 hours because they believe democrats yesterday just completely opened the door to a by being so defensive about it. they want to know more now. >> laura: schiff reacted to this today, made this claim. >> now you will hear the further defense that biden is corrupt, that joe biden is corrupt, that hunter biden is corrupt. if they couldn't get ukraine to smear the bidens, they want to use this trial to do it instead. >> laura: this is in light of what we have now discovered, this is really funny. >> this is really funny because not only did he open the door, the president's attorney, so
7:47 pm
right, why would you go there? now this is where we are going to go and we are going to expose this corruption. even more importantly, all of these documents that you have been able to show here on this show, that you've been able to expose actually show that joe biden obviously knew everything that was going on before he made those demands. >> laura: good point. because he has claimed all along that he knew very little. kind of changed the story but he basically talked to his son about all of this when they were flying to ukraine together, they didn't really talk much. speak of the american public has been exposed to four consecutivs been holding forth and defending all sorts of things. this is what he has been doing for years, obscuring all sorts of abuses, forming conspiracy theories and this is what has been going on for the last four days. >> laura: byron, i have to say, the democrats have been pretty consistent in trying to tar any conversation about the
7:48 pm
bidens as a conspiracy theory. that is part of the conspiracy theory that ukraine had anything to do with any kind of negative campaigning on trump. >> that was a complaint from pat cipollone and a legal team, that running for president somehow confirms immunity on biden. the bigger thing to remember about impeachment right now is republicans want to get this over with. they want to have the defense present its case, they want to have questions and they want to vote on it and end it now. >> laura: is there any sense they are waffling customer and i'm not getting it but maybe you're hearing something i'm n not. >> i think biden is right on this and this is what i keep hearing too but i also think it is an important point. i think once they opened the door, just as you showed with adam schiff, just as you've been hearing over and over ad nauseam for the last three days about biden and about burisma, we have seen now may be a little bit of a shift, saying if you are going
7:49 pm
in this direction, if you really want to push for witnesses, maybe we should just do it. >> laura: that'll be months. >> we will all be having a lot of fun. >> laura: thank you all very much. stay tuned for part two of raymond arroyo's interview with president trump where he discusses his commitment to the life issue. plus, what the march for life participants in d.c. really think of the president. don't go away. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> ♪ >> we cannot know what our citizens yet unborn they willac chief. the dreams they will imagine. the masterpieces they will create. the discoveries they will make. but we know every life brings love into this world. every child brings joy to a family. every person is worth
7:54 pm
protecting. >> laura: that was my favorite part of that speech. mr. president, well said. he made history by being the first commander-in-chief to speak at the march for life. no other president had ever been that before. we sent raymond arroyo to the rally to see how they reacted to the president. >> it is empowering to know we are being heard and that something is being done. >> the most pro-life president we have ever had. >> it's good to see that prayers work. he is here and supporting life and all of its beauty. >> most pro-life president so far. >> we love our president. we love life. >> laura: here's part of 2 raymond arroyo's one-on-one with president trump earlier today. >> mr. president, talking to people coming in here. they said you elevated this movement and you made them feel
7:55 pm
included. others say you are doing this for politics. when did you go from pro-choice to pro-life. >> there was a specific moment. it's even more of a truth than i would have thought at the time. it's an honor to be here today. they have have tens of thousands of people. this was their record. they beat it by a lot. just incredible people. >> you came here in march with this march for life for the first time in history. why did you feel like you had to come at this moment in american history? >> it's just timing. it's under siege. religious liberties are under siege. i thought it would be good. i was here. i was in d.c. the march was going to be successful, but we made it much
7:56 pm
more successful. it sets a good tone. i know they will march down to the supreme court. that will be a beautiful thing to see. there won't be riots or fighting. these are incredible people. it was a great time to do it. you are bringing a lot of people together and that's good. >> laura: raymond arroyo joins us now. what a great interview. the president seemed at peace. >> he is comfortable in this place. thousands and thousands of young people, high schoolers and college kids got on buses to come here. this is a youthful movement. to a person they said we feel affirmed. we feel we are part of the rest of the country after 47 years of marching for this calls of life. they feel a part of the political establishment. part of the fabric of the nation. that's what having the president go this live meant to those
7:57 pm
people. >> laura: and cnn and msnbc didn't cover this. >> and a cnn reporter said this. >> it was just last month we saw the editorial published in a evangelical publication that called for president trump's removal. it sent the white house into damage control mode. this is part of that damage control. >> laura: bless her heart. >> damage control? this is consistent pro-life policy. he restored the mexico city policy and rolled back obama's contraceptive commandate. >> laura: -- mandate. these are reporters blinded by the trump hatred. if you don't like the president, that's your right, but at least don't makeup facts or avoid
7:58 pm
facts that go against your argument. >> the other problem is they are saying this is an evangelical search and rescue mission. no. this is a catholic undertaking. he knew what he was doing. these people marched quietly and prayed for 47 years. even joe biden for many years supported cutting federal funding for abortion. 70% want abortion restriction and want taxpayer funding out of abortion. >> laura: and mini-mike bloomberg tweeted this today:
7:59 pm
>> you know who founded this march? a woman name nellie gray who fought in world war ii. this is all about women and mothers. to think this is a bunch of men, that's not what is at play here. and donald trump, years ago he told me the full story. we will get into this another time. he had this epiphany. a couple he knew. one wanted an abortion and one didn't help. he knew the child that was born. >> laura: can people not change their mind? redemption. i don't care for the conservatives who are saying he is just doing this for this. you should not go be part of the march. these are bitter never-trumpers. >> show me what you do.
8:00 pm
his policies are consistent. >> laura: it was a beautiful thing for the president to be there and for all of the wonderful young people that showed up. in impeachment all next week. shannon bream and fox news @ night take it from here. >> ♪ >> shannon: welcome to fox news @ night. i am shannon bream in washington. we begin with the fox news alert. what to expect from president trump's defense team hours from now. the democrats convinced a handful of gop senators they are opening to sway or offend them. mike lee joins us live. and history in the making. president trump the first president to attend the march for life in washington. thousands gathered for the rally.


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