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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 27, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> sean: police have grounded their helicopters. sad, tragic. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, big show. ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." john bolton's previous number two at the nfc said his former boss needs to withdraw his book until after the 2020 election. fred fleitz is here. everybody wanted him. he's coming on the "the ingraham angle" to deliver a tough message to his longtime friend. alan dershowitz delivered an i incredible performance in front of the senate tonight. republican senator mike braun, congressman nunes all here to react. plus, as the trump defense team honed in on the misdeeds, hunter biden reaches a deal with the mother of his child in an effort to avoid a court appearance.
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how long can he stay out of the limelight? i that is later. first, the bolton red herring. that is the focus of tonight's angle. i'm beginning to think i am a complete masochist because i was back on capitol hill today to sit for the second time in the senate gallery and observe this travesty of an impeachment trial. while of course it was great to hear from the defense team, especially alan dershowitz. i walked away even more disgusted over what the democratic house has done to america. if it's even possible, i am more outraged that the four squishy senators are toying with prolonging this national nightmare. in a utterly predictable turn, the resistance media went gaga when word leaked that john bolton supposedly dropped a bombshell. a leaked secondhand account of
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his upcoming book. the media was sure that this would alter the course of trump's impeachment. >> bombshell revelations from the former national securityul advisor. >> explosive new details. >> it has shaken washington. >> it hit capitol hill like a thunderbolt. >> republican senators are feeling blindsided. >> it could change the course of the impeachment trial. >> it's a game changer. >> laura: it's always a game changer, right? c we got him now. as someone who has written five books, working with some of thee top publishing houses, i knowho how this little game goes. let me explain it to you. it's all about hype. publishers have to hype a few choice tibbets in desperate hopes that they will make back the advance that they probably shouldn't have shelled out on the first place.
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nothing that john bolton writes in a book or would testify to during the senate trial the basic facts that all 100 senators know. let me go through some of them with you. number one, president trump did sell javelin antitank missiles to ukraine. obama never did. >> here's the other thing, they got their money long before scheduled. why isn't germany paying? why isn't france paying? why are the european nationsns paying? n why is it always the sucker, the united states? >> laura: that is exactly how he called zelensky. hitting the nato member nations for not chipping in more. that was how the call got started. number two, on september 25th president trump did meet with ukrainian president zelensky and expressed his desire to do so on
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a number of occasions before that. including on the july 25th phone call. >> president trump invited president zelensky. april 21st on may 29th, president trump sent a congratulatory letter, inviting president zelensky to the white house. on july 25th, president trump personally invited president zelensky to participate in a meeting for third time. give us a date and we will work that out. three separate invitations. all made without any preconditions. >> laura: fact number three, the ukrainian president never announced an investigation into the bidens or burisma. numbers one and two happened. the meeting with zelensky and the military aid. without him ever having announced he was investigating the bidens. let's not forget, number four.r. zelensky said he was not
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pressured. the call was normal. zelensky contradicted the democrats wild theory, saying he never felt pressured to conduct an investigation. he didn't know the aide was held up. the democrats answer to that was -- let's consult our ally. >> president zelensky doesn't want to be used as a pawn. he doesn't want to be drawn into u.s. politics. at this point het feels like he has no choice. >> laura: he is lying. that was a nice way of saying, zelensky was lying. nice going. if donald trump really wanted to hold a military aide for the investigation of ukrainian corruption, let me tell you, ukraine wouldn't have their javelins. right now, they wouldn't have them. with zero evidence of criminal intent on the part of the
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president, he knew that 15 people were listening to this phone call on july 25th for goodness' sakes.e the house had just left with hyperbole, hearsay, and conjecture. any honest senator knows that the president's 100% in his right as chief executive officer of the united states to be concerned about corruption in foreign aid. whether it involves the bidens or it doesn't involve them. if he decides that certain aide needs to be delayed a bit while he gathers more facts, so be it! it's his call. he was elected president. to do what he did is neitherat illegal nor unconstitutional. remember, he ran on safeguarding our tax dollars. at nato, iraq, even in central america. >> this past summer the administration paused, reviewed, and in some cases canceled hundreds of millions of dollarsi
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in foreign aid to afghanistan, el salvador, honduras, guatemala, and lebanon. at the very same time that the ukraine aid was paused. >> laura: did he do all of that to help his reelection chances so he looks like he's tough on immigration? do you see this argument could go? sitting back watching this, out i was at home, from day one what this is really all about is that the globalists in the obama holdovers, in the trump administration that were burrowed deep inside were infuriated by him from day one. donald trump dared to challenge the status quo. the bloated foreign aid to budgets that send billions overseas to ungrateful, and corrupt nations. we at home are driving over rusted out bridges and we fly out of dilapidated airports. most regular people go, we are
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giving all that money to ukraine?at are you kidding me? less than two months after he was sworn in, he was enraging the old foreign policy establishment. >> we are going to propose to reduce foreign aid and to spend that money here. >> laura: career civil servants prefer a world where the mayor of foreign policy judgments reign supreme. there never questioned. the budgets keep growing and growing and growing.g. because people like that, they tend to fancy themselves as global sophisticates..op smarter than the president, smarter than you will. as for john bolton, it's really disappointing if he ends up being another sink tank-type trying to cash in on his time at the white house. i like bolton, he has been on the show a number of times.
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he's a neocon who should have never been hired in the first place. again, as you heard tonight from the impeachment team, policy differences should not lead to an impeachment. t the only reason anyone cares about what bolton has to say is because he was trump's national security advisor, period. we do not need to hear from him or read what he writes. none of what he could say and write could change the facts as they occurred. it is long past time to put an end, a merciful end to this fiasco. i say this by the way, despite the fact that impeachment has been a huge ratings boom to "the ingraham angle" and frankle all the fox news. if you are a senator and if you listen to both sides past week and you are telling us you haven't decided how you're going to vote? resign, you shouldn't be in the senate.
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with rare exception, the same familiar arguments are being made every day. over and over again. >> excuse me, where is everybody going? >> to gobbler's knob, its groundhog's day. >> it's still just once a year, isn't it? >> laura: it's almost here. if only the trial was one one-hundredths as entertaining as that movie. if only bill murray were up there. you get the sense that the handful of moderate republicans are enjoying their hamlet routine right now a little bit too much. people like susan collins and mitt romney, i'm sure they're great people, nothing personal. do they consider this moment? a moment to show chuck todd that they are a good republican, the respectable republicans, not like trump. long after their one night stand
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with the liberals, their constituents will see their posturing for what it is. a walk of shame. allowing this work is to continue for months. we will be here for months if this continues! it means allowing the people's business to languish. it's a bad move. let's urge them to call the vote now. they want to vote to convict trump? live with the consequences. the senate switchboard's 202-224-3121. 202-224-3121. we will put that up throughout the show tonight. 2 i want you to make a phone call. tell them how you feel. you are paying their salary. they work for you not the other way around. as for the g.o.p. fence sitters, i will personally fly out to cover your town hall. i will be there reporting on them. if you're brave enough to have any. after a vote to drag this thing out further.
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utah has got to be experiencing a wicked case of voter's remorse i'm sorry. bolton, a red herring. it's always the entire idea of calling witnesses. nancy pelosi's democrats wouldn't pursue those same witnesses in the house, certainly not taking a legal route. if you want to remove a u.s. president on the facts that are now indisputable, you want to do what nine months before an election? if you want to side with schiff and jerry nadler over your own constituents? your constituents who are enjoying a thriving economy and want government to get back to the stuff that matters!! be my guest, go do it. i have another idea. just ask jeff flake how life isd after the democrats no longer had any use for him. and that is "the angle." as i mentioned earlier, the bolton leak was -- they are
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pandering to democrats and the media. >> john bolton has a relevant testimony to provide to those of us were sitting in impartial justice. >> the recording on john bolton strengthens the case for witnesses and has prompted a number of conversations among my colleagues. >> laura: joining me now is indiana senator mike braun. i spied him across the gallery today. senator, you just heard susan collins and other republicans talking about bolton testifying. thoughts? >> first of all, don't call me. i'm not one of those senators. i wish you were a little more passionate. >> laura: i've been in this town too long. >> i think after today though, it was priceless when i saw alan dershowitz look over to tht managers, right at schiff and say, you picked the wrong articles.
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these are not constitutional. something vague like abuse of power, obstruction of congress. when he went through, if you sat through that, what real corruption looks like. with what the bidens did they are, i think it may change something. >> laura: what changes from the facts we know? they are not in dispute. if john bolton says, i felt like he was trying to tie aid to investigating the bidens. the president is a free wielding talker. you know that. he has a lot of ideas and he throws them out. i don't know what he said to bolton.. do i believe what the facts are as they are not contested? i believe those facts. they got their aid. there was minimal delay. zelensky didn't have to do anything and he felt no pressure. >> i went down after it was over and i said, i heard you said even if bolton does come out with what we think it would be,
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it's not impeachable. >> laura: this is what senator toomey says tonight. "washington post" reported, "he has spoken to other senators about possibly doing a witness swap with the democrats." so dramatic. it's like a hostage swap. except the american people are being held hostage. what about senator toomey who famously voted against the embassy? >> everyone after they had to react, i did all day. that's all the press was talking about. i think after they heard alan dershowitz this evening, they may change their mind. if it does get the witnesses, say we get four senators, it would have to be reciprocal. it's only right there that if we do ever get the witnesses, which we shouldn't because the case is solid. that was proven yesterday and today.
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it may go away because chuck schumer has been talking about it like it's in a vacuum. it's just bolton, just mick mulvaney. >> laura: i don't hear what bolton says! >> if four senators can't go beyond it. >> laura: i felt he was doing this, well he didn't. >> the aide was released and all that stuff. dershowitz said, whatever bolton would say to rise to the level d of impeachment. he don't know what the motives would have been and the chief executives will have the flexibility to do things like that. >> laura: the president canha stop foreign aid if he wants to. i don't think the defense is making the argument strong enough. is he not well within his right, if he thinks something is going on in one of these countries to say, hold on a second. i am chief executive officer of this country. he did it in guatemala.
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he did it in el salvador and afghanistan. i don't think they shut downua operations of the u.s. government to oppose him. >> the president has the clearest latitude and the broadest when it comes to foreign affairs. t that probably does need to be pointed out. what i have seen saturday, today, and tomorrow, it's sinking in. >> laura: he was fantastic. i'm sorry, this is like the varsity versus the junior varsity. >> they're not putting us to slowly but they're talking about stuff and it makes sense. >> laura: senator, i feel soot bad for all of you sitting there. talk to your colleagues. we will only say nice things when we call you tomorrow. i will say, how are you? what if trump tries to block bolton from testifying? "the wall street journal" is coding it would be uncharted territory.wh they have never ruled on a dispute quite like this between
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the branches and they may decide, to stay out of it. joining me now, sol wisenberg, andy mccarthy, former assistant u.s. attorney. both are fox contributors. in this particular type of cases what legal precedent is out there that would govern? >> there is certainly no case law precedent. let's just assume, let's play along and assume the senate votes to your john bolton. c at that point in time, president trump and his team could go immediately to the courts and try to stop it based on executive privilege. i don't think they would do that. i think they would make a motion to the chief justice roberts and i think he would have the option of throwing it to the senate or deciding initially himself and being subject to being overruled by the senate.
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if it's killed by either roberts or the senate, that's the end of it. bolton does not testify. if the senate and/or roberts, if chief justice roberts says bolton, you have to testify. executive privilege doesn't apply here. the president will go to the courts, and i think the courts will say, it's a political question. >> laura: i completely concur. from what i've read on this, it's not going to be the chief justice's call. it's going to be the senate's vote on whether executive privilege applies here. i was reading our friends over at, law blog -- whatever. they raise some interesting points as to why it wouldn't be the call of the chief justice. for all of us law gates, it's a fascinating question. the presidency could literally hinge on it. >> i think you are right.e the constitution makes the
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senate in charge of impeachment. not the chief justice. they are there because it would be inappropriate for the vice president to preside over the trial of the president. when we are dealing -- normal litigation, when we are dealing with weighty constitutional issues, if there is a way not to have to reach those, courts prefer to go that way. that is why i think it's very important, what you been talking about since the beginning of the program. we have this entirely backwards. i thought from the beginning that you should just say, look, take it as a given for arguments sake that trump ratcheted up pressure here on the ukrainians. whether bolton says he did or he didn't. the fact of the matter is nothing happened here. you don't have an impeachable offense. if bolton's testimony would make a difference on that question, why do we want to get into the nether regions of executive
11:21 pm
privilege? it is unnecessary to do it. >> laura: the executive branch rolls and controls foreign policy. period. period. i don't care what the gao outfit says. this is something that dershowitz said about the way maxine waters and people who grieve with her, how they view the constitution. >> congresswoman maxine waters put it more succinctly,he impeachment is whatever congress says it is. this lawless view would place congress above the law. it would place congress above the constitution. for congress to ignore these specific words of the constitution itself and substitute its own judgments. that would be the congress doing what they are accusing the president of doing. >> he is absolutely right. professor dershowitz is correct.
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>> laura: thank you. in moments we speak exclusively with someone who has known john bolton for 30 years and he has some advice for him.r stay there. >> nothing was ever said to >> man: what's my safelite story?
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♪ >> nothing was ever said to john bolton. i guess he is writing a book. i have not seen him. >> laura: president trump denying details about john bolton's upcoming book. it said to release in march. should it really come out in an election year? how damaging would that be between future presidents and their top staff, especially the national security advisor.ha fred has known john bolton for 30 years and twice served as his chief of staff. he joins me right here in the studio exclusively. you are making a pretty
11:27 pm
remarkable plea. what is it? >> john is an old friend and i didn't take any pleasure in writing this piece today. i believe the concept that presidents have to be able to confide in their national security advisors and be able to knock around ideas, this is extremely important.rt we want them to consult the best possible advisors and knows that whatever he discusses will not appear in press or in books. the best thing would be for ambassador bolton to pull this book until trump leaves office or after the election. >> laura: there is a lot of speculation, who leaked this account of the transcript? people talking about individuals who have manuscripts at the nfc. a couple of names are floating. it's a publisher trying to hype the book before it goes on the market. if it were someone in the white house leaking this, what would your thoughts on that be?
11:28 pm
>> i take ambassador bolton at his word that they didn't leakt it, but sending something so sensitive to the white house during impeachment hearing and all the bureaucrats at review. i'm afraid it was an invitation for a leak. there is a report that there are many paper copies made at the nfc.r if that is true, heads should roll. they should have been very carefully -- that doesn't excuse the decision to send it to the nfc at all. >> laura: i consider bolton a friend too. he's come on the show, other shows of mine for 20 plus years. he knows how this goes. he is not a neophyte. he knows how this roles in washington. he knows this is going to get leaks, does he not? >> i think this was a mistake to send it to the nfc. i don't think he or his staff leaked it. they may have assumed it would
11:29 pm
be handled very carefully. i think that decision was a mistake. in these circumstances, the leak was straight lined. >> laura: chuck schumer seems to be in the bolton camp right now. watch. >> there seems to be a giant cover-up among so many of the leading people in the white house. if it was ever, even a shred of logic left to not hear witnesses and review the documents, mr. bolton's book just erased it. >> laura: chuck schumer, jerry nadler, schiff, all poised to put john bolton on the mount rushmore of heroes. what does that say to conservatives, republicans, and others who served with him? >> the allegation is the truth, the president wanteder investigations of the bidens. that is not anything new. t assume that is true, this was part of a deliberation.f in the end that didn't happen. we want presidents to throw around ideas with their expert
11:30 pm
advisors. this is based on anonymous leaks to "the new york times." we don't know if these reports are true. >> laura: this was a moment tonight in the presentation by the defense team. pat cipollone talked about, it's from a saturday, election interference.e >> they are here to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in american history. we can't allow that to happen. the american people decide elections. they have one coming up in nine months. >> laura: they are the ones perpetrating election interference. >> it seems like the democrats are worried that the american voters are going to interfere with the election of the next president.or if you listen, it doesn't make any sense.
11:31 pm
the american voter makes a decision and it seems like the democrats view, unless ae democrat is elected, the election is not legitimate. >> laura: when is the last time you talked to bolton? >> i talked to him recently. >> laura: you think he's burning to testify?ol >> i'm not going to talk about my private discussions with ambassador bolton. we have to respect the concept that presidents have to confide in their advisors and knock ideas around. he can't be afraid of his discussions being published. >> laura: we really appreciate you coming. we enjoyed your piece. it was provocative.ea thank you. coming up on "the ingraham angle." the investigation last week about a 2016 white house meeting regarding burisma and the bidens was used in today's argument in the senate gallery. we will show you. congressman nunes, gates, and bigs reacts. next.waum
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♪ >> it wasn't just one reporter who asked questions about the alliance between burisma and the obama administration.t as we learned recently through reporting on fox news, on january 19th, 2016, there was a meeting between obama administration officials, and ukrainian prosecutors. >> laura: that was pam bondi of the legal defense team referencing the "the ingraham angle"'s exclusive
11:37 pm
reporting today. we first brought you the explosive findings last week about that 2016 white house meeting between obama officials at the state department, and the nfc and ukrainian prosecutors. the topic of their discussion reportedly centered around hunter bidens role at burisma and how to manage the fallout admits the investigation inside ukraine. the meeting and the attendees were laid out in state department emails. we obtained them exclusively and we confirmed it using visitor logs. we once again today reached out to the state department for comments about this meeting. once again, we received no response. no matter, we won't stop asking those questions and neither will my next guests. devin nunes, house until ranking member.. matt gaetz, andy biggs, bothmb members of the house judiciary
11:38 pm
committee. congressman nunes, how concerning is that at the state department and nfc are still teeming with these deep state bureaucrats who are working against the president's agenda?fcng >> welcome to my life the last three years. you have to get up every day and you have to pad away until you get the answers. one of the things that has to happen is that that nfc needs to be completely removed from the white house and quarantined on the other side of the potomac river. until they can find out where the leaks are coming from. >> laura: matt gaetz matt gaetz, alexander vindman, we salute his service. nfc staffer, he was a star witness in the house impeachment trial. when you boil it all down, he didn't like the president'smp policy, or thought a policy towards ukraine. >> i think it's important for the defense to provide that framework, were all the evidence can be put into 1 of 3 boxes. either it's hearsay, at speculation and presumption, or is you just described its illegitimate policy disagreement
11:39 pm
that is fundamentally not impeachable. the defense team should have dealt with the bolton issues on the front end today. if you look at the work that pam bondi did describing the illegitimate, sleaziness of the hunter biden deal, it renders the whole testimony. the president was right to ask these questions. >> laura: is there no doubt that the white house still has a problem with this nfc? the fact that we have individuals who take it upon themselves, like lieutenant colonel vindman to speak to the ukrainian government on ouro don't get involved, that's not your doing. wait, he is not the president of the united states. news flash. god bless him, but he is not the president. >> that's exactly right and that is consistent since president trump has been an office. when chuck schumer said the
11:40 pm
intelligence committee has six ways to come after you, this is one more example of that. he is the ultimate leaker. he is the prototypical leaker and he's got to go. the president needs to get people that he can trust. there is nobody there he can trust. >> laura: the ukrainian government apparently trusted him. they wanted him to become a defense minister! there was one moment tonight and dershowitz was fabulous. there was one moment where he talked about this issue that were all chatting about. the policy differences between the establishment g.o.p., and trumps america first approach. watch. >> i disagree with our president's climate change policy, as i do with many of his other policies. that is not a criteria for impeachment. that is a criteria for deciding who you will vote for. >> laura: congressman nunes, policy differences led to this.
11:41 pm
>> it's even more nefarious than that. let's not forget, icig, the only transcript we don't have. the inspector general that schiff didn't release. we have no idea what his involvement was with this whistle-blower.. who didn't have firsthand knowledge. he didn't acknowledge that he had this is a creation after adam schiff plan the russia hoax, they invented this new hoax. that is why were here. it's not even a policy disagreement. they just don't like the president. >> laura: it's not clear that they cannot be impeached. >> they can be removed. >> laura: i think adam schiff has perpetrated one of theed greatest frauds on the american people. >> we have to rely on members of the gang of eight to share with us intelligence to make important policy decisions about the country. adam schiff lied when he misrepresented the transcripts. he lied when he said there was more than a circumstantial
11:42 pm
evidence.. he has been lying for days. >> laura: there something that happened on saturday during the opening arguments. it was commentary afterward on cnn and it was by jeff toobin who is no legal analyst. when he saw all the otheroo lawyers get up and speak, hell decided to focus on this. a >> the white house and white people. i mean, this is a lesson on thee diversity of the two parties. look at the house managers. it was almost evenly divided between men and women. you had two african-americans, a hispanic. it was all white men today. >> that is such specious argument. we are talking about impeachment. we are talking about a case that has no evidence. we are talking about an invalid impeachment. >> laura: they're talking
11:43 pm
about the election. that's what i'm trying to get you to focus on. they're using diversity politics to ram this into the republicans face and say, they don't represent america. we are the united impeachment panel. >> they're all about identity politics. they're not about actual issues. that's what they've been trying to do. remove this president based on their identity politics because they're bankrupt. they're kind of like the -- they're the party, like the dog that caught the car. bernie sanders is in the lead. he could be their nominee. >> laura: congressman gaetz? >> i don't know if jeffrey toobin is a legal analyst, moree than a professional eye roller. they had to acknowledge how effective pam bondi was in highlighting the president's valid questions about burisma and hunter biden. as it relates to identity, i don't think he would think our
11:44 pm
case to be more >> laura: that would be entertaining. it's great to see all of you. thank you for coming in. speaking of hunter biden, he was mentioned at the impeachment trial. some news broke about the child support lawsuit against him. we have the latest details in moments. ♪
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♪ >> laura: hunter biden hasas reportedly come to an agreement with the arkansas woman suing him for unpaid child support. trace gallagher is standing by with all the late-breaking details. >> we don't know how much hunter biden is actually paying in child support because the court has redacted the amount. we know the standoff is over.
11:49 pm
the lawyer from london roberts, the mother of his child said he is doing the right thing by finally stepping up and paying what he should have been payings he is going to begin paying monthly child support, retroactive child support in november of 2018, and attorneys fees. in arkansas circuit court judge has threatened to hold him in contempt for refusing to turn over five years worth of financial documents, including for the time he spent on the board of ukraine energy giant burisma. it's important to note that this new deal does not let him off the hook when it comes to turning over financial documents. the judge said today the agreement is temporary and she "lacks sufficient information tu determine the direct amount." the judge has pushed back the proceedings until march first. hunter biden hasn't told that to provide the court more information about his income.
11:50 pm
hunter biden was recently seen driving a porsche,e, despite will saying that he hasn't had a paycheck since may. he denied being the father of robert's child until dna evidence proves otherwise. >> laura: thank you. here to react, harmeet dhillon, attorney and advisory board member. he must really want this to go away, despite having to denied paternity. what a guy. given how much he is paying retroactively, correct? >> absolutely. only in the situation where your name is being mentioned repeatedly would this flag be waived in real life. >> laura: he was spotted in this very sweet ride, the >> laura: he was spotted in this very sweet ride, the panamera, after saying he basically wasn't making a regular paycheck. that is with his new wife who
11:51 pm
was about to give birth i guess. he has been trying to stay out of the limelight, but i said this repeatedly, there used to be reporters who would track someone down regardless of where they lived or how far they had to travel. where are all these aspiring, reporters, these major networks? get an interview with hunter, but no mas. >> we all know why, that's all hunter biden situation has been enshrouded in the trappings of power and that is why he has been declared off limits. you look at wikipedia for example, all the mainstream media stories and sources about hunter biden specifically describe the president's hits on him as debunked and meritless. there is no evidence that he did anything wrong. but it's all baked into the narrative. this judge wasn't having it. he said, i'm broke and i have no money.
11:52 pm
the girlfriend is able to say, according to the media you are making plenty of money. this avoided discovery dispute,t the whole media circus over that, but it's not over for him. he will have to settle this case in permanent fashion without going through any type of court proceedings. he will have to continue to answer these questions. >> laura: chris hayes today was annoyed that the whole hunter biden issue keeps coming up. watch. >> he's a grown [bleep] man. you do not control the actions of your adult children. if joe biden could control the actions of his adult son, there's lots of things he would have hunter biden do differently. that does not pertain to joe biden. >> laura: oh, really? he said he didn't know anything about ukraine, despite his sonde making all that dough. >> hunter biden owes everything he has a left to his dad and his last name, so i think it's a
11:53 pm
fair point. >> laura: thank you. when we return, new details on that horrific crash that killed nba legend kobe bryant. a local reporter with a live update next. ry? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ >> laura: tonight we are learning new details about that horrific helicopter crash that♪ tragically killed kobe bryant, his 13-year-old daughter, and is 13-year-old daughter, and >> we are learning details about the horrific helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his
11:58 pm
13-year-old daughter in several others. bill, what do you have? >> reporter: we learned from the ntsb there was no black box recovered from helicopter crash and it sounds like they certainly believe that the weather was a significant factor in this crash, so much so they are putting a message to the public asking anyone with photos or videos showing how foggy it was it to send it to help with the investigation. regarding the crash they are telling us it was devastating, little chance for survivors, the debris field, 500, 600 feet wide, and impact crater on the hillside 1080 feet above sea level and the helicopter split up, the rotor blade is down the hill and another spot showing how violent the impact was. it was extremely foggy.
11:59 pm
lapd and the county sheriff, their helicopters were grounded, not up in the air. investigation will turn into why was kobe's pilot flying in those conditions. he had permission to do so. the ntsb said he was qualified and experienced, had 8200 hours experience and was allowed to fly in those conditions. a big part of the investigation is why was he flying in this foggy area. they do these investigations all the time. using drones to map everything, they are talking to erica traffic control and they will get to the bottom of what happened but it takes time. >> the question is how confident are we we will find a definitive cause? we do this all the time. the wreckage is just a part of
12:00 am
an investigation. i'm very confident we will determine the cause of the accident. >> reporter: the coroner's office is on scene with a morbid task of recovering the bodies. only three of the nine were recovered, six still on the mountainside. >> our prayers go to vanessa bryant. >> the president's defense team wrapped day 2 on the senate floor taking on the january surprise, anonymous sources say they have seen john bolton's book manuscript, even if the outline is true they wouldn't be impeachable. rumors of a possible witness block, we will ask senator james lankford, the deadly corona virus, the cdc investigating 100 suspected cases across 26 stes


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