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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 29, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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will begin againio in just a few moments, the impeachment sham has been ripped to shreds today, that bolton tape -- we've heard everything we need from him. please set your dvr every night, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, take it away. >> laura: hannity, i was thinking the only really great thing about impeachment other than the fact that we are doing well in the ratings because it's all about us -- just kidding. the only really good thing about this is congress isn't able to spendd all that much money durig this process. look at the bright side. >> sean: i have a better proposal, how about they show up at once every two years and stay home on vacation, i would rather pay the more money to stay away, we will save a fortune. >> laura: go on twitter, i announced that you are going to buy champagne. you should go on twitter. >> sean: did you tell the audience we are going to buy everybody a puppy dog? >> laura: it's a giveaway.
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>> sean: i can actually pet a dog unlike mayor bloomberg, apparently he had trouble petting a dog. >> laura: we have a lot in store. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from tonight.n senators are about to return to the floor to resume their questioning of house impeachment managers. you're going to want to stay with us throughout the entire hour, we have a lot to catcht p on and big names, house minority leader kevin mccarthy and the senator steve daines take a behind-the-scenes of this trial and what we haven't heard yet. kellyanne conway is here with the white house reaction, also members of the president's defense team, robert ray, congressman doug collins both give us the highlights and the low lights of the democrats last ditch efforts and raymond arroyo will bring us the biggest media failure of the day. b but first, the shiny object of
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impeachment, that is the focus of tonight's angle. in the wake of the john bolton manuscript leak, the media have been salivating over thebo prospect of major g.o.p. defections in the senate. >> mitt romney, susan collins, lamar alexander, and lisa murkowski. >> they seem to want witnesses while lamar alexander and lisa murkowski have expressed an openness to the idea. >> john bolton and mitt romney go way back and john bolton i and lamar alexander go way back, i got to think those mean something. t >> laura: things really hit a ngver pitch after this headline dropped yesterday, reporting that mitch mcconnell didn't have the votes to block witnesses from the impeachment trial. >> mitch mcconnell doesn't have the votes to block witnesses which he is desperate to do. >> blockbuster news that mitch mcconnell is crying at least for now, uncle. >> made it clear that votes to
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block witnesses aren't locked in yet. >> he knows he needs a lot of help now to get those votes. >> laura: speaking of someone who needs a lot of help, as we told you last night, the media got away head of itself, suffering again from wishful thinking syndrome. it not only looks like mcconnell has the votes to end the charade, he may even have a few despair. dashed to spare. >> many vulnerable republicans at this time instead of trying to move toward the center, they are actually privately telling the majority leader, we want this done and they want this trial over with. you have the entire republican partyy embracing trump's him at this critical moment just months before the election. >> laura: fence sitters cory gardner and pat toomey, they announced that they oppose calling more witnesses and lisa murkowski may be joining them. the hill is reporting that it was clear to senate republicans on wednesday after a morning
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meeting between senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and senator murkowski, the question of having additional witnesses is settled and the senate will vote friday to wrap up impeachment of president trump. without murkowski, democrats can't get the four votes they need. to compel bolton's testimony. sorry mitt romney, but at least you have great hair. despite all the early predictions that republicans were fracturing, the democrats are actually the ones who are falling apart. >> several red state democrats are not ruling out the possibility of clearing president trump in the ultimate vote. o >> democratic senators and states that trump won have not ruled out voting to acquit him. >> jones, mansion, cinema could be squishy on some aspects of this. >> laura: should the senate voted to hear witnesses, at least one democrat, joe manchin, may be shifting away from his
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party. >> is hunter biden a relevant witness? >> i think so, i really do. >> would you vote to call hunter biden as a witness? >> if whatever rules it as pertinent, absolutely. >> if the democrats call witnesses, should republicans have a right to call also? >> laura: face with a bipartisan acquittal of trump, democrats and the media are resorting to desperate 11th hour she hour shenanigans, here is the latest fake news from cnn's jake tapper. >> the white house is issued a formal threat to ambassador bolton and his associates trying to keep them from publishing the book.ea >> laura: oh jake, the formal threat is in reality a routine letter from an nsc lawyer that was sent over a week ago in which he wrote the nsc wants to "work with you" to ensure his ability to tell his story
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without disclosing classified information. is that really so threatening? there is this tiny detail, the letter was sent three days before "the new yorkai times" reported on his book manuscript, do you see where this is all going? and then came the next shiny object from congressman elliott angle who claimed that on a september 23rd call, ambassador bolton suggested to me unprompted that the committee looking into the recall of maria bonaventure, he strongly implied something improper had occurred around her removal. not only is this a sketchy claim, it's irrelevant to impeachment. we got to dangle the object. trump has the power to remove an ambassador for any reason, they serve at the president's pleasure. as cracks spread to the democratic ranks, we predict they are going to try to pull other rabbits out of their hat
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but at this point, republican senators should know how this game is played. just when you think you see the light of the end of the tunnel, the resistance throws shade. reports of new witnesses flood twitter, targeted leaks dominate the new cycle, anything to prolong the drama. >> every day there is new information coming to light. we know there's going to be information coming to light on march 17th when the bolton book comes out. they're going to continue to be revelations and t members of ths body on both sides of the isle are going to have to answer a question each time it does, why didn't you want to know thatt when it would've helped inform your decision? >> laura: he's admitting it! bolton has an ax to grind and books to sell, nothing he has to say as i said last night of change is the underlying facts that we have painstakingly laid out for you over the past four months now. ukraine got its aid without ever having to do or say anything about burisma or the bidens and
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the president was well within his rights to be concerned about ukrainian corruption in 2016 and perhaps more corruption coming down the pike in 2020. our founders didn't want us to do impeachment by shiny object and the senate shouldn't torture the nation any longer with its tedious legal drama. yet just as they tried in the kavanaugh fight by digging up suppose that victims and late in the game unverifiable allegations, democrats think time is on their side. republicans fought this down and they need to fight it now. the only response to the democrats sleazy tactics is unwavering g.o.p. unity. at least for a couple more days. and one schiff and schumer accuse you a cover up throw it right back in their faces, they have been covering for their own deep state, their own foreign policy and domestic policy
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failures since trump announced was running. in the end, what will the democrats have accomplished in this shiny object impeachment? president trump is enjoying his best approval rating in three years. and that is the angle. joining me now is house minority leader kevin mccarthy, what is your sense of where things stand? >> i think we are in a strong place, i think this is over friday. but you are right. we got two more days, more things will leak but this is what will not leak, the 179 page deposition of the transcripts of the inspector general in that basement talking about what adam schiff -- did he meet with a whistle-blower? and why had that not leak to "the new york times"? why has that not come out publicly? if that had anything negative about the president, don't you think it would've looked already? >> laura: he addressed this today and this is perhaps his biggest lie of the day.
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i'm talking about schiff, watch. >> i don't know who the whistle-blower is, i haven't met them or communicated with them in any way. in the conspiracy theory which i think was outlined earlier that the whistle-blower colluded with the intel committee staff to hatch and impeachment inquiry is a completete and total fiction. my staff acted at all times with the most complete professionalism. >> laura: was not case? >> what would be interesting -- the only reason the document has been released, all he has to do is call a vote of the committee. business as normal but he will not call it because he doesn't want to release it because he can't sayrm those exact same wos he just said. >> laura: he was pressed about this in one of the questions today and i was listening for an answer but instead i heard this. >> there is an effort to insinuate wrongdoing on the part of thele whistle-blower and an effort to insinuate wrongdoing
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on behalf of the inspector general. icig michael atkinson continues to serve admirably. risks undercutting an important mechanism for the committee to conduct oversight. >> not true. >> laura: he's telling a falsehood on the floor of the u.s. senate. >> why don't we just asked this question?? did you meet with the whistle-blower and at the whistle-blower tell the inspector general they had met with you and you have to a box. remember how this all started,ow and inspector general's report coming through about a whistle-blower and adam schiff was so concerned that the president would withhold this whistle-blower from speaking -- lo and behold the only person holding it back and holding the transcript back is adam schiff and if theyk interviewed 18 witnesses, this is the only one they didn't. -- wouldn't release.
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>> laura: we've been doing an ongoing series of investigations on the show about the person reported to be the whistle-blower. it goes back to january of 2016 when that individual cleared ala of these ukrainians into the obama white house, to discuss biden and burisma. that individual is at the heart of so many different aspects of the series of attacks of this president and this has to be gotten to the bottom of. this kind of stuff can't go on were some junior staffer an end inspector general for whom nobody voted is able to lead to an impeachment of a president? it's ridiculous this is allowed. >> this is control versus the constitution, these people are think theyand they get elected they are granted absolute power. you and i know their separation of power and we have to start using it. the idea, they have to come before, come before who they are accusing -- not in this case but
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that is where it's wrong. why wouldn't adam schiff leak that to "the new york times"? >> i laura: two people at the core of where we are right now are somehow immune from being questioned -- forget even being seen. has anyone seen atkinson in washington? i don't know if he is living under an assumed name at this point. but atkinson and the whistle-blower, can't see them, can't talk to them, can't question them. >> answer me this, thehe only person in congress who knows who the whistle-blower is is adam schiff. >> laura: he's a fact >> he's not only a fact witness, he was the judge, jury, prosecutor. unbelievable in a separation of powers we have in our constitution, this should never stand. this is exactly what alexander hamilton didn't want. >> laura: model rule 3.7, professional rules of conduct. you cannot sect as an acting attorney in a case in which you are a fact witness. they consider this a try when it suits their purposes.
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>> i wonder in that transcript if that would come forward that he's a fact witness, maybe it would prove he's a fact witness, all he has to do is call the intel committee together" and they can release this transcript but he will not. >> laura: that is a conspiracy, they always throw the word conspiracy around when someone askst a legitimate question. to try to shut it down. congressman, wecl are going to be watching ts closely this week and we hope this thing ends on friday. thank you very much. senators spent today asking siestions of the president's defense team and house impeachment managers but i want to first highlight white house attorney pat philbin powerful rebuttal to a common refrain from the dems. >> they keep representing that there was a blanket defiance and there was no explanation and no legal basis for what the president was doing and it's just not true. there were letters back and forth, i put them up on the screen. there were specific communities -- immunities asserted.
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there were specific legal deficiencies in the subpoenas that were sent and this is important because if you're going to impeach the president of the united states, turning square corners and proceeding byy, the law matters. >> laura: i think geek chic is trending on twitter, he has a photographic memory and ended unbelievable. joining me now is sol wisenberg, former deputy counsel and robert ray of the legal defense team. did you get the sense that senators from this very methodical and mostly unemotional but comprehensive performance by him, didn't sway any of the wobbler is one way or the other? > i think so, i know it's had to see that over the course of so many hours but i thought the most important question that was asked and who asked it was significant. it was senator sue collins, it
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was senator murkowski and it was senator romney together with a question. the question was what are we supposedon to do with a case involving mixed motive? this situation has now addressed the question of the president's motive to have burden sharing among europeans in connection with aid to ukraine. anticorruption efforts and what this impeachment is about which is a question of asking for investigations by the ukrainian president and the answer back i think was significant in a case of mixed motives, all three of those things where there, you would never be able to show by clear and unmistakable evidence no matter how many witnesses you had that that was ever going to be sufficient to prove corrupt intent. >> laura: this issue of inferring intent on the part of the president, where there was no real evidence of criminal intent, he knew everybody was listening and sol wisenberg -- this is a moment in their brief
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as well that they filed on subjective intent and how the house managers were trying to read subjective intent to do the conduct. alan dershowitz went head-on on that point. >> the argument has been made that the president of united states only became interested in corruption when he learned joe biden was running for president.t. let's assume hypothetically thar the president was in his second term and he said to himself you know, joe biden is running for president --te he's the president of the united states and he has a corrupt sun, the fact that he has announced his candidacy is a very good reason for upping the interest in his son. >> laura: what do you think of that part tonight, that came late. like 9:30 tonight. >> that doesn't do anything for me, it doesn't. my position has been the andy mccarthy position from the beginning which is assume everything they say factually is true, you do not remove the president of the united states
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for this conduct, period. i think where philbin has really shined, is talking about the complete lack of authorization for the house subpoenas and their incredible incompetence when they finally -- >> laura: explain that. >> they issued 20 some subpoenas and the president's counsel sent a letter that said we aren't giving you anything, we aren't getting your documents or talk to any of our people and when you first look at this it does appear to bek outlandish and outrageous and unprecedented but then you realize the house of representatives never authorized an impeachment inquiry and this is unmistakable law. there is a supreme court law that says a house committee cannot just start issuing subpoenas unless they have enabling authorization from the house.e. it's a big deal. here's something else they did which is even more incompetent. when theyey finally realized whn
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he filed his action, they ran out and authorized an impeachment inquiry but they never retroactively said these subpoenas are valid and i never issued new subpoenas. that is a big deal, those subpoenas are totally invalid. i mean come on dot your eyes come across your tease, check the oil in your car. > laura: second or third year associate law firm involved in matters, something similar in discovery probably wouldn't be on a partnership track i do you think if that were the kind of mistakes you were making? an associate at the law firm. >> the bright shiny object is at the house didn't do its job, forget about all of the legal stuff, it's real simple. what was their answer ints response to it? we get to do impeachment? inquiries anyway that we like, too bad. i think the senators found that insulting and they are running out of room and airspace.
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>> laura: there was another moment where philbin said in a normal court of law -- this would be a mistrial. a judge would be within his rights to call for a mistrial, watch.h. sorry -- this is when he said criminal trial, mr. schiff had done when they did on the floor andhe start talking about crimes of bribery and extortion, it would've been an automatic mistrial, it would've been already done byy now and that goes to the point we are raising -- they were throwing in the word scheme and conspiracy and bribery and extortion during this presentation. none of that was charged in the articles of impeachment. >> words matter and it matters what you actually charge. they could have charged bribery, theyor could've charged a lot of things but they made a decision not to do it. he talked about russia a lot in this presentation a few days that isn't what the impeachment
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articles are about. they could've had an impeachment inquiry that encompassed the report in the obstruction portion, they didn't have the guts to do that and now they can't bring it in, it's justme e way it is. >> laura: what is interesting here, the country has become a big law school classroom throughout this, what you do and what you don't to make your persuasive case. alan dershowitz a has been realy persuasive just because he's a liberal, didn't vote for trump, he didn't like a lot of his policies but he comes along and us as i call a pox on all of your houses and a specifically the legal scholar community, watch. >> if, in fact, president obama or president hillary clinton had been impeached, the weight of current scholarship would be clearly in favor of my position.
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these scholars are influenced by their own bias, reject my argument about crime, do not reject my argument that abuse of power would destroy the impeachment criteria of the constitution. >> laura: is that accurate? >> absolutely and you have been onto this for months. i've been talking about the same thing for well more than four months even before the impeachment effort was underway. just because you have a group of a thousand former federal prosecutors, i don't know what it was, 750 law professors say this was a nifty idea and they do so for partisan political purposes doesn't mean that it's right and i think he raised the absolute right point and the evidence bears that out and in fact the proof of that is adam schiff and nancy pelosi had been saying about what a legitimate impeachment has to be. it has to be overwhelming
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evidence, it has to be bipartisan, and it has to be legitimate in the political process by recognizing it has to enjoy overwhelming bipartisan support. that's why we are going to get to it friday what i think this is over. >> laura: this is falling apart and they thought they had the roadrunner, they were going to get -- wile e. coyote has the roadrunner and the roadrunner got away again. i still think intent matters, they try to stay on the intent issue and a collapse, they were never able to infer intent on the president even if you took what they said is potentially impeachable offenses but you want to take that purist view that neither article on its own stands as a possible moment of impeachable conduct. >> we got the facts, there are a lot of facts from the house even assuming bolton testifies in his
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testimony repeats other things that have been said, he spoke to president trump -- it isn't enough to remove president. you can believe it's misconduct, you can believe he shouldn't have done it, it's not enough to remove the sitting president. >> laura: multiple levels of poor planning on the part of the house of representatives led by nancy pelosi, she started this ball rolling. gentlemen, best analysis on tv and we are going to capitol hill, congressional correspondent chad pergram has an update on what the rest of the night will look like. do you have your thermos there,d a little sleeping bag? i hope you brought a down one. >> we think this is going to be done by the top of the hour, i took a break before 10:00 and they had 54 minutes remaining in this eight hour tranche of questions. couple of interestingtr developments, there is a bit of a behind-the-scenes tete-a-tete with rand paul and john roberts, the ideas thatth justice roberts
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said he's not going to allow the name of the whistle-blower to be posed in questions or uttered in the senate chamber during this q&a. rand paul is upset about that and may pursue this issue tomorrow. that is a key issue and during the 5:00 hour, adam schiff was posed a question about what he and his staff may have known allegedly and potential contacts between he and his staff and this is what adam schiff said. "i don't know who the whistle-blower is, i have not met him and that is a complete and total fiction. the other issue that has come to ahead is the calling of witnesses, that will be decided on friday. jay sekulow the president's council was asked the question, if they were to open up the door to witnesses, how long would it take to finish the trial? he said a long time, months. in his rebuttal, adam schiff said this was a scare tactic to suggest they would shut down the senate for months at a time and
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not do anything else. this is where it's going to stand, they will have eight more hours of questions, they will wrap up with q&a two night, they are in 70 questions so far, 106 questions posed in the 1999 trial with president clinton. they will probably exceed that by the time they finish tomorr tomorrow. friday night is what i'm calling a gateway vote, that is wheree the senate votes up or downdo as to whether or not to have witnesses and documents. that vote is teetering on the edge and it will determine the length of this trial. from that point on, laura. >> laura: we are on it and thank you for being there tonight.nd earlier i mentioned the nsc's letter to the attorney of john bolton. regarding his manuscript. i want you to remember the contents of his unpublished manuscript were leaked to "the new york times" a few days ago but according to an nsc lawyer, the manuscript appears to contain classified, perhaps n even top-secret information.
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oh, that's all. joining when i was white house counsel or kellyanne conway. does the white house consider this a leak of classified information?wa >> people should not be able to potentially? use classified information. if that is what happened here, laura. i have not seen the manuscript or seen the book, i think adam schiff or the managers are stuck holding a book we haven't seen, we win and it could be wrapped up by this weekend. i can't believe how people are like ants on a sugar cube everye time there's a new person -- you know with the bombshell interview with john bolton was, it happened on august 29th. he gave an interview. i think it's terrific, he talks about the call, that president trump has with president zelensky. >> let's listen to it. >> i will be meeting president zelensky, he and president trump have spoken twice, the president called to congratulate president zelensky on his election and on his success in the parliamentary election, they were warm and
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cordial calls, they were hoping enthey would be able to meet in warsaw after a few minutes together. >> laura: we have an interesting flashback from 2010 when john bolton was talking about sometimes he might need to live for his sake of his view of national security. >> did you ever live for your country? >> i don't think so knowingly but i certainly am able to spin things and a good diplomat is able to spin things just like american politicians. >> you would lie in order to preserve the truth? >> if i had to say something i knew was false to protect americanveve national security,i would do it. >> laura: he would like to preserve national security, perhaps john bolton thinks donald trump is a threat to national security and that's why he's going to spin what he spins now. >> i was really struck by his august 29th interview. a full five weeks after his second zelinski call. john bolton's interview and
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donald trump's call of volodymyr zelensky are similar in this way. i don't hear the word aid, demand, i don't hear john bolton talking about biden or cooking up some drug deal, that comes up later after he left the white house. if people weren't sounding the alarm's at the time of the only people who have sounded that alarm are people who disagree with the president. ifar you disagree with president about policy, i have a great idea, run for president, win, then you can set the policy. i think this entire impeachment in the senate -- i have to give a lot of credit to the white house'ss lawyers for this reason. they look like lawyers in a court room, they are taking it very solemnly and i thought today was great because you have centers asking questions, that's far more important than witnesses. we heard from 17 witnesses, we are 0 for 17 in terms of being able to call witnesses and that is why some of these senators even though they are up for reelectionon this year are sayig i don't need to hear from the 18th, 19th,, 20th witness. the democrats blew it in the
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house because there witnesses were a bunch of law professors and each other. >> laura: alan dershowitz was up late tonight one of the last people to speak and he was talking about the phrase they keep throwing out, "nobody is above the law" and he turned it on the democrats. >> anything the house wants to do to impeach is impeachable, that is what has happened today. that places the house of representatives above the law, we heard much about how no one is above the law, the house of representativess is not above tw law. >> laura: they want to be able to call the president guilty of extortion, conspiring with the russians, they were saying all this stuff defaming the president, none of that was in the articles of impeachment. they think they can do it with impunity because they have immunity, they were saying it in the halls of congress. >> the lawyersit aren't doing that, the house managers are. it's a terrible mistake for democrats to put up a nakedly partisan politicians were preening for the camera as their
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prosecutors because they probably offended the jury. when you're giving your opinion, conjecture, assumption, wishful thinking, you're not providing evidence or facts. some of the questions where do you have any evidence of x, they repeated themselves, they think they are on a tvro show. >> laura: a lot of folks are reaching out on twitter to me, we've been covering the legal aspects of this case saying why is it the white house seems to have people burrowed in from other departments or cia who are working perhaps right now against the president's agenda in foreign policy, domestic policy and is that not a continuing achilles' heel for this administration if they are still in the white house today? >> it would be if that is true, i think people talk about the deepay state, i talk about the shallow state. it doesn't have to be that deep or be here that long, if you are
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working at cross purposes to the president's agenda, he appreciates when people push back or have a dissenting view, diversity of opinion. i was there when that was exactly what was happening but working at cross purposes -- if you are attacking the presidency and attacking agenda and there's so many people out there who want to serve in this administration. >> laura: are you confident -- >> i'm not confident, i've expressed that many times too many people, i am confident about one thing. maga world has a point when they say there's so many of us who would love to serve in this administration and never got a chance, that's a question for personnel. >> laura: presidential personnel. >> for transition, there were people who wanted to serve in the administration, they can join us in the second one. >> laura: i kept saying that -- who are these people and didn't that work for jeb bush? god bless jeb bush but --es
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we love all people, but come on. >> i think this is very t,portant, the democrats are saying our evidence is overwhelming, i thought when jerry nadler and zoe lofgren went on tv after the articles of impeachment past, they made a big mistake, they probably should not have spoken publicly because they all said the reason we did this is because the evidence was overwhelming, we have all we need. noww they want more evidence tht what you say is very important because i think history will look back and say that's terrible ukraine it didn't get it stayed that year, actually it did -- it got more. >> laura: none of the facts changed. no matter what bolton says. >> the president has pushed back on a lot of these books, i'm not talking about this book but a lot of these books. >> laura: all of the people working>>k the white house toni, if you're working in the white house tonight you're doing it as a civil servant, the idea that you dine out on having served and getting your taxpayer-fundedon paycheck -- i don't like the book writers.
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i know everyone does it come i think it's disloyal. >> they can use it to fight their aggressors and obama was basically like -- >> laura: that point has been made to. >> that is what is going to come out after he's acquitted, he will h say why did ukraine get s aid to? i think re-examine a lot of the foreign aid. >> he's been making people pay their fair share, that's where this all started. john bolton admitted it, it's about corruption. >> laura: great to see you, trump attorney jay sekulow got into it with house c manager adamo schiff today and his efforts to drag out thisul impeachment trial. >> what they're saying is we have enough to prove their case, that's what manager schiff says but not really, we need more evidence -- not because we needed, because we want it. are we going to be doing this every three weeks? every month except in the summer? we be here for a very long time. >> we will tie you and your
11:35 pm
entire chamber up in knots for weeks and months. don't be thrown off by this claim "oh, if you even think about it, we are going to makeke you pay with delays like you've never seen." >> laura: joining me now was congressman doug collins, is that true? are you trying to scare the senate into voting against witnesses and documents? you are withholding part of the cover-up? et cetera, et cetera. >> i think the house managers are scaring the democrat senators and the republican senators saying why are we still here? this is not working. if you so lower the bar for political impeachment that is what we have done, they've loweredd the bar for political impeachment and said if we just disagree with the president and if you don't impeach him, you're not doing the country of service, that's a dangerous path we are on. >> laura: failed presidential candidate and senator kamala harris is already wanted to put an asterisk next to president trump's name.
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>> there is inevitability in terms of the outcome, two-thirds of the senate voting for guilt, donald trump will not be found guilty of the charges, that means they are all going to run around and he in particular will run around and say he's acquitted.guhe here is the point, it cannot be a true acquittal if there's not been a fair trial. >> laura: kamala harris was a prosecutor, an acquittal is not acquittal when you don't get the result that you want as a prosecutor? where did she go to law school again? i've got to review that transcript of her grades. >> we will put an asterisk beside hers as a presidential candidate that went from here to here maybe because she didn't understand the facts of running for president's. r now she is back in the senate and doesn't understand -- >> laura: this is what they want to do and it shows you this is an effort to stuff the y president before the election. political impeachment from day
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one. >> to say we don't have a case but we are going to rush this through, speaker pelosi -- he is impeached for life, he will never get rid of this, it will always be there. jerry nadler comes into the senate and says if you don't agree with what we say, if you don't call witnesses then you are corrupt, the senate is corrupt. t put it in the senate on trial when it's the house managers who are supposed topt prove their case -- but something great happened today. for the first time, adam schiff who has hid behind everything except the camera had to answer a question, for the first time, the one who actually did have interaction with the whistle-blower, he had to start asking questions, i wish we could cross-examine them. >> laura: he didn't really answerer it. why won't you let the transcript of the inspector general come out? will, levison, he's i well, lisn he's an esteemed professional. >> the art releasing it, they are still under the rules for the house.
11:38 pm
>> laura: do you believe him when he said he doesn't know who the whistle-blower is? >> i do not believe him. he stated in his own hearings, every time they quote the name of the whistle-blower -- he said you're getting too close are we aren't going to let you -- the question is how can you stop somebody from naming something you don't know? >> laura: your decision to enter the georgia senate race is getting a lot of blowback from your party. the nationalal republican senatorial committee saying doug collins selfishness will hurt david perdue and presidenton trump, all he's done is put multiple house seats and george's 16 electoral votes in play. you apparently are spreading the coronavirus as well. what's going on there? >> all i'm doing is defending a president who has been mistreated on this hill. were going to push forward running for senate. i serve my state, serve my country, serve my family. we are going to take conservative values like
11:39 pm
defending this president. in defending what we have done on capitol hill for the people of the state of georgia. >> laura: coming up, we are going to reveal the democrats a change of heart on bolton, stay there. ♪
11:40 pm
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11:43 pm
♪ ♪ >> laura: we told you john bolton is the democrats newest hero of the hour but they didn't always think of him as a hero. >> i think bolton is not only a bad choice, it's honestly difficult to consider a worse
11:44 pm
choice. >> i can't imagine a more reckless or dangerous pick. john bolton, i think is a disastrous pick, both his rhetoric and his track record of cooking intelligence, to make it look other than it really was. >> he is more focused on the next job and doing well at the last job andlowa particularly gn the history, the politicization of intelligence over wmd. >> laura: joining me now as dan bongino, host of the dan bongino show podcast, also chris hahn and a host of the progressive progressive podcast. all of those democrats spent all of those years deriding bolton, i remember having bolton on radio and playing some of those very sound bites and now he is held up as the arbiter of all that is good and true because the ultimate goal is a noble one, to get rid of trump.
11:45 pm
>> for the record, you probably have sound bites of me bashing bolton including right to bolton on your show at some point in the past.nd that said, the guy has something to say, let's let him say it. the american people, 75% of them want to see this guy testified, the president's lawyers have to stop acting like a band playing something from the new album and give the people what they want. they want to hear from bolton, that manuscript we have been seeing pieces of is pretty. under cross-examination by both republicans and democrats, the truth will come out and i think sunlight is the best disinfectant and we shouldn't be of >> laura: may be bolton himself is the weapon of mass destruction, we talk about all ofau the wmd in a rack and he's the wmd come is that what i'm getting out of all off this? >> shocker, you showed video of
11:46 pm
democrats with no principles, i'm stunned. they hated mitt romney too, he's aed serial tax innovator and the epitome of thurston howell, the evil rich guy until he became an anti-trump or. chris hasn't read the manuscript and they want to hear bolton, what did they want to hear? is a witness to what? i tweeted it earlier, he can't be a witness because there's nothing to be a witness to there is no victim here. i'm telling you the truth. no ukrainian of significance here y has come forward and clam to victim status, there's no alleged crime here and the aidem was delivered before the deadline, this is a hoax, it's always been a hoax and it's a hoax designed to cover up massive democrat election interference with ukrainians in 2016, that's the only reason for
11:47 pm
this. that' >> o laura: there is one really funny tweeted that i have to share with both of you and by the way schiff did say today on the senate floor that he likes baltimore now, so at least he's being honest. this is larry o'donnell, for msnbc just tweeted out today. john bolton is an extreme hawk on iran. two days after bolton submitted his manuscript on the hill, trump killed iran's general qassem soleimani, coincidence? or was trump trying to influence bolton not to testify to the senate? we are killing -- at this point we have to laugh, some people getting punchy and political pundit land. may be i'm too. >> i did two hours of radio at
11:48 pm
5:00 a.m. i'm a little punchy, i think we are all getting a little punchy, i don't know why he killed qasem soleimani, that's as good a reason as any -- i don't know. you know this in politics, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. so if john bolton has something to say, let him say it. >> laura: this thing is going to end on friday, there will be a vote to end this. will be a vote for no witnesses i believe and list some real shiny object drops between now and then, you heard the sound bite we played earlier from, let harris where she said at formerd prosecutor,om the acquittal of this president isn't a real acquittal because it wouldn't have been a fair trial. is that the new system of justice, every criminal defendant can look forward to in the future under democrat rule? hilarious, i've heard four or five iterations of this
11:49 pm
talking point over and over, nancy pelosi started a few weeks ago with their demand for new witnesses when she said we need to get to the facts and the truth and i thought -- i was watching it on fox in the first thing that occurred to me is let me get this straight, i'm thinking about this rationally, youn just admitted to impeach to the president without the facts or the truth? in my reading this wrong? nancy pelosi gives the press conference after the impeachment and says now we need witnesses because we need the facts and the truth. how does a rational person see it any other way? it's all a big joke to them, they know these witnesses aren't going to provide any new materials, this is just the kavanaugh -- >> if you really love the president, you want bolton to testify now because he's going to be talking over the next couple of monthspr and the closr to the election the truth comes out the worse it is for the president, you mightht as well t
11:50 pm
outr now. >> there is no truth. >> laura: we got to go. up next, seen and unseen, the media's biggest fail of the day and raymond arroyo is here to report it. when you move homes, you move more than just yourself.
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♪ >> laura: time for seen and unseen, the media forcing an impeachment sideshow, while joe biden stumbles in iowa. some in the media made aed decision to avoid coverage of a major event that happened at the white house today. >> while the president was signing the usmca -- this is that massive trade deal with mexico, canada, one you have been following for so long and urging come of this took him years to negotiate, a deal that will directly touch the lives of millions of americans, some networks were covering lev
11:55 pm
parnas watching from -- walking from union station to the capital to watch the impeachment trial, reporters shadowed him all the way to the capitol office of chuck schumer who gave him take us tosh sit in the chamber. you would have sworn the pope arrived on capitol hill. >> work in ukraine put him at the center of president trump's impeachment trial, indicted associate of rudy giuliani does chave a ticket that the proceedings. >> he apparently got tickets from the democratic leader chuck schumer who had his own interest in getting him in there because he's an appetizing witness. >> he said over and over again he believes he and john bolton of the most important witnesses that he has more to say. >> talk about media malfeasance, you talked about shiny object in this impeachment, this is another shiny object. the biggest bipartisan legislative achievement in donald trump's administration and they go to lev
11:56 pm
>> laura: they said he would never be able to do usmca, they raughed at jared kushner and the mexicans and the canadians -- bob lighthizer -- awesome. >> 600,000 jobs on the line and here's why it wasn't being reported. abc has a new pool, 56% of americans believe and approve of the way donald trump is handling the economy and instead of showing to the signing of the trade deal, some networkss thought this was more important. >> the truth needs to get out, it's extremely important for the country to hear witnesses because of what is going on and i think it's important for the country to hear me and john bolton. >> laura: does anyone have a crawler?es he looks like he's heading right to dunkin' donuts. >> this is all orchestrated by chuck schumer's office, they gave him to the ticket, he never made it to the gallery. >> laura: i read he got kicked out before he got in. >> electronics are not allowed, he's got the ankle bracelet because he's indicted, they would let him in.
11:57 pm
>> laura: maybe they should bring him to the state of the union, he can be one of the guests. >> he cann wait outside. >> laura: lost in all of this impeachment coverage is joe biden's behavior on the campaign trail, pray tell what is the status of the front runner? >> i think they call him the front runner because he's running off voters. here he is in iowa at some recent campaign appearances. >> it got to stop building and replacing pipelines. >> you're getting nervous, calm down! > you're a liar, that's not true. >> i'm going to vote you in the general. >> you come up and tell me don't support me -- yeah you did! >> he is literally repelling voters. there was a poll, 50% of the iowa caucus voters haven't made up their mind yet and he's pushing voters away. >> laura: is he talking about the topic of his age? >> he talked about it just the
11:58 pm
other day. >> i can think of at least eighi women, at least four or five people of color that i think are totally qualified to be vice president of the united states, but for me it has to be demonstrated that whomever i pick has two things, one, they are capable of being a president because i'm an old guy. >> he would be the oldest president of he's elected, 78 years old -- you'll like this. he said michelle obama might be hisle running mate so you might get a second garden, maybe a whole forest. >> laura: is meghan markle an american citizen or is she canadian? i always forget. >> yeah, she is. did you see the reports that meghan markle and prince harry are destined to become the new michelle and barack obama because they are soon to be anointed as billionaires?yo >> we got to get back to biden. today in iowa, when he hasn't
11:59 pm
lost his train of thought, it seems he's forgotten what the station was. listen closely. >> my wife is a college professor and she says the best-kept secret -- good to see you, i wish i'd seen you when you presented the colors, thank you, thank you for being here. you know that old expression, god made man and firefighters. >> he does this often, losing trains of thought. this is why bernie sanders' neck and neck with biden and in a position to bypass him in iowa. he's got to pull it together or biden cannot remain the front runner. >> laura: he said today in iowa, this is all happening because trump is scared of me man. the michelle obama is going to run. it's sad. raymond arroyo, great to see you as always, shannon bream and the
12:00 am
fox news at night team have all the latest developments, they take it from here, we'll see you tomorrow night. ♪ >> shannon: we kick things off tonight with a fox news alert, br shannon: we kick things off with fox news alert, speculation whether or not the senate will call witnesses. is tied turning in favor republicans? rumors the democratic senators are considering a vote to acquit the president. a number of the president's defense team and former attorney general jeff sessions launched numerous investigations during his time in the administration. what does he think of john bolton's decision to write a book? he is live in minutes. legislative


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