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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 30, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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tomorrow, a big vote. i was even washington in washington, d.c., live with bret at 12:30. stick around, tucker carlson is next with the president live in iowa moments away. have a good night. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. the impeachment trial continues. the president, by the way, speaking tonight in a rally in the state of iowa. the caucus they are, the first contents of the democratic nominating process starts in just a few days. that'll be interesting. of course, we'll bring you highlights of that as we always do. the last week, we've been watching all this and the most cynical among us have dismissed the impeachment trial as a hollow political stunt. it's something like a network and intimate division must've cooked up the, they say. it's a bad reality show. but we are traditionalistses here so we resisted that here. what this is really about here
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and what we said is it's about foreign policy. it's about ukraine, that noble eastern european nation that's the single greatest ally in the world, our only real ally. if ukraine wants it, we provide it. that's the rule, as they've explained in the senate. all decent americans stand with ukraine. the president seemed to falter in his moral duty to stand with ukraine, and for that he's being impeached. so impeachment is a very serious thing. ukraine depends on it but that was our conclusion yesterday. but mine minds change. we saw this. this is an exchange between the president's lawyer, eminent harvard law professor alan dershowitz and senator goldberg of new jersey and senator behar of new york. we do not want to belittle the process here but what you see is a shade theatrical for something as serious as an impeachment trial, but judge for yourself. >> according to what i'm reading, you are the only constitutional scholar who goes with that line.
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there's not one other who agrees with you. >> let me be very clear about that. in 1867 at columbia law school... [laughter] >> listen, i need the judge to move on. what you are saying now you need a crime? >> you will not get me to move on until i make this point. >> here's the thing, alan, you aren't going to get any time because you've got four people asking you questions. >> martha: wait, how did senator goldberg wind up on customer columbia sailing the ocean blue? columbus never even went to ukraine, so far as we know. and she attacked abraham lincoln who also never went to ukraine. we'd seem to lost the thread here for the reasoning was getting hard to follow. in this rolling bouillabaisse of confusion, a lawmaker famous for the window pain clarity of debate. >> let me ask you this very
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quickly. just for giggles. what if the president spent a year vacationing in moscow, change the language of this country perhaps to russian, or decided to stop doing his job entirely and perhaps golf all day? are you saying we have no grounds to impeach him? because that is a crime either. >> martha: the list of th>> tucker: the list grew longer it not only did donald trump asked unauthorized questions of how hundred biden makes a living, and that's not allowed, he's also apparently living in putin's russia and planning on switching our nations alphabet to acrylic. some of them are not even real letters, they look astrological signs. here's how the hearing ended with a high-stakes wager. >> tucker: the gao said last week that withholding the aide to ukraine was illegal. >> no. >> it's a crime.
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>>... >> yes, they did! they said it, they did. >> let's bet $1,000 to be contributed to the peace of israel -- >> let's hypothetically say >> tucker: apparently there is some sort of unfortunate mixup and some of the video you just saw -- yes, all the video are producers are saying, was not in fact from today's senate impeachment trial. those are not actually u.s. senators. they easily could be. they are instead hosts on a daytime chat show over at abc called "the view." they despise the president, sincere about that. like many people running and commenting on the impeachment trial, they seem to have no idea what it's actually about. they do not understand the charges, no nothing about the historical precedent, facts and details are irrelevant to them. they didn't even bother to read
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the gao report they introduced as evidence, they got it backward but not it slowed them down or ever does, they are lazy and silly and wrong. at the same time, they are utterly certain they are on the morally correct side of history. they know they are good people, excellent people actually. unlike that horrible old russian man who speaks russian and the rubes who voted for him. in their view, they've got the big things totally right and that's all that matters. and so in that way, despite the tape mixup, it really could have the impeachment trial. essentially the same thing. we are joined by author and columnist mark steyn who is watching from the very first gal hammer. you are one of who i say is one of america's great experts on this trial greedily consumed every moment of it. what's the assessment so far. >> it's a complete sphincter new saw the problem with it
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with dershowitz on the view. a constitutional lawyer shouldn't have to put himself in that situation and the problem here is lawyerly arguments. there is no point making largely arguments, this is a completely political process. people say that, you know, the trouble with lawyerly arguments is if it's political, the president can't be doing this, even if you accept everything that john bolton says, that's a complete waste of time. i think he should've actually defended himself. my problem with this board of an impeachment trial, the ratings are so low, adam schiff may attempt with that skiff on subbasement level three. there is nobody watching this. it's not enough of a circus and trump should've defended himself and shove this thing down adam schiff's throat directly. the whole process is stupid. the chief justice reading out
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the handwritten cards by patrick leahy which in fact is written for him by some no-name staffer in his office, you have the chief justice like some game show host, what's the next question, john -- the whole thing is ridiculous! trump should've revisited himself and turned it into a real circus. >> tucker: that such an interesting point. as i watch this, i keep thinking, i wonder if the republicans are being too literal and that's the reason we went full gaga on the opening tonight because it's hard to take it seriously and it's him and to take it seriously. the charges don't even make sense. the whole thing is so nuts! maybe it's better to say that out loud! >> i would've said, as we say in english courts, schiff should've made his case and the democrats make their case, and the defense should've just stood up and say, as they say in english courts, no case to answer. and left it back.
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the only thing i would add is that the only real crime here, to go back to what you were saying about ukraine, ukraine is our greatest ever ally, ukraine was there when we stormed the beaches of normandy, ukrainians volunteers were at fort sumter, they've been with us throughout the history of the republic it. the only crime in this thing was hunter biden who stole the wealth of ukraine from the people of ukraine. hunter biden's racket is not actually a victimless crime and the victim was ukraine. >> tucker: that such a great point. if you really believe ukraine is our essential ally important enough to send your son to go die there which is the case adam schiff has made the case, you'd be upset that hunter biden was ! >> they want to build a ukraine safe enough for the sons of lifetime -- look, this whole thing is a joke!
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this whole idea, i do not like the idea of the lawyers appearing to resist. they should say, john bolton, bring him on! let's have him in the witness stand for two weeks. this thing is going so great for you. let's have them here and ask all the questions you want, we have nothing to fear. this let's extend this to november 3rd, 4th, 5th, see how it works out, you losers. >> tucker: i literally could not agree more. that's the best case against impeachment i've heard so far. mark steyn, great to see you tonight. thank you for that. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: during today's hearing as you heard mark elude, chief justice john roberts refused to read a question from senator rand paul from kentucky thathat a question named everyby knows to be the secret whistle-blower. >> i have a question for house managers be 24 and for the president's counsel. the presiding officer declines
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to read the question as submitted. >> tucker: what are we watching here? tom fitton, president of judicial watch. thank you for coming on. >> you are welcome. >> tucker: what was that and what are we supposed to make of that? >> well, that was an extraordinary example of the deep state protecting itself. you have the chief justice of united states making a political decision, arguably at his discretion. but to keep out the name of the alleged whistle-blower. who, by the way, because we've sued for records about him. he was assigned by the cia on the ukraine issue on both the obama and trump white house allegedly work with joe biden. irrespective of whether he is the, what he's doing is of intense public interest and we are not even allowed to mention his name. if i mention his name and you posted this on youtube, youtube will take it down. they've already taken it down -- >> tucker: may i ask a relevant question, particularly relevant because the chief
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justice had mentioned this. is it illegal to mention his name question mike >> there is nothing to protect them other than buying into this political- >> tucker: if it's not against the law, on what grounds is the chief justice whose job it is to interpret the constitution to hold the law, what purpose does it? >> to keeping his name private, to expose it would expose the corrupt formation -- >> tucker: but there is no legal reason -- pressure from a democratic congressman from burbank. that's it. >> exactly rights. the tech companies have bought into it. i saw adam schiff say the only reason in the and to bring the whistle-blower is to endanger his life. accusing those who want to ask russians of them is to want to see him killed. i did not see the chief justice exercise his discretion to take down his words from accusing those asking questions of wanting to endanger a witnesses
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life. this is an extraordinary abuse of the senate and mark's points are well taken. they said cannot shut this down soon enough. the president may be acquitted, but the country has been terribly abused in our system has been terribly abused because now they've got this new technique to abuse anything present and they like and it's not going to be any liberal or democrat president because of publicans are going to do this. they are just going to go back to this toolbox again and again and it does not surprise me given the opportunity to smear the president, protect the arguable coconspirators in the deep state, they'll go back to this box again. and pull out impeachment. >> tucker: so we are hearing... pico against trump. not just generally, against trump. >> tucker: we are hearing that this could be ending with an acquittal. could that be possible? >> that's what we are being told. with a trial, you never know. on the other hand, there is no evidence and this is just a
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mockery. people's court had more do process than those per dissipating then donald trump is getting here. no witnesses here. one of the possible things here, we've all been educated about biden's corruption and to his credit, the president comes off as a corruption fighter. >> tucker: there are a couple of democrats at least in the senate suffering through this because o they know it's not god for them. this is possible this could and max tomorrow, maybe at this hour. we will see. i do not think this is a clean victory for the democrats in any circumstance. >> quickly, bernie sanders, do you think you'll be treated much better than donald trump by this crowd if he wins the presidency? >> tucker: tom fitton, that's a pressure point. we've got a fox news alert. the deadly coronavirus has been spreading across china for weeks as we told you every night.
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now authorities have confirmed the first case of direct person-to-person transmission in this country. trace gallagher has more on that. >> until today, the five cases of coronavirus in the u.s. were all people who had recently come back from china. patient number six is the husband of a chicago woman who was diagnosed with coronavirus after she came home from wuhan, the epicenter of the virus. while the first person-to-person transmission in the u.s. is concerning, the cdc and other health officials are trying to tamp this down by pointing out that the husband who contracted the disease from his wife is in his 60s with underlying health issues. and that he continue to have close contact with his wife even while she was symptomatic. we are told the husband is stable and the wife is doing well. and the cdc maintains that the coronavirus spreading from person-to-person in the u.s. was expected and the overall risk to the american public remains low. but because the illness has now moved outside of china, the
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world health organization has declared a global health emergency fearing coronavirus will now spread to countries with weak health systems that are unprepared to respond. right now, more than 9600 people are infected. 213 have died. for context, the flu, which is very active in the that it states, is a much bigger threat than coronavirus. each year the flu kills anywhere between 12 to 61,000 people. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thank you very much for that. as you just heard, the coronavirus is a serious, serious threat, and authorities are taking it seriously here and other countries. over on cnn, still calling themselves a news channel even as of tonight, here's what the story is but we will read this tweet. coronavirus task force, another example of the trump administration's lack of diversity. they include the picture, just to let you know that it's the wrong color. the people working to protect
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you from coronavirus, this is cnn's take away, are wrong col color. speaking of viruses, woke it's a virus, you are watching it happen to people all around you. certainly on the left, some running for president, working at cnn. up next, mayor pete buttigieg likes to pose and be conscience of the democratic field, but party activists are calling him a racist. speaking of the woke virus... tell you why they are saying that. plus elizabeth warren has a new way to pick secretaries. she has a transgender child who will pick them for her. we will let her explain this. of course, we are monitoring the impeachment slow slog to the u.s. senate. the president speaking in iowa tonight. we'll be right back. >> many other businesses like
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manufacturing, banking, finance, over all 250 billion. do you know what the farmers do? i know. i went in, i saw an ambassador in the white house from georgia. i said, what are you doing? we are getting ready. what do you do? we are making 20 billion. i asked, it's great. you know who he is, right? i said... sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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or around the house, keep what you watch with you. download the xfinity stream app and watch all the shows you love. >> tucker: elizabeth warren's presidential campaign is collapsing. you think that would be traumatic for elizabeth warren, but you would be wrong.
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actually for warren, it's a liberating moment. she gets more desperate, all restraints fall out. she can be as woke as she wants, say whatever she wants. put people in jail for spreading this information? she's for that. band fracking nationwide by executive order? sure. cripple our only functioning economic sector? also, yes. she also has ideas you've never heard of, like this one which he explained today. she's not going to pick her own sectarian education. that job will go to a 9-year-old transgender child who will pick it. >> i'm going to have a secretary of education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf and only if this person believes that our secretary or secretary of education nominee is someone who is committed to creating a welcoming environme environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone, that person will actually advance to
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be secretary of education. >> tucker: jason ranz is a radio show out in seattle and joins us. thank you so much for coming on. i have to say, they woke party was a little bit discouraged by this. education secretary? why wouldn't you take your 9-year-old trans child and use that child to pick your secretary of state? or your secretary of state, or your vice president. why shouldn't a 9-year-old child running in your place? >> yeah. first of all, we should not be surprised that the white privilege woman who presents at native american is going this route, but what i thought was fun in all of that, i look at something like this and part of me, i'm in all. this is some next level pandering to a specific group to get votes but politically it does make sense. she's going into iowa, new hampshire. the polls are not looking good for her nationally as well. so she's trying to leak from the
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bernie sanders base. bernie is doing well because he too is pandering to the progressive crazy base but he's doing it in a way more authentic way, at this point elizabeth warren is so desperate, she has no chance to get anything unless she goes all in. go all in. >> tucker: all in for what? i'm struck by -- i'm not mad at the kid she's referring to, obviously, but this is a country with an awful amount of problems mounting in high-speed, obvious problems, and she's talking about things of no consequence to the overwhelmingly majority of voters. this is not a issue relative to about another bunch of issues but what is she talking about? >> i think she's trying to appeal to a white progressive who is cisgendered who feels guilty -- we are told by these people who are victims and if we give these people more power will they be able to get them
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out of the victimhood so it's appealing to a base of people who want to be seen as heroes, and may be as they are passing that ballot they say, okay, maybe i will be a better hero with elizabeth warren. i think this is all politics. this is someone who very clearly does not care about transgendered people the way she wants us to believe. i think we can have an honest conversation about how this country treats transgendered people. but simply pandering to a community without any sense or logical reason doesn't actually solve any problems. >> tucker: it's so insulting to the country. have you seen the suicide numbers from the cdc the other day? at 70,000 people dying of opioid how about the parents of one of them gets a better cabinet secretary question mike there are tons of suffering groups in america. >> she gets the woke award today. good for her. congratulations, elizabeth. >> tucker: jason, thanks so much for that. moving on now to more news in the 2020 race. >> politics and progressive
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values are alive and well in the american heartland. i also think it helps if we produce a nominee from the heartland. these heartland values don't have to lead you into the arms of the republican party, especially this republican party. >> tucker: we want to apologize for putting obscenity on our air and its inconsistent for mayor pete buttigieg who puts himself as the moral center of the democratic party. tweeted this, we need a president whose vision is shaped by the american heartland rather than by the ineffective washington politics we come to known and expect. there's that word today, heartland! happily, twitter users on the left ripped buttigieg for using it because it's racist, somehow. here's the quick we should've aired. >> democratic politics and progressive values are alive and well in the american [bleep].
5:27 pm
i think it also helps if you produce a nominee from the [bleep]. these [bleep] values do not have to lead you to the arms of the republican party. >> tucker: retired nfl player and now republican candidate for congress in the state of utah and joins us tonight. mr. owen, thank you for coming on. you have been around for a while. do you consider heartland, sorry to say it again, a racist term? >> well, this is what we get when you have a couple of decades of our education system being run by socialists. we come out in death, but come out as full-fledged elitists. no. heartland is the value that makes our country great. i grew up in the deep south, tallahassee, '60s, kkk, jim
5:28 pm
crow era. we had a community that reps and at the heartland of our country. huntsman your ship , entrepreneurship, god, values that americans truly get out and work. not the elitists on the east and west coast, those who go to work every single way to get respect from their neighbors and get a great future for their kis beer that's what the heartland represents. not creed, color, but values that we want to hold on to. >> tucker: when the woke attacks heartland as an obscenity, they are attacking part of america, don't you think? >> yes. if we can define what the heartland really means, and i put four basic tests, head, heart, hands, home for education, industry, god, and family. that's what we find in the true heartland of america in the matter where we are, no matter what color. they hate that. yes, they want to make sure they
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turn those terms of education our kids, standing up for god, having industry where people really go out and develop value of working hard, and the family unit, they want to turn that into a bad word. they are godless for that's what socialist marxist do, they undermine everything the foundation that makes our country great. >> tucker: wow. i hope pete buttigieg is watching. he would go out and repeat what you just said and offended himself, none of these people well, they are cowards. if he did, they he would to bet. supporters of meghan markle and prince harry are using a word to insulate themselves from witticism, they are calling anybody who doesn't like them or hate them a bigot. one per dish actor stood up and said wait a second, that's not right. and was almost crushed. tell the will monitor both.
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>> tucker: prince harry and meghan markle are leaving the royal family. that's a huge story in britain.
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predictably, supporters of markel says she's driven out of the country because the u.k. is racist, of course. lawrence boxes an actor in great britain but unlike most people in his profession, he does not have patience for lines like that. >> the press have scorned her to pieces. >> let's be clear what it is. it's racism. she is black woman and she has been told -- >> it's not racism. no, it's not. >> what do we think about your comment is, you're a white privilege mail. >> oh... you call me a white privilege male, it simply racist! you are being racist. >> fox has taken a lot of abuse in the u.k. bracing that out loud and we recently talked to
5:36 pm
him about it. so it's kind of a remarkable colloquy there. you say the treatment of meghan markle was not racist and the woman you're sitting across from a tax you on basis of your skin color. which i thought was a definition of racism. she had to ask you again and being denounced as racism for objecting to being attacked on the basis of your skin color. can you unravel this for us? >> i find it very difficult to unravel. i have been called a racist quite a lot in the last few days, last ten days of my cancellation which is currently taking place. i think i was trying to have a conversation which a lot of people in the u.k. want to talk about, which i do not think we are a racist country. polling indicates we are not. and people seem to be playing the man, not the ball, which is attacking me rather than addressing what my point was.
5:37 pm
>> tucker: it's interesting. england is transported by nonenglish transformation, but n with having. but to short-circuit the competitioconversation, to attan the basis of your skin color because you're a racist is so upside down or bizarre, you would think that, wait a second, you are committing, decrying. do you see that? >> there have been a couple of people who have been very kind. i was always of the opinion that one should be judged on the content of one's character and not the color of one's skin and we shoul seem to be going backwards which i don't understand why. definitely it's not helping society. >> tucker: that's a quote you stole from one of our moral heroes here in the united states and something we are ignoring as well. you say people have been kind to you. i would think all rational people whether they agree with your politics or like your movies would take your side
5:38 pm
because the other side is literally irrational, no? >> it's very difficult, you know, as shown by the treatment meted out to me. it's almost a warning to people not to support rational, free thought and free expression for the consequences that would be meted out to you by the totalitarian ideologues that seem to be running twitter and the small minority and very vocal minority of very angry people. >> tucker: so your play seems to be to fight back against fascism because we both know that's exactly what it is by staying calm and clear and sensible and brave. are you going to continue doing that? >> i'm trying to have a giggle, you know? i think it's important to have a giggle because it doesn't seem to be much giggling from the other side, a lot of enunciation and calls for cancellation. i think one has to have a giggle. also, i'm a father and i have
5:39 pm
two children and it's important that you stand up when people talk to you and you don't let down. i'm not keen on backing down and hence they are not mad keen on backing down the denunciation of me. >> tucker: we used to revere bravery and rational argument with those were considered great qualities in a man. i mean, tell me, how many people come up to congratulate you, i hope? >> i was very fortunate today. i've been trying to keep my head down because it came as a big shocked, i was not expecting such an event meant reaction. i went to lunch with douglas murray, he says hello, by the way, i was stopped by a good ten or 12 people in the street who shook my hand and a man got out of the car and said, good on you, made, keep standing up for yourself. i think it's important. we do not want to live in a world where everyone is cowered into submission and unable to say and express whatever opinion it is by bullies on that part of
5:40 pm
the argument. >> tucker: if i was in a taxi right now i would get out and shake your hand too. thank you so much. great to see you. hillary clinton has a brand-new diabolical plan for avoiding tulsi gabbard's $50 million lawsuit against her. just ignore it's happening. refused to accept the papers. plus tracking the ongoing senate impeachment trial and the president's rally in iowa.
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>> tucker: all of a sudden, bernie sanders is the favorite for the democratic nomination and in about a year who could be a president, could happen. might be a good time to notice that some sanders supporters do
5:45 pm
not have a lot of patience for traditional american politics. not all, but some. the traditional kind of politics where you vote and follow the law and don't physically assault your opponent. newly released footage shows a sanders organization organizer wishing that america r movement. >> do you mean armed? >> i do not think we are there yet and i hope not, but like a militant labor movement that is willing to strike and if necessary, you know, talking like that... >> tucker: and another sanders organizer say that the they are not ready to talk about it publicly. >> well, we do not want to scare people off. you've got to do with that first before we get into the crazy stuff. >> what kind of crazy stuff?
5:46 pm
tell me? >> talking about more extreme organizations must up like antifa, yellow vests, all of that. we are trying to keep that in the back right now. >> tucker: and earlier this month, another sanders organizer promised if his candidate lost the primary, then milwaukee where the convention is in july, is going up in smoke. >> i canvassed with someone who is an anarchist, i canvassed with someone who is more of a marxist-leninist. we chat with some truly radical people on the campaign. >> tucker: obviously must sanders support is not violent, they are upset about the economy but it makes you wonder honestly at "the washington post" had half a dozen videos of trump campaign staffers talking about violence, you might be having one of those national conversations right now. maybe we should anyway per the conversation on violence and who better to talk to than bill rose
5:47 pm
now, and historian, author of "tonight, we bomb the capital." knows a lot about political violence in this country be thank you for coming on to congrats on the book. it's shocking to hear people on any site talking about using force in the political process. is your points out, this is not a new thing. >> it's been part of our political landscape for the past hundred years and a lot of us have amnesia about it and we forgot things as recently as oklahoma city. as i explore in my book, there was a period in the '70s and about to be 80s where terrorism from the left but also putter and separatists and others a big part of the clinical environment. >> tucker: the bombing or a shooting was also of course shooting in the '50s on capitol hill, political violen violence. that's shocking to think about something like that happening now. >> exactly. groups like the black liberation army in the 1970s who existed,
5:48 pm
their main action was assassinating police officers. that's obviously a horrible time that we do not want to revisit, but it is quite shocking. >> tucker: was the country shop to buy it when it happened? what was the reaction to it? >> they were shocked by it but they were anesthetized by it because the vietnam war was going on. it was violence directed on the tv screen. you saw americans soldiers being killed. in the early '70s, there were thousands of bombings a year in united states. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. you have antifa controlling downtown portland, oregon, and people seem awfully passive in the face of it. i want to ask you as someone who's studied this and explain so clearly in your book, what's the profile of people who use political violence? are they the poorest in our society? >> if somebody said poverty was the cause of terrorism, then haiti would be the world's
5:49 pm
wellspring of terrorism. no, terrorists, this is true all over the world, they tend to be middle-class, well-educated, well-adjusted, even humorous. not obviously depraved, not particularly poor. >> tucker: they kids in and antifa, the ones who do not have the mask on, they look like children of orthodontists. you know what i mean? even teeth and they look like they went to college and they do not look dispossessed. to me, they look like nihilistic upper middle class kids. >> they probably are well educated, absolutely. the only middle-class people who have the luxury of politics. >> tucker: that's a deep point. bill rosen, the author of "tonight we bomb the capital." bernie sanders staffers want to tear down the wall. hillary clinton floats above it like a zeppelin. clinton was recently hit with a $50 million defamation suit from
5:50 pm
congressman tulsi gabbard, whom she described as a russian plant. but now according to gabbard's lawyer, hillary clinton refusing to be served. she's the one person in america who is not participating. a process server approached her home tuesday to deliver the lawsuit but was turned back by the secret service. how we car is a radio host and the author of "what really happened." how i've been served and my boxershs over the years. i did not know that sending the secret service south to shoo them away was an option! >> who does she think she is, tucker? a member of the biden family? even hunter biden in his recent paternity suit, he accepts service. you know, it's a civic responsibility like jury duty or paid taxes. everybody has to accept service. this is not too surprising when you think she is also the
5:51 pm
subpoenas, more serious. they wanted to get their hands on the emails from her private server. it was government property. not only did she defy the subpoenas, she destroyed the government property, the government evidence. i mean, this is just another day at the office for her. you know, tucker, here's the question. i have a secret service agent to go out and tell the person, just tell them to get lost. what would you do? i mean, this is their m.o.! the clintons have always operated this way. >> tucker: a government employee working at taxpayer expense to opt out of the system? i've got to admire the brashness this shows. i'm not participating in your stupid civil justice system. i'm just not playing along! who does that? >> you know, tulsi's lawyers, that she get the affidavit? this is the woman who wanted to
5:52 pm
be the leader of the free world! she's intimidated by something most adults have to deal with occasionally? it's not a pleasant process, but, you know, a line from the old tv show, don't do the crime if you can't do the time. >> tucker: does this work on your taxes? can you send the secret service out to say to the irs, i'm sorry, it's just too much bread i'm not paying this year. i'm sorry. >> she said that when she destroyed the 32,000 emails. i know you've got this espionage investigation going, but my lawyers and i have decided what is germane to the -- we've destroyed 33,000 emails. you know, these allegations against tulsi gabbard are so ridiculous. and she also said jill stein was a russian agent who was basically acting as her agent by demanding all the recounts in the immediate aftermath of the
5:53 pm
election. >> tucker: hillary is for women except for those who are in her way. those of us are pretty convinced and if we hillary gets away withit. thanks for that perspective. good to see you. president trump on the road rallying supporters in the state of iowa. we have highlights from what happened. plus impeachment still muddling along in the u.s. senate. and we will have updates. by the way, that could all end during tomorrow's show. we hope it will. >> usa! usa!
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♪ >> tucker: the opioid epidemic at this point has killed more people than the civil war. it happened because people made money letting it happen. practice fusion's health care software company. the company's software would generate pop-up that prompted doctors to ask about a patient's pain level. based on the patient's responses, the program would instruct doctors to prescribe highly addictive opioid painkillers. an investigation reveals a painkiller company paid practice fusion to generate those pop-ups. the purpose? more money which meant more prescriptions, more addicts, and a lot more deaths. everything you thought was true turns out to be true. the iowa caucuses are four days from now the democratic
5:59 pm
candidates aren't the only people on the scene. >> president trump: job, job, job. joe, joe, joe. he always gets the name wrong. he says great to be in the state of ohio and they say you are in iowa. mayor pete's. they don't know how to say his name. he presides over city that's failed commit swing so badly. >> tucker: [laughs] that's about it for us tonight. in fact, it is. we are done. we'll be back tomorrow night and every weeknight at 8:00 p.m., the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group thing.
6:00 pm
think. dvr it if you can. tomorrow night it's entirely possible the president will be acquitted and this impeachment trial will end. possibly an hour hour. great way to start the weekend. good night from washington. sean hannity next. >> sean: any hour will do. whatever hour it is. it'll be good for the country. we begin with the fox news alert. we are tracking multiple breaking stories. president holding a rally, pretty raucous, in iowa tonight. oh, and joe only got 75 people. quid pro quo joe. we will take you there live in a moment. we are continuing to monitor the question and answer phase of the impeachment charade, yes, that's going on as we speak. we will dip in and out. first tonight, the president has every reason to be glad and happy. it's about to be game over. what is the democrats latest scheme? by all accounts, chuck schumer, the democrats do not have the votes to keep it


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