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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 31, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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know? >> sean: got it. before the super bowl, 3:30 eastern, i will be interviewing the president. first interview since all the events. we will always be fair and balanced, never the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next for miami. we will see one super bowl sunday. have a great weekend. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle," not from miami tonight. we are in washington where all the action is. come on, hannity. now that they've lost their witness vote, democrats still can't let go. senator mike ron and congressman meadows has a reaction. and mollie hemingway is here tonight. they are explain how the democrats have stuck these last little tricks in their bag have turned the public against washington even more, if that's possible. and raymond arroyo gives you an impeachment seen friday follies. adam schiff's and jerry nadler's big crack-up and schumer and
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kamala break down. but first, the real bitter cleaners, that is the focus of tonight angle. i remember when obama described us conservatives as bitter people clinging to our guns and our religion? well, now we see who the real bitter cleaners really are. schiff, schumer, nadler, pelosi, romney, bolton, just to name a few. all of them in their own ways are very angry people. they cling flexibly to an ideology that most people don't relate to anymore. the democrats have become increasingly rapid and radical. they are turning off most sane people. bolton is a poster child for the neocon never trump crowd, still fantasizing of the glory days of deploying 100,000 troops for nation-building in iraq. the left and right have rejected
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his worldview yet somehow he landed the nfc job in the trump white house. fortunate for us, president trump was too smart to fall for all that nonsense. a blank check for any country claiming to be an alley with their hand stretched out? not the trump doctrine, baby. as for can i get a witness romney? he's better too. he can't believe someone of his pedigree and upbringing ever lost a presidency. then a man like trump won it. 2012 is over, mitt. don't punish trump or the rest of us for your own weakness as a candidate. last night i titled the angle "24 hours to victory." that is correct because today trump triumphed over the unfair, unjust and politically motivated witch hunt. but the democrats cannot accept defeat. as we told you time and time again, when they lose, they call everything that happened before
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illegitimate. but now even the liberal media, they are having a hard time spending it. speak up trump won. he's going to win this trial. he won on the issue of witnesses, he's going to get acquitted. that is how history will remember what went on here. >> laura: it's over, they lost, trump won. two of them have to admit it so let's move on. no, that would be the gracious thing to do. instead the democrats are dragging it out in a pathetic attempt on trump's state of the union address and gratuitously ruin the super bowl for the rest of us. the iowa caucuses, who cares about those now? they are deeply better, selfless and self-aggrandizing people. they are bitter once again because trump has beaten them at their own game and once again, mitch mcconnell, that sly, wily old dog in the senate outmaneuvered all of them.
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and once again, some of the radicals and their party are just repelling the public in the support of key senators they needed. senator murkowski was so turned off by elizabeth warren's stunned, demeaning the chief justice with a question last night that she rejected witnesses because of it. she wrote, i will not stand for nor support that effort. while chuck and adam tilt at windmills, president trump, what has he done? he has chopped up some fantastic victories this week. the usmca and a bowl of middle east peace plan to name a couple. and his administration is managing a global contagion that is threatening lives and the international market. he also signed an executive order to dismantle some of the world's worst criminal enterprises. speak of my administration is fighting these monsters, persecuting and prosecuting them and locking them away for a very, very long time. we are dismantling the criminal
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organizations that make large-scale human trafficking possible. >> laura: but the political gains are not over, not by a long shot. i warned you the other night that the democrats and the media would drop one shiny object after another and do it in front of us as an attempt to kind of drag this out as long as possible. they're waiting in the waiting period and right on cue, of course "the new york times" conveniently dropped another limit our exclusive, fed by sources who claim to have read john bolton's unpublished manuscript. speak out the significance of this cannot be understated. bolton seems to have lick it all players. >> suddenly there is no information involving pat cipollone actually being in a room where some of this happened. >> it absolutely disgusts me. this is essentially the end of "clue." the butler did it in the oval office.
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>> laura: now it is obvious to anyone with a pulse that this is nothing more than a calculated, anonymously sourced hit job. a last-ditch attempt to sway sitting senators. but adam schiff wants you to believe it is gospel. >> you will recall mr. pat cipollone suggesting the house managers were concealing facts from this body. you set all the facts could come out. well, there is a new fact which indicates that mr. cipollone was among those in the loop here just as we predicted, and it didn't require any act of clairvoyance, the facts will come out. >> laura: never mind that the already issued a blanket statement saying the media never happened. so schiff will do anything to keep this hustle alive. what else does he have? even if it means tarnishing the reputations of good men like
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pat cipollone. schiff knows he is lost and he knows that he and all the democrats are grasping at any claim no matter how tenuous the string to fake impeachment and keep it going, keep it going, keep going. chuck schumer is already refusing to accept the results of the next election unless of course something happens between now and wednesday and trump has just removed from office. >> if this president is interfering in the election, elections may not have a fair result. very few people doubt that he would do it again and again and again. he has already tried several times. >> laura: he's done it several times customer this is from a man who supports striking trump's name from the ballot in november while forcing major candidates in his own party off the campaign trail just days before the iowa caucuses. and trump is the one interfering in elections? no, it's you and schiff and the entire democrat gang for putting
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their fingers on the scale for the democratic establishment. good luck. but the american people see right through you and that is the angle. joining me now, was, with sol wisenberg, former deputy independent counsel and gregg jarrett, fox news legal analyst. let's start with you. we thought, yet we knew there was going to be something that happened today. we all predicted that tonight even though trump won. look, it's over, they won but what sorts of stunts could the democrats pull between now and that wednesday vote? >> they were lying on "the new york times." this is impeachment on "the new york times" based on an anonymous hearsay multiple hearsay witnesses who actually haven't read bolton's book. look, even if you assume that president trump for the sake of
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argument wanted a quid pro quo to investigate the bidens, it is still not an impeachable offense because the president had a legitimate public interest reason to ask ukraine to look into the bidens' conduct. anybody seriously arguing that joe and hunter biden's conduct here isn't objectively suspicious and warranted an investigation by any reasonable standard, it did. this is a kid who is making a million dollars a year in exchange for nothing with no expertise, then a father threatening to extort a billion dollars from ukraine to fire an investigator in ukraine who is investigating hunter biden's company. what really hurt them the most was when the democrats 'his own witnesses, video clips in which they were saying they had serious concerns about what hunter and joe biden were doing and reporter clips raising questions about potential
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corruption. >> laura: we are going to learn more about that. they are going to be having oversight hearings. this is the beginning, not the end. lindsey graham head of judiciary, foreign relations and others involved. the president's legal team called out this common line we keep hearing from the democrats throughout the trial. >> you did hear evidence. you heard evidence from 13 different witnesses. 192 video clips over 28,000 pages of documents. you heard testimony from gordon sondland, testified in proceedings. i did not have an opportunity to cross-examine him. >> laura: was that a good cas case? >> that particular point was a very good point because, you're talking about the house managers talking about not being able to call witnesses, there are a number of problems with that,
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but it's very important that the president was not invited. the president and his lawyers were not invited until it got to the house judiciary committee and the game was over by them. they had already announced a number witnesses. i think that particular point was outstanding. the bigger point to me was impeachment is a serious business. if you're going to do it, don't make it a joke, don't make it political, don't authorize the inquiry with the press conference. .your is come across your ts be serious. it was so obviously political that people really could not focus on the substantive complaints about him. because of that they had no credibility. >> laura: i think so many people tuned out on the other networks where you think that would be their big glory day but their ratings went like this and ours kept going like that which is nice for us but bad for the
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country. the media is joining in on this schiff smear courtesy of "the new york times" of the lead counsel for the white house, pat cipollone. >> it was so rigged that the man right here was in the room when he extorted ukraine. >> if he is in a meeting in may where he hears this plan and then he stands up as a lawyer in a tribunal and says the opposite argument is a fact witness, you lose your law license over stuff like that. >> he has a whole lot of legal ethics issues right now as an attorney. >> laura: the great thing about this is adam schiff is a fact witness. he shouldn't have been leading the house managers. this attack comes from this leak from someone who saw the manuscript by john bolton but it is clearly meant to distract from schiff's own conflict as a
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fact witness. >> absolutely. adam schiff has done everything he possibly can to cover up his own collusion, if you will, with a whistle-blower and creating a pretext to trigger this whole impeachment proceeding. did anybody honestly believe adam schiff when he sat on the senate floor, oh, gee, i don't know the identity of the whistle-blower? of course he did. the other amusing part was nancy pelosi, chuck schumer saying this isn't a real trial, not a real acquittal because there were no witnesses. there were more than a dozen witnesses that were introduced and accepted into evidence and video clips played for the jurors, the senators of their testimony and more than 28,000 pages of documents introduced as evidence. it is a folly to argue that this is somehow an illegitimate trial. the only thing that is illegitimate and was the impeachment in the house, in which fundamental due process
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was deprived for the president. >> laura: there was a moment tonight where jay taber was again dangling the shiny object to the viewers on cnn, echoing what we have heard over the last several days. in a different induration about why this acquittal that's coming up on wednesday will not really be legitimate. watch. >> it is striking that there is a national security advisor for present trump, john bolton, who is out there basically waving his hands and saying, i would like to be subpoenaed, i would like to testify. you have the president's former chief of staff john kelly talking to people and saying, i think the senate should call new witnesses. i believe john bolton, even a president trump denies this. >> laura: what is presenting john bolton from giving an interview with jake tapper? they seem like they would agree on a lot and he wasn't in the white house for the entire saga.
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>> the john kelly thing is hilarious to me. why all of a sudden is john kelly the authority on impeachment and removal? he couldn't even be a fact witness and as we've talked about several times on this show, they didn't want to call john bolton as a witness in the house. they didn't even subpoena him. and when it looked like the judge was going to make a ruling on the case, which bolton said i will follow, they withdrew the subpoena. i'm not sure why they did it but i will tell you something about whether or not it's legitimate. just like nancy pelosi says, he is impeached forever, he's acquitted forever and i want to point out one other thing that's incorrect that is being said repeatedly. the democratic senators are saying that there has never been in impeachment without witnesses. that is not true. the very first impeachment ever in our history had no witnesses. it was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds, which is
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what a lot of the president's supporters wanted to do with this. even that isn't accurate. >> laura: i wanted it to be dismissed out of hand off the top but they didn't have the votes. gentlemen, it's been so much fun and during this with you but i know we will probably have you back next week so i can't say goodbye appear but have a great weekend. enjoy the super bowl. we all know trump is going to be acquitted. it's going to happen on wednesday but what is the point now? what has been the point of all of this? it's a political stunt to keep it going. democrats are clearly to blame here but what is their motivation? the real motivation to not do what they could've done today and get it into the iowa caucuses, the state of the union. they are happening monday and tuesday. mollie hemingway, senior editor at ""the federalist"." mollie, they don't trust their own primary voters, do they? to pick whoever they want in the iowa caucuses. they're keeping a lot of people in town. >> a follow-up of the entire operation of not trusting voters. nobody ever thought this impeachment would lead to the
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removal of the president. it was always about affecting voters' thoughts about the president. likewise there seems to be a lot of concern in the democratic party about the rise of bernie sanders and there are some drastic measures that people are trying to take to prevent his rise and a high degree of meddling there. >> laura: by the way, michael moore, we can't even play the clip tonight because he went absolutely ballistic and i believe it was in iowa, saying the establishment and the democratic party are basically putting their finger on the scale against the upstart candidates. schiff never really gave up on his dream to be a hollywood screenwriter. >> there is a storm blowing through this capital. it's winds are strong and they move us in uncertain and dangerous directions. if we have faith that the ship of state can survive the truth,
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this storm shall pass. >> laura: that is a screenwriting for dummies here. blowhard may be blowing through the capital. this was a sad moment even by adam schiff's standards. >> i was going to wipe a tear from my eye listening to that beautiful oration. what scares me here when you talk about schiff and what his next move might be is that the house intelligence committee, historically nonpartisan committee, has now been turned into the house permanent committee on impeachment. and they're not going to give up. i think they're chasing, they don't realize they went too far but the american people do. i would not be surprised if adam schiff tries to pick up and run another impeachment to the house in the next year or two. if he hears another witness, if he hears someone else to say it. they can't resist this temptation.
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>> laura: what else are they going to do? actually govern? containing this coronavirus, or infrastructure, prescription -- they are not serious people. msnbc's chris hayes tried to spend today's vote is kind of a bittersweet victory for today's g.o.p. >> brett kavanaugh was mobilizing for republicans, even the ones that don't like trump. i know that, i've talked to them. i don't think this is mobilizing for republicans who don't like trump. i don't think that witness vote is particularly a good vote. >> i wouldn't take chris hayes' view on how republicans feel. >> laura: this is the biggest turn out they've had for an event other than a rock concert. huge event in des moines. and trump may be exaggerates the crowds at times, but these were massive crowds. >> this is what was such an
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unforced error from democrats. trump does well when he can say that people are unfairly going after him. dragging out an impeachment process which just never, ever caught its way outside of the resistance just helps him completely. i love the brett kavanaugh mention because i think also what the left hasn't figured out is that by doing the brett kavanaugh smear operation kind of room in the future of all operations where the media and the democrats walk hand-in-hand, carefully deploy information and put out supposed bombshell's. they did that with brett kavanaugh, they did that for years with the russia hoax and people are not stupid, they woke up to appear now that they hear that something is going on they almost expect to hear some bombshell that turns out not to be a bombshell, rather than takg it seriously when the media and the democrats work hand-in-hand. >> laura: i think people are onto this, they're pretty smart, they since this is a smash and grab job, smear and slash, whatever you want to call it, and it gets old and tiresome and this is super bowl weekend and
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we've got some fun events coming up. iowa caucuses, the state of the unit, people want to get on with their lives but they're better and they're cleaning and they want to take everybody else down with them. >> and they are liberal. in 1994 only 25% of democrats self identify as liberals. according to today, 51% of democrats identify as liberals. that is why we have impeachment. nancy pelosi tried to hold that storm back and then she got over flooded. she couldn't control the aoc wing of the democratic party. and you're seeing it with bernie sanders, new hampshire, in california. the democratic party is fundamentally a different party than it was even one generation ago when bill clinton was president and this is the democrats' kiss of death. this is where they are turning moderates who don't necessarily like donald trump into trump voters because the democrats have gone too far, are too angry and there are no moderate, reasonable democrats left.
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>> laura: anything to stop the winds blowing through the capital speech again. have a great weekend, we will see you soon. up ahead, with a likely wednesday acquittal on schedule, what dirty tricks are the g.o.p. expecting? they have some ideas and they will join us next. sometimes your small screen is your big screen.
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♪ >> laura: donald trump wanted the full acquittal, republicans were going to cheer him and they will still cheer him but it softens both sides on tuesday night. donald trump will still be sitting, awaiting the final verdict in the senate. he can't take a legitimate victory last tuesday night. >> laura: they should take their show on the road, wouldn't that be funk? the truth does come out. democrats will do anything to hurt the president no matter how petty. his acquittal on wednesday is a
7:27 pm
certainty at this point. but what can we expect in the meantime. joining me now, mark meadows, members of trump's defense team. and mike brown. senator brown, please explain for the audience what we might expect between now and wednesday. we know there's going to be arguments on monday but there seems to be this continuing them for the medium dropping a shiny sparkler and politicos running towards it and saying bombshell, we need witnesses. >> it would've all been done other than chuck schumer. what he wants to do in the meantime is milk the time between the vote today, which was clear he was going to lose that, then they wanted time, i think also to get their presidential candidates back to iowa, then come back on monday. monday there will be final arguments. tuesday, time for individual senators to make a floor speech, then wednesday, the vote. i've been here not a long time
7:28 pm
but that is the essence of what we got. >> laura: no one wants to hear from any of you. god bless you, we love you but no one wants to hear what susan collins is all about. we don't care, any of you guys, senator murkowski, i'm glad they are getting through this but ths not a therapy session, congressman meadows. but only in washington today think the people are just desperate to hear from us one more time here no one knows how to say goodbye in this town. >> exactly right, you hit the nail on the head. what most of america wants is for the president to be about business that actually affects them and guess what? he has been. we signed the usmca this week. if you look at what happened 16 blocks from here, they're turning us out and tuning into him because he is actually delivering on his campaign promises. you are exactly right. listen, wednesday will come, wednesday we will go and what will happen in the meantime?
7:29 pm
we will see a continuation of politics. we've seen over the last several days on the senate floor with adam schiff. politics day in, day out and what are we doing customer taking a break. so a few of them can go politic and iowa. >> laura: they got it done today. this all could of been wrapped up today. my angle was called the real bitter cleaner s, 10% of america thought he was going to beat obama and the other people are better because trump always out maneuvers them. and mcconnell handled this brilliantly. incredibly. but there was a moment today where one of your old pals andy mccabe was on cnn and he was talking about conspiracies. watch. >> beyond the problems that may cause mr. cipollone in terms of his own bar license, he could be facing some sort of inquiry. as a fact witness, you could really make a strong argument that he should have recused
7:30 pm
himself from representing the president under these circumstances. if this was a conspiracy, he was a coconspirator. >> laura: andrew mccabe referencing an anonymously sourced "new york times" artic article. speak of the two guys on either side were both under investigation by the justice department. andy mckay applied three times under oath and was fired by the fbi. andy mccabe, jim baker on the other side. jim comey, peter strzok ran the clinton investigation, the trump-russia investigation. this is what bill barr said, the upper echelon of the fbi, a failure of leadership there, that is the understatement of the year and yet he is lecturing pat cipollone, who just did a great job defending the president? that would be laughable. >> laura: one of the most credible people in washington. >> guess what you get to be if you're under indictment with the fbi, you get to be a contributor on cnn!
7:31 pm
>> laura: exactly, what is your talent? democrats and the media today were declaring the death of the g.o.p. >> i think it is a sad day for the so-called republican party. >> they are going to need to find their soul. speak up leadership and membership has now joined hands with a tyrant. >> a trump-ist party which is not the party joined and even from five years ago. he needs to be removed from positions of authority and power. >> laura: he just said it needs to be removed? they are not in favor of a representative democracy. they don't like the people having their say. >> they won't let up. i talked to the people of the day after the bolton stuffs are surfaced and i said when we get through this, which we will, we are going to have this all the way until november 2020. at the tail end of that q&a the
7:32 pm
other day, which that was 16 hours of repetition. because dershowitz did a good job of talking about political interest, public interest and personal interest so we teed up a question thus, how i does what the president do compare to the bidens customer that was really a quid pro quo. of course that got caught in terms of cutting to the bone and got commented on by "new york magazine" and we did that. so we can't lay low because they are going to do this all the way through november 2020. that is when that final verdict would come in. the people have their say and i think they're going to be surprised. >> laura: do you think, congressman meadows, that some of this is being done to save the democratic established candidate in iowa who is having some trouble? joe biden is struggling right
7:33 pm
now and the rise of bernie sanders is undeniable. kept people in town for a long time and even over the weekend, they are not going to be going full gear. it's been a long week for a lot of people. what about that. >> if there's one thing i know it's washington, d.c., loves to control who is going to be in control and when you see that, this is all about politics, bernie sanders is a threat to the way washington, d.c., does it on their side, donald trump is the great disruptor and yet what he continues to do is show that if you are willing to drain the swamp the swamp will always fight back. >> laura: swamp monsters. >> but we are also seeing a state of the union address that is going to be sandwiched by two days of rhetoric. the state of the unit will show a vision of what we can accomplish in the year to come. >> laura: you and i have talked about this relating to the mueller investigation, spying on carter page, the fake
7:34 pm
fisa warrant. congressman jordan. and also a course on what happened to brett kavanaugh. no one ever seems to pay for what they do to the country and we have a whistle-blower who really wasn't a whistle-blower and a guy who collaborated in some way, shape, or form with the so-called whistle-blower. we don't really know what happened in that office. who pays here? does anyone ever pay? >> let's hope the investigation leads to someone being held accountable but here's the good news, the president is going to be acquied, he's going to win but win stronger than anyone predicted. when nancy pelosi started this, no one would've predicted that every single republican would vote against the article of impeachment. a third democrat but a present and a fourth voted with us and then switched parties. what is going to happen next wednesday? a bipartisan majority in the united states senate are going to vote to acquit the presidents of his victory will be stronger than anyone said.
7:35 pm
that is the good news and so in spite of all this, no one being held accountable the president is going to win much bigger than anyone thought. >> laura: acquitted forever. >> then the agenda is going to take over because that is working so well. i came here for that reason. it's working on main street and when you look at the crazy stuff that bernie is talking about -- >> laura: grab your wallet, my friend. hide your pet. and i understand you were put out there because you were out a lot on television, because you were reassuring to people. i want to say i do find indiana very reassuring. every time i go there the people are very reassuring and you are very reassuring and i love having you on in the last few weeks, so thanks so much. coming up, adam schiff and chuck schumer have trouble keeping their minions in line? and has the senate chaplain gone rogue? raymond arroyo must be here and it must bery friday follies nex.
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>> laura: it's friday which means it is time for friday follies, impeachment addition we are joining us with all the details, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. you saw a moment at the trial last night that told a bigger story. >> did, jerry nadler moved as fast as he has ever moved to answer, even when lead manager adam schiff tried to stop him.
7:41 pm
>> any other comments the senate would benefit from hearing before we adjourned for the evening? >> mr. chief justice, members of the senate. >> jerry, jerry, jerry. it reminded me of another team that also kind of fell apart and had a big falling out. >> no, listen to me. now! i just want to know, was that hard? >> laura: raymond, raymond, raymond. >> both of these jerries had enough of that schiff. nancy pelosi is really the one to blame for the animis animosi. she put her friend and her accomplished schiff. >> laura: he wanted it to be schiff's list. >> and he made the horrible comments to the senator saying
7:42 pm
this is a traitorous vote. that set off alarms and then these before hustle may have been payback for this moment last week. >> mistress before, republicans have been going, i'm going to respond to the questions. >> i'm going to respond to the questions and nadler had to sit back and take it. it didn't matter whether schiff or nadler took this thing, who was driving the bus, there wasn't enough gas to get him where they wanted it to go. it's over but it shows the tension and animosity. >> laura: there something about adam schiff when he gets a little bit exercised about something. his eyes, he does the marty feldman eyes thing. >> we've got to move on, laura. >> laura: since impeachment began, the media has taken the democrat line and they're trying to characterize the proceedings this way. >> any other comments the senate would benefit from hearing before we adjourned for the evening?
7:43 pm
>> jerry, jerry, jerry. >> mr. chief justice. >> that was the wrong bite. they were actually talking about this being a solemn, serious dictation. i'm not sure senator kamala harris got the memo. watch chuck schumer's reaction when she was a little less than solemn and serious and serious. >> do you view it as at least a partial victory that you have a republican -- i will start again. do you view it as at least a partial victory -- >> start again, solemn. >> laura: let's cut that out. i'm surprised kamala didn't break into that i remember that little dance? >> frankly, it made me pretty sad when i watched this. barry black opened the senate trial with this prayer. listen closely. >> remind our senators that they alone are accountable to you for
7:44 pm
their conduct. lord help them to remember that they can't ignore you and get away with it, for we always reap what we sow. >> if you're going to condemn people and raise the judgment of god to them, don't do it over a partisan thing like this impeachment beer this is divisive. he should be bringing people together. i'm sorry, i think the chaplain went above and beyond -- >> laura: there are a number of prayers. you felt like it was -- >> he said earlier in the week the trial will make the nation stronger, wiser, and better. how? raise your moral voice for things that matter. abortion, religious liberty. >> laura: all right, before we go they say a picture is worth a thousand words. >> yes, they do. >> laura: but is it really the case? do we see the faces of what it
7:45 pm
all looks like at the end? ♪ >> oh, so sad. this is after the senate voted no witnesses. very dejected. >> laura: imagine having to drink with her tonight. >> won't you help this anchor? >> laura: this is like a save the children ad. >> you know the factory line, the world is a looking glass and gets back to every man what his face shows? god help some of these folks, i hope they have happier days. >> laura: when we return, the democrats' conspiracy trick. solomon and lee smith explain in moments. i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things a faster laptop could help. plus, tech support to stay worry free woory free.... boom!
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♪ >> you've heard about the adam schiff is the root of all evil conspiracy theory.
7:50 pm
you've heard about the burisma conspiracy theory. the whistle-blower conspiracy theory. >> we discredited all conspiracy theories that have been investigated time and time again that have been found to be groundless. speak of these wildly debunked conspiracy theories about burisma and ukrainian involvement in the election. >> laura: it's a nice trick, isn't it? just so obvious the left has played this trick relentlessly in the age of trump. if the facts are inconvenient just to say they are all conspiracies. joining us now, two investigative journalist, author of "the plot against the president "and john solomon, fox news contributor. they are willing to take every leak at face value, yet ignore the corruption in their midst. >> it was the story with russia, right? 1,000 lakes turned out not to be true, right? the greatest conspiracy theory was the russian collusion brought to you by the same car that just gave you the impeachment trial.
7:51 pm
>> laura: they just kept repeating it during the impeachment senate trial, they kept going over and over, conspire with russia, the kremlin is happy. how many times did you see that? >> to many of the facts, that is for sure. >> laura: this is what we've come to expect from the democrats. when he was asked about his staff and the movement with the whistle-blower -- you are not going to besmirch the record of my staff. he got very indignant, wouldn't answer the question. >> look, this is a person who has not only injected an enormous conspiracy theory, the most disruptive conspiracy theory in u.s. history, but also look at how he has attacked colleagues. he spied on congressional colleagues, including the staff of congressman devin nunes. this is an extremely destructive figure. >> laura: this is what happens when someone even asks a slightly probing question.
7:52 pm
>> "the washington post" had an editorial, the appointment of the vice president's son to ukrainian oil board, looks like nepotism at best and nefarious at worst. >> this is the equation of donald trump's significant impeachable wrongdoing with something not a single person has suggested, joe biden used to his advantage or his son's advantage. it's exactly what trump wants. >> laura: at the question about joe biden but same deal, you ask a question they don't want to answer, they call it a conspiracy theory. >> their little conspiracy theory party, they spend beating me around a lot but if you can't address the fact you have to distract and that is what they've done. >> laura: you mentioned something earlier about john bolton and the ukrainians. tell us about this. >> this is what you won't hear elsewhere, a few months before he joined president trump he received $115,000 payment for two speeches to the organization. victor pinchbeck is a very
7:53 pm
powerful oligarch in the ukraine and a single biggest donor to the clinton organization. he had his finger in the little money jar called ukraine. a lot of politicians have dipped their fingers in that jar. >> laura: a lot of politicians make their money overseas. a lot of people inside the administration seem very focused on their own interests. kellyanne conway was on the show and said she is very worried that people are still inside the administration burrowed and, almost a shallow state. not even a deep stay working against the interest of the president. >> this is an enormous problem insofar as the national security council staff can be whittled down to an effective instrument to implement the president's policies rather than fighting him on anything, it wouldn't be surprising at all if we find ourselves in the same place but within a matter of months i imagine that right now the same operators, including congressman
7:54 pm
schiff, rogue intelligence officers, the press or cooking something up right now as we speak. >> laura: before the election -- >> adam schiff is bill murray in "groundhog day." you keep coming back in here impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. >> laura: the former chief of staff for john bolton said he believes the nfc should be moved out of the white house. move the whole thing out of the white house altogether. that is how little he trusts the people at the nfc that are working for the white house right now. >> it is shameful we are in a moment in our history where a noble institution like this has to be so distrusted because of their own conduct. >> laura: house intel, he goes on and on beer both of you, thank you so much. coming up, britain is finally free. attribute to brexit. garcy
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>> we did at! we transformed the landscape of our country. we are celebrating tonight because we know that this is the single most important moment in the modern history of our great nation. >> laura: oh, what a week. we wanted to be there with them but we couldn't because we had to cover impeachment. it was like the fourth of july in britain, and amazing event. brexit is official, or closer to an end.
8:00 pm
britain freed itself from its 47 year membership in the e.u. very satisfying moment. sorry angela merkel. she remarked, this is a deep cut for us all. happyrexit, enjoy your freedom britain. see you on monday. ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news at night," i'm shannon bream in washington and we begin with the fox news alert. i'm an end to the impeachment trial is in sight, no more witnesses and no more evidence. both sides will present closing argument starting monday at 11:00 a.m. but the final vote on the two articles against the president expected on wednesday. senator mike lee is here with reaction to tonight's late-night vote. in the meantime all eyes now turn to iowa, the first in the nation caucus where a win will have major implications. at the democrats hoping to face


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