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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 2, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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i'm bill hemmer live in miami. enjoy the game, everybody. we'll see you right soon right here on bill hemmer reports. take care. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ arthel: right now 2020 democrats fanned out across the state hope to go rally last-minute votes ahead of the big day, hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville, welcome to america's news headquarters. eric: hello, arthel, it is the big day, super sunday. of course, later on in the day the game in fox channel. presidential candidate bernie sanders meet and greet there, the vermont senator, well, he happens to be one of the several of the candidates making final pitch to the voters today.
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>> if there is a low voter turnout, we are going to lose, if we have high voter turnout, we are going to win. >> the reason i'm asking is because i can lead the office as presidency and has purpose. >> we can bend our knees, we can coward, we can be timid or we can fight back, me, i'm fighting back, that's why i'm here. >> and they're fighting on deadline, team fox news coverage on all of this, dan springer on the trail, let's start with jacqui heinrich who has the latest on senator sanders and she's in newton. >> good afternoon, 27 hours out
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from iowa caucus and senator bernie sanders is still splitting his time between here and washington, campaign confirming he's heading back to dc for impeachment trial and in absence volunteers are out in force carrying message and in an event he gave them blunt guidance. >> some of those people -- [laughter] >> believe me, you'll be hearing that. your job today is you knock on doors, say to people -- >> grassroots organizers have been the cornerstone to have campaign, sanders said in the last month alone volunteers knocked on a half million doors in iowa, good chunk with a state of population of 3.1 million, and in the final push before the caucuses sanders is hosting a blitz of festival style events, tonight he's heading to a super bowl party, last night he had concert rally in cedar rapids
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and grammy winner band, and while rival democrats fear sanders win in iowa can splinter the party by propelling a democratic socialist to the nomination, republicans are thrilled to see sanders ahead in the polls and far left surrogates like alexandria ocasio-cortez carrying his message. >> as a republican chair wants ocasio-cortez to be every corner of the state, i want her talking to every farmer, i want her talking 24/7 and i want bernie light behind -- right behind, the presence to have extreme left does nothing but place the republican party in the driver's seat. >> now, sanders does pull out a win in iowa, it would certainly shake former vice president joe biden's argument that he is is most electable candidate and sources tell fox business that if that happens, former president barack obama may speak
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out of sanders in concern that he can't unite. arthel: we are no doubt in the final stretch, dan springer is live in mason city, iowa at senator klobuchar's second campaign stop today, set the scene for us, dan. >> amy klobuchar might not win tomorrow's iowa caucuses, it's a crowded field but it would not be lack of effort, 4 rallies and 3 today, she's this the middle of the wing, she's about to take the stage in mason city, we caught up with her in cedar lopside where she had more than 200 people pack intoed a conference room to hear her funny stump speech, all candidates are talking about electability and klobuchar's
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argument is she's a centrist who can win back the midwest and rust belt state that is went for trump in 2016. she touts success in carrying red districts and that would hold in iowa, wisconsin, michigan and ohio. >> we are going to build a beautiful blue wall around these states. [cheers and applause] and we will make donald trump pay for it. [cheers and applause] she needs pete buttigieg to do poorly for her to have a chance, there's talk of possible alliance with joe biden where her supporters can realign when she falls short, klobuchar denies any pack with biden, she knows iowa is critical to her campaign, she was optimistic today on fox news sunday.
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>> i'm going to new hampshire no matter what, there's a debate, i'm on debate stage, i have endorsement of every newspaper including union leader, of course, i'm going there, we have a strong operation there and then going beyond. >> and on the topic of electability i just spoke with an undecided voter who really kind of supports bernie sanders who told me she's here for the first time to hear what klobuchar has say and concern about what is being said about bernie sanders by people in the democratic party saying she's a risk and she wants to hear what klobuchar has to say and might switch over to her tomorrow. arthel: dan springer, thank you. >> i really believe that me and this administration, we have done more than any administration than the history of the country, we have rebuilt the military, we have cut taxes in the highest amount ever, you
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see what's going on, there's a revolution going on in the country, i mean a positive resolution. eric: president trump speaking to sean hannity in fox network super bowl coverage, you see the president but won't be on the field, would be during commercial break, trump campaign reportedly paying $11 million for two 30-second commercials, not the only one mike bloomberg's campaign also shelling out big bucks for a 1-minute long, former new york mayor's efforts to address the epidemic of gun violence death, ad focuses on young football player's dream of being an nfl player cut short when he was shot to death, kevin corke live in west palm beach, florida near mar-a-lago, more on the president who is getting ready to watch the game, i guess, hi, kevin. >> no doubt about that, good to be with you, eric sean,
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basically dueling ads and that's convincing the largest possible audience, super bowl audience but, yes, indeed, i'm the person to lead the country moving forward, first let me tell you about the president ad, he will talk about the economy and the incredible strength that the american economy has had under his leadership over the past 3 years including record-low unemployment in a number of different groups you heard the president mentioned that in his conversation with sean hannity, as for mayor bloomberg, he will focus on his fight against gun law in defense of america's families, i've had a chance to see both ads, they are both powerful to say the least, yes, they both cost more than $10 million, i mentioned that the ads cost millions and they will play before over 100 million americans domestically, it's all about the right timing; eric and the right audience which is to say everyone which is what you want in politics, eric. eric: you're right. all over the globe, meanwhile a
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big week for the white house, clearly the state of the union coming up and then on wednesday likely impeachment verdict, trial, what is the white house strategy for dealing with what's coming down this week. >> yeah, a couple of things, number 1, they just want to wait, watch and then move on, the presumption is as you know on wednesday this will all be over at 4:00 p.m. eastern time and in the meantime let me walk you through the schedule as we know, this help it is folks at home make sense over what to expect in next 3 days, on monday closing arguments as you know and then senators begin to make case also on tuesday and little bit earlier on wednesday, but, then, of course, 4:00 p.m. wednesday, that's when in a nutshell it all comes down to the votes, thumbs up, thumbs down, will we remove the president from office or acquitted, by the way with acquittal all but certainty democrats are now prejudging that vote including some up in iowa who are describing, eric, as illegitimate use of power.
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>> counts by the procedures of the senate, but i don't think that it has vindicating this president because it's very hard even for republican senators and curious to see what think -- they say on television today and very hard to look at voter and camera in the eye and say that this president is leader for the united states of america. >> relatively muted in vote to reject calls for more witnesses and the president's defenders say it's clear senate made right call in doing so. >> in criminal context that would be a victory, great victory. if they haven't charged an offense maybe he hasn't been acquitted but he hasn't been charged. he's in the exact same situation he should have been in had they done the right thing and not impeach him at all. >> alan dershowitz, professor at harvard, we will find out
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together on wednesday if this was all a much to do about nothing or mr. president won't be in office anymore, we will find out together, eric, arthel. eric: arthel. arthel: game day in miami and we are just a little more than 2 hours from kickoff, the super bowl liv with san francisco 49ers taking on kansas city chiefs, fans in miami, across the nation, around the world, they are getting excited for the big game, by the way, so is nfl commissioner roger goodell. >> it becomes bigger and bigger every year, it becomes more complicated because of that, but that's the fun of it. that's what we love, we love engaging our fans. arthel: we will go to our miami rock star, he's live in the middle of
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everything outside hard rock stadium, phil, you have been having a fantastic time the entire day, i've been loving it. >> oh, yeah, i tell you what, everybody who is inside is so excited, so happy, that's the fox broadcast in the background, terry bradshaw and the boys are down there, you have the kansas city chiefs cheerleaders on top of the tower and the san francisco 49 while cheerleaders apparently are taking a break on the other side, but everybody is so excited and really weird effect, i see more chiefs jerseys here than 49ers, jon if that's because it's closer by miles or not, but i ran into these very nice people whose number 44, that's his uncle and that's father-in-law, daughter married him and that's his mother. [cheers and applause]
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>> how proud are you? >> i'm very, very proud. he's awesome. >> how excited are you? >> how excited? my heart is not beating right, that's how excited i am. >> he went to harvard? >> he went to harvard, he's a smart man too. >> old school fullback? [laughter] >> who do you think will win the game? >> 49ers. >> by 11. >> speaking of by 11 the line right now, if you're a gambler is 1.5 points for the chiefs, chiefs are favorite over the 49ers, analyst opinion, defense wins super bowls and the 49ers have a better super bowl. this is the concourse, look at the smiles, everyone is super, super happy and excited, game time just about 1 hours from now, buy, arthel.
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arthel: phil, i love it, i love it. mom is too nervous to be excited at this point. all right. phil keating, thank you. eric: a super bowl win by kansas city chiefs would be the first in the franchise, first one in 20 years, you know, for andy reid that would be his first ever as head coach, you know reed started with philadelphia eagles an moved on the chiefs in 2013, he has 2007 career wins which is number 7 in all time of nfl's history, during postseason he's had 14 victories putting him sixth on the all-time list. just how important is today's win for reed legacy, defensive lineman who is currently defensive coach, welcome, good to see you, this is such an inspiration story of dedication, perseverance, never give up attitude, what are your thoughts and hopes about coach reid
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today? >> he has an excellent opportunity to win the game. he hasn't been to the super bowl since 2004, today is a great chance where he will get it done, he will down play it by a lot of the whole world for randy reid. eric: what does it mean, what do you think emotionally it would mean for him if 49ers fan to get that ring tonight? >> yeah, it means the world to him because nobody plays the game not to win the championship, this is every coach's, every kid's dream, there's no different for andy reid, he's deserved it, he has put a lot of work, he has opportunity but one thing i do know about coach reid he has guys ready to play tonight. >> in 2005 in the super bowl patriots going in the fourth
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quarter, they were tied 14-14, remember that. it's unbelievable, what's it like to be out there on the field, to be on the sidelines with your team and back then when you're tied or you have a nail-biter and all comes down to patriots, you know, beat them back then when he was the eagles. >> yeah, die-hard eagles fan, it's stuff, you want to win the game, but being a player in that moment like that because i wasn't playing the super bowl and i played the big game, come down to fourth quarter, you want the ball in your hands, you want to make the one sack, the one play that can change the entire game around, the coach to make that one call that could turn change game around and big-time and you see bill belichick and i guaranty you tonight, andy reid will have opportunity in his hands, big-time calls and i'm confident he will come through with the calls. who do you think will pull it out?
1:17 pm
>> prediction, i believe the chiefs will win the game, i think it's a close one, i think actually garoppolo will play good game. so the chiefs winning tonight by close game. eric: you know, andy reid, he really put it out, it's a win for the guys, for the team, not for one man, so talk about somebody who seems to be humbled and have the right perspective, you feel that too? >> yeah, definitely, that's what makes andy reid so great. keep the attention off of himself, put the guys in position to win tonight, let me tell you something, if they win, get the win tonight, for his team and for his guys, when he goes to bed tonight he will be holding the lombardi trophy, very excited. eric: all right, keith willis, thank you so much for joining
1:18 pm
us, good luck with the titans next year. >> appreciate it. eric: of course, one place to watch the big game, local fox television station, kickoff for super bowl liv between 49ers and the chiefs tonight 6:30 p.m. eastern, arthel. arthel: we do have breaking news from london where a suspected terrorist was shot dead by police, several people were scabbed including one victim with life-threatening injuries, live update for you from the uk is up next you can get a satisfaction guarantee. ♪ you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. ♪ schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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arthel: more now on breaking news, at least 3 people are hurt including one with life-threatening injuries in what police are calling a terrorist rough related stabbing in south london, the suspect was fatally shot by officers, let's go to greg palkock. >> terror understand again in london, a man with a knife on stabbing street on busy commercial street sunday afternoon here a few miles at the center of the city, chased and connerred the man who was wearing what was described as a hoax suicide vest and shot and
1:23 pm
killed them, now recorded he had just been released from prison after serving only half of sentence, he had been convicted for spreading terror material and was under survey lane, probably explains how authorities were so quick at the scene and to declare it a terrorist incident also calling -- nearby scrambled for safety, one eyewitness saw and heard. >> how many shots did you hear? >> 3. >> what did you do? >> i just run. ran for my life. it was shocking. >> the area on lockdown, scotland yard counterterrorism command open investigation, london had been scene of string of terror attack in recent years, deadly knifing on london
1:24 pm
bridge just about 2 months ago, arthel, uk prime minister boris john jon has announced that he will make a speech tomorrow and talk about changing the way terror offenses are enforced, maybe he will address the issue of early releases. arthel: eric. eric: al-qaeda claiming responsibility for naval shooting in pensacola, florida, remember that, while according to reports, audio release from terror group congratulated the shooter, he was killed during rampage, this as u.s. officials now say they carried out an air strike last month that is beloved to have killed yemen's top al-qaeda leader. garrett tenney explains. >> likely killed in u.s. air strike in early january, but are waiting for confirmation of dead
1:25 pm
before making announcement, this particular air strike targeting qassim al-rimi. al-rimi trained in afghanistan and return today yemen, but he escaped a year later and quickly rose through al-qaeda's ranks, most high-profile attacks on the west including a attack on u.s. embassy in yemen who tried to take down detroit-bound fly on christmas day in 2009 with plastic explosives hidden in underwear, al-qaeda yemen base affiliate considered the most dangerous and potential leader for al-qaeda globally, if confirmed his death will represent a significant blow to the terrorist group, the timing of the air strike was roughly around the same time, took out iranian general qassem l -- it
1:26 pm
will continue to hunt down and eliminate any terrorist who pose a threat to the u.s. homeland. in warrant, i'm gary tenney, fox news. arthel: state department is ramping up its response to the coronavirus nearly 200 american citizens who left china are now under quarantine as another state confirms its first new case, we will have the details coming up.
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eric: coronavirus is on the rise, as of the today the world health organization confirmed 14,000 cases of coronavirus around the globe, so far virus impacting 24 countries, the majority still in china, the trump administration trying the calm fears over the outbreak, national security adviser robert
1:31 pm
o'brian. >> right now there's no reason for americans to panic, this is something that is allow risk, we think in the u.s. eric: hopefully it says that way, bryan llenas following this from new york, hey, brian. >> the u.s. government continues to emphasize that the risk of coronavirus for americans remain low, nonetheless, in the wake of the world's health organization declaring a global emergency this week the united states has declared a public health emergency and in about half an hour as 5:00 o'clock eastern new coronavirus travel restrictions approved by president trump will take effect here in the united states, under these new restrictions, all u.s. citizens returning from province in china who were there within 14 days are now subject to an up to 14-day quarantine, allest citizens returning from anywhere from mainland china who were there 14 days will undergo
1:32 pm
proactive health screening in selected airports and 14 days of self-quarantine, finally, the big one, all chinese foreign nationals who have traveled to china within the last 14 days will be denied entry into the united states for the first time except for those chinese nationals who have immediate family here in the united states to u.s. citizens and permanent residents, in the last 24 hours the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has jumped to 14557, that's according to the world health organization, that's 2600 cases, the vast majority, more than 99% of these coronavirus cases are in china where 304 people have now died from the virus, nearly all deaths have been in central province, 23 countries, 8 cases here in the united states, the latest confirmed case is in
1:33 pm
massachusetts, this as the world's first coronavirus death outside of china was confirmed in the philippines, the victim 44-year-old chinese man who traveled from wuhan. french media is reporting, the minister of health says 20 passengers on a flight from wuhan have suspicious symptoms and are tested and are stuck in tarmac pending the results. eric: thank you so much, brian. >> yesterday we replaced the nafta disaster with the incredible brand-new u.s.-méxico-canada agreement. europe is next. i wanted to finish china before we started on europe, i like to do them one at a time, you know, one at a time. arthel: there's president trump saying that he is looking at europe next, hoping to score a potential trade deal overseas, let's talk about what that could look like, joining us rick,
1:34 pm
ambassador to germany, ambassador we are always happy. >> yes, arthel, thanks for having me. >> u.s. ambassador to germany, you have direct dealings with european officials. >> if you can give us an idea about the direction president trump wants to take with trade in europe. >> look, i think for 18 months we have been trying to go to brussels and talk to the europeans about a u.s. eu trade deal, 28 countries in the european union now 27 with brexit and so i think what we will have to do is do a trade deal with the uk separately, u.s., uk, i know that there's been talk, our u.s. ambassador in switzerland, ed mcmullan has been talking about switzerland bilateral agreement and now we
1:35 pm
have to try to do something in brussels, the problem, arthel, in brussels is that what they really are resisting is any talk of agriculture, we don't have the ability to put ag on the table because the french are really protectionist there, i think the president will have to use leverage throughout europe whether it's on medical devices, carter risks or l&g or whatever we have in europe he's going to have to really focus on trying to use our leverage to -- to get a u.s.-eu deal including agriculture. arthel: clearly heavy lifting ahead for the president, does he have the support of other european leaders and how much does he need that support? >> well, look, i think what european businesses and european leaders specifically let's just talk about germany, german economy is the largest in europe and german business leaders
1:36 pm
constantly tell me, i hear it every single week that the trump economy is fantastic, they want to do more in the trump economy, they want to get to the united states, they want to buy businesses, they want to do foreign direct investment, forbe direct investment from germany into the united states is at all-time high and so what we hear pretty consistently is that they see the economy in the united states and business leaders in germany and throughout europe want to be a part of it, so that's what is -- is the energy and the excitement being created and the german officials, european officials know that, they are wanting to get to the united states and what we are trying to do is replicate what the united states is doing. let's try to cut red tape, let's try to have lower taxes and be able to allow businesses to grow, certainly in germany and throughout europe, it's a big problem where red tape keeps
1:37 pm
growing and businesses feel strangled. arthel: while they are focused on the president's leadership in the world of business, what is your reaction to president trump's foreign policy? >> well, look, i think the reality is that without the u.s. leading there are a lot of issues whether it's syria or the united nations, the iran deal, without the united states, european leaders know that it's not going to move forward, they need the united states, they are committed to be with us, what i'm very encouraged by is whenever we see the e3, the germans, the french and the british talk about let's say the iran deal, they always articulate that we share the same goals, we don't want iran to have a nuclear weapon, so i'm always encouraged that the goal is exactly the same, we see the world largely the same, but let's be honest, we have
1:38 pm
different tactics to get to that goal, sometimes they view the jcpoa; the iran deal as the only way, we have seen chancellor mle and others say and jcpoa; we need a better deal, i will highlight one thing that the media has ignored and that's that germany has stepped out to ban hezbollah and that's a major move, that has sent shock waves to sirs -- syria and iran, hezbollah is a terrorist organization and we must ban it and as you know the european union does not do that. germans to step out and do that is a big win and will have reverberations throughout the middle east. arthel: how quickly do you think the other leaders who have been hesitant to follow suit with germany's not really the lead because u.s. is leading on it but now that germany has stepped in line?
1:39 pm
>> yeah, i think it's a really good question, i think we have to see, the only thing i would say that the iranian airline mahan air was banned by germany first and a lot of people in europe including the french and others said, you know, i don't think that's a very good but they quickly followed germany, so when germany banned mahan air we quickly saw the french do it and we saw the italians do it and now the spanish are focused on it, i think that leadership in germany is really what we are seeing and that many people in europe like it. arthel: i want to wrap up with brexit, what's next for europe post brexit, what's next for europe post brexit? >> look, i think from u.s. perspective we would like to see a united europe, that's a group that -- that view it is world the same we do in terms of human rights and democracy and the rule of law, but we certainly
1:40 pm
need a united europe that's with the west and so i think the europeans are going to have to figure out how do they move more quickly, how do they not let brussels in 27 countries bog them down or slow them down, figure out how to move more quickly and be with the west and if they don't do that they will be left behind and certainly with the u.s. economy and the chinese economy on the rise that they will have to get their act together. arthel: all right, very good, we will leave it there, ambassador ri grenell always happy to see you, by the way, do you have anybody in the game, 49ers, chiefs, who is it going to be? >> i lived in redwood city for a little bit and i'm going for the 49ers. arthel: i'm going for the chiefs. [laughter] arthel: thank you so much, take care. eric: very diplomatic. on super bowl sunday football fans can't escape politics, mike bloomberg and president trump,
1:41 pm
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>> very little, i just think of little. okay, it's okay, there's nothing wrong, you could be short, why should he get a box to stand on, okay, he wants to box for the debates, why should he be entitled to that? does that mean everyone else gets a box? >> president trump taking a swipe at former new york mayor and democratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg who fired back at the president for what he says are lies, that after the democratic national committee dropped qualifying requirement, this means that he could be on the stage for the next debate, he's in des moines,
1:46 pm
iowa, hi, mark. >> hi, eric, from beautiful des moines, michael bloomberg is not focused on iowa, he's looking at contest coming down the road over the next several weeks, he spent today in california campaigning for former major of los angeles, stops in arizona and colorado, the mayor has been trying to explain why he's doing this, why he's skipping the caucus here, he layed out game plan to supporters earlier today. >> and i think our path to primary begins on super tuesday and there's no more super important super tuesday state than great state of california. >> it appear that is bloomberg is starting to get headway and he's gaining support but still trailing and former vice president joe biden, bloomberg entered the race back in november, he has not participated as you mentioned,
1:47 pm
eric in any of the debates so far but that could change later this month because of the dnc adjusting some of the rules that would allow him to possibly participate, president trump has been talking a lot about him and tweeting about it, he said this last night, quote, mini mike is negotiating both to get on the democratic primary stage and right to stand on boxes or a lift during debates, this is sometimes done but really not fair, bloomberg fired back earlier today. >> the president lies, he lies about everything, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he said things like that, i will stand on my accomplishments of what i've done to bring this country together and get things done. >> bloomberg is spending a lot of money on ads, millions and millions of dollars, also spending more of the money later and airing an ad and focused on gun control efforts, president trump will also have own ad airing tonight, eric.
1:48 pm
eric: yes, he's going to have two. arthel: down to nitty gritty in iowa where they are in the home stretch, senator elizabeth warren shaking up her campaign message, more on warren's plan to woo voters in the final days of the caucuses what do we want for dinner? burger... i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. you leave it to me. i'll get your taxes in an ok place. what? just as soon as my audit is over, this gets my undivided attention. you take a lot of trips to the islands, phil? pretty great, right? oh phil's legally dead. fell off a boat.
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arthel: taking you back to campaign trail to iowa, elizabeth warren is making final push for vote ahead of tomorrow's caucuses, the senator is hitting a couple of cities in the hawkeye state today hoping to come away with a big win, alicia cunya is tracking moves of all candidates. >> they have lots of moves. they are moving everywhere, arthel. elizabeth warren in particular, these are the final hours that she's spending in the state of iowa before the caucuses begin tomorrow night. warren campaign confirms she will be back on plane tonight for continuing of impeachment proceedings, so we have some behind the scenes video that we want to show you just so you can see exactly everyone is trying to make sure that everybody gets all of the pictures, those are
1:53 pm
fellow journalist making mad dash of special event warren was about to hold earlier today but got a surprise when she decided to make appearance downstairs and need today catch a spot on call bonnie -- balcony to get her. when the marshals said it was over capacity, not a terrible problem when too many people show up, her campaign says it was 1100 in attendance, lately the polls have her trailing third and fourth in the hawkeye state and she spent more than in fourth quarter than raised in sec filings, focused on one of unity in the party arguing she's the one to bring democrats together and as she talks about big structural change, she has been much less policy specific instead trying to convince iowans who may like her but worries she can't beat trump that she's the woman to do it.
1:54 pm
>> if we choose courage, what we can do together if we choose hope, what we can do together, 2020 is our moment in history. if you believe that this is our time, our chance, then i ask you, commit today to caucus for me. agree to do phone calls, knock on doors, pitch in 5 bucks. >> warren campaign says that their candidate will make it back to iowa tomorrow tonight for the caucus party, arthel, that's the plan as of this minute right now, standby, thank you. arthel: standby is right, anything can change, by the way, alicia i like the behind the scenes perspective, thank you very much and we will see you soon. eric: sometimes it can be a mad house when you're out there covering them, i tell you. meanwhile talking about a mad
1:55 pm
house there was a crowd this morning, there he is, the country's most famous ground hog, his prediction for the winter next. ..
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
include troy polamau. isaac bruce, steve atwater and edgerrin james. eric: the groundhog said to expect an early spring. here comes. there he is. punxsutawney came out of his den and he did not see his shadow. legend has it if he sees his shadow there will be 4 more weeks much winter. he has nailed the correct weather 39% of the time
2:00 pm
according to no can aa. arthel: the bottom line, early spring. "the five" is next. economic them out. jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters along with emily today pagano and juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfield. this is "the five" from miami. and super bowl special live from south beach. the excitement is building for an hic batchup. we have been having a blast down


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