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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 2, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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according to no can aa. arthel: the bottom line, early spring. "the five" is next. economic them out. jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters along with emily today pagano and juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfield. this is "the five" from miami. and super bowl special live from south beach. the excitement is building for an hic batchup. we have been having a blast down here, especially juan williams
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who kept me up to 4:00 a.m. last night. juan: it's 02-02-2020. jesse: juan was has tequila shots. we did black eyed peas and lady gaga. greg: this football is made by hand. it involves 25 steps, just like your hair. jesse: it takes a long time for this hair. it looks like you are taking 25 steps, too. greg: but at least i don't have to keep mine in a box.
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john: this is don johnson, man, miami vice. nfl legend doug flutie, there he is. the other day dog and i were at the nfl experience. he improved in and hurry, he made the roster. he's our starting holder. greg: i have an idea for a new product you can sponsor. flutie's no flakes. >> tell us what is your prediction? >> i love the chiefs as far as throwing the ball and spreading it around and the speed with the
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receivers. he validates everything i tried to do in my career he's doing. juan: you know what i remember? the heisman trophy. sometimes you meet these quarterbacks and they are huge. you were talented. i thought i will be on the wrong ends of this contest. greg: you and i have a lot in common. we are smaller in size but we are great athletic talents. are you tired of these constant comments to your height? >> i'm feeling very unsupported right now. >> i always used it to my advantage as a motivation and
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had that chip on my shoulder. that's why i played as long as i did. jesse: you have a chip on your shoulder. it's a nacho. juan: in the last game of your career you did a drop kick extra points. >> bill belichik gave me the idea. the first time since 1941 that it was attempted or tried. piece bookend moments. i had the hail mary pass at the end of my college career and the drop kick at the very last play of my professional career. jesse: how am i doing on my skills. >> we need to work on that. dana: who do you think has the fastest time on the nfl
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experience obstacle course. >> you are posing the question. dana: in about 20 minutes you will see who won. he's fast. emily: unlike someone else here. juan: which one of you people do you think was a real cheerleader in real life. nfl. >> i'm going with emily. greg: a raiderrette. she scared the players. jesse: let's say good-bye to doug. who you got for tonight? >> the chiefs. jesse: let's bring on the super
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bowl champ burgess owens and jack brewer. he's going chiefs. who are you going with. >> i'm going with andy. he's got it right. juan: andy reid has the winningest record for any team that has not won the championship. >> he's one of the highest character men in the national football league. if he wins this today when he's going into the hall of fame. jesse: you are saying mahomes. emily: how much does history play a part. niners are trying to overcome a
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loss the last time they were on the big stage? >> it's all about what you develop, guys are unselfish, they are humble, they are hungry. it's all about the team. andy did a good job of that. >> this is a special super bowl because it will be a new quarterback to win the super bowl. today will be an historic day no matter who wins. greg: you were 10. dana: do you want to bring some of that leadership and team building to congress? >> exactly. we need to just win, baby. so much like al davis. that's where they bring together everybody and they play together like winners. jesse: we are noticing a ring.
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all right. more fun surprises to come on "the five" super bowl special from miami. our reaction to sean hannity's big sit-down interview with president donald trump. [♪]
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[♪] wash * it's a beautiful day in miami. "the five" is live in miami. sean hannity just sat down with the president for an interview. president trump: it's been very unfair from before the day i won, from the day i came down the escalator with our future first lady who is doing such a good job. it probably started from there. it's a very serious thing. it should never happen to another president. juan: president trump has his eye firmly on the 2020 election
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and he's take on his rivals. >> we'll start with joe biden. president trump: i just watch him, he's sleepy. >> hunter biden? president trump: where is hunter? sean: bernie sanders? president trump: i think he's a communist. elizabeth warren is not true to it, i call her fairytale. sean: mike bloomberg. president trump: i think of him as little. now he wants box to stand on at debates. juan: what is he doing? he's going after short people now? greg: it's great to see our 45th and 46th president in the same room.
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jesse: okay. greg: that was a great line. jesse: i don't know what that was. greg: it was hannity. trump is the king of visual aids. he's putting a visual in your head. so you cannot not think of:bloomberg standing on a box. once he does that, you see it in your head. it might be full of baloney, but he wins with the visual. then the media does silly headlines. trump appears to be poking fun at bloomberg's height. it wasn't appears. he does. juan: the emphasis that comes from the trump ad is accomplishments and that will be the refrain in the state of the
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union tuesday? dana: as somebody whose feet don't reach the grounds here. i need a box for my seat. nothing wrong with short people. but in politics, taller people win. greg: and in life. dana: the president previewed a little bit his state of the union talk about the accomplishments and the economy. he's going to talk about veterans. when you have such a broader audience in an interview like this you can zoom out and talk about your plan for the next term, but he decided not to do that. juan: it's interesting. but i think element a size what he accomplished. in the interview he said basically they have got the coronavirus situation under control. i didn't know if that was the right way to do? it what do you think?
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jesse: i think the message he wants to send is one of confidence. i think people just need to be safe. i think it's good to reassure the american people and the entire world that the u.s. government has it under control. but he doesn't have to be specific. he's never specific. we want the travel ban. we talked about that. we are going to slap that on in a week or two. i find it interesting, he's got the brand ire out for the opponents and it's tough. it's married in moscow for bernie. he honeymooned in moscow. you think to yourself why would anyone get married and honeymoon in moscow. he's skipping past socialism and he's going straight to
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communism. he's taking dead aim at bernie. but he's making mischief saying they are rigging it against bernie like they did last time. juan: he still has joe biden on his mind, what did you think, emily? emily: i think for the first time there is quite a shift. the president was always the one saying, i am ready when you are. i'm getting things done. you know they are never going to collaborate. now the hatred as he said is difficult to surmount and it's a great point and it's to all of our disservice because all of us lose when the democrats refuse to collaborate with him. juan: when he thinks about impeachment. he says they were trying to do it all along, he says the process was unfair. but he never defends himself.
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dana: he said read the transcript. also the democrats tied up the work in the senate preventing the president to do this interview and the state of the union free and clear. this interview might have looked different and sounds different if he had been able to get that vote over with, but they will have to wait until wednesday. juan: are you upset about that, jesse? jesse: i'm not upset about anything. it's a beautiful day. juan: greg is in a good mood. and emily. greg: i'm more consistent than bernie sanders. juan: emily, you are in football heaven. emily: i'm so excited to be here. it's been such a blast. it's all happening in just a
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little over an hour. greg: we should ask the people of at home, what is the size of the bag when you go to the super bowl. jesse: you might get that bag booted out of there. somebody needs to tell you that. dana: i think it will be fine. jesse: we are going to the game. you guys are afraid of the traffic. dana: some of us have to get up early for iowa. jesse: what is your excuse? greg: i need to get home to my family. juan: have any of you seen the super bowl ads? greg: not yet. i saw the foxnation ad which was fantastic. probably the best ad of the year. john rich, abby hor hornacek,
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foxnation. emily the flyover, too, it will be incredible. greg: they are not getting paid. dana: no one ever does. juan: i'm telling you -- i think this is a crock and he's playing fun. "the five" live from miami on super bowl sunday. stay with us. as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get.
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[♪] dana: welcome back to "the five" super bowl special. i caught up with hall of famer jimmie johnson to find out what he thinks about tonight's big game. who are the difference makers? >> you have got a great quarterback with patrick mahomes. then he's going against probably the most talented defense in the league with the 49ers. it will be a great matchup. i think we'll have a lot of sphoints scored. dana: people think i don't know about sports but i do. can you spot a good football player in somebody very young? >> to pick a player, you have
2:26 pm
got to know everything about him. you can't go on statistics or just watching the film. i never wanted to take a top recruit unless i had been in his home and talked to his family and sat down with him. i always had a saying. people come down to the keys and say what is the key to getting a great player. i said next time i take a dumb guy hit me in the head with a hammer. i like an intelligent player. my first four picks were all:all americans. they were smart players and got better and better. get intelligent players. dana: you found out you were going to be included in the hall of fame. >> your legacy will be in
2:27 pm
canton, ohio forever. >> the great players that played for me. they are the reason i'm here. and they are the reason i can't talk. dana: i wondered if you had advice for people who think they want to get into the sports industry in some way. do you go into it thinking i would like nobody the hall of fame one day, or did it happen over a period of time thinking i would like to get there. >> you have got to enjoy what you do. i got into it because i loved it. i love football, i love watching it, i love coaching it. i love the interaction. i love my assistant coaches. when you love doing something, you will be so much better at it than if it's a job. i am not doing fox nfl sunday
2:28 pm
because it's a job. i'm doing it because i love terry bradshaw and curt menifee. i love those guys. i love working with the people i work with. dana: the chemistry on "the five" is a show where week respect with each other and laugh at each other. i like that you all seem to have a good sense of humor. >> terry bradshaw keeps things loose. dana: did you see terry bradshaw responsible "family feud"? i loved so hard. >> we get in the morning and get ready for fox nfl sunday. we start laughing there, we laugh for 1 hours, then we go home. dana: how do you inspire and earn loyalty from a team. you've got to have credibility.
2:29 pm
obviously having super bowl rings gives me a little bit of credibility. when they see your work ethic sab passion and see how much you enjoy doing what you are doing. they start to respect you. dana: they probably appreciate getting know you. >> i always tell the guys when we started every season. i said i'm going to be consistent. i'm going to treat every one of you differently. and how i treat you is how hard you work. how much you do. how much you meet the rules and regulations, and how good a performer you are. if you are a great player i'll treat you different than a bad player. dana: can you give me any phrase or tip, something i can say to make it look like i'm really smart on football. >> you tell everybody, don't say it real loud because you don't want this information out.
2:30 pm
kansas city with patrick mahomes will give the 49ers a problem their zone defense. mahomes throwing against that zone. dana: it rhymes. i got it. emily also had some fun on the field. take a look at this. emily: what do you say to the niners. >> i hope they score more points than they did last year at the super bowl. this will be an incredible game. there will be a lot of catches, a lot of passes being made. >> patrick mahomes won't try to change anything. he's the x factor. the niners defense is really
2:31 pm
good. but that man is the eraser. he's the equalizer. they have to play in their line and try to make him make that critical mistake when it matters. emily: tell us. playing for the nfc games and the afc. >> i gliewpt 49ers. i thought this is great, you get drafted and win super bowls. i realized 8 years later because it took 8 years to get back to the super bowl with the denver broncos. it was damage calculate team we lad together. then after the broncos i went to the raiders and went back to the super bowl but ended up losing. won four, lost one. i was around a lot of great people, great coaches. and really great teammates.
2:32 pm
emily: all of you are here for a reason. andre, tell me about your situation. >> cameo is an app where you can interact with your fans. sight's as performance drink with coconut water, it helps you maintain and perform. >> i wanted to have a better lifestyle. i wanted to get learn and sharp were and norfolk used because of a lot of concussions and i wanted to sleep well. so i started nutrition 53. emily: final question. chiefs or niners. >> chiefs 238-21 -- 28-21. >> the niners 34-31. >> i played for the niners. let me be straight up. i want them to win. i hope they win. but i'm taking the chiefs,
2:33 pm
28-24. i want to be wrong. dana: up next we put our football skills to the test at the nfl fan experience. stay with us as "the five" super bowl special continues. i'm your mother in law. and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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2:38 pm
we are here at the nfl persons presented by lowe's. basically the disney world for football fans. juan: i want to throw. jesse: we'll see about that. juan: do we have what it takes to be drafted in the nfl? [♪]
2:39 pm
jesse: one down, three to go. i'm exhausted. greg: they wanted to dean early morning shoot. i am not getting up for anything. this isn't "fox and friends." i thought why don't you guys do it and i'm shoot something at the pool later on in the afternoon. genius. dana: look at my hands and the size of this. [♪]
2:40 pm
[♪] jesse: hey, there, cowgirl. dana: howdy partner. juan: this is the real football team. dana: we are at the nfl experience. we wanted to stop by the uso. anybody watching from all over
2:41 pm
the world, we love you and we thank you for what you are doing. wash * thank you, right from the heart. [♪] juan: oh, yes, yes. jesse: this is what the chiefs and the niners have been work all year for. greg: room service, eh? just give them your room key. dana: it was such a blast. juan, what was your favorite
2:42 pm
part? juan: having the sense that you can still run and have fun with friends. all of us -- i don't think we normally go out and exercise together. didn't we have fun. jesse: yes, and we are exhausted. they didn't show this. juan was knocking down targets like he was a retired nfl quarterback. juan: you are very kinds to an old man. jesse: how was the room service? greg: i don't enjoy those things so i made myself part of the segment while doing nothing but drinking wine. i don't minds you guys. i don't like early morning activities. i just don't. jess require was 10:00. greg: throwing a ball? they asked me.
2:43 pm
jesse: do you know what you are doing with that? greg: it's a ball. who can i throw it to? juan: over here. greg: thank you. juan: here is a highlight from yesterday. dana perino wore the most wonderful outfit. absolutely. dana: i thought you were going to say i did the fastest time, i wouldn't obstacle course. emily: how did it feel to be so close to the lombardi trophy. dana: the nfl as gone through a lot of scandals and controversies. but i thought yesterday when we went to the nfl experience, it felt like they had come through it. the fans were excited. they put on an amazing show.
2:44 pm
greg: do you know what the vince lombardi trophy is made out of? chocolate. tinfoil. like a big easter bunny. emily: stick around for more fun. a super bowl edition of the fastest seven next. i'm your mother in law. and i like to question your every move. like this left turn. it's the next one. you always drive this slow? how did you make someone i love? that must be why you're always so late. i do not speed. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. my son, he did say that you were the safe option. and that's the nicest thing you ever said to me. so get allstate. stop bossing. where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. this is my son's favorite color, you should try it. [mayhem] you always drive like an old lady? [tina] you're an old lady.
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>> time for the fastest 7 super bowl edition. prize, right? it's been one year since dana perino unleashed horror and mayhem on the american public. we are talk about queso-gate. dana perino made qeso. it's not her forte. she took a picture of this bucket of doom and tweeted it. dane require tastes better than how it looks. jesse: your negative press is my
2:49 pm
good fame. dana: i didn't make any this year. we bought some though. greg: it's a little spicy? it has a kick to it. greg: i think they sent out a restraining order. juan: you said it's so good. greg require looks like it came out of the back end of an even mall. dana: i will make reservations from now on. greg: this is the only scandal dana will ever get in. about cheese. give me a real scandal. jesse: i am good on that.
2:50 pm
juan: did your guests enjoy it? dana: yes, especially russ lucas. he loved it. juan: were her guests being polite? >> we were at the landers' house and i brought my contribution. greg: should the day after the super bowl be a holiday? 70 million lazy americans are expected tomorrow. jesse: i heard you say they should not have the holiday. but now that you are working, you definitely want to take off tomorrow. greg: i worked saturday and sunday. jesse: you sat on a chair and drank wine. greg: i was a boss in my past. if someone called in and said
2:51 pm
i'm not coming in because of the super bowl, you would fire them. juan: i don't think i would fire them but i would know they were lying to me. jesse: juan is never going to run a company. juan: i think this is a good idea. i think the super bowl should be on a saturday and the oscars should be on a saturday. because it's just tough -- how many people have to work. dana: you got bipartisan agreement on this. emily: i think we should do the analysis of the cost of 7 million people calling in sick. then strap it to saturday, we have to have a holiday because no one is coming in to work. greg: i will talk to trump about it. all right. a tailgate theme on our super
2:52 pm
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tell your doctor if you've been somewhere fungal infections are common, or if you've had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. don't let another morning go by without asking your doctor about xeljanz xr. ♪ ♪ >> time now for super bowl predictions, before we get to that no better way to prepare for kickoff than with a tailgate
2:56 pm
feast. sticky's barbecue with wings, ribs. laura dickey, what do we have. >> the great barbecue from texas, you can't beat it. we serve in 40-some odd states, we love our barbecue and we love florida. one of our first customers was lamar hunt. him and his brothers were great customers of dickey's, naturally today -- >> all right. greg has started on a few things. >> the best burnt ends i've ever had. [laughter] >> i don't know what you're trying to infer but you're right. [laughter] >> he can be closer to the burnt end. >> i saw that. >> i love being close to the meat. >> he's not making a reservation tonight. >> tell us about everything that is on the table?
2:57 pm
>> you know, sausage, beef and pork, kroger, wal-mart. >> is this gluten free? >> yeah, it is. i tried to put the gluten in but i couldn't. turkey, brisket, pork ribs, here are our wings. >> what about this? >> that, dana, is just for you. [laughter] >> i will have to try that. >> we thought we better bring texas barbecue, barbecue from any state that we are in and because it's great, tailgate food, the football game is perfect, better way to congratulate the game. >> pork ribs. >> we sell them everywhere except stores in middle east. folks would like to have them
2:58 pm
but not yet. >> how ironic -- >> oh, my god. >> everything else is here. [laughter] >> delicious. we have been doing since 1941. i started doing since i was 20, my dad passed away and we built more stores, we have 500 stores around the country, we love selling barbecue. >> dickey's barbecue. let's think about the game, everyone has money on the line, i know dana has a couple thousand on the chiefs. [laughter] >> seriously who is going to win, chiefs-49ers? >> i think a team is going to win and i think it's going to go into overtime and penalty kicks. >> how is mahomes going to do with the zone? >> when it goes to penalty kicks it's all over. >> greg, what do you think will
2:59 pm
happen? >> 49ers 42 and kansas city chiefs 31. >> 31. you thought a lot about that. [laughter] >> all right; juan -- >> no. we are allowed to do this? >> of course, you are. [cheers and applause] >> reid has given life to football, i'm all for him, but i don't know who is going to win, this is can be a great game, vote now vegas has the chiefs as just slight favorite. >> all right. vegas is always right, aren't they, juan? emily, who do you like? >> chiefs by at least 4, likely 6. >> i will take the chiefs 38-31, whoever has the better game as tight end, kelsey and kittle and i'm going with the chiefs. that's it for us on this very special edition to have five.
3:00 pm
>> thanks for joining us. >> we will see you tomorrow from iowa caucus, and des moines and more. gotten, everybody. [cheers and applause] >> battle about to begin in miami, super bowl sunday is finally here, president trump and first lady to take off for trump international golf club any moment now to watch the big game ahead of what will be a historic one, a week in washington, impeachment trial and state of union address both looming large in capitol hill, good evening i'm jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ >> closing arguments in impeachment trial expected to last 4 hours, the president slamming proceedings in presuper bowl interview with sean hannity.


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