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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 3, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> they have done it, chiefs are super bowl champion here in miami. heather: monday february 3rd, happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast, new national champ is crowned, patrick mahome >> every four years democracy start in iowa.
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>> it's not good enough to complaint, we have to stand up and fight back. >> our number 1 job to beat donald trump. >> i believe you're doing to make me president of the united states. heather: but is there even a front runner, live in des moines with last-minute messaging from the campaign trail, end in sight for never-ending impeachment trial and why are adam schiff and nancy pelosi looking for ways to kick him out of office, "fox & friends first" start right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you,
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you're watching "fox & friends first" on the monday morning, i'm heather childers, thank you so much for being with us, it's great to be with you after a week of vacation and a lot is still going on including include 2020. democratic candidates making final push before iowans cast their first votes. >> it's not good enough to come we have to stand up. >> i have a nickname to give him, former president donald trump. >> our number 1 job is to beat donald trump, women win. >> i believe you're going to make me the president to the united states and i will do everything i can to make you crowd. heather: griff jenkins where a
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tight race appears to be shaking up, good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather, up to iowa voters now, 7:00 p.m. local in precincts across the state, first gather in the room for first-choice candidate if it doesn't meet a 15% threshold they'll have to make a second choice, the red lights this year 3 tabulations, first expression and final expression in the state delegate equivalency that last one having being the traditional determining factor but the new relates may give multiple candidates reason to claim victory, one thing is clear four-way race for sure, now bind and sanders had been neck and neck in recent polls but pete buttigieg and warren have had so much energy here drawing crowds that have exceeded the capacity of the event area they are, warren was high-fiving people in an
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overflow room. we talked to some voters. here is what they had to say. >> i'm here for criminal justice reform, she spoke to public defenders. >> i'll be caucuses for warren, i love her candidate. >> i'm caucusing for tom steyer. >> i'm caucusing for amy klobuchar, if she does not get 15% i will be caucusing for elizabeth warren. >> we shall ski, we could be the second choice that makes a difference for pete buttigieg or warren if biden and sanders doesn't take the lead, we will find out later tonight, meanwhile by the way, heather, of course, you have sanders, warren and klobuchar. they are in impeachment trial.
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heather: don't miss "fox & friends first" coverage of iowa caucuses starting tomorrow morning at 2:00 a.m., yeah, i'll be here early to bring you to up to minute results from 2:00 to 4:00 a.m., stick around for jillian mele and rob, they start 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. president trump expected to be acquitted on tuesday and as one investigation begins, republicans are prepare to go start their own. fight against president trump maybe wrapping up against, maybe. >> maybe is a keyword. the senate will reconvene later this morning at 11:00 o'clock for closing arguments, senators have to do it in 4 hours, wednesday is the big day, the day senator wills vote on actual articles of impeachment, two to be specific, abuse of power and
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obstruction of congress, senators will declare guilty or not guilty to remove the president on wednesday 67 senators need to sign on, as you know the map is just not there for that to happen, meanwhile president trump back at the white house this morning after arriving late last night after a weekend in florida. >> they don't care about fairness, they don't care about lying, look at the records that were done that were so false, they just want to win, it doesn't matter how they want to win. >> the president talk about democrats even though the president is expecting acquittal on wednesday and the republicans won't forget what began the impeachment and they want to hear from the whistleblower. expect the senate intelligence committee to call in the whistleblower for questioning. >> we will get to the bottom of this, and i can prove that joe biden's effort in the ukraine to root out corruption was undercut because he let his son sit on
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the board sit in the most corrupt company in the ukraine. >> democrats are not giving up by any means, even if they don't convict the president on wednesday, republicans will have to answer for that acquittal for the rest of their careers, listen. >> not letting the senators off the hook, we are still going to go into the senate this week and make the case why the president need to be removed. >> following those opening arguments, heather, expect to hear senators on the floor speaking about impeachment before the final vote on wednesday, they are free to speak for the next few days and as griff mentioned, several of those senators in washington today missing out on iowa, big day in washington and in iowa, heather. heather: sure is, we will cover it all for you. >> we will. heather: huge story, americans stranded in epicenter in the deadly coronavirus outbreak will be brought home.
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>> we have four more flights that will be heading to china to bring americans back home from -- from province, we anticipate that they will happen in the next handleful of days and we may very well bringing citizens from other countries as well. heather: virus killed at least 361 people with more than 17,000 infected, new u.s. travel restrictions are in effect including denying entry for any foreign national who visited china in the last 14 days citizens, u.s. citizens would need to be quarantine for at least 2 weeks, 11 cases now in the u.s. the latest 3 cases coming from california. well, overnight, terrorist stabbing in london, one place is probation hostile where the suspect lives, the 20-year-old
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wore a fake explosive vest and stabbed 2 people before being shot dead, the victims are expected to survive. it was later revealed that the suspect had been released early from prison on terror charges. well, new measures to be set on how terror convicts are handled. al-qaeda is claiming responsibility for deadly shooting at the pensacola naval air station, do you remember that? the terror group branch in yemen admitting to attack in video, member of saudi air force killed 3 sailors before shot dead, however, his death is not officially confirmed. well, today the woman accused of smashing her car through gates of mar-a-lago expected to face the judge, refuse today see judge over the weekend, father or motherrer opera singer to
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face judge. they do not believe it was politically motivated. the chiefs are super bowl champions, kansas city taking down the 49ers with thrilling fourth-quarter comeback, first championship in 20 years, historic super bowl sunday, good morning, todd, what a game it was? >> you took the words out of my mouth and giving him first super bowl victory in 20-year head coaching career, patrick mahomes, across the edge of all-important goal line that gives chiefs lead 24-20, jimmy garappolo, this doesn't help their cause, giving the ball
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back to chiefs and setting up this, the absolute nail in the 9ers coffin, williams again, this time, though, no doubt about it, a 38-yard run and the chiefs are champs once again. >> i'd coach another 20 years if i could have that group, they're a beautiful bunch, resilient, tough-minded as you saw tonight. i'm so proud of them. >> mahomes didn't have a clean game but performed when it mattered most. honoring his coach. >> won the greatest coaches of all time, i don't think he needed a lombardi trophy to do that, to do that he puts all doubt aside. >> president trump even tweeting congratulations to the kansas city chiefs on a great game and fantastic comeback under immense pressure, we are proud of you in the great state of missouri, but the game wasn't the only show,
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oh, no it wasn't, jeanine: for lopez and that kia lighting up with miami night with performance, a tribute to late kobe bryant to j.lo's boyfriend alex rodríguez taking it all in during selfie video there to lopez and her daughter performing together with shakira on drums, it was a wild, wild half-time, it was awesome, so many people talking about that and, heather, to football, if you're worried about going to football withdrawal, do not fear, the exfl kicks off. heather: some people saying the half-time show was not -- >> risque i should say. heather: stripper poles. time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour, adam schiff says that the push to impeach
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president trump is far from over. >> i still think it's enormously important that the president was impeached, i'm not letting the senators off the hook and the senators will be held accountable for it. heather: will democrats ever give up their fight against the president? political analyst ron meyes says the more they focus on impeachment the more it cost them in november. patriotic salute at super bowl, honoring four 100-year-old veteran, now that was awesome, stay tune.
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nonsense. they don't care about fairness, do i tenant care about lying, they just want to win and it doesn't matter how they win. heather: well, president trump slamming democrats for their continued attacks on his presidency, just 48 hours from likely acquittal vote and the left is still looking for any way to take him down, so will they ever let it go and let the president do his job, here with his thoughts ron meyes, thank you so much for joining us, we certainly appreciate it. >> good morning, heather. heather: what do you think, will the democrats let it go? >> no, they aren't going to let it go. i don't see that happening because their base definitely want them to pursue president trump and frankly i don't schiff talks about taking it to elections, i don't think adam schiff is calling witnesses themselves, they didn't run the trial that schiff didn't wanted, i think they will try to pursue
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documents and do the sorts of things, meanwhile the american people i really don't think care necessarily about a lot of this, they really care about the kitchen-table issues that are impacts their lives, whether it's health care, transportation, student loan debt, housing afterrability, those sorts of issues impact day-to-day lives and instead of focusing on those issues in 2020, the democrats continue to focus on just president trump, they need more than just, hey, we don't like the guy conducts himself to win this election in 2020. heather: let's listen since you mentioned adam schiff, what he had to say about holding senators accountable. >> i still think it's enormously important that the president was impeached, i'm not letting the senators off the hook, we are still going to go into the senate this week and make the case why the president need to be remove and the senators will be held accountable for it.
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heather: what about john bolton? >> i don't think john bolton might not need a subpoena because it's great publicity for his book tour, right, he will try to continue to call mick mulvaney and continue to try to call anybody around the president, somebody in the first family or others, i think that that will continue because they see it as part of their 2020 strategy to try to continue to chase this but the problem is if you look at the swing states, the key swing states they need to compete with especially in the midwest, they don't care about washington, d.c. drama, they care about their own pocketbooks, they care about how the economy is doing around them and how the country is doing. heather: speaking of midwest, democratic candidates making final arguments just hours before they head to polls and where do candidates stand tonight in iowa caucuses? >> sanders has all the momentum and he's in the strongest position to win and if you look
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at biden he's limping in. des moines register had to pull because they showed biden in fourth, i don't think biden will necessarily get fourth but you see biden's numbers going down and sanders numbers going up and sanders winning 10% in new hampshire, sanders wins iowa and new hampshire, you know, i think that the democrats are likely to see a socialist nominee for president of the united states and that's going to make for interesting election in november. heather: on the other hand, if biden would come in fourth, it may not matter as much this year, ron, thank you some for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks, heather. heather: time now 20 minutes after the top of the hour, demi lovato bringing down the house with her performance of the national anthem. >> and the rockets red glare, the bombs burstingave
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proof through the night -- heather: that was amazing, great reviews pourin so, while everyone was standing jay z andonce were caught, the backlash on social media good morning!
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heather: super bowl starting with patriotic note as demi lovato pays tribute with the national anthem. ♪ [cheers and applause] heather: but not everyone appeared to be rooting for the
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stars and strikes, carley shimkus, fox news siriusxm 115 with who was caught sitting during tribute to america and backlash that followed on. carley: i personally loved demi lovato's performance. jay z and beyonce were at the game, you can see them sitting down right here and tmz captured video of icons sitting during performance of the national anthem as well, last year the rappers signed deal with nfl to help run the league's social justice initiative, the couple receiving both praise and criticism on social media for sitting during the nationa anthem, one twitter user writing, i'm so ashamed of beyonce and jay z, they need to live somewhere else, did they stand for j.lo? twitter user also said,
1:26 am
wonderful pregame, the whole entire opening of super bowl was patriotic, it was the 100th year of the nfl, they honored four 100-year-old veterans to perform during -- heather: at the very beginning, the beginning of the show everyone was talking about how patriotic it was and what a difference it was. heather: absolutely. you had tom brady with cryptic instagram post. >> they say all good things must come to an end. for me i'm not going anywhere. heather: okay. carley: he officially announced; addressed the rumors, is he going to retire, he did so during super bowl commercial for hulu, social media loving and
1:27 am
some others, no, how are we going to handle this? patriots fan here almost gave me a heart attack, this twitter user, even when he's not playing some brady wins the super bowl, other giants fans, et cetera, are saying, oh my gosh, please retire already, black and white picture caulking out of gillette stadium, it was super bowl commercial. heather: in what capacity is he not going anywhere. carley: sounds like he will stay with the patriots. heather: continue to consider -- thank you so much, carley. the time now 27 minutes after the top of the hour and president trump ripping bernie sanders ahead of today's iowa caucuses, watch. >> i think of communism when i think of bernie, i think of bernie sort of socialist performance, at least he's true what he believes. heather: even democrats are worried about socialist ideas,
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could bernie actually win in iowa, our political panel debates up next welcome back, ht
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the top of the hour, headlines for you this morning, we begin with fox news alert, americans stranded in the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus outbreak will be brought back home. secretary mike pompeo, secretary of state mike pompeo making the comment overnight, new u.s. travel restrictions now in effect include denying entry for foreign national who can visit china or who has visited china in the last 14 days and u.s. citizens travel to china in province will need to be quarantine for 2 weeks, 11 cases in the u.s., the latest 3 coming from california. and al-qaeda is claiming responsibility for the deadly shooting at the pensacola naval
1:32 am
air station, the terror group's branch in yemen admitting to the december attack in a video. a member of the saudi air force in training killed 3 sailors before he was shot dead and the senate will reconvene this morning for closing arguments in the president's impeachment trial, both sides will have 4 hours before final vote on wednesday, president trump is expected to be acquitted. well, all eyes are on the iowa caucuses as the first in the nation state hold the first test of the 2020 presidential race today, "fox & friends" weekend cohost pete hegseth joins us live in iowa as democratic hopefuls make final pitches in last-ditch effort to sway voters, good morning, pete, when is the latest? >> good morning, heather, how are you doing? great to be in iowa, we are in
1:33 am
irvingdale, we want to hear from the people, today is the day, the national headlines are getting it right, it's coming down to a biden-biden matchup, bernie had a big crowd, over 3,000 in cedar rapids and the biden camp largely here in des moines, in fact, the hotel we stayed at last night was the iden folks and had add good chance to talk revolution, joe biden saying he's call to go a return to normal; battle for the soul of the nation, they are having battle for caucus in iowa tonight, bernie sanders was fired up on the trail, you know, dropping profanity in his case for himself, listen to bernie sanders last night. >> some of those -- [laughter] >> believe me, you'll be hearing that. your job today is you knock on doors, you say to people it's
1:34 am
not good enough anymore to complain. >> yes, so they're making the case not good enough to complain, we need to overall the entire system, he's a democratic socialist, joe biden making a more measured case saying i'm the best one to beat donald trump and, of course, mike bloomberg looming large even though he's not on the ground here in iowa but every single one of them is talking about the president, president trump can they beat him, will they beat him, president had a chance to respond to them in interview in own sean hannity, here is how the president framed it. >> i have nicknames for all of them. they're accurate, you know, they are very accurate, you look at sleepy joe, what's going on with him, he's having a hard time, you look at bernie, i call him crazy bernie, they are rigging the election against him again, i see what's going on, they are rigging it against him. >> you know, that's part of the
1:35 am
energy on the ground, we felt it last night and i'm sure we will feel it here today, a second shot for bernie sanders who felt like barely, big surprise in iowa last time when he almost beat hillary clinton, this time they think they have the momentum and energy, tonight we will find out who the new front runner may be in the democratic field, iowa famously made the candidacies of jimmy carter and barack obama, will it be the place you bernie sanders launches in 2020, we will find out. >> i wanted to ask you about that since you've been there on the ground, people that you've been able to talk to in terms of both of those specific campaigns, you mentioned it being a battle for the soul of the nation in terms of the democrats in general, what about a battle for the soul of the democratic party because that is how some folks are kind of framing it right now in terms of pushing against, you know, one candidate versus another. >> you stole my words, that really is what it is, this is a party trying to determine what future they will have, joe biden
1:36 am
making the case, mostly older voters, hey, i can consolidate the democratic party, i can beat donald trump, we can still work together, bernie sanders talking to a lot of young people saying the socialist revolution is us, we are here and it is now, what the future of the democratic party is, will be in large part set on its course in iowa, if you want to talk about, 100th street cafe in urbanville. heather: head that way and have breakfast with pete, thank you so much. >> you got pit. heather: no surprise that president trump does not agree with bernie sanders far left ideas, listen to this. >> i think of communism when i think of bernie, didn't he get married in moscow? far beyond a socialist. at least he's true to what he believes. heather: democratic insiders reportedly panicking over the possibility of sanders snagging the nominations starting with
1:37 am
iowa, so could a self-proclaimed socialist really win in the heartland, here to debate reporter from the washington times, founder of the tea party patriots jenny beth martin, thank you for joining us, appreciate it so early this morning. >> thanks for having us. heather: let's take a look at the very start on some of bernie sanders' policies, medicare for all, wealth tax, 15-dollar federal minimum wage, the green new deal, canceling student loan debt, altogether, so i will begin with you alex, do you think he can realistically go all the way and win the nomination? >> yeah, i think that, you know, you heard earlier what pete was saying, the energy is on the ground for bernie sanders that he had back in 2016. he only lost against hillary by .2%, another factor that i'm seeing from the polls is that health care remains the major
1:38 am
topic for democratic caucus goers and they seem that he has presented the factor for that issue. he does really well with the 50 and under crowd. so that could be another reason we are seeing a bump in the polls for him. heather: so jenny beth my question then would be maybe the voters trend toward him but will the democratic party allow him to win the nomination? >> well, that's a really good question and i don't know the answer to. i think president trump is right, they are trying to rig it against him. i think that certainly you're doing all they can and what i would call the establishment of the democrat party to campaign against him. yesterday rock -- rahm emmanuel
1:39 am
had article, he's concerned if they nominate bernie sanders they will not be able to beat donald trump in the fall. heather: so i have to ask you, alice, do you think he can gain defectors that possibly leave because of bernie sanders if he were to win the nomination? >> yeah, i think that that's a good point, there's recent polling out just through the past weekend that shows donald trump with 2-point edge over bernie sanders and then losing to somebody like joe biden, more moderate candidate, so i think that there's some, you know, a good point being made in terms of the democratic establishment worried about the socialist label heading into a general election in 2020 and it's important to also keep in mind that, you know, the farmer, the farmer vote is still staying strong with donald trump, that's a large part of midwest as we are looking at iowa, with the trade deals being made, it's
1:40 am
going to be tough for somebody like sanders with the socialist label. heather: that doesn't seem what bernie sanders thinks at all, this is what he had to say on president trump and his capacity to beat him. >> we must defeat and we will defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. i believe that we are the strongest campaign to defeat trump. heather: final word, jenny, what do you think? >> whether it's bernie sanders or not, president trump will be reelected, if it's bernie sanders, head to head matchup between bernie sanders and president trump, it's going to be a head to head matchup between socialism and capitalism, between government control and freedom and given that choice americans are going to choose freedom. heather: well, we will see what happens tonight as caucuses begin in iowa, alex, jenny, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. heather: have a good day, time
1:41 am
now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and are democrats so desperate for another candidate that john kerry might get in the race? his message this morning about the rumors swirling around of possible presidential run and an american family trying to steer clear of the coronavirus learns that it will cost them dearly, the cruise line charging a whopping $32,000 for a canceled vacation
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", john kerry blasting report claims he's considering late-run for president, overheard him on the phone of bid in hotel lobby, former secretary of state tweeting, quote, i'm absolutely not running for president any report otherwise is categorically false, that tweet originally had expletive that has since been deleted, kerry has been campaigning for joe biden. well, 2020 hopeful andrew yang will not investigate president trump if he wins the election, while some of his rivals will look into the president if he wins the white house, yang is
1:46 am
taking a less invasive path. >> well, you have to see what the facts on the ground are and certainly i'd listen to the guidance it's a very nasty pattern that countries have fallen into where a new president ends up throwing the president before them in jail. heather: yang adding the pattern makes it difficult for party to govern since there's no sense of unity in the country. trump campaign airing a surprise super bowl ad on just reform, watch this. >> it's getting worse every day, i i just want to be safe and i don't want to go many the direction of the virus. heather: ad telling the story of alice johnson who was granted clemency president trump, meant to contrast nfl players who have kneeled during national anthem, rapper's jay z, the rapper
1:47 am
telling the new york times that he was willing to take the negative publicity as way to raise awareness on police brutality. well, this could soon be named after president trump, two south carolina republicans proposing the intersection be named, the donald j. trump interchange, the president deserves to be honor for his fight to restore american values and defeat the radical left. the resolution is currently in committee. well, the time now is almost the top of the hour, not quite, the president using his biggest event in sports to get his message out to the masses. >> under president trump america is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever before. heather: will this super bowl ad resinate with voters ahead of the iowa caucuses and beyond? trump 2020 director of
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1:52 am
elections, joining us trump 2020 director of communications, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> sure, good morning. heather: tim, what quite an ad that was, the alice johnson ad, personally it was very moving, what type of response are you getting? >> well, very strong response, very, very strong, a lot of candidates running for office and a lot of politicians talk about doing something about criminal justice reform but really it took president donald trump to do something about it, alice johnson is one that's very moving but sad replicated across the country, the president heard about alice johnson, the story, commuted her sentence, she was serving a life sentence for nonviolent offense and the president commuted her sentence but speaks to larger dedication to criminal justice reform, the first step is giving second chances to thousands of people across the country who are incarcerated giving them a second chance at life, drug training, drug treatment programs and keeping them closer
1:53 am
to home and giving people a second chance to being productive citizens? our society. heather: not only criminal justice reform but a sleight of promise that is he's kept, president trump will promote the great american comeback i understand during his state of the union address tomorrow, what does the theme tell us about 2020 messaging for the campaign moving forward? >> well, i think it's going to be very consistent, you know, the president when he's in washington for state of the union address will talk about the state of the country, of course, and we see it as very strong and it is a great american comeback, people told us that the construction jobs, the manufacturing jobs that have gone overseas, they were gone for good, they were never coming back, well, they were wrong, president trump has gotten them to return, created his policies have created over 7 million new jobs, wages are rising and they are rising faster for people who are at the bottom half to have
1:54 am
wage earning spectrum so it is a great american comeback, it's a blue-collar boom in this country and a couple of things i heard kellyanne conway say the other day on your air that the president has two new trade deals, two deadly terrorists takes off the board and two new great supreme court justices and all of that adds up to two terms as president of the united states and that's what you'll be hearing. heather: with all those wins at the same time that impeachment was going on and democrats continue to want to focus on that and want to go move president out of office, would president trump mention impeachment in his state of the union, what do you think? >> well, i don't know, i'm not on the campaign side, the political side, i will leave construction and content of the state of the union speech to my friends who actually work inside the white house, so i'm not going to get ahead of the president, i know he will talk about how great things are in
1:55 am
the country, how they have improved and the yet is best to come. heather: if you look at the polling he has seen some of that and that seems to be what americans care on both sides of the aisle, getting work done, tim, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your time this morning, it's going to be a busy one for you. >> thank you very much, heather. heather: all right, we will be right back.
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heather: welcome back, time for the good, the bad and the ugly, super bowl edition, first the good, four world war ii veterans honored during super bowl coin toss, watch. >> presenting the coin tonight member, corona mcgee. [cheers and applause] >> heather: all four men are 100 year's old celebrating the nfl's 100th season, that was awesome. now the bad, security tackling a woman trying to rush the field during big game, she was taken down before making it on tv, though, the game was not impacted and it's not clear if she will face any charges, finally the ugly, football fan celebrating the chiefs big win backfired, a couch, look at that, bursting in ball of flames setting chiefs fans feet on fire, it's unclear if he was injured other than feet being on fire. well, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you so much for everyone joining us early and don't forget joining
2:00 am
us super early tomorrow because we will begin at 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. with special iowa coverage, "fox & friends first" in the meantime continues right now, bye bye. rob: top democratic hopefuls locked in a dead heat, we will take you live to the hawkeye state where it is still anybody's game and speaking of 2020, is john kerry ready to throw his hat back follow the ring? jillian: former democratic nominee is responding to rumors of an 11th hour bid. >> they have done it, chiefs are super bowl champions here in miami. and the super bowl win more than 20 years in the making. rob: ended up being a great game, comeback victory crown kansas city chiefs your 2020
2:01 am
national champions, "fox & friends first" continues


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