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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 4, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> i think mitch mcconnell is never going to let that happen. >> harris: we will be watching the president of the united states on the state of the union tonight. hogan really told me we won't hear the word impeachment because it's not in the speech right now. good to see you. i'll be back tomorrow. >> dana: president trump coming face-to-face hours from now with the folks trying to kick him out of office. hello, everyone. i am dana perino and this is "the daily briefing" live from our nation's capital. the president is set to deliver his date of the union address to a divided congress hours before republicans say they expect to acquit him in his impeachment trial. this is democratic candidates face iowa. still no word in who won the first contest in the 2020 election after technical issues with the new voting app. >> the way that a winner is
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determined from the democratic process, state delegate. right now we don't have any. >> the iowa caucus has been a total mess. been a complete failure. we still don't have a reliable final result. >> i'm sure will be happy with the results. >> i would think there would be some kind of plan b. i am disappointed. >> dana: we have complete coverage of this hour. let's go to peter doocy live in portsmouth new hampshire is the democratic candidates move on to the first of the nation primary. actually let's begin with white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn because today is the day the president is preparing to give his state of the union address and i've got to say he goes into this with the wind very much at his back. >> will get to a new gallup poll that shows striking new numbers. to the state of the union speech itself, tonight the theme is going to be about the great
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american comeback and the president will talk at length about five different areas in which he believes he's accomplished a lot and can accomplish more if he is given a second term. the blue-collar economic boom, supporting working families, lowering the cost of health care, safe and legal immigration system and protecting national security. the vice president's chief of staff marc short earlier today saying that the president's got a good story to tell tonight. listen. >> you see that while democrats have been focused on this partisan impeachment, this president is actually been staying focused and negotiating new trade deals with mexico and canada, a new trade deal with china. in eliminating the most dangerous terrorists in the world. >> the democrats final push to try to remove the president from office. it appears as though that effort is going to fail. there is likely zero chance they would be enough votes to remove the president from office in a vote set for 4:00 tomorrow.
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the seed of the union is always tightly scripted but the big question, will the president include either in the scripted text or perhaps an ad lib anything about impeachment? hogan gidley, principal deputy press secretary says the word impeachment is not in the speech. listen to at stephanie grisham, the press secretary, said earlier today on "fox & friends." >> i don't think so. i think this has gone on for too long and if you look at the ratings, the american people are frankly bored of it. i don't think people want to hear that. people want to hear what the president has done for this country and what is planning to do for this country. it will be very forward facing, very optimistic. the president is not focused on impeachment either. >> again, the theme is the great american comeback. you can say the same thing of the president, because take a look at the numbers from a gallup poll that was taken during impeachment. the president's approval rate at an all-time high for gallup. 49%, disapproval rating is 50%.
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people who have no opinion count as 1%. the president still underwater but only by one percentage point, and that's the lowest that number has ever been. his approval among republicans, 94%. 63% of people at least approve of his handling of the economy. it's possible that the president could take a swing at democrats tonight. don't forget more than half the people in the seats tonight in the house chamber have been trying to take the president out at the knees. we are told he may take the high road. senator cruz called him and said don't mention the impeachment. taking the positive, optimistic message in the face of unjustified pessimism from some in congress. we don't know whether that's just an idea or if the president may actually articulate that. we'll see. >> dana: and might be kind of slide. you have to be watching for repair will be here with live
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coverage. >> he would never be subtle. >> dana: fair enough. >> dana: turning to new hampshire. we were there until 1:00 a.m. last night. the apt issue, a technical difficulty fox news correspondent peter doocy is with the pete buttigieg campai campaign. >> know we are in new hampshire where some of these democratic candidates are starting to claim victory using internal, unofficial data. the public official data from the democratic party still isn't available. >> we had a chance to quiet those questions of whether we belong in this effort in the first place. building a coalition across so many different communities and counties and voters, they saw the need for change.
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so much will depend on what the famously independent thinking state of new hampshire decides. >> elizabeth warren, already here in new hampshire as well, and she claims she's 1 of 3 lucrative won last night and that her only competition for the top spot a tight three-way e at the top. we know that the three of us will be dividing up most of the delegates coming out of iowa. i'm feeling good. >> the joe biden campaign is being less specific, instead telling democrats to be cautious trusting last night's results. >> we had a good night last night in iowa. i know you think that is silly. we good. here's the deal. we think we are going to come out of there really doing well. but be careful what you say because it's not done yet.
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>> i've just heard from a source of the bloomberg campaign. michael bloomberg watch what happened last night and he sees how unsettled the field is right now i decided that he's going to now double campaign spending for the next couple weeks. dana. >> dana: there we have it on that part. tonight we are expecting, at later afternoon, that iowa democratic officials will tell us what about the results they have so far? >> they are going to tell us half of what they have so far. three hours from now. they are promising a 50% release of the results. we don't know which 50% that is. the biden campaign has been saying they want to be consulted about whatever the democratic party is doing behind the scenes before they go public with anything. that has that bernie sanders campaign subtly taking a shot of the biden campaign. the standards people now are saying, and they're on their way to new hampshire right now, that anybody who doesn't want these results released in full and immediately just is not happy
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with where they think they landed last night. >> dana: peter doocy, thank you so much. for reaction on the iowa caucuses and the fallout from last night, let's bring in california congressman ro khan ro khanna, we are fortunate to have you here in one of the reasons is because we saw that bernie sanders was surging in the polls. he looked like he was going to do well in iowa. do you think he was robbed of having a chance to give a victory speech last night? >> it would've been better if we have the results. we have to make sure it doesn't happen again but i applaud the iowa officials for doing their best they can in the circumstances. my understanding is that the hotline number got leaked and media were calling in and that's why the system didn't work. they have been working all night. they are going to get half the results at 5:00 p.m. i think what matters is that they are accurate, not the speed. >> dana: the biden campaign already suggesting maybe they won't be. you represent silicon valley and the app didn't work and how
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frustrated is make someone like you? >> it's very frustrating. we need better election infrastructure, certification for apps to communicate. the worst thing we can do is stop the results from coming out. let's have them come out. 24 hours too late. senator sanders m did again tonight. but at least we move on. >> dana: i read a lot of political coverage and i noticed over the past two weeks, bernie sanders numbers improved. the amount of media coverage saying that there are unnamed democrats were very worried that he won't be able to beat donald trump and he's too radical and that people's concerns about the economy have been alleviated. we just saw those numbers from john roberts. and that now is not the time for bernie sanders. how does he overcome that? >> i don't think people close to donald trump believe that. they seem bernie sanders' crowd size, the intensity of volunteers, he's building a movement and they realized that's what donald trump did on the other side, having huge
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crowds. they feared bernie sanders and what he can do in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. he is exciting people. >> dana: brad parscale said "democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppy's train wreck in history. it would be natural for people to doubt the process." president trump tweeting or maybe it was brad parscale suggesting is quality control rigged. does the sanders campaign worry? >> isaac we should look at this as the delay but i don't question the integrity. there's nothing to suggest that people in iowa watch each and i think it's offensive to suggest they would be reading it. these are volunteers. >> dana: i did feel for them. they give all their time and attention to the candidates and then it didn't work out. do you think tonight, you will be at the state of the union. we see these economic numbers.
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we know that there's going to be the cut shots, to see the democrats. will there be applause for some of these record economic numbers like lowest unemployment. >> sure, but it has to be balanced. unemployment is low but manufacturing is down and it's down in battleground states. farmers are still hurting. the question is will the president look bipartisan areas? if he talks about an infrastructure bill, we want to do that. >> dana: what has been the hold up on an infrastructure bill? >> i don't know. we have gone to the white house and said let's do a infrastructure bill and the president had said yes and then nothing materializes. we're going to try again. we have a package in the house. we would love to work with the president on that and lowering perception drug costs. he says americans shouldn't be paying more than other people in other countries. let's do something. >> dana: bernie sanders has some pretty radical ideas for change in the economy and all those issues that you mention. when he goes to new hampshire, he won new hampshire in 2016.
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i imagine you expect a good result there. then what happens after that? you get to south carolina? >> i think he wins in nevada. i think he does well in nevada and i think south carolina is going to surprise people. then he comes to my home state march 3 in california and i think he's going to win in california. he is right now on a path that he has the best chance to get the plurality lead. the challenges it's going to take 1900 delegates and right now it's going to be tough with multiple candidates. >> dana: do you think he has done enough to consolidate support behind him across the democratic party? >> isaac we have to do more. he's working on it. he calls himself and fdr democratic. he was the most popular democrat to run and alta broad coalition. >> dana: congressman ro khannapn campaign are likely to be part of the state of the union. the president's top economic advisors here with me next.
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>> dana: president trump is getting ready for a state of the union address and all indications are that the economy is set to player very big part. joining me as larry kudlow. glad to have you here today. we saw stephanie grisham, white house communications director and press secretary this morning saying it's going to be a relentlessly optimistic speech talking about the economy, the contrast of the gloom and doom of the democrats. let's take a look at that. >> tonight has already showed that americans have a deep hunger for big structural change to make our economy and our democracy work for everyone. >> we are unifying arising american majority ray d to raise
11:18 am
wages and empower workers. >> we have to make an economy that works for us instead of the bottom lines of these huge companies. >> you are sick and tired of hearing how great the economy is when you don't feel it, when your paycheck is stretched to the breaking point month after month. i know you and i will fight for you. >> dana: larry, can the president rebut that tonight. >> this is the greatest example of cognitive dissidents i've ever seen. even by washington standards. the president will get out there this evening and talk about the blue-collar boom and he will talk about the fact that actually the biggest winners in this economy in the past three years are middle and lower middle income people, lower wage people. i just want to say those are facts. the bureau of labor statistics bureau of labor statistics. >> dana: those are the
11:19 am
numbers. >> after tax income per household up $5,000 in three years. the prior 16 years basically flat, even down a bit. it's a complete transformation. rebuilding of the economy. i'm looking forward to this so the president can show his leadership and optimism. >> dana: no doubt he will talk about some compliments but i always think the state of the union, the third year, it's a preview of what could come in a second term. how do you keep going? do you have a concern, the reuters headline today, u.s. farm bankruptcies hit an eight year high. that's also a number and a fact. i know that he cares about the nation's farmers. what about these bankruptcies? >> i wouldn't overestimate that. i think part of the farm bill have had a tough time of it. commodity prices lower, and trade uncertainties. here is another point. president trump is negotiating with bob lighthizer and steven mnuchin and others on the
11:20 am
trade team two spectacular deals. usmca which is going to help farmers, manufacturers, technology. >> dana: when do you think you will start to see that? >> the phase one deal with china. there is an issue there, i understand that coronavirus might postpone the chinese purchases. we have planned $200 billion for an export boom in the next two years covering farm and manufacturing and energy. >> dana: the blue-collar jobs you're talking about. speak of this is really going to pay off for farmers and blue-collar workers. it's also going to pay off her all the people, you know the technology sector in the united states is gigantic. >> dana: best in the world, and we have to keep it that way. >> and we need to keep it that way. ip protection against chinese theft. china has changed their laws according to the deal. i hope they live up to the deal. if they don't, we will take proportionate actions. my point is, a lot of things are going to be solved by the strong
11:21 am
trade deals. >> dana: when do you think you'll see that? >> president trump has change the narrative. that's the interesting thing. china come on fair trading practices. >> dana: a lot of democrats would agree with that. >> i know. there is bipartisan support for it. >> dana: do you think they will stand tonight and applied to a good economy? do you think the democrats will stand and applaud? talking about the good economic numbers. >> i'm sure they will deliver a phenomenal standing ovation. >> dana: will see. the president has hinted at it and you've talked about it, will there be a middle-class tax cuts announced in the state of the union or part of the campaign going into the next election? >> there will be a middle-class tax cut. we are hoping to cut about 10%. this is after the first tax cut which really benefited. >> dana: what about spending? >> we will announce probably
11:22 am
sometime within the late spring early summer, it's a forward-looking thing. >> dana: thank you. up next, howie kurtz and why the big mess in iowa is the real problem for democrats going forward. larry kudlow, thank you. éqv
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>> it feels eerily quiet. >> a lot of ramifications of this doesn't -- if they don't get their act together. >> this pad and pen are looking pretty good right now. >> it's like the oprah speech. you get a speech. >> dana: waiting to hear about
11:27 am
who won, several candidates claiming victory. i wanted to bring in howie kurtz to talk about it. we were flying blind. no information. it was so weird because it's a big room and all the media is set up and no one has any information. you could hear a pin drop in there. >> i love those clips. media among the biggest losers here because they spent so much money covering it and there is still no results. iowa is an unbelievable fiasco that hurts the democrats, robs the winners of their moment in the tv spot. you never get that back. the final nail in the coffin in the ridiculously complicated caucuses. we can pronounce death by suicide for the iowa caucus. >> dana: new york -- the headlines. i felt for the people who totally screwed up. it's a huge mess. think about the people, the volunteers, the young reporters out there doing it. apparently we're going to get
11:28 am
things resolved. >> what about the other half? >> dana: what did you think about the tactic? i thought it was smart of amy klobuchar to get out there first and try to give a speech. possession is nine-tenths of the law. >> it reminded me of bill clinton in '92. he declared himself the comeback kid on his way to finishing second. pete buttigieg tried a version of that by declaring victory. we don't know. >> dana: his was a little over-the-top for me because he said we went from an improbable situation to an undeniable victory. you can't actually say undeniable. his whole thing is that he's very calm and measured. he's the rational one is not going to get too overheated. >> politics is all about creating a sense of momentum. in iowa, even when it works, it so much less important than we in the media make it to be. to get out there and say i think i won. even if buttigieg finishes
11:29 am
second, it's remarkable for a small town mayor that nobody knew about. >> dana: the first openly gay candidate. >> people will forget that he overstated the case. on the flip side, as joe biden does as badly as we think possible, there was a spike in "the des moines register" poll. this will blunts the impact on the negative side. >> dana: i can't remember where i saw the so forgive me. they said last night was true socialism. everyone was a winner. there was sad news yesterday from somebody that we know. you probably know him better than i do. rush limbaugh announced the sad news. let's take a listen. >> this day has been one of the most difficult days in recent memory for me. i can't help but feel that i'm letting everybody down with this. but the upshot is that i have been diagnosed with advanced
11:30 am
lung cancer. diagnosis confirmed by two medical institutions. >> dana: what a shock. >> rush limbaugh is a broadcasting giant who change the radio landscape. he kind of invented the national talk radio, particularly conservative talk radio and there wasn't any fox news. he was controversial. he was polarizing. he made some mistakes. there's some online haters on the left welcoming this news but i think regardless of whether you agree with his politics or not, he made a massive impact on what he likes to call the drive-by media. >> dana: very accomplished person. he worked so hard. karl rove once filled in for him and he called me and he said i had no idea that it took that much work to do all of that. >> a three hour radio show is not easy. a lot of prep. >> dana: he inspired an entire movement. beyond radio. young people today working in politics or media were running for him early on. >> thousands of imitators,
11:31 am
countless. >> dana: no one is ever going to be rush limbaugh. there's great treatments and hopefully you'll feel better soon. thank you, howie kurtz. up next, we are getting an apology over iowa. see what that's about. what republicans say they want to hear from president trump tonight. and also they don't want to hear. veterans can refinance their va loans with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to that gives me cash back onesome new aeverything.akuten that's ebates. i get cash back on electronics, travel, clothes. you're talking about ebates. i can't stop talking about rakuten. pretty good deal - peter sfx [blender]
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11:36 am
the point that senators on both sides of the aisle are alarmed. take a listen. >> what we have seen is the involvement of some new technology that is failed quite badly. >> the use of an app which was inaccessible, failed to download and upload. >> late last night, dhs said the app hadn't been vetted by the government prior to launch and then asking secretary of homeland security chad wolf confirmed to fox news this morning it wasn't a hack which tipped off experts to the nature of the problem. take a listen. >> if no one hacked into it, it's more of a load issue as well as a reporting issue that we are seeing in iowa. >> wolf also says his agency offer the iowa democratic party assistance today and they turned it down. the party than put out their own statement saying that their systems were in fact tested by independent cyber security consultants. >> dana: at one of they had
11:37 am
any sort of problems beforehand. is the app being used in other states that have a caucus, like nevada? >> saying that the risk of relying on mobile app technology like this to tally and report votes doesn't just stop with iowa. they are flagging that other primary caucusing states like nevada also plan to rely on apps to report votes that will only be backed up with paper records later. take a listen to chad wolf again. >> what i would say is given the amount of scrutiny that we have on election security these days, this is a concerning event and it really goes to the public confidence of our elections. >> senators are saying no matter what happens in other states, the damage to voter confidence has already been done. >> what happened in iowa made, as far as hanging chad look like a model of efficiency. there we go. >> the democratic party in nevada is pushing back and say they are not using the same app that was used in iowa.
11:38 am
they say they have backup systems in place so something like this could never happen in that state. >> dana: we will see. gillian turner, quite a thing. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. we know that you worked late into the night. the chaos in iowa causing a big mess for the democratic party. what does that mean for 2020 democrats? who does it help and who does it hurt? what about the candidate who isn't even focused on early states? >> i guess something happened in iowa, or didn't happen. i don't know. anyway, while the other democrats have gone to new hampshire, i am here in michigan. [applause] have to win this date in november if we are going to beat donald trump. >> dana: that is michael bloomberg. apparently he said earlier today that he's going to double the amount of spending he's already put in, somewhere betweenthat'sf
11:39 am
money, as you can imagine and that's a big difference for some candidates, especially when this ad rates go up and they are trying to spend their precious resources as wisely as possible. i have a great panel here with us today. matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union, a former executive director of the democratic national campaign committee. and a.b. stoddard. you were here monitoring last night. you observed the things, what did it feel like for you watching? >> awful. you felt awful for the staffers and awful for the candidates and you felt awful for our party has been preparing this for four years. you remember in 2012, the romney campaign, it happens and you feel terrible for everybody because i think what the democratic party wanted most coming out of iowa was some sort of clarity and we didn't get it. >> dana: tried to narrow the
11:40 am
field. speak of the debates haven't been able to do it. there has been some natural attrition but is just a nothing provided clarity. >> dana: take a listen to chris matthews last night during the iowa coverage. >> the viability of the democratic party. i think it's got a problem. i saw the bernie surge, that's a third of the party but it's not the party and if the party gets into a civil war situation sometime this spring going into the summer, we've got a real disaster. if trump isn't challenge, it's a historic loss of the country if he's not facing a serious challenger and i wonder about that happening. >> dana: you have that sentiment from chris matthews whose verbalizing. that's a five-alarm fire drill. then you have president trump's got these great numbers and is going to be acquitted in the senate, giving the state of the union address. like i said earlier, he's got the wind at his back. >> there is something to be said of politics today in america for
11:41 am
authenticity, being who you are which reflects well on bernie sanders and a politician, even a politician that wasn't that well known by people like me, conservatives, donald trump has said what he's going to do. we have elected so many people who have told us that we wanted to hear but didn't go down the list. it's making for a very interesting politics. on the democratic side, i know it's your party, not mine. what i find interesting is that people, we didn't view them as moderate. joe biden is no moderate. joe biden is a liberal. it's liberals versus socialists. it's refreshing to focus on the divisions in this coalition on the left that's really there. >> dana: i read earlier today. there's a piece in the "new york magazine" saying all of these ideas of populist economics there were very popular in 2016 have evaporated because now you
11:42 am
have 63% of people in america saying they feel pretty good about the economy and that bernie is not going to be able to beat donald trump. >> right. i think it's very clear even from progressive corners of the democratic party when they speak privately that they think that bernie is going to reelect donald trump as president if he is the nominee. but he's a -- he has a passionate following. he is a candidate of grievance and anger and emotion and it's very compelling to a lot of people and they don't want to hear anymore about why he shouldn't be the nominee. they think he should have been in 2016. he turned out a lot of young people last night. anecdotally we are told. but i agree with the consensus which is if you have someone who says they are going to try to take a wrecking ball to private insurance, you have someone who is saying they are going to ban fracking and go to medicare for
11:43 am
all, all these pipe dreams that voters know we can't afford, i think it's an invitation to lose. >> dana: you have the tension and we've been watching it, we know it exists. now that you don't have those result in iowa, the candidates are in new hampshire. what's it like now? >> it's just uncertain. there's a huge degree of uncertainty. i think people like mike bloomberg, he made the gamble the people in anaheim often don't care about ames, iowa. i think he's probably, his theory is bearing out a little bit because nobody knows who people in ames, iowa, care about because we don't have results. i think bernie sanders is clearly the front runner new hampshire. it puts more focus on nevada and south carolina. i've said this time and again. this was a great night for the state of nevada because there's no chance that in 2024 they are not the first or second contest. >> dana: will have to talk all
11:44 am
about that. you smart people can tell me, how does the change happen, that iowa and new hampshire movie wouldn't be the first. i will have you back to talk about it. up next, bret fresh out of lunch with president trump hours before the president delivers the state of the union. bernard , and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. hey! my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof! so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. sorry! he's a baby!
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>> dana: president trump just hours from the state of the union address in moments ago the president wrapped up a launch which are owned bret baier attended. let's go to the anchor of "special report." i know what you can tell us. i know some of these things are off the record but i guess you can describe the mood. >> there's two things that i can tell you. two sentences in this lunch, and
11:49 am
this is an annual event with the anchors covering the state of the union. every major network was there. except one. here are the two things he said that are on the record. one is describing the speech tonight and the tone of the speech, he described it as "extraordinarily low-key." which is an interesting phrase. >> dana: how is he going to sell that? >> not usually the way he is described or how he describes things. we will see if it matches that. then as you can imagine the conversation gets to the state of the democratic party, iowa, and all that's happened over the last couple weeks. he then put on the record that he thinks that representative alexandria ocasio-cortez is going to run against senator chuck schumer, the minority leader in the senate. and "i think she is going to kick his ass."
11:50 am
that is the quote on the record. that's what i can report on the record. >> dana: i was going to ask, if he thinks alexandria ocasio-cortez is going to run against schumer, i'm not exactly sure when he's up, maybe it's the next cycle in 2022. is he basing it off instinct? he has great political instincts. does he have other information? he still has new york connections. >> i don't know the answer to that. i know that's what's on the record. i can tell you kind of broadly that it's a discussion about the state of the democratic party and where it's heading and how he feels. i can tell you that the tone in the room. he's very confident about where he sees the country, what he thinks has happened because of his leadership and the administration. i think you're going to see a lot of that in the speech tonight. >> dana: does he ignore impeachment tonight?
11:51 am
>> i think there's going to be a slight mention but not a big mention. i would venture a guess that there will be more after what we believe to be the acquittal vote tomorrow. the fact that he characterized it as extraordinarily low-key, you can read that however you want to read it. maybe it's reverse typing up. i don't know. i think judging by talking to several administration officials, i think the speech is going to be structured a lot like last year's was. kind of a mix of the rhetoric and the storytelling with domestic policy achievements, goals, and then a foreign policy look. you can imagine the topics, including what just transpired and iran. >> dana: the future dealings with the economic powerhouse that is china, although they are dealing with a lot of economic problems as well. how much do you think you will
11:52 am
look ahead? a president if they are running for reelection, starting to let us know would you like to achieve in the second term. >> i think there will be some of that. again talking to officials about the speech, it may be fairly long. we don't know exactly how long. may be a little bit longer than last time around. the other thing i forgot, dana, that's on the record, the lunch menu. celery root soup, lacquered black bass, coconut macaroon. >> dana: that sounds better than the cheese plate we had last night. see you tonight. "special coverag"special report" check out a special edition of my podcast with chris stirewalt. we talk about my time in iowa and my super bowl adventures. available on itunes or wherever you can find it.
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>> they think that we are in the midst of the final iowa caucus? >> i think that there are a number of people across the political world who hope you are correct. >> dana: that is are in michigan, director of the fox news decision desk, talking about a still unsettled contest in iowa, let's bring him in. it's good to have you on. i want to read to you from reporter david ebsen said this to politico that the fiasco means the end of the caucuses as a political event. the rest of the country was already losing patience with iowa anyway, and this cooks i was goose. frankly it should. that is a "des moines register" politico reporter saying that. i would imagine that you are hearing more of it today. >> we are hearing a lot of that in a belief that other states will say if you do a caucus, led us to the caucus, we can do it
11:58 am
better. and a lot of the larger states, the most diverse states saying we should start the process with us in some sort of capacity, at the same time, one of the things is you have a contested senate race coming up in 2020 this november, and i would imagine that one of the big issues or minor issues we have the group within iowa, the democrats pledging to maintain the iowa caucus, because it brings in a lot of money to the iowa econo economy. >> dana: you saw the senators of iowa all linking arms and saying, we will keep it iowa first. but look at the pole from monmouth saying do you think of voters in states like iowa and new hampshire have too much influence? 56%. that was just a recent poll. but tell me what has to happen for there to be change? is it a decision that the democratic national committee makes? or is that a other decision? >> both at the national level,
11:59 am
but also at the state level, the reason that neither party has been able to tell off the new hampshire primary, which a lot of people want to do is that new hampshire has a law that they will go to the polls whenever to make sure they are first in the nation. >> dana: even if that is january 1st? >> yes, new year's eve. they will go to the polls. to ge verified results from iowa at 5:00 p.m., you do the decision desk, is that a good way to do this? giving us 50%? or should they wait until it is all done? >> i always like boats to be as soon as they are tabulated and confirmed to be released to the public. i think that is the correct way to do it. it is not to correct a smoke-filled room that collects the vote and then announces it, that is done in other countries and generally speaking in the united states we don't like th
12:00 pm
that. >> dana: i'm glad i asked before i criticized it. in a couple of hours. arn and mishkin, thank you so much. glad to have a show again, i missed you for a couple of weeks. i am dana perino. i will see you on "the five" this evening. bill helmer is up next. what's the mood on capitol hill? >> bill: with you every step of the way, dana, getting ready for some big events tonight. 3:00 here in washington, good afternoon, everyone, moving across the country today before we are back in the nation's capital. watching three significant stories with a development expected this morning. the nation's first presidential contest in two hours as dana mentioned, democratic officials will announce the initial results from the fiasco in iowa. the drama continues to unfold on capitol hill, president trump delivering his third state of the union address from the house chamber. our third major story is on the
12:01 pm
senate side


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