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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 6, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it... with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. >> the senate judges the respondent, donald john trump, president of the united states is not guilty as charged, and the first article of impeachment, not guilty as charged, the second article of impeachment. >> good morning, it is thursday, february 6th. happening at 4:00 happening at 4:00 am on the east coast, come the biggest when yet for donald trump after months of the impeachment push the president is vindicated against the left's slanted accusations but the battle on capitol hill is far from over, the democrats new threat as the president prepares
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to address the nation. if you thought this blatant display of disrespect was an impulsive outburst think again. the new video revealing nancy pelosi's premeditated paper play and the punishment she could face. >> been a while since your last physical evaluation. there you are, lady. >> physical fitness fiasco, california wants to phase out there annual physical exams for kids. "fox and friends first" starts right now.
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>> good morning, a live look at capitol hill, so busy the past couple weeks but impeachment may finally be over or is it? donald trump acquitted of impeachment allegations at a fiery state of the union address, he has a lot to say later today and we will cover it for you. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning, thank you for starting your day or ending it with us. we begin with this. a new push to condemn nancy pelosi for her paper ripping moment at the state of the union everybody is talking about it the democrats insist she took the high road. republicans demand some repercussions. >> those repercussions includes this, the house could vote on a resolution to condemn those actions as early as today and condemns nancy pelosi's actions
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as a breach of decorum that brought discredit on the house, nancy pelosi stole the spotlight from the president's state of the union address tuesday as donald trump was finishing up, ripped up a copy of his speech, she told reporters afterwards she did because it was a, quote, manifesto of mistruths. she's not just face the resolution to condemn erections, now congressman matt gates announcing he is filing an ethics complaint against the speaker. >> he disgraced the house of representatives, embarrassed our country and destroyed official records. the law does not allow the speaker of the house to destroy the records of the house and the rules of the house do not permit some little temper tantrum because you don't like what the president of the united states as. >> here is the other part, a person close to the speaker told fox news it was not planned but the video appears to show otherwise, you see pelosi pulled
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the speech behind the desk and pretty ripped the pages, lawmakers on both sides are debating just how bad this really was. >> he had no right to destroy this document especially one filled with such impactful stories of american patriots. >> if i took this card and toward up because i didn't like what was on the card i am protected by the first amendment in doing that. that is a form of speech. >> new york congressman lee is old and says nancy pelosi should be censured. >> much more to come on this. donald trump is set to address the nation after his impeachment trial finally comes to a close.
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the senate determining once and for all to a question the president. the battle on capitol hill wasn't over yet, lauren blanchard's has the latest threat from the democrats. >> donald john trump, president of the united states not guilty as charged, the senate voting to acquit donald trump after democrats fail to secure the required 2 thirds vote needed to convict, the partyline vote ending weeks of debate over whether the president should be removed from office over allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >> if you think you have done the country a good service by legitimizing this impeachment process, what you have done is unleash the partisan forces of hell. >> in a news conference ahead of the vote, democrats defend their case calling the trial a sham. >> donald trump corruptly abused his power by soliciting foreign interference in an american election. >> an emotional speech on the senate floor republican senator mitt romney agreeing with democrats, becoming the only republican to deviate and vote to convict on the first article of impeachment. >> there is still discussion over whether or not to censure
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the president's actions. it would be a formal reprimand but there are no legal consequences. on capitol hill, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> mitt romney has been a vocal never trumper since 2016 until he found himself on the shortlist for secretary of state position seen here in a now infamous dinner meeting just weeks after the election and nearly four years later the trump legal team member alan dershowitz says romney will still do anything to get ahead. >> mitt romney who i like as governor of massachusetts is wrong constitutionally. the argument he gave against my position is that if a president were to pardon republicans
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rather than democrats 17 impeachment offense, no it wouldn't be. let me give you proof of that. when george h w bush pardoned weinberger and four other people on the eve of his trial in order to end the iran contra investigation mitt romney didn't call for an impeachment investigation and there was no impeachment investigation. you need criminal type behavior akin to treason or bribery and they didn't even charge it in this case. >> the first time in history a senator from the president's own party voted to remove him from office and much more on this. a fox news alert, highway patrol officer and air force veteran shot and killed trying to help a stranded driver. the suspect shooting trooper joseph bullock as he pulled over on i-95 where this happen. another officer shot and killed the gunman, bullock served 19 years on the force and we know the identity of the alabama police officer shot and killed on the side of the highway on tuesday. nick o'rear was the father of two with a third on the way. president johnson is charged with capital murder. he has a long criminal record.
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a former prison worker who held two convicted killers escape is expected to be released on parole today. recognizer? joyce mitchell? she spent 5 years behind bars, she worked as a seamstress at a maximum security prison in upstate new york and smuggled in tools to help richard matt and robert sweat escape in 2015. they were on the run for 23 days. mass was shot dead, sweat was shot and captured near the canadian border. the 12 case of the deadly coronavirus in the us is confirmed in wisconsin. the outbreak spreading rapidly in china killing over 500 people, 28,000 cases to. a chinese baby testing positive for the virus just three hours after his mother gave birth. in japan thousands of christian passengers are under quarantine after 20 people including two americans are infected.
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another cruise ship in hong kong quarantined after several crew members became ill. no one has tested positive on fat ship. 300 americans being captured two military bases after being evacuated from the virus's epicenter in china, four more evacuation plans from china could arrive as early as today. passengers will then be quarantined across four different military bases. we have medical experts with more on that. tornado warnings in effect right now in parts of the south. look at this video showing a suspected twister in mcgee, mississippi, powerful winter storm stretches from texas into the northeast. in new orleans heavy rain soaking the city as high winds calls to scaffolding to collapse at a massive gusts shatters the door of an office building.
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and in oklahoma city cars sliding off slick roads and in missouri cars and semi trucks crash on his spacey bridge, at least one person was injured in that. be careful if you are in any of those areas. tributes pouring it overnight after hollywood legend kirk douglas dies at 103 years old. >> i'm spartacus! >> i'm spartacus! >> the golden age star made more than 90 movies over 7 decades. his son michael douglas writing this emotional post saying dad i love you so much, so proud to be
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a sandwich other stars hosting tributes including william shatner sharing condolences to the family of kirk douglas, what an incredible icon he was and douglas's daughter-in-law katherine zeta-jones writing to my darling kirk i shall love you for the rest of my life, i miss you already, sleep tight. you used to see him walking around new york city when i first moved here, it is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and republicans warning democrats won't give up even though the impeachment trial is over. >> he was acquitted for life, we know how many times they tried, they voted a year before that phone call, they will not stop. >> kentucky congressman james comeare says it is time to get back to work for the american people and you can name your dog or cat whatever you want but peter says stop calling them pets, the animal rights group says it is derogatory.
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what do you think?
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>> welcome back. in a dramatic end to a nearly 5 month more with democrats, donald trump has been acquitted in his impeachment trial giving congress the chance to get back to work but after all that partisan tug-of-war back and forth will lawmakers be able to move past this? joining us live with his take kentucky congressman james comeare. some mornings that this will not be the end of it. listen to this. >> if we do not when the majority i will promise you this, they will try to impeach this president again. today he was acquitted for life. we know how many times they
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tried it, they voted a year before there was even that phone call, they will not stop. >> what do you think? will pay not stop? can we get back to work or are we going to continue to talk about impeachment? >> kevin mccarthy is absolutely right, they will never let this go. the democrats in washington do not have an agenda. their agenda was to impeach trump, now that is over with. kevin is exactly right. they have been giving speeches on the floor since impeachment, the president was acquitted, talking about more wrongdoing, more accusations, more investigations, this will never end. >> look at the numbers, take a look at the two articles of impeachment, abuse of power, obstruction of congress, the president acquitted on both counts. numbers perhaps a little unexpected because we had mitt romney coming out and for the first time voting to put a member of his own party, the president, out of office. >> we were pretty disappointed and mitt romney's vote, most of us supported romney when he was republican nominee for president, it seems like he has had a grudge against donald
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trump ever since the election committee republican 7 private. if you look at the courts, most republicans had major disagreements with trump accepted that the people support from, the republican party supports them, he got 97% of the vote in the iowa caucus. i wish mitt romney would accept the reality that donald trump has the support of the party and we expect our republican members of congress to have an open mind and do the right thing, the right thing was to acquit. >> speaking of working together and recognizing he is the president of the united states what do you think should be on the top of the agenda as we can possibly get back to work? >> obviously the economy is the most important thing, the trump agenda is working, our economy is stronger than it has ever been, and implement lower than it is ever been, there are issues every day americans have concerns about, healthcare, prescription drug reform,
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something that should have bipartisan support, making an investment in that infrastructure, this is what donald trump talked about in his speech. if you were watching, democrats don't seem interested in working with this president. they are pandering to their liberal base, the liberal base of the democrat party absolutely hates this president. they never accepted the facts that he was a duly elected president and her mission has been to impeach him and they saw the evening of the impeachment what happened in iowa, how bad the democrats botched the iowa caucus, turnout was lower in iowa. there is no enthusiasm for any of the democrats running for president. all of that added to a difficult state of the union for many democrats including nancy pelosi.
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shannon: the gop has introduced this resolution to condemn nancy pelosi for doing what she did, ripping up the state of the union address. what do you think will happen when we look at the resolution as you discussed it? >> democrats control the agenda, nancy pelosi will not let that be voted on but she should be ashamed of herself, she's second in line to the presidency, the leader of congress, she made a permanent stain on congress, normally was this impeachment unwarranted but her behavior after the president gave a patriotic, strong, presidential speech her behavior by ripping up the speech, disrespecting the institution shouldn't go unpunished in congress. >> we will see what happens next and how democrats respond in their next db on friday. we love having you with us.
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have a good day. 19 minutes after the top of the hour and elizabeth warren talks a big game about climate change. >> climate change that threatens every living thing on this planet and the urgency of the moment. shannon: but how does she explain flying on a private jet and trying to hide behind one of her staffers when she gets caught? carly shimkus has comments calling her out on social media. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
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we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. >> welcome back, donald trump and his supporters celebrating their impeachment victory. >> acquitted for life.
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>> here, nancy. >> you knew this was coming. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with their viral message to democrats and how the rest of social media is responding. carley: tom tillis's music in the background, the president and his supporters doing a victory lap on social media and mocking the house speaker in the process, the president posted a series of pod videos, one of them attacking mitt romney calling him a secret asset for democrats. all of this celebrating leading to polarized reaction, democrats focusing on impeachment,
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republicans focusing on acquittal. matthews is so refreshing to have a leader with a sense of humor, well done, donald trump, this twitter user says what you got to say now democrats, acquittal day, acquitted forever and bishop on twitter says our president is innocent of charges brought against with impeachment, now let's move on and stop the silly divisiveness. that's not going to happen anytime soon, jerry nadler says the house is going to continue to investigate the president and may subpoena john bolton so more to come if you can imagine on this. >> john bolton supported mitt romney for president. we should think about this. i should figure this out online. there is video showing nancy pelosi pre-ripping the pages. >> let's show the video and everybody can make up their own mind. there was debate whether nancy pelosi plan to rip up the pages of the state of the union address or if it was a moment of anger, an act of impulse and yesterday this video surfaced from the trump campaign claiming that shows her pre-ripping
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pieces of paper and the new york post wrote an article about it, donald trump junior posted a sweet about the ripping overall saying she ripped up donald trump's the last night and in that speech were stories of american heroes and american dreams, stories more powerful than her hateful we shredded for impeachment, let's alter of the democrats chances in 2020. this twitter user says pelosi's actions are emblematic of what progressives are doing to our country, ripping apart and pre-ripping pages would - during the president's speech. you can't get rid of anything on social media, you see the little ripping the pages. >> i think she definitely plans to do it and should have thought better at it after they introduced all the great people. elizabeth warren, we have video of her that this is circulating trying tied behind her staffer. >> this is important because she talks a lot about climate change and the gap between the rich and the poor and this video surfaced showing are getting off of a
1:27 am
private plane in iowa and looks like she saw the cameras and then shifts her body to hide behind that staffer, very successful in hiding herself so this is going viral on social media. how is climate change working for you. very good question to ask. >> i love people's comments, they can be very entertaining. 27 after the top of the hour and joe biden going on offense in new hampshire after the iowa caucus. >> we took a good punch in iowa. the whole process took a good punch but this isn't the first time in my life i have been knocked down. >> can he gain ground against bernie sanders or pete buttigieg, we are live on the
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campaign trail in the media is worried donald trump could cause problems for democrats by swaying black voters after his state of the union address. republican kimberly place it just won a special primary election and says democrats have just taken the black vote for granted and she joins us up next. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15%ain? or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-?
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>> half past the top of the hour. the twelfth case of deadly coronavirus conference in wisconsin was the outbreak spreading rapidly in china killing over 500 people with 28,000 cases. a chinese baby tested positive for the virus 30 hours after his mother gave birth and house republicans could vote today on a resolution to condemn nancy pelosi for her now famous paper ripping moment at the state of the union. it condemns pelosi's actions as a breach of decorum that brought discredit on the house. pelosi told reporters she did it
1:32 am
because it was a, quote, manifesto of mistruths. matt gates plans to file an ethics complaint. and donald trump will speak at the 60 eighth annual national prayer breakfast hosted by members of congress and the fellowship foundation which is a nonprofit bringing together religious, political and business leaders. 2020 hopefuls take new hampshire by storm after the caucus chaos in iowa, dueling polls show pete buttigieg and bernie sanders in the lead forcing the candidates to shift their strategy. griff jenkins live in new hampshire as we get towards primary day. >> you mentioned storm. it is snowing in february in new hampshire and politics are heating up and there is a new
1:33 am
poll from the boston globe that has, you guessed it, pete buttigieg on the rise, look at these numbers, bernie sanders leading 25%, buttigieg 19%, up four points from where he was a few days ago. biden at 12% down three points and warren where she was in fourth at 11%. it is important to note that 14 points undecided here, buttigieg is climbing on sanders who is the hometown favorite with neighboring vermont, he won four years ago by a handed amount and buttigieg knows he has got to appeal to not only his moderate lane but some of the more left liberal lane. listen to pete buttigieg. >> we have to recognize there are options somewhere in between a revolution and the status quo ante in order to govern as well as to lead. we have to enlist the energies of people from my party,
1:34 am
independents and some number of people who are accustomed to being in the other party. >> another story people are talking about on the ground is sanders is barnstorming around, we expected biden to turn up the heat but he is mysteriously not on the campaign trail today, his aides putting out a note that he is meeting with advisors but yesterday biden was taking a shot at the two in front of him, listen to this. >> he calls himself a democratic socialist. we are seeing what donald trump is going to do with that. >> i believe it is a risk for this party to nominate someone who has never held office higher than mayor of the town of 100,000 people in indiana. >> we will see what today brings aside from the snow falling but one thing is for sure, we will have a different sort of setting of steaks in that db tomorrow
1:35 am
night as candidates get ready and they will turn a lot of their fire and pete buttigieg. >> get a hat or a scarf, thank you so much, appreciate it. we will check back for sure. democrats are not giving up, the senate acquitting donald trump of impeachment charges but the left still wants to investigate his dealings with ukraine. jerry nadler now threatening to subpoena former national security adviser john bolton. >> he said it is likely your committee or combination of committees will subpoena john bolton. that is what you are saying. >> has the speaker signed off on it? >> i don't know. >> bolton said he would testify if subpoenaed by the senate during the impeachment trial but
1:36 am
republicans said additional witnesses weren't necessary. unclear how bolton will respond to the house subpoena. nadler was unclear too. as impeachment trial comes to a close maybe republican lawmakers are turning their focus to hunter biden. the president has accused the former vice president's son of corruption regarding his work with burisma in ukraine. the chairman of the senate finance committee, chuck grassley and ron johnson now requesting hunter's travel records writing in part we write to request information about whether hunter biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business and they want that information by february 19th. reports on the president's state of the union claimed he used the address as an opportunity to course black voters but whether or not democrats approve it looks like it is working and sending the mainstream media into a frenzy. >> what he was saying to
1:37 am
african-americans can be effective. you may not like it but he mentioned hbc you, talks about, justice reform is what you will see him do is you may not like my rhetoric but look at my results, look at my record. >> this coming after the president's super bowl ad highlighted his prison reform efforts. will his efforts pay off at the ballot box? joining me fresh from her special election win, kimberly clay sick, congratulations, we will get to that in a moment. thanks for coming on. let's talk about this, the latest fox news poll shows black voter approval for donald trump stand that 24%, 74% disapproval but many expect these numbers to change and clearly some in the mainstream media a little worried about that. should they be?
1:38 am
>> they should and he put on the head, for so long democrats have taken the black vote for granted. after hillary clinton lost in 2016 she spent two years traveling the country trying to figure out why she lost. it is because they don't go into the black community and talk to people or they make promises they just don't keep so when donald trump ran he ran on the fact that he was going to do something about prison reform and fund hbc yous and he did all those things, so now black people are looking at him saying here is the guy who kept his promises and moving forward and we will see a lot of people in november voting for donald trump. shannon: it is interesting because all of these things are factual, getting results, things you can see happening but other lawmakers like alexandria ocasio cortez saying whatever the
1:39 am
republicans do is just a trick, they are tricking black voters into supporting them. >> you can't win. if he does mention black voters he is pandering. if he doesn't mention black voters he is racist. he can't win whatever he does but a lot of people remember president obama took money from hbc yous to balance the budget and here he is adding money to that and people are paying attention and i am glad. >> you mentioned historically black universities and colleges in his state of the union address the talks about giving scholarships to children from disadvantaged communities to go to the schools they want, school choice, let's talk about the special primary election for maryland's seventh congressional district, tell us about that and who you will be running against now. >> the seat was vacated by congressman elijah cummings. it has been democrat since 1953.
1:40 am
it is a tough election, a democratic district but i think people are ready for a change. for the past year or so i have been going into communities and talking to people. i believe i won the primary off of grassroots efforts. i am basically going against an incumbent because this is a guy who held a seat before congressman cummings and when he was in he actually signed on at 1994 crime bill. i remind people if you look at donald trump and his first step act, fixing what was broken with that crime bill that led to so much mass incarceration that you see in the greater baltimore area. honestly i think i need to remind people where they were back in the 90s when he was in office, we have a problem with crime, with education and people are ready for a change so hopefully people get behind me
1:41 am
and donate to the campaign because surrogates have a ton of money but i think we can win this. shannon: they can find you on social media and you're getting a huge outpouring of support and some pushback. congratulations, we certainly appreciate you joining us and good luck. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and a beautiful day for a super bowl victory celebration in kansas city until this happened. and out-of-control driver causing chaos on the parade route. the insane footage. the controversial greenlight license law for illegal immigrants coming back to bite new york, the new rules being put into place by homeland security.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends first," panic at the super bowl victory parade route when a car breaks through a safety barrier, several police
1:45 am
cars chasing after the driver in kansas city and crashing into the car to get it to stop, two suspects were arrested, the driver is under investigation, this happened before the parade be an. no one was injured. an emotional tribute to kobe bryant's 13-year-old daughter in the wake of the deadly helicopter crash. or california middle school retiring the eighth-grader's basketball jersey and the coach remembering the talented teen. >> gianna was a warrior who gave 110% on the court. she had that mentality. >> her mother writing on his to graham in part mom used to let will always be so proud of us california senator dianne feinstein demand mandatory terrain warnings. the chopper carrying kobe and bryant and 7 others did not have the safety tools, it crashed in
1:46 am
dense fog. facial recognition technology will be on capitol hill today. congressional committee holding a hearing on the issue after a government report found accuracy problems with the tools which critics say could lead to bias, supporters claim it is important for law enforcement. dhs uses facial recognition and airports on travelers entering and leaving the us. new york's greenlight law is stopping residents from travel perks. acting dhs secretary chad wolf telling fox news exclusively new yorkers are banned from trusted traveler programs including global entry. the programs allow faster entry into the us for travelers and cargo. >> they can enroll in what customs and border protection offers because we no longer have access to make sure they meet program requirements. >> the department will continue to assess the law which went
1:47 am
into effect in december. a member of the newly minted us space force still don't have a name but one thing is for sure, they won't be called space men, the pentagon says they are crowdsourcing ideas for the name and asking members what they would like to be called as well. the newest branch of the armed forces has 16,000 air force servicemembers assigned to it so let them know what you think they should be called. the time is almost 10 minutes until the top of the hour and the coronavirus we have been reporting on, the outbreak has people around the globe on edge. do facemasks make a difference, package is being shipped from china could be contaminated, separating fact from fiction for us. so nice to see you again. .
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>> panics or can people running to the internet for tips on how to avoid getting the deadly coronavirus but a lot of misinformation is spreading like wildfire so here to separate fact versus fiction on the virus is doctor jennifer caldwell, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. looking forward to the segment so let's get to it. the first thing people are hearing, facemasks prevent contracting the virus. >> fiction. in this country the cdc has risk in the us is very low which is a good thing. it's not spreading in the community and that we do not need to be wearing facemasks. this is important because places like amazon and other retailers are selling out and that is a problem because some people will need facemasks. there are some places like in china where facemasks are quite necessary, don't get me wrong but in this country they are not
1:52 am
recommended. >> not yet. it is safe to receive a letter or package from china. that's another thing circulating. >> it is safe at this point. the cdc think the likelihood of coronavirus being transmissible from a package or stationary item is very low. right now there are no reports that we know of of coronavirus being transmitted this way. we think it is safe to receive packages. shannon: do they know how it is transferred from one person to another. >> upper respiratory droplets, generally person-to-person respiratory droplets and that is why and the cdc says we think the likelihood of the virus staying on a package, remaining on a package and still being infected is very low. >> we hear things of this type online, eating garlic, rinsing
1:53 am
your nose with saline or putting on sesame oil helps prevent the virus. >> this is fiction. right now there are a lot of sort of what i would call the sort of sham cures ending up online. i would hope if these cured the coronavirus we would have nifty in the bud. there is no vaccine for coronavirus. there is no particular treatment. the best we can do is prevention, washing our hands, stay away from people who are sick. >> before we get to that what about isolation? is isolation helpful for prevention? >> that is fiction. if you have not traveled overseas or to a place that has coronavirus and are not sick. if you are healthy and haven't traveled and are in this country there is no reason at this point to isolate yourself. >> back to prevention. >> this is what we can do. it doesn't seem like that much. it is a big deal. washing our hands, a lot of
1:54 am
people still don't wash their hands. 20 seconds, soap and water. if you don't have that use hand sanitizer, stay home if you are sick, don't go to work. if you are sneezing or coughing cough into a tissue or your elbows you don't get it on your hands. lots of doctors on tv heaven talking about getting a flu shot not because it prevents the coronavirus but we have deaths from the flu and that is something we can do something about. shannon: we are not hearing about that, we're hearing about the corona virus. i had the mask ready on the plane in case i heard people coughing but that is something i always do and to monitor it you can look at the cdc website. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the pc police at it again? peta doesn't want us to call our
1:55 am
pets pets. the preferred term every dog and cat owner should start using. >> been a while since your last physical evaluation. there you are, lady. >> i remember having to do that in gym class. why gym class may never be the same again in liberal california.
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>> we need you once is right now. >> a fox nation --
1:59 am
>> time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. the space capsule falling from the sky has a world record holder on board. astronaut christina koch returning to work after 328 days on the international space station, the longest single space flight for a woman congratulations to her. the bad. remember the steps we have to take in school? >> i have been thinking it has been a wild since your last physical evaluation. there you are, lady. >> california governor gavin newsom is looking to end them, they invite bullying and the state should investigate if they are fair. peta facing backlash, warning people to stop using the term pet. the organization claims the word is derogatory toward animals, suggesting people say companions instead. several people saying what a
2:00 am
load of nonsense. chris posting as long as they are loved and looked after i'm sure the animal doesn't care what it is called. i agree. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> he had no right to destroy the document. >> that is a form of speech. i will be filing charges against nancy pelosi and the house ethics committee. >> it is thursday february 6th, nancy pelosi could be in trouble after her stunned at the state of the union. >> putting the house speaker in the hot seat now that the president's name has been cleared. >> i'm afraid i will never hear his voice, him running say mommy. my son - >> the mother of a missing colorado boy is speaking out as the ar


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