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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  February 6, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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north carolina, and they toured north carolina. well, mark was sort of semisupporting another candidate. which he ended up leaving very quickly. i don't think he had a choice, because of your wife. so thank her. mark meadows is an extra ordinary guy. the only problem is i guess he's announcing that she would only win by 40 points, but he is announcing that he is not running this time. you have somebody good to run? is somebody going to win your district by at least 20 points, please? okay. but he's a tremendously talented man. not just as a politician, as a human being is incredible. and during these horrible times -- the way he worked, and jim, and all of you guys, the way they worked was so -- it was like their life was at stake. so many. ron desantis is another one. he worked so hard. he called me, he said, "sir, i would like to run for governor." i said, "governor? i don't want you to run. i like you --" "no, i want to
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run for governor." i said, "well, if i have to. how can i support you, you are at three." he had no money. somebody else had $22 million in cash. i said, "if it's important, i'll do it." these and great warrior. by the way, he ran, i endorsed him, his numbers went through the roof. the men who he beat, who was expected to win back easily, called me after the race. he said, "you endorsed him and it was like a nuclear bomb went off. there was nothing i could do." he never even spent his money, he saved it. but ron desantis is another one. and now he's the governor of florida. by the way, he's a great governor. he is a very popular governor. his numbers are in the 70s, and he's done a great job. but, mark, i want to thank you very much. fantastic job, thank you very much. mark meadows. [applause] and mike johnson of louisiana.
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where's mike? central casting, what a job. you can represent me any time. [applause] you can represent me anytime. thank you. what a job you've done. thank you, mike. and a man nobody's ever heard of except the other side. he's the other side's worst nightmare. this guy goes down into dungeons and basements, he will find a document no matter what. he's the most legitimate human being, he's the hardest worker. he's unbelievable. he took tremendous abuse. the media, and the other side, the bad ones, the leakers, the liars, the dirty cops they, they want to destroy him. they tried, but he wouldn't let it happen. in a certain way, he was the first one. wouldn't you say? this was the first guide. came out of nowhere. he's saying, "these people are corrupt." he is still saying it.
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he was unbelievable. devin nunes. unbelievable. [applause] that's so true, devin. he would come in and say -- i didn't even know them. i just heard there was this congressman who just kept going into a basement come into files. he knew something was wrong. you felt it, right? now we know a lot more than we knew then, right? you never thought it was as bad as it is, and hopefully we are going to take care of things, because we can never, ever allow this to happen again. [applause] scott perry of pennsylvania. scott, thank you.
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[applause] thank you, scott. really great. i do doing very well over there, by the way. just so you -- a man who is -- central casting, if i'm going to pick perry mason, i'm going to do a remake of "perry mason." other than bill barr, i would pick the sky. but i would pick barr first. john ratcliffe. if we were doing a remake of "perry mason," the man i get -- there is nobody in hollywood like this. john ratcliff. [applause] such a great lawyer. incredible guy, incredible talent. just a great lawyer. we appreciate it. he gets on that screen and everybody says, "i agree." the other side folds up so fast, we'll probably be using a lot of you in the next year. we've been fantastic, john. we appreciate it. thank you very much. i meant it was braver than me and braver than all of us in this room. he got whacked.
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he got whacked, my steve. right? i went to the hospital with our great first lady that night. right, honey? we saw a man who was not going to make it. he was not going to make it. the doctor -- i told him, his wife, i said, "she loves you." "why did you say that?" because she was devastated. a lot of wives would give a da damn. [laughter] i would say, "how is he doing?" ?" she couldn't even talk, she was inconsolable. "not good." "i'm going home now." [laughter] she was a total mess. she was really devastated. it really looked like he had a 20, 25% chance -- i think you set a record for blood loss. and steve scalise, actually -- honestly, i think you're a better looking, more handsome now. you weren't that good looking, you look good now pay [laughter]
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he looks better now, can you believe it? i don't know what the hell that is. [applause] better now. [applause] what a guy. and he was practicing for the baseball game against the democrats, right? and this whack job started shooting. hurt roger. i don't know if roger is here. heard a number of heard a number of people. steve was the second baseman. he went down, and it was terrible. i mean, i saw the whole thing, and it was terrible. fortunately, you had to cope brave policeman with you because of your high position in congress. you had to policeman and they were amazing.
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a man and woman. they came in, they didn't have rifles. they were supposedly against a pretty good sharpshooter with rifles, good equipment. all they had was a gun. they started coming in from the outfield, shooting. they are so far away, that a handgun is not preferred. this guy has a rifle, he's hitting people, and he was going to move up, and there was no out. if he had been able to move up, there was no way to get out. the entrance was a single entrance way on the other side where he was. so everyone went into the dugout, ran into the dugout. but steve was really hit badly in the stomach. with a bullet that rips you apart. it was supposed to do that, it rips you apart. these two people came, charging forward. boom, boom, boom. and one of them -- you know who? one of them, him, got the shooter. hit him. and then got him.
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killed him. from long distance. it was amazing. if you didn't have those two people, you could imagine. right? you could imagine what would happen. melania and i went to the hospital that night, and he was in such bad shape. he's been working ever since, so hard. six months ago, they had a baseball game at the national -- i'm watching. it's on television. it's just. it's a game, you want to win it. right? steve is second base. the poor guy can't even walk. do you remember bobby richardson for the new york yankees? he was known for range, louis. he had the greatest range. if the ball at the shortstop, bobby richardson is the second baseman. bobby richardson would feel the ball. if it went to first base, he was sure which of the firs first bad paint had unbelievable range. this was not steve scalise. [laughter] steve had no range.
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[laughter] 1 foot, and he has to fall down. right? he was trying to get better. i don't know who the hell put you on the field. [laughter] and this is a true story. the game starts, and the first pitch, steve is standing there at second base and the guy is really in bad shape. and i said, "this is terrible." a ground ball, shot, is hit to second. and steve, i didn't have time to think through much, but i said, "this is not good. that ball is going toward him." and this guy stopped that ball, caught the ball. he's now laying down. he throws the ball to first base, he gets them out. i said -- it's the most incredible thing. i've never seen it. i've never seen anything like it. [applause] right? and he gets him out, and they then took him out of the game. which was a very wise thing.
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because you could ever do that again in a million years. [laughter] but you aren't going to let that all go through -- i don't care if it was hit by the greatest of all time. right? that ball is not going through you, because you are a warrior. steve is fantastic. you are fantastic. you and liz, kevin, what a group. i mean, what a group. i got lucky. because you need the right people. i fired the wrong people, it may be a different story. maybe we'd be celebrating something else. but i really want to thank you. steve scalise. and elise, you -- i just read this story. most incredible, what's going on with you, elise. i even said -- i was up campaigning, helping. i thought, "she looks good, she looks like good talent." but i didn't realize, when she opens that mouth, you were killing them, elise! you were killing them! [applause]
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elise, and there's a big story in "the new york post." i love "the new york post." they treat me well. there aren't many of you do, but today they are treating you well. i even had a great headline. "new york times," "washington post." i had all these great headlines. maybe we should just send it right there. we had a great story yesterday in the post that people from all over the country are contributing to her campaign. they were so enthralled with the way you handled yourself. what you said, the way you said it. i'll always be your friend. it's really an amazing story. what a great future you have. what a great future, thank you. [applause] the first lady agrees, by the way. the first lady agrees. and michael turner, you can represent me any time. where is michael? where is he? you can represent me. how good were you? [applause]
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there's another "perry mason" type, i think. what do you think, john? michael, you are fantastic, and we appreciate it. brad wenstrup. where is brad? [applause] brad. great, great job. it's a big day. all the lawyers stayed behind. lee zeldin, how good are you? [applause] how good are you? man. and louis, your name -- they didn't give me your name. if i didn't announce louie -- whoever the hill made this list, i've got to get rid of them. if i wouldn't have announced louie, it might have been the end of the presidency. [laughter] louie, you have been so great. so tough and so smart. i got it. but louie has been amazing. he's a tough guy, a smart guy. he's streetwise like crazy. we love texas. we are with you all the way,
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louie. we are with you all the way. thank you very much. [applause] so that's the story. we have a great group of warriors, and there are others left. i guess, probably -- i'm sure i didn't mention a few. i apologize if that's the case. how is cpac doing, good? stand up, will you? he's the one who said, "you should run." [applause] right? matt said -- it's like five years ago, six years ago. i made a speech, and then they do some kind of a straw poll. who made the best speech? and he said i made the best speech, out of all these professionals -- i hate to say this, with all these professional politicians, they voted that by far the best speech was trump. he calls me and said, "we should run for politics." i said, what do i know about politics," we learned quickly at
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our country has ever done better than it's doing right now. but thank you, matt. [applause] so that's the story. even treated very unfairly. fortunately we have great men and women that came to our defense. if we didn't, this would have been a horrific incident for our country. when you have lisa and peter, the lovers, the fbi lovers. [laughter] i want to believe the path you threw out for deputy director andrew mccabe. that's the office. there's no way he gets elected, meaning me. "there's no way he gets elected." this is peter to lisa. he's probably trying to impress her, for obvious reasons. [laughter] "there's no way he gets elected. but i'm afraid we can't take the risk."
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think of this. in other words, if i get elected, they can't -- they, two lowlifes, they can't take the risk. think of it. that's where it came up. the greatest word of all, "insurance policy." but he says, "i'm afraid we can't take the risk. she may lose." "it's like an insurance policy, in the unlikely event you die before your 40. in other words, if i won, they were going to do exactly what they did to us. they were going to try and overthrow the government of the united states. a duly elected president. if i didn't fire james comey, we would have never found this stuff. because when i fired that sleazebag, all hell broke out. they were ratting on each other, they were running for the hills. let's see what happens. let's see what happens. it's in the hands of some very
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talented people. we are going to have to see what happens. but i can tell you, in my opinion, these are the crooked-est, most dishonest, dirtiest people, i've seen. they said -- this is strzok -- "god, who were he should win, 100 million to one." this is about me. this is an agent from the fbi. look how they let her off. 33,000 emails, deleted. nothing happens to her. nothing happens. it's unbelievable. but think of that read "god, hillary should win." these guys are investigating hillary. they go to work for mueller, the two of them. and when mueller found out that everybody knew that they were 100% this way, he let them go. but they deleted all of their emails and text messages. so when we got the phone, they
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were all deleted. could you imagine the treasure trove? of the illegally deleted so they left, bob mueller, he had to look but he didn't have a lot of other things. always had to look. mr. g-man. i love the fbi and the fbi loves me, 100%. it was the top scum, and the fbi people don't like the top scum. so think of that, 100 million, he's investigating me. and then, "god, trump is a loathsome human being, isn't he?" these are the people looking at me. i'm really not a bad person. and paige said , "yes, he's awful." how would you like to have that? this is the good stuff. this stuff, there's stuff 100 times worse than that. these are all dirty people. and now i just heard that they are suing the united states of
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america. because they were interfered with. just not going to let it happen "we cannot let this happen to our country. [applause] so, i'm going to leave now. i don't know if any of you have anything to say. you could say it, but this is sort of a day of celebration, because we went through hell. i'm sure that pelosi and crying chuck -- the only time i ever saw him cry was when it was appropriate. i've known them for a long time. crying chuck. i'm sure they will try and cook up other things that go through the state of new york. other places. they will do whatever they can. instead of wanting to heal our country and fix our country, all they want to do, in my opinion, it's almost like they want to destroy our country. we can't let it happen. jim jordan, did you want to say
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something cannot go ahead. huh? my? >> i just want to say that this reflection today is a small reflection of the kind of support you have all across the country. [applause] >> president trump: this was a highly partisan situation. pelosi said -- i copied it down exactly. before the impeachment. she wanted to impeach from day one, by the way. don't let it fool you. "no, impeachment is a very serious thing." i said, "she wants to impeach, watch." "the impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there is something so compelling and so overwhelming and bipartisan." bipartisan? it was 170 to nothing.
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the one failed presidential candidate, and i call that half of the vote because he actually voted for us on the other one. but we had one failed presidential candidate. that's the only half of what we lost. so, we had almost 53 to nothing. we had 197 to nothing. and the only one that voted against was a guy that can't stand the fact that he ran one of the worst campaigns in the history of the presidency. but she said, "it has to be something so compelling and so overwhelming and bipartisan." "i don't think we should go down that path, because it divides the country." she was right about that. "and it's just not worth it." that was nancy pelosi a year a ago. i think it's a shame. i think it's a shame. as i said, if we can put this
10:21 am
genius to work on roads and highways and bridges and all of the things we can do, prescription drugs. you know, we had -- secretary azar is here, and i want to thank you for this -- we had the first time in 51 years where drug prices actually came down last year. first time in 51 years. we can do working with both parties in congress would be unbelievable. it would be unbelievable. all we can do. i know chuck grassley is working very hard on it, and mitch is working very hard on it. we can do is incredible. what we can do just generally. we've done so much without it. we rebuilt our military, we've cut regulations at a level that nobody thought possible. we will always protect our second amendment, we all know that. i just want to tell you that it's an honor to be with you all. i want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phony, rotten deal by
10:22 am
some very evil and sick people. and ivanka is here, my sons, my whole family. and that includes barron. he's up there, he's a young boy. stand up, honey. ivanka, thank you, honey. [applause] [prolonged applause] i just want to thank my family for sticking through it.
10:23 am
this was not part of the deal. i was going to run for president, and if i won, i was going to do a great job. i didn't know i was going to run and then when i got in i was going to have to run again and again and again. every week, i had to run again. that wasn't the deal, but they stuck with me. i'm so glad i did it, because we are making progress and doing things for our great people that everybody said couldn't be done. our country is thriving, our country is just respected again. and it's an honor to be with the people in this room. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> harris: for the better part of 45, 50 minutes, the president taking his victory lap after the acquittal in the senate impeachment trial. and you see in there, really
10:24 am
loud applause inside the east room. he's been joined on the dais by the first lady, melania account. a couple things stood out. he said, "i've done things wrong in my life, i'll admit, but this is what happens in the end. this is the end result." and he held up the front page of "the washington post." heavy, heavy applause, again, there. we will it to you again now. there you see it, "trump acquitted." and there you hear all those people in the room. he named a lot of supporters in the room. members of his legal team, so on and so forth. one person did speak up when he said, "if there's anybody wants to speak," at the very end there. it was are presented of mark meadows who said, "we've got your back." i want to bring in bret baier, chief political anger and anger of "special report." bret come a lot there. we first heard from the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, and her weekly news conference. this was more than a clap back. this had been planned since his tweets. the president's tweet yesterday
10:25 am
afternoon, that this would happen at noon eastern. >> harris, clearly this was not a teleprompter speech. this was the president, pretty much stream of consciousness, reacting as he saw it to how this all went down. as you saw it, thinking all of the different people in the room. his legal team getting a standing ovation. senator mitch mcconnell getting a standing ovation. and then one by one, going through all of the senators and house members. i was struck by -- first of all, how perhaps senator susan collins, when she said the president has learned from this, he has learned something but it probably wasn't that he was wrong. that's not what he takes away from it. he says that it was an evil impeachment at one time, which was raising eyebrows. he said it was all b.s. using the real word. and for some people who haven't
10:26 am
seen president trump on the stump, this was a lot like a stump speech. a campaign rally. and kind of a victory lap in this moment. there is nothing that prevents the president from doing that. it's not tradition to give a political-type speech from the white house grounds, but there's nothing illegal about doing it. the hatch act doesn't apply to him. but this was unlike anything we've ever seen. he clearly wanted to get those thoughts out, one by one, about why he thinks this was all made up. but he is not regretting anything. if you look at the acquittal speech after the last impeachment in the united states, bill clinton in 1999, it was starkly different than that. bill clinton in '99 said, "i want to say again to the american people how profoundly sorry i am for what i said ended to trigger all of this." that is a different tone. he is saying this is three years of people going after him. and it --
10:27 am
>> harris: i just want to slide in something that critics will say on the behalf of the president, that those two things might not be apples and apples because president clinton actually did lie. >> i understand, i'm just saying the tone and delivery -- >> harris: that is behavior that is punishable by impeachment, because of -- so i was just pointing that out. speak out know, fair i'm just saying the last time we saw an acquittal speech it was much different than this speech. the circumstances are different. this was trump being trump. this was president trump being trump. for the people who love him, this will continue to rise him in the polls within his supporters. for the people who don't like him, this will throw them really off and they will continue to say that this shouldn't be happening inside the white house. >> harris: so, when gallup looks and finds 49% approval for this president, which is -- you know, it's a little bit like
10:28 am
clinton. he saw his highest rating right after the house impeached him. i'm just wondering, aren't those all people commit or who are they just predominately people who like the president can back it seems like things are taking up and he's gotten things done. what do you think? >> i think you have to watch the independent number. it's even swinging his way. you make a good point there. i think this acquittal this week was probably one of the best weeks of his presidency politically. while he was speaking, the head of the democratic party, tom perez, called for a re-canvassing of the iowa vote. a re-look of all of the votes in iowa. it could not be more of a disaster from the iowa caucuses. it cannot be more of a disaster for democrats who are trying to find someone who is going to go up against president trump. and despite how angry they are and ripping up speeches and everything else that is being said, president trump is winning politically this week. and he took that victory lap today. >> harris: real quickly,
10:29 am
because i want to ask you about this -- the president singled out the former fbi director, james comey. i'm going to ask the team to play number three in our list of things i want to see. let's play that. then i want to get your reaction. >> we've been going through this now for over three years. it was evil, it was corrupt, it was dirty cops, it was leakers and liars. this should never, ever happen to another president, ever. i don't know that other presidents would have been able to take it. had i not fired james comey, who was a disaster, by the way, it's possible i wouldn't even be standing here right now. >> harris: bret? >> well, he said a lot of things that you just -- you don't usually see from the white house property. he has said these things a lot like this on the campaign trail. you've seen these rallies. it throws supporters into a
10:30 am
tizzy. they love it. they eat it all up. but when he said that it's the "crookedest, most dishonest, dirtiest people i've ever seen." he called comey a sleazebag. these are things you just haven't seen after a walk down cross hall at the white house to "hail to the chief." it's a different environment, this is a different president, and he operates differently. this is the moment he wanted to take. not on the teleprompter, but in his own words, to say "i won." >> harris: it'll be interesting to see. we will report the reaction. israelis are different audience than the daytime audience like this. this was his victory lap in the nation got to see that today. he is right when he says he has been acquitted. bret baier, good to see. 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight with "special report." coming up next we will get a democratic perspective. this is interesting. this is one of those senators who voted yesterday.
10:31 am
the democrat from pennsylvania, bob casey. they seems to be a weakening, if you will, in the enthusiasm among democratic voters. he heard bret just talking about the fiasco that now continues with phase 2 in iowa as they head to new hampshire. how weak is that backbone among voters? on the democratic side, what will that look like? senator casey with me now. ♪
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♪ >> we went through hell, unfairly. did nothing wrong. did nothing wrong. i've done things wrong in my life, i will admit. [laughter] not purposely, but have done things wrong. but this is what the end result is. [applause]
10:36 am
>> harris: again, president trump celebrating his acquittal just moments ago, thinking his allies and going after his rivals. joining me now, democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania. who, yesterday, voted to convict president trump on both articles of impeachment. senator casey, thank you for being with me today. there is always fallout with these things, there are reports that there is some weakening, if you will, among some democratic voters in terms of their enthusiasm. i first want to just get from you -- what is the message you are telling voters today? >> you mean, the message from the trial? >> harris: yeah, your side did not prevail. >> well, i think the basic message from the trial is no one is above the law. any public official who violates their oath of office, who abuses power, will be held accountable. and that's with the trial was about. there is no question now in terms of the facts. no one, or very few americans, i
10:37 am
think, agree with what you just heard the president say. that he did nothing wrong. that's a ridiculous statement. he solicited the interference of a foreign government in the next election and then demanded that that foreign government investigate a political opponent and also investigate a debunked theory about the last election. nobody believes he did nothing wrong. some senators will make the argument that they thought that didn't reach the standard for a guilty vote and removal from office. i can understand that. but i think the most enduring thing that will remain from the trial is that you had one party refused to hear evidence from relevant witnesses and look at relevant documents. that will be enduring. but i don't think -- i think the country understood what this process was about. people fall on either side of it. but the idea that he did nothing wrong here is really insulting to the country. >> harris: senator casey, where in an election year. when you hear the president say,
10:38 am
"these people have gone stone cold crazy but i've beaten them before and i'll beat them again," talking about his political opposition, basically talking about you as democrats -- it's an election year. so i hear all of what you are saying, but you got a package that now and sell it to a voting public that has been purged waiting to see if you can get this president removed, and you didn't. >> here's what i think voters will want to know in this election. in the presidential race, and the congressional race. they are going to want to know the answers to one basic question at least. maybe two or three. they are going to ask themselves which candidate for president, which party in the congressional races will be more likely to protect my health care or not. we know that the republican party, led by the president, supports a lawsuit that will wipe out protections for pre-existing conditions. that's just a fact. they also support the sabotage of the existing system, and they support every one of them. republican mayors of congress and the president, supports cuts
10:39 am
to medicare and medicaid that total $2.3 trillion. that's with a t, over ten years. if we want to have a fight about an issue, most americans are going to be wanting to know which side of the aisle you fall on that issue. the issue of health care. >> harris: so you've laid out your case for democrats and you pointed to where you think there are truths or untruths on the other side of the political aisle. i don't think the american public would do anything but be thirsty for you to fight about the issues. that hasn't been with this has been up until now. so that might be refreshing. you mentioned there was a candidate -- at least i think i heard you say in there -- that could take it on and possibly beat president trump. real quickly, was that person in the race right now? because coming out of iowa, it was a mess. >> harris, i support joe biden. i supported him from the moment he announced his presidency, for a couple reasons. his integrity, as experience, and his ideas for the future. number four is very important as joe biden can carry pennsylvania. i'm certain of that. the reality for my party is we
10:40 am
have to enact pennsylvania. the president actually could lose pennsylvania and still be reelected. i hate to admit that, but that's the truth. our party has to win pennsylvania. we've got to nominate someone who can carry pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, a few other places. my support for joe biden wasn't just based upon his character and his record, it was also based upon his winnability in our state. >> harris: as you know, the president spoke for the better part of this hour. senator bob casey from the great state of pennsylvania, a democrat on with us today. thank you for your time. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: speaker nancy pelosi with new comments today after she ripped up the president's state of the union address. the script that she had in her hands. one republican's push to have her now criminally charged for that behavior. how would that go? ♪ who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves.
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10:45 am
it was necessary to get the attention of the american people to say, "this is not true, and this is how it affects you." and i don't need any lessons from anybody, especially the president of the united states, about dignity. completely entirely don't like and entirely appropriate. considering some of the other exuberances, it was the courteous thing to do. >> harris: wow. >> nancy pelosi facing major backlash to me for ripping up the copy of the president 's state of the union address as he finished his speech. one g.o.p. lawmaker has introduced a resolution condemning her, and republican matt gaetz is going a step further, seeking possible criminal charges. he tweeted this. "in filing an ethics complaint against speaker pelosi for destroying the president's state the union speech. her conduct was beneath the dignity of the house and a potential violation of law. nobody is above the law. she must be held accountable." meanwhile, the president has some choice words for the speaker. just a few minutes ago you saw
10:46 am
it live here on fox. >> they are vicious and mean. vicious. these people are vicious. adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person. and she wanted to impeach a long time ago. she said, "i pray for the president." she doesn't pray. she may pray, but she prays for the opposite." be when the power panel now. james freeman, assistant editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page. ethan bearman, radio host of "left coast news." first of all, ethan, i want to start with you. these are the two most powerful people, arguably. mitch mcconnell, chuck schumer, powerful. but nancy pelosi on the president have gone head-to-head before. what does this look like going forward? it got really nasty today. >> this is not a good look at all. we don't have an executive republic. we have a tripartite republic. he needs speaker the policy when it gets to budget negotiations. to turn on her in his speech
10:47 am
again today is only going to make this acrimonious. there is no effort going on here to repair the relationship. we need these two talking to each other, not just fighting. it's not good for the country. >> harris: james, what did the nation see on display today? speak of the speaker was saying she didn't need the dignity lessons. i think a lot of people probably thinking the leadership of both parties could use some dignity lessons. i do want to say, if people are offended about the trump comments about former fbi director james comey, i think they shouldn't be. we now have a documented record. this is not a partisan issue. you have people on both sides of the aisle who have now established the abuses of the economy-era fbi. >> harris: go ahead. >> i was just going to say, everything else he has said about the fbi has been proven false by his own doj's ig inspection prayed he was throwing out conspiracy theories again, he might be right about comey without one data point but
10:48 am
the rest of it has been shown round by his own doj. >> the fabricated evidence to spy on american participating in the political process, what more do you need to believe that the problem? >> harris: i want to jump in here because i want to move on to what representative matt gaetz is doing, and this move to somehow either censure pelosi or go after for criminal charges. what do you make of that, james? are we now inside the beltway in the nation's capital going to go after each other over these things, these barbs? or can't they just stop throwing their toys out of the crib and get along? >> i hope the congressman isn't talking about going to court, either attempting some type of criminal or civil investigation were inspiring one. if he's talking about going to the house ethics committee and asking them to review this, that seems like the appropriate thing to do for members of congress to deliberate on how they think they ought to conduct themselves. whether it's at the state of the union or in any other forum.
10:49 am
>> harris: i've got to let you gentlemen go. james, ethan, thank you very much. we'll bring it back on a different day, lots of news pray thank you. despite president trump's acquittal and lawmaker saying it's time to move on, both political parties seem to be looking to reignite the ukraine battle with new investigations. house democrats say they are considering a subpoena for john bolton, a former national security advisor, as pelosi today again suggested their investigations into president trump are far from over. watch. >> we will continue to do our oversight to protect and defend the constitution, which is three coequal branches of government, each a check and balance on the other. we had some cases in court now. >> harris: meanwhile, some senate republicans are requesting information on hunter biden's business activities inside ukraine. joining me now, arizona republican senator martha mcsally of the senate armed services committee. good to see you, senator. talk to me about what you would be looking for with regard to joe biden's son, hunter?
10:50 am
>> let me first say, with the house is doing, they should have possibly done in the first place if they had any concerns and there ove their oversight role. most americans, asked the question, "my kid couldn't have gotten a job like that without being qualified." so there are legitimate questions. the mainstream media brought them up in the past, that should be followed through on in some appropriate manner. if people are looking into trying to get the facts on that for their appropriate roles, with the house is now saying is they are going to bring in john bolton and others. again, if they had concerns they should have done that in the first place instead of rushing through an impeachment by christmas and taking over and commandeering the senate floor for several weeks with this unfair, rushed process. >> harris: senator, the point you are making -- just for example -- subpoenaing john bolton, there is no promise
10:51 am
he would give the same deal to the house that he was willing to give up on subpoena request and the senate. they may have to go down the same road to subpoena him and still go through the courts. there is no promise he's going to give the same deal. looking forward -- and i had just asked this of my power panel -- are we had a point where, in washington, this is the battle that's going to go on? it's not going to be over issues, it's going to be how much more investigation you can do. what are the american people get out of that? what do they get on either side? either you looking at hundred biden, or the house looking at president trump? >> again, what i prefer we do is come together for the things that matter to my constituents and americans. when i'm back home, they are not talking about this. they are talking about the price of prescription drugs. they are talking about the epidemic of veteran suicide. what are we doing on infrastructure? there's obvious opportunities for us to work on behalf of the american people and provide our oversight roles, but not have this town bogged down in their
10:52 am
fights -- >> harris: can you do it? can you work across the aisle from the people that the president today called horrible? >> i develop time. i'm a veteran, i look forward to venn diagram overlaps. things like i mentioned already. i will keep doing it. i lost my dad when i was a kid and i always look at it like, "if this is the last year of my life, what can i do to make a difference for arizona?" i will keep pushing hard to see where we can find ways to fix things that are impacting america. i promise i'm going to keep it up. >> harris: look at it all. i say that because i know both sides are showing barbs. after you pull away from an impeachment battle like this, what should your first focus be? it is an election year. it's complicated. the american people are perched to see if you can get their work done. >> i think so, and the president talked about many things in his state of the union speech. but i think one area is the cost of prescription drugs. whether you are a small business or a senior or you are somebody who just turned 26 and you are
10:53 am
coming up your parents' insurance, there are concerns about the out-of-pocket cost of health care. specifically prescription drugs. can't we find some common ground to address this issue? i think we can, moving forward. >> harris: senator mcsally of the great state of arizona, thank you for your time today. hollywood liberals suddenly showing some love to a high-profile republican. rushing to applaud mitt romney's yes vote on impeachment. is this just out of touch hypocrisy, or something else? carley shimkus with the walk on on the "outnumbered overtime." good to see you, my friend. >> good to see you! ♪ i have huge money saving news for veterans.
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tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now. ♪ ♪ ♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia. >> harris: fresh off of bashing the present state of the union address, that midler tweeted, trump has learned nothing from the expanse of being impeached. they will continue his criminal
10:58 am
ways and double down knowing he's gotten away with it once again. he will be like robert my gob, dictator of zimbabwe, who lasted 40 years, dying at 95 with his nation in ruins." carley shimkus is here, fox news headlines 24/7. you've been taking a look at this, what did you find? >> we have to remember they are actors so they have a flair for drama but given the gravity of what happened yesterday, you would think there would be this overflowing title wave of reaction from hollywood. that didn't really happen, and i think it's because a lot of really famous people and others have already moved on and they knew that acquittal was inevitable. the actors who did react, the majority of them of course, shock of all shocks, were critical of the president. one of them was haley bieber, justin bieber's wife and supermodel in her own right. she posted a picture of the president and captioned it "god help us" which is interesting because she's stephen baldwin's
10:59 am
daughter who is outspoken trump supporter. the president does have a few famous supporters one of which is chuck woolery. pete tweeted, president trump is acquitted, what a total waste of our time. i always think it's cool when we don't know where celebrities stand politically. >> it's much different though then comparing the president to an african did mike dictator. >> like i said the drama tweets are the ones that will get the most attention. >> really quick, hollywood weighed in on mitt romney? >> yes. actress alyssa milano was tweeting, she always does, thank you for doing what's right. ben stiller also chimed in saying, lots of respect for mitt romney. the reception not so warm and the other side of the aisle today. >> harris: we will see how long it lasts.
11:00 am
i haven't heard that senator romney is leaving the g.o.p. party so we will see how long it lasts. good to see you on a very busy news day. thanks for dropping by. and thank all of you for joining us for fox news today. here is "the daily briefing." >> dana: president trump celebrating victory over what he calls an equally impeachment one day after the senate voted not to kick him out of office. hello everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." a ♪ >> dana: the president spoke at the white house wrapping up in just the last hour. the president said democrats have been trying to get rid of him since even before he got elected. >> president trump: we were treated unbelievably unfairly, and you have to understand, we first went through russia russia russia. it was all [bleep]


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