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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 6, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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coming up next tucker carlson takes it away from washington, d.c. thanks for joining me, everybody. we will see you back here on "the story" tomorrow at 7:00. have a great night. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if it feels like three months of news has been compacted into a single week, that's pretty close. the president gave a wild speech today responding to his impeachment acquittal. nancy pelosi's state of the union behavior and a radio tired private equity king pin who uses the u.s. senate to deliver moral sermons to america. here is a 10-second sampling. >> we were treated unbelievably unfairly and you have to understand we first went through russia, russia, russia. it was all bull [bleep] >> tucker: you will hear more.
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mark steyn joins us to respond to all of it. also we will dig into the still unfinished chaos in iowa. that's unbelievable. and then the coronavirus continues to spread tonight. a chinese doctor who sounded the alarm about it is now dead. dr. marc siegel joins us to assess the growing threat. but, first, a story that has not received nearly enough attention. in cities across the country, prosecutors and lawmakers are working frantically to make life worse for normal people and easier for thugs and armed robbers. we told you about new york's new bail law, the one that let's criminals back onto the streets immediately after being caught. not surprisingly, crime has surged. this has shocked nobody except maybe chris cuomo's brother who runs the state and who is responsible for it. now there is this sad story. in 2018 wilmer rodriguez was brutally assaulted by two members of ms-13 after he tried to protect two boys they were threatening. rodriguez agreed to testify against his attackers in court as good citizens do. that decision cost him his life. on sunday rodriguez was
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beaten to death outside his home until recently, rodriguez would have been protected by new york law, which allowed prosecutors to conceal the names of witnesses until shortly before trial for their safety. but, a new law, this one passed to help criminal defendants, required prosecutors to turn over rodriguez' name to the gang members' lawyers. almost immediately gang members started harassing rodriguez. this week they killed him. that's what new york is like now. do the right thing and you could be murdered by predators the government is determined to protect. lunancy? yes, it is lunancy. it's not confined to new york. in 2018 nancy pelosi attacked the president for daring to call ms-13 members animals. according to pelosi, trump was more immoral than the gang members he insulted. >> we're all god's children. there's a spark of divinity in every person on earth. and so when the president of the united states says about undocumented immigrants these aren't people, these are animals.
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you have to wonder, does he not believe in the spark of divinity, the dignity and worth of every person? every day that you think you've seen it all, along comes another manifestation of why their policies are so inhumane. >> tucker: he is a sinner, ms-13 are god's children. well, voxx did an entire video how ms-13 were misunderstood high school students deeply understood kids aligned by the recent media. >> when you think of the gang ms-13, what do you see? maybe something like this. or this. but what if i told you that typical ms-13 gang member in the u.s. actually looks like one of these young men on facebook? >> the ms-13 members that i have been following are working after school jobs. they are living with their parents. they get around long island on bicycles. >> there is no indication that we are seeing a bigger
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surge of ms-13 than we have seen in the past. >> tucker: vox wants you to calm down. go back to bed those scary ms-13 gang members just a nightmare. except they weren't. they are real. ms-13 is an actual organization. it's a massive transnational criminal organization that's left behind a trail of bodies and a number of countries over decades. three years ago we traveled to el salvador to see where it all started. >> we visited a detention center in sandal have a door where suspected ms-13 members are being held before trial. more than 50 men packed in a single cell. their backs to us to avoid being identified. some seemed barely out of childhood though in many cases they were covered in gang tattoos, a sign of their total commitment. before long, some of these guys may wind up in l.a. or long island. it's happening now. what was your role in the gang. >> i was a [inaudible] >> what does that mean. >> a trigger man. that means that i -- that means to kill.
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>> tucker: how old were you when you first killed? >> i was 15 years old. that was my first homicide. >> tucker: how many people did you kill? >> i killed quite a few. quite a few. >> tucker: a 15-year-old committing murder. we have those in our country, too. it's a sad fact that something we should both be horrified and ashamed of. crime and violence are the clearest possible signs that a society isn't functioning as it should. if they increased to a certain point, societies don't function at all and we should be worried about that, always. we ought to be doing all that we can to build a place, a country where people who follow the law are rewarded. those who throughout it are punished and above all children can live in peace and safety it. used to be obvious. it's not obvious anymore. at this moment there is a bill pending in the congress called the new way forward act. it's received almost no publicity and that's unfortunate as well as revealing. the legislation is sponsored by 44 house democrats including ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez. there is roughly 4400 words
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long means it's almost exactly as long as the u.s. constitution. like the constitution, it's designed to create a whole new country. the bill would entirely remake our immigration system with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move to the united states and settle here permanently with immunity. they may think we are exaggerating for effect. we are not exaggerating no each a little bit. the new way forward most radical piece of legislation we have seen in this country ever. makes the green new deal look like the status quo. the documents says this and quoting it verbatim. convictions should not lead to deportation, end quote. keep in mind not talking about convictions for double parking or even for dui. the bill targets felony convictions, serious crimes that could send to you prison for years and should. a press release from congressman jesus garcia of illinois is expressive. it will break the quote prison to deportation pipeline.
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something most of us are for. how does the bill do that? under current u.s. law, legal u.s. immigrants can be deported if they commit a, quote, aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude. that is a vile depraved act like molesting children. under the new way forward act, crimes of moral turpitude are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation. and the category of aggravated felony gets eliminated, too. what does that mean? consider this? under current law immigrants who commit serious crimes robbery to fraud to child sexual abuse must be deported regardless of the sentences they receive. other crimes, less severe ones like racketeering require deportation if the perpetrator receives at least a one-year sentence. unksd this bill there would no longer be any crime that automatically requires deportation. none. and one crime, falsifying a passport, would be made immune from deportation no matter what because apparently 9/11 never even happened and we no longer care about fake government
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documents. by the way, if you just renewed your driver's license to real i.d. act you must feel like an immigrant. because immigrants are getting a pass. you are not. under the proposed legislation for crimes that would still allow deportation the required prison sentence would rise from one year to five years. we checked the bureau of justice statistics. according to federal data crimes like fraud theft, weapons offenses all carry prison sentences of fewer than five years. that's looking at averages. people who commit rape, child abuse even manslaughter and get sentences with fewer than five years. lots of them, actually. if the new way forward act passes, immigrants who commit those crimes and receive those sentences would remain in this country and, of course, they will be eligible for citizenship day one, too. of course. but even that is understating the law's effect. even a five-year prison sentence wouldn't necessarily be enough to trigger deportation. the bill would grant sweeping new powers to immigration judges allowing them to nullify a
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deportation order. the only requirement for that is, quote: the immigration judge finds such an exercise of discretion appropriate and pursuant of humanitarian purposes, to assure family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest. talk about open-ended. in other words, anti-american immigration judges and there are a lot of those in this country, would have a blank check to open the borders. you would not be voting on this. it would happen anyway. is this shocking you yet? because we're just getting started. we read this. proposed legislation. here's another point. current u.s. law makes drug addiction grounds for deportation because why wouldn't it? this bill would eliminate that statute. current law also states that those who have committed drug crimes abroad or, quote, any crimes involving mortar prix tuesdainvolvingmore. a mexican drug cartel leader could be released from prison and come to america immediately. if he wants he can come here illegally and still wouldn't
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be a crime because and you are waiting for this part the bill also decriminalizes illegal entry into america. even by those we have previously deported. in other words, you break our law, we send you out. you come back, you break it again, can you stay. according to a document promoting this bill, criminalizing illegal entry into america is, quote, white supremacist. that's a quote white supremacist. by this point you are beginning to wonder are we making this up? we are not making it up. in fact, we are barely halfway through the bill. the legislation doesn't just make it harder to deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes. doesn't make it just easier to let criminals move here illegally it does both. the bill would abolish all existing enforcement against. they would have to prove they are dangerous or a flight risk. of course ice wouldn't be able to use prior behaviors proof of danger. that's banned. ice would have to overcome even more hurdles if a
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detainee claims to be gay or transgendered if they are under 21 and can't speak english and interpreter isn't immediately available they would get a pass. in other words much easier to arrest illegal alien in this country than it is to arrest you. they're the protected class here. you are just some loser who is paying for it all. believe it or not, we saved the nuttest part of this legislation for last and here is what it is. what could be more destructive than changing u.s. law specifically to allow rapist, child molesters and drug dealers to stay in america? how about this? using taxpayer money to bring deported criminals back into america. that's right. this bill would not abolish your right to control who lives in your country, but it inevents a brand new right, quote, the right to come home. it orders the government to create a quote pathway to those previously deported to apply return to their homes and families in the united states as long as they would have been eligible to stay under the new law. it's retroactive, in other words.
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dhs must spend taxpayer dollars transporting convicted criminal illegal aliens back into the united states. not making this up. so who would be eligible for these flights? tens of thousands of people we kicked out of this country for all kinds of crimes, sexual abuse, robbery, assault, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking. from 2002 to 2018, 480,000 people deported for illegal entry or reentry into america. under this bill you would have to buy each of them a plane ticket to come home. those tickets alone would cost about a billion dollars. and that's before democrats make you start paying for these criminals' free healthcare, too, which they plan to do and have said so. the new way forward act fundamentally investors every assumption you have about this country. under this legislation the criminals are thought victims. law enforcement is illegitimate. it's racist. just like the country you live. in just like you are. and the only solution is to
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get rid of both. america would be better off with a borderless rest stop for the world's predators and parasites. that's the point of this. and we're not overstating. go read it. this is a big deal. this is not a small -- this is not renaming a post office. it's hard to believe any american would put these ideas on paper, much less try to pass them into law. and, yet, remarkably that's happening and even more remarkably the press has ignored it. this isn't happening in secrets it's happening in the house of representatives. scores of democrats have backed this bill. but the legislation has not been mentioned in the "new york times." hasn't been mentioned on cnn, a news channel. or even in self-described conservative outlets like national review. no mention. consider if this were working the other way? if a lone, i don't know, republican state ledges lay legr had proposed a bill this extreme we make the bill completely the president himself would be expected to answer for it.
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cnn would demand that he disavow it even if he had never heard of it before. when one fifth of the entire democratic caucus back as bill demanding that you import illegal alien felons and then pay for it, it's a nonevent in the american media. they don't think you should know about it. and that's dangerous. if we're being honest. whether the press cares or not, these are the stakes of the 2020 election. and you have a right to know what they are. a growing wing of the democratic party views america itself as essentially illegitimate. a rogue state in which everything must be destroyed and remade. our laws, our institutions, our customs, our history, our values and, of course, that's the point of all of this an entirely new country in which resistance is crushed and they are in charge forever. >> tucker: and in other news from washington, nancy, the ripper, is not apologizing for the state of the union. in fact, she doubled down today. we have got the tape and mark steyn joins us.
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also, important and alarming developments on the coronavirus. you should see this. just ahead. ♪ ♪ i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things
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[ fast-paced drumming ] >> these people are vicious. adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person. and she wanted to impeach a long time ago. when she said i pray for the president. i pray for the president. she doesn't pray. she may pray but she prays for the opposite. [laughter] but i doubt she prays at all. >> tucker: that was the president earlier today responding to nancy pelosi's role in impeachment. that long five-month process. pelosi herself isn't
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apologizing for anything she has done. in fact she said when what she did at the state of the union was, in fact, an expression of politeness. >> i extended a hand of friendship to him to welcome him as the president of the united states to the people's house. it was also an act of kindness because he looked to me like he was a little sedated. he looked that way last year, too. he didn't want to shake hands. that was that -- that meant nothing to me. >> tucker: it was an act of kindness, she said to those of you who didn't recognize it as such. and with that she returned to her life of prayerful contemplation. congressman mike johnson represents the state of louisiana. he has been at the very center of this impeachment business for a long time. he joins us tonight. congressman, i have to ask as a personal matter, since this is finally wrapped up as of yesterday with the vote, are you happy to be out of impeachment world? >> i am so happy, tucker. i get to go back to my real life. my wife and four kids have been missing me the last few
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weeks. this was a sad chapter in american history. we are glad it is behind us. >> tucker: you were obviously watching there at the state of the union. when you saw this speaker rip the president's speech into pieces, did you take that as a sign of politeness as an expression of kindness and friendship. >> no, of course not. it was a shameful display. it was stunning really to many members sitting in the house. it was totally unprecedented. it was shameless and also unlawful, tucker. you know, a lot of people have been talking about this the last 48 hours and i did a little legal minimum mow to poinmemo to pointout to my ce actually committed a felony when she tore it up. it wasn't just any copy it was the original. two centuries of custom and tradition. the constitution that calls for the state of the union address that when the president delivers the copies to those top legal officers, the two top legislative officers in that coequal branch of government, those are the official documents of the house, if you tear those up you violated a specific
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statute in the criminal code. >> tucker: living in a country where there are more than 10 million foreign nationals here illegally identities we don't know. we are tolerating a lot of illegal behavior. not in any way to excuse what she did. it does seem kind of orwellian to describe that as an act of kindness rather than just say look, i hate the guy. his very words sicken me. i vandalize his speech because it makes me feel good. why not just say what's obvious? >> she took great delight in it. in fact, she practiced the rip. everybody has seen the video now where she was trying to test it and see how many pages she could do. look, we are losing the decorum. we are losing the tradition of civility in congress and institution. it's a really sad thing. i don't know how we put this genie back in the bottle. >> tucker: i have to ask you there has been a lot of talk how this first impeachment in this presidency was the first in a series. do you think it's possible
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that democrats do this again. >> i not only think it's possible i think it's probable. there are democratic colleagues who are committed to doing this again. some of them are openly saying it. there is going to be no end to this. if we don't get the republican majority back in the house this election cycle this fall, we are in for a long dark road for the country. i'm really concerned about it. >> tucker: they do that again trump will be at 60%. >> oh, yeah. >> tucker: congressman, great to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks, tucker. appreciate it. >> tucker: the president in his remarks today also took a moment to comment on a certain senator who stepped back from a career helping private equity warp the american economy to explain how god would feel about impeachment. >> then you have some that used religion as a crutch. they never used it before. an article written today never heard him use it before. but today, you know, it's one of those things but, you know, it's a failed
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presidential candidate so things can happen when you fail so badly running for president. >> tucker: that was back in 2012 the man he was talking about ran for president hero in washington walked into a restaurant offering pay for his meal. 8 years ago the same people lauding him were attacking him as a guy always will be. >> isn't the first time romney. coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. >> he is still using the term foreign and i will tell you this is happening every day. it is a dog whistle. >> mitt romney who gleefully sends his money offshore to switzerland and cayman islands claims he would never send jobs offshore and that's a rich guy that plays outside the lines that i can't trust. >> tucker: modern error we
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had airconditioning it wasn't the middle ages. you just heard it marginalize groups of people. he was really a bigot a hater sterling figure this blameless hero. how did that happen? i don't know. but here is how they feel about it now. >> throw caution to the wind simply because of an inner voice in mitt's case because of a higher calling. >> wasn't romney great. >> i love the strength of his language. >> and decided to vote his conscious over his fear of consequence. that senator was mitt romney. >> his children are going to look at him with pride. >> he had made a solemn oath and he took that very seriously. and that's a rare thing. >> a lot of the other 99 insist that faith is central to their lives. >> right.
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>> they were not so burdened by the oath. >> tucker: author and columnist and very frequent guest. not frequent enough mark steyn joins us tonight. mark, you are watching these people get denounced racist and white supremacist and shouted out of american life. how can they rehabilitate themselves? how can they live here when they have been denounced and it turns out all you need to do is vote for conviction and all of that is erased. it's amazing. >> absolutely. last time around they denounced him for putting his dog on the roof and driving the dog to canada. this time the dog can't get on the roof because chris matthews and chris cuomo are all on the roof of romney's car saying drive us anywhere you like we love you. and one thing, that was a pretty exhaustive category. the one thing you didn't mention is that harry reid, then without any evidence whatsoever, said romney never paid his taxes.
5:27 pm
and none of these democrats in media who are few defending saint mitt as the greatest thing ever as the one who has had the polling conversion and heard the voice of god ringing in his ears telling -- god telling mitt to impeach and convict trump, none of those people defended mitt against harry reid. mitt is the reason we have trump. because mitt was called everything that trump is called. racist, sexist, binders full of women. doesn't pay his taxes. vavampire capitalist who flies in your window and gives you cancer. the thing they said about trump they said about mitt. the difference was mitt never punched back. 2015 people decided, the republican base decided that the essential quality they were looking for was someone who didn't let himself get slapped around by you candy crowley as mitt did in that
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debate. if mitt doesn't like trump, mitt, look in the mirror, you are the reason for trump. >> tucker: can i just ask you because i can't get passed it. chris matthews and chris cuomo are on the hood of the station wagon begging to be driven. are they wearing dog collars? >> yes. well, they are all wearing dog collars. it's the new clerical look among the democrats of the media. mother superior nancy pelosi and god's corner mitt romney. [laughter] >> tucker: this is a trick that we really need to try. all your sins -- can i just ask? look, i don't think you have to have the same opinions over eight years, my opinions have certainly changed a lot. if the only criterion you have for everything, the only way you judge anyone is that person's position on the president of the united states, your moral universe has shrunk to like pinprick size. wouldn't you say? >> absolutely. i think this is very much a
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beltway thing. in other words, they always say, you know, a re-election is a referendum on the incumbent. but these guys have taken it to crazy levels. the base of the democrats actually wants people like bernie and elizabeth warren talking about open borders and universal healthcare and all the rest. and this obsession with this man who is actually eating away their insides like some appalling case of tertiary syphilous, this is actually a beltway disease. it's not actually shared by the democrat base. so mitt romney can waste his time kissing up to chris matthews and giving chris matthews leg tingles he hasn't had since obama. but it doesn't actually mean anything to the democrats and the media's base. >> tucker: exactly. >> out there in the country. >> tucker: it's been a long time since anyone was used the term tertiary syhpilis.
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>> i'm your go-to guy for tertiary syphilous. >> tucker: thank you, mark. iowa caucuses are still ongoing disaster. when will we have the final results? will anyone care by th the time they arrive? that's next. evidence men are feeling bad in america. numbers are shocking. nobody mentions it ever. but we will and we have those numbers for you. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ president trump warned the drug companies. it's unacceptable that americans pay vastly more than people in other countries, for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
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>> tucker: you thought it was wrapped up by now but it's not. the chaos continues in iowa. pretty shocking at this point. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is tracking this as he has been since day one. he joins us now. hey, trace. >> hey, tucker with 97% of the precincts reporting in iowa it could not get any closer between pete buttigieg and bernie sanders. they are a tenth of a point apart. still no outright winner but almost certain that elizabeth warren will come in third, joe biden fourth and amy klobuchar fifth. but after days of uncertainty, democratic national committee chair tom perez is calling for the caucus results to be recanvassed, quoting here: in light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results, i'm calling on the iowa democratic party to immediately begin a recanvas. that doesn't mean recounting the votes. instead a recanvas means to
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recheck the worksheets and reporting forms to make sure they were correctly calculated. the iowa democratic party chair troy pryce has not responded to the dnc but did say the party would recanvas if any presidential campaigns requested. that's pretty much up in the air considering buttigieg declared victory monday night and sanders declared victory today. watch. >> i got 6,000 more votes. and from where i come, when you get 6,000 more votes that's generally regarded to be the winner. >> when sanders says 6,000 more votes he is referring to the lead after the first round of the caucuses on monday not the end. the dnc estimates that sanders and buttigieg each now have 10 delegates. a long way to go. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, amazing. good to see you. >> you too. >> tucker: what does this all add up to? what is the state of the democratic race actually beneath the noise? for that we are hosted by our friend dana perino and obviously co-hosts the five.
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we are happy to have her. the take away i think for a lot of democratic voters on bernie's team is that it is being stolen from bernie right now. but past this week as we move forward to nevada, new hampshire and the rest, where are we exactly in this race. can you tell? >> i just read a piece by jonathan that posted late this afternoon in new york magazine a liberal guy who says basically the state of the democratic party is an abysmal mess. of course, the bernie people are going to say it's rigged against them or being stolen from them they said that in 2016. that's one of the reasons that the democratic national committee made changes to accommodate the bernie people. and you saw today joe biden who came in fourth, which is abysmal for him in iowa and doesn't look too great in new hampshire well, basically, he started punching at bernie and mayor pete today. now, he doesn't land a punch very well and you realize that the nice guy routine hasn't been working very well. so they haven't been going
5:38 pm
at each other for so long that now it just looks like everybody is in the place where you are, i think, i think i can say, there's a two-person race right now it's between mayor pete and bernie sanders. >> tucker: just to put a bow on the biden campaign which not to brag i never took seriously for even one day. it always seemed like his main constituency is in washington. veterans the clinton administration who weren't really aware that their party had changed, didn't want to see a change are they reassessing their view of their own party at this point when their world viewed has just been affected pretty decisively. >> i see that differently, tucker. i think a lot of people that worked on the obama team have been quite critical of joe biden for quite a while. especially somebody like a david axelrod looking at this and saying what are you guys doing? there is no money what joe biden really has is a strong base within the african-american community and those voters. that is why he has always
5:39 pm
said. i don't need to worry about iowa and new hampshire because south carolina is my firewall. the thing is that might actually not be true. because, if he doesn't win iowa, new hampshire, nevada is a caucus state and happens before south carolina, you know, he is really struggling and i think -- people like joe biden. he is a nice guy but i don't think a lot of democrats right now think he can go the distance. >> tucker: bottom line you think buttigieg, bernie is the faceoff. the critical contest here within the democratic party. very hard to believe that a guy who couldn't get elected treasurer of indiana who is not even mayor of, you know, relatively small city can be elected president, maybe in my imagination. >> we should go back to a clip you and i did in april of last year in which we talked about mayor pete and democrats like to look to a new generation. a younger generation. they think about jnk they
5:40 pm
think about obama. somebody new, somebody fresh. quite a distance to go. win the nomination let alone thinking about how he would do against president trump. but i think that you might see some quick consolidation behind mayor pete if it looks like joe biden is not going to be able to do it. we haven't even talked about elizabeth warren. when you come in third, that's tough. >> tucker: very tough. dana perino, thank you for that this is an interesting moment. coronavirus continues to kill dozens of people a day in china. now it's claimed that a physician who warned the public in the early days of the outbreak has died. dr. siegel has many new alarming developments in the spread of this disease and that's next. plus, men are coming apart in this country. that's not only bad for them it's bad for all of us, for women, for children, and the nation. it's never covered by anybody. but we're going to cover it because we think it's really important. we have the numbers for you just ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: the coronavirus continues to accelerate in china and numbers are getting scarier by the day. officials trying to calm mostly aflecting the old and those already sick. now there is this that cuts against that story line. li wenliang is 30-year-old ophthalmologist has died apparently from the coronavirus as well. he was one of the first in china to warn the public about the danger of the disease. for doing that he was arrested by the chinese government. dr. marc siegel a fox news medical contributor. we are happy to have him join us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> hi, tucker. >> tucker: china government obviously corrupt to some extent incompetent but also authoritarian. they can organize things quickly if they need to and they are.
5:46 pm
they quarantined the city of 11 million and they still can't control it. what does that tell you? >> well, you learned a lot about that today because it started back in december and i can tell you as someone who trained in the heart of the aids era and we were there trying to get the information out, putting you are lives on the line trying to get the information out. dr. li was telling medical school colleagues and posting online there is a new strange virus here we have got to do something. guess what happened in the chinese government sent the police to him in the middle of the night and made him sign a document reportedly that this was untrue. they suppressed it for needed weeks and weeks. until it had spread to thousands and thousands of people. then they had to play catch-up and of course you know the rest. they roped off entire regions of up to 60 million people causing panic. cutting off supply lines. helping to spread the virus. and we now have up to 600 deaths and i believe we have way more deaths than that and way more cases than that probably close to 100,000 cases. after all, tucker, if you
5:47 pm
have a respiratory infection or newspaperria, they have to come to you to figure out and test to you figure out what exactly it is. they don't have the test kits there. we have them here in the united states. they don't have them there. >> tucker: scary, truly. dr. siegel, thank you for that update. i appreciate it? >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, if you have listened to democrats running for president this season, you know very well that america is hell on earth for women. >> the fact of the matter is that women's right and women's health are under assault like we haven't seen in the last 50 years. >> women's access to reproductive healthcare, which is under full-on attack in america today. [applause] >> we need more men to step up and be feminist at a time like this. stand with women. [cheers] >> stand with the women to end the absurdity of women making $79 on the dollar compared to men. >> women deserve the whole damn dollar. you're right.
5:48 pm
>> the repeal the hyde amendment so that we're leading the planet earth and defending the global on women right now. >> thank you, senator. >> we are sick of seeing photos of congressional meetings where everyone is a white guy except nancy. [applause] >> tucker: it's bad. it is just bad. and if you watch those comments, you know america is basically like saudi arabia or somalia or some other country democrats would like us to have open borders with. but, in fact, none of that is true. we're still america. and in this country it's not women who are moving backward. in fact, it's men. conclusively from education, to the job market, to imprisonment, to basic life expectancy, men are falling further and further behind women. in the long run, that's not good news for anyone no matter how much you like margaret atwood. mark perry is economics professor at the university of michigan, flint. he has taken a very close look at this question. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: give us the overview based on what we are watching in this campaign this is a country
5:49 pm
in which women are failing is that true? >> the narrative we hear all the time is that women are falling behind and they face obstacles and challenges. but, if you look at the data, which i have looked at and compiled this list, on many different measures and many different outcomes it's men who have fallen behind on terms had health, mental health, education, the job market, life expectancy, as you said death on the jobs. so there are many ways in which men have really been falling behind and it starts very early on. more boys are held back in kindergarten and more boys disciplined in high school. more men in college now. men have been falling behind. >> tucker: wait a second. that's so far from what i'm hearing from the candidates i wonder if you are making it up or getting it -- these are right wing numbers from the center for hating women. where is this data from. >> all government sources, government data. just, for example, we hear about all the time how women are behind in education and, yet, men are v. been under represented in higher
5:50 pm
education since 1979 is when women became the majority gender in colleges for enrollment. they became the majority gender for bachelor's degrees and master's degrees in early 1980s. it's actually men who have been under represented minority in higher education now for almost 40 years since 1982 when women started outearning men for bachelor's degrees. they have earned a cumulative 13, almost 14 million degrees more than men. there is gender degree gap in higher education. that's all we hear about are the struggles women are facing. and, yet, women, even though they are majority gender in higher education for now almost 40 years, they get all the scholarships. they get all the student awards. and the female faculty get awards that men don't. there is this huge gender bias in higher education as if we are back in the 1950s or 1960's when it's men who have been under represented in higher education. >> tucker: job market men are now the majority of the
5:51 pm
unemployed in this country. what they're saying is not supported in any way. my question is why aren't we reacting to this. why isn't there a white house blue commission how to fix this? why isn't there is a conversation? why are we ignoring this. >> all of the attention is focused on some of the challenges women are facing. obama created a white house council for women and girls. he wouldn't create one for men and boys. the girls get all of this help starting in 3rd grade with girls who code and after school camps and clubs that they get to try to force them into tech and into computer science. yet men and boys have been falling behind for decades now and it just doesn't get the attention that it deserves. i think we really have to have more of a national conversation to really have a balance and looking at the struggles that men face and looking at some of the struggles that women still face. and not have a hugely biased focus on just the struggles that women and girls face while ignoring all of the
5:52 pm
problems that men face in terms of homelessness, addiction, suicide, you know, victims of homicide, death on the job. all of these problems. >> tucker: they are multiples of women's stats and every one of those categories. >> oh, just amazing. for every 100 women who commit suicide, there is 450 men. just amazing. tuck it is remarkable. have you done great work on this. i hope our viewers will look up the research have you done on this because it's amazing. professor, thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: i appreciate it? >> all right. >> tucker: so the suicide rate of men is 4.5 times higher. there is a men's health crisis i would say. we try to monitor the other cable news channel so you don't have. to say you will not believe what they are saying today. the outrage in full force as always. we have details next. ♪ ♪ i feel like i'm losing my identity.
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atlantic tuck this is a fox news alert. we were just talking about iowa the disaster there and the delay in the results. we have an update for you tonight. the entire vote just came in moments ago. trace gallagher joins us with the very latest. hey, trace. >> finally tucker, iowa is a done deal 100 percent of the precincts are all in. the 9% of the precincts we had pete buttigieg still up with 1 percent. i mean 0.1. so we are talking about a tenth of a percent.
5:58 pm
now have you it 100 percent in and the numbers are identical. pete buttigieg still with 26.2% and bernie sanders 26.1%. so even though bernie sanders today called this a great victory and declared victory it looks like pete buttigieg will win the iowa caucuses. it still appears both will get 10 dells according to the democratic national committee you see there that warren and biden didn't budge. they are still 3 and 4. tucker. >> tucker: amazing. trace gallagher, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> tucker: weird how the mackenzie guy always wins in the end. this afternoon the president touched on pretty much everyone who played a role in launching and perpetuating the russia hoax and ukraine impeachment. adam schiff, jim comey, a certain utah senator cnn was clearly distressed by the president's remarks. >> an unscripted, vindictive, at times
5:59 pm
profane, angry, rambling response to his impeachment acquittal. >> the tone, the vindictive nature of his going through clearly enemy's list. >> vindictive as you pointed out. full of revenge, mean-spirited, poisonous, it was spiteful. >> this was a very disturbing tab low for the country. it was dark because he has made clear that his mind is dark. this is somebody in deep psychological distress right now. [laughter] >> tucker: spend three years repeating a baseless conspiracy theory. stop the whole country cold to talk about russia. but when someone complains about it it's darkd and disturbed. hilarious. we're out of time, unfortunately. we will be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. the show that is tonight and always the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. oh. we have got a special edition of final exam by the
6:00 pm
way up on and on our facebook page. before we go, a quick word about our friend glen greenawalt facing charges in brazil fighting. never cares who gets upset. happy to report he is not going to be charged. good news. sean hannity. >> sean: you know, the deep state story is even getting bigger. there is a whole new one developing. i will tell you about it privately. tucker, thank you. good show. >> tucker: thanks. >> sean: welcome to hannity tonight. it is clear you, the american people elected a winner. three years the russian collusion hoax. illegal fishing expedition and two years of mueller's hyper partisan witch-hunt. months of the schumer schiff sham show and now actual real acquittal exoneration, vindication, the president remains totally unfazed. in fact, is he winning like never before. his agenda is a massive success like we saw on tuesday night. look at this, a brand new gallup poll finding 90% of americans are satisfied with


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