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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 6, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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everybody who had to pay a fortune for lawyers. we seek the truth. laura ingraham a great show ahead. >> laura: thanks. i was in the room with a lot of people when that moment happened. >> sean: nobody invites me anywhere. >> laura: because you ridiculed the swamp. i am glad you played that. the president has such a big heart and he is such a fighter. he is outraged not just because of what happened to him, but what happened to him and his family. he is really angry with the opportunity cost of all of this. >> sean: one thing. he thanked everybody im the funniest way imaginable. the greatest show on earth and the american people are doing so
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well. how great is that? >> laura: it doesn't get any better. an amazing few weeks for this president and the country. sean, a great show. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. and trump on the war path and taking no prisoners. delivering two fiery speeches. donald trump junior and devin nunes with more live reaction in moments. first unite to fight. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." abuse of office. that was one of the charges rejected in the senate impeachment trial. the democrats should have filed the article against themselves. they are guilty of abusing their office and the public's trust. the president has been hunted and denamed and investigated since the day he announced his run for the white house. democrats, the deep state and
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the media all conspired together to undermine this president by impugning his character. he was a russian stooge. or putin was blackmailing hill. he was running a criminal enterprise. it was all false, all of it. they even went after his family. even the first lady. >> in her most rugged pair of construction stilettos. >> it's okay for donald trump junior and eric trump to do business all over world. >> jared kushner. >> were they paid off? >> yes, yes, and yes. >> laura: they impeached him and used a fake whistleblower who doesn't have the guts to show his face. there was no impeachable crime but adam schiff wanted to
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inflict maximum pain on this president 10 months before the next election. now, this gets me. even after the president's acquittal, the democrats are hinting at more impeachments. it's all they know how to do. and they even do that badly. what was the president expected to do after all of this? thank them. >> he is going to try to heal the country? not a chance >> it was mean spirited and poisonous. >> vindictive. >> he is in deep psychological disstress. >> he would say it's time to heal the nation but he can't do that. >> laura: do they want roses on capitol hill? the people who threatened to
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have his lawyers disbarred? those people. donald trump left a really comfortable life to run in hopes of making america a richer and more powerful country. he has. the democrats only response was to plot and conspire against him. regardless of the facts or the damage it would do to our country. i thought about this today sitting in that room watching him speak, fiery as ever. thanking people and also calling out all the right people. i thought to myself, it didn't have to be this way. the democrats could have tried to understand trump voters, the people that hillary clinton called deplorable and my have tried to appeal to them. the democrats could have passed legislation that they agreed
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with instead of sitting on it for a year. they could have passed an infrastructure bill. instead they pulled stupid stunts. >> democratic leaders walked out of the white house meeting in what nancy pelosi described as a presidentialal meltdown. >> nancy pelosi accused the president of having a meltdown over syria. >> laura: see how it's all in sync. democrats would not confirm mid level political nominees of president trump and went scorched earth on kavanaugh. judges issued nationwide injunctions that made our country less safe and tied the hands of law enforcement. trump was right. he needed to blow off steam today. >> adam schiff and nancy pelosi are horrible people.
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if i had not fired james comey, we would not have found this stuff. when i fired that sleeze bag, all hell broke out. it was leakers and liars. it was all [bleep]. these people have gone stone cold crazy. but i have beaten them all my life and i will beat them again in i have to. >> laura: he torched them. but he's right. excuse me if i don't give a fire extinguisher to the people throwing flames at the president since inauguration day. when they say we need more civility what they mean is they want total control where they call the shots. you sit down and shut up and you keep shovelling taxes to washington for promise you never supported.
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the democrats are a party spent. they are a party at war with itself. one that even in defeat has grown corrupt and decadent. they can't count votes in iowa. they are incompetent or the ultimate election meddlers. the democrats loved things during the bush years when republicans mostly played nice when the democratic critics hit them hard. how did that work out for the gop? the president demonstrated with all of this stuff going on, all of the attacks, he will work with anyone and he has. he's done this with incredibly smart and powerful leaders with a lot of scary weapons. we worked with president xi of chinaa. nancy pelosi points and pulls
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other stunts. he doesn't want to work with him. what has she accomplished other than emboldening the radicals in her own party. do not believe for a second this is only because of the trump era. he caused it all. they relentless made fun of george h.w. bush for being a dumb jock and ridiculed john mccain for marrying a rich wife who has 8 houses and accused mitt romney of being mean to dogs and attacked sarah palin's special needs child. today is reagan's birthday. they said he was just a stupid actor who slept in the afternoon. >> these are vicious people. they stick together like glue.
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>> laura: he is right. when the democrats threw down the gauntlet to try to beat us in open combat they were met by an actual fighter. america lengthed a brawler like trump and rejected a baller like mitt romney. the president is getting smashed and hit because of his tone and he didn't send a fruit basket to nancy and adam. >> he actually had a speech. his people approved everything in it. you were there. he said no, i am not going to give a speech. we are going to celebrate. he went around the room introducing people. the president needed to do that and the american people need to continue to hear this. the more times the president can talk about how dirty they were to him and his family, trying to get to the truth, he needs to do
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it. >> laura: if he with time, he would have played the golden oldies of the past 3 years. he didn't just pop out today after 2 or 3 months of difficulty attacks during impeachment that were all lies. this has been built up over 4.5 years since he announce d in 2015 he was running. he's had enough of it. i have had enough of it. i am all for a vigorous debate, no problem. when they say you are guilty of treason and working with vladimir putin and you go after melania and his kids who gave up
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their own cushy life. >> when they run out of ideas they go to russia. even today in the capital. we have one of the democrats in a committee hearing float the idea that the reason the iowa caucuses debacle is going on because of the russians. they never stop blaming russia. >> laura: today we had some of the other folks melting down. nicole wallace on msnbc. watch. >> he was attacking and making clear the consequences for anyone that crosses him. stand with me and you can come to the white house and i will praise you on national tv. if you are not, i will come at you with everything i have. >> this is a mafia family. >> laura: it's a shock that trump doesn't just rush to the set of msnbc to join them for a
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real conversation china trade and syria. >> the most important thing the president has done, he finally outed the media. the media has been corrupt. it took somebody like trump to bring them out of their shell. now they will just openly go out and tweet about it late at night. they get drunk and send drunk tweets out. they are vicious to him and republicans. i continue to try to get our republicans to wake up in the capital. we should not be talking to the mainstream media. they are working for the other team. >> laura: today marie yovanovitch the former ambassador to the ukraine headline: these are turbulent times but we will persist and prevail. apparently marie yovanovitch
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thinks she has a right to be ambassador to any country. >> there was a reason she was fired. one thing we could not get out because we could not bring in witnesses. we had people that said she was anti-trump administration views while she was ambassador to the ukraine. that's her boss. she is lucky we could not bring actual witnesses. >> laura: what is your pour in the minority to get answers? >> we don't have subpoena power. if they don't give us witnesses. >> laura: you have to win back. that's the ultimate punishment. >> that's correct. >> laura: are you going to win it back by giving roses to the other side and say i am so sorry you impeached me or can being a fighter? >> you have to fight.
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and part of that fight include not saying stupid things and cooperating with the media who are working with the democrats. it's a key. we are already with a disadvantage with the tech companies. >> laura: it's so obvious. congressman, thanks for joining us. have you been in the cross harris now for 3 years. thank you. for months democrats sounded the alarm on election meddling. it was hacking by a foreign adversary. we are capable of discrediting election results. the latest iowa caucuses results were riddled with inconsistencies. the campaign of buttigieg the self-declared winner is contesting the results and
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accusing the democrat party of awarding bernie sanders delegates and the dnc chair tom perez is demanding a re-canvass of all of the results in iowa. his party and the media are looking for scapegoats. the first one? racism. >> the iowa caucuses is the perfect example of systemic racism. 91% of the voters in iowa are white. >> laura: and when all else fails, replay this hit. >> it was mother russia. >> i hope the iowa democrats will ask for an investigation on the app. i believe russia interfered with the election. >> laura: i was joking but that happened. and last you not been least, it
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was all the fault of trump supporters. >> we are learn why the phone lines to report results were flooded. it wasn't just caucus organizer. there were trump supporters calling in to jam things up. >> laura: and learning tonight that iowa was such a mess the associated press is as of this moment still unwilling or unable to declare a winner. joining me is richard goodstein. and charlie from turning point usa. richard, whose fault is the iowa debacle? >> well, i don't think the democrats should nominate the head of the democratic party to be their presidential candidate. it took 16 games to name rick santorum the winner in 2012. i don't remember anybody on this network?-- >> laura: i did. i was torched.
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>> this is not unique to democrats. >> laura: you are comparing that to this? >> it's pointless to seize upon who won by point this or that. it's a question of how many delegates you get in the national convention. there are not real world consequences. >> laura: what you were in the race and you put your heart and soul into any state iowa or whatever state. it's 3 days later, you are at
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the next contest already. the narrative is being written. poor biden is in number 4. it's unsettling. it's more important now because the democrats are railing about the corruption in the 2016 election. now there are a lot of democrats think this was corrupt. >> that's right. back to santorum and romney it did not take this long. this has been a disaster riddle wednesday corruption and more questions than anyone has answers for. in the montage you played there was something troubling. the democrats want to blame iowa. the state being too white that was trending on twitter. i don't remember president obama saying iowa was in that category when he won it twice. in 2008 he beat hillary clinton. now the democrat party is blaming anyone who doesn't want to vote for them anymore. it seems that the democrats are in complete disarray. the more they try to alienate middle america, it won't end up well with them.
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>> laura: the republicans were in disarray in 2008. i remember it well. bernie sanders had an interesting point. richard, today, he talked about turnout. the turnout for a year where they can think they can get trump not where they wanted. >> given the fact we waited 3 days and talk of another recount. me might want the decision of the iowa caucuses before the election. this won't happen again. i would liked to have seen a higher turnout. >> laura: is everybody is so jacked up on getting rid of trump, why aren't more people showing up? >> that's a problem. but bernie sanders needs to be faltered. the rules are more complicated because of what bernie sanders and people insisted on in 2016.
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>> laura: after they were robbed? >> that's a delusion that bernie sanders people and others. hillary clinton got 4 million more votes. the reason that was close is because caucuses are undemocratic. if you are sick you can't submit a vote. that's where bernie sanders did well relative to hillary clinton. this notion that the socialists are taking over the democratic party was shown again to be wrong. and in the generic ballot the democrats are up 6. trump with this marvelous economy is so great, that wouldn't be. >> laura: trump even beat obama. i was in the obama caucus. they were amazing.
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it was electric. they didn't have the numbers that trump had. he is an incumbent as well. that's just wild. charlie, where do you think this goes from here? does buttigieg go into new hampshire with a big bump to get a tie in iowa? >> potentially. it was the idea of iowa and not the delegates count. it's the 20 minute window you have on election night to get a boost and the attention of the american people. that was robbed by the incompetency of the democratic party. this is a huge problem for the democrats and a huge advantage to conservative trump supporters. if the democrats can't boost turnout to 2016 levels despite having dozens of field offices in iowa?-- >> laura: we have to go. thank you very much.
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and coming up nancy pelosi meltdown for the ages? the speaker had plenty of insults. his son don junior is here in moments with the response. ♪
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♪ >> laura: for anyone ever who you missed nancy pelosi's temper tantrum at the state of the union. she gave an encore meltdown today. >> it was the beneath of the dignity of the white house. it was like he was sedated. he looked that way last year. a state of mind that has no contact with reality. shouting 4 more years. you are impeached and will never get rid of that scar. >> laura: he ending with a warning.
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>> we will continue to protect and defend the constitution. this case still exists. if there are other opportunities we will make a development at that time. >> laura: here to respond is donald trump, jr. what is the effect on the country of a house speaker who wants to engage in this forever impeachment? >> it's ridiculous. to watch her and i was in the room, for 90 minutes. sitting there making faces with every success that my father listed. it's ridiculous. to hear nancy pelosi talking about protecting the constitution. they run roughshod all over the constitution. they made a mockery of the constitution. this started according to the "washington post" the case for impeachment. 19 minutes after my father was
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inaugurated. this is what they have been pushing for. i have done 30 hours of testimony. hunter biden no problem. he can take millions from the ukraine and china while his father was the vice-president. it was interesting to see my father apologizing to the family. they owe him an apology and owe the american people an apology for putting them through this nonsense and spending million dollars upon million dollars investigating and pushing a hoax. they are able to get away with it because they have a media that is 100% complicit and zero ethices and decided to be the marketing wing of the democrat party. >> laura: today it continued with almost every cable outlet playing clinton from his acquittal where he came out and did his little apology for a few
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seconds. chris of msnbc brought that up. >> if we thought that the 90 seconds where bill clinton came out and apologized after he was acquitted on articles of impeachment we were mistaken. >> laura: they wanted them to prostrate himself to the people who tried to destroy him, your family and anyone connected to the administration. even his lawyers who they said they want disbarred. >> well, that's exactly. it that's the double standard. bill clinton lied to the american people under oath and it's no big deal. he is such a humble guy. what was he doing? we know who his whistleblower was. >> laura: [laughing]. >> this is ridiculous. it's been a farce. they get away with it because they have no opposition.
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they have a media that runs with whatever they give them. that's the reality of what has gone on here. they and the media owe the american people a sincere apology for putting them 3 years of hell and lies. we still don't have anything. we don't have anything from the fbi. we don't have anything from fisa or relating to hunter. if you are on that side you are 100% protecting. >> laura: speaking of the whistleblower. today we found bloomberg it looks like the white house is moving the lieutenant colonel fenman and?-- >> 3 times. >> laura: the protect of all that is good. >> that's okay.
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just like hunter biden with make millions from the ukraine but they would have a problem with donald trump jr. doing. it's about time they are cleaning house and having people loyal to the constitution and not loyal to leftist idealogy. marie yovanovitch was removed because she was not doing her job. he served at the pleasure of the president. if that president is donald trump, the media and the leftists will say it's okay. do whatever you want because it's donald trump. if you had that with obama. there would be riots in the streets. because it's donald trump, it's a different standard we will see. >> laura: do you hope and envision that the u.s. senate, majority republican, will try to get answers? we learned that grassley and ron
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johnson are trying to pursue hunter biden regarding secret service protection. there are other outstanding questions about whether he was on air force base one with joe biden doing this ukraine business on government aircraft. are you confident we will get to the bottom of this? how important is this? >> well, given what i have been through myself, not including my father and the rest of the family. just myself. bay the standard they used on me, these guys should be testifying for decades let alone hours or even coming in there. i hope they do. i hope that republicans learn to fight like the democrats. the democrats have never shown even a little bit of order. my father realizes that there is no acceptance of an apology. they will cancel you and do
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whatever it takes to ruin you. there is no one they won't destroy to put their ideas. you saw that with brett kavanaugh and the covenant catholic teenagers whose lives they will destroy to attack trump and conservatives. i hope that everyone in the republican party stands together like they have well with the exception of a few traitors who are vindictive and blew their opportunities. they hope they fight like the democrats. if we play the same game, we win. we can play t-ball but we better be playing the same game as the democrats and they are playing hard ball. >> laura: everyone said your dad other have united the country. his point today i think was unit to fight for america and fight for all of the things we
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believe. we can debate with issues and that's good. but when impugn the character -- >> they talk about everything and then nancy pelosi rips his speech talking about all of the people he brought up. all of those incredible american success stories. a veterans who overcame drug addiction to starts a business because of the opportunity zones. whether it was great americans getting a school opportunity for school choice. he rips that up. there is no criticism of that. that's not unity. trump is attacked after 3 years of nonstop attack. more than any president in history. he is supposed to say these people are lovely. they tried to destroy him and his family.
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>> laura: have you been across the country. all of these critical states. if you could name one state you think is critical to flip that hillary clinton won last time, seeing signs of hope, just one or two? >> we can do some things out west. the reality is we will focus on all of the states. that's what my father said in 2016. he is the president for all americans. with prison reform it's the right thing to do for all americans. all americans will benefit in the economy. he is delivering unprecedented results and american people are living their american dream. that's a huge deal. >> laura: thank you very much. i think minnesota.
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i love minnesota. i think minnesota is poised to change direction and that's a good thing. >> we can do that there too. >> laura: up next. how is romney's vote to convict received in utah? a gop state rep tell us how he plans to take action against a very junior senator. stay tuned. ♪ a gop state >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ >> i am aware there are people in my party and my state who will disapprove of my decision. does anyone seriously believe i would consent to these consequences that my oath before god demanded me? >> laura: mitt romney might not have to answer to god. but his constituents are not happy. he had a tense meeting today. gop leadership in the state. they want to put forward a resolution declaring their unwavering support for trump. my next guest supports it and introduced his own bill to censure romney. do you think senator romney voted his conscience? if so, what else can you ask of him really? >> well, it's a cop-out to stay
11:42 pm
i am voting by conscience or hiding behind my religion. that is the same religion that prompted him to call president trump a charlatan. i resent him saying i am doing this because of my faith. >> laura: when you looked at him yesterday and in his sanctimonious proclamation, we find out that he promised mike lee the senior senator from utah he would not vote for conviction and within 24 hours he is voting for one articles of impeachment. what might have changes in 24
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hours other than the state of the union speech? >> well, i don't know what changed. i don't want that to be the last word on how utah feels about this president. president trump has done so much for utah. i am personally indebted for him to come out to utah and standing up to the environment groups trying to destroy this state. people don't realize how much influence a senator can have and he cites with those trying to overthrow states and attacking utah. >> laura: he is a name in utah. the mormon faith is an important part of his identity. it's a critical voting block in
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the state. so could someone come in there and unseat romney? he is not up for 4.5 years. you can't recall him. could you make it so uncomfortable he says i am not doing that anymore? but then you might lose him in an important supreme court vote. >> that's odd. romney has a great name. it's odd we have the governor of massachusetts as the senator for utah. there is a celebrity that comes with the romney name and utah appreciates that. it could have been used for so much good to stand up to the right people that he is pandering to. that's the frustration. he is in a position to do so much and is not doing that.
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>> laura: will a censure pass? >> it's a resolution for the legislature to censure. if i can get half of the senate and half of the house to vote on it, then it will pass. if it doesn't the message is still clear. >> laura: we get it. but it has to be more than you. you have to get a lot of people and rally people for this president and against pelosi. you have a senator useless for the state of utah. 4.5 years, i don't know what i will be in 4.5 years. i might fly out and hang out with you. >> why not? >> laura: all right. ahead trump's critics say his state of the union address celebrates a racist america. don't miss it. ♪
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♪ >> laura: the left is going crazy still over trump's state of the union. it continued today and we will see with it goes. critics call it racist. one leftest lawyer told the news that the president is trying to make america white again. wearing whites part of the problem. the author of block out and a civil rights attorney who is wearing a dark jacket. like the white surrender caucuses in the state of the union. is that a black or blue jacket, leo?
11:51 pm
>> it's a black jacket. >> laura: see! we have good and evil -- just kidding. i am wearing black. that means i am on your color-coded side. candace what goes on with the rage over trump bringing the guys in the gallery which every president has done since reagan. they are so upset that trump is recognizing opportunity scholarships for this young african-american girl and people are calling that racist. what? >> it doesn't make any sense. i don't want to give it any attention. it's just desperation. it's like a form of self-flagellation. the left is upset when reality catches up to their delusions. trump won 2016. we are super angry. pretend he colluded with russia. they are angry because they
11:52 pm
can't get rid ofim. trump is acquitted. let's pretend trump has no chance with the black community. he does have a chance at the black community. we have cnn talking about this is happening. we have articles saying something is happening here. every poll bar none has showed that trump support in black america is tracking up wards. thank you. >> laura: leo, i will give you time to respond. van jones. it was interesting. he is not a big fan of the president. doesn't like trump. houston, there is a problem here. we better pay attention to the concerns of african-americans because the republicans are doing better. what of that? >> let me be very clear and straight to the point.
11:53 pm
the reason black america is upset with the state of the union because trump used black americans as props at the state of the union. rush limbaugh is a racial divider. >> laura: no, i won't let you finish. >> obama was the magic negro and said mcnabb was overrated because he was black. >> laura: no, no. >> he claimed black lives movement originated because of the obama administration. >> laura: okay, okay. >> they were only used as props. black america won't vote for donald trump. >> laura: hold on. stop. okay. leo, you are going to lose a lot of money. you are grand standing. leo, my question. when you lose the bet we made last time.
11:54 pm
you will have to buy me a big fancy dinner in san francisco. his mic is down. can you hear us? this is not a plot against leo. it's easy to say blacks won't vote for republican. but trump is not a traditional republican. he appeals cross the line. >> i don't think trump is a republican or a democrat. he brought in entire fresh new energy that the conservatives needed. and unfortunately for the democrats he is appealing to black america. >> he is not. >> the victim mentality is not working anymore. >> laura: because your mic went
11:55 pm
down, leo, we will have have you back. up next, the coronavirus.
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>> need you and sent right now. >> this is fox nation. >> a new entertainment service from the good folks at fox news to celebrate breaking news >> breaking news tonight, the coronavirus tough told tops 600 and china and every four days the number of infections is doubled now stand at 31,000.
12:00 am
the first response was to bury the truth about the disease and doctors tried to warn everyone, now chinese officials are cracking down on media coverage and social media posts. this should be a wake-up call. a willing to lie about a deadly pandemic they will lie about everything else, trade, nuclear weapons, it is awful. that is all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the fox news at 19, take the important stories and go with them from here. >> some of the rumors coming out of china, we hope to provide people with more facts tonight. they are in short supply, thank you. we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump signals that was just beginning, nobody has been acquitted by the senate and the mainstream media is not happy about it the president's remarks from the white house a celebration, we will hear from democrats as they map out the next move following the


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