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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 7, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> head on over to fox nation. >> don't forget to run to the radio. >> happy friday! >> sandra: fox news alert on the coronavirus, a royal caribbean cruise ship talking early this morning in new jersey carrying 12 passengers showing symptoms of the deadly virus. all 12 of them are chinese nationals. cdc officials are promising to test them for illness at this time. meanwhile, another cruise ship off the coast of japan under quarantine with 616 passengers. there are about 2600 passengers on that ship including more than 400 americans. we will be speaking with one of them a bit later. on to another fox news alert from iowa this morning, where all the results are finally in a from monday night's caucuses,
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although we may not be any closer to a clear winner there. good morning, i am sandra smith. >> ed: i am ed henry. 100% of precincts reporting in iowa, the final tally showing a dead heat between pete buttigieg and bernie sanders. somehow, both sides claiming victory. >> for us, this is a campaign that a year ago a lot of people were questioning why we're even making the attempt went to see over the course of that year having started with four people, a state that has never been told what to do and we've got to earn every vote. >> i think we are the strongest campaign to defeat the most dangerous president in modern america history and we intend to do that. >> ed: meanwhile, the dnc chairman was a completely canvassing of the state after a number of vote counting and
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lengthy delay that keeps on going, has the latest for des moines. >> given that razor-thin margin and want to declare a winner but if you look at the numbers from the iowa democratic party, it is pete buttigieg by her nose in it may be drawing emphasis and be drawn to a close. you saw an obviously frustrated dnc chair tweet on enough is enough and that's following the revelations of screw ups tabulating the results from the monmonday night caucuses. however, the iowa democratic party chair tom price pushed back and said it doesn't work that way, the individual campaigns request to kee canvas. .9% bernie sanders, seems to indicate that he is done with the iowa mess.
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>> no one can take away what happened on monday, the movement that we have built and no looking ahead to new hampshire and beyond. >> i think we should move on to new hampshire. it really did distress me because it is really sad that the democratic party of iowa if i may say so, screwed up the counting process right so badly. >> those two guys at the top separated by the thinnest of margins, we canvassing could make a difference but they both come away from delegates on both able to claim victory. >> ed: what is a deadline to actually request re-canvassing? >> they have until noon today to request a re-canvassing and on that i would democratic party has 48 hours to respond. >> ed: we appreciate that reporting live from des moines. >> nancy pelosi is a horrible person and she wanted to impeach
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a long time ago. >> i tore up a manifesto of mistruths. he is impeached forever no matter what he says or what headlines he wants to carry around, you are impeached forever. never getting rid of that scar. >> sandra: president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi escalating a bitter feud as the commander-in-chief and his allies continue their victory lap following the senate acquittal. let's bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house of fox news contributor. morning to you, welcome. i know you have a lot to say about this, you heard the president say she doesn't pray for me, and nancy pelosi sang right back this is a man that is impeached forever. where does all this go next? >> let me start by saying that as a speaker of the house, i introduced president bill clinton four times, over four times i use the correct honorific that it was my distinct pleasure and personal poinprivilege to introduce the
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president of the united states and from the very moment you cut all that and said the president of the united states, it was almost like a declaration of war which has been going on now for at least six months. so first of all, i am sympathetic with the president and believing that she probably doesn't pray for him for if she does pray for him, it is not for anything good to happen to him. i think my advice to the president would be really simple, focus on the american people, build support with the american people, let them coerce the democrats in the house, but don't pay any attention to pelosi because she is your mortal enemy and she is totally trapped by aoc in the left wing of the democratic party and to prove that on impeachment. so she represents the adam schiff, aoc, jerry nadler wing of the party and there's not much going wasting time with it.
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>> sandra: some would say of all of this that what world are we in where we are all judging who is praying for who and how we are praying for each other if we are praying for each other. chris coons is a democratic senator who voted to impeach the president and he recently wrote a piece saying why he does pray for president trump. he joins mark on the story last night to talk about the divisiveness. >> coming off a very divisive fight over impeachment, i voted to remove the president and i could understand how he would feel insulted by that vote. i feel strongly about my having come to the right conclusion but that still doesn't prevent me from earnestly praying for our country, for my fellow senators, and for our leaders in particular president. with the country still so divided and now the acquittal of the president, what does happen next?
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>> i think as a historian, the reason the country is so divided is because the country is so divided. when pete buttigieg says there is no is the democratic party for a pro-life democrat, that's a pretty divisive statement. when the democrats -- every single democratic presidential candidate raised their hand and said they were in favor of tax paid health care for illegal immigrants which about 15% of the country agrees with and about 75% disagrees with, that's a divisive statement. when you are about to nominate potentially the first openly socialist candidate in history, just look at where we are on the problem is everybody wants to pay for it over. the selection in 2,020 will be a genuine choice between a very radical democratic party in virtually all radicals come on my view is over 200 radicals in
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the house because they all vote with aoc and pelosi, they all cosponsor bills that are radical. and that is going to be a real fight. this is not some game, not a dysfunctional personality problem. you have a bitterness on the left that trump won and you have a growing bitterness on the right that no matter how many investigations there are, there is a was going to be the next one. already talking about subpoenaing the national security advisor john bolton. that's kind of like they want to shoot at trump as often as they can until they finally got him and they like them to be nice while they're doing it. that's the wrong guy because trump is going to counterpunch every single time getting in as president, he has a bigger punch than they do. >> sandra: writes about that split in the democratic party and "the wall street journal" this morning, the state of the democrats. the split to progressives and moderates could sink the party in november, democrats are divided by generation, by geography, by cultural
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sensibilities. and by vastly different policy agendas a common democratic desire for trump to overcome all that, may be. based on the state of the democratic party right now, it is far from a sure bet. final thoughts on that? >> i'm looking forward to the democratic convention in milwaukee. i want to see who they're going to allow to speak and what they're going to say to the american people and i think you could end up with sanders versus bloomberg as a finalist, a socialist that wants to get rid of billionaires and a billionaire capitalist me but hardly describe what split in their party more widely than that. >> sandra: fascinating analysis and perspective from you, or speaker of the house newt gingrich, thank you. great to see the speaker this morning, a big conversation happening across the country right now. >> some democratic lawmakers saying th the dnc chair should e
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out, democrat party has some issues right now and the president seems to be writing on it. >> sandra: you can expect a victory lap from the white house coming up. >> in the meantime, if adding a strong 225,000 jobs, the unemployment rate rising slightly to 3.6%. you're going to get fresh reaction from peter navarro, he joins us with reaction bottom of the hour. >> sandra: plus, is the door still open for 2020 round? which he is now saying about a possible vice presidential bid. >> after the chaos in iowa, onto new hampshire. can the state avoid the same fate. >> i am doing in new hampshire what i've been doing all across this country and that is talking to people about what's broken in washington. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein,
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>> ed: the trump administration banning residents as after the state enacted its green light law that allows undocumented immigrants access to driver's licenses and prohibits the deep move sharing information, something they call ill-conceived and irresponsible. a brand-new reaction to all of this when the deputy commissioner joins us at 11:20 a.m. eastern time. >> sandra: in the meantime, all eyes on new hampshire where
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seven 2020 democrats kick off the stage tonight after the follow-up, charlie hurt is an opinion editor at "the washington times" in a fox news contributor, good morning to you. we are on that, coming off of everything that's happened this week, been a big week for sure. looking ahead, what you see happening in new hampshire? >> i think the catastrophe that was the iowa caucuses is behind us, i do think we are starting to see a general outline of the democratic race going forward. you have bernie sanders who has clearly got more enthusiasm than anyone else of the democratic party at least nationally is in sort of one lane and then you have the pete buttigieg-biden sort of lay and that is being clearly filled at least out of iowa by pete buttigieg. the question i have going forward is he put a lot of effort into iowa, spend a lot of
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money there, a lot of time putting all of his chips on iowa. that oftentimes means that you win iowa and then after that, it is anybody's game. i think biden is still in the game and i think the big question coming out of new hampshire will be whether or not joe biden is able to stem the losses that he suffered in iowa and new hampshire is a perfect place for him to display that. >> sandra: it is a great point but he did take the day off on the campaign trail yesterday too many surprise, what does he need to do to pick up some momentum and do well in new hampshire? >> quite frankly -- i've been arguing all this all along, this is sort of falling into this extreme left wing agenda that a lot of the people in the democratic primary are espousing is crazy for joe biden. joe biden should be embracing the legacy of barack obama and running on the barack obama
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agenda and promising to continue that and if he does that, he focuses on that, he can win new hampshire and certainly can win south carolina and he can win a lot of other places. also have to remember, those of us who have been following impeachment and following all of this stuff all along, we know everything about joe biden and hunter biden and the burisma scandal and all of these questions about corruption but for a lot of people who get your news from cnn, you may have not ever heard any of this stuff, so a lot of the questions that we think are sinking joe biden haven't even occur to a lot of democrats. so i still think that joe biden is very viable. you go back to the results in iowa and you count up bernie sanders and warren numbers, you come up with about 45%.
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they are two very left wing bold socialist candidates rated that is not enough to unify the democratic party and i don't see either of item supporters are blue to judge supporters turning to either one of those candidates. i think that a sort of an overall rejection of this idea that the democratic party is gone completely full socialist. i think they are the most interesting candidates out the there. >> sandra: meanwhile, hillary clinton has managed to grab a few headlines when she was asked about potentially being asked to be vice president of one of those candidates. here's how she responded. >> if someone asks you to be vice president, would you do it? >> that is not going to happen, but no, probably not. >> you don't know that's not going to happen. >> i i do. >> all right. but what if they did? >> i'd never say never.
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but it's not going to happen. >> sandra: never say never, charlie. >> so first of all, she is selling a book, there is no downside to her ever giving some sort of sherman answer to that question. that said, i think the whole democratic primary is so up in the air, every four years we like to talk about a brokered convention. i have never seen a situation where we are more likely to wind up in a brokered convention as we have right now with the democratic party and i could see them turning to bloomberg at the end, i could see them turning to hillary clinton. i could see anything. literally anybody that you can think of could wind up being in the mix. >> sandra: we have bloomberg's cocampaign chair coming up in a little bit. great analysis, thank you. >> ed: meantime, a fox news alert on the coronavirus
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outbreak, a cruise ship docked in new jersey, dozens of passengers being screened for that virus this morning from a meantime, the number of cases on a cruise ship off the coast of japan more than tripled overnight. will talk to a passenger who is spending her honeymoon on that ship under quarantine. plus, behind the scenes at a lab where researchers have partially recreated the coronavirus and scientists around the world search for a siemens treatment. >> it is vital that we invest now or pay later. we have a window of opportunity now to exploit and prevent a serious outbreak from happening globally. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ with our moving and storage solutions. pack what you want, we store it for as long as you want.
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>> ed: officials say 61 people have tested positive for coronavirus on one quarantine cruise ship off the coast of japan. more than 2,000 passengers are being held on that ship including my next two guests joining us now, on her honeymoon with her new husband, welcome to both of you. i am sorry that your honeymoon has turned out this way. first of all, how are you both feeling, how is it going? >> health wise, we are pretty good. mentally, not so great. it's been quite a few hours now and we've been trapped in our room. >> trying to stay as sane as possible. >> ed: i apologize, probably a delay so we talk over each other. our diamond princess officials giving you clear information, clear direction and what is the food situation? >> basically, i know what's going on before they even tell us from home and this is not and
6:25 am
they update us but it's always been very lagged. >> it's been vague up until maybe today, not as thorough as it should be so we were a little concerned about that. >> and also with the food situation, i don't know how many people are on the cruise but we can eat a lot of food pretty fast. once the quarantine happened, what we could eat went downhill. >> it went from five maine lobster tails to may be a plate or two or three of food. >> i just want cereal and can even get that. they just started getting on a regiment, the first and we asked for two bottles of water and it took four hours in the next day, we got two cups. i don't want to drink that. >> ed: absolutely. the people joke about how much food normally is in a cruise and people gaining weight on them because they are living the high
6:26 am
life. but you say this is a very serious situation where it appears like it's running well. >> this cruise ship has five dining halls at the menus have 20 items and they do that every night. i'm not even asking for that, i just would like a grilled chee cheese. >> they are producing 22,000 meals a day. >> ed: you still seem to have some humor about to have a positive outlook. . >> that's all you can do at this point. >> we've got alcohol. >> ed: let's talk about your health on a serious note because we've noted 61 people have now tested positive, how worried are you about testing positive and have they sent you a doctor, a nurse, are you being tested? >> basically what happened was on her way back to yokohama port when they said we are going to be docked outside and they are going to have doctors come in
6:27 am
and test us. they only tested our temperature and we were fine, but the problem was that i'm from the united states and when we go get checkups, it's with a disposable tip. they did not have that and it was 4:30, they wiped it off with a cotton cloth and then stuck it in my wife's ear and then went to the next room and it was only those people who did the whole ship which to me is in very sanitary. >> ed: doesn't sound like it. you mention living back in america, what is the prospect of getting home? i understand you have a direct message for president trump. >> for us, we are kind of worried because we still got two weeks here assuming that works out in our favor and we still have to get onto american soil which in two weeks i don't know how the situation is going to be
6:28 am
and if our president could help us in any way. >> anybody. because we are quarantine which we knew what was going to happen but we shouldn't be in this type of condition because of the virus. we need help, we are in a desperate stage in our good friend john simon has been helping us, of our president donald trump could just help us, we are american citizens every just want to get home. >> currently sky the japanese on a proper way to do this. they can actually follow suit and a proper way. >> ed: president trump just spoke with the president of china, i don't know the last time he spoke to the prime minister of japan, certainly something to stay on top of, wanted to have you on and we wish you both well and in all of the americans and all of the people who were on that ship, it's a very serious situation, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. do make the best of those
6:29 am
newlyweds. brand-new jobs numbers out this morning for the u.s., so what did they say about the state of our economy? white house trade advisor peter navarro joining us live on that next and thousands left in the dark after a powerful storm unleashed tornadoes and torrential rain in the deep south. >> my daughter was in the room and i called her name and told her go to the back, so she can go into the bathroom and get down on that bathtub and the whole building just shook. hey you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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or more on car insurance.
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>> ed: trading underway on wall street just a couple moments ago as investors react to another solid jobs report, the u.s. economy adding 225,000 jobs in january. unemployment picking up slightly to 3.6%. joining us now is white house trade advisor peter navarro, thank you for joining us. let's get some fresh reaction to that jobs report. my understanding of why the unemployment rate ticked up slightly is that we have people flooding the jobs market, is that true? >> truly extraordinary, millions of people have come into the job market, discouraged workers that were on the couch and abide fighting years are coming back and the labor force participation rate bumped up and that is really important. the untold about this number is
6:34 am
the president's one job at a time approach and you talk about macro stuff like the regulation tax cuts, that's been a great driver for the economy but the president also takes it from a micro point, shipyards and philly, combat vehicle plans in places like lima, ohio, york, pennsylvania, the production line in greenville, south carolina, these are things that all happened because president donald j. trump focuses on job creation every day and we are seeing the fruits of that and it's a beautiful thing. >> ed: talk about the trade deficit because a recent report said narrowed for the first time in six years, this president had that victory obviously phase one on the china trade deal, talk about the road ahead. >> it is truly extraordinary, the president promised we would get the trade deficit down, it takes a while to do that. the reason why he focuses on the trade deficit is that when that
6:35 am
trade deficit goes down, our growth grows up, our real gdp got a full point of growth from that reduction in the trade deficit and why does it matter? it's because jobs come home. so he's going to keep focus on that, it is a testament to his tariff policy as well as his tough trade policy. the other thing that was good news this week that really helped propel the markets was what they call the ism manufacturing index and it was above 50 again and when it's above 50, it is a zero to 100 index that means the economy is robust and expanding. so all these numbers are good, but they are a reflection of this one job at a time approach by the president, fair trade, reduce our trade deficit, focus on manufacturing, we've had over 500,000 manufacturing jobs created so it's a beautiful thing here in america. >> ed: a blue-collar boom, he
6:36 am
talked about the state of the union and despite the good news, we showed it a moment ago. big picture, it has been mostly up but you see it down even though we had this good jobs number, been concerns about the coronavirus, president had a phone call last night, i will quickly recap the statement from the white house today, the president spoke with president xi, the president expressed confidence and strength and resilience in confronting the challenge of the 2019 coronavirus outbreak. why does the white house have such confidence in china when a lot of critics around the world have been quite critical of china's response? >> the president is always optimistic with world leaders trying to encourage them to do things that need to be done and it's really important for china to contain that virus within the boundaries of china and to stop its contagion and expansion, so i think with the president was
6:37 am
simply offering their was a hand of friendship. is really important that we get our cdc personnel on the ground they are to help, trying to get that done. we need to find out more about what's going on there, but i would say that president trump acted very decisively and quickly when he stopped the flights coming in from china, that was the first line of defense, so let's see what happens, but this is very serious and that previous segment you had, that is gripping tv talking to those individuals because that really brings it home. >> what is the president doing? you heard that direct message from the two passengers, i know he can't save everybody all at once as you know, but talk about the white house response to make sure every american that is in danger can get back to america safely. >> we have the top people on a task force, you've got him as
6:38 am
well over at dhs, robert o'brien national security advisor, and we need to look at this full range of options in order to be ready in case that reaches our shores in any significant number. so we working on that every day in the most serious way and prepared for any crisis that might emerge. >> ed: a big story. finally, it appears that you were in some kind of a feud, the way it's being reported, with jeff bezos who runs amazon among other deals and it appears that you met up with him at the alfalfa club dinner, approached him at a cocktail party and said he wanted to meet with him and he sort of brushed you often said you could meet with lesser officials at amazon. he has now gone on instagram and sort of mock do you come i teased you about this a little bit and amazon has put out this statement, met with administration officials including mr. navarro on
6:39 am
multiple occasions to discuss our shared goal of combating counterfeit goods on amazon. we are eager to continue this collaboration and will make our executives available to meet as often as necessary to effectively address the issue. what you want to talk to them about? >> we have a huge problem with counterfeits coming into this country. i've been running an operation with customs and border protection for the last six months that show as much as 10% of the products coming in from china by air or contraband, counterfeits, the other half are things like controlled substances including fentanyl and stuff that can really harm or kill americans and certainly defraud them. e-commerce is a big enabler of that, amazon, shop of five, alibaba. i've been working on this, came out with an action plan ten days ago with the department of
6:40 am
health and we also came out with an executive order last week which is going to potentially crackdown on the e-commerce platforms if they will not take their responsibility and help solve this problem, so i've been talking to executives from all of the companies, met him on saturday night and he said he'd meet with me, told me to call him and i called him and now they are backtracking and i think it is a shame that amazon is the great enabler of counterfeiting, won't accept its responsibility, simply tells you we are spending a bunch of money and going to take care of it, it is getting worse. shame on jeff bezos. >> ed: the president has been quite critical of him but hopefully you will sit down. >> this is about counterfeiting. >> ed: appreciate you coming in. fox extreme weather alert now, winter storms hitting the south, dramatic dashcam footage from atlanta capturing a moment a tree falls onto an interstate
6:41 am
and crushes a passing car. luckily, no one was seriously injured in that. parts of south carolina underwater after powerful rain swept across there. if multiple thunderstorm and tornado watches are still in effect for the region. we will have an update coming up. >> ed: meanwhile, the trump administration dealing another blow to terrorist killing a top al qaeda leader, details on that operation to take him out. a two plus, barnstorming new hampshire head of the primary. is tied at the top but one candidate is surging in the polls. we will have that story for you next. >> it has been an extraordinary week and we are absolutely electrified by the energy that we are coming here with and by the extraordinary validation of this campaign's vision that we have in iowa on monday. this round's on me.
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>> ed: overpromising to turn a
6:45 am
profit earlier than expected despite losing $1.1 billion last year on its food delivery business and technology for driverless cars. the ridesharing giant taking that hit in the last three months of 2019. an increase in passenger pickups soften the blow, bringing in a $4.1 billion in revenue. because of that progress, the company is now projecting it will turn a profit in the fourth quarter of this year. >> new hampshire is new hampshire and new hampshire is not the kind of place to let iowa or anybody else tell you what to do. so i know in the days leading up to primary day, it is my responsibility to seek to earn every vote in a state that famously thinks for itself. >> sandra: that is pete buttigieg they are surging in new hampshire after a strong showing in iowa, now that the results are in, a new poll showing bernie sanders holding steady at 24% in the granite
6:46 am
state, but pete buttigieg is nipping at his heels. a political reporter for "the boston globe" enjoins us now. i am sure your head is buried in the changing numbers this morning but so far what are the polls telling us in new hampshire? good morning. >> good morning, this may be a wild finish here in the new hampshire primary. you look at the most logical thing that was going to happen this week, it would be that bernie sanders would probably eke out a win in iowa, he would then get a big iowa bump out of that and he would come to new hampshire where he was already ahead by six or seven points and cruised to victory. but of course it's been anything but boring. the iowa debacle but pete buttigieg really is the candidate to watch all week this week, he has now gone up over double digits in a surge and now tie with first-place heading into the last tonight at the same time, that surge has happened at the expense, the
6:47 am
almost direct expense of former vice president joe biden who dropped basically from second all the way to fourth now. >> sandra: lets throw out the numbers so everybody can see that surge and fall back that you are referencing, overall the new hampshire democratic primary, sanders pulling 24%, warren 13 and joe biden as you mentioned back-and-forth at 11% but here is the three-day comparison in the new hampshire poll and you look at tuesday's for reboot a judge to thursday the sixth over that three-day. matt, george from 15 to 23% while joe biden to your point falling from 15% over that three-day period to 11% to the momentum is clearly in pete buttigieg's favor although mines could be changed. i want to put this up, thinking about your first choice is your mind firmly made up with the
6:48 am
question or do you think you might change your mind before the primary, those with their mind made up for 55%, those that may change their mind, 43%. so who does that benefit? >> right now, that benefit someone on a surge like pete buttigieg who people might be looking to change their mind and go towards him looks like he is really strong right now. for example, bernie sanders, we don't talk about it him enough that he has been in the lead for months, this is a statistical tie, but bernie sanders has a hard core group of folks who have been with him from the very beginning even four years ago when he won the state by 22 points. it's not like they need convincing to follow the movement. but on the other side, the progressive wing has pretty much decided where they want to go but for those moderate democrats in terms of the relative moderates on this field, the
6:49 am
choice now is becoming clearer for them and if they are making up their minds between amy klobuchar or joe biden, they need to take another look at pete buttigieg who i don't think it is done surging but we will have to see what happens. >> sandra: i will finish by reading off to you the suffolk university polling research director's words about that trend. he has poached elderly voters from joe biden who has disappointed them by finishing fourth in iowa. as far as the electability, they say he is unconvincing to those elderly voters who are now voting for pete buttigieg in part because i don't feel comfortable supporting sanders or warren. final thoughts. >> i was supposed to provide clarity and all the talk is that it did not. of i think it kind of date on this particular question. older democrats are those who want to get rid of trump in the fall want a clear answer, who was the person i'm supposed to support who may defeat him and
6:50 am
now apparently there's some consensus going that is pete buttigieg but again, this could turn on a dime in the next couple of days. >> sandra: that makes the first of the nation primary ever so important. thank you. >> ed: meantime, michael bloomberg outspending just about everyone in the race. is he trying to buy the electi election? >> sandra: and a group of u.s. firefighters back home from devastating bushfires in australia, one of them gives us a first-hand account of what that was like. a, start roomba. the lexus es. eagerly prepared for the unexpected. lease the 2020 es 350 for $389 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. with our moving and storage solutions. pack what you want, we store it for as long as you want. then, we deliver it where you want, so whether you need to move or store your things, pods is here to help you with flexible moving and storage solutions.
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>> ed: on the race to contain the coronavirus, a crew shipped off in new jersey that was carrying 12 chinese nationals who may have been infected with the illness, scientists working around the clock to develop a
6:54 am
drug or vaccine. our correspondent alex hogan has a story for us this morning. >> scientists around the world are trying to cure the coronavirus and in new york, some think that they are on their way. the department of health and human services is partnering with pharmaceuticals in tarrytown just outside of new york and some very special mice. >> we have created something that is almost science-fiction, created micro humans inside of laboratory mice. >> scientists will synthesize a part of the virus, inject the dna into the mice with human immune systems then wait for them to respond and make antibodies against a specific pathogen. refers to a family of viruses. corona refers to the so-called spikes that stick out from the virus. >> these are the things that are used to attach to a human cell, the goal is if you could block
6:55 am
the spikes, than it would have nothing to stick onto the human cell and it would be rendered noninfectious. >> to start that process, they recreated a strain with a dna map uploaded by china where it all began, the city of more than 11 million now but a ghost town, the chinese trying to contain what has already killed hundreds and infected thousands. altogether, could be eight months to a year before the perfect chemical cocktail is ready for humans but the company has been here before, they found a treatment for ebola that should we see a resurgence now just like we did just last year in the republic of congo, i hope they will be ready. >> ed: big story, thank you. >> sandra: no love lost between president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi as they ramp up a bitter feud after president trump's acquittal. so where does everything go from here? are a team, our friday a-team
6:56 am
joins us next. >> adam schiff is a vicious, horrible person. nancy pelosi is a horrible person. she said i pray for the president, she may pray but she prays for the opposite. i doubt she prays for me. look, this isn't my first rodeo... and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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7:00 am
will be screened for the disease. and health officials take no chances on spreading it here further brit i was just talking about that honeymooning couple you talk to. >> ed: next day, begging for a grilled cheese. a serious situation. the royal caribbean cruise ship is at four in new jersey, ambulance is on the scene earlier today, among the passengers, 12 chinese nationals who showed symptoms of the illness. >> sandra: the coronavirus broke out in their two months ago and has killed 638 people so far, mostly in china. more than 31,000 people have been infected so far and more than 25 countries and territories. that includes the u.s. with 12 confirmed cases so far. >> ed: the outbreak is a top issue worldwide, taking stock of their ability to handle the crisis. >> sandra: that cruise ship was supposed to lead 4:00 p.m. eastern time today, but now no
7:01 am
word on when that will happen. >> ed: much more on this developing story later on in the show. you have any questions or concerns, please call 1-800-cbc info or log on to where we have the details. >> sandra: meanwhile, the gloves are coming off. a ripping into president trump on the day after his acquittal in the senate impeachment trial and the senate hitting right back. >> ed: to dramatic capturing that escalated feud. showing the front page of "the washington post" reporting his. >> sandra: speaker pelosi defending her shredding of the state of the union address, some of the highlights of the jabs at each other. >> i have done things wrong in my life, i will admit. not purposely, but i've done things wrong. but this is what the end result is.
7:02 am
>> i tore up a manifesto of mistruths. >> i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. >> he is talking about things that he knows little about, faith and prayer. >> i doubt she prays it all. >> he can say whatever he wants, but i do pray for him. >> we've been waiting all morning long for this because we wrap up of busy and historic week my fox news political analyst and host of "the five," former campaign manager, they won a few states as i recall it, fox news contributor and cohost of fb nam, great to have you. as i recall, used to work for "the washington post," never thought you'd see the day were president trump would be holding up a copy of "the washington post"? >> i think you said they were going to cancel the subscripti subscription. i was told that was left for him at the prayer breakfast so it
7:03 am
was right there and he has that genius about him, he knew to use it. a stable genius, i should say. >> he had to get a little shot in there. where are we in terms of both sides after the state of the union, usually an agenda, he certainly did that getting ready for his reelection but some things he wants to work with democrats on but after the back and back and forth with pelosi yesterday, it's pretty brutal. >> the divisiveness continues and i don't think that's a surprise to anyone watching yesterday and will this way voters? it's an election year, seems to me most people have picked a side and they are going to stick with that side and whether this is a danger to those democrats that need to get their seats once again put in place but at the same time, we shall see, that's a story for the house to figure out in november. i think the divisiveness is here to stay. we have just accepted it. >> sandra: there was a prayer breakfast yesterday morning, but
7:04 am
then we were waiting on nancy pelosi to hold her weekly news conference which she did and it was highly anticipated what her reaction would be or her explanation for ripping up the state of the union address, here's how she explained herse herself. >> there has to be something that clearly indicates the american people that this is not the truth. and he has shredded the truth in his speech, shredding the constitution in his conduct, i shredded the state of his mind address. >> a truly great speech to his basin to most of the country, a fabulous performance state of the union, the agenda for him is to knock your teeth out and all of her comembers, it's an eight month campaign now it is not going to be done until the day after the election are beyond that but it's all-out war, those rules are now long gone and is his ultimate fighting or whatever else fox may have. i promise you, it will be nasty.
7:05 am
he is used to being nasty, i have known her for 45 years, she is tough but she is a lady and this is going to be a hard battle. >> sandra: joined us top of the 9:00 hour and had a little advice for the president as we go forward. >> my advice would be really simple, focus on the american people, build support with the american people, let them coerce the democrats in the house, but don't pay any attention to pelosi because she is your mortal enemy and she is totally trapped by aoc on the left wing of the democratic party and she proved that on impeachment. so she represents the adam schiff, aoc, jerry nadler wing of the party and there's not much point in the present wasting time with it. >> sandra: jerry nadler has already indicated that he could subpoena john bolton to appear. >> i don't think it's ever been over in that case because obviously the book is coming in mid-march and it will have some
7:06 am
revelations that are quite relevant to the whole discussion of the ukraine call and digging up dirt on joe biden. the larger point here is about how donald trump is willing to conduct himself. i thought would happen yesterday in the east room of the white house was bizarre. i said to ed earlier, was that therapy? just a stream of conscious using profanity. but i think some people see it as authentic. i don't know. for me, it is puzzling. >> ed: hasn't he been under assault for three years? >> he is president of the united states. i don't agree with it but his language, he was exonerated. >> ed: right. but for two years, was investigated with claims of collusion from russia with adam schiff that were never proven, right? >> you're saying they shouldn't have had an investigation?
7:07 am
our intelligence agencies that russia interfered in our campaign, they were indications and i think we have recently seen a report that the obama administration did not sufficiently address the russian interference on the possibility of collusion because they didn't have a firm grasp on what was taking place. that is not to say that you are attacking donald trump. he has been president. >> he and his supporters certainly think they've been under attack for three years and i think to a certain extent, the vast majority of them and people i talked to on a regular basis were joyous yesterday and thought he fired back, not taking anymore from anyone, going to be a joyous occasion for them and my sense is he did nothing but reinforce his base, now can she basically marched forward and have an agenda? i don't think so because of reality he controls the media and any time does anything like this, he has now got his pals in
7:08 am
the senate who he has unify this part is i've never seen. >> what newt gingrich was talking about is what he isn't doing especially this rally and that is talking about the economy and the blue-collar worker talking about wages and job creation, talking about the market. those are things he can count as wins. and he should continue to do that that would be my advice and at the end of the day are people going to vote along the lines of nancy pelosi was right about what he said, are they going to fight about how they feel and where they are out of their lives? the reality. >> ed: you mention the voting, politico has this rundown today, chaos in iowa for the democrats, the president's acquittal, struggling to say the least, mayor pete untested but rising, bernie sanders not even a democrat but at the top of the polls on the quote saying i am not a member of a organized political party, i am a democr democrat. >> there is a sense among democrats this week that it's like are we experiencing a
7:09 am
different reality? you get mitt romney is the one republican who stood up to this president but otherwise, what ed said is absolutely right, the president has unified the republican party to the extent they are a stone wall for him. i don't know what he can do but apparently even the constitution because he had so many republicans in the senate say what he did was inappropriate and wrong, said i don't know what was wrong with that call, it was perfect. it's unbelievable. even on the 7:00 show, susan collins a senator from maine who voted to acquit said i don't know if there will be any strain on him in the future and i'm thinking what is going on? >> sandra: here we go, new hampshire primary coming fast and pete buttigieg is gaining momentum, boston globe suffolk university at 24.8%, pete buttigieg now at 18.6%, joe biden at 12. the big question for your party
7:10 am
is which of those candidates can beat donald trump? >> absolutely, that's the number one issue. they want to prevent a second term. he don't have michael bloomberg up there but he had a good week in terms of being allowed into future debates, not tomorrow night or tonight, but he has also said he's going to double down on his spending. >> if i was him, i would stay out of debates. he is not a big impressive man and the reality is, he's not not going to come on the debate stage, his strategy was spending billions of dollars and so far hundreds of millions have been spent in hiring some of the best operatives in the country. he is the fallback and fallback may come because the front runner joe biden didn't get a gut shot. he got a knockout punch. >> i want to say something that ed henry mention, of all these candidates, i don't think it's bernie sanders. the man can't even tell us how is going to pay for his health care plan, he got caught
7:11 am
red-handed saying i don't know. the other socialist on that stage of elizabeth warren who has problems within her own campaign with these women of color who said they were working in a toxic environment so i think to your point, they do have big problems right now and if you are joe biden who was it out anywhere yesterday on the campaign trail. >> ed: sounds like the dnc chair has some problems and given this chaos and questions about the debate, he should be out. we met the truth of the matter is he screw this thing up from the get-go and i can just tell you i've got a lot of history and unfortunately that all flashes back, this is '72 all over again in which they could not find a candidate, ended up getting mcgovern, couldn't get a good running mate. my sense today is pete is on a move because he's young and interesting, but nobody puts the coalitions together, hold her black letters, no young voters, 4% in polls, this is a party that basically is all over the
7:12 am
place and i think to a certain extent going to be hard to get them back. >> the iowa state democratic party was in charge of counting those caucus results, it wasn't a national party. tom perez is trying to exert influence to say i'm going day and it and i'm going to straighten it out and fill the vacuum currently filled with conspiracy theories, even charges against trump people, so he wants to just say democrats can control this but i will say to ed's point, there was one thing that unifies democrats, they want to prevent a second term and you see that in terms of fund-raising numbers through the roof in terms of what's going on with house democrats at the moment and still seeking in terms of contributions to democratic candidates running for president. >> the point he made as this is michael bloomberg and the money he is spending, millions to billions he is committed to
7:13 am
spending, that is powerful. i will say, television ads can take you a long way. >> ed: the cochair is coming up. you might think you two are a team this morning, happy friday, everybody. meanwhile, the suspect accused of a deadly rampage at an el paso walmart is hit with more charges. what the federal government is charging him with now. >> ed: heavy rain helping crews battle those fires but will it be enough? we speak to an american firefighter they are on. >> we have already seen a good impact, down to 42 fires at the moment, 17 of those are still not contained in we are optimistic over the coming days, certainly the next week is to be had through this weekend and right through next week. i don't. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
7:14 am
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7:17 am
>> sandra: a quick look at some of the other top headlines we are following for you this morning, prosecutors -- in connection to that mass shooting that left 22 dead at a walmart last august where the suspect reportedly is claiming to be fighting a hispanic invasion of the u.s. >> ed: plus the white house reportedly dismissing a lieutenant colonel alexander vindman along with several other members of the national security
7:18 am
council after his recent testimony during president trump's impeachment inquiry. >> sandra: on the first super moon of 2020, lighting up the night sky this weekend and will reach its fullest, largest size early sunday morning. >> ed: meanwhile, heavy rains now helping crews battle devastating fires in australia. to mark the fires have killed 33 people so far destroyed more than 3,000 homes there. american teams are deployed to help knock them down. joining us now is alexander, a bureau of land management firefighter who just got back from australia. thank you so much for your time this morning. you could just share with us your experience. >> good morning. my experience, i was the first american to head over to australia to help coordinate efforts to get our firefighters over there on the ground, with the australian fire agencies to see what they needed and how we could help. >> ed: as i remember, it did not come without a heavy cost because we lost a few americans who were bravely those fires.
7:19 am
>> absolutely. the conditions have been so extreme, they've had so much fire on the ground for over 155 days of significant fire activity. we did lose three american firefighters over there, a very sad situation. everything we can do to help them out. >> sandra: how would you say people are coping with this there? >> my experience as are extremely resilient, civic minded, really banding together to help each other, firefighters from different states traveling to the north and the fires were up in queensland and victoria and new south wales and helping each other out, very helpful community and i was really amazed by all the help they provided for each other. >> ed: talk a little bit about the coordination because for americans to step up like yourself and try and help in such a desperate situation takes a long time to get to australia from the states and then talk
7:20 am
about the coronation to make sure you're on the same page. >> this is the relationship we've had a spark back to 15 years ago started sharing resources, had australian. >> ed: i think we might've lost a satellite there is you can see, he is one of the handful of folks based in idaho who have been helping deal with this crisis and they are looking at based on the reports about three more months of very desperate conditions. mention the rain may help in the short term. >> sandra: a look at some of the numbers here when it comes to the acres that have burned in the recent wildfires, 2018 california fires, 2019 siberian fires 6.7 million, looking at 2019 to 2020 australia fires 12.4 million, so just the numbers there are staggering and
7:21 am
our thanks to mr. alexander for what he and those other firefighters did. >> ed: still 100 fires burning across new south wales, a serious situation and we appreciate him coming in today. meanwhile, new pleas for help for americans trapped on cruise ships as official struggle to contain the coronavirus epidemic. plus, an update on the 2020 campaign is michael bloomberg vastly outspend the competition. you simply buying his way into the white house? >> that is an absolute outrage and really unfair. people like cory booker or julian castro or tulsi gabbard who worked really, really hard, they were excluded but they are not multimillionaires, that's all. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse.
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7:26 am
>> we are quarantined which we knew was going to happen but we shouldn't be in this condition. we need help. we are in a desperate stage. >> ed: a couple quarantined on a cruise ship, supposed to be having fun, and said they are expressing concern last hour here on the program. meanwhile another ship with at least a dozen quarantined passengers arrived this morning at a port in new jersey, all of this is the u.s. evacuate two more planes full of americans from china. following these stories from our atlanta bureau. >> good morning to you, we have an update on those two planes
7:27 am
evacuating people from china, they are currently holding one of the flights in vancouver, canada, the other at travis air force base in california. two u.s. officials close to the centers for disease control and prevention tell fox news that one passenger on each flight started showing potential symptoms of the coronavirus. the two planes are carrying approximately 300 passengers from the epicenter of the outbreak in china. once cleared, one of them are expected to land in miramar which is housing travelers who arrived wednesday on a separate flight from china. the cdcs at a total of five passengers from that earlier flight were taken to nearby hospitals for further evaluation after developing fevers or coughs. the other plane is expected to arrive in omaha where approximately 70 passengers will be quarantined for 14 days at a national guard facility. >> anyone showing the signs of illness during the quarantine.
7:28 am
mike will be transported to the university of nebraska medical center for evaluation, care is needed. >> japanese health officials have confirmed 41 new cases aboard the diamond princess cruise ship that brings the total to 61 confirmed cases including 11 americans being treated at local hospitals in japan. the diamond princess is more than the port of yokohama approximately 3700 passengers including more than 400 americans are expected to remain quarantined in their rooms until february 19th. the royal caribbean cruise liner made an unscheduled stop in new jersey, cdc personnel screen 27 passengers who recently traveled from mainland china, four were taken to a local hospital for further evaluation and testing for coronavirus. several u.s. citizens are believed to be on board the world dream, that ship operated by dream cruises is docked in hong kong where it remains under
7:29 am
quarantine. and another cruise ship remains at sea after being denied entry at several asian ports. they left hong kong on february 1st and several hundred americans are reported to be on board that ship. back to you. >> ed: think you. >> sandra: meanwhile, phil murphy releasing a statement on that cruise ship loaded with quarantined passengers confirming they were no confirmed coronavirus is in the state, docked this morning and screen 27 passengers were recently traveled from mainland china. after being assessed by the cdc, 23 of those passengers were cleared and for individuals are being evaluated at an area hospital. >> ed: meantime, michael bloomberg shelling out some 300 million of his own cash on tv ads alone, more than all
7:30 am
the competition combined. >> sandra: is now planning to double that amount as we head into super tuesday. let's bring in steve benjamin, national cochair of the bloomberg campaign and mayor of columbia, south carolina, good morning to you and thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> sandra: what is michael bloomberg strategy here? >> we have all gotten acquainted with it over the last ten weeks or so, we are skipping the first, skipped iowa but first, two primaries and caucuses focusing intently on the vast majority of delegates that will be available to secure a democratic nomination over the course of march and april. has been a strategy in which he is been willing to commit personal resources to the campaign but i will tell you having traveled this country with him and gone place no one else is going, we have a 6:00 a.m. meeting, 5:30 a.m. is the last man standing all across
7:31 am
this country, 40 states, two territories, we have 2100 people on the ground doing real grassroots work, buffeted by a strong digital strategy and the media campaign that he is doubling down on right now going straight to americans, most americans are at the center, right of center looked, left of center but some folks have libertarian streaks and some have some conservative tendencies. we are talking to everyone all across this country with an intense focus on the six or seven states that will determine the outcome of this election. introducing people to make but also going straight at president trump. >> ed: you mentioned a moment ago thank god we didn't participate in iowa half in jest but there is obviously a serious issue of accountability, some democrats now saying the dnc chair tom perez should step down, somebody should be held accountable here and there is a sense of the democratic party right now that there has been chaos and that may be michael bloomberg has been a
7:32 am
benefit from that because you want to have this sort of divided field, divided party. how do you react to that? >> i will tell you why i endorsed mike bloomberg. i've been the mayor of columbia for nearly ten years now and we finish with a budget surplus, never raise taxes, invested heavily. i support mike bloomberg because he gets things done. he built a company from scratch after losing his job, 20,000 employees at 100,000 cities all around the world come he gives the vast majority of everything he earns each year in profit back to the community taking on tough issues like gun safety and ending gun violence, reducing our carbon emissions trying to make sure we protect god's green earth. taking on tough issues like tobacco and stopping our kids from vaping and for 12 years post 9/11, he governed the most complex city in the world, a city at the center of a $2 trillion domestic product.
7:33 am
>> ed: you know the grassroots of the democratic party is not happy about a billionaire coming in here. bernie sanders and others, elizabeth warren have been hammering this issue that he's trying to buy the election. >> i would say this, first of all, i think we've got to get outside of the blue bubble or the red bubble on social media. i am actually on the ground not just in our city but i've been in 12 or so different cities over the last couple of weeks, folks in minnesota to southside of chicago to montgomery, alabama, who love mike's message and they realize if you're going to run a campaign, we just got in this thing in november but you're going to have to spend money, he is committed only to working for the american people, owe no one anything. that's a good thing but it's the only opportunity to have to actually get your message out and introduce yourself to americans and bringing a message of confidence.
7:34 am
>> sandra: sorry for talking over you there, "the new york post" this morning, bloomberg making a bit but by the white house and assault on democracy. he said he's a "wizard of oz" candidate shield and inflated by his tv ads but the style of campaigning shouldn't be the norm. he succeeds, he will -- impoverish our politics. so that is to which you are responding. when it comes to policy and when it comes to how mike bloomberg could eventually beat donald trump in a general election, what is the message on the economy? is built that company from the ground up, he sees the booming economy, new jobs numbers out this morning, how does he run against that? >> he's a businessman who built his company from the ground up after being fired from a job at age 39 and working hard, a lot of americans can identify with that. he took his own money, and he
7:35 am
built a company. not smoke and mirrors, but legitimate enterprise that is best-in-class. americans gravitate to that. >> sandra: how do you run a booming economy? >> first of all, i think it's important to note that yes, the stock market is still continually strong when it has been for 11 years, we've known that since the obama years and even if you look at job growth numbers and economy, it's not going at the same pace it grew. >> sandra: on employment is at a record low. >> but that is barack obama's economy and it has been sustained under the trump administration. we can do better. the reality is if you look at real data and that is not in smoke and mirrors. got to let me answer the question. the reality is we have families all across america who are not benefiting from this.
7:36 am
and apalachee and cities. absolutely. >> sandra: he gives credit to president obama for the booming economy? >> you asked me a question, we are watching americans drop out of the top percentile down to the bottom quintile all across this country, it's in minnesota, it is in south carolina, all across this country so we have to make sure we have an economy that works for all people, one that focuses on new energy and clean energy and on infrastructure, so there has to be more for more people all across this country. >> ed: last question, you can use data, all kinds of data out there, wages are up, african-american unemployment as the president laid out in the state of the union as you know is at record lows. how can you say this is barack obama's economy when this president has now had three years, cut taxes, cut regulations and see record low
7:37 am
unemployment and heard the statistics. >> we are not going to get into the old school fax, let me answer the question. you asked a question, have to let me answer it. eight years of barack obama sought incredible economic growth. has been sustained not at the same pace under the trump administration. that is just a fact. whether or not you want to accept it is real and under mike bloomberg as president, we are going to see americans all across the board benefit even more greatly. >> ed: i'll let that be the last word, supporter of mike bloomberg, campaign cochair. >> sandra: now to a story we told you about earlier, fox news confirming that alexander vindman is among a group of officials leaving the national security council. is unclear when that will become effective, lieutenant colonel
7:38 am
vindman was a key witness in the house impeachment inquiry testifying about his unease surrounding president trump call with the president of the ukraine. >> ed: meanwhile, new jobs numbers out as we were just talking about, adding to their workforces in a big way last month, moneyman charles payne breaks it all down next. >> he focuses on job creation every day and we are seeing the fruits of that and it's a beautiful thing. one call can save you $2000 a year. @hx0 it's important to have a reliable network. we all use it in different ways. (vo) everyone in your family is different. someone is streaming sports, someone is video chatting her friend. (laughter) (vo) that's why verizon has plans to mix and match starting at just $35. and one of our best phones when you buy one. the network more people rely on, gives you more.
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7:42 am
>> sandra: the january jobs report is in, 225,000 jobs last month, the unemployment rate slightly wrapping, still at his store close despite that strong report, you are looking at the big board and a drop of 188 points, fox business networks charles payne is here to explain why. >> we are down from the all-time high, up 1100 points from four
7:43 am
days, news flash, it's a little bit more selling than buying. the s&p 500 is off of 1%, the dow a little more because bowling there's always some news that moves it up they were down big. but overall, this jobs report a b+. 225,000, after wednesday when we saw at 1091, here is what i love, construction, 44,000 jobs. professional service 21,000 jobs. transportation, this is a great area because as people leave retail and some of these other low-paying jobs to get to work in a warehouse and make significantly a lot more money, that shows nobility. not supervising wages up more again, the lower rung of the economic ladder 3.3%. on the other side manufacturers down 12,000 coming from the
7:44 am
automobile section, you don't want that to happen and believe it or not, would have liked to see supervisors make more money as well. so a b+ overall. >> ed: we look at that a lot. he picked up slightly from december, now up to 63.4%, what that means is more people are getting in there looking for jobs, the job market is up and counter to what we were just hearing from in an official from bloomberg campaign who wasn't really acknowledging facts like that and the fact that wages are up. >> also, "the new york times" of all places has an article today on black americans finally getting a pay raise, so i heard some of that conversation and it's a little frustrating. a black homeownership was low, block employment to population ratio was lower after eight years of obama than when he came than when he left. so here's the thing, i was hoping for 200,000 more people to come into the labor force.
7:45 am
was a net of 50,000 so for me that was a slight disappointment. when i look at this, i want to see wages going up and i want people getting back into the labor force. those are the two driving elements that i want to keep seeing. >> sandra: are we going to see 30,000 in the dow soon? >> i think we could. wall street is still crunching the numbers on the impact of the virus, also the global economy. is transitory as of right now. but these earnings have been just absolutely phenomenal overall, so the market is digesting this. we had a huge run in the last year, so we hit these, some profit taking, some what they call a wall street consolidation but we are going to go way past 30,000. don't be spooked out of this market if constant calls for recession, fears, constitutional crisis and all the other myriad reasons over the last few years.
7:46 am
>> sandra: next uncertainty as the election, right? >> i've got to tell you after iowa this week i'm on the markets even more emboldened because if it is, it would be the nominee. >> ed>> sandra: charles payne. very nice. >> ed: top republican senators getting a look at documents related to hunter biden's business dealings. where will they take it from here? and how can they wake up feeling pressured every day? the new studies as it could involve permanently snoozing the alarm clock. >> sandra: signed me up for that, i will take it. americans come to to compare and save on loans, credit cards and more! but with the new lending tree app you can see your full financial health, monitor your credit score, see your cash flow and find out how you can cut your monthly bills. download it now to see how much you can save. pods puts you in control
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>> ed: a fox news alert justin to federal court, ruling 200 democratic congressional lawmakers do not have standing to sue president trump over allegations he violated the emoluments clause of the constitution. lawmakers have sought to sue him over the overseas business dealings, sending the case back to a lower court with instructions to dismiss. >> sandra: hunter biden's financial documents being handed over, the treasury compartmen dt and his business dealings with ukraine come alive on capitol hill following all of that for us. >> i've been trying to get to the bottom of the former vice president sun earning $50,000 at one point for a job in ukraine. fox has told the treasury department is complying with a senate republican probe in
7:52 am
ukraine and is handing over highly sensitive financial records and other third-party information. republican sources note senate committees have been looking at hunter biden for months and asking for relevant information. leading senators have requested records as well from the state department, the justice department, the fbi, the national archives and the secret service, critics note hunter's father the vice president at the time was handling ukraine policy. >> i think the united states senate has a legal and a moral obligation to get to the bottom of this, the finance committee and the committee on homeland security have asked for the suspicious activity reports from the department of treasury for hunter biden and all of his business associates. >> a spokeswoman for the top finance committee telling fox republicans are turning the senate into an arm of the president's political campaign,
7:53 am
pursuing an investigation designed to further president trump's favorite conspiracy theory that ukraine interfered in the 2016 election and smeared vice president biden. a spokesperson telling fox it is unfortunate the democrats who we've kept in the loop on our investigation would recklessly seek to interfere with legitimate government oversight, a treasury spokesman did not comment when you reach morning by fox. >> sandra: mike emanuel on the hill for us, thank you. >> ed: meanwhile, growing concern over reports that elon musk satellite internet initiative is likely to go public. brett larson is here. >> good morning. it's a multifaceted thing, he wants to launch 42,000 satellites for his delivered internet service, he also wants to take the company public which could be interesting from the first opportunity they have the chance to get in on an internet delivery service. the concern of the satellite internet is that there are so many satellites going into this
7:54 am
guy and astronomers and a lot of scientists in the community have said wait a minute, this is going to block our view of space and you're going to have all these satellites whizzing through. when scientists stare off into the heavens of his face and we've gotten some really tremendous photographs from deep into space, they need to leave that thing open for a long time so the concern is we are going to have streaks there were a lot of these scientific photos that's going to be harder to really explore deep space with this much space junk basically. is not junk, obviously going to deliver the internet and that's the flip side of it, it is also going to bring internet to the entire planet, at least that would be his goal. the question is going to be our governments going to allow that? if you are allowed to beam internet into china, is it going to go to spacex and say we need you to filter the results here. i'm >> sandra: we will see where that story ends up. meanwhile, apparently is how we feel the rest of the day and
7:55 am
waking up to that annoying alarm in the morning might make you more groggy. >> will wake you up in the best day possible. you get out of bed to that and you are set. this is serious and i agree with it because i literally wake up to a soft sound and science, look at how happy i am every day. >> sandra: here is a quote from the study, a more melodic like the beach boys good vibrations might help us transfer to a waking state in a more effective way. i agree with this because it is interesting because i think it goes back a little further back to when we were earlier humans and we would wake up with the sun because we would wake up to birds chirping and thing was starting to happen as the world woke up around us and that's with the study is saying is he kind of wake up a little slower and not so jarring, they found people who woke up to that
7:56 am
annoying buzzing sound for the horn honk. >> sandra: like the standard iphone alarm. >> you have ptsd. >> sandra: you have the iphone watch. >> ed: it vibrates on your wrist which will wake you up. >> you might trail out of your dream with their was pleasant music playing. you've got to try it, just that first eight seconds. >> sandra: i will go with good vibrations. any minute now, president trump expected in north carolina, always the possibility that he can stop and talk to reporters on his way out, those reporters have gathered. we will bring you that if and when it happens. plus, mitt romney bracing for blowback. a brand-new hour coming up, stay with us. or, here. kick your antacid habit with prilosec otc. one pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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>> ed: uncertainty is the word in iowa as pete buttigieg and bernie sanders both claiming victory with a high-stakes primary now just four days away. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." >> sandra: it's a happy friday, we made it. we are here, good morning, everyone. the latest democratic debate is tonight in new hampshire with the political world focusing on the granite state to provide some sort of clarity to 2020 race amid the chaos in iowa. where 100% of the votes are now in in the reporting from the precincts is in, pete buttigieg holding a slight lead in
8:01 am
delegates but sanders leading in the popular vote. the associated press is not calling a winner either way but both candidates are. >> i think we have an excellent chance to win here, we did very well, we won in iowa. i think we are the strongest campaign to defeat the most dangerous president in modern american history and we intend to do that. >> we had this idea we could build a different kind of politics based on bringing people together and to see how that led to that win for us in iowa is fantastic. but i also know that we are in new hampshire now. we have to look ahead. >> sandra: in new hampshire now, just north of concord, a snowy chili morning there. how are you? good morning. >> good to see you, so the mess in iowa is undoubtably raised the stakes here in new hampshire. tracked support of likely democratic primary voters every
8:02 am
single day in their latest poll shows pete buttigieg gaining eight points in just two days, sanders is now at 24% in that format, now at 23%. campaigning in new hampshire is in overdrive but has been campaigning here for quite a while. remember, send her bernie sanders actually won new hampshire in 2016 and did beat hillary clinton in urban areas that she had carried back in 2008. senator sanders has a significant grounding here, some 150 staffers and 10,000 volunteers but chief rival is not messing around in new hampshire either. has spent a significant amount of time in rural areas. we are in the third least populous county in new hampshire. president trump in 2016. pete buttigieg has spent more time here than any other candidate, the chair of carroll county democrats endorse
8:03 am
him. he is campaigning heavily in more rural parts of the state not only making the case to democrats that his policies and his candidacy are most likely to create so-called obama coalition and take down president trump in the general election but also to speak directly to disaffected trump voters, here is what he had to say the last time he was here in carroll county. >> if you look to american values, values that belong to no party, values that can guide us in a very specific direction, this is how i feel about values like the way we feel or ought to feel when we see the american flag. he cannot love a country if you hate half of the people in it. >> we are now just four days away from the primaries here in new hampshire. >> sandra: thank you. >> ed: for more on all of this, let's bring in our political panel today, american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, also a former white house political director and jason nichols is a
8:04 am
university of maryland professor for african-american studies. good morning to both of you. jason, i noticed in "the new york times" today quoted as saying some people have been pushed out from the democratic party, the folks who were going to be running the convention in milwaukee says we can't count votes, put on a convention or deliver a winning message. other than that, seems like your party is doing great. >> i think the party is doing much better than he would like to acknowledge. he is kind of an old fossil in the party, his way of thinking is antiquated. when you look at where the party is going with the sanders message, the progressive message, that's where the energy is and pete buttigieg has the energy of youth behind him. we are headed for a really good primary season. of course, the older people, the people with the old ideas like joe biden are starting to fall off, not raising enough money and i think now we are starting to see where the front runners are coming from and i think it's a good thing for democrats.
8:05 am
>> ed: calls him a fossil, i seem to remember he had an important catchphrase for bill clinton that was a winning one which was it's the economy stupid, something this president talked about a lot at the state of the union. >> that would be a very bad thing for the democrats this year because the economy is booming under donald trump's policies, so the democrats have to talk about everything but the economy. but i agree on what he's saying. i think the democratic party feel the burn. you look at the gallup poll which is sometimes mistakenly set on this network and others, talk about how the parties becoming more liberal. that is inaccurate. joe biden is a liberal. joe biden's fighting people who prefer socialism, so socialism versus liberalism and i do think it's right, that's where all the energy is in the party and i think mayor pete is a little bit of an interesting role in all of that, but i think if you look at the top tier in new hampshire,
8:06 am
elizabeth warren, mayor pete very strong. clearly the democrats their heart is in picking somebody who is aligned with the socialist. >> ed: this commentary we are starting to hear, pete buttigieg might be in the moderately not biden was going to take when he's got a pretty liberal record and so it is pete buttigieg. is it just that they are left liberal, less socialist than bernie sanders and elizabeth warren? >> first of all, as i've said to you a couple of times that i've been on the show that i think we use the term socialist very loosely and sometimes incorrectly. i guess that is just the academic and me but i think they are progressive and he is more in the middle and i think one of the things he's been doing really well is reaching out to disaffected trump voters in the earlier part of the show, the fact that he actually is
8:07 am
reaching across to people who may be uncomfortable with this president but are not comfortable with some of the sanders proposals. i think there is a middle lane and that is where pete buttigieg is able to grab that and grab some young votes. where he's going to struggle is with african-american voters and other voters of color where he is not very popular. >> ed: that could be a big deal comes south carolina paired i want you to jump in but listen to this sound bite from mayor pete, the former mayor of south bend talking about winning over trump voters, watch. >> it will be as important in the future to compete in states that have greater racial diversity. we were able to succeed in rural areas and suburban areas and in urban areas. many of those counties have famously swung at a big way from voting for president obama to voting for trump and if we want to beat donald trump, the process of proving that began in iowa.
8:08 am
>> ed: remember we talked to your wife mercedes about this on the ground in des moines, the voters in places like iowa that were with barack obama in 2012, donald trump in 2016, pete buttigieg is claiming that he has more moderate and can win these rural areas over. >> there was nothing more moderate and i would love to talk with the professor about what socialism means. people of venezuela and cuba and people who have been victims of obama's policies understand exactly what it means and if he is going to try to not be a socialist, he has to try to figure out how he wins this nomination without aligning himself where the activists want to be but this question of african-americans for me, they are the ultimate swing constituency both in the general election against trumper he is doing great and close with african-americans but also for this nomination and mayor pete has a problem for at least has had a problem with getting support from african-american leaders and voters so i think for him, a big test is can he be the one that rips away the african-american support that has been so stuck to joe biden
8:09 am
if joe biden continues to tank? >> ed: i want to drop in something the president said when he took a victory lap in the senate, talking about your part, "i think they should blame with russia, prussia, russia again if they can't count votes properly. how are they going to run u.s. health care? i hear you laughing but this is a talking point from the republicans that they've been pushing. you guys can't count the votes but you want the government to take over health care and student loans and all the rest. >> i think that's a straw man argument but i think the russia thing was funny, have to give it to the president, that was comical. i think number one, the democratic party, they were things that particularly in iowa we can't conflate the iowa democratic party with the entire party. but they certainly did screw up and there is no question about that. this process needs to be reviewed, so i'm not going to sit here and try to spin that. there is no question about it that that was a debacle.
8:10 am
>> ed: lets give matt the last word. >> i have never had such a good week. my football team won for the super bowl and the democrats have fumbled every day this week and i just can't believe, i think that trump's had a good week, not missouri, missouri and kansas. they just can't seem to run a simple play up the middle without moving the ball and i'm loving every moment of it. >> ed: hope you have a good weekend, thank you. >> sandra: a cruise ship talking this morning in new jersey carrying 12 passenger showing symptoms of the coronavirus. a live report coming up from new jersey and now how authorities are working to keep any potential infections
8:11 am
contained. >> ed: plus, green light immigration laws are in the books and more than a dozen state so why is the trump administration retaliating against new york in particular? >> customs and border protection offers so making sure they meet those program requirements. so we need to do our job. x=dhúoz
8:12 am
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[ fast-paced drumming ]
8:15 am
>> ed: the january jobs report is in and it's another strong one, adding 225,000 jobs last month despite concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. unemployment rose slightly to 3.6% with a half million people joining. >> what that does is it prohibits access, uses that as building cases and investigating criminal networks using that personal data they get to look up and individuals date of birth, their photo. also uses that for national security purposes and for customs reasons but also for trade and travel. they use this data. >> sandra: the trump administration is defending his decision to block new yorkers from enrolling in global entry programs over the states so called green light law.
8:16 am
the legislation allows illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses and prevents the dmv from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. the administration says it is forcing them to stop some programs that make it easier to fly. critics say it is just political revenge. joining us as deputy commissioner robert perez. good morning and thank you for being here. so is new york being singled o out? >> absolutely not. i will start with a trusted traveler programs that were immediately suspended now before residents of the state of new york, it is about our ability to assess the applicants to make sure they meet the very strict requirements to be trusted travelers. segregated low risk travelers that we do not need to scrutinize when they travel to and from the u.s. our ability to keep the public at bay and segregate and approve
8:17 am
those people is critically important when we are having pay attention to those who would pose a greater risk or those of unknown risk. in this case from the state of new york and the department of motor vehicles to assess those applications and make those informed decisions on who we improve in the program, it's a matter of public safety. we need to put that person foremost as we do every day and we continue to do that. >> sandra: there is 14 other states with similar green light laws. california, colorado, connecticut, delaware. utah, vermont and washington, why not the others? >> great question. let me clarify because it is more than just a trusted traveler program. it's about information sharing. what we are talking about here is the law that was passed in new york that now does not allow for the department of motor vehicles to share critical
8:18 am
information regarding traffic violations and all sorts of other potential criminal interest or arrests with cvt and ice that is nonexistent right now than any of the other 49 states. that's what we are talking about here. i was a couple years ago before taking on this job the director of cbt in new york. i worked there for the better part of ten years, so how important it was to share information, not just for federal agencies but state and local agencies. we should go backward and create silos and not share information frankly it was the most important lesson shared by us in the outcome and in the report of the 9/11 commission some things we had to do from a public safety standpoint to keep your nation safe. >> sandra: but as far as these other states, our greenroom in
8:19 am
nevada is also prohibited from the dmv sharing that information. so not nevada? >> i am not aware that we have any of the limitations and any other states as far as the information we need that we are getting from these other motor vehicle agencies. is strictly and slowly a new york limitation, a new york issue right now and we need them to fix that law. ready to have those discussions with them to find a path forward but make no mistake about it, it is unacceptable in a public safety issue. >> sandra: we heard that who said we urge new york to undo that law and restore some sanity to its own attempt to help preserve public safety. this was approved in new york in june by governor andrew cuomo who said this to "the new york times" and the trump administration's ruling. "this is unbounded arrogance, disrespect of the rule of law, hyper political government in another form of extortion. this is trump did with ukraine,
8:20 am
this is the ethos of his federal government." final thoughts and reactions of that? >> i am a career law enforcement professional, all i can tell you was in december, we were cut off from the critical information we need to keep the public safe and this has impacts well beyond just the state of new york. so again, it is just a fact that the sharing of information for all those of us charged with public safety is absolutely critical. again, one of the most important lessons we have all learned of the last couple of decades, we cannot go backward. we need to continue to go forward and have the transparency and efficiency to keep the public safe. >> sandra: just quickly here, it is a law in nevada that prohibits the dmv from sharing information with the feds. so that is on the books. i know you said you weren't aware of it. >> i am not, so i'm certainly
8:21 am
going to go back and take a look at that but what i expect we are going to find is there a very may be some other arrangements that have been made. as far as i know as i sit here today, the only state with which we have this type of limitation is new york. obviously, we are concerned about any other state going down the same path and the message is in clay, don't do it because it's an issue of public safety and we need to be sharing more information with one another, not less. >> sandra: robert perez, thank you. >> ed: meantime, the president reversing course now imposing the creation of a nuclear waste site at the yucca mountain. william la jeunesse is live in our west coast newsroom. good morning. morning. >> this is the final nail in the coffin for yucca mountain. several issues here coming together, the site, the cost, the politics and the reality that every day the u.s. produces more nuclear waste with nowhere to put it. taxpayers spend $2 million a day
8:22 am
in temporary storage, but politically yucca mountain is dead. so aides say the president backed off. he also sees six electoral votes in a state he narrowly lost and the majority of nevada fear. becoming a landfill for this growing pile of radioactive waste. nevada, i hear you on yucca mountain and my administration will respect you, trump tweeted yesterday. congress and previous administrations have long failed to find lasting solutions. my a administration is committed to exploring innovative approaches. i am confident we can get it done." trump's first budget included money for yucca. funds and instead go to a working group to find alternatives, so chosen in 1984 is the best place for spent fuel, it has cost taxpayers 98 billion so far. generate tons of waste each year and it is stored in pools and canisters on site and 39 states which yucca mountain if it had
8:23 am
been open would take care of that, the delegation successfully fighting them off. the stalemate continues with no solution in sight. >> ed: william la jeunesse, thank you. >> sandra: an update from washington, we are told the president just walked out of the white house about to depart but he stopped as mentioned on the way out. we know that our own john roberts repeatedly asked him if he would be willing to work with pelosi and democrats. how the president responded, we are going to have that for you, stay tuned. we will be right back. snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress the best of pressure cooking and air frying now in one pot, and with tendercrisp technology, you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside
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and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. it's unacceptable that americans pay vastly more than people in other countries, for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
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>> we are quarantined obviously which we knew was going to happen but we shouldn't be in this type of condition and exposed to the virus. we need help, we are in a desperate stage. >> ed: an american couple on their honeymoon supposed to be having fun. early on this program talking about the dire conditions aboard a cruise ship that was quarantined off the coast of japan. 61 people on board have now tested positive for the coronavirus. meantime, dozens of passengers are aboard another ship that is arriving in new jersey screened for the potentially deadly virus. big picture now, more than 31,000 cases have been confirmed all around the world, 25 different countries. at least 638 deaths, mostly in china. our correspondent is live in new jersey where that second
8:29 am
cruise ship is coming in, what's happening? >> good morning. the royal caribbean and some of the seas docked here in new jersey this morning, the passengers all of them have seemingly disembarked from that ship but it was quite the scene earlier this morning. this is what we know. the governor of new jersey phil murphy said that some members of the cdc the centers for disease control came on board the ship and screamed 27 passengers who have traveled to hear from mainland china. screen them, 23 of those passengers that are allowed to be screened and they were cleared. a four of those passengers were taken to an area hospital to be screened for further testing perhaps to see if they have the coronavirus. for individuals like i said were taken, the mayor says the cdc advised him that this was a
8:30 am
"below low risk situation." so that gives you an idea of how the cdc characterizes what happened this morning, below are low risk. in a statement from the governor of new jersey, he said this. the hospital is following proper infection control protocols while evaluating these individuals. new jersey currently has no confirmed cases of coronavirus and the risk to residents remains low. we spoke to passengers who were on this cruise ship and i've got to say, they say no announcement was made by the crew members on board the ship that any kind of screening was happening. they said throughout the 11 day cruise to the southern caribbean, nothing was said by the crew that there was any kind of heightened concern for the virus. extra precautions were taken to make sure that people were washing their hands, extra wash stations were placed throughout the entire cruise ship. we spoke to one passenger from canada moments ago. >> they said they were testing people for the virus, but that was only this morning.
8:31 am
we haven't heard anything all week. >> are you concerned for yourself or for other passengers? >> not for me, i just wanted to get off. >> that's how many of the passengers feel. one thing interestingly, royal caribbean yesterday announced a brand-new travel restriction for all of their cruise ships, all passengers and crew members who have traveled to work from or through mainland china or hong kong within 15 days of them setting the sale will no longer be able to go on board a royal caribbean ship. that was announced just yesterday, no indication whether or not any reason as to why these particular passengers were taken off the ship and screamed. we also do know that this ship is set to set sail today for an eight day cruise to the bahamas, no word yet if that is canceled. >> ed: on that point, is everyone off the ship yet?
8:32 am
how many people may still be on that ship? >> this ship can hold up to 4900 people. they have allowed from what we can understand all the passengers to leave, 27 passengers were identified and just four of those were taken to a local hospital. everybody else was allowed to leave, they've been told no restrictions, no self quarantine, nothing like that. so i think the fact this was characterized as a below low risk situation by the cdc goes to show you that they don't want people to panic. they don't believe this is something to panic over. >> ed: thank you for all those details, appreciate it. >> sandra: wild weather sweeping through the south with some powerful winds felt in several states there, heavy rain and widespread areas under water. dashcam video these dramatic moments, a tree branch collapses onto an atlanta highway crushed
8:33 am
by a nearby car. luckily, no one was injured in that incident. storm systems are still in the region today. >> i am aware there were people in my party and in my state who strenuously disapprove of my decision and in some quarters, i would be vehemently denounced. i am sure to hear abuse from the president and his supporters. does anyone seriously believe that i would consent to these consequences other than from an inescapable conviction that my oath before god demanded of me? >> ed: that is senator mitt romney saying his faith guided his decision to vote to convict president trump on the abuse of power article of impeachment, one out of the two. former secretary of education and fox news contributor and host of wise guys on fox nation, good morning. >> morning, guys. >> ed: good to have you here, going to go to the president
8:34 am
life for what he said just a couple moments ago as well interrupt you after that but a quick point on mitt romney, some republicans say he should be able to vote his conscience and a lot of others are quite upset with him. where do you come down? >> he was able to vote his conscience and you can be quite upset with him, as i am. he made history, as you know. first member of the party to vote for the conviction or removal of the president of his own party. there was a history here. remember, mitt romney was a candidate in 2012, asked donald trump for his endorsement, practically begged him for his endorsement and donald trump gave it to him and that was not returned in 2016 when mitt romney gave that speech in utah after trump announced saying he was a phony and a fraud. >> sandra>> ed: pardon me real , here is the president. we will get your reaction on the other side of this. >> president trump: i just got there, it was just handed to me. this is the d.c. circuit and we
8:35 am
just won the big emoluments case. i think it was a unanimous decision, this was brought by nancy pelosi and her group, just came out a few minutes ago. so i will be reading it on the helicopter, but it was a total win, this was brought by 230 democrats in congress. was another phony case and we won 3-0, we've won it unanimously. that was a false report. i have a great relationship with nick, i have a great relationship with them, and it is false. >> do you want alexander vindman out of the white house? >> president trump: i'm not happy with him. am i supposed to be happy with him? i'm not. he will make a decision.
8:36 am
they're going to be making that decision. >> buys a abuse against your campaign? >> president trump: we were abused by the fisa process, no question about it. we were seriously abused by fisa by what they did and by what they signed and who signed, it is a terrible thing that happened. we will see what happens. i thought it was a terrible thing when she ripped up the speech. first of all, it's an official document. is illegal what she did, she
8:37 am
broke the law, but i haven't been asked a question other than a lot of people couldn't believe, i thought it was very disrespectful, and very high marks on the speech. i didn't know she did it until she was walking out and some of the congressmen and women were saying. >> mr. president. >> president trump: i think there's a lot of evil on that side. they've gone totally crazy. it's too bad. i've gotten tremendous amounts done, more than anyone's done by far. but they are not constructive people. i do work with democrats, but that group is saying trump derangement syndrome, they've
8:38 am
got a bad case of it. that was on display the other night when she ripped up her speech, that was terrible. so disrespectful to our country and actually very illegal what she said. i gave the answer. i have to say this, we just came out with fantastic job numbers, 230,000 or something there about which was much higher than projected, so jobs continue to be great, our country continues tto do great. i am now going to north carolina, but the jobs report just came out.
8:39 am
no. these people, they are their own people. i am not their boss and i don't think they've done anything as far as i know, but it's very sad what happened with the bidens that it's also very sad how he's doing in the polls. now i understand the votes surprise in iowa. they couldn't even take a simple tabulation and how to run health care, i think they counted them on a computer. all the money that the democrats spent, they have no idea who won, they have no idea but i'll tell you who won on the republican side, every single vote and it was a lot of votes, record-setting number of votes, trump won. >> pete buttigieg or
8:40 am
bernie sanders, who was a bigger threat? >> you don't know what happens in iowa because if you look, they are essentially tied but they couldn't keep tabulation of their votes. >> is pete buttigieg a threat? >> president trump: everybody is a threat. i view everybody as a threat. i even view john as a threat, you never know. >> are you concerned that china is covering up? >> president trump: china is working very hard, late last night had a good talk with president xi and we talked about the coronavirus, they are working really hard and doing a very professional job. they are in touch with the world organizations, cdc also. working together but world health is working with them, cdc is working with them. i had a great conversation last night with president xi. a tough situation doing a very
8:41 am
good job. >> i think that china will do a very good job. it was a hoax. that's a very good question. should they expunge the impeachment in the house? they should because it was a hoax. was a total political hoax. >> how do you unify the country in this moment? >> what's going to unify the country and it's already unified in a lot of ways coming up to look at our crowds and our support. what unifies it is a great success. our country today is more successful than it has ever been. and that is unifying the count country. >> ed: you are the president there, former secretary of education fox news contributor standing by to listen, when he starts off talking about this lawsuit over the emoluments clause that has been shot down,
8:42 am
something pelosi wanted, the mass for democrats in iowa, at one point he says joe biden's sad and the kind of shape he is in right now. the president who is not shy about pointing out he had a good week. >> i don't know about you guys, but it seems the same to me after all he's been through, i won't say he's invincible but he sure is resilient and he is riding high and he should be. he had a good week, a very momentous week. >> ed: also a host of the wise guys on the fox nation, sorry it was a little abbreviated because of the president but we wanted his content, thank you. >> i will come back next week. >> sandra: please do, see you soon. one day after his acquittal, blasting democrats with speaker nancy pelosi in the same room with the president and the speaker said about face and each other. we will break that down next. >> there is no such thing as in
8:43 am
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>> sandra: you are looking alive at a cargo plane that is arriving at the air station miramar, san diego, california, it is about to touch down carrying american evacuees from china from the epicenter of the coronavirus. is arriving in california coming in from wuhan. there is one more person we are told of interest that is showing symptoms, active symptoms of the coronavirus. to the state department is trying to get all americans out of wuhan. and already covered one of these planes landing procuring hundreds of passengers. they are with more americans living there and still evacuating. >> ed: interesting because you
8:48 am
have 300 americans roughly on board that plane as you noted, only one person is showing symptoms, one person of interest if you will but 300 americans all told on that plane so you have to wonder what the others on the plane are thinking as they land safely now in america and get checked out see whether or not they have any symptoms as well. you've been seeing the spread all around the world more than 20 countries, several cases here in america but thankfully haven't seen any deaths here. >> sandra: there are two u.s. state department evacuation planes let the part of china, this is one of them. with over 300 americans on board, they were holding over in vancouver, canada, and travis air force base, the two planes due to two persons of interest, to this plane is carrying one of them showing symptoms of the coronavirus to u.s. officials are advising fox news on that. so arriving in california
8:49 am
obviously there is going to be in isolation period for those on board, we will be following that for you and bring you any information as we get it. as a struggling actor,
8:50 am
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>> ahead on "outnumbered," pete buttigieg surging in the polls while joe biden who called his poor iowa showing a gut punch m.i.a. for the campaign trail just days before the nation's first presidential primary. >> speaking of iowa, the caucus chaos has dnc chief tom perez ought to fire now for his position. even some of his own political party are calling for him to step down and step away. all of that, plus our guy in the middle "outnumbered" top of the hour.
8:54 am
>> i don't like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. nor do i like people who say i pray for you when they know that that is not so. too much time to go beyond the headlines on this friday morning where we take a break from the fast-moving new cycle, president trump there crossing paths of the national prayer breakfast for the president criticized democrats after his impeachment trial. joining us now as fox news contributor, good morning. great to have you here this morning. we all stopped when he heard that because he targeted nancy pelosi at the prayer breakfast without naming them and it was about faith and there's a debate about this right now. >> interesting that nobody's talking about, right before he made that a very strong attack,
8:55 am
faith-based attack we could say, he said this, he said i am trying to learn. is not easy. when they impeach you for nothing, that's where this is coming from. you are supposed to like them. is not easy but i'm doing my best and then he went on to attack. but this is one of the first times i have heard president trump say listen, i am trying. i am trying to be better at this, but he does this because he wants to be perceived as strong and to win. fair enough, politicians do that and pelosi did perhaps worse, he has no idea about anything about faithful religion. and making it up. >> sandra: let's be fair and show her words going after the president on his face. >> to go into the stock market and raising up his acquittal and mischaracterizing other people's motivation, he is talking about things that he knows little about. faith and prayer.
8:56 am
>> i don't think anybody should say that about anybody, but in the end when they are winning or perceiving to be winning and being strong, we as a country are losing and getting weaker. and i think president trump is in the winning position right now and a strong position and let me say the hardest thing to do in life is humility, and i think president trump has a possibility now to do something great to work together with nancy pelosi. >> sandra: i wish we could keep this conversation going, great to have you. >> ed: meantime, a plane has arrived at the marine air force station in miramar san diego, 300 americans on board. with the newday va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal and no out of pocket costs.
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>> ed: thanks for joining us. >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts now. >> fox news alert on this friday, the 2020 democratic field is shifting just days before the nation's first presidential primary, that happens in new hampshire, pete buttigieg's momentum is surging at least in the phone numbers after his statistical tide with bernie sanders in the iowa caucuses. in just three days, pete buttigieg has jumped 12 points in second place in the latest "boston globe" "boston globe" new hampshire poll trailing bernie sanders only by one percentage point well within the margin of error. elizabeth warren third-place, 13%, joe biden fourth place


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