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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 7, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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then board planes at newark airport in new jersey and go home to china. big story around the world, a big week here with the president being acquitted of impeachment in the senate and you have been watching "outnumbered overtime" for all of it this week. thank you. here is dana. >> dana: fox news alert on the deadly coronavirus outbreak. we are expecting a news conference it's going to happen any moment now. they are getting ready. this will be from members of the president's task force. the update coming as concerns continue to grow over the outbreak. also after a cruise ship carrying six passengers docked at the doorstep of america's biggest cities, the royal caribbean ship arriving early this morning in new jersey across the river from new york city. ambulances are there and the scene in new jersey is not the only thing we are watching. there is a flight carrying evacuees from china landing a short time ago in san antonio, texas. health officials say more than 630 people have already died,
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more than 31,000 have been infected, including a dozen confirmed cases in the united states. of course the vast majority of this is happening on the chinese mainland but as you can see on this map on screen, it has spread across the globe. we have team fox coverage as we wait for the news conference to begin. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta, which is home to the cdc. they have guidance for all the doctors out there. first let's begin with bryan llenas live on the ground in bayonne. tell us what the scene is like. >> good afternoon. all the passengers on board a royal caribbean anthem of the seas, behind me here in bayonne, they disembarked this morning. this is what we know thus far. the governor of new jersey, phil murphy, says 27 passengers were screened by cdc personnel this morning. 23 of them were immediately cleared. four of those passengers were taken to an area hospital to be
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evaluated further. these 27 passengers were all from mainland china. from what we understand, they are now being tested and royal caribbean is waiting to see what those samples say. one of these four that were taken to area hospitals did test positive for influenza a, the flu. royal caribbean said their records indicate that these guests had not been in china since 13 days ago. that's important because the cdc says that it can take as long as 14 days before somebody shows symptoms of having the coronavirus. in a statement, royal caribbean said "none of the four guests showed any clinical signs or symptoms of coronavirus while they were on board our ship. all other guests have been permitted to disembark as usual." the anthem of the seas was scheduled to disembark on an eight day cruise to the bahamas today, this afternoon. that has been delayed until at
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least tomorrow pending the results of those tests. again, four people take into the hospital. the mirror of bayonne says that the cdc tells him this whole situation was considered a "below low risk situation." >> dana: have you heard from any of the passengers? what are they saying? >> i spoke to passengers as they were leaving. they didn't allow too many cameras around, as one could imagine. they said royal caribbean didn't make an announcement on the ship. they had no idea what was happening until they were getting texts from loved ones. some people are a little concerned obviously, but they were all left to be able to go with no instruction. one person who is a u.k. resident, chinese national, did speak to our fox affiliate and this is what they had to say. they said all chinese nationals were put in the restaurant on board the cruise and they were all taken to the cdc and he was isolated with these folks. take a listen. >> you are isolated. >> yes, with all the chinese passengers.
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i had been to china last month. some passengers who had been to china may infect me as well. >> dana, that individual lives in the u.k., hasn't been to china for three years. but because he was chinese he was put in a room with these other people in his concern. royal caribbean says under new travel restrictions if you've been anywhere in china or in contact with anybody who's been to china or hong kong, you are no longer allowed to be on the ship. >> dana: the task force on the coronavirus. let's listen. >> following my remarks you will hear from dr. robert redfield, from the centers of disease control and prevention. dr. tony fauci, deputy secretary of state stephen biegun, acting
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deputy secretary of homeland security ken cuccinelli, an assistant secretary of transportation, joe sabato. we are joined by hhs assistant secretary for preparedness and response. first we want to send our sympathies to everyone in the united states, in china and elsewhere in the world for been sickened by the virus foreseen loved ones fall ill. i want to emphasize how grateful we are to those responding to the outbreak in china and around the world. as i said last week, we are working as quickly as possible on the many unanswered questions about this virus. that includes exactly how it spreads, how deadly it is, whether it's commonly transmitted by patients who are not yet displaying symptoms and other issues. there have now been 12 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus here in the united states, including two cases of transmission to people who had not recently been in china.
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right now our scientists and public health experts are trying to learn more about the virus using the data we have from china and the cases we have. the very near future, we hope, they will be able to work with their chinese counterparts. even as we endeavor to answer these important questions, our assessment of the immediate risk, to the american public from the virus, remains the same as last week. although the virus represents a potentially very serious public health threat and we expect to continue seeing more cases here, the immediate risk to the american public is low at this time. as we have said, our top priority is keeping the risk to the american public low and we are working on all fronts to do that. the president takes his responsibility to the health and safety of the american people extremely seriously. the state department has been
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working to help. here at home, state and local public health departments are working with the cdc to follow the playbook for an infectious disease response. identify, diagnose, isolate, treat, contact race. this week, the fda issued an emergency use authorization for the cdc's diagnostic test. the cdc test kits are available for order from the international reagent resource for qualified laboratories including u.s. state and local public health laboratories, department of defense laboratories, and select international laboratories. all told, 191 international laboratories. since last week, we have notified health care providers that those billing medicare and medicaid are expected to follow cdc guidelines for infection control related to the novel
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coronavirus. our biomedical advanced research and develop an authority has expanded its work with the pharmaceutical company around a candidate therapeutic for the coronavirus. while research on such measures continues at nih, elsewhere in the private sector. our long-standing offer to send world-class experts to china to assist remains on the table. this week the state department helped deliver 17.8 tons of relief supplies to the epicenter of the outbreak. meanwhile, we are working on the ground as we always do. in africa, asia, elsewhere, to assist them with the detection and prevention through cdc offices, state department personnel, and partnerships we have built through years and years of preparedness work. the fda is actively working to accelerate the development and availability of countermeasures and to assess the risks that the
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outbreak could present to the american medical supply chains that involve china. finally, we have been implementing the prudent policies the president announced last week to reduce the risk of transmission by travelers. we have implemented temporary quarantines of u.s. persons who have recently been to the province and we have asked for voluntary self monitoring for u.s. persons who recently been elsewhere in mainland china. we are required that all other individuals who have recently been to mainland china weighed 14 days, the outer limit of the incubation period of the virus before coming to the united states. these steps are targeted approach and it and slowing the virus is spread to them within the united states, given the government and global community more time to take preparedness measures, understand the virus and develop medical countermeasures. these policies are consistent with those of many other governments. they are based on the current
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public health situation and they are in line with the accepted best practices and international health regulations. the travel measures complement the generous help we are offering at home and around the world, and we believe they will help slow the spread of the virus. every arm of the federal government that can help protect the american people has been engaged. we are continuing to take new steps, as dr. redfield will explain. we look forward to continuing to coordinate that work to the presidents coronavirus task force, and i now want to hang things over to dr. redfield who can provide a more in-depths work. >> thank you, mr. secretary. first i want to emphasize that while this is a serious health situation in china, the immediate risk of this virus to the american public remains low. our goal is to keep it that way. as of today, there are more than 31,000 cases across mainland
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china and the death toll has risen over 600. outside china, there is now over 300 cases that have been detected in 27 locations, including the united states. most of these individuals have a connection to hubei province in china. additionally there are 14 locations with 69 cases of person-to-person transmission on individuals that did not travel to china. from the onset, we have a layered response and our goal is centered around early case recognition, isolation, contact racing to prevent further spread of this novel coronavirus in our nation using effective and improvement public health measures. our public health and medical community have been instrumental in identifying, characterizing the confirmed cases we had in the united states today. they are critical to our efforts
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to contain the spread of this virus. today 12 confirmed cases have been identified in the united states. we have continued to do persistent contact tracing of those 12 cases and identify two additional cases they did not travel to china but were close spousal contacts of confirmed cases that had returned from wuhan. we have now more than 800 responders working in support of the u.s. government with our efforts at ports of entry, military installations, and state health departments. currently cdc is working in coordination with the state department as well as state partners to support the arrival of the new passengers, american citizens from wuhan. where screening, monitoring, isolating and referring these individuals for medical treatment as needed. in addition we appreciate our partnership with customs and border protection to screen the americans arising from other
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parts of mainland china through the 11 u.s. airports. since the airport screening began, cdc and our partners now have screened more than 17,000 passengers and as of today, we are screening roughly 4,000 passengers today. we are grateful to these travelers for their cooperation and patience as we employ aggressive public health measures to confront this virus, strengthen our nation, and protect america and americans and their families. today the department of health and human services issued an interim final rule to amend foreign quarantine regulations. this will enable cdc to collect certain contact information data regarding airline passengers and crew when they arrive from other countries who may be exposed to communicable disease. this action is part of our multilayered approach to the u.s. response and demonstrates our commitment to take all necessary actions to protect the american people. cdc will work with the
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interagency partners and airlines to implement this initiative. finally, we expect to see additional cases of this novel coronavirus in the united states from returning passengers. as well as through contact tracing to detect human to human transmission within our country of close contacts. i want to emphasize this is a serious global public health situation and it continues to evolve rapidly. it's understandable that americans are concerned. the immediate risk to the american public is low. we are vigilant in our efforts to confront the challenges that this new virus presents. thank you. >> last time we had a briefing like this, i had mentioned to you that we were in the process of developing and implementing and testing a variety of countermeasures in the form of diagnostics, therapeutics, and
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vaccines. i would like to leave you a very brief update on where we are. you heard from the cdc did on the basis... [inaudible] clinic state and other local health comics around the count country. >> dana: obviously lost the connection there. some technical difficulties. the bottom line is the health and human services department are saying that the risk to americans is still low. this is the same of last week. it hasn't changed. they expect they might see additional people in the united states that contracted, two have contracted it in the united states that had not travel to china. let's bring fox news correspondent jonathan serrie live in atlanta with more. jonathan, i think you were listening to that as well. what did you think the news was? >> they were talking about the two cases of human to human
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transmission within the u.s. one of those cases occurred in illinois. there was a woman who came back from travel in china, apparently infected with the coronavirus there. came back. her husband then developed symptoms. both hospitalized. fox news has now confirmed that both have been released from hospital. that's certainly good news. so far, no deaths reported in the u.s. but there are 12 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the u.s. the most recent one reported in wisconsin. a traveler returning from beijing who was exposed to people with known coronavirus infections while in china. that traveler is recovering in isolation at home. the state department has chartered to flights bringing evacuees from china today, one bringing passengers to marine corps air station miramar in california. the other making stops in san antonio, as you saw from those pictures earlier. after stopping in san antonio, it will bring some other passengers to omaha, nebraska,
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where they will be taken to a nearby national guard facility. all of the returning passengers will remain under federal quarantine for 14 days. why's that? that's because 14 days is the longest known incubation period for this coronavirus. >> anyone showing signs of illness during the quarantine period will be transported to the university of nebraska medical center for isolation, evaluation and care is needed. >> federal health officials and world health officials are mourning the death of li wenliang. he is a chinese doctor who, back in december, sounded an early alarm on social media. he was noticing a sars-like condition and several of his patients. in fact he initially feared that it may be a comeback of sars. but he was speaking on social media about this mysterious illness that he was seeing in patients initially, chinese authorities tried to
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silence him, saying he was causing unnecessary panic and unrest. this position eventually -- this position eventually acquired the virus from one of his patients, became sick and hospitalized. yesterday the hospital treating him confirmed he had died. dana. >> dana: jonathan serrie, thank you for that update. it's very sad about that doctor. let's bring in one of those americans quarantined on that california military base. matthew mccoy is a theme park designer. he lives in china. right now he's been living for eight days in a quarantine situation. he's helping keeping things light in the mood good there in california. matthew, tell us what it's like to be there on your eighth day of your 14 day stay in quarantine. >> dana, we are all very proud of our u.s. government. we are proud of the cdc and the professional efforts. we are proud of the u.s. military and we are proud that the u.s. consulate flew on the plane with us, they are in quarantine with us. we have chosen to create
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town hall meetings. the original american thing. everybody race, national kind of thing, yellow, red, black or white. we are here together and we are creating programs to keep ourselves busy. children's play. they have games. we have classes with different professionals. you have leather making, you have zumba, ul boxing. we chose to make an atmosphere of positive and we are hoping to relay that message to the other places where they are -- there are evacuees being held. >> dana: the mind-set of being positive. two weeks does feel like a long time if you're there and unable to get out and about and get about your routines. has anyone fallen ill that's been within your group? >> no, we have all had clear health checks. we are good to go. everybody has had the normal
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temperature readings. each health check we get twice a day. everything is clear. we are very fortunate is the very thing full and very grateful. all the hard work of all the professionals around us. >> dana: what will happen after the 14 days? you have a fascinating job. you are a theme park designer which sounds wonderful and we'd love to have you back or go visit some place. what happens at the end of this 14 days? >> at the end of this 14 days for meat or for all of us? for all of us, everybody goes their separate ways, tries to reignite businesses and do things and meet up with family. i am going to meet with family and then get started back into my global business, back into where i need to be, leisure theme based destinations. could be in dubai or california, orlando, back in asia if possible. >> dana: may be a last question for you, i know that there is some boxing classes they are some zumba.
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do you think you've made some friends you will stay in touch with? >> we are going to stay in touch for life. a lot of us are going to know each other for a long time. this really brought us together. >> dana: you certainly have brought people a lift. you are a good example to follow. matthew mccoy, thank you and good luck to you out there. >> thank you too, dana. >> dana: first we will head to new hampshire where the democratic candidates are making their final pushes. they have a debate tonight. that's next. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it.
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of course, you can customize and save. can you save me from this conversation? that we can't do, but come in and see what we can do. we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. >> dana: presidential hopefuls heading into their final weekend of campaigning ahead of the new hampshire primary which takes on a lot more importance after the disarray in iowa. the democratic party also just in shambles. there is no clear winner in iowa. four days after that caucus last monday where we all sat there waiting for results to provide analysis but we couldn't do it. here now, pete buttigieg and bernie sanders, they are in a virtual tie for the top spot. former vice president joe biden has been the national front runner for most of the race but he can be in some real trouble after disappointing showing in iowa. this as the head of the
11:26 am
democratic party faces calls to step down. peter doocy, it's been quite a week. bernie sanders went after mayor pete today. >> he did because bernie sanders thinks pete buttigieg is courting wealthy donors and he thinks that's a bad thing. sanders came here to the college with a printed out list of unflattering headlights about mayor pete that he shared with the crowd. >> here are the billionaires backing pete buttigieg. i like pete buttigieg. he's a nice guy. but we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy but our political -- >> in the poll he referenced, pete buttigieg has risen all the way to second place right behind bernie sanders. it does appear that's why bernie sanders is singling buttigieg out. so far, buttigieg is not taking
11:27 am
the bait. >> what i really admired about senator sanders and still do is his consistency and willingness to say exactly what he believes. it doesn't mean i agree with him. i didn't agree with him on everything then and i don't agree with him on everything now but i do believe that wherever we fall on some pundits ideological spectrum, we have a responsibility to talk about what we believe in. and to make the case for what we think is right. when it's popular and when it's not. >> buttigieg is in new hampshire claiming that he won iowa because he leads and state delegate equivalents. sanders is new hampshire claiming he won iowa because he leads the popular vote. democratdemocratic lawmakers in washington are horrified by all of this. that's why marcia fudge is calling for tom perez, the dnc chair, to step down. >> dana: i read today that pete buttigieg's campaign is saying that if they get even
11:28 am
within five points bernie sanders in new hampshire, they will consider that a win and summing very positive for their campaign. and then i know there's been changes already to former vice president joe biden's strategy going into the weekend and maybe even beyond. >> yes. the former vp has actually been for the last day and a half or so regrouping back home in wilmington, delaware. he didn't have any events yesterday. he doesn't have anything tonight until the debate and then saturday, sunday, monday he will have two events apiece. if he does not pull off a win or a close second place finish, he's got a long 18 days to go until that south carolina primary where he likes to talk about having a potential firewall of support. and you got nevada in between that. it could be a long month. >> dana: it's been a long week but i will see you in new hampshire tomorrow.
11:29 am
it will be good to see you, peter. the democratic party is clearly facing two different directions. kim strassel writes for "the wall street journal," says a show down might settle the battle. democrats are divided by generation, by geography, cultural sensibilities, and vastly differing policy agendas. does the common democratic desire to beat mr. trump overcome all that? maybe, based on the state of the democratic party right now it's far from a sure bet. joining me, kim strassel, member of "the wall street journal" editorial board and fox news contributor. i wondered if we could say that the democratic party is feeling a bit beleaguered today? >> yeah, just a little bit. this is really a beleaguered meant their own making. i would argue one of the biggest stories out there is this split in the democratic party between that progressive wing and moderate wing.
11:30 am
it doesn't get a lot of attention but it has enormous consequences. iowa didn't just forget how to do a caucus. what happened in iowa was the result of four years ago, one side of the democratic party, the bernie side, felt the primary had been rigged, that they had been robbed and they demanded all these changes. iowa in the end wasn't up to the task of implanting them. but it goes on and on. impeachment, the theatrics we sought the state of the union. it's all about the democratic party being unable to decide what direction it's going to go. >> dana: debbie dingell, congresswoman from michigan, talked about these divisions today. take a listen. >> this has been quite frankly in my career just here but in my professional career, one of the worst weeks i can remember. the division, the hatred. it really, really disturbs me. we've got a start remembering that we are americans. >> dana: there is that and then today we had jobs numbers, the economy clipping along with
11:31 am
225,000 jobs added. the employment rate at 3.6%. it feels like i would imagine they feel like they are being squeezed. it's very interesting. look at david brooks, his column today, the first line was, "are democrats going to give this election away?" >> congresswoman dingell. look at the impeachment votes that we've had. one democratic member who felt so much pressure to go along with the progressive wing that he switched parties. look at the senate vote. i would wager alabama senator doug jones didn't think it was a very wise thing to vote to convict trump. estate trump won by 28 points, ? this guy is up for reelection. it was made very clear to him by the progressive wing of his party that if you voted to acquit that there was going to be retribution, possible
11:32 am
primaries. this is really what's driving so much our politics and what we see out there. >> dana: we are going to new hampshire. we will be there over the weekend. fox news will have great coverage planned. do you think the democrats will have any more clarity on the direction they want to go is a party after new hampshire? >> look, i think this division, here's the problem for democrats. it's also making it very difficult for there to be a consensus candidate around which democrats can rally. whoever is actually winning the horse race out there, the reality is that what you got from the results in iowa broadly is that the two major progressives, the medicare for all candidates, warren and sanders, got half the votes. the guys, the quote-unquote moderates got half the votes. the rules are such that they are going to get proportional delegates. there is no reason for people to drop out. this could go on a long time. >> dana: kim strassel, thank you. we appreciate it. up next, a look at the
11:33 am
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>> dana: while the 2020 democrats battle it out in new hampshire, there is one rival, michael bloomberg, he continues his super tuesday push. he is in virginia. kristin fisher was more. >> michael bloomberg is the only democratic presidential campaign campaigning outside of new hampshire today. it's all part of his super tuesday first strategy. skip iowa, skip new hampshire, skip nevada and south carolina and go all in on those states, than many states they vote on march 3rd. virginia has one of them and that's where michael bloomberg was today. he had two events there. at one of the stops he picked up an endorsement from former navy secretary richard spencer, the first trump political appointee to break with the president and back one of his democratic rivals.
11:38 am
>> i'm a lifelong republican. i quantify myself as a reagan republican, but i'm here before you today because i'm tremendously concerned. democracies around the world are under threat. >> at this event, bloomberg accused president trump of leading the g.o.p. like a cult. he accused him of leaving international allies as lackeys that must bend his will, and he told the room don't worry, my ego does not need stroking. but the president wasn't bloomberg's only target. he also criticized his democratic rivals who bloomberg believes lack executive leadership experience. >> they don't talk about what makes for a successful leader and an effective decision maker, even though those are the most important qualifications for the job. most candidates for president don't talk about these skills and qualifications because they don't have them. they don't have any experience leading large organizations are
11:39 am
making hard decisions. >> bloomberg will not be on the debate stage tonight here in new hampshire but thanks to a change in the debate rules, essentially removing the fund-raising threshold, bloomberg could make the next debate stage in nevada, and that is something that bernie sanders is calling and outrage. >> dana: kristin fisher, look forward to seeing you tomorrow. let's bring in the political panel. former deputy assistant to president bill clinton who also worked on both of the clintons campaign. and the former director at the senatorial committee. i want to go back to the democrats. we have a little bit of a theme. it's been a week. not going to rub salt in the wound. marcia fudge, congresswoman from ohio, she said this about tom perez. she said "we are a party in chaos." this was perez on cnn earlier
11:40 am
today. >> the iowa democratic party runs the caucus. what happened was unacceptable. at the same time we came in there and want to make sure everything is right. we have the democratic national committee, you know, this was unacceptable. we are going to continue not only to work in iowa but also to learn the lessons of iowa. >> dana: what would be accomplished if he were to step down now? >> i don't think anything. the job of the dnc chair is to get us ready to run in the fall and he needs to make sure that we have the database in place, the field organizer is in place, to run a national campaign. it's easy to point fingers at the chair because he's at the top of the hierarchy but in the end, i don't think it makes sense. >> dana: andrea, this is a line. in the "new york magazine" yesterday, "if you think it's bad for mainstream democrats
11:41 am
now, just wait. at the moment, the party is melting down over a vote reporting fiasco in iowa. in time, we liberals may look back at this moment is a high point." >> yeah, right? democrats are in a self-inflicted tailspin. i think we might know the results from new hampshire before we do iowa at this point. for all, i think the main point democrats really should be concerned about is the turnout in iowa. we know so far was at 2,016 levels, not 2008, which is a problem. for all the talk about donald trump is going to motivate the democrat phase, we didn't see that in iowa. maybe we will see it new hampshire but that remains to be seen. >> dana: also those changes on the biden campaign. they've got to do something. sometimes you have to do something so that the media will report that you are doing something to show momentum. today in "the washington post," writing that biden has been a lackluster advocate for his own candidacy and the weakness of
11:42 am
that advocacy was an unwelcome element of his campaign. in iowa came crashing in on him. sing advisors can offer strategies but if he wants to be president, he's got to do it himself. >> that's right. you can make all kinds of changes. in the clinton campaign in 1982, we had 17 people layering as we proceeded but in the end, it's whether your candidate has it or he doesn't. joe biden has shown flashes of real skill as a candidate during the cycle. he was looking real good c came into the new year. and he was pretty flat during january. he had iowa largely to himself. he just didn't make it happen. >> dana: the republicans have had a great week. how do they keep that momentum going? >> we definitely have to keep the momentum going. impeachment, 178 days and nothing to show for it. the president's approval rating has increased. the biggest win for republicans this week was nancy pelosi ripping up that state of the union.
11:43 am
as republican ad makers, we look for those moments, the insight and emotion. i can't even tell you how many -- >> dana: i know. those ads right themselves. andrea and matt, thank you. we appreciate it. up next, more on the coronavirus outbreak and a look at the americans were still stuck overseas and also at c. we made usaa insurance for members like kate. a former army medic, made of the flexibility to handle whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>> dana: back with scientists around the world working day and night to contain the coronavirus, hoping to soon develop a treatment or vaccine for the virus that has killed already more than 630 people. alex hogan is live in the new york city newsroom with more on this effort. >> more than 30,000 people have the coronavirus and as of right now, 638 people are dead.
11:48 am
scientists here in new york are working are working around the clock for treatment. the department of health and human services is partnering with a pharmaceutical company located outside new york city. scientists will use genetically engineered mice with the same immune system as humans. >> thousands of these mice get the best responders that mount the best immune response that fights off the virus. now we can clone it out and it's a pure human response. >> that part of the lab is off-limits to cameras but scientists will synthesize a part of the virus, inject the dna into the mice come and wait for them to respond and make antibodies against the specific pathogen. scientists here didn't have access to the virus so they made it with the use of a digital dna map that scientists uploaded in china. >> we have a proven rapid response platform that has proven that we can actually work against some of the most
11:49 am
horrific infectious disease epidemics of our time, like ebola. >> in 2014, regeneron use the same method to create a treatment for the ebola outbreak. since it has flared up again years later, that treatment is still available. that's what these scientists hope to do now includes coronavirus. human treatment could be ready within a year. while that's not an immediate fix, it's a solution that should this virus resurface in any point in the future, they will be ready. >> dana: alex hogan, thank you so much. we appreciate it. there are still thousands of americans under quarantine from the coronavirus trapped on cruise ships. show that earlier today with bryan llenas. they are also still stuck overseas. you can imagine what they are desperate to get back to their families and loved ones. todd piro joins us with the latest. >> this is a human element of all of it. the focus right now is on the diamond princess. it has about 428 americans on
11:50 am
board and the entire ship has been under quarantine since tuesday. passengers are not expected to be able to get off of it for another 11 days. it really does go beyond that. the virus that spread person-to-person, think about a cruise ship. you don't want people in those big communal areas which means passengers are stuck in those tiny, tiny cruiseship rooms. >> definitely not prepared to be stuck in our rooms. we are certainly ready to get off the boat. we had scheduled this so that we would be back in time. we run businesses. this has put a big dent in that. >> there's the question, do the people have enough medications? the infirmary's don't necessarily carry thousands upon thousands of medications for people. also hearing stories of americans rationing food on the ships, they are known for the all-you-can-eat buffets but if you can't get to the areas, you can't really eat. the state department has been active in evacuating u.s. citizens from china at the epicenter of the virus but still
11:51 am
no word on how they cruiseship pastors will get home. one of the most frustrating things is not lack of information passengers are getting from their cruise lines as to what's happening or if they are safe. that's the frustrating part. we spoke to some of these folks in bayonne end they are like, we learned about this from you. >> dana: specifically from fox news. at least they have fox news on the ship. >> it's exciting for us but at the end of the day, you want information. i'm not saying that they need to solve the problem on the ship but they need to be more ready with information when a situation like this arises. >> dana: it's the most important thing. people want information. it keeps them calm. todd piro, thank you. the president is acquitted by the investigations could keep going and going and going. we will talk to a member of the house judiciary committee next about that. first, bill hemmer with what's up at 3:00. >> bill: it's a friday. big show to end the week.
11:52 am
senator joe manchin's first tv interview since he voted guilty. larry kudlow and the jobs numbers from the white house. donna brazile, a very tough week for democrats. join our friday. the rest of the days news on "bill hemmer reports." see you in 9 minutes. gonna be 50 times happier... i would've gone into aspen dental much sooner. it was a very life changing experience... and it felt like i was me again. that's when i realized i hadn't been for three years. at aspen dental we're all about yes. like yes to flexible hours and payment options. yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. and yes whenever you're ready to get started, we are too. call 1-800-aspendental today.
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>> dana: check out this terrible flooding in oregon. this is pendleton near the border with washington state. extreme rain has inundated roads and homes. farm equipment appearing to be destroyed. we have watched as some people waited through high waters outside homes. more rain is expected in the region and it's bound to increase the headaches across a very flooded oregon. back to d.c. and the impeachment trial. it might be in the books but democrats suggesting their investigations into the president are far from over. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler saying democrats are considering a subpoena for
11:57 am
john bolton, former national security advisor. let's bring in republican congressman guy reschenthaler, we wanted to get a read from you on the possibilities of the subpoena. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. i think talk about the subpoena for bolton is really just the art of distraction. president trump has had his best week ever. we started with monday's debacle in the iowa caucuses and then we had tuesday, one of the best state of the union addresses ever and then the acquittal on wednesday and of course today's jobs numbers. >> dana: a good week. >> democrats, it's been in a -- i think the democrats are going to continue to try to distract from his red-hot economy, all the winds that's why are they continuing to talk about bolton's subpoena. the entire process has blown back on them. president trump is doing stronger than ever. his approval rating is for five points higher than
11:58 am
president obama was at the same time. >> dana: i got a kick out of your press release. i think we have it, the headline president trump acquitted for life. the democrats are trying to say that he's not not really acquitted because there weren't witnesses in the senate. obviously i don't think that's going to fly but really will happen? if john bolton is subpoenaed, i guess the president could still claim executive privilege unless it stays in the courts for a while. >> the president would want to exert executive privilege. he doesn't waive that privilege moving forward. the courts would come in and decide. that's how the system was designed to work. >> dana: let me ask, if the democrats decide to do this on the committee, asked for john bolton to come testify, do you think that you will then ask for hunter biden to come testify? >> they are calling witnesses and we are certainly going to start to subpoena our own witnesses. the problem, and i ran into this when i tried to subpoena the whistle-blower, you need to have a vote and the vote, when i
11:59 am
tried to subpoena the whistle-blower, the democrats voted it down on party lines. we will probably have a hard time in the house trying to get subpoenas on witnesses but we'll see what the senate does. this is a distraction. i think it's time to get back to work for the american people. we have a lot we can work on. criminal justice reform, transportation, prescription drugs, this is just another distraction. >> dana: do you think that you will get the democrats to work with republicans on any of that? >> i am cautiously optimistic. i've only been here a year. >> dana: you are not too cynical yet. >> not too jaded. i think there are things that we can work together on. i would like to see transportation and infrastructure. >> dana: i'm sure you would. thank you, congressman. have a good weekend. we appreciate it. thank you for joining us. i will see you on "the five." be sure to check out the new episode of my podcast "i'll tell you what" with chris stirewalt. we did to podcast this week and
12:00 pm
we looked behind the scenes of iowa, the coverage fiasco that it was. you can download that on itunes or wherever you listen. i'm going to go get ready for "the five" and i will see you there in a couple hours. in the meantime, a big treat for you. here is bill hemmer. >> bill: thank you, dana. fox news alert. coronavirus on the cruise ships. you're looking at a royal caribbean ship that made an unscheduled stop at a port in new jersey. passengers are being tested for the rapidly spreading virus. reports of cases on other ships around the world today, as the outbreak expands. hundreds of americans at risk. you will hear from one this hour and you will hear from a doctor tracking the disease and the passenger currently quarantine in 217 square foot of room on a cruise ship. all of that is coming up short shortly. ♪ are reporting begins, i am bill


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