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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 7, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> neil: thank you very much but we'll bring you the latest, a special "live with cavuto" from your him tired from new hampshire. it's going to be a busy weekend. here is "the five." ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i'm one william along with emily compagno, dana perino, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." president trump in a triumphant mood while democrats reeling from the fallout of the democratic caucuses. >> i think there is a lot of evil on that side. they've gone crazy. they should expunge the impeachment from the house. they should because it was a hoax. a total political hoax. i thought it was a terrible
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thing when she ripped up the speech. first of all, it's a legal document, you are not allowed. it's illegal what she did. she broke the law. >> juan: mocking the democrats over how the iowa caucuses were handled. >> they couldn't even take a simple tabulation. and yet they are telling you how to run the country and how to run health care. they have no idea who won. they have no idea. but i will tell you who won, the republican side. they accounted for every single vote. and it was a lot of votes. it was a record-setting number of votes. trump won. >> juan: while president trump tries to capitalize off the iowa democrats' chaos, the democratic party is heading for a big divide. nate silver is giving bernie sanders bernie sanders a 50/50 shot of winning the entire game of the party's nomination. a lot of democrats are not happy
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about that including hillary clinton. >> vote for the person you believe can actually win in november. and the person who you think and govern your country. but you have got to be responsible for what you say. and what you will say you are going to do. we need to rebuild trust in our fellow americans and in our institutions and if you promise the moon and you can't deliver the moon, that's going to be one more indicator of how we just can't trust each other. >> dana: honestly, that doesn't make any sense. sorry. >> greg: [laughs] >> juan: you don't think that doesn't make sense? she doesn't like bernie sanders. >> emilyemily >> dana: i'm trying to be nice. i just... >> greg: don't be nice! this isn't "fox & friends." >> dana: i don't really see her landing any point. it's the same thing you've been
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hearing since 2008. when she ran against barack obama and lost in that primary. with the bernie sanders thing... the democrats have had such a bad week. i read all the coverage this morning? i was really enjoying myself but dana brooks for example in "the new york times" writes, are democrats trying to throw away -- are democrats going to throw away an election? you have james carville, do yourself a favor, go there, read the interview he does. it's priceless but what he said, we are in a terrible state. then you have jonathan chait -- >> greg: and he said the f word. >> dana: i like that. and jonathan chait, we are actually in such bad shape that we might look back at this week and think it was the high point of the election. it's not just the republicans are saying the democrats are having a bad week, jonathan chait along with bill image, that was embarrassing in iowa on
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tuesday night. i think america needs a weekend. >> greg: no! >> dana: america needs a weekend. i need a weekend. >> juan: the person who is not quite as happy as you would think, donald trump. he said he wants nanc nancy pelo expunge the house. pete: i came on the show to check on your health, we'll still be talking about the best week ever. remember my show? absolutely for the president, he has his own style and way of spiking the football but when you look at the state of the union, acquittal, 49% gallup approval since this whole thing started, 94% g.o.p. approval, 97% of people are satisfied with their personal life. except for greg gutfeld. lieutenant colonel denman fired.
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why would you want that guy inside your white house. you return to the democrats and say you've got your former nominee claiming the need to nominate someone who can win and you've got the new front runner is the mayor of the fourth largest town in. this is as bad of a moment democrats have had and we are talking all about iowa? look at milwaukee where the top aides of the convention has now resigned and say we can even handle the convention that's coming in how many months from now? it's a disaster. >> juan: let me just say this: do you think things will change when there is a democrat nominee? all his vindictive behavior? >> greg: it doesn't go with everything you said. a50% chance they nominate a socialist who is not even a democrat and that's from "the new york times" which is the last person they wanted, bernie sanders.
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>> juan: i think trump would very much like to face bernie sanders. one of the things puzzling me is a trump says, russian interference is a hoax, but is anyone concerned that the russians might be interfering and they may do it again? i don't get it when he comes out and says something today. like nothing ever happened, nothing changes. >> nothing really changes, juan. >> dana: when you promise the moon and you can't deliver, that's what's been happening this entire time. >> emily: we talk about this all the time. they are pushing the goal, moving the football, saying that it is the mueller investigation, russia, impeachment, it is this. now they've messed up iowa, they messed up the state of the union. this is not an isolated event. everything that occurs, they make fools of themselves and to me they are like zombies running around eating each other, pointing fingers, trying to
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drive us into it. for example, we have the iowa congresswoman saying tom perez, you should resign. we have the iowa state democrats saying that this debacle is their fault. every part of the way, they are pointing fingers at each other or pointing fingers at trump without offering any type of solution. we have nothing to show for it as citizens who benefited not at all from this and they have nothing to show for it because they are continuing to reveal themselves as inapt laughing stocks. >> juan: wow! okay. you had a strong reaction to hilary. >> greg: first, i want to talk about iowa. saying that it's in disarray is like saying the grand canyon is a hole. this was their first day of school and they showed up wearing their dad's golf bag with their mom's wedding dress over it. something is seriously vocally wrong about it we deserve a victory lap because we were put through six months of all of this crap.
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i yelled at the producers every day about the hearings. >> dana: you wanted an apology. >> greg: the democrats should be apologizing to our producers. it's like watching people with constipation eating bran. just a bad scene. the victory lap should not just be trump but everybody who was put through the charade. the big picture, the contrast. the contrast between the republican party whose numbers and appeal are growing and the democratic party democratic party whose numbers are going down. you've got three metrics with the republican party. jobs which are soaring, wages which are going up. what are the democrats' counter offer? division, impeachment, race baiting, council culture, going out against people in their own party for saying the wrong thing committing identity groups against each other. the democratic party is supposed to be about compassion and love and they are eating each other's alive.
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liz warren blaming america for her toxic work culture. it's a joke! that southerner dude you are talking about, carville was so right. >> dana: there is no mercy rule in politics. when you ask, are the things going to change when you're the nominee, if you are when you want to keep winning. >> juan: wait a minute! do you know who is winning? bernie sanders. pete buttigieg. joe biden all beat trump right now. >> greg: joe biden is winning? >> juan: this is what i was saying to dana. once you get a nominee, this dynamic shift in all these people if they were the nominee right now would be to donald trump. >> dana: we cannot ignore that course case court case. the federal court of appeals ruled in trump saver and said, hey, democrats, lawmakers, you cannot sue the president over the emoluments clause
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>> dana: they don't need a weekend, they need a drink. >> greg: i wanted to keep going! >> juan: we've got to go! we got another segment. up next -- i think they are so happy. up next, growing concerns on joe biden's campaign. stay on "the five." we are having fun. as a caricature artist, i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual.
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that's what we do at 3m, we listen to people, even those who don't have a voice. we are people helping people.
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> juan: forget about, where is hunter? the real question is where is joe biden? comes after an embarrassing fourth-place show in iowa once
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they get around to counting them all and check out this new poll out of the granite state new hampshire. burning out front with mayor pete buttigieg surging while biden stuck in third and sinking quickly. you just said biden is winning. you lost big in iowa. reports are he's gone back to delaware to huddle with his team. if you hope to win estate, you are usually out in that state is trying to win make more votes, instead they are also spending money and other states. is this the end for joe biden? >> juan: not even close. but they are shifting money to nevada and that shall use you the importance of two upcoming races. he really needs to reinforce the idea that he can win. iowa, wasn't even sure he was going to compete and decided to go in. new hampshire is bernie's neighboring state and bernie clearly has the lead. a lot of people especially the
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trumpian types still want to throw dirt on joe's name. >> pete: anybody here actually appears from joe biden at this point? >> dana: only if he touches me... >> juan: holy smokes! >> emily: i think bernie is the next beto. he is a mirage. every he's infallible, always leading in the national polls. we just saw him basically decimated in iowa and guess who gobbled up his votes as being indicated in new hampshire, buttigieg the one from 11% to 23 there. the second kind of immovable characteristic about biden is that he have all of the voters of voter. not only did sanders get more voters of color than he did in 2016, but now even buttigieg got more voters of color than biden.
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>> pete: is it buttigieg? >> emily: i'm saying the mayor pete, everything we thought about biden set in stone has been totally obliterated. >> juan: where did you get more voters of color? >> emily: right here. >> juan: that's pretty hard to do because there ain't many voters of color in iowa. >> dana: if they come within five of joe biden -- i'm sorry, of sanders on tuesday, they will consider that a win for them because that is sanders' home turf, one make it in 2016. biden has a chance tonight to see if this retreat he had in delaware -- >> pete: may be he's preparing tonight. >> dana: they knew they had a to make a change. they show they are willing to make some changes so the media recognizes they have a problem, make some changes. starting to snow against bernie sanders and mayor pete,
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but it's hard for him to land a punch. some people think he should've been hunting for a long time because now bernie sanders, he's got the big mo as bush 41 used to say. it would be an amazing comeback story if he wins in new hampshire or nevada or south carolina. >> pete: greg, do you see comeback shall make a big change here? >> greg: i see go away joe come here. did you want to ask me about liz liz? >> juan: we've got a clip about liz warren here. she's getting away with murder here metaphorically. >> i believe these women without any equivocation. i apologize personality that they had a bad experience on the campaign. i'm also very aware that racism and oppression in this country left a long legacy. i take responsibility for this
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and i'm working with my team to address these things. >> pete: eight women of color in the campaign quit in the bo body. what's the response? >> greg: i'm going to say something very mean. >> dana: i'm all ears. >> pete>> greg: she's the queenf white privilege. she's blaming america for her sin. this is a woman where she got where she was pretending to be a minority and she has the dessa audacity to say that it's america's long history of racism and stuff. it tells you how bad the democrat party is right now. because it's such a mess, she was able to sneak by. did you even remember that there is a debate tonight? who on friday night is going to sit through a debate with these clowns? maybe the bozos at "newsweek." i don't know. we all have lives. i'm going to go out to dinner. >> dana: i have to unpack and repack. >> greg: what do you think is going to happen?
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>> juan: pete commute said a moment ago. pete buttigieg is the mayor of -- >> pete: the fourth largest city in indiana! >> juan: that's what you are saying. remind people that this guy has never won make a statewide. election. >> pete: he's meandering from one answer to another and the moderator cuts him. >> juan: he was trying to play vanilla because this is a referendum on donald trump. so everybody on the credit side is saying, look, play it easy. he made a mistake that he needs to become -- imagine, what would donald trump say about bernie sanders. already set it this week, communist. >> dana: well... >> greg: he is. >> dana: i want to say about mayor pete and this idea that he is only a mayor of this small town.
2:21 pm
i remember the dinner with barack obama. >> juan: must be nice. >> dana: i was just a debbie press secretary at the time. we got to talking because we got home at the same table. how was the dinner? i said he's a nice guy, and lo and behold he's a nominee and then the president. a community organizer and somebody who served two terms in the senate became president. greg but that's >> greg: that's not mayor. speedily he was a community organizer. one last point, south carolina and nevada are not pete buttigieg territory. nobody thinks that. >> pete: juan predict even more that cruise ship docked a couple
2:22 pm
of miles here from new jersey tonight. president trump warned the drug companies. it's unacceptable that americans pay vastly more than people in other countries, for the exact same drugs. but they aren't listening. they've just raised the prices of over five hundred drugs. president trump supports a bipartisan plan, that would force drug companies to lower prices. but the senate won't act. tell senate leaders to stop drug company price gouging and lower drug prices now.
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>> dana: the current inspire miles for millions of people here in new york city, four passengers taken to a hospital for further evaluation and another cruise ship off the coast of japan is under quarantine with 616 passengers. they are about 2600 people aboard that ship including more than 400 americans. so far, coronavirus has killed over 600 people globally. greg, i wanted to point out that that ship that made an unscheduled stop in new jersey, passengers told our bryan llenas that they learned about their quarantine and this unscheduled stop by watching fox news come not from the cruise line itself. >> greg: that's amazing. that's how good fox news is.
2:27 pm
only new jersey could dock a ship with coronavirus could be considered an improvement. getting! i love new jersey. it's one of the most underrated states of the union. it's home of the misfits. tell us about the cruise ship outside of japan. it's a perfect medical study to see how contagious the viruses because you have the population contained in you can see, and from what they are saying, if you get the proper treatment the death rate is very low. it's like the flu, i think. this isn't as bad as people say. however, i do believe that we have to make super precautions when people are coming here. >> dana: when he did the press conference today, i thought they would announce more travel bands. take a listen to dr. pete siegel, this could be what's happening in china we don't know
2:28 pm
about. >> they a roped of entire regions up to 60 million people causing panic, cutting off supply lines, helping to spread the virus. we have up to 600 deaths and i believe we have way more deaths than that and way more cases than that, probably close to 100,000 cases. >> pete: no surprise at all the communist chinese would be lying about this considering the hit that their economy would take. you don't care about the individual, you heard them all income and the consequences because no information -- >> dana: they let it go for two months without telling anyone. >> pete: i watched a couple of these interviews with these couples in their cabins question mike that's your experience right there. three weeks in a 200 square-foot cabin? that's a reality show. >> dana: how would vako, warren? >> juan: it's not good.
2:29 pm
i want to reverberate. only 2% or less -- i mean, this can take you out. we have to be very careful because media can contribute to everybody panicking. >> dana: and the surgeon came out today that the chance of americans getting this is very, very low. >> juan: given our public health official success in dealing with past problems like recently ebola but as far back as sars. >> greg: zeke. >> juan: there's no reason to think our public health officials can't do this. >> dana: face mask are designed and should be selected for the size of particles. just because you see one put one on, it doesn't protect yourself or other people. >> emily: the biggest threat is that the chinese government is mischaracterizing the level of infection that's happening and even though it's less deadly than we thought and less deadly than sars, his understanding that it's spreading faster,
2:30 pm
which leads me to my next point which is why we should all care a lot more about these homeless explosions especially on the west coast because of that disease. if we are this nervous with the coronavirus and that's to put it on every block of every show, this is what every network should be covering out of skid row in los angeles and the rat explosion. ever since i read "outbreak," we are all going to die via virus. has nothing to do with the temperature of the oceans, this is how we are all going to go. >> juan: wow! >> greg: emily is nostradamus. >> dana: everybody should watch "pandemic" on netflix. >> emily: you like that show? >> greg: the first season was great. you don't need to wear the mask outside but when people put it down, he collects dusts. >> dana: the fastest seven is
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get way more. shop everything home at >> emily: welcome back. time for the fastest seven. liberal california might be putting an end to school fitness tests. due to concerns that they promote bullying and body discrimination. i guess we have obesity and diabetes on the one hand or bullying and discrimination on the other. >> dana: i think i still have the set up record in ellis elementary school and i'm offended the governor would think this. >> greg: [laughs] >> dana: i think i had to set up for a very long time. >> greg: you are now tracy flick. >> juan: i think it's great. i know people think this is pc, but we need people physically
2:36 pm
healthy. and people have a bad experience in m&a school, i'm not one of the fast kids, i'm not one of the strong kids, and turn off exercise that's not good. >> greg: you know what? that thing that's great, when you do terrible in sports, only 1.000001 person ends up in pro anything athletics, right? when you find out you are crap at sports, you find something you do that makes money. you become jeff bezos' -- >> juan: wait a minute, you said -- you were not great at sports? >> greg: i choose not to play. >> juan: but you still stay in shape. you know how to take care of yourself and i think we all need that. >> pete: what we do in school
2:37 pm
is supposed to be a reflection of what we value, we went from arnold schwarzenegger to gavin newsom -- i remember doing all these things. >> dana: i bet your kids are good at all of it. >> juan: they are good at it. i force them. >> greg: do you remember the rough? >> dana: i was good at it but i didn't like it. >> juan>> pete: it was the day t made me the most nervous in school. >> juan: that you had added pressure because of your dad. >> dana: on field day, my dad came and parents had to race and my dad in cowboy boots beat everybody. >> juan: pete's dad was a coach so pete's dad -- you've got to live up to your dad. >> emily: next up, president from telling this during the state of the union. >> we created a brand-new branch
2:38 pm
of the united states armed forces. it is called the space force. very important. >> emily: what should the government called the troops of the space force, top pentagon official ruling out spaceman and space cadet but a final determination has not been made but they are open to idea. i have a few ideas, intergalactic warriors, starfleet, space troopers, stormtroopers! if it's not copyrighted... >> juan: that's, like, the wrong thing. >> emily: what should we name them? >> greg: trump should make it into a contest and weber names it should get to have the first suit. if you put space in front of anything, it works. space dog, space suit, space space? >> dana: i like double space. >> greg: doublespace! >> juan: wait a second. what was the name of that movie...
2:39 pm
they named a hero after buzz aldrin, buzz lightyear. >> pete: are like super troopers or space warriors. you can do space man. that's to gender specific. >> juan: you can do space ranger. no, you can do space men can't do space men. >> emily: i think it should be intergalactic anything. >> juan: what about space people? >> emily: really important topics, pamela anderson said she jumped way too fast in her fifth marriage, only lasted 12 short days. the former baywatch star married john peterson in a secret ceremony and immediately regretted the union. anderson contributes the split for her heart being too open. with this topic, we got
2:40 pm
accompanied a whole packet of research and when i read that elizabeth warren was married to nicky hilton for eight short months. >> juan: what? who told you? >> emily: i'm in elizabeth taylor! [laughter] i mean elizabeth taylor! >> greg: 12 day marriage? you know in dog days... >> pete: i love the quote from a friend or spokesperson. she does not operate the same line wavelength as other people. she has a big heart and loves hard. >> emily: that's amazing! >> pete: i'm just quoting. >> juan: not me, i'm with him. >> dana: when hollywood treats marriage so cavalierly, you can
2:41 pm
stop lecturing us. >> juan: imagine if those two had been on the ship. >> greg: who knows! they would've worked out their problems. >> dana: in 12 years, there is going be a musical on two people who met on the coronavirus ship. the immune system was amazing! >> emily: don't go anywhere. fan mail friday is up next. ♪ buckle up for some insurance themed fun ♪ ♪ at progressive park! children: yeah! announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep children: traffic jam! announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny with options that fit your budget. that's fun for the whole family. announcer: only at progressive par... maybe an insurance park was a bad idea.
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>> greg: what is your favorite sound, emily. >> emily: my dog. >> greg: what kind of sound as he may? does he make? >> emily: in just a little sound he makes. or classical music. i don't know. the list is long. >> greg: pete, what's your favorite sound? >> pete: besides the fox news bomb? >> dana: good answer!
2:46 pm
>> pete: you know the sound that you make when the hot tub turns on? >> greg: pete in a hot tub. all right. juan? >> juan: i like birds in the morning. >> greg: dana, you hit every sound. >> dana: >> greg: i was going to say turn signals. >> emily: i hate the ding ding ding. >> greg: why do you have to hates my sound? i love any kind of technical sound. >> juan: you know, kind of think of it, that's a good
2:47 pm
sound. >> dana: you have >> greg: we'll get to that later. what's the coolest thing you own, juan? >> juan: i was in south africa when mandela was released from prison and i was with him and he signed the front page of the newspaper that day from soweto. the other thing i have that's interesting is i have a baseball with a picture of a blinking imprinted on it, and it is signed by barack obama. >> greg: i thought you would say a blinking abe lincoln. >> greg: what's the coolest thing you have?
2:48 pm
>> emily: my 1972 mark one. >> pete: it used to be my jose canseco rookie card. >> greg: it dropped in value substantially over the years. now it's my ar-15. >> greg: dana, do you have an ar-15? >> dana: my favorite thing is my painting of jasper the puppy that 43 did. that's my very favorite thing. >> greg: that's very good. i might have to go with the car. the vesse i still think about it from time to time. i dream. oh, i'm on tv! what's something that everyone looks stupid doing, dana? >> dana: al my...
2:49 pm
>> greg: i skipped one. >> dana: that's a good one, though. i would have to say changing the sheets on the bed. >> juan: why is that? >> dana: you always have to put on the thing. >> greg: when you do the fitted thing in the other one pops over. >> dana: i always have it going the wrong way the first time. >> emily: blowing your nose. or at least the end part of it. i'm going to throw up. >> pete: the trace residue... >> greg: trace residue? are you the weatherman? the nose news, 60% chance of boogers... >> pete: you never get a clean blowing? >> juan: stop! stop! >> greg: juan?
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>> juan: it's sticking to the theme, how about sticking that q-tip in your ear. >> greg: those are private. something that you see... >> dana: when you trip and fall. >> greg: i was going to say dancing in general. stretching in general. nobody needs to stretch, it's an illusion. >> dana: that's not true. >> greg: science bears it out. sign says don't stretch. >> emily: oh, at the airport. >> greg: anytime you do it, looks like you care too much about it. that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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>> juan: it's time for one more thing on this friday. dana? >> dana: you noticed that everyone is wearing red for the american heart association's go red for women movement. this is important. nearly 45% of women aged 20 and over are living with some form of heart disease and women's symptoms are different from men's and you should really go to to understand. you can get some new fox gear. all items are now 15% off. you can get fox news jackets, hats, mugs, even socks. that looks good on you, pete? go to >> emily: i like that red hat.
2:56 pm
>> juan: i'm going to go now. do you know jokes about pizza are not funny. why? they are cheesy. and dangerous. why dangerous? a lot of people get hurt eating pizza. people go in the hospital after an accident involving pizza up to 50% in 2018. other cuts themselves with pizza knives, one 17-year-old stuck a roof in the fork of his mouth eating pizza, and a young woman swallowed her tongue ring eating a slice. >> greg: that's on a tongue ring. >> juan: sunday is national pizza day so if you are going to have some pizza this weekend, be careful! >> greg: everything has a day now. we don't need another day! >> pete: we celebrate everyone on "fox & friends" weekend. tune in on sunday, we'll have pizza there. >> greg: greg gutfeld show tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m.
2:57 pm
i've this is going to be the biggest victory lap and it's going to be great. at 8:00, jesse watters! who does he have? steve bannon. 8:00 p.m. eastern. you old me for doing this plug ! you old me for doing this plug. greg's diet tips. they are high in copper, they are fibrous, dana. look at this little fella. he's never seen one before! he's never seen one, doesn't know what to do with it. he stands on his high legs. that's a lot like me trying to get a drink at the bar. >> emily: is he going to eat it? >> greg: every time he hops, i get a little warmer inside. isn't that great, though?
2:58 pm
>> pete: is that a split between dietary calls and animals are great? >> greg: they hate the song. >> pete: i love it! >> greg: you are a patriot. dana is a communist when she's wearing red. >> dana: why aren't you wearing red? >> juan: it's the weekend. pete, you're up. >> pete: i've got some interesting stand up assignments on "fox & friends" over the years, but check this out. channel 9 australia reporter doing a hit with a snake around her neck. watch. >> dana: nope, nope, nope. i can't watch. >> i'll just text you. >> dana: no way. >> you'll be all right. >> what if he sees my hand? >> pete: that's just before the hit. she goes on to give a report while the snake is still wrapped around her neck.
2:59 pm
>> greg: she is wearing red, dana. >> dana: she's participating and even did it for two days. >> juan: was that snake poison is? >> pete: i did not do enough research... >> emily: i would never do that. first, happy birthday, johnny, we love you. vital member of the team. best when we think of all time. check out this dog who lives in seattle and he rides the bus all by himself every day! his name is eclipse, he's amassed the door, and one day him and his owner were waiting for the bus and the owner took too long getting on the bus. the dog is on the bus, doors close, he gets off at the dog park and he now does all by himself every day. what you see on his collar is a bus card that he takes and everybody knows him, eclipse. he's the celebrity seattle adorable dog. >> greg: i don't believe it. >> pete: i don't think that should be allowed. >> greg: that's a little man in a suit. emily, you were taken again.
3:00 pm
>> juan: what if people are not comfortable with dogs. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" of next. >> bret: good evening to washington, i'm bret baier. the death toll in china is now almost 700 people. that is an increase of 81 in a single day, and those are the public numbers from chinese officials. some u.s. health officials believe the real death toll may be higher. the number of cases in china is closing in on at least 25,000. president trump already conducting high-level talks with his chinese counterpart about the situation. china has been critical of the u.s. response so far. this morning, the president said china is doing a good and professional job dealing with the outbreak. th


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