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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 7, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> juan: what if people are not comfortable with dogs. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" of next. >> bret: good evening to washington, i'm bret baier. the death toll in china is now almost 700 people. that is an increase of 81 in a single day, and those are the public numbers from chinese officials. some u.s. health officials believe the real death toll may be higher. the number of cases in china is closing in on at least 25,000. president trump already conducting high-level talks with his chinese counterpart about the situation. china has been critical of the u.s. response so far. this morning, the president said china is doing a good and professional job dealing with the outbreak. this comes as the u.s. brings on
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more americans from the infection zone. and that is raising new questions tonight about the virus here at home. we are fox team coverage, brian unice is in new jersey as passengers on a cruise ship docked this morning being tested for the virus. an correspondent jonathan serrie's in atlanta with the latest on the fight to prevent the epidemic from spreading in the u.s. >> good evening, bret. one of those evacuation sites made a landing in vancouver to drop off canadian citizens. a federal health official tells fox news that one of those canadians developed symptoms on board and is undergoing further testing. the state department has evacuated more than 800 people from the epicenter of china this week with two additional flights arriving today. one landing at >> we will ask to keep a 6-foot distance from each other so they are not spreading any kind of
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virus if there is one. >> the other flight brought evacuees to joint base san antoniosan antonio in lackl. all of the evacuees will spend 14 days under federal tea at u.s. military facilities. >> we are being aggressive >> the u.s. has pledged up to $100 million for the international response for the outbreak. >> our long-standing offer to assist remains on the table. >> earlier, president trump discuss the coronavirus outbreak with chinese president buy xi >> today, the director general war and an appropriate consumer use of face masks and other protective gear outside of health care settings has
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increased demand for already depleted supplies. >> global stocks of masks to meet the needs of the w.h.o. and our partners. >> a third confirm coronavirus case including the case of a chicago woman who apparently became infected in china, came back to the states, and then transmitted the virus to her husband. today, hospital officials in chicago have announced that the couple have been discharged and are recovering in isolation at home. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. japan has confirmed another 40 when your case is aboard a cruise ship being held in quarantine in yokohama. americans aboard the vessel had tested positive feedback you're at home, a handful of passengers from a cruise ship docked in new jersey are now in the hospital.
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>> passengers were onboard the emblem of the seas, ambulances and city personnel met the cruise ship as it docked in friday morning after an 11 day to do this for the caribbean. once on board, the cdc's. 27 passengers from mainland china. all were cleared except for the four passengers. in a statement royal caribbean said in part, none of the four deaths showed any sign of coronavirus on board the ship. all other guests have been debited to disembark as usual. >> never heard anything all righallweek. >> any concern for yourself or your other passengers? >> i just wanted to get off. >> over 2600 passengers including 428 americans are under orenstein stuck off the coast of japan after 61 passengers including 11
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>> thequarantine which we knew s going to happen, but we should not be in this type of conditi condition. >> we are in health. we are in a desperate, desperate stage. >> nearly 4,000 passengers and crew's cor quarantined inside >> they still represent the perfect storm for disease spread. too many shared services, sneezing and coughing on each other. >> going on cruises in asia is up to passengers. >> it's going to be a judgment call as you make that for you and your family. >> through at least february, anybody with a password from china, hong kong, or macau will no longer be able to aboard royal caribbean ships. as for the anthem of the seas, it set sail on its next cruise tomorrow. bret?
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>> bret: thank you. here in washington, and thus totally unexpected shake-up at the national security council tonight following the impeachment counsel. one of the officials there who testified against the president in the house proceedings is out of a job there. she white house correspond to john roberts reports on a president having arguably the best week of his president politically still express in his betterment >>the first time he was in north carolina to promote opportunity zones but still clearly with some unfinished business left over from impeachment. with president trump in the clear from impeachment, the hammer came down today on lieutenant colonel alexander van bin. vindman fired from his position at the national security council and escorted from white house grounds. indicating it was coming. >> i'm not happy with it. do you think i'm supposed to be happy with it if i'm not.
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he'll make a decision. >> vindman was one of the key witnesses in the impeachment hearings, raising concerns about the presidents from call with president volodymyr zelensky. in a statement, saying that there was no question in the mind of any american why this man's job is over, why his country has one less soldier serving at the white house but lieutenant colonel vindman was asked to leave for telling the truth. as vindman and his twin brother are both shown the door, the president has not given into the idea of having ukraine look into the bidens, also noting how biden's campaign is stumbling. >> these people are their own people. i'm not their boss, but i don't think they've done anything as far as i know. but it's very sad what happened with the bidens and is also very sad how he's doing in the polls.
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>> president trump also weighing in for the first time this morning on house speaker nancy pelosi, tearing up her coffe copy of the state of e union address. >> first of all, it's an official document. you aren't allowed, it's illegal what she did. she broke the law. >> many legal scholars say that because what she ripped up as a courtesy copy and not an official president shall record, the appropriateness of her actions could be debated, no laws were broken. as to whether the president will be able to work with policy in the future? >> i think there's a lot of evil on that side. they have gone crazy. they've gone totally crazy. i have gotten tremendous amounts from a more than anyone has got done in three years by far. but they are not constructive people. >> in addition to his impeachment victory, president trump got some more good news today when a three-judge panel of the d.c. circuit court of appeals throughout the emoluments
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lawsuit against him. >> this was brought by democrats in congress. it was another phony case. we won it 3-0, we won it unanimous. >> the rejection of the suit was unanimous, it was not on merits, ruling that the individual members of congress did not have that standing to bring the case because they did not represent a majority of either the house or the senate. bret? >> bret: john, thanks. the economy added 225,000 jobs in january. the labor department says. half-million people stream into the job market pushing the unemployment rate to 3.6%. the dow lost 277, s&p 500 dropped 18, the nasdaq fell 82. the dow was up three percentage points, the s&p 500 gained three and a fifth, the nasdaq surged forward. let's get an analysis on the booming economy. susan li joins us from new york.
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it seems like it's all on cylinders. >> you betcha. the u.s. economy starting off in strong footing. not only was january better than expected, but jobs for the last four months of 2019 were also revised higher. the job rate held close to 50 year lows with wages gaining slightly more than forecasted. milder winter weather meant more hiring and constructing in january. the health care jobs boom also continued. >> we have a whole spate of good news for the month of january. ism manufacturing got back, ism services got back to 50 which is a blowout number. extremely strong housing numbers. unemployment claims, rock bott bottom. >> nine straight years, the u.s. economy has created more than 2 million jobs.
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an indication of the longest economic expansion on the record will extend to the 12 year, but there are growing risks including the growing impact of the spread of the coronavirus. >> internally, we looked at a drop of gdp of two tenths of 1%. that's all we found so far. >> the federal reserve today that quarantines and travel restrictions could lead to disruptions in china. that could spill over to the rest of the global economy. but as the sars epidemic nearly 17 years ago, the decline may be steeped by the recovery makes up for the losses. >> bret: have a great weekend. getting an early look at the president's 202 2021 proposal. a big jump on spending on artificial intelligence, and quantum science information and development. we'll have more details monday
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when the full budget is expected to be released. up next, our whatever happened to report about the acoustic attacks on american diplomats in cuba. first, here's what some of our positive outlets around the country are covering tonight. fox 9 in the twin cities, 2,000 health care workers vote to authorize a strike that will affect approximately 30 health partner facilities across the twin cities. the seven-day walkout will begin february 19th if the two sides did not reach an agreement before then. rocks carolina in greenville as the national weather service confirms a trail of damage spanning miles across the u.s. 29 core door in spartanburg caused by a tornado touching down thursday. the agencies surveyed the damage and there is clear evidence a tornado hit the area. a public memorial for kobe bryankobe andjohnny o'bryan
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other victims who died in a helicopter crash will be held at staples center february 24th. went down in january 26, preliminary report says there was no evidence of engine failure. a final report is not expected for at least a year. a live look at the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'. poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us. it's a masterstroke of heartache and redemption. the lexus nx. modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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>> bret: democratic new york governor andrew cuomo will file a lawsuit challenging the trump ministrations plan blocking new yorkers enrolling in trusted traveler programs. federal officials say they block the new yorkers of a new state law barring immigration agents getting access to state motor vehicle records. the law allows illegal immigrants to obtain new york drivers licenses. the house passed a $20 billion aid package from puerto rico were a swarm of earthquakes last month set the island territories set the slow recovery from the hurricane devastation of 2017. the administration has promised to veto the legislation, accusing the government of
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mismanagement and having weak financial controls. and tonight it's whatever happened to segment, the acoustic attacks that cause health problems for u.s. diplomats in cuba. john in tallahassee emailed us with this question. dozens began experiencing symptoms in 2016, accused cuba of perpetrating the attacks. correspondent rich edits and speaks with one of the doctors who treated some of the diplomats and looks at where this case stands now. >> in the autumn of 2016, american diplomats serving india's embassy at havana complained of hearing loss and dizziness, by the following spring they told doctors in miami they heard a unique noise. >> it had the strange characteristic of individuals affected in the domicile. had the strange characteristic of going away when they opened
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the front door. >> by september 2017, a senior state department official that nearly 200 american diplomats in havana suffered significant injuries from what the department called health attacks. the trump administration blames cuba for failing to protect american diplomats. >> is a very unusual attack, as you know, but i do believe cuba is responsible. >> expelled cuban diplomats from the united states. the cuban government has denied responsibility. and more than three years after the first reported symptoms, there is still one central unanswered question. >> what caused it? we don't know yet. >> officials and scientists suggest a sonic weapon, signals or multiple listening devices. the russians. chinese. mosquito spray. among other theories. >> evidently it is common noise is very similar to the noise of a cicada. >> the state department announced it evacuated several mats in china with similar symptoms.
3:20 pm
the journalist of medical association examined the brains of diplomats and show the experience some kind of brain trauma though the cause is unclear. other scientists doubt anything happened. a senior u.s. tipple matt tells fox news that there is still no consensus that were actual injuries. and if so, what caused them. the state department is paying for medical evaluation and treatment, though some double mats have said that that's too little, too late. a source familiar with the situation say many of the affected diplomats have returned to work. others have retired, officials are still trying to figure out what exactly caused this illne illness. bret? >> bret: rich, thank you. the caucus chaos in iowa could lead to heads rolling among democrats. we will explain. first, beyond our borders tonight. the ukraine parliament depending the proposed law to allow sails of the country's rich farmland. a high tension issue that sparked a brawl among lawmakers.
3:21 pm
sails of farland that's currently outlawed with sniffing the booth ukraine struggling economy. opponents argue that the arms could land could end up in businesses that could crush small farmers. several tanks have entered rebel controlled northwestern syria. they are the latest amid a syrian offensive that brought the two country's troops in a rare direct confrontation. heavy rains are lashing parts of eastern australia causing some flooding in sydney, bringing relief to firefighters in that region dealing with dozens of brushfires. and bushfires in parts of new south wales. the state's rural fire commissioner says he is optimistic the rain will help extinguish some of the blazes. there are still 42 fires burning in the state with 17 of those not contained. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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>> bret: the head of the democratic party is under intense pressure under the chaos of the iowa caucuses. some critics are calling for tom perez to resign. most of the candidates meanwhile just want to move on. correspondent mike tobin has the latest from des moines. >> the iowa democratic committee
3:26 pm
extended till monday to request three campus of the votes. the two campaigns in front separated by less than a percentage point said they have no interest in a re-canvas or wallowing in the iowa mess any longer. >> no one can take away what happened on monday. an expert in every moment for the movement we have built and now we are looking ahead to new hampshire and beyond. >> we've got enough iowa. and it is really sad that the democratic party of iowa, if i may say so, screwed up the counting process quite so badly. >> it went from sloppy to bitter when the democratic national committee demanded a re-canvas. >> the democratic national committee runs the caucus, okay? what happened was unacceptable. >> "and "political," noted that they are a party in chaos, some are calling for tom perez to step down. the iowa chairman declined to
3:27 pm
respond to the criticism from perez. >> we continue to go on this process and that's all i'm going to say. >> troubles in the democratic party make easy fodder for the president. >> they couldn't even make a simple tabulation and yet they are telling you how to run the country and how to run health care. i think think of all the money that democrats end. they have no idea who won. >> internal forensic review will be conducted. peer reviewed that the smartphone app, the one that malfunctioned on caucus night, he had not personally tried it ahead of time. bret, back to you. >> bret: mike tobin live in des moines. actor cynthia nixon is endorsing bernie sanders for president tonight. nixon is known best for her role on the tv show "sex and the
3:28 pm
city, also conducted in several of the democrats running for president will meets tonight on the debate stage. pundits predict that the democrats will go after each other pretty hard and this could be a crucial performance for former vice president joe biden. correspondent peter doocy has a preview. >> in iowa, he finished fourth. joe biden is still in center stage for a debate where podium placement is determined by polling averages. coming after a senior staff shake-up as the former front brainard tries to remain relevant and the rivals turn their attention to other contenders. >> we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy but >> buttigieg is not taken the bait. >> what i admire about senator sanders and still do it is simpson c.
3:29 pm
>> the first thing we skipped iowa. >> the bloomberg strategy of waiting until super tuesday is less about other democrats but about trump. >> i'm not insecure with who i am and i'm comfortable with people disagreeing with me and telling me so. i have two daughters. what do you expect? >> the former mayor was endorsed by the former navy secretary for president trump. >> i'm tremendously concerned. democracy is around the world are under threat. >> this being warren campaign is confronting a tough deadline. a half dozen women of color have left warren campaign with a complaint of toxic working government where minorities felt tokenized and senior leadership what their loggerheads >> i believe these women completely and without reservation. i apologize that they had a bad
3:30 pm
experience on this candidacy. >> despite all the attention on their huge field for a year, democrats have not turned out in larger numbers yet. >> while the voter turnout it did happen. we saw a 30% increase in young people under 29 vote. >> joe biden went home to wilmington, delaware, and did not post any events in new hampshire today or yesterday and now his campaign is saying that iowa and new hampshire are places that pete buttigieg may do better because they believe his base is more homogenous and the biden campaign is arguing for their position for the most diverse early contest. >> bret: peter doocy live in the spin room at manchester. we will have follow-up after the debate tonight. it's the movie industry's biggest night, the oscars. the academy awards will be awarded sunday.
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>> bret: the academy awards will be given out sunday night in los angeles. let's talk about the state of the film industry with charles rifkin, chairman and ceo of the motion picture association and former ambassador, u.s. ambassador to france. thanks for being with us. >> great to be here. a real honor to be on "special report." >> bret: i do not think people understand the impact of the movie industry. they understand movies are a big deal but how much money is put into the u.s. economy from this industry? >> 2.6 million americans wake up every morning and go to work in jobs supported by our industry and that's all in 50 states, red and blue. we sell to 130 countries around the world in surplus, every single trading relationship. when we make movies in america,
3:36 pm
$250,000 every day is pumped into the local economy and these are blue-collar jobs. these are electricians, construction workers and caterers and hairdressers. that's who we are as an industry. >> bret: your organization put out a statement when usmca went through the trade deal, that the big trade for you. >> we are very supportive of the usmca. it replaced nafta and nafta was placed before the digital economy existed and our studios are digital players, we are technology companies and this rule helps define the rules for digital economies, protects copyright, great enforcement provision which is great for our industry for the vice president called me and thanked us for our support and i was there at the signing ceremony for the usmca. >> the china deal is important for you when it comes to property rights and intellectual property. >> china is important. right now all we think about in china of course are the people
3:37 pm
impacted by this virus and it's personal to me because i have an office in hong kong and singapore and have people on the ground in beijing and we are making sure they are say. but yes, china is the second-largest film market. right now, america remains the largest supermarket but china is the second largest and enjoy our products, or films. especially our blockbuster productions. >> bret: do you worry about the coronavirus affecting your industry, going into a theater? >> i think people are worried about the health and safety of the people impacted first and foremost. the clear safety has to be those of those involved. >> casting a movie, that's my fault codes. there is nobody in hollywood they can play the role better than this guy. right, coach? i said, you could be a movie star, go to hollywood. >> bret: refers to hollywood traditionally hollywood is pretty far left when it comes to the politics and we'll see this
3:38 pm
this week and in some speeches, we've seen it before. how does that effect things? >> we support in the number of the administration of positive policies. we support the trade, tax deal. i believe the president knows more about our industry than many of his predecessors having been on television as many times as he has. we are generating american jobs, adding to the surplus. >> bret: is hollywood starting to get it that the middle of the country is a big target as far as the type of movies they make and what kind of people are attracted to them? >> the movie industry is a reflection of our society and we are making movies people want to see. i think you will see increasing amount of diversity in movies. it's not only the right thing to do, but it's the smart economic thing to do. the vast majority of people they go to films are women and in fact on a per capita basis, the trend is in a good
3:39 pm
direction. underrepresented groups. but there is much, much more to do and we intend to do it. >> you have an amazing new office with a new building for your organization with some great stuff. the all command suits, the batman masks. i saw the harry potter sorting hat. that's a cool thing. >> it's amazing. we've been in that space since 1945. in 1949, president truman came to the space to watch "samson and delilah" directed by sissel b demille, it's been a tradition to make the amazing screen ever since the origin of our institution. it's the first time we are able to put in these iconic props and these amazing costumes. it's the place were hollywood meets washington so it seems only fitting that we have these wonderful representations from hollywood and washington. >> bret: here it is. "joker," and "1917," "once a time in hollywood," "jojo
3:40 pm
rabbit," "ford versus ferrari." which is? >> six of those films were from the united states. i cannot choose. every one of the studios i represent has somebody up for an award. i will say that this is a celebration of creativity. it's a celebration of a global industry that was born in the united states of america and it's going to be an amazing night on sunday. >> bret: we appreciate your time. next up, the panel with a friday lightning round, a brand-new poll, brand-new at a new hampshire minutes ago. candidate casino, president trump post impeachment, and this week's winner and loser. keep it here.
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>> what i really admire about senator sanders and still there is consistency and willingness to say exactly what he believes. it doesn't mean i agree with him. didn't agree with him on everything then and don't agree with him and everything now. >> pete buttigieg we are in a moment where billionaires control not only our economy but our political life. >> bret: essentially going head-to-head. one and two in iowa, we do not know which one is one and which
3:45 pm
one is two. in new hampshire ahead of the debate night, and brand-new pole out minutes ago from nbc-marist has bernie sanders at 25%, pete buttigieg 21%, with neighboring elizabeth warren 14%, joe biden at 13%, and amy klobuchar at 8%. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, editor of "the best patch" at mollie hemingway, senior editor at a book or the federalist," and charles lane, senior writer for the "washington post." if he pushes in four, he's over. >> he's in trouble. the most alarming thing the biden campaign is thinking about is the pulling out of south carolina this week which shows his lead there has basically collapsed. bernie sanders is within five points. this is the big test for joe biden. new hampshire likes comebacks, right? john mccain, hillary clinton in 2008, we see a lot of comebacks which begun in new hampshire, not betting on one for joe biden though.
3:46 pm
>> bret: molli molly? >> it seems like joe biden was doing well and it never seemed like he's doing particular well but we do not know how voters are going to react to the idea that bernie sanders of the front runner and that might cause some tough decision-making amongst their ranks. >> bret: and can candidate mayor pete get the biden folks i think is a question? >> we will see. he might do very well in new hampshire, might do poorly in south carolina. >> i think biden is in trouble, of course. it came out very weak from iowa, but i always understood that new hampshire was going to be bernie's to lose and they were not thinking on that. proven so far to be very loyal to joe biden, but has yet to be tested. there is a real chance that he's being prematurely declared politically dead, but they are in trouble and they are acting like they are in trouble. >> bret: the former navy secretary for the trump
3:47 pm
administration endorsing michael bloomberg today. painting himself as an antiauthoritarian figure. >> essential to tell people telling the emperor that he or she is not wearing clothes and not afraid to disagree. >> bret: and he's got the prompter, the whole thing. has it taken off? >> there is an opening for him. this is the pete buttigieg moment, i think and most people across the country don't pay attention to this the way we do are getting people to judge his first look. if he does well, essentially he will ride the momentum. if he does not do well as joe biden continues to collapse, it's entirely possible that mike bloomberg can swoop in and spending hundreds of millions of dollars making a name for himself. >> bret: we are going to...
3:48 pm
it's a little late sometime. it's a little while to get to the casino. you have 100 bucks. >> i'm betting on the momentum for buttigieg. i've got 40 on buttigieg, 30 on sanders, 30 on bloomberg, and 1g deal not for joe biden. >> bret: not even on the boar board! mollie? >> i also don't have biden on the board but i've never been particularly favoring him. i have bernie sanders with $40, he won the iowa caucuses in terms of popular vote for the first time and in the second round and he tied in delegates and he's going strong into new hampshire and this cannot be ignored. might be doing well, and someone he runs prettily with his war chest. buttigieg at 15% because he did so well in iowa and i still think none of these people still have what it takes on people $20 on still someone not yet running. >> bret: saying there is a chance. chuck, 100 bucks? >> call me crazy, but i'm
3:49 pm
sticking $25 on joe biden may be just for old times sake and $25 on sanders, buttigieg, and bloomberg. >> bret: really going on a limb here. you are nutty! i know it's friday... >> it's been an indecisive week for the democrats and i want my best to reflect that. any which way. >> bret: there you go. let's talk about post impeachment, the next step. this is today. >> i want to report to the committee that when i report my concerns july 10th to ambassador sondland and july 25th relating to the president, i did so out of a sense of duty. >> i'm not happy with it. am i supposed to be happy with it? they'll make that decision. you'll be hearing -- they'll make that decision. >> we protect all our service members from retribution anything like that. >> bret: he did leave from
3:50 pm
lieutenant colonel vindman. what's next, steve? >> he is well within his rights to have him removed. it's hard to divorce what happened today with the smears against lieutenant colonel vindman that were perpetrated by the president's supporters that were perpetrated when he testified. >> is a testament to how crazy this town is that this is remotely controversial. this guy was insubordinate, disobeyed a direct order come up went around the chain of command, he claimed he leaks to someone authorized to hear it but we won't know because he won't say who he licked it to. perhaps the issue of lying to congress about it. if you were in any other position in the military, he will already court-martialed for this been the idea of president would have to trust someone or give someone a paycheck who he can't trust them i can't listen to his advice?
3:51 pm
>> bret: next steps, is there a sense that democrats are going to go down the road again in the investigation road? subpoena? >> there is some sentiment on the democratic side to subpoena john bolton and to continue the investigation of this whole matter and i think on the president side, what we are seeing here is the first step in what will be a long period of payback for anybody who crossed him on the impeachment thing. the query whether the voters on either side are interested in seeing this perpetrated, perpetuated and prolonged, but the venom is so thick that some people cannot resist it. >> bret: politically for democrats, it is a dangerous road. >> it's a dangerous road how? >> bret: if you go down the road again. pick up democrats placement look, i think democrats have had their shot. it would be foolish for them to do this, to look at this again. it should be noted that lieutenant colonel of admin's
3:52 pm
account of what happened as a fact witness was supported by mo testified of people who under oath and those handpicked by the president. >> bret: winners and losers. >> donald trump, couldn't have a better week. best week of his residency. look at the job numbers coming out again. acquitted, the state of the union, such a success. his approval numbers are the highest they've been of his presidency and for the first time in a long time, g.o.p. numbers are up. loser of the week? nancy pelosi. it was a really bad week for her, the worst week she's ever had as a leader. there is a question whether she can continue. she let her party into this impeachment debacle and that could have real consequences for that party in 2020. >> bret: winner or loser? >> my winner i think is pete buttigieg, he got bernie sanders to a virtual tie in iowa.
3:53 pm
the guy coming out of nowhere from south bend, indiana, and a lot of momentum and serious shot to be the democratic presidential nominee. my loser is the iowa democratic party which crashed and burned out there. they had one job, you know? they have really tarnished the whole process, possibly in an endurable way for the democrat party. >> there's a case to be made that donald trump was the winner of the week so that was already taken. my winner of the week was mitt romney. a good and principled man who made a difficult decision. he knew it would be unpopular within his party. he understood that he would take abuse from the president and his supporters. he did it because of a dictate of conscience. i wish we had more elected officials who did the same. my loser is the national prayer breakfast from a year in and year out one of the few moments where partisans take a break from their bickering, petty, sometimes principal disagreements, and get together and pray. this one devolved into an
3:54 pm
argument whether somebody really prays, how they pray, and whether they mean it or not. 30 petty. >> bret: panel, it's friday. thank you. we get to the weekend now. when we come back, notable quotables. give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? >> bret: finally tonight, it's friday. notable quotables. >> donald john trump, president of the united states, is not guilty as charged. i did my duty to the best of my ability, believing my country expected it of me. >> what you have done is only as the forces of hell. >> that's the theme of this prayer today, love your enemies. >> he's impeached forever the matter what he says or what he wants to carry around. >> it was all bull [bleep].
3:59 pm
>> i wasn't sure if she was ripping up the spiritual ripping of the constitution. >> we saw a man who was not going to make it otherwise wouldn't give a damn. >> iowa, you have shocked the nation. >> a stumbling block on the back end of reporting of the data. >> it's just good to be back in new hampshire. more than you know. >> almost 4,000 cruiseship passengers confined to their rooms after ten tested positive for the virus. >> mr. director, i don't trust her agency anymore. i think you lost the trust of an awful lot of americans. >> 50 years, we've been waiting for a super bowl. >> it feels like i'm seeing color for the first time of my life. >> bret: all that happen since the last notable portables. historic week in the news. fox news sunday will be in bedford new hampshire. chris wallace will speak with mayor pete buttigieg and senator bernie sanders as they try to turn in iowa was momentum
4:00 pm
into success. check your local listing for airtime fox news sunday. we will be heading out to new hampshire tomorrow. we will be there monday for "special report." that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid. here is martha. have a great weekend. martha? >> martha: i will see you in new hampshire. one hour from now, center stage at the new hampshire democratic debate tonight. the center spot reserved with the candidate for the best poll average and that is still joe biden tonight. but pete buttigieg will be to go to the left of him. comes into your new hampshire wa growing momentum. look at this poll, a surge from the former mayor of south bend who is well within the margin of error to topple bernie sanders who has to be wondering how to deflect mayor pete's advantages known as home turf to vermont. joe biden is fourth in that role. but biden ry