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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 7, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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will never be the hate-trump media mob.y. we seek the truth. let not your heart be troubled. "the ingraham angle" starts right now. ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. why are the democrats steeped in utter misery tonight? my angle comes a little later in the show. a little different tonight. it lays it all out.ig also pelosi's daughter tries to explain why her mother's paper stunned while hollywood is fuming because the oscars are coming and they are fuming over trump's impeachment acquittal. raymond arroyo explains in follies. shocking report leader out of l.a. and how a mexican drug cartel is fueling the homelessness crisis with the help of liberal drug laws. but first.
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>> would you like to see alexander vindman out of your white house? >> well, i'm not happy with him. >> laura: that moment from the president this morning should've been a hint. if you thought this week couldn't get any better, it got a lot better. lieutenant colonel alexander vindman and his brother, and nse lawyer, were both dismissed from the white house this afternoon. they have been reassigned. administration officials kellyanne conway and national security advisor robert o'brien for on this show voicing their concern about forces that have burrowed into the white house who were working against the president. >> attacking the presidency and you're attacking the agenda. there are so many people out there who want to serve in this administration. >> laura: you have confidence or not -- >> i'm not confident that i've expressed it many >> when you work at the nsc on the personal staff of the president, it's disappointing to
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me when i hear there are people who believe their job is to resist the democratically elected president of the united >> laura: vindman was escorted off the white house grounds, customary for all those who are basically fired. he is being sent back to the department of defense. that was his area of expertise. but from the freak out you are hearing all day long on the left, you think he was marched to the gallows. chuck schumer said this action was "an extension of president trump's cover up." and the media, like the lemmings they are, they are echoing the party line. >> it's obviously a vindictive move on the part of this white house. >> this is textbook witness retaliation. >> not only is it textbook retaliation but you would think of donald trump were smart, he would simply leave lieutenant colonel vindman alone.ex >> we seem to be in payback time.
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>> friday night massacre, it seems. >> laura: friday night reassignment. i will make it simple. for all of you, maybe neophyte legal analyst, vindman served at the pleasure of the president, something his own lawyer actually had to admit he was trying to subvert the president's authority.r he thought he was the president when he was over there in ukraine. watch the president want him serving the white house? what is so hard to understand about any of this? let'swh remember, vindman didn't just want the president out of office. he is someone whom the ukrainians asked three times to be their defense minister. i still can't get over that. here now is an investigative journalist, author of the book "the plot against the president." along with dinesh d'souza, conservative author and filmmaker. you and i've talked about this before regarding mr. vindman and others like him who find
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themselves, they can't stand the fact that they are not sitting in the oval office. how is reassigning a bureaucrat worse than what the mom does to people, as the crowd was saying today? >> i remembered distinctly from "the godfather" that when frank was part of a coup against thero boss, he expected recriminations. he didn't think that he could try to take the big guy out and not expect there to be any consequences.. the thing about vindman is that vindman was, if we can step back from this and look at it, he was part of an attempt, sort of a palace coup mounted from the outside by the house but what strikes me from the beginning is how impeachment was essentially power driven. the democrats have a majority in the house. they voted impeachment. republicans have the majority in the senate and voted it down. so vindman was part of the inside operation working with these outsiders to overthrow the president.
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the plot failed. the plot was defeated. ii now trump wants to clean house. if you want to call it payback, i say it's very necessary payback. >> laura: the president has a right to have people he wants to work in his administration. that's why he's the chief executive officer of the executive branch. i don't know why people can't understandnd that. lee, at one point vindman sort of bragged about being asked too be defense minister. watch. >> the whole notion is rather comical that i was being asked to consider whether i would want to be the ministry of defense. it's funny for a lieutenant colonel in the united states army which is not that senior, to be offered that illustrious a position. >> laura: false humility. remember vindman snapped at a sitting member of congress. >> i was concerned by the call. >> mr. vindman, you testified that you did not know the
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whistle-blower. >> ranking member, it is lieutenant colonel vindman, please. >> did you have the opportunity to offer any advice to president zelensky? >> laura: this is amazing. he was asked to be the defense minister of another country which indicates what, the other country thinks he's a good advocate for their interests? for all that we say about the swamp and everyone protecting strange interests of their own pet interests in washington, nonetheless, that's a common thing. >> laura: he was very light, lieutenant colonel. it's fine. he earned that title. he deserves that title. he doesn't deserve a a life-tenured position in the white house just because he went and testified. they want to say it's witness retaliation under the federal statutes are going to have to prove trump intended to interfere with someone's employment. he intended to do that, chief executive officer of thee
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executive branch. >> it's not a human right to work in the white house or work in any administration. it's up to the president to make the call i think it was an excellent decision, part of an excellent week for the president. this is not retaliation. it's the sound foundation of national security strategy to make sure he has people on board to implement the strategy. he said many fantasticnd achievements the last three years, whether it's getting out of the iran deal, recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital, the trade deal, now i can set the foundations for more foreign policy accomplishments, whether it's the rest of this term or -- >> laura: you've got to have people on staff who are with you on policy, as robert o'brien, he's fantastic. national security advisor, fabulous. good people in place. he had some doozies in there, some appointees who are frankly never trumpers. i don't know why they were there. i want you to remember this moment from vindman's former boss at the nsc.
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>> you said specifically you has concerns with colonel vindman exercising appropriate judgment? can you testified colonel vindman did not always adhere to the chain of command? is that right? >> i believe so. >> and you testified colleagues expressed concerns to you about colonel vindman leaking information. is that right? >> yes, sir. >> laura: he could have been removed and frankly should have been removed were it not for his testimony because the timing t wouldn't have looked very good. for cause. he went right to zelensky. he went to a foreign president and started waving him off on one he that was inappropriate conduct.t. >> vindman was telling the ukrainians that they could ignore what trump was saying and indicating, on the grounds that trump was somehow contradicting u.s. policy. think about this. according to vindman, there's a thing called u.s. policy thatt
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he, vindman, is the spokesman for an trump is sort of out of sync, marching out of tune. in reality, trump makes policy. vindman should be advising trump. if vindman disagrees with trump, he should tell trump. it's a rogue officer and no wonder he became such a useful idiot for impeachment because after all, this was a guy, he always thought he knew better than the president. >> laura: they are concerned tonight because his poor h brother, his twin brother, why did he get dragged into this? apparently they commute together and they are short of two peas g in a pod. they are on the same, you know, anti-trump team. >> one of the important things that i think we have to understand is this is a continuation of the operation that's been going on for three years. i think as good a week as this has been for the president, we need to understand this will happen again. we know will be involved. rogue intelligence officials. the press and most likely adam schiff. the way to defend against it is
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for the republican senate to run offense. let's have investigations, find out. >> laura: got to stay on the offensive. a friend of mine today who i was meeting with said another guy he knows in d.c., works for the cia, trashes trump all the time. trash is trump all the time. a guy who was so senior he was stationed overseas for three years at a very high level. he can't stand the president and makes fun of him every day. these are the types of people working in the government. two great guests, fantastic week, friday night. i think you both. i have to get to this, there's a legal aspect that we have to talk about. the left is going to have you believe that these removals are the extension of this cover-up. adam schiff, the game, they are going to be back in action when they get their teeth sunk into this. is this the case?he joining me now is robert ray, former white water independent counsel. former member of trump's successful team. m also john eastman.
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robert, the president clearly has the authority to do everything he did today. no intent to interfere with employment and so forth. why are all these legal experts calling this illegal under the federal code? >> because they want to jump to witness tampering in the same way they wanted to claim that the president's right to fire the fbi director was somehow obstruction of justice. it doesn't have any more merit than that previous allegation did. the president i think understandably reacted. i essentially agree with the notion with regard to lieutenant colonel vindman of dealing with the state rogue. further with regard to t lieutenant colonel vindman, he is going to the army college in may. that's three months from now. it's in the president's interest to move on, ambassador sondland's interest to move on and the vindmans interest to move on.
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no way they could stay at the national security council. >> laura: you have to have an intent to interfere with another's employment if it's a retaliation claim. here is how one msnbc commentator characterized vindman's removal. >> trying to send the message this is mafia territory. he looks at the vindmans and says he's a rat and says i'm going to punish the rat not just because of the spectacle but to send the message to other rats. the president has done a lot of bad things he wants to make sure anyone who might come forward in the future recognizes that he will -- they will pay a price. >> laura: as i mentioned, one cnn legal analyst says it's pure witness retaliation. why is he wrong? >> you have the inner circle of the white house, the president's top advisors, and he has to have their confidence. as somebody, perhaps it was
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vindman, disclosed a private's conversation with another foreign leader to the cia and they are all operating under john brennan's still-watchful eye. you cannot have the administration be full of moles like that.-w he was perfectly within the president's right to have in his immediate circle and the national security apparatus, in the white house, people he asked full confidence in. if they had fired vindman, but they didn't do that. they just relocated him. holy cow. >> laura: otherwise you can get a lifetime guarantee, robert, of employment in any federal department by nearly. going to testify in some modestly truthful manner or claiming something, claiming some aggrieved status in some official proceedings and then you can never be touched. that would make no sense,n according to the law. it would make zero sense practically speaking.
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>> working at the white house is a privilege, not a right. which part of that is unclear? it's absolutely the president's prerogative to have people of the white house in whom he has 100% confidence. >> laura: how many more vindmans are there? that's my concern. >> clearly that's not the case here and as i say, he has a right to also root out what he perceives to be the deep state. he doesn't have to be right about it. he has the right to go in there and do what he thinks is right to further his administration. >> laura: i have to get to this other moment. there was a moment tonight at the house manager's appearance on cnn. they taped it i think yesterday. they all sat down and they did a greatest hits review of the impeachment trial. this was one of my favorite moments. watch. >> what happened in that moment? >> we tried to choreograph our questions so that each of us
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would have a different subject matter and each of us would know when we would go up to the mic. we couldn't do it perfectly.y. >> laura: he was referencing that moment when of course adam schiff says to jerry nadler, jerry, jerry, jerry, it was supposed to be the last question. remember? nadler was so annoyed both in the moment but tonight he is like no. then they did a really abrupt edit, robert. what was that like in the room when you saw it? >> all i could think of is the latest episode, if it's igroundhog day all over again. what, are they retrying the case now on cnn? i don't really understand the purpose of putting seven impeachment managers up as a panel to discuss why they did what they did or why they didn'p do what they didn't do. >> laura: "we choreographed" the question. i think he meant we divvied them up. and they won the emoluments case
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in the d.c. circuit, john eastman, another cherry on the sundae. >> you owe me a big one for having to watch that anderson cooper thing. >> laura: sorry, john. dinner on me in d.c. have a great weekend. do you have any sense on how great a week it was for trump, how bad for the democrats? if you don't, my angle is going to lay it all out next. ♪
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how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ >> laura: best week ever. that's the focus of tonight's angle. it's not even this was the best week of donald trump's presidency on every front. he is winning on the economy,
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national security, additional appointments, even legislatively. his policies and strategies are working in the american people are reaping huge >> if you're an american looking for work, it's a good economy. >> historic low unemployment numbers. >> trump economy doing pretty well. >> laura: he has the best cabinet i can recall any president having in my lifetime. as we discussed, the white house is finally doing some much needed housecleaning. keep it up. get rid of the radicals undermining from within and replace them with people who believe in your agenda, mr. president, who are confident enough to it out..m em for three years, the liberal intelligentsia predicted doom for trump's presidency and it returned. >> there is an acknowledgment inside the trump campaign that they don't know how their candidate can survive this at this point.
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>> he's got donald mcgahn talking that many hours. one anecdote he tells good cause on donald trump a lot of problems. >> are we witnessing the end of the trump presidency? >> laura: [laughs] i love those clips. wrong! when trump delivered the state of the union on tuesday, he did so with the highest approval rating of his tenure, 49%, higher than obama's approval at the same time in 2012. he easily -- remember obama cruised to reelection later that year. these were the same geniuses who were predicting cracked g.o.p. unity heading into impeachment. >> who would vote for a conviction of republicans? >> i would give the high end probably five to ten. i think that's realistic. >> there is the chance there will be 20 republicans. i'm not predicting it. i wouldn't bet on it but i think there's a chance. >> i think romney has helped may be reassures speaker pelosi there's a possibility of republican support, may be in the senate.
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>> laura: if bill kristol predicts it, bet the other side. romney was the sole peer defecto. not only did republicans stick together, they had a reason to celebrate it like it was 2016 all over again. we didn't play all of it. it was crazy. i was in the room. the left hasn't been right since about 2012 if you think about it and since then, it's been one bust of a prediction after another. >> the u.s. economy growing at an unsustainable rate. >> wages adjusted for inflation are actually worse under donald trump and they were under barack obama. >> i keep hearing from people saying they are still struggling. >> laura: not quite, kids. >> fresh economic numbers show a booming, resilient labor market. >> the economy added 225,000 jobs.
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>> 3.1% wage growth. >> i have to say the middle-class boom, the blue-collar boom continues. >> laura: these are the good old days, folks. surveys are showing americans are happier than they have been for four decades, even happier than under ronald reagan. this is great news for america which means it's terrible news for the democrats. i think congresswoman debbie dingell might have summed it up best. >> everybody wants to get out of town today. i think this has been quite frankly in my career not just here but in my professional career one of the worst weeks that i can remember. >> laura: [laughs] now we all know why the ladies were wearing white during the state of the union. they are already and that's the angle. joining me now is tom bevan, real clear politics.
11:25 pm
doug schoen, bloomberg 2020 pollster. tom, jim carville offered damning indictments of democrats all week long. it was insane. he went bananas.he he basically said you are missing america, missing america.he >> carville had really, there were two things driving him nuts. a that the democratic candidates and the bays are getting pulled to the left on issues that he said were distractions, things like free health care for illegals and other things. the other thing that really had him upset is the disconnect between the elites and the sort of mainstream regular working class people. he talked about, it's the deplorables, the folks on cnn who are laughing and snickering. james carville knows is that disaster brewing for his party and thus taking focus, get on message and reach out to those people and bring them in and try to pry them away from donald trump. right now they are sticking with
11:26 pm
trump and it's a real problem. >> laura: they have said everything about this president, he was a russian coconspirator,m working with putin, mueller didn't deliver. then they impeached him,m, predicted doom for the republican party, they were going to crack. none of it happen. people rallying to trump, the economy booming. where are the democrats? the misery index is up to here. mostf people are happy. >> you know that i'm involved, r am supporting mike bloomberg, who i think is the only one who can beat donald trump. your analysis is right, let's be honest. the week of the ill guided impeachment that we discussed many times on the air. the wrong thing for the democrats to do. it backfired. the state of the union, rousing success. frankly how bad could iowa have been for the democrats that five days later they can't even
11:27 pm
figure out who won or if they counted the votes. this is a very bad situation for my party. i happen to be working for the only guy i think you can give donald trump a run for his i money. >> laura: that's not going to happen, but we love you. i'm going to give you your due. you are for him. >> seven points ahead in the morning consults poll. >> laura: you and i will have our own side but i'm not going to be like mitt romney and bet you $10,000. will do a side bed. all right, joe scarborough had a very unique take on this economic boom that we are experiencing. watch. >> the democrats are fumbling around with the caucus results in iowa. this is what america is saying.> strong economy. 11th year of the obama recovery.
11:28 pm
>> laura: the wage growth the didn't happen under obama that's happening now. usmca going to bring back>> thousands of jobs, china deal. tom, go ahead. >> look, this isn't going to fly. it sort of highlights the fact that democrats were running for president are going to have to confront trump on the economy. the number one or number two issue. his approval ratings are att all-time highs and on the economy there even higher. democrats don't take this issue head-on and try to challenge him on it some way, they are going to fail. i don't think trying to say that this was all obama and trump gets no credit for it, it's not going to fly with the american people. >> laura: the biden campaign is shaking up its leadership, elevating anita dunn to have final decision-making authority. in 2017 she helped harveyy weinstein, and before that she expressed her admiration for chairman mao. doug, i know you might know anita. do you think she can make a difference for the biden campaign.
11:29 pm
>> it's what i think it could be a terminal spiral. biden is in fourth in most of the new hampshire polls. he's around 13, 12% and frankly he's running out of money. while's anita may be and is a friend of mine, i don't think she or anybody else is going to turn around a failing campaignnd for a guy who's never been a good presidential candidate and prove this time that he doesn't have the right stuff. >> laura: tom, i'm going to go to you finally because i can't ask doug this but come south carolina, let's say biden is really faltering and they thought was going to be his moment. bloomberg comes in and says i'ma the only man that can really do this. i have the money, the backing. would obama come in and support him? what about the radicals in the party who trashed the babillionaires all the time? >> i don't know how it's going to work out. if biden does falter and it looks like he's not going to do well in new hampshire, he even conceded is as much during tonight's debate, the race could
11:30 pm
shift. it is setting up as bloomberg has sort of strategize this thing, it's going along to his plan. the question is whether he will be able to capitalize on it or whether buttigieg becomes the alternative or someone else joe biden doesn't have to win new hampshire but he has to have a strong finish. if he finishes in fourth place, it's going to be a long couple weeks before he gets to his quote-unquote firewall in south carolina and a lot can change in that time. >> laura: thank you so much. >> i don't think it's a firewall. >> laura: we have to get out. thank you both. up ahead, hollywood is livid that trump was acquitted this week. what excuse is nancy pelosi's daughter using for her mother's state of the union rep? friday follies with raymond next. ♪ - [announcer] the following is an urgent appeal
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♪ >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for friday follies. joining us now with all the details, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. after pelosi's angry student, you know, madame paper ripper, her daughter is offering a reassuring explanation. >> of the reaction to that speech, i thought to myself that's an italian grandma move. >> laura: oh! >> i almost fell out of my chair when i heard this. i thought for a moment, christine pelosi must have watched our show from earlier this week.ea >> this tantrum is not totally
11:36 pm
unexpected. i am half italian. when you cross an italian woman of a certain age, stuff happens. >> [bleep] [bleep] [yelling] [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> no! [bleep] [yelling] >> now pelosi is an italian grandmother, laura. >> laura: so it's okay for her to say that but you know, but you're italian. >> and italian grandma. she is more lucretia borgia. >> laura: won us the last time she made a pot of sauce? >> her own daughter said my mother will cut you and you don't even know when you're dead. >> laura: that's kind of the
11:37 pm
part of pelosi that i like. >> don't try to make her out to be grandma leone. hollywood is coming apart over the news that trump was acquitted. >> acquitted doesn't mean you didn't commit a crime. i am not watching the news. i'm going to get a massage. i'm going to drink. >> republicans are aligned when they say net trump didn't do anything wrong. most of these guys are talking out of their [bleep] nothing means anything. right is wrong.o up is down. >> laura: is stephen colbert doing the impression of a liberal? s remember when he used to be funny? channeling o'rielly, that was funny. now he's just an angry liberal. >> there is a burden of proof. there is a trial. sbette midler was particularly incensed. the years of his candidacy. she wrote "do you think this is a joke, it's not?
11:38 pm
he will rule until he dies. you die, or both. calm down.a there is a statute of limitations. >> laura: i have one word for bette midler. beaches. do you remember that movie? that was tragic. "beaches." it should have ended the whole thing. why aren't the celebrity is worried about the oscars? probably because it's easier to talks politics. it's cathartic. politics in the trump era is more entertaining than whatever is at the cineplex for a lot of people. >> i'm going to give you a preview of the oscar-nominated films so you don't have to watch them.. there was a beautifully shot world war i flick, "1917" ano tedious, slow scorsese mob flick. brad pitt in the movie that looked as if it was brad pitt in the 1970s.
11:39 pm
a lousy, depressing judy garland impersonation. a marriage story that was so bleak and indulgent it made me want to permanently divorcece netflix. if falsely destroys the reputation of benedict. you wouldn't have liked it. finally there was joaquin phoenix acting crazy in clown makeup, though he hasn't given up acting crazy without it. >> i think we send a very clear message to people of color that you're not welcome here. this is not a self-righteous condemnation because i am ashamed to say a part of the we have to do the hard work to truly understand systemic racism. it's the obligation of the people that have traded and
11:40 pm
perpetuate benefit from a systeo of oppression to be the ones that dismantle it, so that's on us. >> and social causes and politics are bigger and more entertaining than what you do for a living and you work in hollywood, it's time to reappraise the way you do what you do. i'm sorry. audiences are vastly understood and most of these movies. there's probably two of them, "1917" and "once upon a time in hollywood" than anyone watched at length or enjoyed. >> laura: what i don't understand, is there really an effort in the academy, the british academy or the americann academy, to shut out people of color?em if that is true. >> hollywood is filled with racists. >> laura: i am shocked and i condemn it but i don't think that's the case. it looks like a pretty diverse group. >> we have some news from the campaign trail. joe biden of band and the trail
11:41 pm
today, leaving his wife jill biden to address the throngs in new hampshire or whatever. >> whatever it takes to get you to vote for joe. i am so committed, so excited about his running as a candidate. we are all in. we are in this to the end, to theis finish. >> laura, this is so pitiful. she had ten people in someone's living room. or as i call it, a place for mom. >> laura: the sad thing is she dropped off joe in the memory care unit as she wrapped up the event. >> you've got to get voters where you can find them. it's pitiful and it shows you this campaign is really over. >> laura: thank you so much. up next, expose the left's latest attempt to explain away their disaster of an iowa caucus. we are going to bring you a shocking report out of l.a., the homeless crisis there is being fueled by a violent mexican cartel.
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the state law enabling it all. stay there. ♪ hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
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♪ >> laura: the left is peddling a new conspiracy theory about who's really responsible for the iowa debacle. trump supporters, they are the ones to blame, of course. an nbc report based on a few anonymous online postings led, yes led msnbc's rachel maddow last night. >> news organizations have tracked down messages like these from pro-trump political message boards online which show trump supporters in real time on caucus night encouraging one another to call and call againns to clog up the lines. "f them up."
11:47 pm
>> laura: [laughs] okay, tinfoil hat may not be big enough for rachel. a tinfoil crown would look nice. the posts came from something called 4chan and were from after the caucus had ended. second, there's no evidence that though -- that they were the ones clogging the election hotline. i'm more likely reason, the phones were busy from democrats frantically calling about thee faulty technology that was failing them at the that brings me to my next point. while rachel maddow and others were mild and wild theories and casting about, the real conspiracy was staring them right in the face. months ago, the dnc secretly hired the firm shadow inc.ut it was hired to develop the glitchy tech causing all the problems. acronym has deep ties to the
11:48 pm
party establishment and its political arm is bankrolled by liberal mega donors. are you connecting the dots? and 2019th they even got a seven-figure contribution from george soros' democracy pac. acronym was cofounded in 2016 by tara mcgowan, she is married to michael howell, the senior official with pete buttigieg's campaign.en i seem to remember pete declaring victory before he even got on the plane for new hampshire. we know the establishment is scared of bernie sanders, realizing that biden is dead in the wouldn't it be more likely if you're going to come up with any conspiracy, we're not trying to peddle it but if you want to come up with the theory that has any legs, wouldn't involve the dnc's choice to contract with such a politically connected firm?ot
11:49 pm
i wonder if msnbc are any other network frankly will investigate that. now i want to take you 1700 miles west of iowa to los angeles, california. where we have been reporting for a couple years now one of the homelessness crisis is just out of control. now we are finding out it's being fueled by a violent mexican drug cartel. they are only able to do so because of a new state law. kt tv investigative reporter has the story for us tonight. bill. >> the leader is de l.a.'s number one target. his cartel is responsible for one-third of all the drugs in the united states. >> they are pushing the drugs coming into the community. they are responsible for part of
11:50 pm
the homelessness. >> the amount of drugs finding their way to los angeles where the cartel has an extensive network. >> it comes into los angeles and wholesale quantities. it's not unusual for us to seize 100 pounds, 200, 300, 400 pounds at one location. >> saying that the l.a. streetds gangs act as intermediaries with the cartel. >> he believes california's prop 47 which change drug possession to a misdemeanor is playing into the cartel's hands. >> it's difficult to find part of l.a. where there is not needles on the street. there is no reason to be afraid for shooting up in public, no motivation to go to treatment. they use to be given a choice. there is no hammer now they get a ticket. they get a ticket and tear it up and walk away and they're using the same drugs again. it's not worked.
11:51 pm
>> laura: devastating report. bill joins me now. it's incredible.t. it's infuriating. you are shedding light on something that i think most people don't connect, they don't connect the dots. does the dea think there are any solutions outside of just doing' away with prop 47? >> thanks for having me. the dea is about as strong as of critic of prop 47 as you're going to find. they genuinely believe the ongoing drug crisis that we have on the streets of l.a., the meth addiction in our homelessou population. the idea behind it was to end the war on drugs. it reduced drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor. what we have seen happen now is police department's are no longer able to arrest any of these portions of l.a., our camera crew got some video, certain
11:52 pm
blocks look like a scene out of "the walking dead." people are walking around like zombies, shooting up in public with no fear or consequence. they are not forced into treatment anymore under prop 47. the situation has gotten so out of control, the dea is fed up and they are slamming prop 47. >> laura: we are seeing this happening slowly but surely in washington, d.c., right near where we broadcast from union station. my staff was going over there to get lunch, they are stepping over people doing drugs. the cops can't do anything. chicago legalized marijuana. you're going to have the same situation there. i just lost my earring. but this happens. i want to show my viewers another clip from your investigative report and i have to warn everyone watching what you're going to see is quite graphic. >> fox 11 film this video across the street from l.a.p.d. central division in downtown l.a. this addict openly shooting up in front of us.
11:53 pm
another smoking meth from a pipe. a random man walks up, asks if he can have some, takes a hit, and he's on his way. moments later, this included drug dealer approaches our crew, offering to sell meth. >> laura: the fact that they were doing this out in the open, broad daylight in front of a police station. stunning. >> there is no fear anymore they don't have any reason to be afraid because they know they'ro not going to be arrested. we talked to l.a.p.d. about this and they expressed frustration.e the law allows them to arrest these folks under a misdemeanor crime but nothing's going to happen. they can take them to jail but one of the main ideas behind prop 47 was to reduce the state inmate population. when they show up to jail with a misdemeanor warrant for drug use, nothing's going to happen. they're going to be let out, maybe a citation in its endless cycle with police telling us that they arrest the same people over and over and over. that's why nobody is afraid
11:54 pm
anymore. within a ten minute span you can go anywhere downtown l.a. and find three or four or five people shooting up meth in public and nobody blinks an eye anymore. >> laura: thank you for the great work. u stay on it for us. can't wait to have you back. my final thoughts on this incredible week when we return.. ♪ al thoughts on this - [announcer] are you one of the millions of women embarrassed by hair loss or suffering from thinning hair? - i didn't want to be judged because i was losin' my hair.
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>> laura: can you believe the democrats are just wrapping up another three hour debate in new hampshire? i say, thank the good lord you did not have to sit through that that would have been torture. if they rip each other to shreds this week andd his week andd >> can you believe the democrats are just wrapping up another 3-hour debate in new hampshire. thank the good lord you didn't have to sit through that. that would be torture. they repeat over to shreds revealing and unmistakable truth, no matter who gets nominated at the end of the day donald trump is firmly in the driver's seat, he is a president who has defied every skeptic, every critic, primed to do it again in november but you must stay vigilant and don't let false accusations against him, his team or his policies stand. if you're in the conversation be polite. you have the facts, you have been watching this show. it has been a fantastic 2 weeks, you make this possible, we have a great team to put the show on
12:00 am
every night and we will cover the new hampshire primary. we have a great people on the ground in new hampshire. fox news will have coverage. have a great week with your family. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert, facing off with chaos in the iowa caucus and it is game on for contenders claiming victory. bernie sanders and pete buttigieg as joe biden tries to reassure democrats he can get the job done. two men who testified against donald trump in the house impeachment proceedings and packing in a not unexpected move. democrats are outraged as president's supporters that makes no sense to keep people around he thinks actively tried to oust him.


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