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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 8, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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every night and we will cover the new hampshire primary. we have a great people on the ground in new hampshire. fox news will have coverage. have a great week with your family. shannon bream and the fox news at night team take it all from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert, facing off with chaos in the iowa caucus and it is game on for contenders claiming victory. bernie sanders and pete buttigieg as joe biden tries to reassure democrats he can get the job done. two men who testified against donald trump in the house impeachment proceedings and packing in a not unexpected move. democrats are outraged as president's supporters that makes no sense to keep people around he thinks actively tried to oust him.
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howard kurtz standing by with debate analysis. peter doocy has the highlights. >> reporter: joe biden lowered expectations for joe biden announcing in front of a national audience he does not think a comeback in new hampshire is going to happen for him. >> took a hit in iowa and i will take a hit here. traditionally bernie won by 20 points last time. usually neighboring senators do well. >> joe biden talks about his odds in new hampshire like they are sinking of the treated buttigieg like his campaign is rising a sharp warning he thinks being 38 means you don't have enough experience to be president. >> i freely admit if you are looking for the person with the most years of washington establishment experience under their belt you've got your candidate and it is not me.
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>> i was the first major leader holding public office to call for same-sex marriage so i don't know what about the past of barack obama and joe biden was so bad. >> those achievements were phenomenally important because they met the moment but we have to meet this moment. >> reporter: there was more agreement about other issues like abortion and a woman's right to choose, the strike on general soleimani that no one was asked about tonight, and racial inequality, bernie sanders answered the most aggressively. >> we have a racist society from top to bottom impacting healthcare, you name it and clearly this is an issue that must be dealt with. >> reporter: democratic hopefuls complained about the america first foreign-policy arguing it could make a global fight against climate change harder
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and implement a new trade deals more difficult like the us mca which warren and klobuchar voted for. >> he blames the king of denmark. he does that. he blames the prime minister of canada for he claims cutting him out of the canadian version of home alone 2. who does that? >> reporter: she was referring to donald trump. there was a lot of talk about donald trump also more infighting than we have seen in the last half-dozen debates into the spin room. we have a few democratic contenders by the end of the hour. >> we will check back in for you, peter doocy, thank you. the president boasting the latest sign the economy is on strong footing at the start of 2020, not only was job growth better than expected but jobs in the last few months were revised higher, the jobless rate close to a 50 year low with wages
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slightly more than forecast. the latest moves after the president's acquittal this week. >> didn't take long depending how you classify longer. donald trump began making those who testified against him pay with their job and so far there is no indication his revenge spree is over. for all the drama lieutenant colonel alexander vidman, fired and escorted off white house grounds today but his day in the spotlight. tonight's democratic debate, joe biden rallied the crowd for a standing ovation. >> stand up and clap for vind n vindman. that is who we are, not what trump's. >> ambassador gordon sondland
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did not give the same here is treatment from those who defended the president and changed his quid pro quo story. donald trump recalled him as ambassador to the eu and elizabeth warren piled on a tweet, the ambassador to the eu after he donated $1 million to trump's inaugural committee. the corruption of this administration knows no bounds was on america's newsroom the white house spokeswoman telegraphed revenge was coming. >> he is glad it is over but he will also talk about how horribly he was treated and maybe people should pay for that. >> reporter: taking questions before his departure the president wouldn't confirm the firing but celebrated a federal appeals court ruling against members of congress suing over the emoluments clause. >> this was brought by 230
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democrats in congress, another phony case and we won 3 to nothing, won unanimously. >> unclear if donald trump's firing of those involved in impeachment is over but there's a limit to how many he can take revenge on. the whistleblower, who has often sparked the president's era is protected by the fact that he is indeed a whistleblower. >> lieutenant colonel vindman has been reassigned as we will see how this plays out for the weekend. the day reckoning for key witnesses opening to the democratic debate, the power panel, desmond figaro, former secretary to mike pence and guy benson. look at the new hampshire
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primary poll, suffolk university paul, bernie sanders a 24%, pete buttigieg at 33, elizabeth warner 13%, joe biden at 11%, anybody change their position? >> status quo for all four of them, good news for bernie sanders and pete buttigieg who seemed rattled once or twice more than previously but overall a solid performance from him. elizabeth warren who had disappointing third-place finish in iowa is swooning in a state that is just north of her native massachusetts. she needed to make a move and didn't and i don't see a springboard or firewall in the near future for her. i don't think she did what she needed to to do anything beyond her typical stump speech and a
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bunch of her answers, not really making a move. joe biden almost from word one conceded the state of new hampshire and many of his answers seemed calibrated toward looking ahead to south carolina which is his firewall particularly african-americans. >> whether there is fire behind anyone in the field, based on what happened in iowa here is a conversation with bernie sanders who is leading and a lot of polls these days. >> everybody up here is united no matter who wins this we will stay together. the way we beat trump is by having the largest voter turnout in the history of this country. >> the turnout was the same as it was in 2016 far below what it was in 2008 when president obama won. >> that is true. that is a disappointment. >> reporter: regardless who ends up with the nomination do you think the democrats show up? >> people will discuss issue
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with race when you talk about the black those carrying the democratic party. when tomsteyer has to correct and regain because he doesn't understand the math between racism and income inequality we have a serious problem. that was deeply disappointing. mayor pete 9 into the questions on his issue with policing in his hometown and andrew yang completely failed when it came to answer questions about racism. we are sick and tired of people of color gimmick. it shows all people of color do not have the same philosophy of the same beliefs. you cannot clap like he did a couple weeks ago in the black choir and think we didn't pick up the message he put down the knife. a lot of cleaning up if they want to do well in nevada and south carolina. doocy in the spin room.
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a person that a lot of pundits think she won this whole thing and had her best night yet. >> the anchor's a lot of analysts that you won tonight. is that how you see it? >> that is the case i made, we need a president that can bring people together, fired up democratic base but also independents and moderate republicans many watch fox so i made the case. i was the only one that raised my hand when they said if you have a problem with the socialist running the ticket i said yes. >> is this election going to be decided, is this capitalism versus socialism primary? >> that is a unique characteristic of senator sanders but what i think this primaries about is deciding which candidate can lead our country so we can take on the challenges we have. we know what they are. my republican colleagues know what they are, pharmaceutical prices under control, not enough
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investment in infrastructure, a president that doesn't care about the deficit. >> reporter: you raised a lot of points about pete buttigieg's record, joe biden is talking about a new england senator is going to win but you singled out pete buttigieg more than anybody on stage. is he the person to beat here? >> a lot of candidates including senator sanders and senator warren had an argument with tom steyer about the trade agreement that he did not support. when it came to the mayor i think people -- that experience matters. i am someone who passed over 100 bills with republicans since i got to the senate.
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i think that means something. i did not like what he said about turning on cartoons instead of watching the impeachment hearing. i didn't think that was appropriate and when you are a leader whether republican or democrat you don't agree with what is happening, you don't just make a joke about it. >> dozens, not hundreds, back to you. >> thanks to the senator. let's bring our panel back in. there were two key players in the impeachment, shown out of their position. here is what joe biden had to say about lieutenant colonel n vindman. >> he walked out. at the same time they should be pinning a metal on him and not on rush limbaugh. >> a lot of inbox emails saying this retaliation is inappropriate and it proves the president has something to hide.
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>> everyone at the white house serves at the pleasure of the president. in this case you have those two individuals as well as the ambassador to the european union no longer serving in the best interests of the president of the united states, he moved on to move other people in this position as it relates to the two lieutenant colonels, they will both go back to dod, they have other jobs, they have not been fired, they just won't be working in the white house. it is a privilege to work in the white house and your job is to advise the president of the united states to be able to make the decisions, you were not elected to make the decisions. if you want to call the shots put your name on the ballot, ron, and win. >> reporter: winners and losers, you touch on them a little bit, mark, we will start with you. winners and losers tonight. >> big winner donald trump. now the democrats except amy klobuchar could have socialism, none could have taken out
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general soleimani. loser, pete buttigieg, he looks really bad when he got called out on his record as mayor of south bend. >> we just saw her. amy klobuchar, her best night. she did not waste the single opportunity, she was effective with every answer, the user for reasons we mentioned earlier was elizabeth warren. she has to do better new hampshire than she is. >> your scorecard. >> mayor pete and all the candidates if they can't pick around how to talk to the most important on the questions, on the previous record. the winner tonight would be tom stier. and you start figuring it out and for being mentioned, for having the courage to say what
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no one else did. a shout out to her for being able to stand up, let me be clear, democrats saying it is about beating trump. the voter turnout was low in iowa because the message is not working. you've got to deal with policy and your people or you will lose big time in november. >> the votes come on tuesday. he is faltering in the polls but joe biden got a lot of air time and the complaints about that are rolling in. now there's new dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster. on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse.
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he's here. bill? karolyn? nope! no, just a couple of rocks. download the my account app to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. >> donald trump thinks the label socialism will work.
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he said socialism destroys nations. he will never get socialism destroy american healthcare and before the super bowl he spoke to sean hannity about your honeymoon in moscow. those will keep coming if you are the nominee, why shouldn't democrats be worried? >> because donald trump lies all the time. shannon: debate moderators often become part of the story. how did this go tonight? let's bring in the host of media buzz, howard kurtz for more. what do you make of what we saw tonight? a conversation about socialism, peter doocy interviewing amy klobuchar, seems most willing to draw a line. got a lot of chatter tonight. >> this was the most aggressive democratic debate yet. some of these candidates are fighting for their political
12:21 am
lives but also george stephanopoulos and his abc colleagues do not ask questions about climate change and how much do you hate donald trump but couldn't the candidates against each other based on words and records. take a look. >> why senator sanders and mayor buttigieg, anyone else on the stage concerned about having a democratic socialist at the top of the democratic ticket? >> politics that says if you don't go to the edge it doesn't count. politics as it is my way or the highway. >> are you talking about senator sanders? >> yes. >> that set the tone. shannon: it was very combative. two people claiming victory over iowa, multiple people taking shots tonight, and -- >> i give the incident report card, pete buttigieg as usual was calm and collected.
12:22 am
and running number 2 in new hampshire, those are strong moments on military issues but strongest moment, the focus of the impeachment trial, check it out. >> this is not hunter biden or joe biden or any biden, abuse of power by the president and to be the kind of human being who would seek to turn summit against his own son and weapon eyes a son against his own father is an unbelievably dishonorable thing. >> reporter: pete buttigieg mounted a much stronger defense of the controversy around hunter biden when it still looks bad, more than joe biden has been able to do it looks magnanimous toward a rival. that was a double hit.
12:23 am
>> i want to ask about bubbling during the debate. people were very upset, the former vice president was getting so much airtime when they think is positioning doesn't equate to that. in the middle of the stage where the front runner is supposed to be. >> still the biggest name on the stage, 150 years. joe biden is faltering, embarrassing fourth place finish in iowa, took a lot of incoming and a lot of chances to respond. he had stronger moments, at the cost of medicare, challenged buttigieg on lack of military clearance, challenged donald trump on iran but so intense, sanders has more humor now, greatest hits with corporations
12:24 am
and healthcare industry and one billionaire in particular, michael bloomberg, amy klobuchar was solid and funny, the only home alone 2 reference. elizabeth warren didn't criticize anybody very hard on the stage, she faded for long stretches, she was fine as she always is but really broke through. shannon: we covered many of these debates, many of these campaigns. peter doocy is live in the spin room with mayor pete. >> thank you for making your way to us, you took a lot of incoming. particularly the joe biden
12:25 am
experience, i fair to say you are too young to be president? >> it's fair game, we are competing for the highest office in the land but my response is if you're looking for the candidate with the most washington establishment years under their belt then of course it is not me. i'm offering a different perspective. real governing experience coupled with an understanding of the view from outside washington and insistence that we build a politics that is about making our lives better, not moving an ideological needle in washington but getting results. a historic majority evening conservative areas that want to see the changes. everything from climate change to gun violence to the economy and taxes are responsibly is to energize and galvanize that majority to get things done. >> reporter: did you think joe biden conceded new hampshire? one of the first things he said is i lost in iowa and i am not going to win here either. >> i was a little surprised by that but i won't give him advice to talk about that. we are competing because new hampshire is a state, famously
12:26 am
independent-minded state. a great place to demonstrate, democrats and independents and even some republicans crossing over. to demonstrate the breadth of the appeal not only to defeat donald trump and win big but to govern this country and move ahead, strong progressive agenda but one most americans can get on board with this is a place to begin. >> reporter: how are things on stage once the cameras stop rolling between you and your rivals when it seems more personal? >> the competition when the lights are on but talk about a group of democrats who respect one another, who share common values and who knows whoever among that group will be the nominee, they will be at their side assuring they win. >> reporter: good luck, back to you. >> back to you for your final
12:27 am
thoughts on how this went down. >> pete buttigieg is good with the media. he is the heart candidate as the media see it because he is an absent your small town mayor who came out of nowhere. i'm surprised he didn't take more incoming tonight, that will change if he does well again. shannon: we have covered a lot of things and so many absent flows, people speak at different times, written off and storming back, it is so early on for the biden candidacy. the states that will be much better for him. >> now premature obituaries. shannon: appreciate your insight, thanks for being with us. breaking news on the coronavirus and more from the spin room. here... or, here.
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>> much more the party divide,
12:32 am
the growing establishment worries that bernie is going to get the nomination. we turn to the deadly corona virus. 11 americans will be diagnosed aboard a cruise ship in japan. and another being docked just outside new york city. >> at this moment, people at a new jersey hospital, authorities monitoring them for the virus after taking them off a cruise ship. health officials across the globe are desperate to stop coronavirus before it spreads anymore. >> we are in a desperate stage. >> reporter: the plea from one of hundreds of americans on board a cruise ship off the coast of japan, 2600 passengers on the diamond princess are in quarantine, 61 passengers and 11 americans tested positive for coronavirus.
12:33 am
>> we knew it was going to happen but we shouldn't have that type of condition. >> reporter: nearly 4000 passengers and crew are quarantined off the coast of hong kong on the world dream ship. me and some of the seas royal caribbean ship stopped in new jersey, four passengers on board are being tested following 11 day trip to the caribbean. in a statement, royal caribbean said none of the four guests showed any signs or symptoms of coronavirus when they were on board our ship. cdc officials are leaving it up to families to make the decision whether to go on a cruise to asia. >> a judgment call for you and your family. >> the epicenter of the virus outbreak arrived at joint base san antonio on friday when they will spend the next 14 days under federal quarantine. >> all across america, san antonio and texas are no
12:34 am
exception, hospitals are preparing for possible coronavirus cases. >> reporter: in wisconsin, 14 people are being monitored for coronavirus, one person has a case near the capital of madison, donald trump says his administration is being proactive. >> i had a great conversation with president xi, they are doing a good job. >> according to the cdc there are 12 positive cases of the virus with 100 cases pending the international duffel, more than 600. the us has pledged $100 million to the international response to the outbreak. jillian: former mayor michael bloomberg, he is yet to be on the debate stage and skipping the first key vote when flooding airwaves with hundreds of millions of dollars in ads. he is putting all his eggs in the supertuesday basket. he wasn't there tonight but his name came up.
12:35 am
>> i don't think anyone not to buy their way into a nomination. shannon: bloomberg's potential campaign facing allegations of plagiarism. according to the intercept at least eight policy proposals are fact sheets have portions that were allegedly plagiarized from outlet or activist groups. the campaign has amended the portions in question adding links or citations. back to the spin room with peter doocy and you are chatting them all up. what did they have to say? >> we are and you can see a logjam here. we had a chance to ask him, a rumor in the spin room like wildfire in the commercial break which tom spier and joe biden having distant conversations.
12:36 am
>> i make it a practice to make sure i have cordial polite relationships with everyone on the stage including joe biden. that is how i got myself embroiled in the conversation between bernie and elizabeth last time. my practices to be polite to the people i'm working with. in this case joe biden and that is always true and will always be true? >> reporter: were you satisfied with the answer when asking about a biden ally making a comment that was offensive to a staffer? >> what i said was a racist comment the legislative black caucus came out against and understanding the legislative black caucus, i was asking joe to stand with us and disavow something that seems to be wrong
12:37 am
and racist. i didn't fully understand what he was saying. i'm still hoping he will make the decision to disavow that. i didn't understand exactly his comment back to me. >> reporter: it is a late-night in the spin room for most of the top-tier had a very busy weekend and tuesday the new hampshire primary. we don't know the results of iowa by then but there is great confidence that they will know by tuesday night or wednesday morning who won the first in the nation primary. shannon: we will join you in new hampshire, fox news at night for a couple nights, we will see you there, thank you very much. former congressman calling the president a dictator saying he will vote for a socialist before he will vote for the leader of his own party, the gop governor of alaska ways and live on that next. intense rush of vicks vapors. ahhhhhhhhhh!
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>> shannon: tonight's democratic debate showcase the field that appears to be up for >> the democratic debate
12:42 am
showcased a field that appears to be up for grabs. the on the bubble candidates like amy klobuchar and tom st e steyer look energized by the chaos from the iowa caucuses and the prospect of a democratic socialist gaining momentum which joe biden tackles head on right up front. >> the fact that we are in new hampshire, look at the numbers. how much is it going to cost? who is going to pay for it, it will cost more than the entire federal budget we spend now. >> you have a different plan. you send a tweet a few years ago that said henceforth, for with, indubitably, affirmatively you are for medicare for all for the ages. i would like to point out with leadership is about is taking a position, looking at things and
12:43 am
sticking with them. >> we cannot solve the problems before us by looking back. that is why i'm worried about mayor pete. you need to go toe to toe with this guy and take them down on the bait stage. donald trump is not the cause of all of our problems. that is why iowa, traditional swing statement to trump by 10 points, ohio, a traditional swing state is so red that i'm told we are not going to campaign there. >> an independent commission in our justice department, investigates crime committed by our own government, it is an important part of accountability. >> look around the world, the countries that have thrown past presidents and to jail have been developing countries. >> any democrat would be better than trump in the white house. i would rather have john berman, a socialist, in the white house, then a dictator, then a king, then donald trump. shannon: former gop commerce and joe walsh ending his primary challenge against donald trump
12:44 am
saying his fight against trump is not over, he would back any democrat, even someone who calls himself a socialist over donald trump. joining me the republican governor of alaska, mike dunn leavy, good to have you with us tonight. what do you make of that choice, the way it was spelled out by the former congressman who was hoping to challenge the president himself. are there republicans in your experience so upset with this president that they would go not only to vote for a democrat but somebody who describes himself as a socialist? >> a tiny minority. one of the craziest things i ever heard. this country is doing so well under this president. i was trying to make a list this afternoon. everything from the economy to jobs to foreign policy to terrorism, investment in america, the courts, judges, he is winning on every level. for somebody to say that you have to think they are not
12:45 am
thinking this through, more than emotional thing or something personal but most americans that most alaskans believe this president will reach out. shannon: the iowa caucus results are unsettled but looks like bernie sanders, one or two, looks like he is doing well in new hampshire as well and we have polling that people are comfortable with this idea on the democratic side with socialism, nbc wall street journal's paul, they are asked about their views of socialism, socialism nearly 2 to 1 as a positive view versus negative. when you take that to young voters 18-34, 51% have a positive view of socialism, 14% have a negative view. how could that impact not only the nomination but how this thing ends up in the general election? a lot of people don't have a problem with it. >> is somewhat frightening. they need to have a conversation with folks that are fleeing venezuela. i have a conversation with
12:46 am
individuals that west eastern europe a few years back, they are mortified at listening to some of the stuff that is being talked about. young folks talking about socialism the way they are really don't understand what they are talking about. at the least they need to understand things aren't free. there is a cost to everything. look at venezuela, cuba, the history of eastern europe. it is not a good thing. when you say that in light of what is happening in america today record unemployment, record unemployment for all types of americans, investment, factories coming back from overseas, record unemployment and to say socialism is something that is insane makes no sense to me. it makes no sense to most americans. shannon: the same poll shows bernie sanders head to head ahead of the president but we just came to the acquittal for the president, you're in the
12:47 am
middle of a potential recall battle, folks don't like the decisions you're making about cutting back, the way money is being spent. what you make of this political environment. to your folks have a legitimate gripe in alaska? are we in a new age of everything is partisan? >> there is similarity to the president, folks that never wanted me to win and when the people of alaska spoke a number of folks in the previous administration wanted to accept to this. they began recall process two months into my term. you have a four year term as governor of alaska. most people would want to give the governor an opportunity, we have budgetary issues in alaska, most alaskans understand that but it is a way to overturn elections.
12:48 am
it is my hope that alaskans will do that. jillian: we will follow the case, great to have you with us tonight. a pastor taken to the nfl to court over what he calls a soft porn halftime show. nice quarters next, you are the jury. dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster. new dawn powerwash. spray, wipe, rinse. (sensei) a live bookkeeper quickbooks for me.tomize (live bookkeeper) okay, you're all set up. (sensei) thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. (vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to.
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♪ >> shannon: time now for "night cou >> time for night course. on the docket tonight a potential lawsuit over the nfl super bowl halftime performances. and ohio mister threatening to sue several companies including the nfl, pepsi and fox over the show's graphic content, claiming j loesch a care's performance put him at risk of going to hell. bob bianchi and alex sawyer, thanks for coming in. let's start with exhibit a. the minister explaining why he is unhappy and may sue. >> my complaint is they didn't put a warning at the beginning saying caution, some of this may not be appropriate for young children. why couldn't they do that.
12:53 am
shannon: why not? >> i agree some parts of it may not be age appropriate but this is the entertainment industry and there is no way lawsuit is going to be successful here because there is freedom of expression especially with respect to entertainers and this guy calling this pornography and saying women should wear outfits like this i guess he doesn't go to the beach or walk on the street. it is ridiculous, get over it. doesn't he have better things to do to save the souls of other people? shannon: there was a little pole dancing going on which brings us -- she is not approving this, she's lamenting that our whole society is so sexualized. she said don't pretend this was surprising. why are we pretending we are surprised? i expect to see a halftime show, didn't expect people would be shocked at a sexualized performance. the economy of sex, listen, you are watching the super bowl, you can't be complaining about this. i talk to a lot of people who
12:54 am
said the part with the stripper pole was not necessary and across the board they have said i don't think that had to be included. he should file a complaint with the fcc, site indecency since it is regulated and point to that one specific scene. the fcc does reflect for the hours of 6 am and 10:00 pm and this is around 8 so it would qualify. shannon: that takes us to exhibit c, the fcc has rules about network television between certain hours when children are watching. it will establish children are watching during the super bowl. a lot of people watch with family. >> when i was watching it i was shocked. i didn't think it was age-appropriate. whether that is a remedy that can be taken with the fcc is a good idea but this idea he is saying he wants to get
12:55 am
$867 trillion because he is going to hell. it is a good route. >> exhibit d, shakira and jay low's controversy misses the point, these shows are meant to stir controversy, they gave the nfl everything get wanted. the ratings were better than the rest of the game so the nfl, is this what they want all the time? >> that is possibly true. it has been a while since they had so much controversy, there was janet jackson and justin timberlake, the courts decided not to weigh into that, not sure they would get involved with this one either. shannon: thank you very much, folks at home, use the jury use the hashtag night court,@shannon bream, let us know how you would
12:56 am
will in this case, thank you to our legal eagles and everyone who joined us, we are headed to new hampshire, we will see live for fox news at night, most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night for now from washington. i am shannon bream. ing... groovy...♪ done yet? yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry. you sure? hmm.mmm. ♪come on, come on, wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. what happened to the real men of america? before we suffer a full-on masculinity crisis, unleash your potential test x180 ignite from force factor. boost testosterone to fuel desire and build lean muscle in the gym. plus burn fat and improve performance. now available at retailers nationwide. hi with the world'se first invisible trailer.
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tonight. end of a week of a decisive week of wins for donald trump. in a span of a few short days the president delivered the most powerful state of the union address i have witnessed in my adult lifetime. and oh, yeah. the impeachment witch-hunt totally implodes. the president exonerated forever petty pelosi. while her months of this long charade culminating what was a pathetic nationally televised petulant temper tantrum. this is what the modern radical democratic party


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