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tv   Fox News Democracy 2020 The New Hampshire Primary  FOX News  February 9, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> we are out of time. thank you for joining me. i am great got phil, i l >> hello, new hampshire! >> it's the moment right here in new hampshire. >> this is an unprecedented moment in american history. >> we're going to need a president focused squarely on future. that's always been how we succeed. >> we want to compare records, it's easy to do. guess what? he was a mayor. this guy's not a barack obama. >> i don't have the biggest bank account, but what i've got is grit. americans are at their best when they see a problem and they fight back. ♪ ♪ bret: live from bedford, new hampshire, this is democracy
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2020: the new hampshire primary. good evening, i'm bret baier. martha: and i'm martha maccallum, we're just two days away from this first in the nation primary. virtually the entire democratic field crisscrossing new hampshire, but it's bernie sanders and pete buttigieg who are trying to capitalize heading into tuesday. both candidates spoke with chris wallace earlier on "fox news sunday." >> we are building the movement that is going to defeat donald trump. i want everybody to help out. i want everybody who shares that vision to be at our side. i'm building a campaign that's not defined by who we reequity, it's defined by belonging, by inclusion. >> we are a campaign of the working class, by the working class and for the working class. and we are going to take on wall street and the insurance companies and the drug compans and the fossil fuel industry and finally create a government and an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%.
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bret: the latest real clear politics average of polls showing sanders in the lead but mayor with pete not far behind. new hampshire has 1,191 -- martha: we have expert analysis ahead with chris wallace and brit hume joining us, but first tracking these candidates across the state, peter doocy at a buttigieg event, mark meredith with the sanders campaign, jacqui heinrich with joe biden and kristin fisher with elizabeth warren. let's begin with peter doocy. hi, peter. >> reporter: martha, good evening. the candidate hoping to be the moderate choice the year, pete buttigieg, and the candidate hoping to be the more progressive choice this year, bernie sanders, are turning on each other like today when buttigieg told a crowd of democrats he doesn't think bernie can ever unite the country. >> i respect senator sanders, but when i hear this message go
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out that you're east for a rev -- you're either for a revolution you've got to be for the status quo, that's a vision of the country that doesn't have room for most of us, because we know what has to change. we also know that we're going to bring about that change by coming together, not by saying if you don't agree with me 100% of the time, you don't belong at my side. >> reporter: i've spoken to campaign sources who reminded me the fight for the left lane expect center lane in the by mares seemed like it was going to be between elizabeth warren and joe biden just a few weeks ago. but after strong finishes in iowa, it is between sanders and buttigieg. as joe biden argues that buttigieg lacks leadership experience, sanders is arguing buttigieg lacks the grassroots support he does because he's accepted donations from some of america's wealthiest democrats. >> he gets some guys, pete buttigieg among others, who have raised campaign funds from over
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40 billionaires. 40 billionaireses, heads of large corporations, ceos in the pharmaceutical industry, people from wall street. our campaign is a very different campaign. >> reporter: we are at this mayor pete town hall where the doors just opened, but we were walking the hallways of the high school, and there are hundreds of people snaking through this entire school, and the buttigieg campaign says already this weekend at events in keane and dover, new hampshire, they posted the largest event of any candidate this cycle so far. martha? martha: peter, thank you very much. bret: meanwhile, bernie sanders hoping to show up his strong showing in iowa, a state he knows well. he defeated hillary clinton here four years ago. mark meredith covering the sanders campaign. mark? >> reporter: bret, good evening. bernie sanders' campaign is hoping that magic will happen
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twice and they'll win the new hampshire primary, like you said, he did four years ago. bernie sanders is well known across the granite state, vermont is just a few mile away from where i am standing. his campaign says they're doing all they can to get out the vote ahead of tuesday, that his volunteers knocked on 150,000 doors this weekend and, of course, they're looking at the map here in the state, trying to pinpoint exactly where their turnout is going to be, a lot of it on the border between new hampshire and vermont. this is what we can expect to see on tuesday from sanders' supporters. >> i would say that bernie sanders is going to do best in the western part of the state, close to vermont. it's also a fairly progressive-liberal part of the state in towns like keane where keene state college and in hanover where dartmouth college is. he'll do well in those places. >> reporter: sanders had an event earlier today in dartmouth, near the college. we are expecting some 292,000 people to post ballots for the
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democratic primary according to the secretary of state, and right now the sanders campaign is really trying to push that narrative that bernie sanders would have a real shot to defeat president trump. but, of course, we've heard from so many democrats that are concerned the self-described democratic socialist would have a hard time against the president. bernie sanders has one more event tonight, and he'll be on the trail monday trying to get out the vote for tuesday. bret: mark meredith live in claremont, new hampshire, thanks. martha: fox news senior political analyst brit hume and "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace, chris, you spoke to the two men who are really vying for first place tonightment i thought one of the things that pete buttigieg said that we just heard a moment ago, the idea that you've got to be for the revolution or for the discuss quo leaves a lot of us out. he's hoping to fill that void between biden and sanders. >> absolutely. and he's also going after independents, or he can't do it here as he could in iowa, the future former republicans,
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because you can't change your registration on primary day but he's absolutely trying to be a kind of let's elevate the conversation, let's not make it old versus new, the familiar inside/outside. and i would say to some degree the fact that everybody seems to be gunning at him -- biden's going after him, sanders is going after him -- would indicate that either, one, they think buttigieg is a real threat or, two, they think his vote is somewhat squishy. one other candidate i would talk about besides those two, klobuchar. a lot of talk today that klobuchar who just had a rally in nashua, she got over a thousand people, one of her biggest crowds of the whole campaign so far. if somebody were going to surprise and come into third and maybe vie for second, it's klobuchar. bret: i was just at a klobuchar rally, brit, in manchester x they had to shut down the doors, the fire marshal comes in. you know, we make a lot about crowd size, but it does tell you about where people are at least
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trying. 30% of its pop -- this population makes its decision really late. >> i love the new hampshire primary, i always have going back longer than i care to mention and all kinds of surprising things have happened here. and turnout here is as important as it is in any primary. but it is a good measure of enthusiasm and interest. and she, evidently, is attracting some serious interest. so, you know, after the failure in iowa, new hampshire's a bigger deal than it otherwise would have been -- breath breath as big as, like, '92, bill clinton? >> that was huge. but this has been a place for upsets. 1980, george h.w. bush came in here with what he thought was big momentum and got killed by reagan. and that was the end of his presidential campaign, in all realistic terms. and there have been major upsets since. bill clinton lost iowa, remember fourth place, something like that, and then came in here and finished second and managed to b.s. it into a win by saying he
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was the comeback killed. this is fun. martha: one other interesting thing was the discussion of president obama and pete buttigieg and joe biden going back and forth. joe biden saying, you know, pete buttigieg is the mayor of a small city, not even 100,000 people, and basically your no barack obama. and buttigieg came back and said neither are you. >> no. on "fox news sunday," you know, it was so interesting because buttigieg is trying to push this narrative that the only time that the democrats have won in recent years -- and he's right -- has been this kind of generational change, new people all going back to jack kennedy, to bill clinton, to barack obama, clearly saying and i'm the next one in line. biden is trying to break that narrative. but here's a sense of what buttigieg, he's such a skillful politician. biden puts out a really rough ad and, you know, says i was doing health care while you were putting decorative lights on bridges, and buttigieg turns and says, well, i guess you're mocking the choices in the lives
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of people in small town america. we should have somebody who's sensitive to that, not sensitive to washington. i thought it was pretty good political jiu-jitsu. martha: very good at turning it around. bret: he was meaning into it -- leaning into it. >> you don't have anything else to run on. martha: each one of those thing seemed like something that could knock you off your stride, and every time he came back around with exactly why people should support him. >> going back many weeks now, martha, we've talked about this, i think he's easily the most talented young democratic politician to come along since barack obama. easily. his ability to field these hot grounders that are coming from his opponents, he's really got talent. now, which is not to say that people don't look at him and say, ah, he's cute but he's a little raw or whatever -- >> i just say one quick thing? we can't forget bernie sanders.
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he won the popular vote in iowa, all likely hood he's going to win all of the delegates here in new hampshire. he'll be the front-runner coming out of this day. bret: let's play this sound bite on socialism, all of his opponents are really going hard after socialism. here's the answer. >> in many respects, we are a socialist society today. we have a huge budget. puts money into all areas. now, donald trump -- before he was president as a private business person -- he received $800 million in tax breaks and subsidies to build luxury housing in new york. now, what does that mean when the government gives you $800 million in tax breaks and subsidies? martha: he, yeah, i was at a union hall yesterday at a bernie sanders event when they were sending out canvassers, and this is the thing that more and more voters said to me. what about pete buttigieg? no, no, no, pete, you know, basically sucks up to the corporate interests. that is the line that diehard
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sanders supporters will say. he also spent some time kind of going, you know, going back at that today. but that's -- >> let me just point on one thing, because he went after the fact that 40 billionaires have supported him. karl rove pointed out that's .011%. when you take all of the donations, all the donors, it's just a tiny fraction. and as buttigieg says, look, if we're going to beat donald trump who has an unlimited war chest, we need every penny. martha: we're not rejecting any of it. >> and it emphasizes s and i think it's true, sanders' campaign this time and the time before is basically a conspiracy theory. he's running against a tiny little segment of the population whose influence is easily overestimated, and i don't think -- i think it's probably not good politics. bret: the fact that we spent a whole panel with you two and didn't talk about joe biden suggests he could be in trouble. [laughter] meantime, the path to victory in this state, you know, it can be complicated. next we'll take a look at the
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key communities that determine all the democratic primaries and have done so for the last 70 years. martha: plus, the dnc playing defense still after that rocky rollout in iowa. how does the party move forward? dana perino and juan williams on deck as we continue live tonight if bedford, new hampshire. ♪ ♪ break out the butter lobsterfest is on at red lobster if you've been dreaming about tender wild-caught lobster, dig in to butter-poached, fire-roasted and shrimp & lobster linguini. see? dreams do come true. or if you like a taste of new england without leaving home, try lobster, sautéed with crab, jumbo shrimp and more, or maybe you'd like to experience the ultimate surf and the ultimate turf... with so many lobster dishes, there's something for every lobster fan so hurry in and let's lobsterfest. or get pick up or delivery at
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♪ ♪ martha: welcome back to the bedford village inn here in bedford, new hampshire, where we are pack -- tracking the possible path to victory in the primaries. bill hemmer has a look at this tonight, hi, bill. >> you know what's amazing, martha? when the board actually has data. [laughter] how novel, right in coming off of des moines last week. what you're looking at is what happened here four years ago. bernie sanders in purple, hillary clinton in blue. there was no blue on the map behind us here. ten counties across the state of new hampshire, and bernie sanders just cleaned up. a little bit to the conversation you just had a moment ago. we're down here in manchester. this is vermont to the west, connecticut river separates the two states, and not as many
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voters in this part of the state as you find in more rural areas. but look where he ran up the numbers there in cheshire and sullivan county, dartmouth being one of the two big schools up there. 66-32 for bernie four years ago. we tried to crunch the numbers and tried to find where they were the closest, and you really have to go to the southern part of the state, down near the border of massachusetts. this is where we are, in hillsborough county. it's a little closer, 56-41. manchester, nashua down to the massachusetts border. if you want to see some strength for elizabeth warren, if she's going to see some strength, in all likelihood it'll be down in this part of new hampshire come tuesday night. let's bounce back to iowa moment here because we still can't declare a winner, but i think we're seeing a very interesting trend with pete buttigieg. he's in orange, sanders in purple, warren here is yellow.
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this is des moines, polk county right in the middle where bernie sanders did quite well. but buttigieg went after these counties that supported obama in '08, in 2012 and then flipped to trump in 2016. there were 31 across 99 different counties in iowa. based on our tabulation, buttigieg captured 19 of the 31. his campaign says 21, but at the moment we're giving him 19. and right along the mississippi river in the eastern part of the state, these are blue collar commitments, 15 points there -- communities. 16 points for klobuchar in this county. this is dubuque, about 6 points over bernie sanders, pop down here to clinton. again, a winner. these are all trump counties from 2016. and as the math comes out here, you can see what he did along the mississippi river. he almost ran the table in this part of iowa, and a big reason why he's, what, one-tenth of a point ahead of bernie sanders based on the latest tabulations. there you have it.
3:20 pm
again, martha, bret, it's amazing when you've got data, the things you can do. martha: nice to see numbers. bret: and we'll see them tuesday too. listen, the democratic party doing some damage control following the botched reporting in the iowa caucuses, even leading the calls for dnc chairman tom perez to resign. here with more, dana perino, co-host of the five, juan williams, fox news political analyst. the knives are out, dana, for tom perez. >> yes. bret: does he survive, is the question. >> that he should resign partly because they're in the middle of this, and so another -- remember, they had a leadership change in 2016 in the middle of it, and that didn't work out so well for them either. he was considered such a well-regarded person of the obama administration. he was the labor secretary. the he was even on the horse list for vice presidential -- short list for vice presidential possibilities. if you talk to any veteran of the clinton campaign, they were woefully unprepared to match the
3:21 pm
might of the trump administration from a technical standpoint and technology, facebook, all of the rest. and that gap has only gotten wider in fundraising and in capability and in competence. the trump administration is ahead of them on that. i don't know how they make up for that, but i don't think tom perez is to blame. martha: here he is being asked about whether or not e would resign earlier. watch this. >> is iowa about to lose their first in the nation caucus status? >> that's the conversation that will absolutely happen after this election cycle. i have no doubt about it, because it's very necessary. >> have you considered resigning in. >> absolutely not. >> i don't know why he would resign. you've got to think about this is just an odd fact. do you know who ran against tom perez for that job in pete buttigieg. you get a lot of people, especially on the buttigieg side, who think this was a screw-up that has taken away his momentum coming into new hampshire, and you also have
3:22 pm
people on the sanders side who always think that the dnc is involved in some conspiracy going back to 2016 and hillary clinton. martha: for good reason often. [laughter] >> right. and you know that alexandria ocasio-cortez has been the trumpeter on the perez out the door call. and she's aligned with the sanders campaign. and it's picked up a lot of that far-left energy that comes both from sanders, to a certain degree from warren, but principally sanders. so you have these interesting fragmentations going on inside, and it's all right now aimed at tom perez. but here's the other part, tom perez is the democratic establishment guy. he is barack obama's guy. he is the latino representative put in that position to try to do more outreach to assure that the democrats can get the latino vote this year. bret: you know, dana, we watched bill in those bernie sanders results from 2016. if sanders doesn't manage to win
3:23 pm
here or is it's super close, neighboring senator, that's a big story. >> well, the pete buttigieg campaign has already said that if he is within five points of bernie sanders, that they will consider that a big win. this is no way, i don't think, that bernie sanders could get the margins that he had against hillary clinton in 2016. because it's too fragmented, there's too many people in it, and i think t really interesting though that the person we're not talking about is also from the neighboring state and is in the same media market, and that's elizabeth sanders -- bret: elizabeth warren. >> excuse me. [laughter] bret: unless i missed something. >> excuse me. it could be a ticket. but elizabeth warren. she came in third in iowa, not really been a factor, you don't see her on the news, there's no conversation about her. what you hear about is bernie, buttigieg and then the flailing campaign of joe biden. and one of the things i think that's going to be really interesting to watch is that third spot. you've got biden, klobuchar who is picking up speed, and maybe
3:24 pm
some people are looking at elizabeth warren and klobuchar and saying maybe i want to consider amy klobuchar. one of them has to get that third spot, i would imagine, at least looking at the polls right now. >> i think coming out of here, you know, biden's in a separate lane because of the centrist mode. and you go on to a far broader electorate once you come to nevada and south carolina. clearly, iowa and p new hampshire are very white, 90% white. you're going to go into a much greater mix which is more representative of the party. so i think as long as biden doesn't embarrass -- if he's in single digits, that's pretty, you know, that's five alarms, four alarms, whatever. but i would think as long as he's in some double-digit factor, he can say, listen, now we're going to go on. there are four quarters of the guam, and my two quarters are coming. we'll see how it goes. right now i would say the star of this whole episode of the first half of this game, pete
3:25 pm
butte judge. what a surprise -- buttigieg. martha: you make a great point about elizabeth warren are hoping this place can reignite their campaign. bret: we're on the ground following both candidates live from new hampshire next. ♪ ♪ i visualize travel rewards. i receive travel rewards. going new places! going out for a bite! going anytime. rewarded! learn more at the explorer card dot com. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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3:30 pm
>> reporter: good evening, martha. former vice president joe biden spent the weekend trying to rebound from an unforced error friday when he said he took a hit in and might take a hit in new hampshire. he's now trying to shift the focus away from the first two voting states where he had lukewarm support and on to the next two voting states where the voters are more diverse. >> you've got two primaries and two caucuses back to back, basically. and by the way, you know, we talked about how, you know, the folks of one have been new and first time. well, not a single person has won without overwhelming support from the black community. >> reporter: at an event in hampton, new hampshire, biden touted -- [audio difficulty] which he said is critical to winning the nomination, and it may become a point of focus as his campaign chips away at pete
3:31 pm
buttigieg who faced past scrutiny for how he, as mayor, addressed racism within the south bend police department. biden brought up race and diversity again tonight when asked by a voter who he'd run with, he stopped short of naming names saying it would be presumptuous, but he said his cabinet would look like the country, black and brown and made up of women. while biden looks ahead, he still has to do well in new hampshire, although it could hurt his fundraising. march that? martha: thank you. bret: senator warren dismissing the notion that new hampshire is a must-win. her campaign isbacking on her new england ties resonating with voters. kristin fisher is following the warren campaign tonight. hi, kristin. >> reporter: well, bret, new hampshire may be believed to be a must-win state for senator elizabeth warn since it is right next door to massachusetts, but she is still in third or fourth place in almost every poll.
3:32 pm
we've seep joe biden who's in about the same spot become much more aggressive over the last 24 hours but not senator warren. she is continuing to play it safe. at her first big event earlier today in concord, not once did she mention any of her democratic rivals, and she spent zero time talking about why she believes she's best positioned to take on president trump. after the event a reporter asked her why that is. here's what she said. >> we're going to have to bring our party together in order to beat donald trump. and the way we do this is not by launching a bunch of attacks on each other and trying to tear each other down. the way we do this is that we talk about the things we can run on together. >> reporter: so warren also stopped by a pub and a diner today. it is a busier than usual pace for the senator, and that may have contributed to this rare mistake.
3:33 pm
>> our democracy hangs in the balance, and it is up to you, massachusetts, to decide what to do. [laughter] totally blue it on that one -- totally blew it on that one. [laughter] and to the people of new hampshire. [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> reporter: so that's the kind of mistake that we're used to seeing joe biden make on the campaign trail, not elizabeth warren. perhaps a little bit of campaign trail fatigue starting to set in. and senator warren still has to go through one of her famous selfie lines tonight when she steps off this stage. it is truly do or die for senator warren in the live free or die state. bret? bret: kristin, thank you. martha: two appropriators -- reporters who have been on the ground here joining us now,
3:34 pm
gentlemen, welcome. great to have both of you with us tonight. james, you've been out and about at these rallies. what are you picking up there? >> well, look, there's obviously a lot of energy this week for pete buttigieg. for all of the talk that iowa was a total debacle, and i'm not going to push back on that, the idea is these candidates who won there would not get the media coverage or momentum. pete buttigieg definitely got both, particularly momentum. he's up about a dozen points which is the average of what an iowa caucus winner would do here. also as chris wallace mentioned earlier, a lot of energy for amy klobuchar. i'm not sure where that's going to go, there's not a lot of infrastructure on the ground. she's raising money now, but i don't know how she's going to spend it in the next two dayses, but there is energy. bret: hunter, we'll take a look at "the boston globe" poll, and it's sanders up by two. but if you look at the daily tracking poll, to james' point, buttigieg does see an increase, a little bit of a falloff today -- yesterday.
3:35 pm
you just came from a biden event. what is the kind of feeling on the ground there? >> it's been really interesting, you know, biden came out on wednesday and said, okay, new hampshire, help me come back, and since then he's tried to level off his expectations. you saw him at the debate, he's starting to say i'm not going to do so well here. but mayor buttigieg has done a good job of organizing the state, he has a strong staff in the state, and you' these polling numbers -- you see these polling numbers, clearly he does have some momentum. bret: but has it deflated, the biden pitch? sometimes he gets fired up. >> on wednesday he seemed energized, but today was a longer speech. he finally took questions, actually, from voters. he had not taken questions at a campaign event since the start of the year before today other than the cnn town hall. so he seems to be trying to find some way to gain back these voters that like him, they want to vote for him i, but they're not quite there. bret: hunter barely made it
3:36 pm
because joe biden took a little bit longer on the stump, but he did make it. martha: joe biden had a funny exchange, called a questioner a lying dog face pony -- is that a new hampshire -- >> it is not. scranton maybe. >> john wayne. martha: is it john wayne? >> yeah. i think. [laughter] martha: the other thing that we noticed when he's on the stage is he's often using note, and that has been something we saw in iowa as well. you know, how does that go over with new hampshire voters? >> yeah. and hunter spends a lot of time with biden, but he does mix it p. i think they're trying to figure out what works. on the one hand he's really great sometimes speaking freely and from the gut, and then he'll make a mistake. so then he'll go back to a podium, he'll have notes, it's boring, it doesn't work. so so they go back the other way, keeps going back and forth. and not taking questions has also been a thing for joe biden lately, particularly here in new
3:37 pm
hampshire. bret: here's joe biden today on the state of the race. >> the idea that you come in with about half the delegates that the leaders come in with in iowa does not necessarily say how you're going to win pennsylvania, how you're going to win michigan. i'm more determined than i was before the iowa caucus for the things that i believe have to be done. and no matter what happens in this state, i'm going to feel the same way. i'm just going to keep moving. bret: hunter, the thing about this state is a lot of people decide late. i mean, maybe 30% undecided heading into tuesday. >> obviously, the state is heavy independent on the voting population, it makes a huge difference in these elections. these are voters who want their vote to matter. i can't tell you how many voters i talked to that were independents who voted for john kasich in the 2016 gop primary, and now they're looking at biden and others. they're still in play. it's really that last, final push.
3:38 pm
how are you going to woo them these final days. >> we're two days away, and the latest polling is 40% of new hampshire voters are undecided. it feels like there's a big surprise around the corner. this is a wild finish. martha: yeah, we talked to a lot of people today undecided. big surprises all around. bret: yes gentlemen, thank you. coming up, a look at issues that could decide tuesday's primary. martha: our fox news voter analysis as fox news special coverage of democracy 20: the new hampshire primary, continues live from bedford. ♪ ♪ meet you in person. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel.
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3:43 pm
san bream has more. -- shannon bream has more. >> we're going to look at the fox news voter news analysis. it's an election survey because as much as we hear about folks getting out the vote and turning out, we also like to know why. we'll find out what kind of candidate new hampshire democrats are looking for. do they want someone who will provide strong leadership? maybe it's about having the right experience or caring about people like them. is anything more important than defight donald trump in november? -- defeating donald trump? and how do they feel about the trump administration? are any enthusiastic or satisfied? are they dissatisfied or downright angry? our survey will tell us. plus, it'll be fun to see how they feel here as compared to iowa democrats. one of the key questions in this campaign is about health care. our voter analysis sur say will see how many new hampshire democrats support a single-payer
3:44 pm
health care plan versus a public option. granite staters are notorious for picking their candidate in the days before the primary. our survey will tell us which candidates those late deciders are supporting. the democratic party's rules for making the debate stage, then there was the iowa caucuses debacle. those are just some of the things that can shake voter confidence. so we are asking a timely question, do voters are faith that the party's process for selecting a nominee is fair? digging into all of this, our fox news voter analysis survey will interview more than 2,000 granite state primary voters, and we can't wait to tell you what's driving behind the votes and the decisions they're making. bret: shannon, thank you. martha: brit hume, chris wallace, dana perino and juan williams all joining us tonight. brit, let me start with you. as we watched this, we just looked at joe riden who everybody thought it was -- joe
3:45 pm
biden who was going to make everybody fall off the chart. not turning out to be the case. >> no, and if he were leading coming into p tonight, i would be worried for him if i were him because this is the state that has the long and most dramatic history of being a terribly treacherous terrain for front-runners. because this year the front-runner's a little undistinguished, it's a little unclearful we have these two guys, both of them who claimed victory, you know, when there wasn't really -- they didn't get the publicity bump that they normally got. so we really have no way to measure here what's going to happen. i look for a surprise, new hampshire almost always provides one. breath breath you know, dana, eventually people run out of money. usually new hampshire is a winnowing factor. you wonder whether this is boeing to be the case this time. >> well, you have somebody like a joe biden who has always said south carolina, that's the place where i'm going to have a holdout, but that campaign's running out of money.
3:46 pm
tulsi gabbard said she'd be willing to thinking about a third party, amy klobuchar is on the move, but money is a problem. if bernie sanders can show he can win in a tate that's not new hampshire, that's where he has his home base, then i think it will be hard for democrats not to take him seriously because he will have won and shown he can do so. martha: one person for whom money is not a problem, mike bloomberg. [laughter] sort of, you know, all of these candidates are glad he's not here this new hampshire, they don't have to deal with him yet, but come super tuesday, chris, they will. >> absolutely. this race couldn't be setting up better for mike bloomberg. what he wants is a muddled and damages field coming out of the first four races, and then wet get to super tuesday. two dozen delegates being chosen here, there are going to be 40% of the total delegates will be chosen on super tuesday from virginia all the way to texas to
3:47 pm
california. and if this race is muddled and let's say biden is mortally wounded and sanders maybe has the lead, maybe it's buttigieg, suddennenly, you know, they will be -- and money trouble, sanders will never be in money trouble, but a lot of the others might be. and meanwhile, he is spending money. you cannot be in one of those states and just not see -- we're in washington, right next to virginia, there are ads for mike bloomberg on the air all the time. bret: you know, juan, you listen to bernie sanders, and even in the attack against buttigieg saying the billionaires -- [laughter] >> that was good. bret: that was pretty good? >> good. [laughter] bret: what bernie sanders voter is going to support mike bloomberg ever? >> i don't know, that's a tough question. i think that really is about the divide in the party between the progressive or left wing of the party as represented by sanders. and the more established, more moderate. i think one thing that often
3:48 pm
gets lost in our analysis is when you ask democrats where do you sit on the political spectrum, more than half describe themselves as moderate to conservative voters. but we've seen a spike in recent years in terms of those who self-identify as liberal voters, and i think that's where the energy is particularly among young people. and young people are so key to bernie. we were talking about money a moment ago. that money is small donations going to sanders, not big dollars. bret: panel, thank you. it's going to be fascinating in a couple days. up next, a look back at the history that has been made here in new hampshire. ♪ ♪ as a caricature artist, i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think?
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♪ ♪ bret: whoever wins the new hampshire primary will get a boost in momentum for their campaign. but a loss tuesday night does not mean all hope is lost. america's newsroom co-anchor ed henry has more. ed: the tradition of white house hopefuls trekking through the snowy sidewalks of new hampshire dates back exactly 100 years when the state officially got its first in the nation primary status almost accidentally after indiana moved it voting back to may. >> when it comes to crunch time, it's up to us.
3:53 pm
ed: it was former new hampshire governor john so knew knew who famously quipped that while iowa picks corn, his state actually picks presidents. though that has not always turned out to be true. >> and new hampshire is not the kind of place to let iowa or anybody else tell you what to do. ed: barack obama found that out the hard way in 2008 after a shocking iowa win that catapulted him nationally, he lost to hillary clinton in the granite state. after she won plaudits for showing emotion at a coffee shop and opening up like she had not before. >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political, it's not just public. ed: of course, obama won the presidency anyway without new hampshire. and eight years later clinton lost this primary to bernie sanders by double digits and still got the democratic nomination, if not the presidency. like hillary clinton, former is vice president joe biden got emotional this week end when discussing his battle with a stutter. >> when i was a kid, i
3:54 pm
t-t-talked like that. it's a debilitating situation. ed: though biden may have been taking a risk with his sharp attacks on sanders' socialism and pete buttigieg's lack of experience in a state that thinks twice about sharp elbows. consider the fate of republican bob dole who in 1988 had a head of steam coming out of iowa but was furious about tv ads in new hampshire charging he would raise taxes, and he came across as too negative with george h.w. bush who ended up never looking back. >> just wish him well and leave him in the dust. >> anything you'd like to say to the vice president? >> stop lying about my record. ed: john mccain used his maverick persona to win this primary in 2000 and 2008 with his signature town hall events that are still can copied today. >> friends, we've got to give you some straight talk. ed: yet those wins never led to the white house for mccain. the man who benefited the most
3:55 pm
from this primary in history did not even finish first. in 992 bill clinton -- 1992 bill clinton actually was number two behind former massachusetts senator paul saugus, but it was such a strong second, that clinton -- >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. ed: bill clinton offers the best model because he lost both iowa and new hampshire and still became president. but for biden or amy klobuchar to try and pun a better than expected finish into comeback kid status, they're going to have to keep the momentum going in some of the next big contests. martha: the iowa democratic party has finally updated their results if last week's caucus. pete buttigieg, 14 -- bret: and bernie sanders, 12. there you go. that's done. stay tuned for tomorrow, all-today coverage of the new hampshire primary. we'll be live in bedford all day
3:56 pm
tomorrow and tuesday. martha: that does it for us from new hampshire for tonight. we'll sue owe then. i'm martha maccallum --breath and i'm bret baier. there's our drone shot. martha: let's say hi to it. hey! have a good night, everybody m. ♪ ♪ i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. .. drivewise. who's the dummy now? whoof! whoof!
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leland: pete buttigieg and bernie sanders. chris: i'm chris wallace reporting live from bedford, new hampshire ahead of the first in the nation primary request the stakes are higher after the election chaos in iowa. ♪ >> our campaign is off to a very good start. >> we are going onto new hampshire victorious. [cheers and applause] chris: bernie sanders and pete buttigieg in a virtual tie with the iowa results still in dispute and the future of former front runner joe biden now in question. >> i am not going to sugar coat it, we took a gut punch in iowa. chris: this hour we are learned by the two new leaders in the democratic race are now going after each other. >> i'd


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