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tv   Fox Nation In Depth  FOX News  February 9, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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thank you for joining us. come back again next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. hey >> tonight we are giving you an exclusive look at the new soriginality content this month on our subscription streaming service including several in-depth documentaries. take a look. take a look. >> youre going and don't let the door hit you on the way out. >> the game finished 3rd. if you had told us one year ago that we're going to come in 3rd in iowa. we were given anything for that he followed his defeat for the
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epic game, one of the most memorable in modern american history. >> and everybody was so read of lee fired up. >> california texas new york. he was giving speeches leading off the energy of this out and then we're going to watch it does seem to like that the white house. i started getting texts from friends while i was standing there. so what's happened to her is melting down happening what is this. >> governor read my. >> with man please turn mister reagan's mike off of them. >> you could smoke and smolder the. >> that was seen as this galvanizing which reagan showed he could take charge.
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a political. >> senator cruz you suggested mister trump close and bodies, new york values. could you explain what you mean by that. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. those voters that ted cruz about it alienated from talking about the new york about he thought he could guy i. it turned out. really matter. got you covered on all the big political events this month with live coverage. you can watch any time anywhere. >> welcome to fox nations post debate coverage in the race for 2020. i'm your host kristen soltis anderson, i'm your host tony larry, i'm your host lisa booth, i'm your
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host david webb i think you know that by now to the democrats realize that they've been on camera and on tape since the 80's because we invented because we have seen now time and time and time again with a contradict himself when it's convenient can you not just at least if you want to run for president and have been vice president take 5 seconds to get your own story straight. i mean for the for the gather fall these 2 wars that's that's not too much to ask is that they need a candidate that can say. >> pay off big for criminal justice reform. >> from the very beginning the road to the democratic nomination for president. you have american voters in the south this is good political strategy has been used by many candidates in the past. >> today we really want is a president who's going to win on merit is going to win their qualification is going to win on being a leader for the american people luckily we already have that i'm fairly confident we're going to have it again in 2020, it's a new position for joe biden he is lurching to the left to try to keep up with elizabeth warren and bernie sande conservative.
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and later this month we're live
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president trump: america will never be a socialist country. >> it was freedom, not socialism that gave us the most prosperous economy in the history of the world. >> want to continue to give a hand up, not a hand out. >> we don't need to rewrite the constitution. they need to re-read the constitution. >> the democrat party of today has moved ever-leftward. it's a leftward lump that we have seen before. president trump: we are fighting to ensure every young american inherits the same blessings and boundless opportunities that our ancestors fought to secure with all of their hearts, might and soul. >> we believe skin color should
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never ever ever be a reason for discrimination or mistreatment. >> the black community and the hispanic community should not be governed by liberal ideology. it's time for blexit. >> we are one race, the human race. >> african-americans, latinos, young people will have more freedom and more economic opportunity in these years than they will will have ever had before. president trump: our movement and our future in our country is unlimited. what we have done together has never been done. who what do you bring. >> what do you bring to this great nation that we should allow you to enjoy the cornucopia not just of constitutional rights, but the corn copeafter entitlement that we all are able to access?
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>> this bright beacon of peace and prosperity we are seeing cannot and must not allowed to dim. >> what makes america great is how quickly your life can transform if you stop viewing yourself as a victim and view your self as a victor and the american dream. president trump: we'll defend the american way of life and we'll always defend the american borders. >> i was born with no privilege whatsoever. who america a place where you can achieve your dreams or dwell in mediocrity. >> you try hard enough you can basically achieve anything in this country. todapresident trump: now is thee to embrace the promise of our history. now is the time to defend our american legacy, and now is the time to seize our clear yuls legacy.
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abby: we have daily and weekly shows on foxnation. if that's not enough, foxnation has unique documentaries that celebrate america and showcase the heroes who taught for our freedom. >> marines descend on iwo jimma. >> the troops from united states omarines, and they are on their way to write new panels of leatherneck heroism. i pulled my boat alongside. and come down and dropping into the boat. wewe got in there and i had a fl throttle when we started getting closer. >> this is an historical film
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record of the first boats pushing on to show ha -- at iwo jimma. >> leading them to believe the bombing campaign had been a success. butbe then the 36-day hell that would, iwo jima began. abby: that was a sneak peek of "unknown vammor" based on the new by martha maccallum. martha maccallum's uncle was in the battle of iwo jima. martha went to iwo jima.
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definitely worth check out. it drops february 23 only on foxnation. in addition to the special. martha's book, "unknown valor" hits bookstores february 25. if you are wondering, ways foxnation and how do i sign up? don't worry. foxnationg hosts and "fox and friends" weekend host pete hegseth is here. pete: you heard about foxnation. what is it? it's a members only subscription streaming service. you can get it anywhere you want to get it on any device you have whenever you want. think about your smart phone, ourr ipad, your smart tv hanging in your living room. you can click on it, download
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and watch in real-time whatever you want to be watching, not necessarily what's on television. the great part, you are a little behind the curve if you are just learning about or signing up for foxnation right now. we now have thousands of hours of original content including original shows, documentaries, series they celebrate america, american capitalism, law and order. crime stories that you are familiar with. but with so much additional depth. documentaries and series you want to be learning about from a perspective you trust from people you know. that's the other great part about foxnation. you know the people bringing the content to you because you get a chance to watch them on the fox news channel. but they go deeper with lifestyles and shows. you get to learn a little bit about what fox news people do outside the newsroom.
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geraldo rivera has a new series called "i am geraldo." scandalous, "ruby ridge." i watched this one personally. it has a lot of implications about our government. whatl made america great. including multiplee documentaris in jerusalem and israel. places we know about from the bible but have historic and political implications right now. but it's not just -- you don't get enough stuart varney. his take on the hot issues of thet day. keeping up with jones. and tammy bruce. a little bit more of brian,
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hard enough. anywhere on the www.worldwide web, even on your kids' xbox. of course watch on android as well. if you love this country, if you want the real story, if you want to go deeper on things that matter, if you no somebody in your life who loves it, buy it for them. they wille thank you for it as they are sitting back and watching some great programs. abby, there it is, foxnation, no reason not to get it today. abby: up next, a country music star is joining the foxnation family. the big reveal when we come back. >> we have breaking news and we need you on set right now. >> this is the foxnation green
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abby: welcome back to fax nation in depth. we are well coming new personality to our streaming service family. take a look. >> it's john rich. welcome to the pursuit. >> i have a lot of reasons why i could have ended up on the wrong path. i can probably give you 10 reasons whatr i would say are excuses why things might not have worked out for me. >> how many lives do you think have been saved with our allies and our own men and women in harm's way because of your rifles. >> when we run into people who
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used these things. it happens in the most unlikely places, those days are when you know you aree doing the right thing. >> my father was strict and wasn't goinga to allow it in his house. at the age of 15 i ran away from home. >> i had this idea, after about a week i was going through the pain and adversity. i thought i couldn't take it anymore. i got some wire kirts and looked in front of the mirror and i cut every single wire and took all that stuff out of my mouth. >> you have got wire pliers in your mouth going snip snip. >> i went into iraq, two deployments with the mindset that i might die. i get hit by a roadside bomb and
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wake up six days later in the hospital unaware of what happened, two of my limbs were gone. i was prepared to die, i wasn't prepared to be in between. >> i thought i would get to a place on auto pilot and i would crews and it would be easier. like a failure as a parent today.. i leave the house and i pass my kid and she goes, we are disconnected. > the road isn't always easy. in fact sometimes the harder it is the better the outcome. the reward is that much more tastier. but thatt pursuit is there if yu are willing to take it. >> when we wrote "redneck woman" i was forced to find my own voice. even in the songs i was writing before that, i was writing to please instead of writing from
7:22 pm
within. the day we wrote redneck woman, was such a personal statement that it forced me to figure out what i sounded like if i hadn't found and discovered my right to pursue happiness, i wouldn't probablyh even be here. >> to the men and women who have fought and died. let's pursue happiness and the american dream. on the count of three, say the pursuit. >> the pursuit. abby: that's some of what you can expect from "the pursuit" with john rich.
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john rich films this at his house.f he really draws you in in a natural way. it drops february 17 only on foxnation. you know what else you get when youon sign up for foxnation. events and exclusive access to stars like john rich. >> a foxnation subscription gets you priority access to lie events like the lucky fan who got tickets to our super bowl tailgate in miami. check it out. [♪] >> here's to america.
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here's to foxnation. >> here it goes. >> it was a little bit drizzly and wet buta the party went on regardless of the rain. thanks for everyone who came out and made the day a huge success. if you missed it, here is a look at other events you can snag tickets to, but only with a fax nation membership. >> access that's unprecedented. >> i think they can expect a big ole party. >> the line outside is three
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miles long. >> we have a surprise in store for you. >> we live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. we want you to meet the personalities and the hosts of some of these shows. >> fox is like a family. people watch it. we are on in their living rooms. we are none their kitchens. meeting the fox fans is the best. usually i learn a few things, i laugh a lot. >> number one is interacting with our viewers, our fans. we care about our audience. let's have a conversation. i can't believe i am doing this for a living. they come from across america. for events like no other because foxnation membership means getting so much more. watch what you like.
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters." i'm aishah hasnie. with just two days to go before the new hampshire primaries, presidential wannabes are trying persuade undecided voters. joe biden is still leading in most national polls. but pete buttigieg is seeing a surge in recent numbers despite attacks over his age and low support among african-american voters. president trump release a budget proposal tomorrow that cuts for deep cuts in medicare and
7:32 pm
medicaid while boosting defense funding for veterans. abby: welcome back to "foxnation in-depth." sports are part of the fabric of american culture. we take you inside some of the greatest venues and traditions in american sports history. take a look. we are here in miami filming a brand-new episode of american arenas. this is the 54th super bowl so there is ae lot of history woven into this game. we'll visit the nfl experience. the fox takeover of south beach.
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and a look into the big game. >> i don't care who you are if you are a super bowl fan or not a football fan. the super bowl is the one game you watch. abby: wilson has been pro siding the -- has been providing the official football for the super bowl. >> we have been here for 79 years. abby: sports are something that bring people together. that was a thrill experience being at the super bowl. those footballs are 90% harden made. whena you know about the history of a place or event, it adds to your experience as a fan. you can subscribe or start your
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pretrial to watch season one of american arenas. foxnation is also about historyw and what made america great. foxnation hosta brian kilmeade explores the places that shaped ourt country. watch. >> a comprehensive look at american history. don't judge us by how it started. brian:e i'm brian kilmeade. you are watching what made america great. our next stop is sagamore hill. i'm standing at fort sumter. this is the battle of saratoga. these battles would define the future for tall freedom-loving people.
7:35 pm
why did we choose here. what was done here? ladies and gentlemen, the world war ii memorial. [♪] brian: i'm brian kilmeade and this has been what made america great. abby: if you ever watched brian kilmeade you would know he's probably the most personable gy in the country. so he gets unbelievable access to these sites like the secret room in mount rush more. and he goes underneath the world war ii me for morial.
7:36 pm
they shot the season in less ihan a month because brian had to go on his book tour. season four of what made america great is streaming now on foxnation. foxnation also has exclusive investigations. award winning journalists lara logan has no agenda and dives into the real crisis at the border. i don't add up the years.
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fox nation has daily shows documentaries and events. >> what i care about is one thing, the truth.
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>> she is taking on the mainstream media tackling the issues that mattered to america, one story at a time. >> you can sight on their faces. >> these guys are runners. they don't give themselves up. >> you okay? >> yes. >> we all have family. we are here to protect our borders, protect our country. >> having the freedom to take on tough subjects and tell is like it is. that's what we have at foxnation. >> lara logan has no agenda. the must-see series is available now. abby: lara really does flow how to get the story. one of the things i heard from her. she was down in mexico exploring
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a town known for its sex trafficking. the police approached the crew and asked them to leave. the police said it was for the safety of the town that they leave. but there are a lot of question there that lara exposes. season one is streaming now only on foxnation. if you want to watch more of lara logan and other shows and documentaries you have to sign up to become a member of foxnation. >> we are going over this one time as pete mentioned earlier. it's so easy to sign up. you are going to click the big red button that says start your pretrial and you have four options presented to you. the first is a monthly plan, $5.99 a month. it's's like a cup of coffee. you get unlimited access to all
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the fax nation shows. and you gett the option to purchase foxnationed in and you can't buy that without a membership. you have got patriot plan for $64.99 a year. and then as an added bonus when you sign up for the patriot plan you get 10% off at the online store. where do i sign up, give me your people log-in. >> these are the final two options. the two and three-year plans. this iss a dream relationship. two years silver it yot subscription will cost you a one-time fee of $129.90. and you get the patriot
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abby: foxnation host rachel
7:51 pm
campos-duffy, the mother of nine children. here is a look at her new foxnation show, mom. >> there are small things we can do to support women in pregnancy and life in general. >> abortion gives the message life is cheap and disposable. i think talking about all life being precious, whether they have disabilities or not, all life is precious. how can we teach that to our children when we are disposing of our innocents. abby: i watched some of these and i'm not a mom. but you do get different views on different topics. and offered up in a way that's digestible to the viewer. sign up now for your pretrial of foxnation or become a member to watch.
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foxnation is also about having a little fun. check out the new comedy special featuring a fox favorite. >> it's great to be here, we are doing a little taping for the foxnation. yeah. exciting stuff. who wants to talk politics today? you have bernie sanders, that's bernie bernie. then you have elizabeth warren and that's female bernie. and joe biden is weakened bernie. abby: the intense political climate we are currently in, who doesn't want that. the freedom to laugh drops tomorrow stop foxnation.
7:53 pm
here is a look at some of the other content you can see on foxnation in january. >> this is where war came to the japanese homeland on iwo jima. >> how has the right to pursue happiness changed your life? >> i was prepared to die, i wasn't prepared to be in between. >> we are going to oklahoma, then we are going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house, yeah! >> i started getting texts from friends saying what happened to howard dean, he's melting down. >> when you were a child what
7:54 pm
did you care about? >> that haircut inspired a lot of people. >> i'm watters and this is your world. >> when i think about the echoes, freedom freedom. >> jackie kennedy truly understood her time. >> nancy reagan was balancing the big and bold 80s. >> this country was found by angry hillbillies. the british were like okay, you colonial scum, you will do as we say, you will pay your taxes and be a part of the british empire. >> god bless america, good
7:55 pm
night. [♪] we have got breaking news and we need you on set right now. >> thinks is the foxnation green room. if you want fox news, they are down the hall. >> this is the new streaming service from our friends at fox news. >> exclusive series and more. start your pretrial today. >> the eagle has lands. how easily starting small... ...can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette and my lack of impulse control,, ...
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store and download it now. then watch on your phone, tablet, computer or your smart tv right in your living room. thank you for watching the special edition of vaccination in depth. i'm abby hornacek and i will see you on fox nation. [♪] mark: hello, america, i'm mark levin, this is "life, liberty & levin." professor randy barnett, how are you? >> here in the bunker. mark: we are good friends. we have been for a while. you are professor of legal theory at the georgetown law school. i think we need to do a postmortem. we need top do a


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