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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PST

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shannon: it is tuesday february 11th. happening right now 4:00 am on the east coast country's first primary underway in new hampshire after democrats made their final plea to voters don't reelect trump. >> the time has come to turn the page on this president. >> the way we beat donald trump is remember he is the enemy. >> be damned if i'm going to stand by and watch as lose this country to donald trump a second time. >> no surprise, just hours before the first votes were cast
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donald trump was shaking things up. >> we are going to defeat the radical socialist democrats, we are going to win new hampshire in a landslide. >> we are live with the president's message to the overflow crowd as the left struggles to find a leader. >> so-called progressive politicians are jeopardizing the public safety by putting the interests of criminal aliens before law-abiding citizens. >> sanctuary city crackdown. how the doj is fulfilling the president's state of the union promise saying enough is enough to liberal leaders breaking the rules. a viral challenge sweeping the internet, the broom challenges social media's latest obsession. "fox and friends first" starts right now.
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♪ >> love a little florida georgia line. nobody on vacation in the nation's capital. a lot of work to be done. candidates crisscrossing the country, good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. thank you so much for starting your day or into get with us as always. to the granite state, granite state showdown, donald trump firing up his base at a new hampshire rally is just before voters go to the polls for the first in the nation's primary. >> we keep on winning washington democrats keep on losing their minds.
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that is why millions of registered democrat voters are leaving their party to join our movement, joining our great republican party. >> another rally, todd pyro has all the highlights from last night. >> they only gave me a book 30 to do all this. it is a familiar scene. a democratic event like a debate or a vote just juxtapose against a simultaneous trump rally and last night was no exception. >> we have the best economy we have ever had. with your help on november 3rd we are going to defeat the radical socialist democrats, we are going to win new hampshire in a landslide. >> the president focusing on a fan favorite for rallies past, talking about immigration. >> illegal crossings are down
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now at record numbers, we ended catch and release. we have to see what happens when the wall goes up, you will see the numbers change like magic, they changed like a magic. >> now rally would be complete without a day get the dems. >> somebody behind me it was bumbling terribly. angry. there was a little anger back there. we are the ones who should be angry. not them. >> even if you democrats are saying about themselves when it comes to the iowa caucus chaos. >> the democrat party wants to run your healthcare but they can't even run a caucus in iowa. >> does anybody know who won iowa? flip a coin, they are going to run your healthcare. >> the president taking time to celebrate first responders some of whom more police for trump shirts, he protected republicans will take the house in november
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while promising the senate and the white house as well. >> dirty here mean mumbling. >> appreciate that. thank you so much, much more to come on this, the battle has begun overnight, the new hampshire primary kicking off with midnight voting as candidates on the campaign trail are turning up the heat, griff jenkins is in bedford, new hampshire with the latest on that. >> the polls open at 7 am, the centennial of the first primary in the nation. first, all eyes on bernie sanders, coming into this morning he had a huge rally with a band popular with millennials, 8000 people turned out. we will see how he does but pete buttigieg is trying to close in with a different message appealing to a more moderate lane.
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all the candidates agree on one thing, time to attack and remove trump. >> absolutely agree the time has come to turn the page on this president and the situation this country is in. >> the way we beat donald trump is to remember he is the enemy. a country that elected a man like donald trump is a country that was already in trouble. >> i will be damned if i stand by and watch as lose this country to donald trump a second time. >> one thing to watch to see if the moderate voice gets a surge. amy klobuchar taking that lane. she got a rise coming into yesterday. we went to an event with klobuchar it asked what she attributes her surge to and here's what she said. >> the debate was a big deal for
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me and we are excited about how this is going and we want people of new hampshire to turn out. i put my heart into this and i think people saw that on the debate stage. >> about that been night voting, traditionally to get the minimum requirement of 5 voters to hold their election, they got it and here's the surprise, 3 of the 5 rows in the name michael bloomberg. buttigieg and sanders each got one. we will see what today brings. >> thank you, we will have more on this coming up. thank you. overnight donald trump invites mike pence, honoring two soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice, the president saluting and the mvp putting his hand over his heart and a dignified transfer at dover air force base.
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savior gutierrez and antonio rodriguez were killed when someone wearing afghan military uniform opened fire on troops. they are the fifth and sixth american soldiers killed in afghanistan this year. the man accused of ambushing nypd officers is being held without bond. offices flooding the courthouse, robert williams pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. officers are demanding action from local leaders. >> these police officers that sat in that courtroom, if any of these elected officials had the backbone to say excuse me, to make sure there is justice. >> williams is accused of opening fire and two officers inside a patrol fan striking one of them and then 12 hours later storming a precinct, shooting another. williams allegedly threatening to go after more when he gets
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out. both injured officers treated and released from a sea of blue. glad they are okay for sure. police find a cell phone belonging to a missing idaho teen. tire the ryan and her brother jj have not been seen since september, their mother lori fallow had the phone with her in hawaii. according to cbs the phone sent a text message to a friend in october reading high, miss you guys too, love you. the friend says it doesn't sound like kylie. she and her husband are considered persons of interest in the case, they are part of a doomsday cult reportedly. overnight donald trump sounding off on calls for roger stone to serve 7 to 9 years behind bars, prosecutors making the sentencing recommendation, the gop operative was found guilty on several charges relating to the russia probe. the president tweeting and part cannot allow this miscarriage of
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justice. a judge in differently postponing michael flynn's sentencing on charges of lying to the fbi. the president's former national security adviser withdrawing his guilty plea last month. the time is almost 10 minutes after the top of the hour, donald trump saying that he is ready to rock the granite state in november. >> we are going to win new hampshire in a landslide. they don't know what they are doing, they can't even count their votes. >>, president fled new hampshire after losing in 2016? from 2020 communications director tim murdochs is the campaign is building a volunteer army to win the election and he joined us next. democrats falling apart in iowa literally, the bad sign for the party after it's caucus nightmare. unge you into deep, depressive lows. (crying) take you to uncontrollable highs.
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>> we are going to defeat the radical socialist democrats. we are going to win new hampshire in a landslide. 9 months from now we are going to take back the house of representatives. we are going to hold the senate and we are going to keep the white house. they don't know what they are doing, they can't even count their votes. >> donald trump digging into democrats ahead of the first primary in the nation for the 2020 election season after just barely losing the general election in the granite state in 2016. could this be the year the president secures in november victory? joining me from new hampshire, tim murdoch, we appreciate it, thank you for joining us, i know you're very busy. let's bring up the initial results from some of the places overnight, we have the gop
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result, donald trump winning handily at 75% to 100% coming in at this hour. is this kind of a foreshadowing of what you expect to happen in new hampshire this time around? >> before con conclusion he will win the republican primary but the real purpose of the campaign being here is to flex our organizational muscles and get the trump ground are ready for november because donald trump was very close to winning new hampshire in 2016 and it was only 2700 votes difference between him and hillary clinton and he fully intends to win it this november and we think based on his record of accomplishment for the people of new hampshire the united states we should be about a foot new hampshire in his when colin november. shannon: very close to say the least, 47.5% versus 47.2%. tell us a little more about the ground game you have going on, we saw the m aga rally overnight, overwhelming amount of people showing up once again.
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>> no question the biggest weapon we have got is the president himself, he comes to town it is a big deal, keep america great rally in manchester, people inside the arena, same number outside the arena, a huge crowd in manchester and the idea is to bring the ground came out in force, a show of force, several dozen top-flight surrogates coming in from around the country to meet voters to polling places and do some retail politicking at diners, and tens of thousands of voter contact with phone calls and doorknocking and this is an attempt to recruit the volunteers we will need when we win new hampshire in november. the building of the trump ground army and we are going to engage when there's an opportunity like this. a foregone conclusion the president will win this primary today but it is an opportunity to build support and build the volunteers that we will need in
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less then nine months when election day rolls around. >> when it comes to new hampshire specifically, is that the difference this time around when you look forward to the election? is the difference donald trump? >> the difference is he has a record he can run. unemployment rate in new hampshire is an astounding 2.6%, well below the national average and the economy is going great everywhere in this country and nowhere better than in new hampshire. you can point do that. 18,000 jobs created in new hampshire, things are looking up, manufacturing doing well,
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the passage of the usmc a trade deal very important, trade with canada and mexico, billion dollars to the economy just here in the state of new hampshire alone so the president's record of accomplishment is something he can .2. also the idea that he has made promises and kept those promises, a lot different from when he was just a candidate in 2016. >> let's talk about his budget proposal, democrats are taking some digs as expected at his budget proposal but what about their own candidates? the policies that come with a price tag they are not so willing to talk about, their payment plan, let's bring up what donald trump announced yesterday, his budget proposal, some of the highlights, $4.8 trillion budget total that would increase military spending, it would be $2 billion for the border wall and decrease the deficit to $956 billion from estimated $1 trillion in 2020 cell talk about that first. >> donald trump has introduced budgets that balance the budget over appear go of time. in this case it is 15 years and once it gets to congress members of congress never pass these budget, just enact continuing
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resolutions and never really address the problem and they are the first to complain about the skyrocketing deficit that they control. we see democrats floating ideas like the green new deal which would cost green new deal and in the case of medicare for all we are talking tens of trillions of dollars on top of that and there's no plan to pay for it. elizabeth warren says she would interact these plans without ishow at all he would pay for these things so it is ludicrous to promise enormous big government socialist programs and not say how you are going to pay for it, and deny it would take a tax increase which of course it would. >> we will see if anyone forces them to admit that down the road. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. shocking video capturing a school bus filled with students flipping on its side.
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hampshire rally after voicing her support for the senator's opponent hillary clinton in 2016. >> i am all in for bernie sanders. four years ago i supported hillary clinton at for president. [blue -- >> we are no >> they are going to do that. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with the latest reaction online. we heard the reaction. >> one thing trump and sander supporters have in common is i bernie sanders because she is saying i went with a more moderate candidate in 2016, it didn't work out, let's not go down that road again but that her name is getting too did the did the at a rally for democratic candidate is a really big deal and has a lot of people
1:25 am
on social media talking, cynthia next and is a nice person but hillary clinton deserves every. she gets. gary tweeting the voice of reason, thank you for calling out divisiveness by saying we are not going to do that, clinton blamed sanders supporters for her losing in 2016 saying their constant attacks on her campaign did not help, played into donald trump's favor. >> something non-politics related but some people still interested, the resume of lori laughlin's daughter has surfaced. the college admissions scandals, prosecutors released the fake effort resume yesterday, which daughter it does not belong to the graduation date alliance to olivia jade, an award-winning crew athlete who won in 2014-2016 but as we know she is not believed to have ever played the sport so every time something of this story's nature
1:26 am
comes up it generates a lot of reaction. when twitter user says her parents deserve to go to jail and this twitter user says the real tragedy is the resume format. and october trial date, we have doocy until then. finally the broom challenge, the most important story of the day. >> it is sweeping social media. there was a rumor nasa announced the only day a broom can stand up on its own is february 10th because of the earth's gravitational pull. nasa and made no such announcement but americans across the country did participate in the broom challenge and it does look like something is holding it down but probably just -- there is a trick to that. we need a broom before the end
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of the show. thank you so much. everybody around try it. finish your video. 26 after the top of the hour, a sanctuary crackdown by the trump administration. >> these policies are textbook examples of misguided ideology, triumphing over common sense law enforcement. >> the new law filed against governments for sanctuary policies and bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in new hampshire in 2016. will have any impact on the primary? what we can learn from previous winners? a lesson from the past for this year's winner.
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>> reporter: our good republicans in the united states senate voted to issue a full complete and absolute total acquittal. we have the best economy we have ever had, the most prosperity, the average unemployment rate under my administration is lower than any previous administration in the history of our country. the democratic party wants to run your healthcare but they can't even run a caucus in iowa. we are the party of equal opportunity for all americans, we are returning power to you the american people. >> donald trump firing up the crowd at a massive rally ahead of the primary so what did the
1:32 am
voters think? that is what matters? pete hegseth spoke to them live outside the tavern at the bedford and in new hampshire. good morning. you have got to go out and talk to them. >> of course we were there. we got inside, got a chance to talk to people who waited in line. you can talk about crowd size all you want but it does matter. the arena was packed more than any of the democratic candidates combined had. keep that in mind when it comes to the general election. we asked voters what do you think of the democratic candidates? which are fireable and wide use for the president? here's what they had to say. >> what brings you here tonight. >> the energy, so many patriots excited for four more years of donald trump. >> why do you support the president? >> i love him. he does everything right. >> everything he does, america first. he cares about veterans and everything going on in america. >> why you supporting the
1:33 am
president? >> i don't want to be american in the same way south america is, socialist government is the worst nightmare for every country in the world. >> you see a democrat in the field that could challenge the president? >> absolutely not. >> none. none of them. >> not one. not a one. >> no one is going to beat him. >> we asked that question 25 times, do you see a democrat come most of the times we receive laughter in response or silence which i've been to rally sometimes asking about other candidates and have been moments people said this candidate or that candidate looks like they are strong. in this case this is a group very confident the president's record will speak for itself especially after he was exonerated last week. >> you are out there, able to get a feel for yourself firsthand.
1:34 am
what are your predictions for the new hampshire race? >> lever can turn out there base, their people is going to have the most effective day, that comes through ground game or through motivation. they sale is the foreign has the strongest ground game but the numbers don't bear that out and the enthusiasm doesn't either. this is mayor pete versus bernie race. bernie won in 2016, the enthusiasm remain strong especially among young people. we heard that at the rally last night. i would look for bernie to have a strong night tonight but who knows, new hampshire has been known to surprise. >> thank you. we will be watching you throughout the morning. you can catch pete live in bedford, new hampshire beginning at 6:00 am. appreciate you starting early with us which is look at today's results, look to the past which
1:35 am
what can previous granite state winners and losers tell us about this europe selection, joining us live with her expertise is presidential historian jane hampton, great to have you with us for sure. >> thanks for having me. >> as we begin our discussion let's bring up the results we have so far, the results show four votes, bloomberg with 50%, buttigieg 25 and sanders with 25. what does that tell us according to the past, what may or may not happen moving forward in new hampshire? >> new hampshire is the place where the race is often shaken up. new hampshire primaries in the past have shaken up the race. you we have a surprise with bloomberg doing so well in just these few votes but i think it is interesting these were hand
1:36 am
written, right in candidates and historically back in 1968 there was a writing campaign for the extinct president lyndon johnson. that is the way they have historically done things in new hampshire. >> interesting to take a look back and see how things used to happen. some of the past democratic winners include bernie sanders in 2016, 60% of the vote, president obama in 2012, a whopping 80%. clinton 39.9% in 2008, carry, then gore. traditionally how does the winner of new hampshire do? we could bring up the pass gop winners as we continue the discussion. >> sometimes ucsc side effects where the winner in iowa such as barack obama in 2008 doesn't always win the new hampshire primary, hillary clinton won in 2008 but barack obama came back
1:37 am
and won south carolina and took the nomination so sometimes you have that pattern. that happened with george w. bush, he won iowa but john mccain won new hampshire but won south carolina. we can see that affect this time. but it is hard to say. sometimes the new hampshire winner goes on to win at all. that happened with donald trump. he lost iowa but won new hampshire and won the nomination. so it can shake up the race. what is different this time is we are not in a 2-person race. we are in 3, 4, five person race still. that creates a whole different dynamic. >> that would probably be the case moving forward. a lot has been said about southern strategy. south carolina up next. explain how past winners in new hampshire fared in the palmetto state and as we discussed that we can bring up some numbers from the past just to compare. >> with george w. bush, he really did badly in new hampshire but came back and won
1:38 am
south carolina. bill clinton in 1992 lost iowa. he did not win new hampshire but did better and he used that to launch his comeback strategy and he took south carolina and that is what launched him to win the nomination in 1992. we could see that affect this year with so many people in the field. you could see mayor pete if he does well here, even if he doesn't win he might do well in south carolina. part of it too is we need to watch what happens to elizabeth warren tonight. if she doesn't place well, the support to bernie moving forward, will she be ready to do that because that would galvanize the progressive wing of the democratic party for bernie. shannon: it will be interesting to watch but politics are really different than they have ever
1:39 am
been before. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. gop leaders standing up against what appears to be a despicable act of political violence. >> what is happening in this country on the left is horrifying and if this is where we are starting 10 months out from election day. where is this going to end up? >> trump voters and for refusing to be silenced. the gop plan of action days after a driver plowed through the voter registration tend.
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>> look at this chilling video recently released, schoolchildren thrown from their seats during a horrific bus crash.
1:43 am
goodness. the trapped students obviously screaming for help when this bus rolled over. they did escape out windows come out the emergency exit. ohio police a mustang ran a red light and caused the wreck. 25 students were on board and amazingly no one was seriously injured. very very lucky. florida republicans vowed revenge at the ballot box after a man intentionally slammed his van into a tent of fallen tears. >> outraged. we are outraged. we are outraged. this is not who we are. this is an american. >> gregory timmons is charged with aggravated assault after several people were nearly run down when registering gop voters in jacksonville.
1:44 am
amazingly no one was injured. the group says they were targeted for their beliefs. authorities have not said if the attack was politically motivated but you are not hearing a lot about it. but you will right here. we will follow it for you. the trump administration cracking down on sanctuary cities. the doj announcing significant escalation handing down lawsuits and sanctions against several states. marianne rafferty joins us from los angeles with what is driving the white house push. >> a stern warning from the doj to leaders of sanctuary cities, comply with federal immigration laws or deal with the consequences. william barr announcing a round of lawsuits against california, new jersey and washington for allowing criminal aliens to escape and undermining ice by coming up with ways to circumvent federal law.
1:45 am
>> in various jurisdictions, aggressive politicians are jeopardizing public safety by putting the interests of criminal aliens before those of law-abiding citizens. >> donald trump during the state of the union address citing several cases of illegal immigrants committing mysterious crimes because they were sheltered by sanctuaries and calling for a ban. >> a lot of it goes to the supreme court. we won a lot of them on the supreme court. the ban we won on the supreme court and lower courts have been the ninth circuit and wanting the supreme court but some of them go and some of them don't. >> the doj also implementing unprecedented reviews of the government and prosecutors in those sanctuary cities, state and local leaders are hitting back. in a statement new jersey's attorney general saying once again the trump administration is sacrificing public safety for political expedience. what is disappointing is my
1:46 am
former colleagues at the justice department have agreed to go along with this election year stunned. a statement from california governor gavin newsom's office reads in part we won't back down in defending our laws. the lawsuits are not the first time the government has sued over sanctuary policies. in 2018 a lawsuit against california, federal district judge citing an appeals court panel agreeing with the judge. shannon: thank you. the time is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. mayor pete distancing himself from the liberal wing of his party. >> i part ways with senator sanders, you got to be for a revolution or you must be for the status quo. paints a picture most of us can't see ourselves. >> the democrat says he is the moderate who can bring the nation together but is buttigieg as centrist as he seems. tommy laren thinks that all
1:47 am
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>> i part ways with my friend senator sanders was the idea that you have to either be for revolutionary you must be for the status quo paint a picture where most of us can't see ourselves. we have a chance to actually solve the problems by making promises we can keep. >> 2020 hopeful pete buttigieg slamming bernie sanders and framing himself as the moderate choice for new hampshire but is that true? tommy laren joins me with more and she says he is all smoke and mirrors.
1:51 am
let's bring up, thank you for joining us buttigieg's moderate platform and get your comments, public health care option, green new deal, wealth tax, the assault weapons man, revealing the height amendment. what is your take? >> absolutely. all these candidates with the exception of bernie sanders are trying to appear the moderate choice because they saw it was relatively working for joe biden but none of them are moderate or common sense. the only thing that separates them from bernie sanders or aoc is how honest their willing to be. shannon: differently not honest about the price tag or how they will pay for it. have you heard them explain how they will pay for the green new deal? $93 million over 10 years, medicare for all? what is the cost, $36 trillion and that is in the first 10 years.
1:52 am
>> nobody ever wants to talk about how they will pay for it, bernie sanders and elizabeth for and plan to pay through wealth tax or confiscation but the rest of them shy away from talking about it because they want to seem like moderate choices but in addition to what you mentioned don't forget he is one of those people that believes in providing privileges and shielding for illegal immigrants. i don't know about you but in my book that doesn't make you moderate, the in my book that makes you just as extreme as bernie sanders and those are the things that could break this nation, smoke and mirrors, good luck, i understand he's trying to seem like he's not -- at the end of the they are moving towards socialism, some of them trying to hide it. >> what does it mean for the democratic party moving forward in the election if it does end up being a socialist candidate? >> at the end of the day that is where the party is moving in general as we saw with the impeachment hoax. everything they have done the last three years is moving to the radical left. nancy pelosi lost control of her party. the more sensible minds within
1:53 am
the party have been ignored so we will keep moving more in a socialist direction is all bernie sanders is not the extreme radical but the norm and that is what we will see moving forward. shannon: you mentioned sensible minds, something that does not make any sense at all, the attorney general william barr announced sweeping new sanctions against sanctuary cities. let's listen to what he had to say about states that are letting illegal immigrants accused of violent crimes, gang members, murderers, rapists, just out, listen. >> various jurisdictions, so-called aggressive politicians are jeopardizing public safety and putting the interests of criminal aliens before those of law-abiding citizens. >> lots of sanctuary states we are dealing with, what will the
1:54 am
sanctions mean moving forward? >> it is a great start and i'm glad somebody is doing something about it. you can have all the policies you want but if you are not enforcing the interior it is all for nothing. i live in one of those sanctuary states. i live in california. i have been with ice offices in los angeles and they have a real difficult time being able to detain and deport criminal aliens who are a danger to society, who committed crimes we need to be cracking down, great first step and i want to see us continue. >> we appreciate having you on with us so early in the morning, thank you. i know your viewers appreciate it. you can watch no interruption with tommy laren on fox nation and be sure to do that. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the iran diary democrats cannot get it to the regular, clear sign the party is in disarray after last week's office chaos that continues and like father like daughter, how
1:55 am
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>> welcome back. greta thunberg is headed to the silver screen. bridgestone broadcaster bbc
1:59 am
announcing will produce documentary series about climate change featuring the teenage activist was no release date has been set. us streaming company who will make a documentary about her. dwayne the rock johnson's daughter joining the family business. simone johnson posting a video of her training to join the wwe tweeting for the little girl who fell in love with wrestling and was determined to make this dream a reality this is for you. ready to get after it, let's do this. she will be a force -- fourth-generation wrestler by the way. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. real-life version, street performer lifted into the sky by dozens of balloons, carnival street showing italy and the bad, us coast guard number $340 million worth of cocaine in san diego, the drugs seized over
2:00 am
two month and the ugly, this could be assigned democrats are still reeling from the iowa caucuses. watch what happens here. the sign falling off the podium to the floor as the party leader gave an update on the iowa caucus which continues. that wraps up this hour, "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. >> we keep on winning washington democrats keep on losing their minds, they are crazy, taking cues from crazy bernie. >> the president is a pathological liar. >> i will be damned if i will stand by and watch us lose this country to donald trump a second time. >> does anybody know who won iowa? >> tuesday february 11th. the first ballots in the first he


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