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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 11, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> ed: i understand harris faulkner is there. "outnumbered," the whole team will be there to get it. she will be there specifically. we are back here tomorrow morning, by the way. >> sandra: we look forward to that. we'll have all the results right here. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert, 2020 democrats facing a pivotal moment now in new hampshire as voters head to the polls today in the first in the nation primary. the candidates out in full force making their closing arguments to voters. this, as a fierce battle rages on between the two top finishers in iowa. pete buttigieg and bernie sanders. the vermont senator last night saying the stakes in new hampshire couldn't be higher. >> the truth is, not only is the whole country looking at new hampshire, the entire world is looking at new hampshire. [cheers and applause] what you do tomorrow is of
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international consequence. >> melissa: but buttigieg looking to paint sanders as to divisive. >> in a moment where country is so divided, we can't risk further polarizing the american people. that's why i'm very concerned about the suggestion that either you've got to be for a revolution or you must be for the status quo. because that is a vision of politics, and all or nothing vision, that most of us can't see where we fit in. >> melissa: this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. >> kennedy: here i am! >> capri: i'm kennedy now.>> me. in the center seat, guide benson paired host of the guy benson radio show, and fox news contributor. he's "outnumbered." guy, let me start with you. did you think they would be in
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the lead when you got in after? >> guy: sanders, yes. the total collapse of joe biden has been fascinating to watch. his campaign announcing earlier today they are pulling up stakes and getting out of dodge, heading to south carolina, doing that on election day is sending a signal. i saw he was quoted saying he is still mildly hopeful about new hampshire. quite a sound bite there. and you just look at what biden -- even this morning he went on another network's morning show and said, sure, anyone can beat donald trump. mickey mouse could be donald trump." which undercuts his central argument, electability. which seems to be circling the drain right now. this very seems not to be that anymore. and bernie sanders is licking his chops, looking toward tonight. he's leading in the polls. saying, "if i can win back, winning the most votes in iowa and new hampshire, there is a path for me, especially if the other side of this primary remains crowded and clogged up
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with people." >> melissa: capri, i was looking for my note on how the polls have sunk. while he was talking about joe biden there. down in the monmouth polls, lost 14-point since mid-january. nine months since late january, the quinnipiac poll. nbc "wall street journal" poll, down two points since mid-december. i guess that's the best one. what do you think of where he has been? what has happened with him? >> capri: i think what's happened is he has actually been out there and voters have had an opportunity to actually engage with joe biden. what we've seen in the last, whatever, three times he's run for president -- i think this is his third time, actually, running for president -- but he's not particularly good on the campaign trail. he's had lackluster debate performances. as a result, he is lagging not only in the polls but in fund-raising. so i think he's in really big trouble. now, to bernie sanders, i would say this -- i don't think new hampshire is going to be this earth shattering moment for him even though i'm sure he's going to try and pitch it as momentum. because he's from the neighboring state of vermont, he
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won it four years ago, it's not really going to mean a whole lot for bernie sanders to enact new hampshire. it's what happens after new hampshire. >> guy: although being close to new hampshire doesn't mean you'll be successful. >> capri: a man, look at elizabeth warren. i don't disagree with that. >> dagen: that's what i wanted to talk about, the bigger disaster isn't joe biden, who is still commanding presence in south carolina. a strong black vote. it's elizabeth warren. she finished third in iowa. she could do worse in new hampshire, and she is still, "doo-doo-doo," sang the chorus. she has a thousand staffers and 31 states, second only to mike bloomberg. i follow this closely on twitter. "having watched warren today --" this was yesterday -- "there is no one better using his or her life story for building the case for his or her candidacy.
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she does it superbly well but she's also shown the least willingness and ability to switch up tactics when things aren't going well." his theory is one that poll came out and showed her doing worse against donald trump than joe biden and bernie sanders, that was the beginning of the end. my words, not his. that was where she lost the momentum. i don't know what she's doing, quite frankly. >> kennedy: i think dagen is absolutely right. the candidacy we've been focusing on in terms of implosion has been joe biden, but elizabeth warren needs it more than he does because she does have proximity. she also speaks shorthand of people in new hampshire, that she has been relying on to boost her in this critical first primary state. amy klobuchar, she had a big night friday night. she got the big momentum swing. yesterday i called her "old
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coffin nail klobuchar," because she could really end the candidacies of either warren or biden. because she is at an interesting time. i don't know if it's enough for her, but certainly enough to do some real damage to their two campaigns. >> melissa: i'm glad you brought her up, she's the one we haven't mentioned yet. the other person who hasn't mentioned her is president trump. she doesn't seem to have a nickname yet, which is probably the biggest insult you can get from them. if he hasn't given time to give you a nickname... it's an insult commitment to her being ignored. maybe you're not a >> dagen: i agree with that, but you can take on elizabeth warren because she has lied about so much of her past. she actually called herself an american indian on our bar application. amy klobuchar is a little bit harder to go after her until she gives you a reason to do that. then you do look like a bully. i think president trump ma mayba little savvy-dr than that.
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why are people going after pete buttigieg's record as a matter of self bend? nobody is going after his blatant failures in what is a sl city. extremely high murder rate for a city of its size, and bill mccarron whitestone migrates about this very thing. the number of african-americans on the police force actually fell to 6% during his mentorship , and the population is 26% black. you can go point by point on how we could even run the fourth-largest -- city in the state. >> capri: i think young people are trying to straight up this mess and being a small town mayor. you seen joe biden go after him, basically saying -- >> dagen: he made fun of his excesses. go after his failures. >> capri: i agree with you. it's definitely a road map there. but i think people have chosen to just basically pat him on the head and say, "that's cute, you are a small town mayor." >> kennedy: they don't take
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them seriously. >> guy: if he pulls an upset tonight, that changes. >> melissa: let me ask you a bit about elizabeth warren. as she is thinking here, she says she attacks donald trump but also says, "we need to remember, a country that elected a man like donald trump is a country that was already in trouble." that is getting dangerously close to condemning the people who voted for him. i guess there wouldn't be a lot of crossover between president trump's voters and elizabeth warren's voters, but when you start going after the people, that is never a good tactic. >> guy: she doesn't really make an effort to bring people together at all. sometimes she will mouth a few words about reconciliation, but she is an extremely divisive candidate in this race, and she's really having a lot of trouble. it gives me great pleasure to say that, because i think she's awful in terms of her policies. to be very clear. i think dagen makes a very important point. we are focusing on biden. part of that is just because of the massive epic nature of this
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collapse, that we were in the process of seeing. because he was the national front runner for so long. but he at least does have -- theoretically, you could look at the map coming up and say there's a firewall in south carolina. he is still doing well enough among black voters. there is a springboard, in theory, on paper, i can put them back into this race if he does well in the palmetto state. show me a firewall or a springboard for elizabeth warren coming up. if it's not new hampshire, then -- >> kennedy: i don't think she resonates in california. we haven't been focusing on california as much because we've got nevada and south carolina in the way. but it is delicate-rich, its nutrient-rich, and it's critical. you are going to see -- >> dagen: she displayed her weakness when she went after bernie sanders using her gender as a crutch. that's a flag to everybody watching. >> capri: amy klobuchar does not use her gender as much of a crutch. >> kennedy: that's who she
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stole her policy from. >> dagen: "if i wrote small town mayor, nobody would pay attention to me because i'm a woman!" she stole her whole platform from bernie sanders and went after him. all the sanders voters are like, "you're outta here, lady." >> melissa: more about playing down expectations, pinning hopes on upcoming states like south carolina. a new poll shows the former vp's support plummeting with a key group of voters. we will talk about that next. ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? i spend a lot of time in my truck. it's my livelihood. ♪ rock music >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. so when my windshield cracked... my friend recommended safelite autoglass. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. they came right to me, with expert service where i needed it. that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> it's time we stopped treating people better than people who bust their neck working for a living. it's time we stop the massive tax cuts for the super wealthy and stand up for the middle class. it's time we had a president who
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once again stood up for american values on the world stage. >> dagen: joe biden, former vice president, making his final pitch to voters in new hampshire amid low expectations for his campaign in the granite state as voters head to the polls there. but i didn't know telling nbc he is looking ahead to other states. like south carolina, where h he said he expects it to "very well." now his firewall might be in jeopardy. a quinnipiac poll shows support among african-american voters plummeting from 52% to 27% since the iowa caucuses. now we are learning that former vice president biden abruptly announce he will not spend primary night in new hampshire as planned. instead, he is flying to south carolina to headline it kick off early. guy, he's got to do well not just in south carolina, but nevada and then south carolina. otherwise this campaign is over. >> guy: i think if you go 0 for 3 and a spectacular bad
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way, he'd limped into south carolina, where already it looks like a lot of his base are looking at what's happening, not just pulling but actual results and saying maybe he can't actually hack it. i'm trying to envision how he could have played this worse. i know it sounds like i'm really going after biden today, but my gosh, you have to look at what's happening in front of you. he decided after a fourth-place finish in iowa that he would come to new hampshire and compete in new hampshire. if they wanted to downplay what happened in new hampshire and say it doesn't really matter, you go straight to nevada and south carolina. you just skip over new hampshire. instead he went to the granite state, he made a play there, he held all these rallies, and then on the day all his volunteers are getting out the vote, his voters are supposed to go to the polls, he is like, "peace, i'll see you somewhere else, good luck." i can't imagine how demoralizing they would have to be for his people on the ground. now you can't manage expectations in new hampshire. he's been there now for weeks. >> melissa: i'm not sure it is demoralizing because i'm not sure he has people on the ground
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in new hampshire. >> capri: ouch. >> melissa: if you heard our folks on the ground, they said last night when they went to his rally there was like 130 people there or something. >> kennedy: what a barn burner! >> melissa: a not a lot of folks showing up. this was foreshadowed by former president barack obama, who did not come out and voiced support for him. who we all thought when we set on this count four years ago or more, when he came out and give that speech, vice president biden, and he sound like he might change his mind about not running -- remember? and you didn't know it -- >> kennedy: in the middle of the speech! >> melissa: that he was going to run. the gossip at the time was that it was president obama who sent him out there and said "don't do it." i think president obama knew him more than anybody else and that he would collapse like a wet taco, as they say. >> dagen: anybody want to jump
9:18 am
on -- >> kennedy: i am hungry, it's lunchtime. >> guy: wet taco joe. [laughter] >> capri: we are getting away from the wet taco conversation. i want to circle back to the numbers about the african-american vote and support for joe biden. it's gone, basically in half. from 52 to whatever. 28. >> dagen: , but we are getting -- i just want to point out the person who is in second in that poll, it's bloomberg. so let's hold on that. >> capri: fair enough. my question, do we know where that african-american support has migrated? hasn't migrated? to be no -- >> kennedy: let's stop talking about group people as though they are completely mindless and they are just going -- like a blob, going to go from one place to another. that's what's been so offensive to me about the conversation about joe biden. that somehow he's got the black vote in south carolina, and there's going to be no one to
9:19 am
rely on. obviously that firewall -- >> capri: my point is they are not walking in lockstep. my question is, have they gone someplace else? is there any evidence that the precipitous drop in that african-american support reflected in that poll hasn't gone to bernie sanders? has it gone to elizabeth warren? to amy klobuchar? mayor pete? do we know where it went? >> dagen: it went to bloomber bloomberg. president obama never had any intention of stepping up and getting behind anybody. >> kennedy: the only thing he's going to do is trying to trip up bernie sanders. >> dagen: he's going to wait until the convention, he will parachute in, meantime he's playing golf because he saw with the dnc did to bernie sanders in the last go 'round. >> guy: i want to at least play devil's advocate and say we shouldn't be talking yet about the biden candidacy like it's over. i think there is still a path we
9:20 am
can come back. the fuel is not terribly strong to begin with. >> kennedy: [humming "taps"] >> guy: there is a stench. >> dagen: mouth trumpet taps. >> kennedy: its mouth trump trumpet tuesday. meanwhile, michael bloomberg facing renewed controversy. it has now gone viral. the former new york city mayor strongly defending the controversial policing tactic known as stop and frisk. a policy he no longer supports, conveniently. and he's apologized for multiple times, rather late. take a listen.
9:21 am
>> kennedy: i don't see how he gets out of this. but michael bloomberg has issued a statement a short time ago saying, "i inherited the police practice of stop and frisk. as part of our effort to stop gun violence, it was over use paid by the time i left office i cut it back by 95%, but i should have done it faster and sooner. i regret that and i have apologized. and i've taken responsibility for taking too long to understand the impact it had on black and latino communities." you can see there back in 20 15 he had a very complex understanding of what that was doing to certain communities, and he said, "yeah, well, too bad, that's where the crime is."
9:22 am
essentially that's racial profiling. >> melissa: yes, it's going to be very hard -- it was one thing to speak out and trying to cover up the policy or explain it away. that sound is really tough to get away from. that's his own voice. i can't -- i don't know, that's really tough to get away from. you read the middle part of his apology or his response or whatever it is. it started with president trump's delete his deleted tweet.he tweeted that ht and deleted it later. when you start your response with, "i know, but he's worth x" you are in really big trouble. >> kennedy: it sounds like you kind of lost the argument there. so what does he do now? >> dagen: he will keep spending his money. because he think money not only buys happiness, but buys you the democratic presidential nomination. >> melissa: it bought them a third term in new york for mayor. >> dagen: it did, but he can't even run on his record here.
9:23 am
that's part of the problem. that was my finger in the frame, but i was pointing at melissa. again, this is what i've been saying about mike bloomberg all along. that he's online dating. people aren't really seeing who he is for what he is. he's buying all these ads and essentially got to go on a date with the american people. they've got to see you in pers person. >> guy: there's a very heavy filter on mike bloomberg. [laughter] >> kennedy: i want to ask you about this. where did this come from? and obviously happened in 2015, it's been around for a while. does it seem like it came from one of the many democratic camps? or from the republican side? >> guy: i think this is likely from the democratic side. how this will play in a democratic primary i think it's fascinating. to me it's the verb "throw." for them against the wall. that's where i sat up like, "we ask." the whodunit is interesting. i have a few theories. one is that mike bloomberg is
9:24 am
doing suddenly better among a certain demographic, and there's a certain candidate desperate to do very well in south carolina. may not be able to wait until super tuesday to drop a major oppo hit. that's my operating theory but i might need to workshop it a little bit. >> kennedy: how was biden's team? do you think they are giving them good counsel? >> capri: i want to plead the fifth on this because i know biden's team and his campaign manager for ohio for almost the last 20 years. >> kennedy: can bloomberg overcome this? >> capri: i think it's very difficult. stop and frisk in general be very difficult for him in a democratic primary. stranger things have happened. donald trump has gotten away with a lot of stuff. the american people have managed to ignore a lot of things, maybe they'll do the same for bloomberg. >> kennedy: and the president has talked about his fandom of stop and frisk. he's been supportive of the policy. >> dagen: maybe mike bloomberg can take those billions and buy some self-awareness and a sensitivity chip. >> kennedy: i don't think it'll help at this point but i would like to see them on a
9:25 am
debate stage. democrats in new hampshire facing the same problem republicans had just four years ago, who to choose from among a crowded field. whether today's vote will give us any answers. our very own harris faulkner is on the ground and the granite ss next. ♪ here's record-breaking news for veterans. va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50-year lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. newday's va streamline refi makes it fast and easy because there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. i urge you to call newday usa now.
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if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> melissa: as voters head to the polls in new hampshire, there's some pretty big differences between today and four years ago. the level of indecision among democratic voters more closely resembles that of republicans in 2016 as they confront a large field of candidates. this, as the number of dem primary voters who report uncertainty about their choice is reportedly significantly higher than four years ago when it was a more straightforward contest between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. as the "los angeles times" observed, "the new hampshire voters are of course notoriously picky, spoiled some would say,
9:30 am
as a result of the attention they get every four years. but this year's indecision appears to go deeper, with many voters appearing almost paralyzed. not just by the breadth of choice they face, but by the weight of the stakes is a struggle to find a candidate that can beat president trump." for more, let's go to harris faulkner on the ground live in bedford, new hampshire. harris, i used to work in new hampshire, and sometimes i thought that the voters weren't as indecisive. they were just private about it, and they wanted to be courted until the last minute because they care. i don't know, what do you think? >> harris: well, things have changed. they have changed demographically quite a bit since you were here. in fact, they've changed in the last five years to the tune of 244,000 new people coming in. 214,000 exiting. in that swap, melissa, there is a demographic that you have to pay attention to now. many of them are young, some of them are migrants, some are
9:31 am
coming from other parts of the united states, other parts of the world, and some of them will be voting. enough of a significant number that it registers when they do the surveys. they'll be voting for the very first time. what voters are telling me on the ground in new hampshire since i've been here, and over the weeks we've been talking to them by phone and email and skype and facebook and everything else, is that there's a very big difference here on the ground between being an independent and being undecided. so you have a lot of undecideds. they just tell me they don't like this field. these are democrats they are not wild about, particularly, anybody. but those young new voters don't know bernie sanders. so the numbers that we are looking at, that 60%, he beat hillary clinton by, that might not exist this time around. we don't know until they go to the polls. >> kennedy: harris, we are wondering about the level of excitement. bernie sanders says he needs a big turn out to have a big win tonight. what are people saying, not only about bernie sanders bernie sanders but amy klobuch
9:32 am
amy klobuchar? she seems to have some heat going into this contest. >> harris: the secretary of state here in new hampshire says they expect a strong turnout. i don't know if we'll be talking about record numbers, but they expect a lot of people. as it is pointed out, when you talk with people, they're not sure about what they want to do even though bernie does well in the prepolling to primary day. we won't get into many of the details because it is a voting day today, and out of respect for those people who haven't voted yet, we will let them just go make their mark as americans. but kennedy, what's interesting is if you don't know what people are doing it's hard to reach them. so the barnstorming got a new member last night with president trump. no doubt, he is taking look at a number today, that's 40% of likely voters saying they see themselves as independent. a toss-up, "come and get me." melissa alluded to that, "bring me some attention. not because i'm a democrat or republican, but because i could
9:33 am
beat anybody. i haven't made up my mind yet." that is a layering that is difficult. when you introduce an incumbent president with a good economy, boy, it gets couple kitted. >> dagen: harris, it's dagen. what about joe biden and the enthusiasm for him? he's heading to south carolina today. >> harris: yeah, i'm not hearing a lot of joe biden enthusiasm. what i am hearing his memories of joe biden and that nostalgia people say they like. when i talk about those demographics changing because of moving in and out, one thing is constant from reporting. and that is that new hampshire still has a healthy aging population. they are more familiar with joe biden, and those whom i've talked with are just not so convinced that as their candidate. >> capri: hey, harris, it's capri. >> melissa: hi, capri. i like that lilac you're wearing. >> capri: thank you very much! i do have a question. you talked about turnout, and i'm curious to know, because it's my understanding that
9:34 am
new hampshire is an open primary where you basically can show up and pull the ballots -- >> harris: independents can vote today. >> capri: do you know if anybody will self identify as republicans that are actually going to go and decide if they will vote in the democratic primary today? are you getting any sense of that on the grounds that there are folks that may be disillusioned with president trump? >> harris: that's a great question. i don't know if you caught the president at his rally last night, reaching out to people, particularly independents. "hey, go into it for the candidate you think might be weakest among the democrats so you can help my side win." that's and criticized today as not being something so much ado. i will say there are some that are reachable pattern of them so much by party as a likelihood to vote today. i can tell you at 1:00 on "outnumbered overtime" we have put together a new segment called "voters 'voices."
9:35 am
we are hearing from people on the ground wherever we happen to be. we are talking with them on the air live for the first time about what they see. among my guests today will be a republican, and i can't wait to see what he says. as you said, this is an open primary. anybody can jump in. >> guy: harris, it's guy. very quickly, he mentioned the pride that new hampshire voters have in being the first in the nation primary. in some ways they are first in the nation total this year because of the debacle in iowa. any trash talk about iowa? >> harris: [laughs] not so much trash talk, but just disillusionment. this unbelievability that the first in the nation caucuses could go so wrong when they had so much lead time. when people said in the democratic party, i was democratic party and across the country, that their focus
9:36 am
was to bump donald trump from the white house, how could you get it so wrong? that's what people are saying to me. and then, does it count? that is an odd question, guy. you can speak to that, you've watched many elections. buttigieg picks up 14 of those delegates. sanders picks up 12. going forward there are a lot more delegates. in the end, does it matter that he got those 12 or 14? what do you think? >> guy: well, every delegate counts. i think when bernie sanders has won more votes, he has at least they claim to being victorious in iowa. i think my people i've talked to in new hampshire say this is more than usual, our moment. because i will blew it. they had their first shot, they totally blew it, it's embarrassing. we are going to be the adults here and take the process over and crowned a first true winner. >> harris: it'll be interesting. >> melissa: harris, talk about some of the fantastic guests you have coming up on your show. >> harris: you know, i'm
9:37 am
excited to talk with senator judd gregg, republican here in new hampshire, former senator and governor. and just get his take on this changing landscape of voters in the state. and as guy just pointed out, we are all focused on that because they become the every american that we watch to see now. it used to be iowa, maybe that will make a resurgence in the future. right now all eyes on new hampshire. and how does this set things up for the next few contests? we've got chris stirewalt, who you know is a regular on "outnumbered overtime." we've got new faces coming in, too. kayleigh mcenany with the trump campaign just walked by. i'm excited to talk with her. she was on the ground for my town hall in iowa. she has seen both these electorates, and i'm really interested to know what president trump plans are. i know you guys were talking about former mayor bloomberg and the whole dustup that has happened with stop and frisk and the audio that has come forth. there's a lot to get into next hour with some really special
9:38 am
guests. >> melissa: all right, we look forward to it! thanks, harris. 2020 democrats are the only ones making the rounds in new hampshire. president trump also rallying supporters there last night, taking aim at his democratic rivals. whether that will help or hurt his political foes ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to at philof cream cheese.w what makes the perfect schmear you need only the freshest milk and cream. that one! and the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier.
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9:43 am
the democrats. does that make sense? you people wouldn't do that. my only problem is i'm trying to figure out, who is their weakest candidate? i think there all week. >> melissa: doing a little stand up there. new hampshire is a semiopen primary state, meaning independents are allowed to vote in either party's primary. but voters registered with the party can only vote in that party's primary. kennedy, he was joking. he was doing a little stand up there, getting his car together. does he fire of the other side by being there and saying things like that? or does he sort of show his strength by having all these people show up to his rally, and joe biden has four and a half people or something? >> kennedy: they were saying it was a smattering of persons at the joe biden rally. i do feel bad for him, but if the president were really looking for independents to do something -- which i think he would have called someone out -- but the entire point of him being there is to troll the other side and to get in their heads.
9:44 am
at this point, and president obama's first term, he didn't have the same level of enthusiasm he did in 2008 when he was holding these massive rallies in arenas, speeches, women fainting. he didn't quite have the same effect three and half years later that this president does. so i think he is flexing his migratory muscle >> melissa: guy, people saying president trump says things like this. he says to go vote. a lot of pearl clutching about what he says. bret baier was talking about the tire shop owner they talk to, that four years ago was dying on the vine. four years later has never sold so many tires. he doesn't like when president trump treats. he says his business is thriving, so he knows who he will vote for. >> guy: that's a lot of potential trauma voters. people who don't live everything they see from the president's
9:45 am
construct but they are looking for results and saying, "to be really want to completely shift gears potentially do something like socialism?" it's a tough question to answer, especially on the economy. on the point of crossing over and voting what we saw in the counter programming rally for president trump, i always find it interesting that the campaign puts out numbers based on the data they get from the people who register. there were over 50,000 people who wanted tickets, of course they couldn't fit anyone anywhere close to that in the building. of that 52,000 group, 20% of them are democrats. so a quarter of the people who wanted to be at this trump rally are registered democrats. i think very interestingly 17% of the people at that rally, according to the trump campaign and their data, 17% of the people at the rally did not vote in 2016. if they can get those people, even a good chunk of them to show up in 2020, that's an unseen vote that could have a major impact. >> capri: i think this is a
9:46 am
really interesting point. because these rallies are just about trolling. i think they are majorly about trolling, but i do think they are a great a mechanism to be able to gather data once you have that information, you can then push out the text messages, emails, you -- it's genius. that's -- it's not just getting off the democrats, it's very much an infrastructure issue that i think ultimately does benefit president trump's campaign. >> kennedy: ultimately i think that's the main point. besides reenergizing him, because the president loves it and he comes back fired up, besides that it is about the data. that isn't the first time we've seen that from this rally. these are the people to voluntarily come out and give out their information. >> dagen: as a master showman and television producer he knows he will get more attention from the media if he belly flops
9:47 am
right into the middle of the state the night before a primary contest or a caucus. >> guy: just follow them around. >> dagen: at the end of the day somebody needs to liven up their own rallies on the democratic side. president trump, like him or not, he's quite amusing and entertaining. >> guy: bernie got the strokes. >> dagen: i didn't even know the strokes were together, by the way. >> kennedy: i think they reform to support bernie. he would never hear joe biden got the strokes. >> dagen: i like the idea of following them around a belly flop into the middle of where they are doing it. >> dagen: april biden super pac, meantime, sounding the alarm about a possibility of a split convention if michael bloomberg keeps getting momentum. whether that cracks the democratic party beyond repair. ♪ at visionworks we guarantee you will see great and look great. "guaranteed" we say that too! you've gotta use these because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really!
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>> kennedy: welcome back. as voting in new hampshire gets underway, super pac for joe biden's urging potential voters to get behind the former vice president or risk fracturing the party. politico obtaining a memo from "unite the country," the super pac that casts biden as a unifying candidate while also raising concerns about the rise of michael bloomberg. it reads, in part, "donors hedging their bets on biden because of bloomberg could be
9:52 am
creating a doomsday scenario for democrats everywhere. the sanders-war and wing of the parties ready for the bloomberg fight. democrats cannot afford a split convention." the memo goes on to question whether the "bernie bros," referring to is most passionate and vocal supporters, would be willing to back bloomberg up your brokered convention. especially if sanders comes in with more delegates. was this a smart move on the biden campaigns part? >> capri: to leak this memo? i think he looks bad. are they nervous much about mike bloomberg? i mean, come on. they are obviously showing their cards, that they are incredibly nervous about this. they're not going to go to joe biden or mike bloomberg. >> kennedy: they will grudge vote, though. >> capri: they may, but it's not like joe biden has a secret sauce to somehow reel in the bernie bros. they will be a problem no matter what if there's a brokered
9:53 am
convention. >> melissa: grudge vote, what do you mean? >> kennedy: they grudged voted for trump instead of hillary. they were so mad at hillary for the way she and the dnc and the establishment -- it forced bernie sanders out of the race. a lot of them voted for trump. that was the grudge vote. melissa? >> melissa: that's an interesting theory. i think you are right, though, that they are going to fight until the death, the bernie bros. because i do feel like they got cheated out of it last tim time. it sets up an interesting compete between mike bloomberg and bernie sanders. because mike bloomberg is really trying to do it outside the rules of the race. dagen? >> dagen: i think this memo is just sad and desperate. it's like a last gasp of -- you have to avoid a brokered convention, so you need to get behind the biden campaign. if you have been watching some of these rallies that he's done, it's the "look, fat, here's the deal." i keep saying that because we
9:54 am
all get a giggle out of it. he said something about the second amendment. that those who say the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots. it's a great line. guess what? the fact is, if you're going to take on the government, there's no way an ak-47 is going to take care of you. >> kennedy: there's an argument that whatever the government has, we should be allowed to have. >> dagen: but a writer for the national review said it's the first time in history a serious presidential contender has publicly gained out to a modern american military would crush an imaginary citizen and insurgency. again, he's not making sense. >> kennedy: not very articulate, either. >> guy: bret baier made this point earlier on "america's newsroom." if you're sitting there in that super pac in making this appeal to donors, let's say tomorrow or the day after, if joe biden has come in fourth or worse in the first two states, how can you with a straight face go to these
9:55 am
big-many donors and say, "you must unify around us, the fourth-place finish in candidate. we are the ones who can unite the party." the proof is in the pudding here. my theories about the bloomberg leak today, here we have someone connected to joe biden openly worrying about mike bloomberg in a memo, the same day this oppo dump drops. how interesting. >> melissa: absolutely. coming up at the top of the hour, a very special "outnumbered overtime" with harris faulkner, live in new hampshire. the latest on the first in the nation primary when we come back. ♪ i have major money saving news for my fellow veterans.
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>> melissa: my thanks to everyone here on the couch. who thinks democrats are going to a split convention can make anyone? show of hands? i'm with you, i say no. >> guy: i am still skeptical. i'm aspirational to say yes but let's wait and see super tuesday. >> melissa: all right.
10:00 am
thanks to everyone here. harris faulkner's coming up with a very special "outnumbered overtime." live from new hampshire. we will send it over to her to kick it off right now. harris? >> harris: thank you, melissa. when i voters are hiding the poles in the nation's first pri, and the results could have huge consequence for the democratic field. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm on the road reporting from beautiful bedford, new hampshire. candidates making their final appeal to voters in the granite state. pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, locked in a fierce battle. buttigieg going after sanders' health care plan while sanders says buttigieg is too tied to wall street. watch. >> i think it's important to have, for example, a health care vision that costs one and a half trillion dollars over ten years. no small son. but compared to $20 trillion worth $30 trillion, or if you


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