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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 12, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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we are putting a punctuation, we 31 red districts where they were moderate democrats where are at the end. >> sandra: the entire fox team won, but they were on the ground here. >> ed: the whole team led by and delivered majority to the democrats in the house. bret and martha. we've got that drone shot. i don't think if more news on >> sandra: signing off with a the ticket entered the house as much, but i definitely think it drone shot. "outnumbered" starts in a will hurt democrats' chances of minute. for now, seeya! getting the white house and it will help donald trump have a second term as president. >> harris: is joe biden's campaign facing a do-or-die >> fox news alert, moment in south carolina? bernie sanders staking his claim as the democratic front runner he went there in a hurry after edging out pete buttigieg yesterday. the former vice president is in new hampshire. downplaying losses in amy klobuchar finishing a strong third. new hampshire and iowa, saying minority voters will be the key elizabeth warren and joe biden at the back of the pack, to his victory. however, new signs that that rounding out the top five. strategy may be in jeopardy. however, while sanders' victor the debate you don't want to miss, next. is narrow, the self-describe democratic socialist benefits >> cable tv, talked about the from a crowded and fractured primary field right now. race. tell them. with several moderate candidates it ain't over, man. dividing up the rest of the we are just started. vote. [cheers and applause] >> and let me say tonight that our votes count, too. as a struggling actor, this victory here is the
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beginning of the end for i need all the breaks that i can get. donald trump. [cheers and applause] at liberty butchumal- with victories behind us, only pay for what you need. popular vote in iowa, and the ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ victor here tonight, we are going to nevada. we are going to south carolina. we are going to win back those states, as well. >> harris: meanwhile, the nomination fight news next to nevada. a week from this saturday. pete buttigieg has doubled his staffing and boosted ad spendi spending. >> many of you decided that a middle-class mare and a veteran from the industrial midwest was the right choice to take on this president, not in spite of that experience, but because of it. now our campaign moves on to nevada, to south carolina. two communities across our country. [cheers and applause] >> harris: fox voter analysis finds new hampshire voters prefer a candidate promising fundamental change by a nearly two to one margin. 69% to 31%. however, the big question would be how much change, as new
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gallup polling finds a majority would reject a socialist presidential candidate. that would be too much change. in fact, socialism was the only category in the gallup poll rejected by a majority of all americans. an atheist would get more support. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. syndicated radio host and fox news channel contributor, leslie marshall. in the center seat, >i spend a lot of time sin my truck.y? matt schlapp, former white house it's my livelihood. clinical director, chairman of ♪ rock music the american conservative union, >> man: so i'm not taking any chances when something happens to it. a host of annual cpac meeting which kicks off later this so when my windshield cracked... month. it's already time. my friend recommended safelite autoglass. always great to see them. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> matt: it's coming. >> man: thanks for coming. >> tech: oh, no problem. >> harris: yeah. let's talk about coming out of >> tech: check it out. >> man: yeah. new hampshire. they came right to me, with expert service by the way, i was still on the where i needed it. air, i believe, after biden had already given his remarks that that's service i can trust... he was going to south carolina. no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? but nevada is next. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> matt: that's right. >> harris: i know how planes can fly. >> matt: because
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south carolina has the largest percentage of these early states, of african-american supporters. that is the ultimate swing constituency, both for the democratic nomination and i believe in the general election. i think he is picking south carolina because he is going to make the case that he is going to be for these voters and this is going to be his first win. if he wins in south carolina, he will make american political history. no one has ever lost everything and won south carolina. >> harris: oh, right. >> matt: i think in the end these voters are going to abandon him. >> harris: kennedy, what do you think of bernie sanders can back out of the field with him against hillary clinton last time in new hampshire, he won by 60 points. it was close last night with mayor pete. >> kennedy: was very close. it was 1.3%. we were watching the returns, and bernie's number kept getting a little bit smaller and mayor pete's number kept getting a little bit bigger. it was fascinating, because this really is his state to lose, considering there are 40% of
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undeclared voters who are very independent-minded. the senator sanders resonated with them four years ago, and he put so much time and effort into this neighboring state that literally borders his home state of vermont. still, he was almost bested by a candidate who is now very clearly -- and this is the important word --dash viable among democrats. [laughter] >> harris: is amy klobuchar viable as well, leslie >> leslie: amy klobuchar is viable as well. i was wrong, because i never thought the debates really could do that much, make such a difference. but it did. she had a great moment in the last debate. when she went to new hampshire we saw that, by the support of the people and the sheer numbers of people that voted for her. we have to remember that in the new hampshire primary it's not just democrats voting. it's an open primary, so there are a lot of independents voting, as well. what blew my mind is when you look at some of these numbers. you had mentioned about the gallup poll with socialism. when you look at the exit polls,
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you have six in ten voters in new hampshire who want medicare for all. 81% are angry. low turnout, the number one reason they want to unseat donald trump, yet there was low turnout. >> harris: and another democratic 2020 candidate has and who were the two leading dropped out of the race. there? we saw two last night. sanders and buttigieg, a strong i mentioned it earlier, with left-leaning progressive and a moderate centrist within the andrew yang and party. >> harris: melissa, when you senator michael bennet. now deval patrick is out of the look at the pack that is still race. in a statement just moments ago, left, andrew yang and "the vote in new hampshire last senator michael bennett both night was on enough for us to dropped out last night pretty create the practical win the quickly, pretty early on. we may see more of that. campaign needs to go onto the we usually see a little more of next round of voting. i've decided to suspend the that after iowa, but we know campaign effective immediately. what happened there. when you look at the pack that i'm not suspending my commitment is left, what are the choices to help. there is still work to be done. from democrats in terms of who we are facing the most common, could even challenge president trump with a strong consequently election of our economy? >> melissa: i think lifetime. our democracy left alone, our new hampshire is always a civic commitments to equality, reality check. that's how i think of that opportunity, and fair play are primary. at risk." it's kind of where all the hype this from the deval patrick ahead of time about, "well, this campaign, which now come as you group will like this one, this see them they are pictured, is one is viable," it's where being suspended. reality comes into play. they just didn't get it done the
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way they wanted to in new hampshire. i remember when president trump in fact, we knew last night when won the primary and people he spoke briefly after the thought, "he's not going to get these votes come he's on television, he's a reality star, results are coming and that he would take some time to consider people like to watch them on tv, this. well, apparently you didn't take they won't take them seriously, they won't actually vote for long. so now we have it, deval patrick is out. him," than they did. in this one when you see elizabeth warren and joe biden >> tonight, though, we just followed by the wayside, that heard from the first 2 of 50 that is real. when you see the top three, they states. two of them. become the ones that move not all the nation, not half the forward. now, i don't know in terms of nation. not a quarter of the nation. the demographics -- i mean, they not 10%, two. don't favor pete buttigieg going forward. two. that's the opening bell. this was kind of -- >> harris: you are talking specifically about south carolina? >> melissa: no, i'm talking >> melissa: 2020 democrat about -- this was a good place joe biden downplaying his fifth for them to go well. i don't know he could place finish in new hampshire's necessarily carry that forward. >> harris: ah. primary after leaving the state early for a rally in >> melissa: it was also a good south carolina last night. place for elizabeth warren to do but biden says a democrat can't well, and she didn't. win the presidency without the >> harris: as you and i talked support of minority voters. about on the air yesterday, his campaign has been relying on after having talked to new hampshire voters and taking the support of african-american a look at the demographics, you voters in the palmetto state. are right about pete buttigieg but now that might be in in terms of being the
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graphic. there is a younger population jeopardy. quentin james, that of a voting in new hampshire than ever before right now. >> melissa: they are younger, political action committee that backs african-american they are tuned in, they are candidates, telling politico, "there is blood in the water. listening, they tend to be wealthier. >> harris: oh, say it. black voters are starting to you know you want to say it. leave him now." >> melissa: they live a big reason lots of black voters were with biden as they politics. three they favored brady thought he was the best person sanders over pete buttigieg two to one, which is very odd to beat trump." leslie, i will add this. because pete buttigieg is 30 years old. this is a new quinnipiac poll. it shows -- here we go, "support to elizabeth warren, new hampshire typically anoints for biden among african-americans dropping from massachusetts senators. and that's three times, except 52% to 27% since late january. for ted kennedy in 1980. but three times in the past. >> leslie: when he talks about they've given the mental to him. it really was, in that sense, it being just two states, it's next to bernie sanders, hers to true. however, if i were working on lose. his campaign and even if i were she couldn't even break double him, i would have a come to digits. that's as big of an implosion as joe biden. jesus moment and i would say, "i >> harris: she's on a slide, or numbers were taking as she have got to --" and he has got was coming in. never if the turn around the to up his game. ship and also mind everybody that massachusetts is next door. the voters aren't showing up. there is the enthusiasm for him. michael bloomberg is starting to meanwhile, some vulnerable house democrats and string don't ask rise among minority voters, when district's are sounding the specifically african-americans.
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alarm on bernie sanders' surge. joe biden is dropping. making him the parties he can't just count on the african-american vote. >> harris: that was going to nomination could cost him the house in november. be my question for you, leslie. scott peters tells the hill, i understand what happens with two-thirds of the african-americans who are voting "sanders is about the worst candidate we can put up. in south carolina. saying they would vote for he puts the house majority at joe biden. you understand what he go risk." straight there. but also in that quinnipiac max rose here in new york, staten island district, went poll, which he talked about, michael bloomberg went from 4% heavy for president trump in 2016. rose says, "i'm not a socialist. just a few months ago to 22%. i'm thinking about printing as we saw in recent days, some t-shirts saying as much. of the shedding of popularity i think socialist economic among black voters of joe biden, policies fail inevitably." we should note, both peters and it looked to be going to rose say they are backing michael bloomberg michael bloomberg. >> leslie>> leslie: absolutely. michael bloomberg for their >> harris: then you se see the party's nomination. a lot there. audiotape come out with his matt? >> matt: i wonder if comments about minorities. where do you put it all? michael bloomberg is a donor to their campaigns... just an idea. [laughter] i think this is a mistake. >> leslie: okay, stop and frisk later. this is what i think. the idea that somehow pete buttigieg is a moderate or i think it is what we just saw joe biden is a moderate. in that quote. the group i run, we track all this is how i liken it, okay? these votes. they are all liberals. the question is, are they if matt asked me to dance and socialists?
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i think that's a legitimate i'm friends with his wife, on conversation. the dance floor, other guys are there are no moderates in this going to ask me to dance. race. as far as the congressmen who there is this perception and are worried, it's not about the still is among many voters that joe biden is the guide. presidential contest for the reason the house is up for grabf this is why conservatives and republicans are more afraid of and nancy pelosi pushing an impeachment that they said they biden winning the nomination. and how come they are so would not do unless it was supportive of bernie wooding the nomination bipartisan. that's how impeachment has always been done in the past in this country. now they see bloomberg as having they couldn't even allow the more of a chance then biden, so democrats in the house. they are changing their loyalty. they even got a party-switcher who became a republican who was this shows democratic voters are a democrat. very fickle. that's what's on the ballot in >> matt: can i jump in on this the fall for house democrats. real fast? i think there's a misconception >> melissa: i agree with you, before a different reason. i think conventional wisdom and about second choices. people assume elizabeth warren politics is dead. and bernie sanders were each they said the same thing about other 'second choices because president trump. if he is at the top of the they are closer. ticket he will kill everybody else down below him. one is a socialist -- that's not how democrats think. now we know he goes out and that's how republicans think. works for candidates all the democrats think in terms of time, usually helps in. it doesn't cost him when he gets gender, your race, these questions. out there, and they don't win. what you actually saw his biden voters, their second pig was bernie. i think that also moderates are as biden failed, bernie got the benefit of it. dead now. that's never going to work what i would theorize is that again. it's about passion. bernie sanders has passion. elizabeth warren is tanking and if he brings people out to vote, that's part of why amy klobuchar it will help democrats come as is doing well.
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well. i think democrats think in terms >> leslie: i totally disagree with you because moderates are of breaking the glass ceiling and not so much where you are in dead, because i'm very much alive and i'm a moderate politics. >> kennedy: i think they are democrat. hi, i'm breathing pay [laughter] >> matt: thinking about their i wish he would recruit more. it would be good. pocketbooks. amy klobuchar, "i haven't paid any attention to her but she is >> leslie: the majority are centrist moderates. a pretty good message. she's not going to take all of this is why you are seeing in the polling -- my money. the government already takes way >> melissa: i meant among candidates, not actual voters. too much money." it is more rational candidates >> kennedy: that's why are benefiting from that. democrat's are frustrated. to leslie's point, that's why joe biden going straight to south carolina, i understand why he did that. people like max rose saying, "we he can't give a speech in give you the house majority. new hampshire saying, "wow, we are centrist, we are moderates, and we are a little fifth place, i really do it." bit more fiscally conservative. there are some who say he should putting sanders atop the ticket have skipped new hampshire and go straight to south carolina. is going to be poison for peopl. but if he doesn't do well in south carolina, it's really -- in order to make the kind of surge you are talking about, which is what he would have to do, he would have to have a massive change. in his campaign, that has to start from the top down. >> melissa: that's what leslie was saying. he hasn't said anything compelling for a long time. he's got to change that. meanwhile, elizabeth warren's 2020 hopes are also looking dim. the messages at
9:11 am
senator finishing fourth in new hampshire last night after a third-place finish at the iowa caucuses. more and congratulating her democratic rivals, but showing no signs of throwing in the towel. watch. speak of the fight we are in, the fight to save our democracy is an uphill battle. but our campaign is built for the long haul. >> harris>> melissa: but the ned pose a challenge. "warrant devoted far less time and resources to the next states, nevada and south carolina, making the prospect of recovering their less likely. warren is carrying a massive campaign operation with more than a thousand staffers in 31 states, second only to michael bloomberg. raising concerns over how long she would be able to continue." matt, i agree with you 100%. i think her support went to amy klobuchar. >> matt: i agree. it's not 100% but that's more than people think. remember, all these candidates are very far left.
9:12 am
this really that much difference between them on policy. the second thing for warren is that there's a lot of swamp democrats, establishment democrats in new york and washington, or wealthy, they hate the idea of wealth tax. they do have a discriminate on policy. they want warren to stay in because they believe she will hurt bernie. i think that's a bad strategy. if she stays in, she's actually going to hurt amy klobuchar as the alternative. as you know an office it's very subjective. this is my opinion. i'm not a democrat, i could be wrong, but i think i'm right. it's all popcorn bowl for me. there's a clear path by which those swamp democrats stop bernie. >> kennedy: it looked like last night she was given a concession speech. looked like she was about to drop out. she opened with "congratulatio "congratulations, bernie, pete," and a little bit to amy. "we have to unify the party." i thought the next sentence was, "therefore i'm throwing my weight behind bernie and dropping out." but she's staying in. >> melissa: leslie, what do
9:13 am
you think? >> leslie: i think elizabeth warren made a very bad decision and listen to her staff who said to go after bernie. and that whole -- >> harris: i agree with you. >> leslie: that backfired on her. she threw bernie under the bus when she shares a lot of the same voter base. this has really backfired on her, especially -- i'm from boston, massachusetts. she, like you said, she should have come in second in new hampshire if not first. being a bordering state. she was surging there a few weeks ago. this backfireder bernie. >> harris: there is that talk among some democrats of, "can it be a woman on the ticket?" the right woman for them. another reason why it could have been easier for elizabeth warren. she could have checked both boxes. "it's my backyard and i happen to be woman." but she went after bernie sanders on a woman's issue. she painted him as somebody who didn't lift up women of color. and alexandria ocasio-cortez i need tina turner and others on his team stood
9:14 am
up and said, "what about us?" you almost could hear the air coming out of that bloom in the numbers come down. i wholeheartedly agree, she went after bernie and it cost her. >> melissa: great point. top democrats demanding an investigation after the justice department lowers the present sentencing recommendation for former trump advisor roger ston. plus, president trump ridiculing 2020 democrat michael bloomberg over his apology for the stop and frisk police policy. the former new york mayor under fire after leaked 2015 audio of him defending the policy and very callused language. it went viral. >> practically crying, saying what a horrible thing he did. he's a lightweight, you're going to find that out. [applause] ♪
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9:19 am
showed bloomberg strongly defending the policy. the president says it proves bloomberg was not genuine in saying he no longer supports stop and frisk. watch. >> when i looked at it and i watched him pander at a church, practically begged for forgiveness -- i wouldn't have beg for forgiveness. he was doing his job at the time. but he apologized for everything he ever did, practically. then he looked pathetic. our country does need that kind of leadership. >> kennedy: bloomberg yesterday reiterating his apology to the black and latino communities and accusing the president of dividing the country with "racist appeals and hateful rhetoric." meanwhile, some prominent black democrats calling on bloomberg to disavow the policy more forcefully than he has. harris, would that be enough? >> harris: you know, there are so many youtube videos. i just googled this morning, and you find the news conference that bloomberg gave in 2013. these are not events where he might have asked, "can you put a lid on what he released the public?
9:20 am
because we are talking certain policies." or whatever. they do have all the time that's not abnormal. what might be next to normal is how often he talked about this. and he expects the public to forget what he said. in fact, when you listen to the audio, i don't think it was all that inconsistent with everything else he said a news conferences, defending what brought down crime by, he said, 95%. he was mayor for three terms. if people were rioting in the streets to keep him out of that mansion, where is that video? >> melissa: this is the thing, though. it's the words that he said. it's not the fact that he supported stop and frisk. it's that he said, "and the way you get the guns out of kids' hands as you throw them up against the wall and you frisk him. we put all the cops and minority neighborhoods, yes. that's true. why do we do it? because that's where the crime is." we wonder who might bloomberg really is. when he was here in new york he was pro-business. now he's talking about jacking
9:21 am
taxes. he was a democrat, then he was republican. you have this idea, "i don't know who this man really is." then you hear comments like this and you think, "is this who he really is?" especially when he supports taking away guns. one of his big things as being anti-gun. he's confirm that. "yes, that' i'm getting rid of . how do i do that? i eye for minority boys between 16 and 25 up against the wall." be when he's describing what's happening. if you go to youtube, look for the news conference where he's making an appeal. he's calling it "stop, question, and frisk." he goes into detail about how you get it done and why it works. this is not new material. the question is, why didn't you believe it? >> melissa: the philosophy should be very problematic for voters look at that. as the aclu points out, black people are four times more likely to get arrested for the very same crime as white people, even though they use -- let's say marijuana come in the exact
9:22 am
same numbers. the exact same usage in both communities. black users are four times more likely to be arrested, that's because of this policing policy. where he says you put all the cops in minority communities. he says, "that's where all the crime is." that's a dim view that he has. >> harris: does it make the difference that you just heard him say it again, or that he apologized? i'm just wondering. >> melissa: can make the apology and authentic. >> harris: but who ever thought it was authentic? he talked about for decades. >> leslie: this is why scratch my head. in south carolina and the african-american community's support for and has grown. seven frisk -- >> harris: and he was on the bout previously. >> leslie: stop and frisk for many in the african-american community is very racist. since ferguson we have seen more animosity between the police and the african-american community. this directly speaks to that. honestly, if i were joe biden
9:23 am
and his campaign, i'd be playing this. >> melissa: i think he was the one who leaked it. >> matt: how does it stack up for president trump, who pushed criminal reform? how does it stack up with mike bloomberg? i think it's exit pretty well. >> harris: oh, i thought you meant equally. you mean oppositional he? >> matt: trump's messages, "we went overboard." >> harris: the differences he hasn't apologized for it or deny doing that. i think that's interesting. >> matt: the idea that blacks may have had a different treatment than whites as part of prison reform. >> harris: i would say the calculation for that hurt more, the president or michael bloomberg, michael bloomberg is the person who's trying to get that vote. >> matt: doing pretty well. >> harris: but he's done something on prison reform. he has never denied supporting that program. >> kennedy: prison reform you need as a result of this
9:24 am
ideology and those policing policies, that michael bloomberg was very much intent up on. the white house now defending the justice department's decision to overrule prosecutors and recommend a lighter sentence in the roger stone case. how one top democrat is now calling on his republican colleagues to investigate the matter. that's next. ♪ ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis... or psoriatic arthritis, little things, can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable... ...with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, ...otezla is proven.... to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an... increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history
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and one of our best phones when you buy one. the network more people rely on, gives you more. >> melissa: the white house now defending the doj handling of roger stone's case after top justice department officials overruled career prosecutors, sentencing recommendation for former trump advisor. white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley said the president did not interfere. watch. speak of the president did not interfere here with anything. look, he is the chief law enforcement officer. he has the right to do it. he just didn't. he didn't make any comment, didn't have a conversation, i should say, rather, with the attorney general. that's just ludicrous. it's another scandal the
9:29 am
democrats are trying to push forth. >> melissa: in the meantime, senate minority leader chuck schumer who is now calling for an inspector general investigation into the matter, t earlier today on the senate floor. watch. >> the president ran against the swamp in washington. a place where the game is rigged by the powerful. to benefit them personally. i asked my fellow americans, what is more swampy? what is more fitted? what is more stinking than the most powerful person in the country literally changing the rules toy guilty of breaking the law? >> melissa: the four prosecutors who brought the case withdrew in response to the doj's move. they had recommended roger stone receive 7-9 years in prison for lying to congress, obstruction, and witness tampering. matt, was this a bad look for the president? should he have stayed away from it? >> matt: look, he doesn't play the game safe. how obama played the game with howard clinton is he sent out a
9:30 am
message, "we are not going after hillary." but there was no tweet. this is out there for everyone to see. you can like itthere was this dc staffer, roger stone was accused of lying to congress. what about clapper? he's on ms in bc today. only guilty -- what about jim comey, andrew mccabe? they are free men walking around. paul manafort did terrible things come he should have paid his taxes. should he be on solitary confinement until he dies for not paying taxes? i can't find one democrat whose guilty guilty of that infection who's in solitary confinement. >> melissa: roger stone did more than just like to congress, but leslie, does it seem like it's not fair justice across the board? people don't get the same punishment for the same crime. >> leslie: last time i checked the attorney general can submit and issue indictments for and even arrest warrants for, if he, as the leader of the justice department, so chooses. for mccabe, comey, klapper.
9:31 am
>> harris: we be helping would be havingthe same convers. >> leslie: no question. that's what we would scream. but i we are screaming optics. when you are the president you have to pick up the phone. when you go on a twitter tirade as he did about the injustice against roger stone, when you have four walk away from their jobs, that this is their line in the sand, there's more going on there. >> melissa: you mentioned the tweet. i want to make sure our audience knows. president trump double down saying -- can you scroll back a little? you went too far. congratulations to attorney general bill barr for t was totally out of control and perhaps should not have been brought. evidence now clearly shows that the mueller scam was improperly brought and tainted, even bob mueller lied to congress." kennedy, too much? >> kennedy: from the
9:32 am
president, i don't know it's too much anymore. i don't know what's considered the official presidential record. none of that is surprising. when i think of obstruction of justice and whether or not these things are metered out equally, i look at what certain people and the fbi did in terms of omitting key facts when they were applying for those fisa warrants. carter page was deemed a spy, even though he was working with the cia and they kept that kind of information out of a very critical document. on several documents after that. how is that not obstruction of justice? i agree, roger stone has done some crazy stuff. he's been through the legal process. he is incarcerated right now. it's not like the president is just interfering -- >> matt: but should he die in prison? and pico to prison for a year. >> melissa: harris, does undermine our confidence?
9:33 am
>> harris: here in social political environment. i don't know i could speak to what undermines and what doesn't. it's all politics, it feels like. those four prosecutors had other options. the kind of thought, they could've stayed to fight. but they chose to move on. i guess it's their choice, a judge has to look at that and determine whether that's what will happen going forth. the judge does have the final say in all of this. you mention pardoning, kennedy. i wonder, why not just pardon and? why go through all of the tweets and everything else if you are the president of the united states? >> matt: is a fair charge, but you softer pardon. we are to fix the system where the perpetrators of the fisa warrants, who lied to the chief justice of the supreme court, none of them are in jail. the one you're allowed to help your friend. the president could pardon them. >> matt: the democrat who was accused of leaking during russiagate got two months from the same prosecutors. roger stone, nine years.
9:34 am
why? he's tied to trump. there's retribution in our justice system if you are seen as pulling on the wrong side. >> harris: do you think with people will see it this way, or look and see that the president is going back and helping a friend? as presidents do. they can pardon if they want to. it's kind of contained to that. >> matt: look at the polls, the polls show that after russian collusion and bob mueller they think the scales are against the president. >> melissa: president trump cruising to victory in new hampshire's g.o.p. primary after holding a huge rally in new hampshire on monday night. now he has his sights set on winning the state's four electoral votes in november. we will talk about that next. ♪ [ fast-paced drumming ]
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>> harris: president trump winning new hampshire's republican presidential primary last night, making it clear he is looking to flip the state read in november. the president won all of the state's delegates, taking more than 128,000 of the ballots cast. more than 85% of the vote. campaign manager brad parscale writing, "the enthusiasm is through the roof and the president received more new hampshire primary votes than any incumbent president running for reelection of either party over the past four decades." i brain roomed this because i
9:39 am
want to see how many names he was running against. it was like 17 people. >> matt: a whole screen full. >> harris: speaking of that list, i heard you were on that list of people dispatched on behalf of the president to get the communications. kimberly guilfoyle, former colleague of ours. set on the couch with me. was in charge of some of that group, as well. getting messages out. what did you do and how effective was it? >> matt: iowa first and then new hampshire. it's a little bit unconventional because the president doesn't have much competition. so why spend money, why go into the states? what i love about the trump reelection campaign is that they are not going to give the democrats a single free day. they are going to go out and try to push -- >> harris: how many were there of you? >> matt: is not a caucus in new hampshire, but these numbers the president racked up in terms of his percentage and the raw votes come it's historic. what it shows his enthusiasm. the democrats were down in iowa, the republicans are running in
9:40 am
greater numbers. they are pumped. >> harris: leslie, how worried should democrats be if this is going to be the trend with each primary, each caucus? >> leslie: very. i agree with you. where's the enthusiasm? there's 1 of 2 things going on it. either democrats are going to show up in 2020, is used on many of them not -- especially bernie or bust voters -- show up in 2016. and complicate a second term. or democrats don't know who they want, they just want whoever is going to be the nominee. so they will vote blue no matter who because they feel that person has the best shot, obviously, defeating trump. and then the enthusiasm will come in the general. that's what i as a democrat i'm hoping. >> harris: with melissa, what about flipping new hampshire? >> melissa: we will see if it's possible. it's on the surprise president trump won, obviously. he's the incumbent. the point is he got -- president clinton about 76,000. it's about the new cycle. kennedy set up to lately. when there's a primary he's
9:41 am
going to come in and belly flop right into the middle of the primary and steal the new cycle, and put the enthusiasm, and demoralize the democrats. >> harris: kennedy? >> kennedy: well, it's certainly fun to watch. [laughs] what we learned last night watching all this was yes, the president has a lot of support among republicans. and you have energized the democrats very angry at the president, there was a poll recently that said 64% of democrats who responded would rather see a meteor hit the earth and have a mass extinction event than the president be reelected. >> harris: i saw that on stephen colbert. he quoted that. >> kennedy: he would go in the media. >> harris: we'll move on. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez facing a new challenger. what's different about her primary opponent that could be her largest challenge politically yet? ♪ as a struggling actor,
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>> kennedy: watch out, aoc! mcc is gunning for your congressional seat. former television and current michelle caruso cabrera filing a petition to take on alexandria ocasio-cortez, and the mic and is used democrat a primary. she is democrat. she has been a fierce critic of socialism and an advocate for free markets. she tweets, "i'm running for new york-14 to fight for queens in the bronx. daughter of cuban immigrants and living the american dream." her 2010 book titled, "you know i'm right." she calls out both parties were ignoring fiscally conservative, socially liberal americans like yourself. you know her? >> melissa: i've known her very well, for a long time. she's one of the smartest women on the planet. what makes a difference as she does have cuban immigrant parents i who were victims of socialism. she sincere and criticizes where alexandria ocasio-cortez is
9:47 am
coming from. she does it from experience. she lived the american dream. one of the problems is going to be, obviously, she is fiscally conservative and she does believe in small government. so that doesn't necessarily jell with democrats. but the rest of it is very interesting. >> kennedy: i would love to see the debate. the >> leslie: as a democrat, can i just say -- democrats, if you are listening to me, stop it. the name of the game, and that would agree to make, is to get more seats. more seats in the house come in the senate. and you flip red seats. not blue seats. especially when you don't have -- >> kennedy: but that's what she wants. >> leslie: i don't agree with that. aoc has raced through $.8 million for her campaign pay that's higher than some presidential candidates on the left. she's also one of the top fund-raisers in the congress and cheeses from the public. she has 11 people running against her, fear democrats. she is not going to lose. this is not a vulnerable seat.
9:48 am
it's a waste of time. we need to be getting more blue seats in the house and senate, not flipping our own color. >> kennedy: that's what they said about bernie sanders what he's doing pretty well. >> matt: i love leslie, we've agreed with each other too much on this show. >> leslie: so now it's time? >> matt: the democratic majority in the house is like a deflating tire. it's coming down. >> leslie: that's your wish. >> matt: i can't predict yet tot they will have the minit be punished for this insanity of impeachment. by the way, the number one thing i've heard in new hampshire, "how much did that cost us? close to people are not amused by this and they will be punished. will they get their comic i don't know. will aoc lose? i'm not sure. but i think jeff bezos and joe carli will be supporting the other candidates. >> kennedy: great point, a lot of people wanted those jobs. >> melissa: one more interesting points, a lot of new yorkers feel this way being socially liberal and fiscally conservative. i don't know how much of the rest of the country feels this
9:49 am
way, but do you call yourself a republican or democrat when you feel that way? similar to mayor bloomberg. >> kennedy: yes, we will see if that consistency shines through. thanks to matt schlapp. we are going to be back here on the couch at noon eastern tomorrow. here's "outnumbered overtime" with harris. >> harris: we begin with this, 2020 democrats now looking ahead to south carolina and beyond after some dramatic shifts following the new hampshire primary. you are watching "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. democratic a socialist to come as he calls himself, bernie sanders narrowly winning in the granite state, catapultig himself to the top of the still-crowded primary field. pete buttigieg, a strong second. amy klobuchar came in at a surprising third place, followed then by elizabeth warren enforced, and joe biden in the disappointing fifth. sanders downplaying the talk of any this unity amongoc
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