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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 12, 2020 4:00pm-4:59pm PST

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and he's reading them and very happy about it. happy valentine's day. major white, thank you for your service but we will hear from him next hour on "the story" with martha maccallum. that's it from this a peaceful night sleep without only imagine... "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. frequent heartburn waking him up. martha, i miss you. now that dream is a reality. >> martha: everybody has to go home for a few hours. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, we will talk to major white. all-night protection. a terrific man and will come up can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? later in the show. good to see you, bret. have a good night. all right, everybody. the focus on last nights president of primary was on the democrats who are in a battle to choose a candidate to run against president trump and president trump, like most incumbents, cruised to victory among new hampshire voters, but (honk!) i hear you sister. it's the size of the win that's that's why i'm partnering with cigna getting some attention tonight because the president amassed and be open with your doctor about anything you feel more votes in the granite state than any incumbent in history. - physically and emotionally. but now cigna has a plan brad parscale, president trump's that can help everyone see stress differently. campaign manager happy about that and also some brand-new just find a period of time to unwind. a location to de-stress.
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numbers of reaction among independents after the state of the union that we are going to an activity to enjoy. look at as well. or the name of someone to talk to. to create a plan that works for you, also, congressman ro khanna, visit national chair of the sanders presidential campaign on his cigna. together, all the way. candidates win last night and why this might be an issue for his campaign. listen to this from van jones. >> bernie sanders is a phenomenon. he is -- he gets attention, visit oh no, here comes gthe neighbor probably to brag about how amazing his xfinity people talk about him, he's customer service is. appealing to young people and i'm mike, i'm so busy. good thing xfinity reasingly, and women of color. if anybody else had all that, has two-hour appointment windows. you'd be saying they have night and weekend appointments too. he's here. talk about anybody but him. bill? karolyn? nope! no, just a couple of rocks. >> martha: very true. also, trey gowdy here on his take on his big story today insisting that roger stone is download the my account app owed an apology by prosecutors. to manage your appointments making today's xfinity customer service the prosecutor here, dan simple, easy, awesome. i'll pass. crenshaw also here with the republican alternative that he's coming up with for the green you deal. stick around for that. wednesday with waters is back too, back in town and jesse is here and that's coming up.
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we are here tonight with brad parscale of the trump campaign. good to see you, brad. first of all, your reaction to these numbers. big numbers in terms of turnout in new hampshire. >> it shows how wrong the democrats are with impeachment. we were on the ground there. the enthusiasm people had -- and we do not have anybody running against, 16 no names. >> i want to thank the justice the president just crushed it. people are showing up because department for this horrible they are so excited for novembey thing and i didn't speak to him, by the way, so you understand. ready to come out today. >> martha: it is interesting, i talked to many voters on the a nine year sentence for doing ground randomly asking when they are voting for and the people nothing! >> martha: president trump who said they were voting for lashing out at critics today who president trump were under say the doj was wrong to equivocal unequivocal. intervene and undercut federal prosecutors by recommending and the democrats have a lot of people to pick from and figuring it all out. andshorter prison sentence for few things were driven by impeachment. >> look at the last few weeks, roger stone. the attorney general will soon the last few years for the face lawmakers on capitol hill, president was attacked, that'll happen on march 31st, attacked, attacked and all of a sudden he wins, wins, wins. who are concerned of improper influence over the criminal the people are excited.
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i don't think he understood from justice system. white house correspondent the democrats, building up what kevin corke has a story tonight people saw the president is from washington. doing. his policies are working. >> the president of prosser's >> martha: these are internal showing frustration because there have been those who have numbers, your polling, what you pointed out rightly that the are putting out there, i want to put that out front. sentencing for roger stone nine you say that the state of the years was longer than for some union speech that you pulled who have committed violent cri crime. suburban persuadable voters who lean against the president and >> the fact is that roger stone you see these moves come a was treated horribly. a man leaked classified 15-point improvement on image, information, highly classified. 14-point improvement on policies, 12-point improvement on ballot scores. they give him two months to >> what's so important about roger stone, nobody knows what this is people keep saying that he did. they put him in for nine years? these voters are not winnable, it's a disgrace. they move away from the president. what's amazing is when you >> some democrats on remove the media filter, you capitol hill are furious, accusing the attorney general of hear the president talking what subverting the law. happens, they move in large >> the president of the distances towards the president. united states is shattering any this is because when the president gives speeches, they see the success. pretense through independence they finally see the truth. and integrity on this part of the department of justice. sometimes we see a 50%, 60%, 70% attorney general william barr ought to be ashamed an and resi.
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point difference when somebody sees the president speaking and when they receive it from other outlets. >> martha: there was one leader that bret spoke to and >> all of this happening, she went on and on about how much she doesn't like the the wy martha, following tuesday's resignation of four federal prosecutors working on the the president behaves commissions and cover with it. she says she voted for him last obstruction and perjury case. time. after the doj overruled the she's a hockey mom. sentencing recommendation but some of the g.o.p. reject this at the end, who are you going to idea, the notion that stone is vote for? i guess i'm going to vote for getting a break because he's a friend of the presidents. president trump. are there a lot of that? >> i do not think anybody is >> i have a lot of people who getting preferential. love them this early. in 2016, there were 15% of i think it's an over and sing people who voted for the president who didn't approve who voted for him, but when they see havingbeen said, i do not thinke the policies of what the president should have been president has done, the success of this country, they both. tweeting about the ongoing case. when they get in the voting >> the president setting off a booth, policies matter, what successes he's had matters. firestorm, congratulations to ag bill barr for "taking charge of a case that was totally out of look, across the other side that control." policies are going to be very bad and very bad for these be sure to check the calendars. we certainly will. economy, when you put that the contrast, that's going to be a big one. >> martha: working towards february 20th, that's when they
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that process is going to be who will judge roger stone. that person mightthis process. >> martha: everybody's going to be watching them very closely now. >> if i grab that run against trey gowdy, former house oversight chairman committee and bloomberg then again sanders, fox news contributor. because sanders is real great to see you as always. followers, whether you agree what's your take on this story? with him or not. i happen to think it's terrible what he says, but he has >> that, um, the prosecutors followers. bloomberg is just buying his way in. >> martha: what do you think? wanted nine years. bill barr things two or three >> i think he's going to have years is more proportional and the only difference between the choices who he runs against. two is whether or not you count the policies of bernie sanders this eight level enhancement for are going to be a bad contrast. actively threatening a witness. let's be real. if you didn't have that enhancement, then everyone would bernie lost 80,000 votes from agree that bill barr's view of the guidelines is accurate. 2016 to 2020 in the primary? so the judge is going to decide >> martha: he got a lot more whether or not that enhancement is appropriate. people. >> that's 80,000 people who decided to vote for him. martha, this was a trial. if that was any other flip model, that would be very bad. she presided over the trial, they are very pretty devastating listen to the witnesses can be uniquely well-positioned to decide whether or not that enhancement should be in play, to him, the video. >> martha: we've played that but the notion video several times. but here's bloomberg reacting to it and here's what he said today -- fox news commentators don't
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because he says he's got a lot of support in the black sentence people, judges do. community. >> they say those words don't we give them life tenure so they can make these calls. but the notion that bill barr reflect michael bloomberg's, the should resign is about the dumbest damn thing i've ever way he governed in new york city, the way he runs his company, the way his pledge if he works. heard. if the department of justice i think we'll do very well in cannot weigh in on what a the african-american community. proportional sentence is, there are child pornographers who do >> he just said michael not get nine years, people who bloomberg does not represent michael bloomberg. rob banks who do not get nine the way he says it, the way you years. let the judge decide. i think two or three years is realize he's so derogatin denigo about right. >> martha: that process, you know, should take place. this is a recommendation and it the community. was, there was input in terms of it wasn't the policy. it's how he talks about these what is appropriate given by the communities. head of the department of justice. but then the president sent out speak on that tweet which has sent a lot >> martha: the president hasbeed of people into an uproar in terms of believing that he's frisk and saying he stood by it, trying to manipulate the explains why he things it works. situation. he says he isn't, the department you have #bloombergisaracist of justice as he isn't. but as lindsey graham. support of the president said, you shouldn't have done it. on your twitter feed. what do you say?
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is that fair when everybody gets termed as a racist and you look >> same position whether it was at what he said, he's talking about a situation of numbers that are valid in many ways. donald trump, shouldn't be weighing in on ongoing regardless of how we came across investigations or criminal a question mike >> i think prosecutions. that was my position with calling young black children president obama when he weighed in on the not a smidgen of xerox copies of other criminals corruption. it's my position now. i can tell you this, bill barr is a pretty racist comment. i stand by my tweet -- the was aware of this recommendation before president trump ever tweeted a single syllable, a president's policies, when we single character. have a policy better for the so the notion that bill barr somehow motivated to move because of this tweet is just factually wrong. and talking about the people trying to protect in a horrible way and i can vets would happen >> people have raised a here. comparison of lerner lynch i think bloomberg, all the money in the world can get them away talking to bill clinton on the on this problem. tarmac and conservatives outraged by that. >> martha: are you worried about him? saw that as inserting himself in >> i think it's a weak field, they are all separated. i'm surprised we have an actual a place that he should not be. candidate by convention. talk to me about that >> martha: look how hard he comparison. this is what happened. you've got democrats saying, no, came against the comments of we are going to start a whole stop and frisk, lined up of what new investigation and we all the president set on stop and frisk as well in terms of the knew as soon as the ukraine
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investigation was behind the effectiveness and why it was an contrary that there would be policy and they think, i've got something else. is this likely to turn into things where i might be something else that's sizable? concerned about this guy. >> i don't think so because the >> we have to fight multiple things. we also fight a media filter and president has the power to commute roger stone's sentence. we have our own way to get he has the power to pardon him, can pardon him right now if he messages out. sometimes the stories won't get wants to. he could bill it by tweet out there. what is cnn going to say? we don't know for sure. tonight. he's the head of the executive branch and people have a chance in november if they want a >> martha: thanks for being here. different one. i am being consistent. thank you very much for also i do not think presidents should here tonight, congressman ro weigh in on prosecutions. khanna, national cochair of the bernie sanders 2020 provincial >> martha: better steer away stay clear. campaign. thank you so much for being good to see you tonight. here. >> thanks for having me on. the bloomberg campaign behind >> martha: in the the scenes strategies supporting introduction, we played this a path directly to the sound bite from van jones and he democratic nomination. was saying that bernie sanders very interesting plan coming up is a phenomenon, appealing with next. people across all different parts of society. why isn't anybody talking about him? tom perez did a whole interview that's why there's otezla. this morning in your candidate otezla is not a cream. who has won iowa and it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. new hampshire -- i mean, they are re-canvassing some of iowa, with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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but didn't even come up in a don't use if you're allergic to otezla. conversation with the dnc chair. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. what do you say about that? otezla is associated... >> i agree with van jones but look at the coalition ssion... senator sanders is building. he won working-class whites ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. without a college degree and new hampshire. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. he won rule voters, he won your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. independents, he won latino upper respiratory tract infection voters. he's building the type of and headache may occur. coalition that can really defeat college trump tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. donald trump. he understands the power of otezla. show more of you. crowds, the power of having an online following, and he's right i'm happy to give you the tour, i lohey jay. it. to recognize that bernie sanders is the person on the other side jay? he helped me set up my watch lists. who is building that. karl! he took care of my 401k rollover. >> martha: are you concerned that the dnc is going to work wow, you call a lot. yeah, well it's my money we're talking about here. against the sanders campaign help from a team that will exceed your expectations. like we saw last time? ♪ i remember standing on the convention floor and all the bernie sanders supporters had their backs turned physically to go to the pharmacy counter for powerful... congestion and pressure? hillary clinton when she came claritin-d. out to accept that nomination. while the leading allergy spray is indicated for 6 symptoms... there was a lot of anger and do you think they might go back to claritin-d is indicated for 8... including sinus congestion and pressure. having superdelegates coming in on the first ballot? claritin-d. get more. >> i don't think so.
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i think this time it's going to be so clear that the energy is behind bernie sanders. going to go in on the convecti n with a lead. confident we are going to do well in nevada. so it's very different and i think more and more people are coming on board and we are transitions light under control. seeing the coalition expand. ♪ upbeat music >> martha: we've seen backlash from some of the unions in nevada. transitions signature gen 8, they are concerned about the plan to take away their available now in 4 new style colors. health care plans that they really like, and instead you transitions. have medicare for all, single payer program in this country. how is senator sanders going to work with that opinion when it gives him nevada? >> we have to listen to the union leaders and ensure him that the contracts negotiated aren't going to be effective because the transition is four years, many of those contracts are three years, and that'll be grandfathered in. >> martha: if you are going to
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keep working there for the next ten years or your children are going to be in this union after you, you are not to have this plan. >> you are going to keep everything you bargained for. next time you are going to get health care, you won't have deductibles, premiums, or co-pays, and you're going to have a wage increase because you won't win anything that i have a lot of respect for the culinary union. i think we have to sit down with them, engage and make sure their concerns are not being addressed that candidate sanders would sign. >> martha: in terms of the economy, there is a restructuring of the economy in the bernie sanders plan and you look at the gallup poll and you got 61% saying that they are better off than they were three years ago when president trump took office. how do you campaign against that when people feel 61% is going in the right direction? pico when i go into rural communities, i go into towns in
4:12 pm
ohio come up in sylvania, michigan, people still feel that jobs are going offshore, they feel the wages aren't going up high enough, and they see their kids leaving, and they want to build more manufacturing investing in the heartland of this country and minority communities. >> martha: do you think there'll be more manufacturing in the country under bernie sanders? >> idea. if you look at the manufacturing indexed, its downs since lowest point in 2008. the reason it's down is because bernie sanders has a clear message: we will not give a federal contract to any company that offshore's jobs. i saw in burlington iowa people 50 and 60-year-old blue-collar workers stand up and applaud when he stood up and said that. why should we be giving federal contract when the shipping jobs overseas? his message appeals most of the voters who went from obama to trump and i think donald trump knows that, he can compete in wisconsin and michigan in western pennsylvania. >> martha: thank you very much.
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thank you for being here. attorney general william barr takes the stage, lawmakers on >> martha: 2020 democrats have capitol hill slams his their sights on nevada, forcing department's push for a more lenient state partisan. her head with an bid for the what do you say to those people white house reportedly according who say those things. key democratic leaders behind the scenes, kicking off a two >> don't care what they have to day swing towards tennessee, north carolina, and texas. say about the nonpartisan three super tuesday states. attorney general. i think those comments that have been made have been low on >> the world's biggest bulls rhetoric and short on facts. (whistling) bully without any decency or the facts. our who can go >> martha: here with that, charlie hurt, opinion editor at "the washington times," and douglas shown, both are fox news contributor's. good to have you with us. talk to me a little bit about this coalition, dog, that he's building for he's talking to caucus members, got three (whistling) endorsements for members there.
4:14 pm
blue dog coalition, hispanic congress keeping everyone in the loop. how is that going to -- is he building a coalition? ♪ i'm sure you are going to say that. >> he's certainly trying. he's not been a debate or primary yet so i cannot say that ♪ he's sitting here and saying, oh, it's gone swimmingly well. it's all done. it's all done but the counting. ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls but he is doing what the party now starting at $7.99. needs to do, trying to unite now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. african-americans, hispanics, whites, some progressives, some elites so it's much more than just the establishment wing because if we are going to beat donald trump as democrats we need to unify the party and that's what mike is going to do as well as taking the fight, as he said, to donald trump. it's timcan it helpltimate sleep nukeep me asleep?he sleep number 360 smart bed. absolutely, it senses your movements and >> martha: and you think he's automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. not a people person? save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. >> he's not. this is a good week for plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time bloomberg's plan for winning this nomination, but it does
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also look like he's trying to buy the nomination. and people who people who buy nominations, they are doing the part that good politicians love which is dealing the people in winning over voters with ideas. he wants to be the functionaries, the stable functionary that winds up with the nomination that people are not necessarily enthused about. >> martha: respond to that criticism because it's been said a lot, he is not super magnetic in front of a camera. >> i thought the clip you played was a compelling one. he is certainly getting better on the stump. >> martha: is he working on that? >> he is and i think you can see it in his appearances and commercials and frankly not taking money from any special interests as some of the democrats are. i think that helps and gives him a patina of clariti
4:16 pm
>> that's an innate characteristic of someone like bill clinton or donald trump. >> martha: i think that's a very true point. when you look at those superstar politicians, they just have it. >> when you take a look at he's a grumpy old man, does connect with the way i don't fully understand that re! it's the perfect formula. >> martha: when did becoming billionaire become a bad thing n marks bigger and ask bernie sanders! >> martha: bernie sanders think it, i am not saying that. >> martha: i think is one of >> he was a progressive mayor of new york and i'm proud that somebody like mike is spending his money and energy to try to bring america together. >> martha: it looks like there is a lane open to reach african-american voters in america because joe biden had a really rough iowa in
4:17 pm
new hampshire caucus. he's going to be a very strong in south carolina partly for that reason. support among african-american, black primary voters. bloomberg at 22%. sanders at 19%. charlie, what do you make of that? >> i think one of the reasons is the leak taped is so devastating for my bloomberg. again, he's not racist. i don't think that. but it's the way he spoke about the people. it's kind of jarring. that ad would be very powerful. i think the democrats, donald trump's ability to connect outside of the democratic framework, it's pretty disgusting. no other industry slices and
4:18 pm
daises customers or voters by race, gender, and creed and pits them altogether with different messages. it's a very, very harmful thing that politicians do and donald trump has done more than anybody we've ever seen to break that down and try to appeal to black voters. >> martha: the conversation continues about mike bloomberg and how that's going to go. looking forward to that. good to see you. congressman dan crenshaw with the republican alternative to the green new deal. what does that look like? on social media. he's always watching sports. someone's video chatting her friends. my parents are getting older so knowing that i can get in touch with them at any time is really comforting. grandma, you're on tv! (grandma) wow! what channel? (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. like plans your family can mix and match starting at just $35.
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are short term profits are not more important than the future of our planet. >> martha: bernie sanders using his victory speech drawing a clear divide between the president. a vocal proponent of the green you deal which comes with an attached estimated price tag of $16 trillion by some estimates, but my next guest argues there is a better alternative and he thinks it's time for republicans to get on board. joining me now, congressman dan crenshaw, a member of the budget committee who has just introduced the new energy frontier. the answer to the green you deal. good to see you as always. thanks for being here. tell everybody at home in words that make sense to all of us what this is and how it would work? >> absolutely. the president talked about the environment it was him at the state of union and recently linda mccarthy along with a variety of republicans, represented jerry graves, greg walden, we've all rolled out this new plan that shows that,
4:24 pm
yes, we do care about reducing emissions. i have a small part of that, the new energy frontier which deals with carbon capture. there are two parts of it. one part is using existing funds at the department of energy to invest in research and development and pilot programs for carbon capture within these natural gas sectors. this isn't science fiction. this already exists. there's a plant outside of houston that powers 5,000 homes come takes in natural gas can research elites co2 through the facility and has zero emissions. we have ways to scale that out. what bernie sanders is talking about, he's talking about a socialist takeover of the economy. he doesn't care or have any solutions. none of these green you dealers, they care about virtue signaling, yelling and screaming, the care about scaring children fit we have solutions based on technological innovations we can export to the world and actually care about global omissions.
4:25 pm
>> martha: alexandria ocasio-cortez is very passionate on this issue and went so far in february as to say this. watch this. >> there is scientific contentedness that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead young people to have a ligament question. is it okay to still have children? >> martha: that's striking. it's not a hopeful outlook on life or the country or the wor world. >> passion doesn't is not a subsequent force of are based id in innovations, the kind of things they are talking about is based on fearmongering. you read the green you deal, most of it has nothing to do with environments at all and it's a dogmatic approach to and only wind and solar energy grid which is simply physically impossible. >> martha: congress and kind
4:26 pm
of trial, thank you. always good to see you, sir. coming up, wednesdays with waters on those who think joe biden should do the country a favor. we'll talk about it coming up next. >> when you talk about -- it ain't over. we are just getting started. your happy place.
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>> martha: said that joe biden campaign in a bit of a tailspin following disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire. both places he said he would win and the former vp facing calls from some including this editorial to display patriotism by exiting the race and letting somebody else move forward. saying, here's the deal as biden is fond of saying, if joe is really to be joe, will he demonstrate his love of country and party by yielding to a younger candidate with a less encumbered prospect for know w this. jesse watters," watters' world" and host of "the five."
4:31 pm
>> when days are not same without watters. >> martha: what do you think about the biden campaign and the editorial call for him to step aside? >> i want him to stay in the end so it creates chaos and everyone gets broken and battered but i want him to drop out because i want to see trump's tweet about it. couldn't you see the farewell tweet now? sleepy droll ran out of money pit where is hunter with his millions from ukraine? >> martha: may be the president would tweet something nice. >> you are predicting trump is going to say something nice? >> martha: there's always hope. >> listen, if i were biden i would stay in the race, your last end is in south carolina to see how much black support you have. you have to finish top three. if you don't to top three there, you have to bow out and save face. but if i'm a black-footer in south carolina i'm thinking, this guy can't even win the
4:32 pm
white vote. how am i going to throw my support around him. you aren't going to throw around a coalition. >> martha: reminded me of grown-ups discussing santa clause in front of children but nobody wanted to be the one spoiling it. but you know, it is like they wanted to be true, right? that joe biden would be the perfect person and the whole argument for joe biden has been, yes, but he's the one who can continue the obama legacy and he's the one who can beat trump, and he didn't measure up to that out on the campaign trail or in the debates. but he said he's not done. >> he's great on paper, but he's terrible on the campaign trail. that guy is a terrible debater, he got again, got pounded during impeachment, never really fought back.
4:33 pm
and now he's finished, what was it, fifth, and new hampshire after guaranteeing a victory there, so the electability argument goes out the window and donors are burning up the phone line saying i'm throwing my support to mayor pete. >> martha: we had doug schoen here and asking him is mike bloomberg working with people because he has not been in the debate. all the ads and all the money and all the debate leads to that, when you see the person on stage and you watch how they interact and watch how they do that because you are just super equal when you walk out on that stage. everybody has got the podium -- because nobody knows if he's equal. he may step up on that little box and that's unfair, why should he get a box when no one else gets a box? >> martha: if he wants to stand on a box, he should be able to stand on a box. speaker everybody gets a box. >> martha: to be perfectly clear, i know he's shorter than other people and president trump
4:34 pm
eliminated probably the potential for mike bloomberg to ever get on a box now. >> he can never get on a box now and pete can have a box. but here's the thing, bloomberg has no base. he just has millions of dollars. if he comes and robs burning of the nomination, do you think the bernie brose are going to go out and vote for a billionaire and any gun owning democrat is going to vote for mr. gun grabbing mayor, or blacks are having second thoughts about him after stop and frisk? i just don't see it. he's almost like the biden phenomenon, they build you up and the minute you hit the campaign trail, nobody shows up and sees. >> martha: one other thing that is fascinating, we love talking about football when jesse is here. let's talk to a former patriot who says tom brady is wanted 2% leaving the team. >> i think the patriots knew they were not signing him when the season started. i think the patriots are 100%
4:35 pm
done. i think the patriots are okay and ready to move on. i do not think they want brady for $13 million. i do not think they want him period. and i think brady knows it. >> martha: former teammates. >> why would he leave the patriots system and go to a whole nother system, learn a whole nother offense. with all new coaches, they have other pieces set up for him. pay him the money! >> martha: who remembers when brett favre played for the jets? >> it didn't go to welcome and did it? >> martha: jesse, good to see you. a world war ii hero who asked for love letters for valentines here with an update coming up next. i like liberty mutual.
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4:41 pm
major bites, thank you so much for being with us. happy almost valentine's day. >> it is my pleasure. >> martha: thank you so much. tell me a little bit about what inspired you to do this. i know that you have been keeping scrapbooks of special moments of your life for years and years, right? >> yes. >> martha: tell me a little bit about that. why did you want people to send you these cards? >> i have really no reason -- no personal reason. it's just saving cards, i guess, is part of my life. >> so tell me a little bit about your service. i know that you served at iwo jima, and it's almost the 75th anniversary of that battle. i know that you were wounded there and that you received the purple heart on iwo jima. we thank you for your service in that battle. talk to me a little bit about
4:42 pm
the cards that you have received and the letters that you have received. what stands out to you among them? >> [laughs] i can't express anyone in particular. i have received, as you said, 200,000, and i -- [laughs] it just floors me. this is something that is never happened to me before in my life and i doubt if it will ever happen again. >> martha: so what will you do with all of them? we are looking at pictures of them and all the different envelopes addressed to you. we have some of those on the screen. what will you do with all of those valentines, major white? >> first thing i will do, i will get together with some of the top people who have been instrumental in my doing what i am doing, and we'll make a
4:43 pm
selection of each one of them has ideas of what they want to do -- would like to do with them, and then we will do whatever we can, hopefully make everybody happy. >> martha: they are beautiful. so many people responded to your request to receive these valentines. i know somebody there thought this would be a fun thing to have -- any thoughts on being 104, major white? that is very impressive. >> [laughs] you just go from year to one year after the other, and then 104 working on 105. just the same as a lot of other people do. right now, i am considered to be the oldest living marine in the marine corps. about the other services, i do not know. i know that i am theoretically
4:44 pm
the oldest member of the united states marine corps. >> martha: it is our pleasure to spend a few minutes with you tonight, and we thank you so much for being with us, and we wish you a happy valentine's d valentine's day, and to enjoy all of the special letters that were sent to our way. major white, thank you very much for your service. good evening, sir. >> good evening and thank you. >> martha: that is "the story." wednesday, february 12th, 2020. that is always -- as always, "the story" continues. we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so here's the actual headline, the one that should be running but isn't. bernie sanders is now officially the front corner of the democratic nomination. sanders on mackinac hampshire primary last night. he received the most votes. he will get the most delicates. the democratic contest now turns to the state of nevada.
4:45 pm
sanders is likely to win there too. at this point, and the betting markets agree on this, sanders is the odds-on favorite to face donald trump in november. so pause for a moment and think about what that means. it's kind of an amazing story, really prayed for decades, bernie sanders was dismissed out of hand as a crank, and ideological all
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