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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 14, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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saying. caucus date is very 22nd. >> neil: in the meantime, the acting homeland security secretary along with the attorney general matthew whitaker team to look at what's going now. >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with emily compagno, greg gutfeld, lawrence jones, and juan williams looking at me. this is "the five." for nato, breaking news coming out of washington. new outrage over the sentencing of roger stone, attorney general bill barr criticizing president trump for tweeting about the case but adding that he was not pressured by the white house to intervene. some democrats are not buying that explanation. >> very important to question the integrity of the attorney general and that's why the president's response was so
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muted. >> i would not be surprised if the attorney general and the president were not in cahoots. speak what he's really saying is i know what president trump wads, i'm going to do exactly what trump wants. i just wish he wouldn't tweet about it because it's so embarrassing. >> dana: calls for the attorney general to resigned our end to the intensifying. dropping the investigation into former fbi official andrew mccabe accused of lying under oath about a media leak and we are learning that ag barr has hired an outside prosecutor to review the handling of former national security advisor michael flynn's case. this reminds me a little bit of weight and i worked with the justice department, there was a guy named michael isikoff from "newsweek" at the time and he would call fridays at 5:00 p.m. and say i've got a big scoop that a break on sunday.
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why didn't you do this all week? no we have all this news breaking out of friday. >> greg: this is not breaking news to me. this is called the weeds. think about this. step back. this is the media's big story right now after everything from collusion to impeachment, what they have right now is a story about bill barr and president trump and tweeting. that is their big story for that on monday when i'm young, bro, i would come home and opened up the refrigerator and i had nothing to eat so i made ketchup and saltine cracker sandwiches. >> danadominic that is good. >> greg: the media is trying to make something out of this. i don't care out of roger stone. i don't care about any of the stuff! i know he got screwed and should have a news triait's like when sammy asked u to babysit their kids and it turns out the kid is a monster question but that's the media.
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every the media throws a new tension every single day and we are forced to go over and check on the little baby. oh, cnn, what's wrong, msnbc. it's stupid! there was a weird juror, right, the sentencing was bad. roger stone not a wholesome character but needs a new trial. that's it. >> juan: you are trying to give america sleeping pills but it's the media. how about its president trump defying all the norms that say the justice department and our leader system, pillars of our great country, should not be subject to interference from a president who thinks he's an authoritarian russian mark >> greg: what's the interference >> juan: he wants to protect his friends, protect roger stone and say, you should be sentenced that. bill barr then asked, and bill barr says, wait, even bill barr
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can be your buddy, said, you make my job tougher by tweeting. either trump blew the cover by admitting that he was trying to influence the barr or barr is fairly saying, you've got over the line. i got four prosecutors quitting and, tell you what, i'm going to let andrew mccabe skate because of this moment, i can get away with that with you but i will give you something else on the side, now i'm going to go after the people who prosecuted michael flynn, your other friend -- what kind... is it the media? >> greg: that's so ketchup and crackers -- >> juan: that's fred flintstone! there is so much going on and you are saying to our audience, just ignore it! >> greg: our audience has to filter! >> juan: even dana perino is saying a tornado is coming out
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of washington! >> dana: i didn't right that. the media thinking about bill barr question mike let's watch this. >> what he's saying is these tweets make it harder for bill barr to help him be corrupt. >> what bill barr was saying in that interview with peter thomas yesterday was that the president has been making it harder for the team to win. >> the substantial possession of the president, i don't think he's able to take it. they're basically saying that the baby can't use his cell phone, we have to take the cell phone away from the baby. >> lawrence: bill barr said he got the timeline wrong. that's not what was happening. >> dana: i think that's why he did the "abc news" interview. >> lawrence: there is another thing here. we aren't dealing with a jeff sessions attorney general. this is not someone who is weak and doesn't have long-standing respect amongst both political
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parties. what bill barr is saying, look, you hired me to do a job. you said there was a corruption, i started investigations, independent investigations, i've hired jonathan dewar him to investigate this. hold on a little bit, he also said when trials are going on and there are judges being attacked, that hurts the prosecution. what the attorney general is doing, he was defending the department but also defending the things that democrats are criticizing the president of, which is independence. the attorney general said i am independent but i am also a political appointee. also, if not all the tweets i'm concerned about. the president can talk about politics all day. it happens me when it's a justice department when it's an issue for him. democrats also want to come to these charges, i thought you guys did not want nonviolent offenders to be behind bars, a little bit of bit of
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inconsistency. >> juan: you know he lied. >> lawrence: a process crime. >> juan: we can't have just as if i tamper with you as a witness. >> juan: are you talking about the jurors? not saying the guys' innocenc innocence, -- be when emily gets some time. emily? >> juan: you're confusing him with drug time. >> dana: emily? >> emily: what impresses me the most about this is that prosecutors are somehow unsellable infallible. up until this administration, somehow there's been a complete acceptance of the opacity and we pick what's coming down but what's wrong with investigation? was wrong with transparency? i agree with you. if you want to understand the original sentencing guidelines that right now there's an entire movement to deconstruct by the way, that was a little for over two years, there was an ankle
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level enhancement levied on roger stone to make it to nine years for physical threatening of a witness which -- it's like if you pick up a quarter at a bank and then you get charged with an enhancement of bank robbery. these prosecutors were shoving in a thin set of facts large enhancement that doesn't quite fit and in terms of the ags response, part of the reason they were so frustrated and the top brass came out and amended and filed the sentencing requirement or request is because that's not what the prosecutor told them. it was not that they disagreed with the enhancement, it was the briefings up until then hadn't told them about it. they said, look, we are stepping in and to file an amendment brief and we as citizens should applaud that. we should applaud the fact that the brass is stepping in and not to say, oh, it's the prosecutors. everybody always things police reports and everything as proof. >> dana: he didn't defend
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roger stone. didn't do it at all. >> greg: i want another topic! i want to talk about michael avenatti, juan! >> juan: because you love vindictiveness. >> greg: you can't handle it, saltines and catch up. >> juan: if you had the ag is not a guy spending the best mueller report, i'd be willing to take dirt from giuliani to get biden. >> dana: michael bloomberg coming under attack from 2020 democrats, plus protesters heckle joe biden, if you can believe that. next. imu emu & doug ♪ [ siren ] give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual!
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>> lawrence: the 2020 democrats are eating their own after a failed attempt to smear bernie sanders as a sexist, elizabeth warren elizabeth warren back attacking mike bloomberg as a racist. >> mike bloomberg is saying in effect that the 2008 financial crisis was caused because the banks were not permitted to discriminate against black and brown people. that crisis would not have been averted if the bangs were not able to be bigger racists. and anyone who thinks that should not be the leader about party. >> lawrence: protesters capping him to say get out of the race.
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>> go home early! >> juan: the attacks finally started in the democratic party and everybody with a criminal justice background has been tested. biden with the crime bill, mayor pete, what he's done in his city, klobuchar what she's done in her city, and now mike bloomberg. >> dana: biden didn't have a terrible week. i mean, he had a terrible start for the week, but that's today a couple of endorsements in nevada that put him may be like back in play a little bit there and from an african-american legislator there. it's still wide open. what you're really showing is this debate between the pragmatic democrats who want to make president trump a one-term president and this battle for the heart and soul of the liberal wing of the democratic party. as it turns out, if it was trump versus bloomberg, and to be interesting. you would have an incumbent republican who used to be a
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democrat versus a democratic nominee who used to be a republican. everything is mixed around and all mixed up in everything, so i still feel like it's still a wide open race. >> lawrence: juan, with things with bloomberg, especially biden going back to the black vote, everybody talks about south carolina and nevada, specifically about south carolina. is that enough for biden? if you won the black vote? >> juan: is very important. at 60% of the vote in south south carolina, it's black. 40% -- not this weekend but the next weekend, 40% of the vote in nevada is black and hispanic. mostly hispanic. this is really critical. i don't think it's a case of democrats eating their own. i think this has been a pretty benign and primary process by that measure. go back to 2016 in the republican side, you saw how vicious and name calling and
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worse, that's the g.o.p. establishment collectively against trump. the things we are talking about here, the idea that, oh, it was black and hispanics who tried to cause the financial crisis? >> dana: that's not what he said. >> juan: tell me what you think he said. >> dana: basically he was saying that the process of redlining, giving loans leading up to the financial crisis to people who did not have the financial means to be able to pay those, to help celebrate -- the mortgage part of the financial crisis is quite well-known. >> juan: what he said was slightly different. he said it was redlining. am i right? >> dana: yes. >> juan: redlining is a practice of discrimination. >> dana: and eliminated as a policy. >> juan: that's a good thing to eliminate discrimination in my book. a lot of that financial crisis
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was caused by people flipping properties, thinking they can make some quick money, or, guess what, we had government, in fact republicans at saying home ownership is an ideal in america. we want to encourage homeownership. it was not intended to say that people who can't afford it should go out -- no, that's not it. for him to say that especially coming from the aftermath of stop and frisk, it's got to make you concerned. >> lawrence: i want to stay on bloomberg because he was in houston apologizing for stop and frisk. take a look. >> i deeply regret the abuse of a police practice called stop and frisk. i defended it looking back for too long because i didn't understand then the unintended pain that was causing to young black and brown families and their kids. i should have acted sooner and faster to stop it. i didn't. for that, i apologies. for me, i'm against stop and
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frisk, profiling to the top -- what he said was a definition of racial profiling and frankly the people he was talking about, that would've been me. i would have been in harlem or the bronx being pulled over. it's just not right. >> greg: if the dems eat their own, they'll all get food poisoning. i enjoy this part because you see the left apply the same type of process they have been applying to everybody else, which is canceling you based on past actions according to present standards. now we know that it's wrong. i don't believe bloomberg thought it was discrimination when he thought stop and frisk was an important thing. i believe, i still do, there were groups in new york city that were pleading for help in their communities, they have a lot of gang violence, there were guns on the street, this was a way to get them off. now you are in the present day
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and looking back, that's discrimination. what gets me mad is in the grand scheme of things come up that's a mistake. you can say it's a mistake there but what's the biggest mistake by anybody? supporting totalitarian regimes that have killed millions. for some reason the democratic party has a problem with stop and frisk but they don't see a problem with bernie sanders supporting totalitarianism when he was younger while there was this free society called america that he took advantage for so long? i think the reason is because this democratic party agrees with bernie, that america is the oppressor, and that cuba, the ussr, they are the oppressed, because that decision that america is a moral evil? and that the ussr was actually the oppressed? that's a far worse thing then stop and frisk or talking about redlining. >> dana: james carville has been the only democrat who has walked up to that line?
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>> lawrence: who still receive the mayors emily we saw from the burning brothers and the lisbeth in 2016, the difference was that h. this actually might have a greater impact, and negative impact. i think elizabeth warren and her comments about the regulations for the banking industry and what she's talking about has -- i think there are people quaking in their boots right now, that the financial and health system might be based on a diversity and inclusion rating that separate from the value of the dollar. i think will go so far behind closed doors and the money that bloomberg has will propel him past all of that because warren is essentially hemorrhaging out, and nevada also is biden's last chance, and all of those monies are going to go anywhere but to him. the last chance to prove
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viability. >> juan: we have to and make it there. michael avenatti going to the big house, found guilty in his extortion trial with nike. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> juan: welcome back to your favorite show. more bad news for michael avenatti, lawyer and presidential hopeful found guilty on all three counts after trying to extort nike for $25 million. avenatti faces up to 42 years in prison. he has two other criminal trials set later this year. the media now being criticized have been giving a platform. >> you got lucky tonight. back with attorney michael avenatti, a main player. >> sitting beside me right now. not going to cheat, not going to guess. hence, his name is michael avenatti. >> i don't think you're in this
2:27 pm
for money. >> i've never seen anybody pander to an audience like you just did. >> you are something else. michael avenatti, i'd like to meet you sometime over a dinner. >> thank you, michael cohen. >> whatever you do, call me anything other than michael cohen. >> juan: this prediction from avenatti getting a lot of attention after what happened today. >> i'm going to say it again. mr. trump will not serve out his term. no way, know-how, you'll be forced to ultimately resign. >> juan: i know it's like ribs on a friday night for you. you are chomping at this. go for it. >> lawrence: >> greg: i felt like we should've gone for it. "the five" saw him for what he was, but the clowns from the montage, they couldn't, because they had a good range filter. all they saw when they look at
2:28 pm
this -- they are lined up to kiss the bozos ring. this is a piece of evidence that shows you the corporate media cannot be trusted. this would be people who consider themselves more sophisticated than all of us but they are credulous. they are a tribe looking for a savior and that's what they saw and this guy. my point is all those people in the montage, i know they watch "the five," it's a positive thing to admit you are wrong, but it's more positive to figure out why you were wrong, it's opening a portal you didn't think you could have. it's a great thing to do. the media so wrong in this, you don't have to admit it, but spend some time to figure out why you were wrong. what flawed view cause you to see this guy, because you look at those, no street smarts, midwestern common sense, those were the things that could help you see this guy for who he is
2:29 pm
and it's absent on cnn, msnbc, "the washington post," they do not have one staff we saw this for what it was a question mark that's got to make you go home and say, god's sake what's wrong with my filter? >> juan: dana. greg and i disagree about this because i think part of the fascination with avenatti was stormy daniels and the fact that she was a porn star, the president paying her off, the check was found, signature in all of that. the thing is now avenatti faces another trial, one of them is poor in fact ripping off stormy daniels. >> dana: even might get another one. >> juan: one for ripping off a paraplegic. >> dana: we are not dealing with somebody who has -- >> juan: high character. >> greg: what a fall from grace. >> dana: a long way to go to get from grace.
2:30 pm
>> juan: if he was convicted on all three, he could end in jail, you'll have to visit him, greg. 400 years! >> dana: is anybody going to step into asking him to get his sentence reduced? >> juan: stormy is his friend. >> emily: the second in two days that the media was wrong. you had just a smal avenatti convicted by a jury. one example after another going all around here. >> lawrence: juan, you said it was about stormy? it was any person they saw they could take on donald trump and i think they did not do proper venting of the stories. they could've just talked to stormy and she would've told -- back-and-forth messages saying that this guy is taking my money, i never received my money. they could've gone on the original source on a lot of this
2:31 pm
stuff. some of his comments that the president was not going to serve his full term? he said that don jr. was going to be behind bars? looks like he is going to be behind bars. this was not a guy that was a smart person. he went after nike. do you think he's the first person to try to extort nike and you thought you were going to win? >> greg: they'll make you fit the bill. >> juan: what you got to say, you are a lawyer. >> emily: this is an example of the squeaky wheel getting the grease. he was basically such a loud, obtuse person that somehow he was given all of that media in space. all of the time in the mainstream media, we hear words like him and his administration and this president is corrupt. they bully. the extort. that should be reserved for someone like this. that second trial you mentioned? that's a 36 count indictment. this is not a small, low level,
2:32 pm
gray area situation. this human is despicable. a complete embarrassment to my profession. and i think the fact he was given such a mouthpiece for so long without that vetting, he was like the emperor's new clothes within this lavish palace. he was seething from disabled people to buy a private jet because he was in debt $15 million and his defense attorneys literally part of their argument, part of the strategy and trial in which he would get all three counts of this one in new york, he just did it. they were literally, like, he just did it. you of all people should appreciate that this is simply an aggressive attorney. you have heard the phone call? he's a screaming and shouting and using profane language. that is threatening intimidation. talk about roger stone? that's nothing compared to this. >> juan: i think -- let me go
2:33 pm
back. if clinton, bush, obama were paying off a porn star... >> greg: you've got to pay the porn star. that's what you do. >> juan: i've got to hang out with you more. the facet seven is coming up next the fastest seven is coming up next. and that's saving me cash with drivewise. it's timcan it helpltimate sleep nukeep me asleep?he sleep number 360 smart bed. absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday.
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♪ don't just plan to retire. plan to live. an annuity helps cover your essential monthly expenses, so you're free to live the life you want. find out how an annuity can give you lifetime income at >> emily: welcome back. time for the fastest seven. a plan to plant 1 million trees to protect the environment, but these activist think it's better to do it with a phone. song. >> ♪ there is a hole in the sky with a tree once was ♪ ♪ somebody is making money >> emily: how many rehearsals you think they had before the
2:38 pm
city council performance? >> juan: i think they were at the seahawks stadium. this has gone viral. everybody is watching this. it's funny, obviously they are committed, passionate, i can appreciate it. everybody watching this including people who are opposed to the idea these are in my mental actors because it looks like they could be easily made fun of. >> emily: would you employ that strategy? >> juan: they could be doing stuff so much more effective. planting trees in neighborhoods and all of that. they are so divisive. even if you want to get on their team, i don't know... at least they are just singing. >> juan: why do you say -- why is that divisive? >> lawrence: what i'm saying is this is not encouraging people to be part of the movement. they are disrupting a city council. >> dana: they are complaining because seattle is growing so quickly and a lot of trees have to be cut down in order to make room for the growth. trees are an important part of
2:39 pm
the city. if you take a look at greenville, south carolina, the mayor may be 25 years ago said we are going to spend this money to plant trees and a buddy and now it's the most beautiful strip and everybody loves it. they just want their trees and they come up with a song. it's cute. >> emily: greg, do you think it's immature and then penalizing or do you think it's effective in some way? >> greg: i don't believe in those assumptions. i will take that over some guy hitting me with a bike lock or a guy three milk shakes at me. imagine how the media would feel if they were singing about the unborn. >> emily: great point. >> greg: thank you, emily. >> emily: if you have not heard of the term hangry have you guys -- you've seen those snickers commercials basically, when you are so hungry you are like a different person?
2:40 pm
>> juan: dana says she knows this. >> dana: i could be i'm not hungry, i'm not hungry, i'm going to eat somebody's arm. peter use to get in arguments going, why didn't you eat? don't ask me why i didn't eat! i had all these things to do! when we go anywhere, if we go down to the shore or if we are going on an airplane, he packs a little snack for me. just in case. it's very sweet. >> emily: to stave off hangry dana. >> dana: every day is valentine's day at my house. >> emily: greg, what about yo you? >> greg: this is why robots are necessary. think about the numbers of fatalities of -- there was a study, mentioned it here before, the eating habits of judges have a direct impact on the sentences they give out. when they are in a bad mood, they will deny you parole. but if they go to lunch, they are less likely to do that.
2:41 pm
we need to replace all of our judges with order for artificial intelligence and will never have the roger stone experience again. i just solved all of your problems! thank you, america. >> juan: this is totally me. 90% of the time, if i'm angry or upset, annoyed, it's because i have not eaten. >> greg: i'm like that when i eat or don't. >> juan: i'm supposed to attack -- you aren't supposed to attack yourself! i don't think being hungry is any reason to treat people poorly. tell you what. >> juan: i always apologize. >> juan: i get headaches if i don't eat, so i'm kind of upset with myself. >> emily: it's just testing my patience. anyway. finally, happy valentine's day,
2:42 pm
america. for all of your haters, here's the way to ruin the day for that someone special. the heartbreaking act of dumping some before valentine's day because you are to cheap to right them a card or any kind of fuss. lawrence? >> lawrence: my goodness... i did not do that. >> greg: did you do it the day before? >> lawrence: i would never do that. two days before. >> emily: tell us about your decision. >> greg: lawrence... [laughter] >> emily: i'm sorry. what you like, i'm not going to get... >> greg: what are you doing for valentine's day? >> emily: greg, it's not about me. >> greg: i'm trying to save him!
2:43 pm
[laughter] >> emily: if you were like, i do not want to hit that milestone... >> lawrence: if i wasn't really serious, i'm calculated the cost... >> greg: if you cared about him, you wouldn't bring it up! >> emily: on one and what do you think? >> juan: i don't even understand this topic. >> emily: friday mailbag is coming up next.
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>> greg: fan mail friday and continuing on this topic from linda. what is the worst valentines celebration you ever had? i'm thinking, lawrence, it's today on "the five." is the worst valentines you've ever had? >> lawrence: s, because of dana. >> greg: emily brought it up. >> emily: it was me. your valentine's day. >> greg: did you give gifts you had to take that? >> lawrence: my god... >> greg: emily, what's your
2:48 pm
worst valentine's day? >> lawrence: you broke the rules! >> emily: i never had a bad one. >> greg: of course not. >> greg: dana? >> dana: we were great together, but he took me to the bahamas, our first time together away and the weather was terrible, food was terrible, everything was terrible, i've never been back to the bahamas. >> greg: ask expensive when you are buying two rooms. i know your mom is watching. i just want to make sure. >> emily: do you feel better, lawrence? >> lawrence: i feel way better. >> juan: so i haven't had a bad one, but i will tell you what happened afterwards. if you are traveling a lot, and i used to travel a lot for campaigns, and you forget, and you come home, and somebody is icy, like --
2:49 pm
be one you forgot? >> lawrence: you deserve that. >> greg: not a problem when you marry a russian. they don't have valentine's day, but they have international women's day which is some weird commie thing. the whole card thing, i hated the they just let the kid with no cards sit there. >> dana: that's no good. >> juan: do you know what i like? those candies with the words on it. that's bad candy? is it worse than candy corn? greg it's like golden... anyway, there's only time from one question. what's your biggest goal for the future? dana: i want to get through
2:50 pm
to 2020. >> emily: it's not my biggest goal but i'd like to add to my collection of 70 trans am in silver gold. >> greg: where are you going to keep it? >> emily: i need to get a garage. >> greg: lawrence, because goal of the future? changing your phone number? >> lawrence: all of them. i want to make movies. >> emily: like, directing? can i be in one? >> greg: you don't want to be in those movies. this is a family show. >> juan: he's talking about about/movies. i used to run a lot, and though my time is bad. despite aging, i would like to somehow lower that time.
2:51 pm
>> greg: i want 10 pounds. i want to lose 10 pounds. >> dana: i also want to work in africa. i'm going to ask for a sabbatical in a few years. i mean, just putting it out there. >> juan: good for you. >> dana: one more thing? >> greg: busy. i'm just busy. >> dana: what are you doing? >> greg: i will be working in my apartment for africa. >> juan: he's doing partnership lessons for learni learning. love lessons from greg. >> greg: this is going... one more thing up next. but it can help you pick your room from the floor plan. can the hilton app help us score? you know, it's not that kind of thing, but you can score free wi-fi. can it help us win?
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uhh, excuse you're in a is there a problno parking zone. oh, i... i didn't know. you didn't see the sign? that... that wasn't there when i was here earlier. (whimper) really? you know, in italy, they let you park anywhere. have a good day, sir. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. (glass shattering) (frustrated yell) (car horn blast) (yelp) >> dana: it's time for one more thing and i have this for you. >> here we go...
2:56 pm
>> dana: why do skunks love valentine's day? furry, striped... [laughter] it's like brainstorming! because they are gave her a ring. >> dana: i love it! why do both left to celebrate valentine's day? >> emily: sinking, swimming, pulling... >> dana: they are row-mantic. that's good, guys! why should you never marry a tennis player? >> emily: volley back and forth... >> dana: because love means nothing for them.
2:57 pm
emily, i love throwing jokes when you're here for now on. >> greg: the only one who cares! >> juan: i like them. you are good. so it's valentine's day. chocolate, so boring. flowers come as ordinary. how about a bud light, folks? yes, that's right. take a look at this box. show them the top, lawrence. there you go. bud light is selling a red heart-shaped box that holds 12 cans of beer. on the top, it says, roses are red, bud light is blue. on instagram, the company said that perfect gift is not exist. but 12 cans of beer, not bad. roses are red, bud light is blue, throw me a beer, and, ba baby, you grab one too. >> emily: that is amazing. >> dana: greg.
2:58 pm
>> greg: front of me love. "the greg gutfeld show." 10:00 tomorrow night. rob stein, patrick o'neill, kat timpf, tyrus. i got my finger caught in the hedge of my classes. you know the rules of the cat off. i show three cat videos. it's the cat in the hat edition but look at the cat in the straw hat. i think the second one is also wearing a hat. don't have much time from the kids. got to move it up. this cat is wearing a tiger hat. lawrence, look at this cat! dana, i don't know what to say. which one for a quick vote. >> juan: two. >> dana: three. >> emily: three. >> juan: wait, what happened to the first one! >> lawrence: not all heroes barricades
2:59 pm
where caves, some you shopping carts. this is in georgia. guy in a walmart parking lot and there's a shoplifter trying to get away. look at him. according to the cops, no one -- the guy was arrested and no one -- >> dana: did he get an award? >> juan: they should get him an award. lawrence: they carted him away. >> emily: in honor is a valentine's day and those who might be hot tubbing tonight, ts guy who hot tub and a wendy's. a wendy's employee, i'm just enjoying life while everybody laughs in the background. obviously -- >> greg: he was terminated!
3:00 pm
>> juan: why is he in a hot tub in the winter? >> dana: okay, have a great weekend, everybody. we are going to regroup. see you back here on monday. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we are following two major stories. president trump are now keeping his own counsel after a big decision by federal prosecutors to drop an investigation and the former fbi director, acting director andrew mccabe over allegations he lied to federal officials about his involvement in a leak to the media, and the start of an investigation into the guilty plea of the president 's former national security advisor michael flynn. plus there is word of an agreement that should be a large step towards ending america's largest war.


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