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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 14, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: that is one week. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight for that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid. "the story" hosted by ed henry starts now. ed: did you get a valentine down the cancer from greg watch my >> bret: did not . bending the debate rules to let in billionaire michael bloomberg. amidst growing angst of the new york city mayor may be the only hope to prevent a blot loss to president trump. i'm ed henry. this is "the story." to declare today that democratic officials are again rigging the system t take the nomination away from bernie sanders a second time. as democrats grow increasingly
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skittish that the prospect of a democratic socialist taking over. a problem for the rest of the 2020 field tonight. joe biden so desperate for money right now that he left south carolina yesterday to make a dash for campaign cash right here in new york with wall street titans and the one time frontrunner was greeted by protesters telling them that his time is up. >> skip south carolina! go home early! >> ed: amy klobuchar now getting more scrutiny and explaining why she called for the government too, guess what, build a fence along the southern border back in 2006. politico says elizabeth warren briefly the frontrunner on the ropes explaining why democrats might be feeling the burn. >> we are getting the establishment just a little bit nervous. they look around and they think,
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my god, people are beginning to stand up and fight for justice! well, the establishment is getting nervous. that is a good thing. >> ed: guess who's who endorsed billde blasio planning to campan with him ahead of the nevada caucuses. deb lazio had to abandon his own residential campaign after polls in iowa showed he couldn't reach 1%. it's no wonder that with such a field, the possibility barreling towards a brokered convention appears to be increasingly likely for the democrats. karl rove joins us live and that in moments. correspondent matt gaetz what might be another shocking example of the swamp winning again for the justice department shut down like deciding not criminal charges
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tonight, he weighs in on a new round of tax cuts coming from the white house. victor davis hanson joins us to break than hillary clinton's latest jabs against the president. but first, or our top story. a2020 democratic candidate and leading the charge against tom perez the chair right now. congressman, thanks for coming in. what's your case against tom perez starting with iowa as we see these new reports suggesting, maybe the d and c was more deeply involved in the app that caused the chaos. >> it comes down to the failure of leadership and numerous examples of this failure of leadership that has shaken the trust and faith that voters in this primary election should have that when they go and cast their votes, their voices will be heard. there have been an incredible lack of transparency around the
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failures of the iowa caucuses, the app that was such a terrible failure, and the dnc's involvement in this. you had a former iowa democratic chair saying that the democratic party should sue the dnc for making them use this app that has been completely untested and if you look at who was involved with this app, you have hillary clinton's former campaign manager robby mook do you have people who are very deeply entranced in the powerful elite in washington who are backing this. what's really going on here? you mention the dnc changing the rules to let the billionaire michael bloomberg go on the debate stage, picking and choosing what they want voters to hear from rather than voters making that best informed decision when they go to the ballot box. >> ed: here's what tom perez said in fairness to him when pressed on whether he should step down. >> have you considered resigni
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resigning? >> absolutely and not. came into win elections, when you do that you have to make tough decisions. we have been winning. this is what it's about. appears to be hanging it on the wings on the midterms looking in the rearview mirror. what is your concern moving forward. leading up to the iowa caucuses, we've been working towards this day for three years, expressing his confidence that we are ready, clearly that was not the case. this includes other issues that speaks to a disrespect of vote voters. deserves more than a dnc and their corporate media partners holding their own. primary selection process, making it very difficult or impossible for voters to hear from candidates that they do not
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want them to hear from her this is about the people of our country, not the powerful elite in washington. this is consistently been the message of my campaign, that we are taking out the voters all across this country, that we the people have to exercise our voices to bring about this change. >> are you suggesting that there is sort of conspiracy that the president was out there may be that this is being rigged, taking the democratic nomination away from him and very little he can do in a rig system. what is happening here? >> i think it's important to look at the facts and the evidence and what really led up to this failure and who was involved and the lack of transparency around all of this, from start to finish is raising
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a lot of questions and concerns in the minds of voters about how this could be allowed to happen and what's really going on. voters, but this primary election can work for them. >> ed: i got 30 seconds by going back to 2016 you endorsed bernie sanders. clinton did not like that. you have this lawsuit is against hillary clinton because you were hillary clinton attacking bernie sanders, been saying that trisha can support him. what's really happening in the democratic party, in case of this fight? >> distraction and noise away from the real change that we seek to bring about from this country. one that will be driven forward by voters in this country. democrats, republicans, independence, people who were coalescing supporting my campaign saying that we want to
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put our country first and really usher in a bright future and the government of, by, for the people. the more we have to stand together but a bit of my love of country. >> ed: we appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, ed. >> ed: coming up, karl rove, former deputy chief of staff of president george w. bush and fox correspondent. hearing that the sole goal is trying to beat president trump in november, why the infighting? >> because they all want to be the person who's got the nomination of the democratic party to take on president tru president trump. you can't get there apparently just by saying by who you are and what you are for, you've got to keep somebody from getting ahead of you and the natural inclination of a crowded primary is to try and distinguish yourself by taking down somebody else, in particular taking down a frontrunner. >> ed: who do you see is a
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frontrunner right now? bernie sanders seems to have the edge and that's creating angst in the party. >> there is a continuing frontrunner. warren was briefly a frontrunner. mayor pete was the front runner, burning is back being the front runner. no frontrunner in a contest where everybody is finding it hard to break the 25%-26%, 27% level. even if you get all of the lesser lights, have 32% of a very small pool of delegates elected so far. some people take a potshot at what they seem to be the front runner, others take a potshot who they will be a good target, mayor bloomberg not leading in the polls but a welcome target for a number of people. it really depends in the moment and the best way they think they can advance them, so let's not kid ourselves. the anger is deep, not going to go away quickly. not going to come away with
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milwaukee and think kumbaya and everything we've said with each other and all the feelings that our supporters have said, they've been healed and all unified behind one person. >> where does this go? what's the bottom line tonight? you seem to be suggesting we are heading for a brokered convention. >> let's look at the map. 40% of the delegates are going to be selected. let's say that somebody is strong enough that they get 35%. remember, we've got five or six candidates who are going to be capable of getting delegates. six people who got delegates already. if they get 35%, that means of the total of delegates at the national convention, they won 14% of the delegates. they need to get to 50% of the total delegates. of the remaining 60% of the total delegates who will be selected at the march 3rd, they got to get 60% in order to get those 36 points to bring them to that magic number of 50 plus
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one. that's going to be awfully hard to do given that the field is so divided. that's why bloomberg is going to be a potentially very destructive force and not necessarily that she's going to be playing on the 3rd of march and is going to be in double digits and above 15% and many, many states. but so is bernie sanders. so is pete buttigieg. so are some of the others. >> ed: last question bernie sanders. we reported that bill de blasio now getting involved. bernie sanders put out a tweet a few moments ago saying here's bill de blasio fighting so hard every single day for hardworking new yorkers. has he been paying attention to build a form and some of the other problems under the bellagio right now they have raised real problems? >> sometimes you live under a bubble and he said it seems to think mayor de blasio is going to be a plus for him. i would rather be mayor bloomberg got the endorsement the last few days of the mayors of many cities in texas, dallas, houston, the
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mayor of houston notorious for never endorsing. how much that translates on election day is yet to be proven because bernie does have one thing and that is he is the leader of the left-wing democrat party and they've been coming up for him strongly and they'll keep doing so. >> ed: started with chaos, suggesting we may have chaos on the way to milwaukee. >> wanted it be a delight for all of a split with junkies. >> ed: the doj meanwhile dropping another bombshell, saying it will not prosecute andy mccabe. the former fbi chief who admitted to opening the investigation into president trump and russia. republican congressman matt gaetz is here. he's got some thoughts next. >> the facts of andrew mccabe dead to rights. he lied to comey, and he lied to the special affair investigation committeeinvestigators that he d the release that disclose the
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>> we heard the reports a week or so the andrew mccabe will be indicted. the report came on mueller and kind of slap in the wrist. do you believe is on these guys who were coming after you will get off the hook? >> what he's done is just despicable. we'll see where it all goes. there's a lot of things happening right now. but we'll see what happens. >> ed: president trump not happy that the doj is dropping their case against that man from the former acting chief was under criminal probe after the watchdog found that he made in unauthorized leak of sensitive information and misled investigators about at least three times under oath.
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here is mccabe reacting to the news tonight. >> as glad as i am that the justice department finally decided to do the right thing today, it is an absolute disgrace that they took two years and put my family to this experience for two years before they finally drew the obvious conclusion. >> ed: joined me now, florida republican congressman matt gaetz. thank you for coming in. >> thank you, ed, happy valentine's day. >> ed: same to you. >> the decree is that andrew mccabe is not going to be behind bars. he lied about leaking, lying about leaking, doubles as a get out of jail free card when people break the law.
4:19 pm
when folks were accused of lying with roger stone and michael flynn, had the book thrown at him. there's a little swamp training at the moment of justice. >> could bill barr, the attorney general let yo you ande president down? >> i would make that allegation, there's a lot of folks in the department of justice, i think there's work to be done to have folks who have the right views of the senior leadership that the fbi have, i think the iran dell makes between five indictments will help draining the swamp over there. >> ed: you seem to be letting senior justice officials off the hook. we played a clip in september where you said "we've got mccabe dead to rights." if you had mccabe dead to
4:20 pm
rights, the president and his team oversee the justice department. >> the factual obligations i made you play before the break were born in the inspector general's report. these are allegations against the former fbi director andrew mccabe. whether or not prosecution brought forward to me is obvious, it should have been but remember, prosecutions have to go before a d.c. grand jury. i believe there was a d.c. grand jury impaneled and it may very well be the case that they weren't able to get him indicted. that's not a part of the senior leadership of the fbi, the consequence of our criminal justice system. >> ed: you're close to this president. we are seeing reports and he's furious about it. have you talked to him, heard about the reaction? >> i've been on a plane, i wish him happy valentine's day. but i suspect he's frustrated that andrew mccabe will not
4:21 pm
face the consequence because, really, andrew mccabe got the ball rolling on this investigation and i believe it was truly mccabe who converted this from a counterintelligence investigation that it was supposed to protect the president and protect the president's campaign into a criminal probe and mccabe had his own problems lying about his own leaks to the media. >> ed: congressman, last question. you some interviewing this president near the law of san diego, california, and i pressed him about james comey who he's been hot about for a long time. he got a slap on the wrist even though you say the inspector general filed wrongdoing. now inspector general on the record found wrongdoing, lied under oath, all the rest of it. it got him fired. and yet he's getting off the hook. are you really confident tonight that john durham, this prosecutor, is really going to hold people accountable? >> durham has different powers and were given to the inspector general. he can actually bring criminal charges and it's my expectation that he will, but obviously when
4:22 pm
you see comey, it's easy for the american people to wonder whether or not the fbi and the department of justice will truly go after their own. when you get below the senior management, the case that those people are getting leniency they should not be allowed to get. >> ed: we appreciate you coming in tonight. meanwhile, hillary clinton alleging president trump's power over the department of justice is evident, get this, our democracy is in crisis. victor david hanson says she has simply never recovered from that million defeat in 2016. he's next. that keeps you up again, and again. advil pm silences pain, and you sleep the whole night. advil pm
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>> ed:
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speak of this occupant poses a clear and being present danger o our democracy. >> hillary clinton sounding the alarm again tonight saying president from suggesting that he has a legal right to intervene in criminal cases and threatening new york over his investigations of him are evidence that our democracy is basically in a free fall. the former secretary of state tweeted, to reverse punitive policy change, to claim the policy to personally direct the justice department to investigate anyone he wants. he wants our democracy in crisis right now. here is victor david hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institute, author of the case for trump. victor, thank you for coming in. what is she talking about tonight? >> i don't know. it's pretty rich. this is someone who's has been met on the tarmac with loretta lynch when the doj was
4:28 pm
investigating hillary clinton to the auspices of the fbi. she wasn't going to run about that at all. nobody in 2016 did more to warp the constitutional process of elections and hillary clinton. she had three firewalls, three firewalls, fusion gps, she hired, i think it's a legal, and foreign national christopher steele who elicited sources to o to make a smear dossier and she used her contact along with glenn simpson the posse is, the doj, the fbi, to be that dossier and we lost 22 months of time when they pursued this russian hoax. has never come to terms with the fact that she lost the election, all blaming someone else, when you lose an election, when you are magnanimous about it, you
4:29 pm
lost it because you campaigned in the wrong place in the wrong place in the wrong time, she blamed the russians. try to get the elect or is not to honor the electoral college. she signed up for the emoluments clause cycle drama, the 25th amendment, mueller. et cetera, et cetera. >> what about her going to the president charging interference when the president spoke out and said, look, nine years to roger stone for lying. shouldn't lie, but nine years seems like a long time when we just did the story about andy mccabe who was running the fbi, lied under oath three times, and is now not being charged. does that not sound like two-tiered justice in america? >> yeah, of course it is. it's a true metrical. it's been asymmetrical with michael flynn, asymmetrical with roger stone, and based on the idea that a bipartisan group of people deeply embedded in the federal government have two sets of rules and laws.
4:30 pm
the president's way in all the time and criminal chases. it's not illegal. they editorialize in ways that are not wise, barack obama during treavon martin said trave on martin he weighed in on hillary clinton's own email and editorialize. >> it was a national security issue. >> a lot of it is the angst. she had the money, the media, the bipartisan swamp, and she blew the election because she was a poor campaigner. she campaigned in the wrong places, in the wrong manner and most importantly alienated a quarter, discredited clinton, that blue dog third wave democratic success story in '92 has been discredited because you look at the field today, the
4:31 pm
subtext is they aren't going to run any campaign in any way that resembles the triangulation of hillary clinton, i can say that she is a tragic figure -- >> ed: victor davis hanson, appreciate you coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> ed: michael bloomberg keeps on rising in the polls. could some troubling comments on race bring him down? jenna caldwell and michelle ritchie join me next. onthly pay. and get your interest rate right so you can save big. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k.
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>> ed: michael bloomberg cleaving to third base nationally in one poll this week but he emerges as a viable candidate in the race for president of the democrats taking aim at his past comments on race, including elizabeth warren now accusing him of lying over controversial banking practice known as redlining. our correspondent kevin corke has details from washington
4:36 pm
tonight. >> good evening. his name has yet to appear on any early state ballot but michael bloomberg is still a story. after all, he's been the millions of dollars on political ads all over the country. that makes him a little bit of a political oddity but it makes me political target in particular by those who are trying to take them down a peg or two speaking in particular about the massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and the former vice president joe biden. each of them taking shots at the former mayor and former comments as you talked about with a racially tense mortgage redlining and stop and frisk is another big story. the former mayor has no business being the party's standard-bearer now or in the future. >> just came out yesterday in which michael bloomberg is saying in the fact that the 2008 financial crash was caused because the banks were permitted to discriminate against black
4:37 pm
and brown people. that crisis would not have been averted if the banks had been able to be bigger racists. and anyone who thinks that should not be the leader of our party. >> ed: strong words from elizabeth warren that you may have seen this ad on thursday, the senate released a video to her plan to address housing with the caption, here is a history lesson on the racist legacy of redlining. speaking of refreshers from let's refresh your memory on the democratic calendar moving forward. nevada caucuses, south carolina primary, a big day, super tuesday coming up march 3rd. obviously a lot will happen between now and then, but how the field checks up between now and super tuesday will go a long way in telling us know who bloomberg would get the nomination but how may people who have to go to get there.
4:38 pm
make no mistake, he's still still not the front runner, neck and neck as we look to nevada. >> ed: here now with mark, jenna caldwell, or michelle ritchie former press secretary. what kind of heat is michael bloomberg in tonight? >> this is not about michael bloomberg, fighting for the title who's the least racist among them because every available candidate has significant race issues. biden attacking bloomberg not only the creator of the '94 crime villa but also the architect of the crack laws. african-american voters should be concerned that their only options on the democrat side has worked to marginalize them. from slavery, jim crow jim crow, color codes, '94 crime bills, bloomberg and others, has always
4:39 pm
been antiblack and always been. spoon party officials will push back against the idea that they always were antiblack. >> i do not think the democratic party has been antiblack forever but i watch the 8:25 of that entire video from bloomberg and the six seconds and have been put out by the media is really a miss our visitation of what he was actually saying. when i watched that video, says this man is actually saying that the method used two end redlining is the problem. he was not saying that we should not have redlining and we should have this discriminatory practices. he was saying this method that he used to end redlining, taking it to the proper credit, that's what happened leading up to the mortgage crisis.
4:40 pm
not saying that redlining is of that should be implemented, it was before and attempted to misrepresent that fact, >> that's what frustrated people, the way he was categorizing bla> that's why you have to watch it again. he says the banks were telling the failed people, those people -- he was not saying that >> lawmakers were telling him. >> he was a shooting those statements to the bank when you watch the real entire clip. >> ed: is that good enough for you? >> no. let's read about what happened over the course of this week. >these were the ones committing the crimes, that's factually incorrect. not to mention the fact that when bloomberg talks about african-americans, it's usually in a very harsh tone.
4:41 pm
this isn't something that's unique to michael bloomberg. this is something that we see democrats all across the country, late last year i went to the democratic debate, they recognize working from fox news channel, these said all racially charged languages -- hold on, rochelle! rochelle, let me finish. >> regardless -- >> rochelle! if you don't have anything to say that's fact base and you want to argue -- i'm talking about my personal experiences with joe biden's team. i've got video and instagram which proves it. i'm not talking about something i'm making up. >> i'm not saying you're making it up, but stop and frisk -- if people have a problem with stop and frisk, they have a problem with the 4th of may mint. it's not something with
4:42 pm
bloomberg, it's something within our constitution. it's not bloomberg, it's another name for a terry stop which is protected by the fourth amendment. that's why people have to do their homework. >> d agree with the assessment that 90% of the crimes are committed by minorities? >> that's not what i'm saying. people have a problem with stop and frisk, it does not begin and end with bloomberg. i'm adjusted how may people come out and start to protest against the fourth amendment. >> didn't stop and frisk actually reduce crime here in new york city? >> it did reduce it, but that's not the point. >> it wasn't stop and frisk, by the way. >> my point is often times democrats go out to grab a cleanse and call them all kinds of names and never hold their own accountable. >> they are calling each other's racist right now! you're a hole for segment --
4:43 pm
>> i can't stand the fact that he's still in office. >> why is evan and northam in office? >> ed: president trump and his economic team laying the groundwork for tax cuts 2.0. they are trying to propel the blue-collar boom and keep it going. steve henson joined me on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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>> ed: president trump riding into the 2020 campaign and what he calls a blue-collar boom as the administration plus another round of economic stimulus known as tax cuts 2.0. kristin fisher has the story tonight from washington. >> two big headlines that came from this interview with the white house's top economic advisor larry kudlow. the first is that president trump wants to give the middle class a 10% tax cut. and he wants to release that plan in september. just to go months before the election. here's a clip of the interview that airs in full tonight on fox business. >> are you working on another tax cut plan right now, larry?
4:48 pm
>> yes, we are. tax cuts 2.0. in a meeting in the oval yesterday, a few days ago, he looked at me and said let's get it out by september there and i've been consulting colleagues. we'd love to have a 10% middle-class tax cut. a second term issue, maria. it's a future issue for middle-class tax relief and stronger economics. >> ed: also raise the idea of universal savings account being included in the new plan. the idea would be to combine and semper fi all existing savings accounts that give tax breaks and 401(k)s, and anyone who is , how much the president loves talking about how well 401(k)s are doing under his administration. the strong economy is one of his greatest strengths heading into november and while he did get a first round of tax cuts through in 2017, there have been complaints that it didn't do enough for average americans.
4:49 pm
so president trump started raising the possibility of a phase two tax cut or tax cuts 2.0 in march of 2018. now it appears he wants to put it on paper at the same time democratic rivals are putting out plans focused on raising taxes for wealthy americans. it will be quite a contrast. >> ed: think you be here now with more, steve helton. the host of "the next revolution," 9:00 p.m. eastern sunday night. >> good to be with you. >> ed: do you see tax cuts 2.0, the president doubling down on his biggest strength? >> very much so. i love what he's talking about come with tax cuts, they've already seen the heart of two of this administration of biggest accomplishments. the jobs numbers, the fact that we have low unemployment, secondly that the earnings are rising especially for those at the lower end of the income scale. the tax cuts put more money into
4:50 pm
people's pockets. the corporate tax cut, that led to a boom in investments. that leads to higher productivity and more productive workers get paid more. the whole tax cut package was important and i totally support that. a fantastic political broadcast going into the election. >> if the president is doing so well with the economy, more than 6 of 10 americans are better off now than they were three years ago, why have more tax cuts, why have more stimulus that might overcook the economy? things are so well, why does he need to do more? >> ed: you've got to keep it going. a good economy doesn't just happen. the fact that we've got this good economy now is the result of the previous measures. not just a tax cut, also the deregulation. we are already in the longest
4:51 pm
expansion in history. never gone this far from one recession next to the next recession. a lot of people say that while trump is just building on the obama economy and so on, what he's doing is substantively different. it's so much harder to keep the good times going from the end of an expansion than the beginning bouncing left, but if you want to keep that going you've got to put more fuel in the tank if you like and keep the good times rolling. >> ed: you mention a contrast with 2020 democrats, not just that folks like they actually want to raise your taxes. they are saying it. bernie sanders has said multiple times to the base, to pay for these $20 million, they won't give us a price tag, medicare for all, student loan debt relief and all the rest, they are going to raise taxes. >> exactly. that is going to hit people takeaways but not just directly in their paychecks where they will see more money going out of
4:52 pm
their paychecks to the government, but it's also going to hit the economy more generally because if you raise taxes. remember, they also work to address the corporate tax cut. they all want to do that. even the so-called moderates in the race. mike bloomberg of all people who should know better put on a tax plan which is about hiking up the corporate tax rate so it's one of the highest in the world making it less competitive. meaning you won't have that kind of productivity increase. earnings will continue to rise. it's a devastating blow to the economy for that contrast is going to be so powerful come november in the general election. >> ed: the last 30 seconds i have, is there another contract? larry kudlow sent we want to bring this up in september right after the election. you and i both know that nancy pelosi not really block that. the democrats giving over the house has been obstructing the agenda. >> exactly right. that's why this is so smart.
4:53 pm
the focus is the spotlight on an issue where the president is strong. and it raises the stakes. here is something really good that you can get, you only get it, not only have to put me back in the white house, you have to win back the house of representatives and keep control of the senate. it sets the agenda for all of those races in a very helpful way to the president. >> ed: we appreciate your insights. we'll be watching you sunday night. thank you. in the meantime, a guilty verdict for anti-trump attorney michael avenatti. the breaking details when "the story" continues. >> you set a lot of people are afraid of the truth? >> a lot of the people are afraid of the truth in this ca case. . .
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you've been hearing a lot about 5g. but there's 5g... and then there's verizon 5g. we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's more than 10x faster than some other 5g networks. and it's rolling out in cities across the country so people can experience speeds that ultra wideband can deliver. 1.7 gigs here in houston. 1.8 gigs here in frigid omaha. almost 2 gigs here in los angeles. that's outrageous! it's like an eight-lane highway compared to a two-lane dirt road. ♪ ♪ >> ed: michael avenatti the attorney who built a name for himself as anti-trump crusader and famously represented adult film
4:58 pm
actress stormy daniels guess what he was found guilty today for trying to extort money out of nike. millions of dollars. this is months after pundits actually considered him a serious presidential contender for the democrats. our correspondent david miller has that story tonight. david? >> ed, the jury deliberated for almost three days before quicking high profile lawyer michael avenatti on three criminal charges including extortion and wire fraud. avenatti who did not testify said he was unfairly targeted because of adult entertainer stormy daniels and lawsuits president trump. prosecutors told the jury avenattiy demanded nike pay him $25 million to conduct internal investigation of the company or hold a damaging news conference alleging nike made improper payouts to high school athletes on the eve of nikey's quarterly financial report. nike called in the feds who secretly recorded avenatti making his demand. >> a few million dollars doesn't move the needle for
4:59 pm
me. if that is what is being contemplated then let's just say it was good to meet you and we are done. and i will proceed with my press conference tomorrow and i will go take $10 billion off your client's market cap. but i'm not [bleep] around. >> avenatti's lawyer tried to 'portray him as aggressive attorney trying to represent an client upset with nikey's cancellation of sponsorship of a youth basketball program. following the verdict the attorney described avenatti's reaction. >> very disappointed as can you imagine. thankfully we have appellate rights we are going to exercise so you should expect an appeal. >> avenatti's legal problems are not over. faces two more criminal federal trials and a slew of allegations including embezzlement and tax fraud. ed? >> ed: david lee miller, thank you. that is "the story" for friday, february 14th, 2020. happy valentine's day. as always, the story continues. i will see you monday morning on "america's newsroom" with my co-host
5:00 pm
9:00 a.m. eastern and my friend martha mccallum will be back here monday night. until then, have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." sadly, it's the end of the road for one of cnn's top presidential picks, sadly. he is not dropping out. he is behind bars. croupy porn lawyer convicted today on a long list of felonies. developing, we will have details for you just ahead. we will also tell you about mayor michael bloomberg's emergence as an actual democratic contender what that says about the democratic party and about america. worth paying attention to. as we chronicled pretty extensively on this show our leaders in washington suddenly seem deeply sympathetic to people ensnared in criminal justice system. a lot of criminals getting


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