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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 14, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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daniels' disgraced lawyer. david lee miller, what happened to the poor stormy daniels lawyer today. >> he was convicted on three criminal charges including extortion and wire twraud or he would hold a damaging news conference acting that he made improper pay-outs on the eve of nike. the u.s. attorney in new york says avenatti was found guilty
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of an old fashion shakedown. including embezzlement and tax fraud. keep up the great work xwending president trump supporters are punished and resistance members tend to walk. they don't just go free. they play victim to a crowd. >> we don't expect to live in a country where the perceived political enemies of the president suddenly become the
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subjects of criminal investigations. in a pursuit to throw political enemies in jail. that's an absolute an bringgatibrin an it's disturbing to see them playing a role in the work that the doj should be doing. they are from someone who was just let off the hook. are americans really supposed to feel sorry for him? joining me now is robert driscoll, former department of justice official and tom fenton president of judicial watch. thanks for joining me. you follow these things closely. let me say at the onset bill barr is the best thing to happen in the trump administration. he has his hands full and if andrew mccabe thinks he's free,
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he has something else coming. it does feel like when are we actually going to prosecute somebody who admits to lying to federal officers and as a former acting director of the fbi this guy knew better. >> he did and he admitted he wasn't truthfully internally at the doj. this is a great example of why i think bill barr is right to take a close look at these things and be involved. you're going to take political heat for these decisions one way or the other. that's the whole point is the attorney general works for the president. the attorney general runs the department of justice. they all report to him so you make these calls. some of them from the outside appear, you know, questionable. to some of us who have looked at it from the outside, not having looked at the file, but, you know, mccabe, it's like the talking points didn't change when the charges were dropped. they would have been the same talking points if he had been indicted. he actually got from his perspective what would be a fair
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shot and it doesn't stop him from complaining that somehow the system was unfair. they even considered bringing charges. >> you've been watching the judicial department here. is there going to be a two tiered system or will we have justice? >> in my view, if it's an indication, comey was referred to the justice department under attorney general barr for prosecution for leaking the president's fbi files, lying about it including classified information. they refused to proceed. you have the significant criminal activity by the deputy fbi director, referred to the i.g., to the ownattorney genera. they refused to proceed. i'm hopeful he tries to get control of the judicial department. it's troubling and the attorney general has got to understand it
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ain't regular business at the justice department. this week began with a slap at the attorney general, an attack on the president through abusive stone and it ended frankly at another slap and attack at the attorney general. if he thinks he's being we served by the career surrounding him he needs to take another look at who is advising him. you know the way it works. these folks pretend to be nonpartisan. the justice department is full of democrat activists lawyers pretending to be career civil servants who are pursuing an agenda. there are thousands of vindmans, thousands of james comeys and they aren't working for you and i. >> when sally yates signed one of t of the fraudulent warrants, "the department of justice department independence is essential to our nation's promise of impartial
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justice." it's not a tool for the president of the united states to use for retribution or camouflage. this is sally. she's in a responsible position but the president of the united states is still the constitutional officer in charge of the executive branch. >> it's also the height of irony when she was involved in the tail end of the obama administration as a headover to trump, working with brendan and others in order to get the whole russia collusion story started, so she's not the right person to be making that statement. but the reality is these people are constitutional opposite to the united states. the attorney general works for the president and he controls the department and that's the thing. you look at all of these cases, the voters will hold the president and the attorney general accountable for what happens, and they have every right to be involved at a broad level to make sure things are done appropriately. >> because they can't be out there rogue. you mentioned brennan and i think one of the people that durham is actually looking at because it goes bo and beyond
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outside of this, is what mr. brennan has said previously. watch this. >> i'm willing to talk to him or anybody else about this period of time during 2016. i've not talked to him. it's clearly another indication that donald trump is using the doj to go after his enemies in any way that he can. >> i think this guy is scared and i think there is reason for him to be scared an i think, this is just my own personal opinion but part of the reason it transitioned from an investigation into a criminal probe is potentially because of people like brennan and what they may or may not have done. >> i think they are all very nervous about the possibility of prosecutions. i'm not seeing evidence that they should be nervous. durham is doing a glorified i.g. investigatio investigation. brennan is right. he ain't going to be prosecuted. he might be criticized in a
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report so i'm not seeing indications, you know what a real criminal investigation looks like. i'm not seeing any of this out of this justice department. on the worst corruption scandal in american history. illegal spying on a sitting president. the president is right to be frustrated. he should be tweeting more and directing the justice department more on. this i would-point a special counsel if i were him the justice department is incapable of doing this in these present circumstances. >> part of the concern here is that you may not win the case but at least make the case and that's been my frustration with the department of justice. if you see wrongdoing, even in the oversight committee we would make referrals and it would be bipartisan. the justice department still wouldn't go after one of their own. i still have my belief level on attorney general barr, it's off the charts and i think these people still have a lot to worry about because i believe that durham is a strong prosecutor and he'll get to the truth.
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real quickly. >> just to defend barr a little bit on the tweet, it doesn't help him when the president tweets about a particular case. it hurts him because it sets up the narrative for the left that barr is doing it at the direction -- >> and when the president tweets after this recommendation comes out i think he has every right to do that and i want a president when he sees something that's wrong and he thinks it's a miscarriage of justice to speak out about it. so, gentlemen, thank you. this is not the end of this. there will be a lot more about this. the andy mccabe clip, this is what he said earlier in the day. >> as glad as i am the justice department and the attorney's office finally decided to do the right thing today, it's an absolute disgrace that they took two years and put my family through this experience for two years before they finally drew the obvious conclusion, and one
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they could have drawn a long, long time ago. >> here to react is charlie kirk, founder of turning point usa, and author of the upcoming book. along with jeffrey lord, former cnn contributor and a contributing editor at the american spectator. gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. charlie, i want to start with you. when we see mccabe talking all righteously yet took so long, he admitted about the lying. he's the one that put the country through this, correct? >> yes, he's trying to say we should feel bad for his family. mccabe, we should be feeling bad for michael flynn's family, when you walked into the white house and entrapped him under false pre-distances, mccabe walked into the white house, in the early stages under complete and total false pretenses, and lieutenant general michael flynn, who is a hero to our country, did not have a lawyer
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present, that was the beginning of a lot of this nonsense around russia, if we think back to that, and now mccabe says my family was put through. this he gave four lies to the federal bureau of investigation. they say they are misleading statements. lies, three of which were under oath and he gets off completely and i think a lot of trump supporters and people on the case are scratching their heads saying is justice really blind in our country or is it more tilted or very at this timed in the direction of if you hate this president, and say the right things on cable television all of a sudden you're allowed some sort of soft pardon from the deep state of the doj. it's disgusting what happened today. >> when you look at what the inspector general did he made recommendations to the department of justice on the director of the fbi, the gi director, the director of the fbi, the deputy director of the fbi, the deputy assistant director of the fbi and nobody but nobody has been prosecuted. let me show you this graphic from the i.g.'s report listing out some things in february of
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2018. misled investigators of the role on the news media disclosure. lacked candor on four separate occasions, authorized media leaks to advance personal interests, and he recommended the i.g. did the firing of andrew mccabe. fortunately, at least that happened but jeffrey, this is a person that brought a lot of shame to the department of justice. >> yeah, i'll say. to borrow from nancy pelosi, he'll be fired forever for doing what he did. this is just absolutely disgraceful. what about sympathy, as charlie was just saying. frankly, what about for the president and his family. put through this and the nation as a whole put through three years of just stuff because they don't like the way the 2016 election came out. this is truly, truly disgraceful. and what you've got, as mentioned earlier, whether it's the department of justice or the department of state or the
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national security counsel, you have all of these people who are liberal leaks, people in the justice department with law degrees. they weaponize the government, they weaponize the legal process to go after ideological opponents. it's disgraceful. >> jeffrey, i want to continue on with you for just a second. what do you think of cnn actually giving this continued platform to andrew mccabe? >> yeah, i think it's a serious mistake. i mean, i just, frankly, science i left, i don't understand, i mean, i understand, what they are doing is they have got a bone to pick with the president. they don't like the president but what they are doing here is hurting their own cent, their own ratings. they keep going down and down. there are a lot of good people there but this is self-defeating to the max and this certainly isn't going to help. >> now, charlie, part of the huge task -- i worry that the fbi director, ray, i don't know that he's up to the task of actually reforming an agency
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that is in such disarray but how is the american people, how are the american people going to regain confidence that the department of justice will act impartially and lady justice will have that blindfold on instead of giving a pass every time their name is clinton or you have a democrat or a big d next to their name? >> she doesn't have the blindfold on. she has her left eye open and she's favoring everyone on the political left. mccabe came out and did a full media blitz to keep this russian narrative going. he tried to convince the talking class and the wise men of washington on the left to continue to push forward, when it was starting to come out that mueller maybe wasn't going to come out with a big bombshell, no, we had it on good evidence that the president was doing something very questionable at the highest levels. what about the president's family, great point, what about everybody around the president's orbit that's suffered because of this? if he wants to have this cable
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news pity party, maybe he shouldn't have lied under oath. maybe he shouldn't have leaked this information and he was part of this deep state collusion against the president, to illegally spy on the president, to leak the information and i sure hope at some point justice will be held up because if not, i'm telling you, the grassroots of this country, in middle america, we're fed up with the ruling class being able to do whatever they want to do when they don't like a president and get away with it. people have to start being held accountable for it. >> can you imagine if hillary clinton was elected to president, these people like mccabe, comey and others, would be at the helm of the largest law enforcement operation in the country. thank goodness it didn't happen and there is some clipsing. i would like to see some people prosecuted but i'm glad that every top tier there at the fbi is on their way out but i've got to tell you, between and ray, they have got a long way to go to give us some confidence that it will be equal and they will
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at least prosecute, even if they lose a case, at least try to prosecute it. gentlemen, thanks so much for being here tonight. happy valentine's day. coming up, another bombshell today on the heelst of t to red stone's sentence. are all of the mueller conspiracies unwrapping before our eyes. making the mccabe news all the more enraging, a breakdown of wrongdoing at the fbi. don't move. i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things
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can you save me from this conversation? that we can't do, but come in and see what we can do. we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. ask. shop. discover. at your local xfinity store today. on a roll this week and it's not over yet. attorney general bill barr is bringing in an outsider.
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a prosecutor, to review the department's case against michael flynn. trump's former national security adviser. for more we go live to fox news correspondent with the latest. >> this is a review of the case against michael flynn so it could lead to anything or any decision by the doj. it will be led by a different u.s. attorney. in this case, a man from missouri, who examined the case and the decision surrounding the prosecution of lynn for lying to the fbi. the former national security adviser, trump supporter and three star general pled guilty to lying to investigators about his contacts with the russian ambassador. flynn was long seen as a proponent of better relationships with moscow and reporters say he's been railroaded and bullied into pleading guilty. last year his lawyer issued a blistering statement tying the withdrawal of his plea guilty saying the prosecution has shown pure retaliation against mr.
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flynn since he retained new counsel this can only be, because with unconflicted counsel mr. flynn refused to lie for the prosecution. justice is not game and there should be no room for such gamesmanship in the department of justice. that move came after prosecutors alleged flynn wasn't living up to his end of the deal to cooperate with the government, so now comes this review. jason, as you just pointed out, nothing here in d.c. happens in a vacuum as you well know. rarely is the doj been under more scrutiny than it is at the end of this week, which happens to mark the one-year anniversary of bill barr's tenure as attorney general. >> thank you very much. despite all the evidence pointing to prosecutorial misconduct in the flip case cnn's legal luminary said this. >> this is not some 16-year-old kid railroaded by a judicial system that he has no support
7:23 pm
in. this is a guilty plea by an extremely knowledgeable, educated person, advised by the best lawyers in the country, and this is what the department of justice is investigating. the only reason they are investigating it is because donald trump didn't like the result. >> think hard. if trump was truly pulling the strings bill barr wouldn't have dropped the case against mccabe. joining me now is former department of justice prosecutor jim -- thank you so much for joining us. tell me about the significance of bringing in a prosecutor for this review to the department of justice to look at this case. >> let me put it to you this way. if you asked me a month ago whether a motion to withdraw a guilty plea had any legs i would say it will probably fail. it's usually about 90% or more of these motions to withdraw from a guilty plea turn into a disaster for the defendant. they lose cooperation, they lose acceptance and responsibility and the judge said, no, i did it
7:24 pm
right when i had these questions for you about your guilty plea. it's a personal exercise for the judge. it's starting to turn into a different kind of beach. it -- beast. sullivan seems to have a lot of investigation on this. this new attorney coming in to assess the whole situation it all rings familiar from ted stevens. that was judge sullivan also. he appointed an independent counsel and you have the same flavor going on now, that there might be a real hard look at the conduct that built up to this plea rather than the moment of the plea itself. >> sydney powell is the fairly new attorney representing general. she's very savvy. she has a lot of competency and she obviously does have the ear of the judge who is giving a lot of latitude because this case could easily have been wrapped up some time ago but what does this say about the department of justice because, on the one hand the left is saying, oh, this is trump's thumb prints all over it. my experience is, the president
7:25 pm
is about as hands off as you can possibly b. yeah, he tweets about stuff but in terms of actually call and pushing the department of justice i don't see it. >> i think this is really coming from barr. bar didn't need this job. he had established his credentials. he has a lot of integrity. he comes after all of these as case-by-case determine makeses of what's fair and what's right. he might have a little bit of buyer's remorse on some of the mueller prosecutions. it not so much exonerates but compares. maybe it's okay to go after michael flynn. maybe there is a false statement but why didn't that happen with the hillary probes? the discretion that's being used by fbi add prosecutors is probably alarming an old hand like bill barr when he sees the possible consequence of stone or even in flynn's case. >> we were talking before this, there is house resolution 202. this is an important part. most people don't realize this
7:26 pm
but the owner of the two plus million federal employees that have an exemption from being investigated by the inspector general, attorneys at the department of justice. this bill from richman, the democrat from louisiana, jodie heist, a republican, it passed unanimously out of the house and i do hope the senate takes this up because the i.g. should be able to look at these individual attorneys at the department of justice as well. thank you so much for joining me. >> good to see you. >> that's one of the benefits getting to be the host. you get to sum things up. >> the fbi is an honest apolitical organization and i hope people will learn about what the fbi is like, human and flawed but deeply committed to trying to do the right thing. >> i think people can have some assurance that the fbi actually by and large went about doing a pretty responsible job. >> pretty responsible job. a new report from real clear investigations suggests otherwise. the outlet unearthed a bombshell buried deep in the i.g. report
7:27 pm
on fisa abuse released last year. inspector general michael horowitz discovered that fbi officials shared highly classified materials with former british spy christopher steele. as if that wasn't bad enough, the agents knew steele was doing opposition research against trump and were told that hillary clinton herself knew about it. here now is lee smith, investigative journalist and author of "the plot against the president." so why in the world would they -- taking classified information and sharing that with steele. >> first of all i want to say it's a terrific piece by a colleague, felton. it's a very important piece. it gets to a lot of important issues. the main problem that comes out is that they are sharing classified information with steele. one of the things that's illuminated in the story is that after steele gets this
7:28 pm
information from the fbi team, he goes and meets with glen simpson. a clinton operative. in effect christopher steele is the liaison now between the fbi and the clinton campaign. so that's another very significant takeaway from this story. >> it's in the inspector general's report. it highlights this. we don't know whether or not durham is looking at this but money is flowing. taxpayer money is coming out -- it's coming out of taxpayer's wallets. it's going to this operative to do research. >> $15,000. >> to attend this meeting. glen simpson is involved. he's part of team clinton with the dnc research, and then it gets even worse because that's then the information that they use for this fisa warrant. >> exactly. that's the question that needs to be answered right here. we need to find out exactly why that information was being provided to christopher steele. we've known for a long time, of course that steele and the
7:29 pm
clinton campaign was providing information to the fbi. it now appears the fbi was getting information to the clinton campaign as well. was that in order to direct the fisa so they could obtain the spy warrant? >> this is so disgusting. i want you to listen to mr. mccabe's own words about what he thinks part of the problem was. >> the biggest mistake, i think, is the pro skcess that was in place, that left so much responsibility on the lower level of the fbi agents involved. once those mistakes are baked in they become very, very hard for the many, many layers of oversight to uncover. >> i'm telling you, i just want to come out of my seat on that one. that's exactly the opposite of what actually happened. department of justice, main justice, brought this up at the highest level. that was the problem. they didn't give it to some line prosecutors who are used to doing this out of new york or
7:30 pm
dallas but they brought it in to have it real close to themselves. i mean, that was part of the problem. >> it's a very manly response here from former acting director mccabe to throw his underlings, his subordinates under the bus. but, no of course, this went up to extremely high levels. we know from the i.g. report, people involved, apparently who signed off on sharing this information with steele include peter strzok and bill. this goes up extremely high. >> this goes back to the earlier part we were talking about where, i've got to tell you, i know there is some news about the nonprosecution of mccabe but if you think mccabe is out of the woods on this one, he's got another thing coming because between barr and durham and the things that are going on at the department of justice, this show is not yet over. lee, thank you very much. appreciate your great work. up ahead, media darling michael avenatti is heading to prison
7:31 pm
for extortion. the angle last night on michael bloomberg's trouble ties to china. you don't want to miss it. stay tuned. garcy
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moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. a slice above. >> he's donald trump's worst nightmare. >> mueller is not going to take trump down. >> looking ahead to 2020, the
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reason why i'm taking you seriously is because of your presence on cable news. >> i love those clips. >> will michael avenatti still be a serious contender in 2020 from a jail cell? stormy daniels' former lawyer is facing up to 42 years in pri. today he was convicted on three counts regarding his attempt to extort millions of dollars from nike. and he still has to stand trial later this year for allegedly defrauding clients. the avenatti case is a telling one. the mere suggestion that he could actually be a legitimate democratic contender shows, i think, just how desperate the democrats are in their search for a viable candidate and how many problems still face them today. joining me now is -- the host of the relatable podcast and bill share. politico magazine contributing
7:37 pm
editor. i thank you both for being here tonight. ali, i'll start with you. this guy was in the mix. he had some serious people up there on the cable news network saying they thought he very well could be the democratic nominee for president. >> yes. okay. valentine's day so let's use an analogy. the media is like that girlfriend, that friend that's dating the guy and everyone around her is like, this is sketchy, you need to let him go. he's bad news and they are like, no, he's the one. i'm just going to stick with him and now that -- they realize all their friends were right. they shouldn't have stuck around with him and he really was just as sketchy as everyone said. they are probably embarrassed a little bit and they don't know how to react to it. you're right. they just latch on to absolutely anyone who hates donald trump no matter how shady the character is. >> the media was slobering all over this guy. they thought he was going to be the one because he was trying to
7:38 pm
take the fight supposedly to donald trump. but he's a bit after a shiester, wasn't he? >> a drifter. i wouldn't paint too broad a brush here. he never hit more than 2% in a democratic primary poll. he wasn't seen as the savior by most democrats. beyond just being tough on trump on cable tv when he was starting to test the waters, he was articulating an argument that democrats should fight fire with fire. not do, when they go low, we go high business. there is a at this time withincy for that which got people excited but you've seen that baton was tan by elizabeth warren, because, avenatti was for court packing and elizabeth warren is for court packing. >> it worked out for avenatti and warren, right? >> pete buttigieg started taking off because he sounded like that at the beginning but he made a pivot in the fall after joe
7:39 pm
biden pushed back on that sort of argument. talk more about bipartisan and unity. people started taking stuff from joe biden's playbook and that got him back in the game where as warren has not been able to go as far as the after matvenat fire with fire argument. >> i'm still looking at that field. i'm thinking they don't have anybody that can compare in not just the celebrity but the fact that the economy is doing well. i think he's stronger politically than ever and look at the clown show that's been the democratic field thus far. >> i think they are absolutely scared. you've got people on the liberal networks. liberal hosts out there saying i don't want to associate with this president. what do we do? bernie sanders is the nominee, no one on the democratic side right now has as much energy as bernie sanders. they are looking around and they are like are we going to put a
7:40 pm
socialist up against doonnald trump when everything is going so well economically. we've got to up end everything in order for america to be the place we want it to be. most americans look around saying america is already the place we want it to be. >> real quickly, bill, are we screaming towards a contested convention based on where we are today on february 14? >> it's a higher than zero chance. it's more of a chance since what's happened in iowa and new hampshire, bernie has a narrow plurality of votes. moderates are divided between three and four candidates. once bloomberg gets in the mix and if that doesn't consolidate enough on one side of the fence, you get a contested convention. >> thank you both. happy valentine's day to you both and thank you for joining us. >> michael bloomberg's popularity is soaring among democrats. the 2020 late comer is now polling third nationally according to the real clear politics average but he's got a problem. his deep personal and business ties to china.
7:41 pm
laura did an incredible job laying this all out last night. watch this. >> laura: bloomberg has been getting increasingly tight, though with the chinese for years. he loves their massive marketplace and they love his money, and influence in the united states. i'melling you, keep your eye on bloomberg's business activities in china. they are actually increasing as he's running for president. >> joining me now is gordon chang. he's a chinese expert and author of "losing south korea." gordon, thank you so much for joining us tonight. when you hear laura talk about how bloomberg is increasing his ties with china how do you see it? >> she's absolutely right about that. bloomberg, i'm sure, was responsible for spiking a number of articles about x ping, the chinese ruler. you see bloomberg's business in china blooming as she said and it coincides with bloomberg's very, very nice statements about
7:42 pm
chinese leaders including xi ping himself. you put this together and you've got to be very concerned. >> at one point michael bloomberg said he's not a dictator. he really did tone down his rhetoric against the chinese leader. >> certainly. that statement from september is especially troubling because xi ping is becoming a dictator, and bloomberg was really trying to solidify the entire chinese party. that's wrong. >> is bloomberg on this appease. tour and why is he doing that while he's running for president? >> i don't know, but the highest duty of the president is to defend the united states against all enemies and we have no greater enemy than china. and bloomberg for whatever reason is saying china is a partner and friend and that, in my view, makes him unfit to be president. >> well, that's what's interesting about this. this is what happens when you have a late comer into the party. he hasn't gone through any of
7:43 pm
the debates. he's throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into the campaign to make sure he's got a presence out there. and think about it. for a person who has never gone through a debate, really hasn't gone out and been vetted at all, to be rolling in there in third place at this point coming up on nevada and south carolina is really something. gordon, i thank you so much for being here tonight and we really do appreciate you joining us. >> thanks. >> a viral airplane video and a bizarre couple's website, laura and raymond arroyo bring you the laughs in "friday's follies." don't go anywhere. stay with us. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. i feelbusiness logo...outdoor sign. you always get me.
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>> it's friday and that moons it's time for -- "friday
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follies." a fight with the new instant baby app. joining us is our fox news contributor, raymond arroyo. i saw this on twitter and it's exploding. ramona, reclined her chair on a recent american airlines flight. >> this guy behind her started punching the back of the seat. the seat is in his lab. the problem is when she complained to the attendant the attendant gave the guy a drink. i had a similar incident like this the other day with american airlines. this is important. you're dragging your bag through. they would not let me take it through tsa or check it. i had to miss the flight and they said you've learned, you've helped us to learn and grow through this experience. no thanks, ruin my day. so your team of incompetence can
7:49 pm
learn and grow. >> laura: at laguardia, we launched an "the ingraham angle" investigation. watch. >> i'm not checking my bag, okay. >> there is no need to raise your voice sir. this would be raising my check. i don't want to check my bag, by the way, at your airline, you suck at checking bags. all i have to do is do what i want to do and all i want to do is hold on to my bag. >> why want they let you love your bag. you can lug everything but not your bag. >> this poor woman, reason he was pushing, it's the airlines fault. seats are getting smaller, people are getting wider. i have some travel rules, may i share those with you. >> first of all, you know this is true, you've traveled with me, wipe down all surface areas
7:50 pm
before sitting. >> you wish you could fly. you can't even drive a car. >> i should be the captain of the plane. do not clip your toenails while on-board. we've witnessed that. it's horrible. when you get hit on the side of the cheek with the flying rail. armrests are to keep you in the seat you paid for. abide the divide, i always say. i love these people. they get in. they are taking up the aisle and they are pulling up the armrests. no. armrests down. i'm for borders. and finally, move out of the aisle to stow your back or anxiety animal. just move out of the aisle. don't block passage. we're all waiting on the jet bridge. >> laura: you have an issue with travel. >> i hate travel. >> laura: raymond, when he's upset about something he feels the need to then tweet about it. okay? so then -- america airlines and
7:51 pm
america airlines immediately, we're very sorry, mr. arroyo. we hope you're back soon as a customer as if you're going to start flying american airlines. >> i am. if i have to hike, hitchhike here and things are so worrisome now on airlines because of the varnhav carona virus, not only are people wearing masks, the animals are wearing masks. >> laura: the cat. >> laura, this week i came across just in time for valentine's day. >> tonight is. happy valentine's day. >> this is one of the most absurd aps ever. this is for people who want kids without romance. family by design is one of these companies. watch the ad. >> we'll match you with your ideal parent and partner through our matching service which provides detailed profiles of potential partners.
7:52 pm
our compatibility algorithm will help guide you to your ideal parenting match. we'll-help you find a partner just right for you. >> two biggest sites, they connect people who want to get right to the shared custody of the kid and skip the marriage and honeymoon. they strike legal arrangements, which allow them to co-parent but no personal -- >> laura: i don't foresee any problems with this. there are no problems. this is just going to be so easy this way. >> i don't like the idea, this is like takeout kid, mail order kids. the very idea -- if you don't like the person enough to have an intimate long term relationship with them, why do you want their offspring living with you? i just want to ask you that question to these people. >> laura: i want to go back to the airlines. i want to go back to the airlines. i want to go back to why it's the fault of the airlines, because you're in the plane and
7:53 pm
they have added two or three morroe rows to a plane that can take any more seats. the girth of passengers is quite substantial. you can't even get the wheelchairs down the aisle. >> the wheelchairs are double-wide. >> laura: so now that woman actually wanted a recliner. she paid for that seat. >> i agree. >> laura: the guy behind her got the seat that didn't recline. >> when he was hitting, oh, there is turbulence. >> laura: that wouldn't have gone down well with me. and you think he would do that to a guy that's six foot tall, 6'5". >> the airline attendant wanted her to stop filming. her film to stop film it. they said erase the video. on this valentine's day i have a word for you, a little caution. if you saved a special bottle of bubbly for your romantic date let's hope it goes better than
7:54 pm
the bachelor's recent night out. >> are you okay? >> what the hell? >> okay. don't shake the bottle of champagne before you have it and only have children with people you love. those are my valentine's -- >> it's when the gals don't get the guy at the vend and then they are balling in the limo on way out. he's just made out with 15 girls before you. we had such a connection. he had a connection with a 15 others. >> this is why you have aps with people who later find out they don't have a partner. they want to have a kid because they have watched too many hours of "the bachelor" and get this idea that life is just a harrecommend and you never have to move off of that to a commitment. >> laura: never have to grow up, raymond. good luck with your next adventure. >> traveling adventure. >> laura: with a sky valet. >> i'm getting my clorox wipes right now. >> laura: have a nice
7:55 pm
valentine's day. >> don't go away, my valentine's day inspirational moment is up next.
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♪ >> jason: well, happy valentine's day coming to my sweetheart, the love of my life, julie, happy valentine's day. i want you to know i had a special treat, but the problem is it is edible, and i didn't quite make it to the end of the show. i had something special, but it
8:00 pm
was really good. that's all the time we have tonight. thanks to laura for allowing me to sit in for her, and don't forget to follow me on twitter and instagram at "jason in the house." shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. ♪ >> shannon: the president talking to top justice department officials about cases he wants to pursue or people he wants investigated. but the doj maintaining its independence. tonight, investigating pivotal decisions involving andrew mccabe, michael flynn, and many more key players as we await the durham report. the doj announcing mccabe will not face charges, but he is not out of the woods just yet. at the same time, the attorney general is appointing outside counsel to look at the case against former national security advisor michael flynn, which way is


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