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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  February 17, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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this is the first time i've ever been with them. i never saw him so comfortable. he was so excited. it was like i got -- >> dagen: we have to run. i'll see you soon. i'm dana mcdonald. dana perino is now. >> dana: fox news alert, we are expecting an update on the americans evacuated from japan after being stuck on a cruise ship for two weeks. they're back in the united states, they have to spend another two weeks in quarantine. i'm dana perino and this must be. ♪ doctors say they have diagnosed 14 of those passengers with coronavirus, nearly doubling the number of americans infected. charter planes carried passengers who were stuck on the cruise ship and japan to a pair of airbases in the united states. one in northern california, the other in texas. officials say they knew some of
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the passengers were infected before they boarded the flight, but they were showing no symptoms. we are hearing from an american man who decided not to board the evacuee plane. >> that is essentially true. we have been tested and we haven't received results. we have no reason to believe we are infected. we didn't believe the conditions were safe to break the japanese quarantine and put us all together. in fact, now having learned they put 14 infected persons on the plane, we are all the more glad. >> dana: health officials say the virus has infected more than 70,000 people, killing more than 1700. that doesn't tell you the horror story, we will have more than that. we have fox coverage. jonathan serrie is standing by in atlanta for the center for disease control and are headquartered. the beacon with claudia tallon, she is reporting live from
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travis airport. some of those passengers are quarantined. claudia? >> that is right. it's about an hour north of san francisco. this is where the first of these two charter fights touched down shortly before midnight last night. the other plane going to a joint air base in san antonio, texas. these rescue measurements did not exactly go according to planned with at least 14 infected passengers being allowed to evacuate and possibly now posing a risk to others. it wasn't discovered they had the coronavirus until the whole group, about 340 people were already headed to the airport. according to the state department, they were kept isolated on the aircraft and will not be traded at milliken facilities off base. everybody else will begin a new 14 day quarantine. back on the base year. despite the isolation periods, she posted videos about their
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experience on the ship, she said her parents are happy to be back in united states. >> they are thrilled to be able to have access to u.s. doctors and get a handle on the whole situation. they are thrilled to be off the plane. >> it is not over yet, they face another quarantine on top of the two weeks. that became a hot spot for the coronavirus. at least 44 americans have tested positive and are being treated at hospitals in japan. several others have chosen to stay aboard on that ship and finish out the original quarantine which is set to end in a matter of days. it is unclear when those folks who chose to stay will be allowed to return back to the united states. we are told and might not be until march. >> dana: what about the cruise ship that is in cambodia? >> that is right. this is another cruise ship we
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have to worry about. it's a dutch cruise ship, holland america. in 83-year-old american woman who was on that cruise ship has also tested positive for the coronavirus after getting off that ship and flying to malaysia. officials have allowed the ship to dock there after five other asian nations have turned it away after fears that this virus will spread. passengers and crew, more than 2,000 people are being tested and carefully monitored. we understand this elderly american woman, 83 years old is the only person to test positive for the coronavirus from this dutch cruise ship. >> dana: we hope she gets better. thank you. let's go to jonathan serrie. the cdc is closely monitoring this outbreak. things are quite uncertain still. >> that is right. the situation is very fluid. some of those evacuees that claudia discussed were taken to
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a hospital in omaha, nebraska, for further evaluation. a total of 13 americans, some of them have tested positive for the virus. others are displaying symptoms and have a high likelihood of being infected with the virus. in the meantime, officials with the world health organization say the latest statistics out of china suggests this new virus may not be quite as deadly as previous coronavirus outbreaks. if you look at the virus, more than 80% of the patience developed only mild symptoms. many of these patience have already made full recoveries. 14% of cases are considered for severe and 5% are critical. 2% of the cases are fatal and the chances of death increase with age. >> the data appears to show a
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decline in new cases. this trend must be interpretative very cautiously. trends can change as new populations are affected. >> over the weekend french health officials reported the first death outside of asia. the patient was an 80-year-old tourist from a providence who had been isolated at a hospital since testing positive in late january. the patient's daughter also tested positive. she is retrievin receiving treat she is doing considerably better and is expected to be discharged shortly. >> dana: you can see how quickly it can spread around the world. the chinese president is taking new criticism over his handling of the outbreak. what is driving that? >> xi jinping, the president of china gave a speech early this month saying that as early as january 7th, he was calling the
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shots and navigating the nation's response to this coronavirus outbreak. clearly this is an effort by the communist government to show it has a handle on this virus. at the same time, critics both inside and outside china are saying, if xi jinping knew about this virus so early, why didn't he alert to the general public? the common people could take some of their own precautions. it could go either way. >> dana: we will keep a close eye on that. let's bring in dr. david, he is working on a coronavirus vaccine. wonderful to have you here. how do you begin to try to find the vaccine for something that seems so uncertain? >> thank you. we have been using our experience in developing a rapid synthetic dna vaccines for other
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outbreaks. in this case, applying it to cobit 19. her previous experiences were with developing a backup ebola vaccine with a team. also with vaccine, the previous coronavirus vaccine led by an obo. a third vaccine that took seven months to move into the clinic for a zeke, also with the same team. >> dana: how long does it take to go from the outbreak, when you first hear about it, to actually getting a vaccine? >> one of the interesting things about this outbreak in the world's preparation, the united states, the global community, the coalition for epidemic preparedness and novation was right on top of this outbreak. they moved to find several groups with really innovative
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technologies that can be deployed much quicker. normally it takes several -- more than a decade to develop a new vaccine. these teams that were assembled were focused on developing technologies that could be deployed in the clinic erratically in a few months. that is the goal, to get us into the clinic with simple, nonlive vaccine approaches that are all synthesized. >> dana: can i ask you a question, i get the flu shot every year. i know not everybody does, but i do. if i already got that flu shot, when this vaccine becomes available, should i get that one too? >> i think this vaccine, the first vaccine will be deployed in the outbreak situation, can be tested by the multiple groups that are developing. how they will play out and be deployed, people that are yearly
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surveillance, we don't know that yet. >> dana: we will keep in touch with you because w you know a lt more than we know. thank you. >> thank you. most of the 2020 democratic candidates are moving onto nevada and going after michael bloomberg was now busy dealing with more of his past comments. our political panel superstars are up next. ♪
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here's what he said back in 2016. >> the agrarian society lasted 3,000 years. we could teach processes. i could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense to be a farmer. it's a process he, you dig a hole, you put dirt on top, add water, there is the corn. you have 300 years with the industrial society. >> dana: let's bring in our political panel. former interim chair of the dnc and cofounder of real, clear politics. i'm so glad to have you here. we started this season in indiana when we were together by chance. we get the band back together. the trump campaign said they have nothing to do with editing this video. he is fluttering himself if he thinks we are paying that much attention to him. he has a bunch of other democrats to worry about him.
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what about bloomberg having all of these past comments? after two months of a heavy barrage. >> so far he is alienated african-americans with stop and frisk, woman with the comments with the profane comments at "the washington post." now we have something against farmers. by the time super tuesday comes around, there is no one left. the thing about these comments, he said i can teach everyone in this room how to be a farmer. really? michael bloomberg. there was a demeaning context. >> dana: i'm sure my uncle matt is not happy. placing atomic listen to listen to amy klobuchar talking about michael bloomberg. >> he can't hide behind the airwaves. he asked to answer questions and of course i think you should be on the debate stage, which eventually he will be. i can't beat them on the airway, but i can beat them on the
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stage. people of america deserve that to make a decision. >> dana: i feel like last week, there is a narrative like, michael bloomberg and mary beat to it. on sunday, it said come he could never do it. to get the nomination. >> there is a big question in terms of who will win the democratic nomination. he has the resources, no question, but his record as a republican, independent, and now a democrat. we have to look at three sets of records. i've been looking around new york city all day saying, did you vote for michael bloomberg? no one is admitting to it. everybody knows michael bloomberg. i want to know, why did you vote for him? what is the reason you stood behind this guy? i don't know him. michael bloomberg is a republican. i'm sure i never would have voted for him. michael bloomberg as an independent, interesting.
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as a democrat, big question. >> dana: biden is trying to figure out a way to make a comment. take a listen to how he explained his similarity to bill clinton. >> at some apt comparison, but bill clinton lost his first eight, ten primar primaries befe won one. i don't plan on taking that long. we're just getting to it. i'm confident we're going to be in good shape. >> dana: what you think? >> he's now an underdog. his performance was so poor. it's hard to see how he will recover. he will have to bounce back in nevada and he will have to win south carolina. if he's able to do that, there's a chance. given his past performance, he just doesn't seem to be -- this doesn't seem to be his moment. he is running a campaign that is looking back. it's really not where i think the democratic party is right
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now. i think he is a long shot. >> dana: he has long said that south carolina is his firewall, has not maintained? >> i think so. talking to folks over the weekend, including my family who lives there, they still like joe biden. he has a good following and south carolina. he has to do well and nevada. he has to do well at the debate on wednesday. i hope michael bloomberg makes the debate. i want people to construct him, because we know his money. the one what to think about him going after bernie sanders bernie sanders? >> interesting. he was going after bernie bros, not bernie sanders. some of these supporters in bernie's camp, they have a history of being a little bit aggressive. that's a good word. spew what i was the press secretary. i can't help myself sometimes. >> their people inside his camp that i've worked with over the
11:20 am
years, especially in 2016, the democrats just like me. there are some of them who are not so typical. >> dana: what should bernie sanders do? does he have a problem? some of his supporters being hostile online, bullying. >> i think there is a reputation there and at times he has condemned it. he has to manage a fine line. the one thing about him, he has a core of committed supporters that are with him no matter what. that is one of the problems. the schism continues to exist. those are the folks that, whoever the nominee is, they will have to bring those folks over. >> dana: when you watch the debate, what you have for dinner? how do you watch yet? does it make you nervous? you love it? >> this sounds strange, i watched the last one so bear
11:21 am
>> dana: how did that go? >> i found it interesting. for the first time i listened and i turned off the tv, went to bed, didn't look at the analysis. i woke up and said, we are getting better. targa months ago i had to get myself a big bottle of wine to watch it, but it's getting better. it's a smaller stage, if you candidates, and you can hear what they're saying. >> dana: i can he remember what the story was, the wild outlier nevada poll that said tom steyer is in the lead? is that real or not real? >> it doesn't seem to be real. it seems like it might be from a republican. i would not give that any -- if it's real, one of the problems we have in nevada, we only have one legitimate poll. not a lot of data. >> dana: you can find it here.
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you will be on "the five" with me tonight. >> i want to encourage everyone to use the app, use the ipad. this is an ipad. use the ipad. otherwise we will be talking about the results next week. >> dana: i can't stay up that late. thank you so much. up next, a famous hollywood therapist is found dead below her balcony and her ex is under arrest. the details areer next. ♪ verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. newday has extended our call center hours so that every veteran in america can take advantage of this unexpected drop in interest rates. one call can save you $2000 every year. to start saving on your next mortgage payment go to
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>> dana: the former fiance of the price is right host, she said after falling from a third floor balcony, police arrested her 41-year-old ex-boyfriend on suspicion of murder. jeff paul is live in los angeles with his very sad story. >> officers were called to the home after getting a report of a woman screaming. when they arrived they found her roommate outside, who told them, she had been assaulted. investigators say the roommate even had to jump a wall in order to call for help from a neighbor's house. after getting inside the home, they found her on the ground below a third story balcony. she was unconscious and suffering from an android out be consistent with that fall. she later died at the hospital
11:27 am
>> she is a well-known family therapist who covered a wide range of topics. here she has been one of her video she posted on her youtube page. >> today we are going to talk about -- that bird were going to talk about pets and mental health. this is sparky. today were going to talk about something that is important. we know that animals, and makes you feel happy. why? >> detectives have since learned she had fears over her former boyfriend, the suspect, she had filed a restraining order against him in the past. police say it had expired on the two had seen each other two weeks ago. a task force and arrested the suspect, he is being held on a two billion dollar bond. >> dana: thank you. the white house not reacting to growing calls for attorney general bill barr to resign over the roger stone roger stone
11:28 am
sentencing controversy. this after more than 1,000 officials signed a letter sang he should step down. chief white house white house correspondent john roberts is live with more on this one. >> this will go on for a few days at least. the roger stone case proceeds through the courts through sentencing. it is scheduled for february 20th. the attorney general is still on the hot seat about his recommendation to reduce the suggested sentencing for roger stone. in a joint letter that was assembled by project democracy, a group that opposes president trump's policies. 1100 members who worked in both democratic and republican administrations strongly condemning what they say is interference in the administration of justice. the letter says "his actions into the president's personal bidding unfortunately speaks louder than his words. those actions and the damage they have gone to the department of justice reputation and the
11:29 am
rule of law to require mr. barr to resign." democratic lawmakers say they do not expect he will step down, but they say it should be looked into. here's minnesota presidential contender amy klobuchar. >> i would be glad if he resigned, i just don't think that is realistic. i would also like him to come to the senate so we can probe him on the role of the president, and try to influence a decision in the department of justice. >> the department of justice and the white house both deny the president was trying to influence the attorney general. we have confirmed that the new interim u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, tim shea, he received the recommendation of the prosecutors thought it was excessive. five of the 7 of 9 years were and enhancements to the sentencing guidelines. he gave in when those four prosecutors threatened to withdraw from it. tvol was already rolling to reduce the recommendation when
11:30 am
the president tweeted about it. it made it look like the doj was doing his bidding. john kennedy of louisiana suggested the president probably should not have sent that tweet. listen. >> just because -- does the president have the right to tweet about a case? of course. just because you can sing, doesn't mean you should sing. this is a case where tweeting this would not cause brain damage. speak with the white house continuing to defend the president's position. if the president's chief of staff saying, the president's frustration is one that a lot of americans have which feels like the scales of justice are not balanced. the department of justice does deferring to amy jackson on the sentencing. she is also holding a phone hearing tomorrow on roger stone roger stone's attorney's petition for a retrial. grant smith, the attorney claims to make a hard, the jury for
11:31 am
person and the trial was biased. she has issued a number of anti-trump tweets, tweets that are critical of the president over the last year. she was a democratic contender for congress back in 2012. they think there is too much bias in there for their liking. they have asked for a retrial. we have no idea what judge jackson is going to say. what is interesting, it's a few days before stone is scheduled to be sentenced. >> dana: john roberts, thank you. after the chaos of the iowa caucuses, the nevada democratic party announcing its stitching plans to use a voting app. not every state is following suit and print lawson has more. >> west virginia is now allowing mobile voting for citizens who have a problem getting to the polls. >> if someone doesn't have use of their arms or their hands
11:32 am
words disabled were they couldn't get to a precinct, perhaps to the mailbox to pick up mail. those people have just as much right to participate in our democratic process. >> matt warner is a former army lieutenant colonel and he sees the technology as the answer for soldiers abroad. >> the problem is, only 13% of active-duty military get their votes counted. that's due to a number of hurdl. >> secretary warner says there is multiple levels of security to help protect the integrity of the election. making clear the app is not a solution for everyone, the state is expanding the usage and the election with the hope to keep the disabled as well as members of the military part of the process. we hope other states will foll follow. >> dana: thank you for bringing us that story. i'm interested in this. i know people are nervous about
11:33 am
it, but i think the technology will win out in the end. folks in mississippi facing historic flooding. we will have a live report next. ♪ however, since 2000, the buying power of the dollar has dropped by over 31% - that means the dollar is only worth about 68¢ now compared to 2000. had you owned gold, your value would have increased over 400% and owning gold is easy... with rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and our premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital at 800-630-8900 to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira and silver brochures. with rosland, there are no hassles, no gimmicks, and we have the fastest shipping around. dollar down. gold up. pretty clear. make gold your new standard. call rosland capital today at 800-630-8900.
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>> dana: historic flooding in mississippi with more heavy downpours on the way. the program are threatening to imitate the city and thousands of homes nearby. mississippi's governor warning that things could take a turn for the worst. steve harrigan is live on the ground in one of the flooded neighborhoods. >> there is a lot of neighborhoods just like this in jackson, mississippi. neighborhoods along the pearl river which has pressed its banks and really peaked today. it's expected to begin to go down, but we are seeing 3 feet of floodwater. this is an eerie, quiet neighborhood. it's under mandatory evacuation. we have been seeing some families continue to stack their
11:38 am
furniture, pull out their electronics, save what they can. i saw one man watching his back yard. people here say they are afraid of what is to come. >> get under those floors ready of mold and stuff like that. that will be kind of scary. knowing you have to do the cleanup. >> over all the flooding is expected to affect at least 1,000 homes. there been more than 16 emergency evacuations, no casualties, no brutalities protest bars the property damage, that will be clear until this water has receded her there is more rain ahead. back to you. >> dana: thank you. authorities in mississippi state expected the river to press, but the governor urging residents to remain on high alert. >> this is not a time to run back to your house. we think that we are either at or near the crest of the river.
11:39 am
we do think that it's going to proceed relatively quickly over the next couple of three days. please do not move back into your neighborhood or into your home until authorities and officials give you the okay to do so. if not, you are putting yourself in harm's way. >> dana: let's bring in the executive director of mississippi's management agency. we were showing pictures, but this has affected other parts of the states as well. >> yes, yes, this area is the damage right here. the immediate flood area affected three counties. as the floodwater proceeds further south, we have another eight counties that could be affected. >> dana: people are under mandatory evacuation. how long do you think that will last? >> it's going to be different for some. those who are in houses where
11:40 am
they were affected, meaning they were cut off will be able to return in the next couple of days. those whose homes were inundated with floodwater, could be weeks or months. >> dana: what kind of support do need from others? the government, red cross, et cetera? >> we have had a number of local volunteers that have been here. this state is very overwhelmed with the port went something like this happens. the state will be seeking disaster grants as a result of what we think will be a request for federal operation, given the amount of meditation in the city. >> dana: tell me about how historic this is, i know the pearl river has flooded before, but how unusual is this? >> this will be the third record high of flood level. the first being in 1979. the pearl river reached 43 feet. you had about 40 feet in 1983.
11:41 am
since 1983, we have had of this long of time before we have seen heights to this level. one of the things that has been mitigated with the amount of damage we could have seen, the pro rep, dominic river commission. >> dana: for anyone there in mississippi, what you want them to know about what they should be doing right now? >> those who are in the evacuated area, you heard the governor say earlier today, stay away from your home. for those who will be returning that have been inundated, they should know resources will be available. the state will certainly be here to get any type of federal disaster grants that can be made available to us. >> dana: obviously the people of mississippi are in very capable hands with your support and leadership. thank you for joining us. we hope those waters receipt.
11:42 am
thank you. major league baseball scandal on the minds of some of the country's youngest players. her goal little league's banning any teams from using the astros logo this year. in response to parents being outraged at the major-league team a cheating its way to the world series championship. president trump revving up support at the two tone a 500. not everybody is happy. country music star john rich joins me on that, with a little special surprise too. ♪ dropped to near 50 year lows. with newday's v.a. streamline refi, you can refinance with no income verification, no appraisal, and no out-of-pocket costs. new day usa has extended their call center hours so every veteran can take advantage of these near historic low rates. activate your v.a. benefit now. one call can save you two thousand dollars every year.
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♪ >> a convention, the odds of the coronavirus are still unknown. as they drop the flag for a
11:47 am
second time at daytona, president's day is coming up. i am bill hemmer, i will report that and all of today's news. >> it is truly an honor to be with all of you at the great american race. gentlemen, start your engines. [cheers and applause] >> dana: president donald trump issuing that iconic command yesterday. he and the first lady flying over the speedway in air force one and then taking a lap in the presidential limo. the president was taking laps, the media somewhat attacked his appearance. let's bring in country star john rich, post of fox nation's,
11:48 am
"pursuit." media always has this about an incumbent president running for reelection. it happened to obama. here is one of the tweets from "the new york times." "usually official apparatus, it appears to be a political event. "max burnside, we have surpassed any bureaucracy in in record time." that is rude. to the nascar fans. >> i would think so. nascar fans come have you ever been there? >> dana: i got to do the green flag down in bristol. >> may be they're mad that they didn't think of it. >> dana: it was also, for a presidential team, if you admire that work. this was actually one of the best i've ever seen. >> seen the the b-school and around the track was great. the nascar crowd, the work hard,
11:49 am
play hard, mayor can bear they're all over the united states. they're everywhere. those places are pack now. guess what? they got to keep more of their money in the last tax payment and they got their job. >> dana: it was fun to watch. they will start racing again today at 4:00 p.m. they had some rain the other day. that and rain on the presidents parade. this american airlines passenger kept getting knocked by guy behind her because she reclined. she was on "fox & friends" this morning. take a look. >> i have been consulting with an attorney. he's an aviation lawyer. i feel like i have been -- the hits kept on coming literally and figuratively from the guy and then the flight attendant when she did come around. she had an attitude with me. >> dana: amazing how much debate this has sparked pretty
11:50 am
evenly delta the ceo commented on this spirit >> the proper thing to do, if you'll recline, you ask if it is okay first. i never reclined because i don't think it's something come as a ceo i don't think i should be reclining. >> dana: come on! i don't believe it. >> he doesn't have to recline, because he's in the back of a g6. if you want to think she has a case? >> whoever that guy was, what a jerk. >> dana: using it as a weapon against her. >> who raised this guy? my granny would say, that guy must have been raised in a barn. >> dana: bonds are great. but your granny is better. i want to hear more about your -- the fox nation special that you're working on. we have a clip. let's play it.
11:51 am
>> do you remember when you were deploying and getting ready to going to michael over there? what did it feel like? >> it was very confusing. he didn't want your nerves to take control. i went into iraq, two deployments with the mind-set that i might die. i had my well taken care of, everything. i found myself -- once i got in, i fell in love with it. this is my career. i will either retire an old man or i will die in combat. i was fine with either one of those options. the second deployment i get hit by a roadside bomb and a wake up six days later in a hospital. two of my limbs are gone, my jaw was shattered, my mouth was wired shut. i was prepared to die. i wasn't prepared for the in between. >> dana: you get people to
11:52 am
really open up to you. >> our country does not guarantee us happiness. it guarantees us the right to pursue happiness. the fact that we can pursue happiness, should inherently make us happy. i sit people down in my house, that is at my house and nashville. in the frame, how has that changed your life? the answer is that i get from people are like that. some people maybe you haven't heard of like noah galloway, gretchen wilson. it's a cross-section of great american stories. >> dana: i think it's great you invite them into your home. can i show one thing? you can name all the presidents and 20 seconds. watch. >> washington, jefferson, monroe, van buren, fillmore, buchanan, mckinley, roosevelt, wilson, franklin roosevelt, chas kennedy, lyndon johnson, reagan,
11:53 am
obama, president trump. >> can you believe it? he wins! >> i got that was amazing. you talk so fast. >> i didn't think it was possible. >> dana: i love having you here. i know you love nashville, but we love having you here. next, weeks after the unveiling of a new logo. the military has one question for its members. what do you want to be called? ♪ oh, i... i didn't know. you didn't see the sign? that... that wasn't there when i was here earlier. (whimper) really? you know, in italy, they let you park anywhere. have a good day, sir. with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. (glass shattering) (frustrated yell) (car horn blast) (yelp) our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy!
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and you may know us from your very first sandwich,esh, your mammoth masterpiece, and whatever this was.
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oscar mayer is found in more fridges than anyone else, because it's the taste you count on. make every sandwich count. >> dana: two months after its official creation of the u.s.-based forces looking for ideas from people already assigned to the newest branch of the military and what it should call its members, similar to how the air force refers to its members as airmen. kristin fisher is live with the details. >> the army has soldiers. the navy has sailors. the air force has airmen but what to call the new members of this brand-new space for us? now there are about 16,000 of
11:58 am
them and the space forces asking them what they would like to be called. here is the official statement from the space force. they say they are doing this because the decisions we make today will shape the space for us for decades to come. we want to ensure those who will serve in the space force have a say when it comes to important organizational and cultural identity considerations. it's not just their collective name that they have to come up with but also their ranks and the names for their entire operational and organizational structures. there are a few guidelines. the proposals submitted need to be gender-neutral. they have to be distinctive and future focused. they cannot violate copyrights. they must be in good taste. we already know what the space force's logo will look like. president trump unveiled it in january and he requested $15.4 billion for the force in the 2021 budget. he mentions it now in almost every rally. it's always been a big applause
11:59 am
line. you know he cares what its members are going to be called. we have a little bit of insight into what they will not be called. spaceman has already been ruled out because is not gender-neutral and space cadet has also been ruled out for obvious reasons. i just checked their facebook message board where a lot of these submissions are being tossed around and here's if you i found there were interesting. orbiters, spacers, my personal favorite the space raiders. >> dana: police in utah rushing to help a woman desperate for formula for her newborn baby at 2:00 in the morning. shannon bird ran out of formula and tried calling neighbors and nobody answered so she called 911 and cops raised to buy some milk only to find the baby was too young to drink it so they drove to another store to get formula and they refuse to let shannon pay them back for their
12:00 pm
good deeds and were going to have shannon byrd on the show tomorrow. police in ohio rescuing a dog. they brought lucky on dry land. they wound up reuniting him with his family. bill hemmer, that's the kind of good news you could use. >> bill: i would agree. dana is gender-neutral. >> dana: what? oh, my name! [laughs] >> bill: you could use it both ways. you let kristin fisher in the space for snow that we are applying. >> dana: i'm going to do that and i'm going to recover. >> bill: have a great monday. i am bill hemmer. reporting starts with 14 americans testing positive for the virus. they are among the hundreds of u.s. passengers who are now under a two-week quarantine. two planes transporting american citizens from the diamond princess cruise ship in japan arriving back home on u.s. soil


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