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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 18, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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catch unknown valor set your vcr about iwo jima and the making of that story. the book is available in bookstores now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the democratic primary race is shaping up. it's a pretty clear choice for democratic voters. on the one hand a self-described democratic socialist who wants to make your health insurance illegal or they can go with the plutocrat rich enough to buy your hometown. that's the choice. we will have more to tell you with the democratic civil war now in progress in just a moment. first tonight, there are serious long-term problems facing america as we have told you about for years on this show. thanks for outsourcing, this country no longer has the same reserve the stable middle class manufacturing jobs we did even 30 years ago. >> in coastal cities, housing has becomes a astro
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no, ma'am micly expensive. prices are rising far quicker than wage growth and most tragically opioid epidemic kills tens of thousands of americans every year. one of the reasons fentanyl is smuggled in from abroad. these might seem like unrelated problems, but they are not. a single theme unites them. a systematic decision by many of our country's most powerful leaders to sell out america to china. those jobs that were outsourced they went to china. those rising home prices all cash chinese buyers are a major tributer to that almost never said out loud. fentanyl made in china with the knowledge and tacet approval of the chinese communist party. china is no longer simple an economic rival of the united states. it's becoming a dangerous enemy. instead of protecting us from this threat an existential one our leadership class collaborates with the other side. why do they do that? simple, they are getting rich from it. this only became clear to many people a few months ago
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when the most american of all sports, professional basketball a game literally invented in a gym in springfield, massachusetts ripped off the mask and showed the world who really controls the league. nba general manager darryl morey you will remember wrote a tweet supporting pro-democracy protesters in hong kong. in bash lash nba and morey apologized for criticizing the regime and lebron james weighed in actually freedom of speech in america is vastly overrated. >> so many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. so, just be careful what we tweet and we say and what we do, even though, yes, we do have freedom of speech but there can be a lot of negative that comes with that, too. >> tucker: um-huh. just be careful with what you tweet or say because the chinese are watching and they pay the bills. golden state warriors coach steve kerr meanwhile
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explained there is really no moral difference between america and communist china. >> it does not come up in terms of people asking me about it. people discussing it. no. nor has our record of human rights abuses either. people in china didn't ask me about, you know, people owning ar-15s and mowing each other down in a mall. >> tucker: yeah. so america has school shootings, china is on its third or fourth genocide since world war ii. you know tomato, tomato. six dozen one, whatever. yeah. saying something like that out loud should be shocking but it's not really. it's a taste of just how completely the people in charge identify with china over this country. in some cases they have literally joined china's payroll. former illinois senator mark kirk is a registered foreign agent who lobbies for the
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china u.s. trade foundation china organization with ties to a former communist party. that's a senator. senator joe lieberman worked for zfrmt te. so dangerous to american interest that last august the president signed a bill banning the federal government from using that company's equipment. because it's too threatening. he is lobbying for them. former congressman rich vouch everywhere has lobbied for a whole list of chinese companies, hick vision, wo; last night on this program we telling you about a man called u manning. massive state run pension fund called calipers. manning born in china previously ran china's 3-million-dollar portfolio of foreign investments. cull pers has long engaged in shareholder advancements in this country like gun
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control and been very aggressive about it. now the fund also supports china's efforts to eclipse america. calipers invest in companies that invest in chinese military hick vision that makes surveillance equipment that monitor uighurs actively abetting fascism. nothing harmful about these investments as he once quoted of course it empowers the chinese regime to have the money flowing in. of course they do. thousand talents initiative chinese program designed to encourage former businessmen, scientists and other experts to work on china's behalf, often secretly. the explicit goal is to obtain western technology and research for china's own use so they can surpass us, which they are. last month harvard chemistry professor charles lieber the head of the department was arrested for hiding his work on behalf 6 china. in effect lieber was working as a spy but his case isn't
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special. the entire sleazy academic world and it's one of the sleaziest is addicted to chinese money. harvard and yale stand accused of hiding hundreds of millions of chinese payments. needless to say china is one of the top contributors. recently the texas a&m university system tried to gauge how much of its falk kuehl at this was getting chinese money. more than 100 had been recruited it turns out. only five reported their work for hostile foreign government. how many indicted yeah you guessed it zero. chinese officials aren't paying academics because they love scholarship. no, america's universities are key centers of scientific research and technical innovation. china would like to steal that information. and they are. as of tonight, the fbi is investigating more than 1,000 cases in which they believe china has stolen research from american firms. if anything, our top colleges and universities are encouraging this to happen. and you can see it by the way they recruit. chinese grad students fill our research labs.
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this makes college administrators much richer but also allows the chinese government easy access to critical information. some of it that directly bears on our national security. american academics have made it clear whose side they are on. last november officials at university of missouri kansas city removed artistic display supporting protesters in hong kong because chinese students complained. according to the new remust be biblical columbia university global center in beijing cancelled talks because they might upset chinese officials. they are squelching free speech at the direction of communist china. that's common in the business world. disney changed its tibetan character in one of its movies into european woman because acknowledging tibet's existence would anger their masters in china. they should be ashamed. gap apologized for selling a t-shirt in canada that didn't feature tijuana as support of china. by the way it's not part of china. but china demanded that gap pretend it is and they complied. we could go on. there are endless examples of this kind of thing.
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it's happening all around us. so how about michael bloomberg? he is running for president. maybe more than any one in america, bloomberg represents the beliefs and values of our current aristocracy which is by far the worst in american history. the stupidest, the most greedy. not surprisingly, bloomberg has both kowtowed to the chinese and gotten rich from the chinese. he is not embarrassed by it in 2014 bloomberg explained that actually china's unelected leader isn't really a dictator. >> the communist party wants to stay in power in china. and they listen to the public. when the public says i can't breathe the air, xi jinping is not a dictator. he has to satisfy his constituents or he is not going to survive. >> he is not a dictator? >> no, he has a constituency to answer to. >> tucker: so the chinese dictator is not a dictator.
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makes you wonder how michael bloomberg would govern as president or maybe it explains how he would govern as president. bloomberg's personal admiration for the blood-thirsty fossil in charge of the world's largest communist country. isn't the only reason he likes china. big money at stake. always what it is about. bloomberg's company has enormous investments in the country how bloomberg news reports on china. bloomberg news was accused of killing stories that would have revealed corruption by family members of the chinese dictator and, yes, he is a dictator. ben richardson bloomberg's asia editor had been told directly by leaders at his company that covering the chinese politics bureau is off limits. that's like telling a washington bureau chief you can't cover congress because you might insult them. that's michael bloomberg's position. just today fincher wrote in the intercept how bloomberg's lawyers threatened to destroy her life if she wouldn't sign a nondisclosure agreement about the company's censorship practices. but don't take their word for it. a few years ago bloomberg
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openly admitted that he let china sensor his company's news. he actually said that on television. here it is. >> over the past year there has been questions about the journalism going on in china and whether the company in its effort to grow has muzzled. >> in china, they have rules about what can you plush. we follopublish. we follow those rules. if you don't follow the rules, you aren't in the country. we write the stories that are interesting and distribute them where they are allowed to be distributed. >> tucker: where they are allowed to be distributed. the scariest part is that as china has grown more powerful, america has grown more dependent on it. outsourcing our manufacturing power brought american companies big short-term profits. head to florida and see the houses they brough bought with e profits. made us dangerously dependent on.
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consider medical supplies. china is now a top producer of a antibiotics surgical tools, face masks and many more essential products that you need to stay alive. 80% of our antibiotics right now come from china. hard to believe but true. the coronavirus panic alone was enough to cause shortages of some of these materials. what will happen if an even bigger crisis comes along as continue evident continuably will or what if china cuts off exports as a show of force? that could happen. maybe they invade tijuana and then cut off exports? how would rerespond? we would be helpless. the saddest and most infuriating part is that none of this needed to happen in the first place. china didn't just one day magically overtake us. our leaders made that possible they abetted it. they profited from it. they betrayed us. gordon cheng the author of the coming collapse of china and he joins us tonight. gordon, thanks so much for coming on.
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you have been calling attention to this for some number of years. this is one of the biggest stories in our lifetime and it has received next to no coverage in the american media. why is that? >> i think it's because american elites wanted to integrate china into the international system. and that sounded very good to the ear. you know, cooperation, friendly ties, all the rest of it. and while they did that, they outsourced american manufacturing, that, as you pointed out, led to the loss of jobs, loss of hope among many people that was the fentanyl crisis. and i think that essentially the elites in the u.s. saw themselves having more in common with the elites in china than they did with their fellow americans also, tucker, they in america were content to accept this notion of inevitable chinese dominance. they were trying to manage america's decline. all of that was absolutely 100 percent wrong from so many different perspectives. >> tucker: wouldn't it have been nice that the public known this was going on?
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this is supposed to be a democracy. if you are going to sell out our country, shouldn't we know about it certainly we should. when you start to look about this, you know, you have not only bloomberg who had a control of a media empire but many others and they enforce this message because it was a message that we wanted to hear. you know, tucker, we talk about the chinese deceiving us, and, yes, they do deceive us, but, more important, there is a an issue of american self-deception we wanted to be deceived. >> tucker: that's right. >> certain people wanted to make money. this is the real issue. it's not a china issue so much. it's an american issue. it's american elites. >> tucker: how hard will it be to pull back sufficient to gain our independence? we are dependent on china for critical goods that we need to survive. is there any effort to re-tool american factories to kind of bring us back to a place where we are not dependent on a country that
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hates us. >> one of the first things the trump administration did in 2017 was to look at this issue of the vulnerability of american supply chains. about how goods got to the u.s. and what we could do about it. and, you know, when you think about a number of things that the trump administration has done from the section 301 tariffs to other things, these were really intended to disengage the u.s. from china to reduce that vulnerability. as and you know it's not just antibiotics which is a critical item but so many others as you go down the line. we are going to see this in this coronavirus epidemic. if this continues longer than most people think, and i think it will continue for quite some time. we will start to run out of some critical items, everyday items. we are going to show how foolish it was to outsource american industry to a country that abhors us. >> tucker: this is a massive national security problem that has received not enough attention. gordon, thank you so much for everything have you done. i appreciate it. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: now the chinese
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coronavirus still raging across parts of asia. it's killed almost 2,000 people as of tonight. those are again the official numbers. it continues to affect thousands every day. most experts believe the virus originally involved in china's bat population and spread from there to humans from wuhan's so-called wet market. but some people, and this includes a few actual experts on the subject, are considering another possibility. that the coronavirus was made in a lab in wuhan. you have probably seen that on the internet. is it true? how plausible is this theory? worth getting to the bottom of. bill gertz national security correspondent for the "washington times" he joins us tonight. bill, thanks so much for coming on. >> sure. good to be on. >> tucker: the last thing we would ever want to do, of course, is endorse untrue information, particularly of this nature. but, there's been enough written on this that it seems like it is worth assessing with someone who knows more. what do you make of this claim? >> well, first off, we don't know the origin of the virus. that's a fact. and anybody that says they know what it was the origin
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or was not the origin is either ill informed or dishonest. and in the case of the chinese government, you can imagine which of those options. but, clearly. >> tucker: yes, can you. >> clearly there are signs or indications that it came from a bat and then to some intermediary animal, cat or pangolan and then to humans. the chinese government has blocked the centers for disease control from sending experts there the u.s. has. so best virus experts in the world. we have suggested the government has suggested 13 experts to go and china has said no. what are they hiding? those are the questions. so there is a debate now is it human cause or laboratory cause or is it a natural phenomena? and i think it's important that we write about this because this is what free press is to report on these kinds of things and let's get the debate going and let's get to the bottom of it. >> tucker: is there any
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evidence as of tonight that this virus originated in a lab? >> well, i don't know. we don't know that -- we know -- here's another fact. the wuhan institute of irologyp 4 lab. most secure lab you can have. only one in china that's declared and it's in wuhan like 20 miles from this market. that's a fact. the second fact in january the end of january, the british medical journal, the lancet published a chinese government funded study by 29 chinese scientists which said that the very first person to get this disease, to come down with this disease on december 1st had no relationship to the seafood market or the wet market. so those are facts that, again, raise a whole bunch of questions about what is the origin of this? on top of that, the white house just last week ordered the national academy of sciences to conduct a study
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to say hey, look, we have got to find out the origin. they want to know what the origin is, too. >> tucker: so i mean i think the headline of this conversation, which i appreciate. i appreciate your sober analysis is that we don't actually know. and anyone pretending that he or she knows is lying. thank you very much for that bill gertz. >> sure, thank you. >> tucker: great to see you tonight. thanks. well, bernie sanders has been boosted by an unlikely foe. a billionaire oligarch trying to buy the presidency. it's essentially a civil war in the democratic party tonight. and the question is who will win? that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: michael bloomberg's effort to buy the presidency may be terrible for the country. it's the worst assault on democracy in our lifetimes. the russians never thought of anything like that. it's been a real gift to bernie sanders. yesterday bloomberg's campaign whined about sanders calling him an oligarch. just don't call him an oligarch. of course, michael isn't an oligarch the term has no meaning and bernie sanders pointed that out today. >> so here is the message, anybody here worth $60 billion, you can run for president. and you can buy the airwave airwaves. [boos] my friends, that is called oligarchy, not democracy. [cheers] >> tucker: so all of a sudden the battle lines are clear. bloomberg vs. sanders. and it's accelerating very,
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very quickly. can you imagine who is taking each side. oligarchy vs. socialism, wall street vs. williamsburg greed is good vs. weed is good. surprisingly though hillary clinton isn't waiting to take bloomberg's side. she recently dismissed rumors that she would be bloomberg's running mate. tammy bruce has been sitting watching all of this. get tammy bruce on fox nation host which is excellent and she joins us tonight. how do you assess all of this, tammy. >> with laughter and disbelief. >> tucker: that's the spirit. >> hillary lies so you can't believe anything she says. she dismissed it at a speech in puerto rico. we don't know if she was being paid for that or what the dynamic was. what is interesting is when asked if she would consider that she said oh, no. i'm just watching it all. that would be like rand paul's neighbor saying i don't mind that he is putting leaves on my lawn i'm just watching him. if hillary was our neighbor said she was just watching us. the next we would be jumped
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on from behind and start punching us from the neck. if she says something like oh, just never mind me. duck for freakin' cover. this is a woman who still believes she is president. she believes this is coming up to be her second term. she is clearly angry. the only thing, you know, she spent a billion dollars last time. what did that get her? it got her a walk in the woods with chardonnay. probably the most expensive wine on earth. this is where when we think about the money that's being spent, whether it's bernie sanders or hillary, the american people, thank goodness, we can't be bought. hillary spent an enormous amount of money. and it did not work. this is what the founders understood. bernie sanders, people are saying oh can mike bloomberg save the democrats from bernie? really the question is bernie sanders is going to go after mike bloomberg if he doesn't do that debate tomorrow night. it's going to be bernie sanders, generally liked a rally with 17,000 people at it.
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he went after bloomberg and appropriately so. so, maybe the establishment doesn't like the base now of the democratic party. but they created it. right? i mean, dr. frankenstein is getting a little concerned about what the creation has done. and, yet, let the people decide what the direction of the party is. clearly right now hillary doesn't like the democratic party certainly mike bloomberg doesn't. and they are both using it for their own means. and i think that's going to backfire in the long run. >> tucker: it's just pretty amazing. i mean, very quick, who came up with the idea that we want to stop a guy who hates billionaires let's run a billionaire against him? >> yeah, because it's all narcissist. they can't see beyond themselves. it's an extraordinary thing that occurs to these kinds of individuals, but then what you are hearing with bloomberg all of those comments about the average person, he genuinely doesn't like anybody. there's a contempt for all kinds of people. whether you're working as a
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farmer or if you are a person of color or if you are women. it's not like you are just a jerk sometimes and you say the wrong thing and all of us say the wrong thing sometimes. there is this underlying just kind of a raging contempt. and when you don't like anybody, you are not going to take anyone seriously and only you have the correct answers. only you have sole possession of the truth. >> tucker: it's totally true and in the end being angry doesn't make you taller. >> it does not. it doesn't. >> tucker: tammy, great to see you. >> that's correct. the tiny tyrant. thank you, sir. >> tucker: joe biden's campaign is dying a public death. a plan to resuscitate it. attack barack obama as a right winger and embrace unlimited illegal immigration forever. we will tell you his new positions on those issues after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: retired law professor alan dershowitz says the obama administration launched a politically motivated investigation after a demand to do so by george soros. dershowitz says he can prove it. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest on this story. >> hi, tucker, alan dershowitz says it's very common for people to whisper to presidents and for presidents to whisper to the justice department. harvard law professor emeritus says whoever does it is wrong non-the common. ears perked up when dershowitz said. this i have some information
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as well about the obama administration, which will be disclosed in a lawsuit at some point, but i'm not prepared to disclose it now about how president obama personally asked the fbi to investigate somebody on behalf of george soros who is a close ally of his. >> george soros is the left wing billionaire mega donor. dershowitz says he has the evidence to back up his statement. pointing to the actual 302 form which is significant considering that's the primary form the fbi uses to memorialize witness statements. all of this comes in the wake of attorney general bill barr openly asking president trump to stop tweeting about ongoing justice department matters. barr also says president trump never personally intervened in a criminal matter. a group of 1,000 former doj officials organized by a left wing group then sent a letter demanding barr's resignation. alan dershowitz says when
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those thousand former doj officials learned about president obama whispering to the doj, he doubts they would pass the shoe on the other foot test. "the washington post" has slammed bill barr for acting as trump's wing man even though former ag eric holder publicly identified himself as obama's wing man. tucker? >> amazing. thanks for keeping track. trace gallagher, good to see you. >> tucker: well, in a bid to revive his sinking campaign, joe biden is rebranding himself tonight. he is now the illegal immigration candidate. in a recent interview with jorge ramos biden for the first time explicitly repudiated the right wing racism of barack obama. >> would you take then responsibility for the 3 million people that were deported during the obama-biden administration. >> look,. >> we have talked that in the past. >> yeah, we have. we took far too long to get it right. >> most of the people that you deported, they didn't have a criminal record. >> i'm not disagreeing with
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you. >> so was that wrong? because you haven't -- many people are expecting to you apologize for that, to say that that it was wrong? >> i think it was a big mistake, took too long to get it right. >> a big mistake. >> a mistake, yeah. >> tucker: in the same interview, which you should watch if you have the stomach for it. biden called illegal immigration unlloyd good for this country without illegal aliens, in fact, he told us america would collapse. >> guess what? they are the reason why the legal as well as undocumented the reason why our society is functioning, the reason why our economy is growing. we don't talk about that. we stand up and act like it's a burden. it is not a burden. it's a gift. >> tucker: yeah. not if you live where joe biden lives it's not a burden. at a rally in nevada biden declared bluntly that illegal immigrants are by definition more american than you are, buddy. >> once again, legalize all
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the daca that students, these daca that students are more americans than most americans are no, i'm serious. think about it. >> tucker: so at this point the biden's campaign's effective slogan is because americans don't deserve america. good luck, joe biden. mark kerkorian executive director for immigration studies and he joins us tonight. mark, thanks for coming on. you spent a lot of your life trying to hold the line on borders. is it surprising to learn that illegal aliens, people who have come here without our permission and broken our laws to stay here are literally more american than we are than you are. >> i mean, this is the direction that the democratic party has been moving, which is why you see biden moving in that direction, too. i mean, it's not like he believes any of this or even understands what he is talking about because, you know, back not that long ago, he voted for the secure fence act. he even during this campaign he said that sneaking across the border should no longer
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be a criminal offense. so, i think he has made a decision that he is floundering and he is going to fully el embrace the hard left position on immigration which is now the mainstream position. bernie sanders has done exactly the same thing doesn't surprise she at all. this isn't just a reaction to trump. this was starting before >> tucker: it does trapped send. illegal ail aliens are more american than you are. more of a right to be here. they are better people. they are the example. you are disgrace. >> absolutely. >> tucker: any national politician ever made that argument before? >> yeah, actually. jeb bush. he said that immigrants, he talked to immigrants in general. he wasn't specifically talking about illegal
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aliens, but he was including them. they are more fertile, more family oriented, more religious and harder working. this is indication of you who immigration isn't really purely a right-left thing. in fact, it's more an up, down thing. jeb bush, michael bloomberg, joe biden and aoc all really have the same position on immigration. steve: well, sure, because they failed. our schools are a joke. the suicide rate is up. drug od rate is up. the military can hardly recruit people because no one is physically fit enough to serve. they have screwed up the country, so they are just giving up and looking for new people who they haven't screwed up yet. i'm not imagining that am i. >> i think it's more than that, actually. as you have said, i think there is a moral element to it. they just think that foreigners are better than americans. just better in general. and so this is one of the places you see that perspective protest clearly and it really is alarming
5:39 pm
and, you know, like they say, this is why you have trump. >> tucker: they don't care about the people they are in charge of. that's the core problem. it's always been the core problem. markey corian, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so illinois governor rob blagojevich has been in jail for 8 years. free tonight thanks to the president. we will tell you what happened and why. plus, an increasingly misery grips middle america, some are pushing a solution. if you are sad, just kill yourself and don't burden the rest of us. we will discuss the rise of the assisted suicide law just ahead. ♪ ♪ how we worship, or who we love. and the 2020 census is how that great promise is kept. because this is the count that informs where hundreds of billions in funding will go each year for things like education,
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♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. former illinois governor rob blagojevich is a free man tonight after eight years in prison. fox matt 1st and 10 is in chicago with the latest on this. matt. >> tucker, fox news now confirms that the former governor of illinois has walked out of a federal prison in colorado and a short while ago the wife of robb blagojevich tweeted out that the family is holding what it calls a homecoming press conference here at the family home tomorrow at 11:00 local time. the former democratic governor was sentenced to 14 years in prison for 17 corruption charges including trying to sell president barack obama's vacated senate seat and trying to extort a hospital and a racetrack blagojevich infamously recorded on a phone call obama's senate seat something golden he wasn't going to give up. today president trump said blagojevich was a contestant on his former reality show but claims he does not know blago well. >> he served eight years in
5:45 pm
jail. that's a long time. and i watched his wife on television. i don't know him very well. i have met him a couple times. and i did commute his sentence. so he will be able to go back home with his family after serving 8 years in jail. that was a tremendously powerful, ridiculous sentence in my opinion. >> one of those times the president might have seen pattie blagojevich on tv was right here on "tucker carlson tonight." patty blago insisted her husband was over-sentenced for just talk and not taking money. this was a 14 year sentence. he never took a bribe. never took a kick back, never made any promises to contributors for any official acts. we never took gifts, trips, cars, watches, any of the other things that some of these other governors have been convicted of and yet he serves a sentence that's twice as long as anyone else.
5:46 pm
>> the illinois republic and house delegation released a statement slamming the president's decision today. tucker? >> tucker: matt finn for us in chicago tonight. thanks a lot, matt. it's pretty clear that large swaths of americans are suffering from physical problems in the form of drug addiction, alcoholism, obesity and in addition falling life expectancy the result of all those things. emotional component to this. millions of americans are anxious, clinically depressed and miserable look at the prescription drug numbers. they tell the story. on the left a response has emerged. suicide. nine states plus the district of columbia have allow doctors to help kill patients rather than treating them. new york may be the next state to legalize that what are the effects of this? should we do this? a professor of theological bioethics at fordham university and author of the book resisting throw away culture how a consistent life ethic can unite a
5:47 pm
fractured people. we recently spoke to the professor. here is lou it went. the way it's framed is. this it's your body, it's your choice. nobody can prolong your life and nobody can tell you to live if you don't want to. it's the basic choice we have government can't interfere. a lot of people believe that why shouldn't they. >> if you just look at the statistics of for instance oregon which legal since the 199 0z physical pain and suffering which are sympathetic have to be a moral monster not to be sympathetic that doesn't make the top five reasons people ask for assisted suicide. former of being a burden on others. and fear of losing one's a autonomy. i'm around progressives a lot. it's an absolutely bizarre reaction isn't it to say well, there are these people who fear these things because of our socially unjust world, let's make it easier for them to kill themselves. that can't possibly be the correct response from somebody that cares about social justice. >> tucker: i agree with that and it also can't be long
5:48 pm
until somebody, since this is a company predicated on business and making money and that's great, but until somebody figures out that it's a lot cheaper if you are dead than if you are say, being treated for diabetes. >> that's why, tucker, some of the vulnerable populations that you champion on this show and thank you for doing that are some of the most skeptical of assisted suicide out there. they get it. they know that when you say thing who is a burden? it's them. who has lost their autonomy? it's them. there is a whole elitist substructure which says we're going to benefit from that now, it's not explicit but they do in fact benefit from that. that's why i wrote a book called resisting throw away culture. it's that throw away culture we have to resist f. at least if we do care about vulnerable populations. >> tucker: i would think so. what i find so strike going you are a political leader, governor of new york, for example, you were elected to care for the people in your state. city, town, country. and rather than do that, you decide it's easier to kill them. why doesn't somebody point out that that's like a gross
5:49 pm
perversion of what you are supposed to be doing? >> well, there are groups that are pointing this out. quite effectively, actually. they also tend to be progressive likes a you probably know disability rights groups are, in fact, the leaders in resisting the throw away culture that exists through assisted suicide. do you know who else are on the front lines of this african-americans and latinos very disproportionately against this especially compared to whites. how about being consistent and saying let's listen to these voices of color here not just on the set of issues that we happen to care about monday through friday. >> tucker: so it's new yorker subscribers who are for this? not average people you are saying. >> definitely not average people. >> tucker: interesting. do you think it will happen in new york? >> if i had to bet, i would guess it will. it's fallen in california. it's fallen in new jersey where i live. it's fallen in several other states. but, again, i think if we can pay attention to those vulnerable voices. those who don't get heard,
5:50 pm
the forgotten people and really pay attention to them and not give them lip service we will be deeply skeptical of this. >> tucker: do you know who loves this health insurers of course they do. professor, thanks so much for coming on tonight and being one of the rare voices against. this i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: bernie sanders is rising tonight. we have covered that but it's not by accident. he is rising because our system is failing large parts of the population. bernie sanders will keep rising unless his political rivals offers its own solutions. we will explain what that means just ahead. ♪ pods puts you in control
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pods is here to help you with flexible moving and storage solutions. ♪ >> tucker: the nevada caucuses happening this saturday, bernie sanders is very likely to win back there. why? well, here's one reason. workers in nevada are in trouble. adjusting for geography, that state has one of america's highest poverty rates, barely below california. sanders understands this and he says it often. >> i think we are going to win in nevada. i think we're going to win in south carolina -- working people understand that we have got to finally stand up to the corporate elite and that we have to have a mass political movement of working people and low income people and young people to do that. >> tucker: so will sanders make things better? if he gets elected? probably not, not very smart, but he's got millions of supporters in part because he at
5:56 pm
least admits there's a problem and if you want to start bernie sanders, it's worth understanding what's driving the movement that backs him. warren kass is the executive director at american compass, he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. so this is a subject of fascination. bernie sanders, like trump in 2016, has basically elbowed a lot of talent and well-funded people out of the way to become the front runner, which i think he has at this point. it's worth understanding why. what are the forces that have led to this? you're an expert on the economic numbers that are ignored. what you think is driving it? >> i think a huge part of the problem is just the economic pressure that families are under. if you look at how quickly wages are going up and compare that to how quickly a lot of the biggest costs are going up, and we are talking about health care, housing, college education. they are just getting -- families are getting swamped and so they are saying we need a solution and bernie 'solution is what if we just give you things? and that is i don't think a very
5:57 pm
good solution, but until everyone is willing to acknowledge this is a problem and something we have to address, i think a lot of people are going to take his solution over people who are just covering their ears and saying there's nothing wrong. >> tucker: well, that's right. so clearly there are a lot of, you know, kids, who don't understand economics and smoke a ton of wheat who support bernie sanders but there are also a lot of adults who do and that will almost, by definition, suggest desperation. why would you do that? there are lots of mainstream candidates who can support. give us a picture of what specifically is making people that desperate. >> so something that i look at in a new report i've been working on his let's just take those biggest costs, let's take housing, health care, education, and transportation. and let's look at how many weeks of work a man would need to provide those things for his family. if you go back to the 1980s, you need about 30 weeks of work to do that. so you've still got plenty of the year to cover everything else. fast forward to 2018 and you
5:58 pm
need 53 weeks of work to cover those things. even noneconomists will know there are's fewer than 53 weeks in the air, so that's my biggest insight for you, there's literally not enough time in the year even just to cover those big chunks before we get to everything else a family needs. >> tucker: so this is a much longer conversation and i would refer people to american compass for all the details, but if you could sum it up, what caused that change? >> well, i think there are two things. at one, costs have been going up a lot. and two, wages have stopped going up and if wages have continued to move up for lower and middle class workers the way they had been in the middle of the century, the way they have been for people who are doing better off, then wages would have kept up with costs, but instead we have things like health care and education. those costs are moving up at the rate that hiring households can afford to pay for them and if you're wages aren't moving up like that, then you're just getting left behind. >> tucker: that's exactly right. of those of the numbers we should be paying attention to,
5:59 pm
i'm glad you are. warren kass, american habits, great to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: and a fox news alert, on the left or looking at life pictures out of denver, colorado, where the former governor of illinois brought the goya bench just departed a federal prison a short time agot you will see the governor's home in chicago. he will be reunited with his wife and a prison only has daughters, the family is holding a reunion news conference outside the home tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. interesting story, you'll be hearing more about it tomorrow and he's not the only one getting a pardon apparently or a commutation, we will continue to follow those stories. that's been a frost on it. we will be back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., th the show that is e sworn and totally flying come, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink, all of which seem to be on the increase unfortunately. in the meantime, have a great and happy evening with the ones
6:00 pm
you love. sean hannity standing by in new york city to take control of the hour. >> sean: hey, great show as always. a lot of people getting out. very interesting times. bernie kerik and blagojevich and michael milken. we are only 259 days away from the 2020 presidential election where, as i've been saying, you you, we, the american people, you are the ultimate jury. i like that part. and tonight we can report democrats are in a state of complete and total utter chaos. you've got bolshevik bernie sanders surging atop the national polls. he has a 19-point lead in the nevada caucus, which takes place this saturday. but they're worried it's going to be another mess like in iowa. meanwhile, you have quid pro quo joe, there you see them, set for another embarrassing fourth-place finish in the state, not good. his campaign imploding right before our very eyes and democrats are in full panic mode, that we can report tonight. now they are on to plan b. that would be millionaire farmer


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