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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 18, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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taking bloomberg's money to weinstein, of course, accused of pursue his political agenda. raping two women. if this shocks you and oppose >> laura: we will watch you, you are not alone. closely, as always. a coalition of republican ag's be only be fair, balanced, and author rach trump media. look for the truth. are sounding the alarm. lead by my next guest, patrick let not your heart be troubled, morrissey of west virginia. laura ingraham, big show attorney general morrissey, this tonight. >> laura: hannity, isn't it awesome that trump has gone to sounds a lot like california? he is president of all of the law enforcement for hire. people. i think it is fantastic. go everywhere. how is this even permitted or >> sean: i want to see bloomberg and overalls teach us legal? >> well, laura, first of all, all to be farmers. he can show people like me with thank you for having me on your a little gray matter how to put show. it is such an important point. a seed in, a little dirt and a and i think what you are seeing little water. from bloomberg and a lot of the >> laura: hannity, you and i did our own lawns. activities is absolutely outrageous, because what you are doing is you are outsourcing who >> sean: and mother, you do is running the government to know the housekeeper lets you in people who are not accountable awin at scrabble. to the voters. it's unacceptable on so many levels. >> laura: we didn't use and i'd like to take a moment "summer" as a verb. just to point out, what with the he really built his fortune, but other side say if the republican he is being a snob. attorneys general were to bring 25 lawyers in were paid by >> sean: he is an elitist,
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exxonmobil, and they report both snotty brat. how do you insult farmers that to the attorney general's and to way? are you really that ignorant of exxonmobil? the level of sophistication in people would find that to be agricultural? absolutely unacceptable, because it's unethical. you have advanced degrees in this. >> laura: is about time that they know it's the outsourcing bernie and gloomy have the of law enforcement powers, and face-off, because it is about that is not one voters signed up time to settle it, who has the for. real power, the donor class >> laura: here is the type of climate activism bloomberg and or the activist class? i'm looking forward to this debate. it's good to be a good one. his ilk have been funding for >> sean: i agree. years. bill nye went on tv yesterday to >> laura: awesome show tonight. i'm laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from d.c. tonight. attack the incoming epa chief of the first 20 minutes of tonight's show, i'm going to staff, but not only her, kind of show you how bloomberg would attacked her family. move to control every aspect of your life. >> the other thing that i find your guns, what you eat, striking about she and her et cetera, and how he might even leverage his interest in china to do this. and speaking of china, why husband, they have two kids. they have two young kids. should we believe anything they and they are going to inherit tell us about the coronavirus this earth. spread and its origins? and they are going to have to a former nsc official and nih's interact with their parents when anthony croce have insight. their parents have been strong but first, bloomy doesn't get advocates of putting more carbon
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dioxide in the air. your guns. >> laura: okay, bill, we will that's the focus of tonight's "angle." just a few months ago, anti-dumb turn it over to you. this is all about tarring their democrats in virginia thought political opponents. they could ram through a new ban they have done it through and through. on so-called assault weapons and >> this is about political high-capacity magazines. power. if they can to win at the ballot after all, november, they won control of both houses of the box, what folks want to do is state legislature. first time in 20 years. say look, we know we have a and governor ralph northam was limited number of ags across affording this bill, of course the country, and they want to try to influence them, and they the phony argument that rolling back the gun rights of want to put their special law-abiding virginians would interests lawyers in place to make all virginians safer. drive a very radical agenda. now let's step back in time for >> this issue generates great emotions, but the facts are the a moment. years ago, many of us fought the facts. gun violence takes the lives of radical obama agenda. we beat them in court with more than 1,000 virginians every respect to climate change and year. now here comes president trump, three people every day. he's putting a great deregulatory agenda forward, and at that rate, everyone on the because these guys have limited tools of the ballot box, they floor of this chamber would be are trying one lawsuit after another to win. i don't think it is going to gone by march. >> laura: i love the dramatic
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pan of the chamber by c-span. work, but they raise real legal issues, especially when the biggest benefactor, the person remember, this is the brilliant logic of the same guy who argued funding list, is running for presown. that infanticide is basically a human right. >> laura: i'm telling you, he this was all his attempt, did it on the commonwealth keeping the train of thought attorney's races virginia. there, to keep all you gun owners comfortable. he's doing it in state attorneys but northam wasn't ready for the races, d.a. races come all over pushback, was he? the country, now this. the opposition made sure that general morrissey, sorry about their voices were going to be the earpiece, my friend. great to see you. heard, and boy were they heard. you know the deplorable scum of and last week, we warned you a president mike bloomberg would put china first, but now there the bitter cleaners? >> don't target the law-abiding is more proof of that. in a column for the intercept, a journalist claims the 2020 citizens. >> a citizen born here, you're a hopeful tried to intimidate her lot to protect yourself. >> we are not going to comply with their gun-control. family at the behest of china. we don't want gun control. she writes, "bloomberg lps >> you will have a better chance of going in a creek and kissing a copperhead then you would lawyers threatened my family if i not sign an nda -- getting guns from virginians. nondisclosure agreement -- >> laura: well, well, the liberal gun grab went down in flames with the help of four moderates in northam's own par telling a story critical of chinese communist party party. >> if you went out and legally leaders." jenny is victor davis hanson.
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purchased a weapon or a victor, democrats are bargaining particular part, just simply by owning that, you could become a with the devil and their obsessof them, with bloomberg. class six felony or a class one misdemeanor. it's not fair, it's not due process, and that was what really bothered me the most. >> laura: and it's important to note that this grassroots uprising was successful despite the millions that have been pumped into the commonwealth from out of staters, like democrat presidential candidate michael bloomberg. through his group, every town for gun safety come he funneled $2.5 million in the virginia list mike last year to elect anti-second amended democrats. every town outspent the national rifle association, which is based in virginia, by a bright factor of: one. making one final push for the gun ban. >> for the first time in more than 25 years, virginia democrats took control of both chambers of the legislature, and
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i'm happy that they won, but i'm even happier about what they've done. it's only been a month since they took office, and already, you've taken action to end our epidemic of gun violence. >> laura: by the way, that is bloomberg sounding pumped up. this is how some locals greeted him. now, since 2014, bloomberg had spent $75 million attacking the nra and your gun rights. and he has had his sights set on virginia for years. he has thrown $10 million at democrats in the state since 2011. but it turns out, there is still a lot of jeffersonian spirit left in virginia. their second amendment rights aren't for sale. >> he can take his money and he can keep it in new york. virginia doesn't want his money. he's already tried to new york virginia, and we are done. we don't like it at all.
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and that is going to happen across the country. >> laura: i sure hope so. but bloomberg and the rest of the antigun forces in america won't let this defeat stopped them, no way. governor northam has already promised that the gun ban is going to be reintroduced next year. but what happened in virginia yesterday shows that when we the people argue the facts and we stand united for a noble cause, we can overcome the corrupting influence of money and leftist ideology. but imagine if bloomberg ever got real power on a national level. he learned the lesson of virginia. he move a lot more swiftly against the second amendment rights of all americans before the resistance could actually mobilize, and he would sell it all as gun safety measures. which translated, means you have less power and the government more. but a lot of those big, gold drinking americans that she has such little respect for coming of the ones that drive pickup
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trucks and actually mow their own lawns? they are onto his moneya bloombs guaranteed to do at least hurco things. one, motivate the republican base, and two, drive up the price of smith & wesson stock. and that's the "angle." joining me now is regina state senator, saw her in the "angle," amanda chase. state senator chase, what happened in virginia is amazing. but what else needs to be done? >> well, laura, it's great being on your show. we've actually met before. congressman dave brat is a very good friend of mine. it's great to be on your show. what else needs to be done? you know, we can't let up. we know this gun bill is actually going to come back next year, to your point. one of the things that we did, senator jane no mike james page, we put up the names of all of ts of these terrible bills or take away law-abiding citizens ability to protect himself.
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we put it on my facebook page along with their office contact information, and we now have up to 60,000 followers on that page, and people call them. i know before that, senate judiciary committee, that monday morning, we had the house bill right before -- i'm sitting right right behind the delegate i cofounded the caucus with, the one thing we can agree on, but we don't agree on guns. he was getting ready to present his bill, senator edward stepped forward and said, don't you worry, senator chase, we got all your calls. this bill will be passed by until next year. and i said it's a good thing because the people are ticked. >> laura: i want people to understand, not all issues were successful for the pro-second amendment because. here the gun control measures already past in virginia, in th. universal background checks, one gun per month purchasing limit. increase local control of firearm possession at permitted events. and they are working on, i guess, taking away the nra's
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right to train people who apply for a concealed carry permit. nra does amazing gun training. amazing. they do more gun training, gun safety classes, i think that any organization, by far, in the united states. but they are so anti-unerring that they want to stop that couples also. the democrats, correct? and they will be successful in that area. nice to celebrate this, and an amazing win over the bloomberg forces, but they are coming right down the pike for another go at this. >> and there's over 22 bills still alive between the house on the senate. you know, i'm telling people to call the patron and asked them to strike the bill. at any point in the process. all we have to do is put pressure on these patrons, like senator saslow, he actually struck his bill, and that is what we were trying to put pressure on delegate mark levine to do, myself and tim anderson, a prominent attorney from virginia beach, and i worked on
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him last friday evening, 8:00, after the house of delegates got out, we called delegate mark levine and had a serious conversation with him and said, look, your bill is going to turn millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals, felons come overnight. >> laura: they don't care! senator chase, they don't care. i hate to disabuse you of the notion, but i assume you know that they don't care. their goal is to disarm law-abiding citizens and give more power to washington and more power to state government as long as it is run by a liberal. i appreciate your being with us. thank you so much. and mike bloomberg isn't only dabbling in gun control. he's also spending millions on climate lawyers. now, since 2017, bloomberg has funneled $6 million to th the new york university school of law to pay the salaries of attorneys embedded in the offices of ten democrat attorney general, including d.c., virginia, maryland, at
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connecticut. these attorneys are brought in specifically to further leftist climate schemes and to stymie the trump in democrat states are
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>> that's a strange story. it's all most a caricature of a conspiracy theory, because here we have his proverbial multibillionaire and he oversees this global media empire, and he has all these lucrative business interest in china, and they are all dependent on the chinese corrupt, authoritarian government, and he is censoring his own global media to make sure they don't print anything. and that's a terrible version. anything negative about the government allows them to make money. it's all most of the people had warned us this, but it would be too crazy to believe. national basketball association territory, laura, and four years ago, trump was invoiced in the wilderness, they are cheating trade because they have insidiously compromised america. here we hear this bloomberg story, we've had the nba story, and we look back at china, wow, a million people in reeducation
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camps, the hong kong protest, the coronavirus, the orwellian surveillance of their own citizens. no one listen to him four years ago, now he is proving right by these crazy stories that keep coming out. >> laura: so many stories of bloomberg -- not just bloomberg media, but other outlets, that are always willing to give china the benefit of the doubt, take china's word for it. and meanwhile, all as cast aspersions on trump's, whether policy moves, his emotion directed at a particular issue, never giving him the benefit of the doubt. usually given china the benefit of the doubt. i've never seen anything like it, given what is really happening inside china. >> yeah, you do. remember, he compared the chinese leadership to western type governments that have constituents that have back and forth auditory power, whether rather than just a dictatorship. is also characteristic, remember when he was mayor, he found a way to have a third term.
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when he wanted to get on the debate stage, he found a way to massage the rules, and when he wants to do business in china, he has a way of massaging his own -- there is a narrative theme here that he really does believe, with enough money, you should be able to change the rules in a way that you think suits yourself, and it is so paternalistic attitude about everybody else. i am so powerful and so wealthy and all wise, i can tell you what is good for you, and i'm going to change the rules any means necessary. it's kind of scary. >> laura: it's really scary, and he actually admitted the need to follow china's rules back in 2014. watch. >> over the past year, there's been questio journalism going on in china, and whether the company, in its effort to grow, has muzzled some of the antigovernment -- >> in china, they have rules about what you can publish.
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we follow those rules. if you don't follow the rules, you are not in the country. >> laura: well, doesn't have access, you have to follow the rules. imagine if that is how you reported on nazi germany, i guess. or any other dictatorship. >> he just quoted, almost verbatim, the attitude of "the new york times" during the great terror in the soviet union and the '30s. same thing with the american press and some of the european press from the '30s in german germany. his worldview is if you want to make money, you play by their rules and you don't allow -- you don't worry about the collateral job edge, which are millions of lives affected, that you enhance that destructive power by being complicit with it. it's really a moral, and fact -- what is scary -- scariest, i should say, he is so emboldened to admit this. >> laura: yeah! >> all of these thing coming out have a theme here on going to say things that are shocking because i don't care because i michael bloomberg.
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>> laura: it's not going to affect him, right? he's a billionaire. he's going to be fine no matter who is victorious in this. he's okay. just like communist china, there is the ruling class, and then there's a lot of other people. by the way, just on your point and then we've got to go, the trump administration has declared -- this just happened today -- designated five chinese media companies as foreign missions, basically state run media, we will put them up on the screen. china global tv network, china radio international china, daily distribution corporation, development usa, all of those are just state media organs and we are recognizing them as such. a little different approach than michael bloomberg. victor, love talking china with you. great to see you. >> thank you. >> laura: speaking of china, as the coronavirus spreads, the flow of reliable information from china is trickling to a stop, if it ever existed at all. why is that? and what exactly are they hiding
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♪ >> here is what we do know. in this virus not originate in the wuhan market. we also know a few miles away from that food market is china's only biosafety level 4 super laboratory that researches human infectious diseases. we don't have evidence that this disease originated there, but because of china's duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question to see with the evidence says. >> laura: senator tom cotton, simply ask the questions on everyone mind about the deadly coronavirus. the media's response was to rush to china's defense.
7:25 pm
>> the concerning comments from senator tom cotton about the origins of the coronavirus conspiracy theories run rampant. >> the hoax has wound its way to washington, being he pushed by republican senator tom cotton. >> cotton has been criticized by public health officials for giving a whiff of credibility on television and social media to a conspiracy theory. >> laura: senator cotton come again, simply said it's worth asking the question. and he isn't alone. headline from the daily mail yesterday asked, "did coronavirus originate in chinese government laboratory?" adding "the beijing concludes the coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in wuhan." joining me and is retired brigadier general spalding, senior director for strategy at the national security council. we don't know the origins for sure, but china can't even tell us patient 0s name, or
7:26 pm
anything about the first victim of this virus, which they could tell us a lot about a lot, but they can't tell us who that is. >> it's funny, because what you can see about china, for instance, when they do a shift call in australia, all the sailors are getting baby formula from australia because they are afraid to use the baby formula made in china. you have, actually, the citizens of beijing looking to the u.s. embassy on the air quality readings. gdp ratings we can't actually believe. i would just stop reporting on this data, because i think -- it's clear that everybody believes and agrees it is false. it's at least plausible that we say, hey, it came from a laboratory, because we know the numbers are false. >> laura: the chinese ambassador to the united states, as you might imagine, pushed back on the questions being asked. watch. >> there are people questioning that this virus is coming from
7:27 pm
some military lab. how can we believe all these crazy things? >> you think it's crazy? >> absolutely crazy. >> where did the virus come from? >> we still don't know yet. it's probably come according to some initial outcome of the research, probably coming from some animals. but we will have to discover more about it. >> laura: that sounds really convincing. first of all, the number of people who couldn't have gotten it from a bat or a bad transmission, that's already been -- that's already been documented. we are going to talk to dr. dr. fauci about that, but the american media are willing to stop asking questions. at least margaret benton no mike brennan pushed back on that a little bit. >> they have no credibility once whatsoever. >> laura: on any issue! >> we know this, not even their own people believe them. when you get on twitter, you can see the chinese saying everything is a lie. a director's entire family, movie director and entire family died in wuhan. the director of the hospital
7:28 pm
died in wuhan. the guy that tried to blow the whistle died in wuhan. we've got big problems in china, anecdotally, at least, so how are we going to believe the numbers? >> laura: we are putting the numbers up, but how do we know, coronavirus confirmed cases, 75,000. let's put them up on the screen. total deaths, 2007. i guess we are not putting it on the screen. but 2007. okay. we can't believe china given what they said about the reeducation camps. we have muslim leaders being thrown into theamps because of y might procreate. work about that. i'm curious as to why tom cotton becomes the bad guy here. at a point to mey cite an expere in "the washington post," exact same expert in different article, actually, we can't rule out a lab incident.
7:29 pm
>> they are so professional as a totalitarian regime of controlling the narrative. when i was in the pentagon -- that's what i noticed when i first started being trained as a diplomat to handle the china case, all of the words that we were staying to the chinese were exactly the same words that they were saying to us. so come in a lot of ways, they co-opt our own speech to create this idea that they are not vulnerable, they don't have -- we shouldn't believe them. >> laura: what about all of these manufacturing companies that send their manufacturing over to china, know a lot of people, i don't want this stuff. doesn't it show, sort of the folly of off shoring all of our jobs and manufacturing over to a country that has such gross violations of basic human dignity, freedom, liberty, all the rest? >> you have all of this -- companies that go bankrupt and lose everything that they have, but it takes this coronavirus, really, to make people stand up
7:30 pm
and look at what kind of regime is in china. >> laura: michael bloomberg, if he were president, he would relate stand up to china. >> because she's thinking is not xi jinping is not a dictator. >> laura: i follow you on twitter. how should u.s. medical officials respond to a crisis as the coronavirus spreading customer journey when i was dr. anthony fauci, director of the national institute of infectious diseases. when china says the rate of infection is slowing, why should we actually believe them when billions of not trillions of dollars is riding on preserving the idea that all is going to be okay? >> well, you know, laura, i think early on in the outbreak it was clear that there was some modeling of information, but over the last several weeks, the chinese authorities have really been very explicit that they were not going to tolerate any
7:31 pm
misinformation going out, because they really were clear that no one was believing them. i think they are very sensitive to that right now. the other issue that is important is the w.h.o. has finally gotten a team of people, an international group, to go over there, so they are going to have eyes, ears, and boots on the ground to verify these things. right now, at this point in time, i believe those numbers. >> laura: dr. fauci, you know i love you, but your belief in a regime that has a million people, tonight, in reeducation camps. that have collars around their necks in the videos that we've seen. they torture christians, they drive women to clinics to abort their babies if they have too many babies. and we are sitting around saying, oh, it could have been caused by a rabid bat, and oh, no, just because it was a leve level 4 lab in the vicinity -- i just think, i'm surprised that he would say that, given what we
7:32 pm
know about china's pattern of lying about critical issues, dr. fauci. >> but laura, let me explain. there's chinese officials, party people, and chinese scientists. the chinese scientists we've dealt with, i've dealt with myself, personally, for years if not decades, many of them have trained here in the united states. now, today, when we communicate with them, which we do almost on a daily basis, we want to be at a conference call tomorrow with a couple of them, and i have faith that they are not distorting things. what the party leaders do, i can't addressed. that's not what i do. but on a medical to medical level, i can believe my colleagues there, and what they are telling me now, i think, is the truth. >> laura: so dr. fauci, let's say the chinese government makes it clear to one of the top scientists -- one of the guys who blew the alarm on this is dead, he's dead, we can't talk
7:33 pm
to him, we can't follow up with him, he is gone. but obviously, the chinese government has a way of putting pressure on individuals who are artists, who are working in a variety of areas in the united states and american universities, committing espionage and doing all sorts of things, because of fear of what they are going to do to their families back home. and again, i would ask this question, how do we rely on a regime that controls all aspects of information, movement, immigration, education, all of it with an iron fist? i would love to believe everybody out of china, but unfortunately, we don't have the cdc inside of china tonight, or today, whatever time it is in china, to give us the facts. the world health organization, but not the cdc, correct? >> well -- no, that's not correct, as a matter of fact.
7:34 pm
>> laura: go ahead. >> no, it's not correct. let's not correct to say that. is not correct to say that. >> laura: they have unfettered access to all of the information they need, the center disease control, our people? were just part of the w.h.o.? >> it's the w.h.o. international group of respected scientists, who i know personally, and they are there right now. >> laura: so you are satisfied with all of the transparency coming out of china today about the trajectory of the disease and the origin of the disease? >> laura, i cannot say i am satisfied with every single bit of information, but i can tell you, in my direct interaction with chinese scientists and chinese health officials, nonparty politics people, but medical people and scientists, that i can believe that they are telling me. >> laura: dr. fauci, we wish you and your team all the best. this is a critical issue. we just want people to remain safe and people to actually have
7:35 pm
verified information, because lives are on the line. a lot of people in china are suffering. we are reading all of the stuff that is somehow being snuck out of china, and it's disturbing. but we really appreciate your voice tonight and your expertise. thank you so much, dr. fauci. when we have some breaking news tonight on bill barr's status as attorney general for one congressman lee zeldin and john eastman join us next. too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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this news just moments ago. attorney general bill barr has told people close to president trump, both inside and outside the white house, that he is considering quitting over trump's tweets justice department investigations. three administration officials said. than just moments ago, kerri kupec tweeted directing beltway rumors come attorney general has no plans to resign. joining me now is a john eastman, claremont institute senior fellow, constitutional scholar, and congressman lee zeldin. congressman, a denial from the doj, but the ag is obviously frustrated. doesn't take colombo to figure that one out. what do you make of this? >> i think that the president, my advice would be coming to him, while he has a right to comment on a lot of what is going on inside the justice department, attorney general barr has earned of the ability to make the request to ask for a little bit of space while he concludes,
7:41 pm
hopefully, investigations, like the durham investigation, where there will be accountability, for example, with how the trump-russia probe began in the first place. my advice to the president, if he asked for it, would be to have respect for ag barr's asked, and my advice to attorney general barr, he needs to deliver a home run here. there are a lot of americans, tens of millions of americans plus, who are demanding accountability and justice, and the attorney general is going to have to really deliver for the american people, ensuring the big picture -- it says right on the justice department. when law ends, tierney begins. the burden is on him, and hopefully he comes through. >> laura: john eastman, your reaction to this news tonight? the tensions are pretty high. i can say this with my own sources. they are high. not a lot is being accomplished with this internal strife between the attorney general and the white house. >> the tensions may be high, but
7:42 pm
i also think, tying back to your last segment on china, "the washington post" is a bit of a propaganda tool, trying to create a wedge or drive a -- throw fuel, gasoline on the fire come of what might have been a minor tension in trying to blow it into a major tension. i don't think it is a major tension. present from his comments today attorney general barr's spokesman, as well, the president is extremely frustrated with what has gone on and the unequal treatment under the law. the president's friends ought not to get special, favorable treatment, but neither do they ought to be targeted for specia, unfavorable treatment, merely because they are the presidents friends. that seems to be what happened out of the mueller investigation, indictment of roger stone, the grossly excessive sentencing recommendation, which i think, frankly, was a set up. it's been reported that they falsely told that they were going to make a relatively modest recommendation, and then all of a sudden, they recommend
7:43 pm
nine years for a 67-year-old man who is not a violent criminal. i think this was a set up, and i think "the washington post" is trying to fuel the fire on it. >> laura: may be, but the ag said it was impossible for him to do his job under these terms. i read a piece, a speech given at the dartmouth lawyers association lila back, and he addressed this issue. of course the president has the article to authority, to fire anybody come he can demand prospect that she can do all of that, he is head of the executive branch, congressman selden, but the fact of the matr is he has one of the best legal minds of the department of justice, one of the most qualified people, people have spent a lot of money to hire bill barr to do something. and the president has got to trust his people, or he's got to say, you know, i'm going to be my own attorney general. i don't know what else he can say at this point. but it is not helpful to his
7:44 pm
campaign. it is not helpful, i think, to the cause of justice, for it to look like the appearance -- of obama was doing this, i would be saying the same thing. to look like he is putting pressure on the attorney general. the attorney general could do his job. let him do his job. i don't mean to make a bigger stick of this than there is, but the president has got to just let this go and do his job of running the country. or get rid of everybody and be his own attorney general. i'm getting a little tired of this. go ahead, congressman. >> yeah, it seems like the attorney general has taken control of the department of justice. it really was being run amok before ag barr came in and accepted this return to federal service. you see it in the roger stone case, which started off with people going with their guns out to roger stone's house. i don't know how cnn was tipped off, and then you have a jury where the foreperson of the jury is an anti-trump person who calls the president a klan
7:45 pm
president at any supporter of the president is a racist, a field democratic congressional candidate. the guideline might be around three to four years, it is john eastman just pointed out, the guidelines they ended up submitting being more around seven to nine years. the attorney general has intervened, understanding the importance of having equal justice. >> laura: right, we get that. when that happens, in the venn diagram of the president tweeting about it, it shows the appearance of undue influence. we just got through with an impeachment where the president was accused of undue influence. that's my point! [laughs] okay? that's my point. do you see what i'm saying? it's the appearance. and we would be saying this if it were obama doing it, okay? and obama did all sorts of thing -- i'm not saying the president doesn't have a right to do this, he does. all i'm saying, john eastman, he respects the attorney general. the attorney general respect h
7:46 pm
him. in this relationship, if it needs repairing, he needs repairing fast. otherwise it's just when to keep happening. john? >> the president's right, he has the article to power, he had of the executive branch. but there is a reason every president normally stays out of individual cases, because of concerns about interjecting politics in the normal functions of justice. but we also have to recognize -- look, what's the report out yesterday? one, the justice department lawyers back hillary clinton. a jury pool in the district of columbia, that is 90% hostile to trump. there has to be a lot of frustration coming out there. you are absolutely right, the president needs to redirect that frustration away from twitter, tweeting, in particular cases. >> laura: all right. i wish we had a whole hour with both of you on this topic. the president has an amazing
7:47 pm
agenda and amazing compliments. forward march, that's it my point is. up ahead, the former spokesman for the congressional hispanic caucus is sounding the alarm for democrats on the latino vote. we have numbers to back it up. a debate when we return.
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♪ >> bush, by some estimates, won about 40% of that vote in 2004. since then, it's been all backwards for the republicans. now, i think, they are in deep peril. >> is the g.o.p. lost when it comes to the latino vote? i'm not going to stay entirely, but at least in the trump g.o.p. era, yes. >> laura: despite we just heard, it looks like latino voters like trump more than they want to admit. a new marist poll shows they
7:52 pm
favor 2020 dems over trump by about half the margin and hillary clinton in 2016. joining me now is steve cortez, spokesman for american first pack, and jose aristimuno, former dnc deputy press secretary. you've been calling this, and you've been mocked for it. what is your response? >> my response is, look, hispanics, like a lot of americans when it comes to politics, care most about economic opportunity. on that score, this president has been remarkable at producing results for american economic underdogs and strivers, many of whom have names like cortez and martinez. we see it in the polling. 49% -- according to gallup well -- 49% of minorities, blacks and hispanics, approve of president trump when it comes to his handling of the economy. that kind of leadership is translating into political payback for this president, whom the mainstream media and their allies in the democratic party want to constantly smear as a racist.
7:53 pm
turns out, he's not very good at being racist. instead, he's good at creating opportunity for latinos. >> laura: hosea, the former congressional hispanic caucus spokesman, christian ramos, said this about the christian ramos, said this, about president trump's support among latino voters, what might be happening. watch. >> over performing with the latino vote we're looking looking and underperformance on the democratic side. speaking of donald trump, the reality is, the most important issue to latino voters as the economy. they think they are doing pretty well, as far as their economic realities are concerned. >> laura: do you disagree with mr. ramos, jose? >> i don't know what reality christian -- and i know christian well come he's a friend, but i disagree, respectfully. i don't think there is a lot of truth behind that. if you look at the numbers,
7:54 pm
laura, there were 60% of latinos don't want president trump to be reelected. i just don't know what backs this up -- i understand the economy is the number one issue that most americans, including latinos, care about, but that is because the economy, as a whole, is doing well, but when you talk about their personal economy, the latinos i've spoken to across the country -- >> laura: unemployment is at a record low. >> sure -- >> laura: that's a fact. a record low latino voters. >> i'm not saying it is not, but when it comes to their personal finances, kitchen table issues, their own families -- >> laura: when has it been better? >> according to "the washington post," not a right wing source, cutting to "the washington post," the millions of jobs greeted by this president, 85% of them have beet here, but we will be tracking this and following the facts. gentlemen, thank you so much. we will be right back. >> man: what's my safelite story?
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legacybox professionally converts them to dvds, thumb drive, or the cloud. legacybox is simple and safe, with over half a million satisfied customers. visit today, and get 40% off. >> he has a man with great integrity. the attorney general is a man with incredible integrity. just so you understand, i chose not to be involved. i'm about to be totally involved. >> laura: well, the president's right, he has the arctiarticle two right to be ind as many branches as he wants to be in, but the question is what advances the agenda gets them closer to victory in november? that's all the time we have tonight. mike emanuel and the
8:00 pm
"fox news @ night" team take it all from here. my? >> mike: thanks, laura. we begin with a fox news alert. attorney general bill barr is considering quitting his post i justice according to multiple reports tonight. the attorney general has said the president's tweeting is making's job impossible in the present making more moves during his critics inside and out of the doj. from pardons for convicted war criminals to cocaine traffickers like ellis johnson, president trump is taking another shot at the establishment tonight. former illinois governor rod blagojevich is no longer in federal custody and his family is preparing a big welcome home reception for him in chicago. we are examining trump justice as the president continues to


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