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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 19, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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sussex royal label, they will be forced to rebrand after spending thousands of dollars on a website and trying to trademark the title. the ugly. this guy makes fishing look pretty easy. the man plucking a massive fish from the middle of a flooded street in mississippi. that wraps up this hour, "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> six democratic presidential candidates hope to win big in vegas. michael bloomberg taking the stage for the first time. >> is new york city mayor ready to clean himself after a week of controversies. nevada gears up for this weekend's caucus. jillian: former illinois governor rod blagojevich back home thanks to the president. >> the most profound and everlasting gratitude to donald
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trump. rob: the high profile is some leniency the president gave >> reporter: joey does a chair fool! >> reporter: neither does one viral date go where. a coffee date sending the internet into an uproar. rob: "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ must be a lady tonight ♪ must be a lady tonight ♪ rob: you can watch the debate.
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jillian: i am bad luck. rob: good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first," i am rob schmidt. jillian: let's get to this, sin city showdown, 6, 2020 contenders take the debate stage in las vegas. rob: that will take aim at michael bloomberg. jillian: griff jenkins joins us with highlights from the campaign trail. >> i'm staying at the hotel, i'm terrible at the casinos. i digress, they are not rolling out the welcome mat for michael bloomberg. bloomberg along with sanders, warren, buttigieg, klobuchar and biden.
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any doubt the knives were out for bloomberg, listen to elizabeth for net latest tweet. it is a shame michael bloomberg could buy his way into the debate. primary voters curious how each candidate will take on donald trump get a live demonstration of how we each take on an egomaniac billionaire. bloomberg's name coming up last night in that townhall with candidates asked if they would consider taking a bloomberg's money should they become the nominee. watch. >> if nominated would you help a billionaire like bloomberg? >> our contribution is average contribution all of $18.50. >> i was asking, $500 million left over to give to you would you accept that? >> if mister bloomberg wins and i hope he does not i will support the democratic nominee. as of now we have not -- we don't have a super pac. >> i will not reject that help because it came from a wealthy person.
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>> reporter: tonight on stage expect bloomberg to get a lot of scrutiny over the stop and frisk policy when he was mayor of new york city and comments recently on earth from 2016 talking about farmers. >> i could teach anybody even people in this room to be a farmer. it is a process. you dig a hole, up comes the corn. >> reporter: bloomberg's name is not on the ballot but the latest nbc wall street national poll we see sanders opening a double digit lead, bloomberg rising, 27%, bloomberg and warren tied at 14, buttigieg 13, klobuchar 7%. and 26,000 nevadans voted early voting. we will see what tonight brings. jillian: so fascinating to watch.
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rob: with the democrat party split between its progressive wing and moderates tonight's debate will be the first test between bernie sanders, the democratic socialist, and michael bloomberg who could be the new establishment favorite. jillian: michael bloomberg fails the democrats own litmus test. >> there are three planks to the democratic party, bloomberg failed in all three. class warfare artists, he is a billionaire, that is not a problem for free-market capitalists like us but it is for the incoming democrats. the second bedrock identity politics. he's talking about throwing minorities up against the wall, stop and frisk, in a way that reflects poorly on himself. one more thing. what about money in politics? we've got to get money out of politics. he tried to buy and influence all over the country.
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political races everywhere. this guy fails, three strikes for him. i don't know how he gets the nomination of democrats with a straight face. jillian: a morning community holds a vigil for 6-year-old girl murdered by her neighbor. faye swetlik died due to asphyxiation before she was dumped in the woods near her home in casey, south carolina. her accused killer was questioned and even let police look in his home during a three day search for little faye swetlik. 30-year-old cody taylor seen in his yearbook photo killed faye swetlik within hours of abducting her from her front yard. he later took his own life. faye swetlik's. was discovered in his trashcan with freshly dug there's. >> there is no word to convey her heartfelt sorrow and condolences for faye swetlik's family, friends, they will never be forgotten. jillian: the kelly didn't have a record and was not known to police. the second teenager charged in the murder of a college student
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will be arraigned today. police arrested sean weaver at his home in new york city after he was indicted by a grand jury. prosecutors say his dna matched samples found under tessa's fingernails. the 14-year-old will be tried as an adult, during a botched robbery in a new york city park last year. faye swetlik a court must decide how to treat the illegal immigrants in the murder of kate steinle. josé was deemed incompetent to stand trial in federal gun charges due to mental illness. now the california court must decide if he should be given medical treatment. he was a 5-time deported illegal immigrants acquitted of murdering kate steinle on a san francisco. he pleaded not guilty to federal gun charges. former illinois governor rod blagojevich, a corrupt democrat, is waking up at home in chicago
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for the first time in eight years and thanking donald trump for commuting his corruption sentence. >> my daughters, we express our most profound and everlasting gratitude to donald trump for doing what he did. a republican president. i was a democratic governor. my fellow democrats don't treat them frequently. rob: he was sentenced to 14 years for trying to sell barack obama's senate seat when elected president. donald trump granted clemency to ten other people including new york city police commissioner bernie character and edward bartolo junior. >> william barr has no plans to resign. the doj shooting down rumors that donald trump's tweets made it, quote, impossible to do his job. the president now acknowledging that claim. >> i do make his job hard. i agree with that. a very straight shooter.
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social media for me has been very important because it gives new voice. i don't get that voice in the press. heather: the comments came after the doj recommended a lighter sentence for trump advisor roger stone. a judge refused a request to delay the sentencing hearing but stone's punishment will be postponed as lawyers fight for a new trial. rob: milania trump will receive the woman of distinction award at palm beach atlantic university in florida. the former first lady is an exquisite human being, magnificent wife and life partner, superb mother and outstanding first lady. and cited the first lady's be best campaign focused on keeping kids safe on social media. jillian: not what some people want to hear but a new round of rain could spell disaster in flood soaked mississippi. many people have already
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evacuated. the water started rising earlier this week. kim jong un state of emergency in alabama to help aid recovery efforts in that state, flash flooding is possible today. jillian: heavy rain is expected in tennessee, georgia and louisiana. janice dean tracking all of this. >> we will see more rain in those soaking areas and snow in north carolina. current temperatures, arctic highs settling across the northern and central planes bringing cold air in meeting cold air sinking southward. class xxiv hours the rain that has fallen over areas that don't need to see any more rainfall across the mississippi river valley from texas through alabama and georgia. flooding will be likely. we have flood warnings in effect along the mississippi river valley into mississippi and alabama. this is going to be a story not only today but the next couple weeks and months ahead.
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future radar, parts of south carolina and north carolina getting measurable snow. some of these areas will see more snow than boston on thursday. that will be a big story. rob: 11 minutes after the hour, michael bloomberg taking the debate stage for the first time in las vegas. is the billionaire ready for war after laying low as past controversies have come back to haunt him? >> this enormous cohort of black and latino males don't know how to behave in the workplace. >> murderers and murder victims. rob: democratic strategists kevin wallace says tonight is a critical test for bloomberg and he joins us live.
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at the end of the day, we are people helping people. >> this enormous cohort of black and latino males who don't know how to behave in the workplace. >> one of them. >> i can teach anybody to be a farmer. dig a hole and put seed in and put dirt on top and up comes the corn. rob: after a roller coaster week of resurfaced comments michael bloomberg will face his rivals on the democrat debate stage. we have not heard much aside from his tv ads. jillian: how will he responded the hot seat for the first time. here to break down is democratic
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strategists kevin wall, thanks for being here. i heard someone describe him as a great hypothetical candidate because he hasn't had to answer. how will he do on the national stage? >> great point. with all the clips on the outset, every single day there is a new video with him disparaging one community or another. talking to the campaign may have been in debate prep mode for the past week was all senior advisers have been playing his democratic foils, all incoming will be directed at the former mayor on tonight's debate program. >> other candidates have to be so bitter and so jealous of the money and attention it is getting right now is watching his numbers soar up, how hard are these attacks going to be for bernie sanders? >> we are seeing previews of the line of attack, senator warren on the campaign trail called him
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an egomaniac billionaire. there will be some fireworks but your point, and unheard-of amount of money spent by the bloomberg campaign, $350 million estimated by fox news, more than barack obama spent on his entire reelection. it will be anyone's just if it pays off tonight on that stage. jillian: the number we have now is higher than that, 419.7 in and including reservations. the numbers when you look at it, that is the number on your screen. he skipped four early voting states. he is up 14%. what do you make of those numbers? >> a great endorsement that paid media can be effective for
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voters not necessarily super engaged in day-to-day operations of how this played out. i was talking to a family friend who has an 8-year-old was very precocious, he said i support michael bloomberg. why? he is supported by barack obama. if you are tuning into any television across the country are you see that with barack obama standing with michael bloomberg. those voters who are not engaged that is the image they are seeing. when they are asked online who do they support they pivot to michael bloomberg. rob: look at the amount of tv interviews, put it on screen, pete buttigieg is all over the place, amy klobuchar, biden and all the way to the bottom, michael bloomberg, only gave one tv interview. he is hiding from the media and presenting himself only in a positive light with his tv ads. why do you think he doesn't want to do an interview with a journalist? >> you struck at the heart of
2:19 am
that on the outset of this conversation. he has a lot to answer for, not just stop and frisk but redlining but other disparaging remarks to farmers, he is hiding behind this media budget which is an effective strategy when questioned by his peers on that stage. >> pete buttigieg on fox, a lot of the other democratic candidates have not come on fox. will that hurt them? will it benefit michael bloomberg to do interviews? and do more interviews? >> this is a brilliant strategy by mike buttigieg's campaign, where mayor pete will go everywhere to local stations, also to fox news, two really effective townhall's. we've got to remember 6 million, 8 million americans voted for barack obama once or twice but then voted for donald trump.
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we need to have conversations with voters and not be afraid to engage folks, i encourage everyone on our side to come on fox and make their case to the american people. jillian: 20 minutes after the hour conservatives in oregon with far left policies. rob: so fed up these people are looking to become a part of idaho. carly shimkus is here with the new border petition that is dividing social media. teurur to tas?s? teurur to sas s tax,eaeal estete cretsts, lalar inntntives.. and we have no way to integrate all that? no...but bdo does. (announcer) people who know, know bdo.
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>> tensions rising between donald trump and michael bloomberg, calling out the billionaire for, quote, buying the nomination. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with the online feud. >> it is common for donald trump to attack his political rivals on twitter, yesterday rival hit back turning to social media platform into a hotbed of insults. it started when the president slammed bloomberg for pouring his own money into the race tweeting what many mike is doing as a large-scale illegal campaign contribution. many is a legally buy the democrat nomination. they are taking it away from bernie again. bloomberg hit back saying why do you want to run against bernie so badly? to which the president responded no, i would rather run against you. the back and forth dividing social media.
2:25 am
matthew says donald trump will demolish michael bloomberg in a debate but joann thinks differently saying many mike will prove to be mighty mike. michael bloomberg is willing to spend upwards of $1 billion on this race which i'm sure will be a topic of conversation tonight. rob: just to go away like that. oregon is a liberal as it gets and if you're a conservative living in that state. carley: playing out before our eyes, some oregon residents frustrated by liberal policies are petitioning to move the border westward and join idaho. one petitioner making the case, rural counties have been increasingly outraged coming out of the oregon legislature that threatens our livelihood, our industries, wallets, gun rights
2:26 am
and values. we tried voting a legislator down but rural oregon is "outnumbered" and our voices are now ignored. the petition received her support from two counties, the goal is to get on the november ballot but some folks on social media say this may be extreme. nick says they could just move rather than moving the border which probably won't happen. it needs congressional approval as well. jillian: sharing is caring. carley: never say dating is a piece of cake. this story dividing social media. when twitter user posting this story thing yesterday i met a guy for coffee and he asked what i would like to drink and went to get the order and came back with two cake pods. that is cute and he ate them both in front of me. he is clearly a monster, right? some people siding with her.
2:27 am
other people are siding with the guy. when twitter user saying he seems like the type of guy who if the titanic was sinking would not share the door with her. rob: the president doubling down on his effort to build the wall and get it done in record time. voters in arizona reward his commitment to border security come november. jillian: the president's efforts will pay off at the polls, the tucson police officer joins us next. rob: michael bloomberg making his debate stage debut in las vegas. what do the people who know him best think about his run for president. >> we black people were discriminated and the hispanic people too. >> i don't think he is qualified, the stop and frisk thing.
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jillian: jury selection begins in the trial of a real estate air accused of killing his best friend 20 years ago. he has pleaded not guilty. rob: a new case of coronavirus in california, the patient being treated in isolation in napa county. both were evacuated from a quarantines cruise ship in japan. 17 new cases were confirmed on that should bringing the total to 621. a group of travelers from wuhan, china, just cleared to go home after a quarantine in california. it has killed 2000 people worldwide. jillian: us in city showdown,
2:32 am
six contenders taker debate stage in los angeles, the democrats will take aim at michael bloomberg who qualified at the last minute. the former new york city mayor has come under fire for a series of controversial remarks he made years ago. rob: in las vegas, the first time we hear from michael bloomberg on a national level aside from his tv ads. what should the rest of the country now? we ask those who know him best, new yorkers. we ask of the mayor has hometown support. >> what do you think michael bloomberg should have to answer for? >> the way he treats black people. black people were discriminated and hispanic people too. i will not vote for him. >> i think his chances are exponential because he has the resources.
2:33 am
>> what should bloomberg have to answer for? >> he wants to take the guns, raise taxes, change healthcare. >> i don't think he is qualified to be president because stop and frisk. >> as long as donald trump is not there. >> he should address everything that got brought up when he was mayor in new york, he did a great job and he could run the country. rob: new yorkers are split on his candidacy but his tactic is working, vying for next week's debate in south carolina after a series of national polls show him surpassing a fading joe biden. how fast it has all changed. jillian: the nevada caucus is three days away and the dnc insisting they won't be a disaster like iowa.
2:34 am
>> they want to get this rate. i spent the last few days with them. they want to make sure they have accurate reporting, the party is trying to implement the lessons learned from iowa. jillian: bernie sanders presidential campaign requesting a partial recount in iowa. the weekend with shows pete buttigieg, this associated press is unable to declare a winner as the results may not be completely accurate. overnight donald trump landing in las vegas for his campaign blitz. several events in california today with a keep america great rally. supporters have been camping out for 30 hours. donald trump will host another rally in colorado springs tomorrow in be in las vegas friday, one day before the nevada caucuses.
2:35 am
rob: donald trump's border wall going up fast with 200 miles under construction across four states including arizona. the president says he is fast tracking contracts to make sure this gets done on time. jillian: as he double down on his campaign promise are we asking if the battleground will support him in 2020. here to weigh in his a tucson police officer. thanks for being here. let's look at these numbers. the miles of border wall that have been built, 110 miles have been completed, 192 under construction, 450 mile goal by 2020, do you think it is going to happen? >> yes. trump is getting it done and most rational people in the state of arizona understand this is not a racist border wall or anything like that. he wants to protect arizona and
2:36 am
we want to stop tourists coming in here, human trafficking and sex trafficking, people getting raped at the border. we don't want people to come over here that this is a safe travel, we want people to come over the right way to be safe but most arizonans understand that and that is why donald trump is going to do very well in 2020. rob: let's check the progress on the arizona section of the border wall, 27.8 miles bills, 93 miles contracted out, 30% complete. you hear sometimes about hispanic americans, central americans that are for the wall and securing the border because they believe their wages could be driven down by more illegal immigration. >> people all the time that support the border wall, people who migrated here legally, it is completely unfair and irrational to have people walk over here
2:37 am
and get instant amnesty. wait in line like everybody else, there is a proper way to come through, if you come through a port of entry there are laws in place that can help you. people in arizona and a lot of people i talked to our conservative individuals, they realize the border wall is important and the president is doing what is right. >> let's look at more numbers out of arizona, these are border applications in may of 2019 to january 20th and you can see the decline in numbers to just about 6000 in january of 2020. as we mentioned the border wall is only 29% complete, those numbers are the yuma and tucson sector's combined. the border wall, you can argue it is just because of the wall. do you think it is because of the conversation that has been going on in this country?
2:38 am
>> all of it together, they now we are building a wall and will enforce our laws. a lot of people are not making the trick and preparing themselves to stay in mexico or do it the right way. people in arizona, and only citizens but law enforcement in arizona, border patrol agents in arizona are excited about what the president is doing because it makes our job easier, makes our job safer and a win-win for people in arizona. i can say that until i'm blue in the face but most arizonans will agree. for the most part we have been a rare state and we will keep it that way. rob: in 2016 you see the president winning arizona by bus been four points. it could be even tighter this time. so many states turning purple. the president had no at?
2:39 am
resume. people were trying to figure out was he serious or not and with the results all the way through to now people are enthusiastic about the president. i was at a rally not long ago, we had 200 people last year, this year we had 5000 people, people are coming out enthusiastic and in 2020 i guarantee you people are going to show up and support the president. jillian: a rally in phoenix tonight, thanks for joining us. it is 39 after the hour, former illinois governor rod blagojevich thanking supporters and the president after his sentence is commuted. >> i appreciate them and love them. rob: next life report from outside his chicago home. stay tuned. ♪
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jillian: rod blagojevich is opening up at home with his newfound freedom, arriving at his house overnight after donald trump granted him clemency. >> i want to kiss my wife and daughter. serving a little over half of his 14 year sentence. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are outside the raven would manner home of former governor rod blagojevich and his wife patty and two daughters and this is the first night he has spent in that house in 2890 days. he is excited.
2:44 am
we saw him walk into a crowd of people in support of him being back here. a poster thanking the president for commuting the sentence, balloon and flowers and the former president, former governor said he would speak to the media later today. this was around midnight, he arrived in chicago from denver international. he did not have a lot of say and was rushed through the terminal to a waiting car to take him home thanks to an appeal by his wife patty plug leverage who pleaded with the president to commute her husband's sentence and now this family is together once again. here is what he had to say. >> i express are most profound gratitude to donald trump for
2:45 am
doing what he did. i was a democratic governor. my fellow democrats don't treat him very good. jillian: rod blagojevich served eight years of a 13 year sentence for a seat that was vacated by barack obama when he became president of the united states, the former governor telling us he will be outside his home at 11:00 central time. back to you in the studio. rob: thank you so much. jillian: an update to the story, nascar driver ryan newman is awake and talking after his terrifying wreck at the daytona 500. he crashed into another car during the final lap. he is hospitalized in serious condition but his injuries are not life-threatening. ryan and his family have expressed their appreciation for the concern and heartfelt messages from across the country.
2:46 am
kim jong un massive riot breaking out at ohio university, second amendment advocate caitlin bennett, watch this. >> didn't expect this reaction? >> you are an extreme minority here. rob: bennett, known as gun girl, joined us earlier on "fox and friends first" with a message to the president. >> please consider what is going on 2 trump supporters on campuses across the united states. this is not an illiberal place, this is the middle of nowhere in ohio. it is spreading. rob: bennett going viral in 2018 for posting these pictures of herself with an ar 10 rifle at kent state university. jillian: major league baseball didn't have enough headaches with assigned healing scandal, a
2:47 am
chef wasn't invited to a reunion. it was payback for this tweet and his support for donald trump. joining us live next. rob: let's check in with steve doocy with what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> talking to the folks, must be exhausted leaving the building. it was excellent, thank you. you were just talking about this, the crash that shook the nation, ryan newman, today is awake and speaking with doctors and family after his car flew through the air in the final lap of the daytona 500. the driver corey le joy joins us to tell us what happened. molly hemingway on a democrat secretly meeting with the iranian regime. what is up with that? lawrence jones on the infighting
2:48 am
and idaho governor on a push for republicans in oregon to merge with his state. they would merge? that would be interesting. a busy 3 hours kicks off 12 minutes from right now on the channel you trust for your morning news. we will come back in a couple minutes with the news of the day. put down the remote. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪
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rob: cracking down on fashion fakes, border patrol targeting counterfeit goods coming in from china. >> super bowl rings confiscated in florida, contraband worth $5 billion last year, rick scott
2:52 am
called for increased inspections with the growing threat of of coronavirus. tom brady knows how to keep people in suspense, he was posting a picture of working out with his wife captioned no days off and writing go ahead, bet against me. the real breeze cut to the chase, expected to retire from the new orleans saints posting i look forward to the grind and journey over the war at the end, will be worth it? to make another run. jillian: the giant celebrate their reunion, one former player is invited. and it is controversial. it is all because he supports donald trump. joining me with his side of the stories former san francisco giants player aubrey huff. how did this happen? >> i was working on a random monday morning and the ceo of
2:53 am
the giants said it was a unanimous decision that you were uninvited to the championship reunion, i was like really? for what? a lot has to do with your twitter. my twitter? what about my twitter? it goes kind of deep. was it about my political leanings possibly and he is like that is some of it but he was very vague. jillian: let's look at one of these controversial tweets people view as controversial, quote, getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event bernie sanders beats donald trump in 2020 which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must. by the way most head shots were there's. do you see how that could be taken as a threat to some people
2:54 am
as crossing the line? >> i don't see it as a threat. i've two young boys, trying to turn little boys into women. i take pride in doing manly things with my boys, teaching them how to safely operate a gun and in no way, shape or form did i ever say we will assassinate bernie sanders. it was simply a quip about socialism. you see what socialism does to countries around the world and if it comes to play, you need to safely operate a gun. jillian: aubrey huff made multiple comments on social media that are unacceptable and run counter to the values of our organization. we appreciate the contributions aubrey made to the championship season, we stand by our decision. what do you make a statement, what they have to say, you not being included in this reunion?
2:55 am
>> the big thing about not being invited is these guys, kept it really in 2010, the rally song in san francisco, a fan got behind me, the team loved it, the media loved it, and my twitter account is basically just a spinoff of how i was in the locker room in 2010-12 with the giants. i find it hypocritical that now baseball, they bring themselves in different ways and i go out there and have can -- fun with half of my twitter his jokes. dripping and satire. >> we are running out of time. in the last few months a lot of tweets, some of them i can understand how people would be offended and some people, women, talking about the tweet that was deleted about iranian women, that is online if anyone wants to google it. do you think you crossed a line
2:56 am
at all? >> i don't think so. that is my first amendment right. i love talking about things like this. i have a podcast now and we talk about these same things, relationships to women to sports to politics, very open. i have always been a guy that is not afraid to lay it out there and i love talking to people and seeing how far i can go in this world of political correctness. it drives me nuts. i'm here to make fun of that. jillian: we are out of time, thanks for joining us. luable! luable! ...i...i don't know... when did we introduce siracha? not soon enough. these are our sales... by product, by region... ...set against evolving demographics. you can actually see taste- trends. since when can we do that? since we started working with bdends. .
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jillian: i ate up all our time with that interview so no the good, the bad, and the ugly. sorry. rob: big debate tonight in las vegas. "fox & friends" starts right now. jillian: bye. ♪ you got to shake, shake, shake ♪ steve: it's wednesday but feels like a tuesday because a lot of people had monday off so really it is wednesday. ainsley: it's a shorter week. pete: best feeling in the world. ainsley: folks are getting snow. talk to j.d., janice our meteorologist and find out where you are going to get snow. south carolina is going to get some snow. steve: i think you are just talking about your hometown because it's 50 degrees outside here. pete: i thought the groundhog said we weren't going to get any more snow. ainsley: he does know. b


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