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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 19, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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>> people say if you get into jillian: i ate up all our the restaurant business working time with that interview so no the good, the bad, and 24/7 it is the hardest job, most the ugly. restaurants fail, you have sorry. turned 78% of family restaurants around. rob: big debate tonight in las vegas. >> it is the hardest job ever "fox & friends" starts right now. jillian: bye. and we go to a bar, get home at 4:00 in the morning and go back to what i do it all over again 7 days a week. ♪ you got to shake, shake, you spend all your money and call me. if you have a successful food shake ♪ steve: it's wednesday but feels like a tuesday because a lot of people had monday item and if you have a failing off so really it is restaurants you call me. >> in people's heads they go to wednesday. ainsley: it's a shorter week. pete: best feeling in the world. ainsley: folks are getting snow. a restaurant it seems like a lot of fun. talk to j.d., janice our would it be great to own a car. it turns out it is really hard. meteorologist and find out where you are going to get snow. south carolina is going to get some snow. steve: i think you are just >> wise, the biggest failure is talking about your hometown because it's 50 degrees italian because mom says you make a great gravure a sauce and outside here. pete: i thought the groundhog said we weren't going to get any more snow. ainsley: he does know. we invite our friends over and
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it's been such a weird give them food and drink and winter here. then we have no money. have we even had a snowfall >> you are feeding them for free. what is the number one problem here, a little dusting. you found that failing restaurants have? steve: that's okay. that's enough. >> families, money, food. thank you very much for joining us. the big show tonight is in las vegas and that's where we are going right now. president trump landed in it is is like the military, you las vegas overnight for a have to direct people. campaign blitz as democrats prepare for a showdown in there is nothing -- you do in sin city. the military. >> people call you to fix their situation. in the back of their head they ainsley: six 2020 contenders will take the debate stage tonight including michael bloomberg who made at the are thinking we will get free advertising that will be great last minute. for our business and you come pete: griff jenkins has a like a drill sergeant and start yelling at them. ryu view. >> i walk in the door and tell good morning. griff: good morning, pete, ainsley and steve. the sign ma may be up but there you everything sucks, why don't you clean the floors? >> fear is part of it. is no roll out for him. take a look at elizabeth warren's most recent tweet. she said it's a shame shah then you ignore everything i have done wrong financially and mike bloomberg can buy his food wise and at the end they way into a debate. love me. >> we love the show. but at least now primary voters curious about how each candidate will take on
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restaurant impossible on the food network, thank you for donald trump can get a live joining us. >> congratulations. >> we are back in a couple demonstration of you who we minutes. each take on an eg ego maniac that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. billionaire. candidates were asked whether they would consider taking bloomberg money at with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. some point. watch. >> if mr. bloomberg wins, don't use if you're allergic to otezla. and i certainly hope he does it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. not, i will support the otezla is associated... democratic nominee. as of now, we have not ...with an increased risk of depression. taken -- we don't have a tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... super pac. >> sure, i'm not going to ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. reject that help because it came from a very wealthy some people taking otezla reported weight loss. person. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. >> to be clear, mike upper respiratory tract infection bloomberg's name is not on the ballot here. and headache may occur. let me show you now in the tell your doctor about your medicines, national, most recent national poll how he is and if you're pregnant or planning to be. doing. the nbc, "wall street journal" sanders opening up otezla. a double digital lead on top show more of you. at 27%. biden at 15%. bloomberg tied for third with warren at third at 14%. buttigieg at 13%. klobuchar at 7%.
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crowd. pete: yeah. steve: he is energetic and he has got his hands. he is jest particular could you late. shouting. gets the crowd going. mike bloomberg reads from a find your breaking point, then break it. teleprompter and wonkish. he is not a dynamic debater, whatever happens on the stage tonight is going to have a lot of people going every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients. wait, that's the guy? ainsley: people are wondering if the dnc changed these rules they are so, you can emerge your best, with emergen-c. establishment. not bernie. not fair. they want to hear from him. if is he a frontrunner and doing well then he deserves to be on that stage. pete: i think you have got 100% online car buying. carvana's had a lot of firsts. an authentic socialist who car vending machines. and now, putting you in control has built a real movement of your financing. with 15 bucks here and 25 at carvana, get personalized terms, bucks here across america. browse for cars that fit your budget, versus the best candidacy then customize your down payment and monthly payment. money can buy michael and these aren't made-up numbers. it's what you'll really pay, right down to the penny. bloomberg. republican democrat republican and now a whether you're shopping or just looking. democrat again. who you will see going after it only takes a few seconds, bloomberg the most is and it won't affect your credit score. finally! a totally different way to finance your ride. probably elizabeth warren and joe biden. they are baiting in the
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national polls and in only from carvana. statewide polls, the the new way to buy a car. interesting part will be i watched a few of bloomberg's mayoral debate performances. walkabout wednesdays are back! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, it's not impressive and not fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - dynamic and certainly not that kind of stage. all for just $10.99. what kind of first hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. performance he puts on will say a lot about how he goes outback steakhouse. aussie rules. out of his unscripted. ainsley: they say is he milk toast. boring, not as charismatic. is he funding his entire campaign. that's why they changed the rules in this ninth debate. he won't be reaching that fundraising threshold. steve: the president in route to california did some back and forth with mr. bloomberg. at one point he went on twitter and you know the president, he has nicknames >> we'll have a push-up contest for people. he said the dnc essentially after the show. taking away from bernie >> crunches. again mini mike, good luck >> we talked about protein bars, what are they called? and remember no standing on >> big crunch. boxes, which the president >> have a good one. has reminded mr. bloomberg of before. >> ed: good morning, fox news nonetheless, gets down to the core what are the alert. democrats and the official rob blagojevich is a free man democratic party doing to this morning.
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the former illinois democratic bernie? here is the president. governor one of nearly a dozen >> it just seems unfair what's happening to bernie to have his sentence pardoned sanders to be honest with or commuted. you. i happen four back home in illinois and years ago. and always be careful what thanking president trump for cutting his sentence short. you wish for. and i'm not wishing for anything. whoever it is, i will be very happy. but, it seems that bernie >> i'm julie banderas. sanders and that whole big the now white-haired democrat section of the democratic returning to his home in party or as i call it the democrat party, which is chicago overnight. he was convicted in 2011 as you really the correct name. all remember on more than a it seems they are being dozen counts including taken advantage of like they were four years ago to me. attempting to sell president pete: pointing out what a lot of people thinking not elect obama's vacant u.s. just the left but senate seat. now blagojevich republicans watching their process and saying all the energy seems to be with bernie but he can't seem to win. who is in charge? ainsley: we heard the president saying it's not fair to bernie and michael bloomberg was on twitter why do you want to run against bernie so badly. the president tweets back mini mike, no. i would rather against you. bloomberg tweets back can't believe a word you say and now you want us to believe
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you? see you in november. steve: question is which michael is going to show up tonight. is the guy the mayor, kind of a nonpartisan mayor of new york city who was for stop and frisk before he was against stop and frisk. he was against the teacher's union. he railed against teen pregnancy or will it be the guy who has now apologized for stop and frisk and you know the whole democratic party has been beaten up on billionaires oh, yeah. he's a billionaire. how is that going to work? pete: a big billionaire. rush limbaugh has a few thoughts on this and we want to hear from him. here it is. >> they think trump is a walking disaster that he got away with a lot of things that normal politicians would have been destroyed by. so here comes bloomberg, who has said all of these things in the past documented on videotape. that'that flies in the face of what democrats believe.
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they think in the trum ear wrath trump. they are so discombobulated by trump and inability to get rid of him they are resorting to accepting anybody or anybody in their race who they think might be able to beat him. pete: there is talk of debate prep. different members of bloomberg's team playing different roles of different candidates. you know this has been a scripted poll tested candidacy from the beginning. everything from should he stand on a box or not to how should he engage in w. these other candidates? who should he hit? not hit? should he apologize? not apologize? what previous policy position does he defend or cave on? steve: they have figured all that out. they have an answer tonight for everything. the big question is will most people buy it? we talked about it for years on this couch. it comes down to when you are watching a tv debate with presidential candidates, you want to vote for the person you feel so comfort being with you would want to go out and have a
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beer with. will you feel like you will want to go out and have a beer with michael bloomberg at the conclusion of tonight's festivities over on another channel or not? ainsley: if you don't want to watch it, we will watch it for you and show you the highlights tomorrow. the president is -- he is putting a huge ad in what's the newspaper it's the las vegas review paper state of nevada's largest newspaper. slam big government socialism and says that these democrats will kill november jobs. he talked about how he has created jobs, dropped unemployment and economy best in 50 years. full page ad. if you live in the state you will be able to see it and of course the debate is in the state tonight. if bernie sanders or michael bloomberg inoldest. tom steyer. the first new york mayor, of course, would be bloomberg as president. steve: let's talk a little bit about this.
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pete buttigieg who has been on a town hall or two here on the fox news channel went over to cnn and at one point he answered a question from a woman about his faith. and he talked about how god did not belong to any kind of a political party. and then the moderator, erin burnett is about to ask him a question that elicited this response. listen carefully to the question and the answer. >> do you think it is impossible to be a christian and support president trump? >> well, i'm not going to tell other christians how to be christians, but i will say i cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything that i find in scripture. ainsley: what do you all think about that? first of all, her question, yeah there are a lot of christians that do support president trump there are a lot of pro-lifers that support president trump. there are a lot of people that believe that that is
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scripture. pete: the question is beyond loaded. do you find it impossible, is it impossible to be a christian. ainsley: there are christians on both sides, christians who are democrats and republicans. pete: of course there are you could have asked the question. where do you find the overlap or compatibility between christianity and president trump or yourself. there is a way to ask the question. then there is the way cnn would do it isn't it impossible that all these tens of christians in america evangelizes who overwhelmingly support the president they are all democrats, right? steve: that's a dog whistle, if you are a christian, you cannot support donald trump? pete: that's a question in the form of a statement in the form of a question. ainsley: then he said i cannot find any compatibility between the way the president conducts himself and anything i find in scripture. anything? scripture can be -- you read that as a guide. as a christian, i open my bible, i read what it says. i try my hardest to do what it tells me to do. but there are a lot of christians that are
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pro-lifers that would say since he is -- he is pro-choice they might say look, if you read the bible, don't murder. that life is formed at conception, that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in the womb. there are pro-lifers that would say that to him. i don't think it's fair to say you are not a christian if you are supporting this president. pete: thank goodness as individuals we give grace and redeposition from scripture. as a result then you need to mandate the government to do all these sorts of things about how we redistribute your wealth. jesus didn't talk about that. they tend to -- they try to take that mantel and say that thankfully we live in a country with a free market system which has lifted more people out of poverty. not just here but around the world. and the result of that is should be celebrated. not deconstructed. steve: cnn did have that person at the town hall who had the question. he did answer the question that way. we would like to know what you thought about the exchange.
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email us we are also, of course, on facebook. all right. ainsley: we wish them all the best. we will be praying for every single candidate. pete: nancy for sure. jillian over to you. good morning. jillian: former illinois governor rob blagojevich is waking up at home in chicago for the first time in 8 years. is he thanking president trump for commuting his corruption sentence. >> i speak for patty, for my daughters amy and annie for me when i express a most profound and everlasting gratitude for pump for what he did. he didn't have to do this. a republican president. i was a democratic governor. and my fellow democrats don't treat him very good. jillian: blagojevich sentenced 14 years for trying to sell barack obama's senate seat when he was elected president. president trump granted clemens to 10 other people including former 49ers owner edward debartolo jr.: and now to this, a new case of
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coronavirus confirmed california overnight. the patient is being treated in isolation in county. another person under investigation. they were both evacuated from a quarantined cruise ship from japan. group in china allowed to go home after two week quarantine. the coronavirus has killed 200 people worldwide and sickened 75,000 including 29 americans. bill barr has no plans to resign. he says the president's tweets make it impossible to do his job. the president acknowledging that claim. >> do i make his job harder. i do agree with that i think that's true. he is a very straight shooter. social media for me has been very important, because it gives me a voice because i don't get that voice in the press. jillian: barr reportedly wants the president to stop weighing in on doj investigations.
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actress d dubois has died. >> the word is out you and i have something going on. can you imagine? getting all these strange phone calls. >> >> condolences. woods, the evans family neighbor in good times. she also had a big part in the jeffersons. ♪ we're moving on up ♪ to the east side ♪ moving on up ♪ to a deluxe apartment in the sky. jillian: the show's famous theme moving on up. she died in her sleep at her home in california. she was 74. that is a theme that everyone knows. steve: beautiful voice. ainsley: i loved that show. i didn't know that was her name. she is french, i guess. ddubois. ainsley: we grew up with her. we are thinking about her family this morning. steve: we are indeed.
3:16 am
meantime the mother of a british teenager killed in a crash involving an american diplomat's wife is now asking president trump for help. >> you have no idea how much your heart can break until you lose a child. steve: bryan llenas as you see right there has that exclusive interview. he is going to join us live next. jillian: rumors swirling will hillary clinton be michael bloomberg's vice president? her final answer coming up. pete: final final? ♪ when you knock me down ♪ i will not stay on the ground ♪ never say never. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me. >> tech: hi, i'm adrian. >> man: thanks for coming. ...with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ainsley: the mother of harry dunn a british teenager who died in a crash involving an american diplomat's wife says she now feels abandoned by the u.s. and u.k. governments in getting justice for her son. fox news correspondent bryan llenas sat down with harry's mother charlotte charles for an exclusive interview just before the six month anniversary of her son's death. brian joins us now. >> in her first interview with fox news charlotte charles says she will not stop until the american woman responsible for her son's death goes back to the u.k. to face justice. and she hopes president trump will make it happen. >> he was a free-spirited lad larger than life. >> harry dunn was killed in britain when his motorcycle collided into an suv driven on the wrong side of the road by ann is he coal his the wife of an american diplomat. before she could be charged for harry's death. she fled the united kingdom
3:22 am
and declared diplomatic immunity. >> that doesn't matter to me what her job role was or is or who she was married to or who she is employed by. she unfortunately took the life of our son. >> charlotte is pleading with president trump to extradite secolus back to the u.k. >> what is your message for president trump if you can speak to him directly right now. >> you have no idea how much your heart can break until you lose a child. knee needs to go back to the u.k. president trump is the one that can make that decision. >> this isn't the first time she has asked the president for help. in october, she met with trump in the oval office. >> he took my hand and i grasped his hand so that he couldn't let go too quickly and i asked him to please, please, you know, think
3:23 am
about our situation. >> to her surprise, secolus was also at the white house meeting waiting in the room next door. >> the woman responsible for your son's death? >> yeah. and it was just an immediate no. >> i offered to bring the person in question in and they weren't ready for it. >> the u.s. government has denied the u.k.'s official request to extradite secolus to the u.k. >> how did you feel about your government and the u.s. government? >> let down. tremendously let down. disappointed. like we have been cast aside. like our boy's life didn't matter and it still does matter. >> charlotte says prime minister boris johnson has not spoken to the family. >> they say that they are working to help us, that we have not seen any proof of that yet. it's just words. >> if ann secolus is
3:24 am
watching this right now, what is your message directly? >> come back to the u.k. face the justice system. get it over and done with show her children right from wrong. move on with her life and allow us to move on with ours. but but with ann secolus not not facing the justice system, it's making things a hundred times harder than it should be. ainsley: it's touching. we can all feel her pain. what does ms. secolus say. >> we reached out to ann. asked for an interview. they did not want this tragic ad would do anything she could to bring harry back. she continues to grieve for harry and his family recontinue to work with the family. she took part in an immediate interview with police.
3:25 am
she admitted to driving on the wrong side of the road. then she took the advice of her government and took diplomatic immunity and left. harry's mother would say she doesn't deserve diplomatic immunity. there is reports out there. we don't know what ann sacoolas does or what her husband does. they don't believe they have diplomatic immunity. ainsley: thank you so much. appreciate it? >> of course. ainsley: robb blagojevich back in chicago this morning by having his sentence commuted by president trump. we are outside the former governor's home next. plus, michael bloomberg facing growing backlash over his comments about farmers. >> i could teach anybody to be a farmer. it's a process see. you dig a hole and pu put a seed in dirt on top and add water up comes corn. ainsley: appalled by michael bloomberg and is he going to join us next ♪ ring on my fingers ♪ i got my game on ♪ yeah, i got my game
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(howling wind) (howling wind) steve: we have a fox news alert. former illinois governor robb blagojevich is back home in chicago after president trump commuted his 14-year corruption sentence. [shouting] >> what's the plan tonight. >> i want to kiss my wife and my daughter. steve: there you go. michelle from our affiliate
3:30 am
in chicago is live outside blago's home. michelle he has a message for president trump, doesn't he? >> they absolutely do. supporters were here, in fact, as robb blagojevich arrived home late last night. they were just cheering for him, excited. they seemed to see him home with his daughters and his wife once again. there is this banner that they dropped off thanking the president for commuting robb blagojevich's sentence. also dropping off some balloons and some flowers. and it was just a sea of people out here late last night. let's go to some video from the airport when he arrived here in chicago from denver that was around midnight local time. robb blagojevich all smiles. he didn't have a whole lot to say as he was rushed through the terminal to a waiting car that then took him straight home. he arrived home then about 25 minutes later from the airport. and this is all thanks to an appeal from his wife, patty blagojevich. she appealed his case on fox
3:31 am
news. and pleaded with the president to commute her husband's sentence. and now this family is together once again. here's what he had to say. >> i speak for patty, for my daughters amy and annie for me when i express a most profound and everlasting gratitude for president trump for doing what he did. he didn't have to do this. he is a republican president. i was a democratic governor. and my fellow democrats don't treat him very good. >> now robb blagojevich served nearly 8 years of a 14-year sentence for trying to, among other things, sell barack obama's seat when he had become president of the united states. governor, former governor is expected to be speaking to the media here around 11:00 local time. asked what he wants to eat now that he is home again banana split with cherries
3:32 am
on top but no nuts because his daughter is allergic to them. steve: pete, over to you. pete: thank you, steve. 2020 hopeful mike bloomberg facing rising backlash after these comments resurfaced about america's farmers. >> i can teach anybody, even people in this room no, offense intended, to be a farmer. it's a process. you dig a hole put a seed in, dirt on top and water and up comes corn. building a economy is fundamentally different. built around replacing people with technology. tough have a different skill set. you have to have a lot more gray matter. pete: have to have a lot more gray matter. here to react is ohio truck driver and lifelong democrat who voted for president trump geno defabio. geno, thank you very much for being here this morning. we appreciate it? >> thanks for having me, pete. i appreciate it. pete: when you hear a billionaire who is running
3:33 am
to be the nominee for the democrats, dismiss farmers as you don't really need any gray matter for that, your reaction? >> my reaction is it's the same thing he said that about the farmers planting a seed. i would like to see him go on a farm and work a farm for one thing. i would like to see him climb in a combine and plow a field. he said the same thing about factory workers. i am in youngstown, ohio, steel valley. we have industry and farms. ohio is a big state. this guy is alienating everybody. like the democrats, that's their game. they completely have written off the middle class, the working man from the farmers to the coal minors to the factory workers. and it's ridiculous. don't think it's not making an impression on people, pete. pete: that's the question. geno a guy like you who was a democrat. works hard for a living, crossed over for president trump. somewhat strategy of a michael bloomberg to try to reach folks in ohio and wisconsin who he would need to win the white house if he is just talking down to them? >> you know, he talks
3:34 am
down -- it's the same thing. i hate to go back. obama said the same thing. he told entrepreneurs, guys like the guy who owns our company who built it from nothing. he told them you didn't build that hillary clinton called us deplorables. now bloomberg is calling us stupid. they are not winning hearts and minds. i will tell you that. pete: you are in touch -- you used to be a democrat. you know democrats. what are the choices between this ego maniac billionaire who wants to talk down to people or a socialist, a democratic socialist who says i want to control your entire economy? >> well, exactly. i will tell you what, the choice is not going to be between those two as far as i'm concerned. one guy our grandfather 70 years ago went to europe to fight a war to stop that to end socialism so it didn't spread to this country. now you think people are going to vote for it? i don't think their base is as big as they make it out to be. i mean, you look at president trump's rallies. you have been to them. i have been to them, of course. inside the rallies, outside the rallies, when they check
3:35 am
the registration 20% of those people are democrats. in trumbull county, absolutely, in mahoning and trumbull county, party opposites they have a spot on the floor. when a democrat comes in and says how do i change my affiliation i want to be a republican. they mark it on the floor, pete. it's great. best thing that's happened to the republican party in forever. pete: republican party best recruiting tool. geno did i fabio thank you very much for your hard work and time this morning. >> i appreciate it. thank you, thanks for having me. pete: you got it a fox news alert. ryan newman awake and talking with his doctors this morning after his terrifying crash at daytona. cory la ohio bumped into newman causing that wreck. he joins us coming up next. it's either testing an array of advanced safety systems. or it isn't. it's either the peace of mind of a standard unlimited mileage warranty.
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that's a reason to switch to jackson hewitt. our tax returns come with a free lifetime accuracy guarantee. life may change. your lifetime accuracy guarantee won't. tax prep guaranteed at jackson hewitt. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. nascar driver ryan newman is awake and he's talking after that terrifying wreck at the
3:40 am
daytona 500. pete: newman's car hit a wall flipped and crashed into another car during the final lap on monday. he's hospitalized in serious condition but his injuries, thankfully, not life-threatening. steve: after the crash, cup series driver core la joy coreye was hit. he joins us this morning. >> good morning, guys. steve: we saw it from the tv point of view. you were a couple of cars back. explain what happened through your windshield. what you saw. >> it's hard to really describe it because it's all kind of snapshots. steve: yeah. when i'm going back and running through my head. i saw ryan get -- i saw a light colored car get hooked, which is common. in a speedway race because you are going for the daytona 500 win so you are trying to do everything you can to block and get your car across the finish line first. so i saw one car get hooked.
3:41 am
and after that, you are going 205 or so miles per hour. all you see is a wall of smoke. and you are obviously not wanting to have any damage. you are wanting to cross the finish line as fast as possible. next thing i know the smoke cleared for a split second and i had a car sitting on my lap more or less. i didn't know where i hit him. i didn't know who i hit. i came to a halt and got out because my car was on fire. and the wind was knocked out of me. and i was trying to collect my thoughts and just figure out what happened. we finished what would be -- we finished eighth which is great day for out go fast team. i was trying to collect my thoughts. i didn't know the extent of the crash or where i hit ryan until -- i didn't even know who i hit until i got out of infield care center and they told me they took ryan right to the hospital. which obviously scared me because ryan has been a good
3:42 am
friend to the garage and he has been around for almost two decades now. and i think everybody in the nascar community would agree that ryan is probably the toughest guy in the garage. so there is no question he is going to make a full recovery and be back soon. ainsley: that's great. he is 42 years old. tell us more about him. i know you are a close nit clost family. tell us what you are hearing from the family. >> i haven't heard directly from the family. i hear from social media and some inside sources. not too much-i i'm trying to give those guys their privacy. but the fact that ryan is talking to doctors and his family, i think it's a miracle. and i think it just goes to show the power of prayer from the nascar community and all the fans because that is the most vulnerable spot to be hit on a race car. it was a compromised position for him to be. in everyone knows ryan is one of the bigger guys in the cup series. it was just a recipe for
3:43 am
disaster that was diverted just from the safety advances that nascar has made over the past 10 or 12 years or so. so, that just goes to show, man, nascar has invested a lot of money in keeping the cars and the drivers safe as well as trying to put a good product on the racetrack. pete: cory, a remind of what a dangerous sport it is. when you are on that last lap of the daytona 500. are you bracing for something knowing that people are going to make a move and what's going through your mind? are you hoping it will finish clean but wondering if something like this is going to happen? was this a surprise? >> it's not a surprise. i mean, i think everybody, as soon as you see a white flag fly at a super speedway race. everybody is reaching up and pulling the belts tight. you know the next flag whether it's the caution or checkered is where you are going to end up. you really commit to going more or less hell or high
3:44 am
water across the finish line with a the steering wheel especially the daytona 500 that's the granddaddy of them all. as we have seen in several times years past coming in to the checkered flag are the most dangerous because you really -- it's hard to slow down. it really is. you are going so fast. you are referrally committed to try to get a good finish. unfortunately that was a worse case scenario for ryan and myself because i took a big lick, too. i'm really sore but not as sore and i was very lucky to come out of there unscathed. steve: cory, we are looking at the still pictures and we see the smoke. something happened ryan's car got hooked you said and there was the smoke. and there was a car. and it was flipping on you. when you saw that car coming at you, and you were going 200 miles per hour and they were going 200 miles per hour, what did you think was
3:45 am
going to happen? >> honestly i didn't see it. i was trying -- i had no clue where he was at. by that point in the race your windshield is pitted up from rocks and it has dry on it already looking through a foggy surface to begin with pair that with smoke and just the concentration of trying to get to the finish line and you are almost trying to look through whatever obstacle is in front of you. next thing i know he was sight on my lap. i just really wanted to touch on there was some people giving ryan blainy a hard time. there is no difference. steve: who is ryan blainy? >> ryan blainy was the yellow car behind ryan newman that gave him the shot ryan was going to win the race. ryan, i know, him and i are really good buddies and certainly meant no ill will. is he obviously tore up about it just the fact that ryan is a great friend of the garage, ryan newman that is we are, like you said, we
3:46 am
are a small community. we travel together for 38 weekends out of the year. and we certainly don't want to see anybody get hurt. it was no fault to ryan. both ryans were going for the win in the biggest race of the year. ainsley: cory, i know you are asked this all the time going almost 200 miles per hour, it's a very dangerous sport. why do you do it. >> i get that question asked a lot. i love it, it's a great job. it's a great platform to influence people charity stuff i get to work with. and you get to be a pretty cool, you know, i guess i could change that and say it really puts in perspective sometimes where you almost feel invincible when you put that that helmet on and strapped in a race car. we have all been in countless crashes and walked out unscathe. it puts one moment like that to put in perspective how dangerous our jobs are. the fans sometimes take that
3:47 am
for granted, too. when we strap in each and every week, we put our lives on the line. because we love it. because it's our dream to do. and we just appreciate the fans coming out to support us and all the support they have been showing us the last couple days. steve: that's right. ainsley: you entertain america. thanks for what you do for charity. he and hesitate wife gave up a month salary back in the fall in august give all of that month's salary to children that don't have shoes around the world. samaritan's feet. thank you so much. steve: very cool. pete: corey lajoie, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you very much. ainsley: so snug in those cars. steve: there is no moving. ainsley: they didn't know the crash had happened or the severity of it until they got out of the cars. jillian has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you and to you at home as well. the victim of a baby kidnapping plot is speaking out. the mother says julia parker posed as a photographer to take free photos of her newborn baby in washington
3:48 am
state. >> this is my house. she violated that she violated my safety, tried to kidnap my daughter. >> alicia miller says parker drugged her with a tainted cupcake in order to steal her baby. parker abandoned her kidnapping scheme when miller became sick and called 911. >> i'm super spacey. like it's hard to talk. and like my hands and my feet and my arms are super numb. jillian: parker has pleaded not guilty. a new law is advising police not to arrest illegal immigrants for driving without a license. cambridge, massachusetts unanimously passing the bill which encourages officers to issue a summons to court instead of arresting drivers. one city counselor says illegal immigrants need protection. >> there is no other reason why the police should arrest this person. we need to protect our community members from a federal government that's out of control.
3:49 am
jillian: both cambridge and nearby boston are sanctuary cities. hillary clinton shut down rumors she could be michael bloomberg's running mate. the former secretary of state was asked about the possibility at an event in puerto rico. clinton responding in part saying, quote: oh, no. i'm just waiting and watching as this plays out. i will support whoever the nominee is. last week the drudge report claimed bloomberg was considering clinton as his running mate, citing sources from the team. ainsley: so hillary is not saying no. she says i'm watching and waiting. steve: if asked, she would do it. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: meanwhile, this number is shocking. nearly 400,000 illegal migrants caught entering our country claim they were members of a family and the family was together. and you know what? they were all released. our next guest lives and works at the border and calls it one giant scheme. hear from him next.
3:50 am
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steve: as president trump cracks down on the crisis at our border, a new report says border patrol released over 375,000 illegal migrants who claim to be traveling in family units into to the united states.
3:54 am
here with reaction is former dhs agent and founder of operation underground railroad tim fowler joins us live. tim, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you say this is a gigantic scheme. >> hugesteve: by who. >> criminal organizations on the united states. we have a horrible policy in place. ou automatically get access into the states and you get a notice to appear. steve: right. >> so the criminal organizations who immigrants, illegal immigrants are hiring they go to these guys and say look, i will give you $5,000. help me. in here is a child. they are kidnapping children in central america. steve: to use them as props. >> use them as pawns to get them in, they are props, exactly to get them in. 76,000 unaccompanied minors are in the care of the united states government. those are the ones that the border patrol agents caught. imagine the ones they didn't catch that are in our country being hurt and trafficked. we are the number one consumers of child sex consumption in the world, right? so, a lot of these kids are now in our child sex
3:55 am
markets. it's horrific fraud. steve: do you know what? the president has talked about this, tim, and he said look. they are not always family units. they might say yep, we are a family unit, but our agents, like you, know that that is just a lie to get in because then we are never going to see them again. >> with so many people coming across, our border agents don't have time to vet every single one, thank goodness they vetted who they could and 76,000 kids were thankfully rescued. but the president has put forth amazing policies that are curbing this. by deincentivizing the traffickers. you can't give them this loophole basically what they are doing. the wait in mexico program where, you know, you don't get to come in with a kid anymore. that has to be the policy if we want to protect children. steve: you say this is another one of the reasons why we need the wall as well. >> absolutely. the wall basically pushes traffic in through the ports of entry to law enforcement officers who are trained to look for trafficked children. that's how you save children. the wall saves children. steve: when you tell people this story, you know a lot
3:56 am
of people don't realize. this they go well, you know, laws are the laws, and they are working for everybody. but this is obviously still a loophole. >> i tell people if you focus the solutions on the children in this world who are being hurt, things become very clear what you need to do. steve: no kidding. tim ballard former dhs agent and founder of operation underground railroad. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on this wednesday, some are crying foul over attorney general bill barr's handling of the roger stone case. where was the outrage when apparently president obama's attorney general eric holder got involved in political cases as well? a double standard? let's talk about that next. ♪ i want no trouble ♪ i want no trouble ♪ ready to juvéderm® it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm® voluma™ xc. add fullness to lips with juvéderm® ultra xc.
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the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs... on a ski lift... everywhere. ♪ download audible and start listening today. ♪ ♪ joy ♪ let it move you steve: live from new york city, it is february the 19th. it's a wednesday. brian kilmeade is off. he is on assignment i'm sure some place warm. ainsley: this guy had to fill in. pete: stuck with me. ainsley: we love having you. steve: we just showed that image of the new york city skyline and of course tonight it's going to be the big debate the former mayor of new york city will square off against bernie sanders. really it's a two-person race. in fact, the bloomberg people are trying to present it like that. i was reading one of the papers say the gloves are about to come off not just
4:01 am
on the stage tonight. but apparently the bloomberg people say they have a ton of opposition research on bernie. brian: best money can buy. steve: no kidding. ainsley: 8 candidates on the democratic side still in the race. six of them on the debate stage, steyer and gabbard did not make the cut. but bloomberg made the cut by the skin of his teeth a few days ago. they changed the rules for him. he will be up there and we will get to hear from him the first time since. pete: who knows how many debates we will have with him. ainsley: president is doing a four day trip. steve: president started flying to california. president trump touched down in las vegas overnight during that campaign swing to campaign on all sorts of issues and raise some money. ainsley: he is going to hold three rallies in three days. and he is wasting no time slamming democratic leaders in california. pete: our own kristin fisher joins us with more from the white house on the president's trip. kristin, good morning. >> good morning, guys. this is unusually long domestic trip for president
4:02 am
trump. he will be on or very near the west coast for about four days. and his first stop or one of his first stops is to a state that he has really been at odds with for most of his presidency. i'm talking about california. one of the first stops he made was to a fundraising dinner in beverly hills last night. but, first, he went to a meeting with organizers of the 2028 olympic games what you are seeing there. during that meeting the president was asked a question about the rising number of homeless people in that state. here was his response. >> you have needles, you have things that we don't want to discuss all over the streets flowing into the oceans. and, you have beaches. and it shouldn't happen. and if they can't do it themselves we are going to do it. the federal government is going to take it over and we're going to do it. >> so far no direct response to those comments from the state's governor. the city's mayor. speaker pelosi or chairman schiff. it's as who who of the president's least favorite
4:03 am
politicians. he has been battling with california's democratic leaders on everything from impeachment typically congratulation to environmental regulations. and tonight president trump is going to be taking his message to phoenix, arizona for a big rally there. then tomorrow, it's on to another rally in colorado springs. and then finally on friday, a big rally in vegas, just one day before the state's caucuses, guys? steve: all right, kristin, thank you. i was reading in the "l.a. times" about the president who was in los angeles yesterday and did a fundraiser. also met with the olympic committee for 2028. and wit at one point after he was done with the meeting at the montage beverly hills talking with reporters how los angeles and san francisco are sanctuary cities and the homeless problem has gotten so bad out there. he said it was very dangerous. he said both of the cities, san francisco and los angeles had one thing in common and that was the leadership. and he said he was very
4:04 am
specific, taking aim at the democratic leaders of l.a. he said if l.a. does not clean it up fast, if they can't do it themselves, we're going to do it for them. and he is talking about the federal government. ainsley: it's a big problem out there. because every time we interview someone from california, we will ask them how bad of a problem is it really? it's terrible. it's ruining businesses. people are camping out in front of their businesses. they work really hard. they have to move business locations because they are stepping in all kinds of junk while they're trying to get to the front door of their houses or businesses. pete: perfect preview of left wing lawlessness where you care so much you don't care at all. ultimately citizens who pay the price in that scenario. and it's predictable. and, yet, here we are on the debate stage where a socialist who calls himself a democratic socialist is prohibitive national frontrunner of the democrat party. and advancing precisely those kinds of policies for the entire country. if you want a preview, take a look. steve: i have got news for
4:05 am
you. there is a terrible homelessness problem in new york city. have you noticed the number of people around this midtown area who are homeless? every night? we notice because we come in in the middle of the night and it's freezing. and there they are out on the grate. it's heart breaking. ainsley: our church has something on friday nights and wednesday nights feed the homeless. homeless population can go on every single night and every meal basically they can get a meal at one of these locations. we do it on wednesday at lunch and friday night. pete: faith groups and charitable groups step in the gaps so often in so many places. if the government knew how to let the free market work or enforce the rule of law the way they should in inner cities maybe there wouldn't be as work to be done. steve: let's talk about this before he left for his west coast trip, the president of the united states either pardoned or commuted the sentences of 11 people
4:06 am
yesterday. one of them, we know him as -- there he is robb blagojevich. he was a democrat convicted of 17 charges of corrupt providg political favors in exchange for financial benefits including trying to solicit campaign money in return for, remember president obama's senate seat? how much are you willing to pay for this essentially. he was serving a 14-year prison sentence in colorado. the president, yesterday, on the tarmac, at joint base andrews said that the sentence was ridiculous in length and it did not fit his crime. ainsley: the president is serious about nonviolent offenders with disproportionate sentences. we saw what he did with alice maria johnson. he served blagojevich served 18 of the 14 years. 18 -- eight of the 14 years. he wanted to eat a banana split without nuts because his daughter is allergic.
4:07 am
no nuts because his daughter is religious. pete: can't get hair die in prison. ainsley: age or stress? pete: probably both. also pardoned bernie kerik amongst other people as well. steve: nonetheless, blagojevich came out and those are the people that we might as well put it up for a moment, again. we will show the pardons and the commutations. people who are famous eddie debartolo the guy from the 49ers. bernie kerik. commutations rod blagojevich who had this to say after he was released. listen. >> i speak for patty for my daughters amy and annie and me when i express our most profound and everlasting gratitude to president trump for doing what he did. he didn't have to do this. he is a republican president. i was a democratic governor. and my fellow democrats don't treat him very good.
4:08 am
ainsley: he said he was grateful to the president. steve: he said if you are asking me what my party affiliation is. he went on to say i'm a trumpo-crat. ainsley: he got to go home six years early i'm sure is he grateful. pete: talked to the guy from ohio who drives a truck and supports the president. 25% of the people at the rallies are democrat. almost none of them have been to a political rally before. that's a fact. i have been there. i have seen it. trump owocrats you can mock it whatever you think it's a thing. steve: eddie debartolo sentenced to two years probation and received 1-million-dollar fine in '98 after pleading guilty to filing felony, after he paid $400,000 to former louisiana governor edwin edwards in exchange for a river boat
4:09 am
gambling license. and as it turns out a couple of football greats were at the white house yesterday talking about eddie and what the president did for him. >> i take my hat off to donald trump for what he did. 30 years ago i got the opportunity to play the greatest game ever nfl football. and it was because of eddie debartolo. he has done so much in the community and so much for nfl football and today is a great day for him. >> eddie d debart to low is a great man. i'm here to support him. i'm behind the humanity and he has done a great, great fredged of mine. ainsley: i think that's really sweet. you serve your time. you ask for forgiveness. and now you have a second chance at life.
4:10 am
pete: apparently been involved with charter school and anti-gang violence initiatives done good after getting caught up in that. steve: meanwhile, once again, tonight's big debate out in las vegas. and you got to figure that because michael bloomberg so far has spent $350 million, he has -- he has hired 1700 people who work in offices in 43 states. this is not for bloomberg the news agency. this is for bloomberg for president. tonight he is going to step outside his very expensive comfort zone and try to be a charismatic politician while at the same time his opponents and the moderators are going to ask him about embarrassing things he said. including this regarding farmers who dig holes and plant things. >> the society lasted 3,000 years. and we could teach processes. i could teach anybody, even people in this room so, no
4:11 am
offense intended, to be a farmer. it's a process see. dig a hole, put a seed in, put dirt on top put water and corn will grow. fund fundamentally different. it's built around with replacing people with technology. you have to have a different skill set. you have to have a lot more gray matter. >> so charlie daniels, the musical legend pleaded this out. hey, bloomberg, you know as much about farming as a hog knows about an airplane. how are you going to teach somebody else how to do it. better stay in new york city where corn comes in cans. [laughter] steve: burn. wow. we have heard some of the bloomberg people say that that quote is being taken out of context. so i would imagine that will be how he responds tonight regarding that nobody is going to ask him how do you feel about charlie daniels saying you know -- pete: there was a lot of
4:12 am
context in that clip we just played. i mentioned geno defabio lifelong trucker voted for president trump. >> i would like to see him go on a farm and work a farm one day. i would like to see him climb in a combine and plow a field. he said the same thing about factory workers. this guy is alienating everybody. like democrats, that's their game. they have completely written off the middle class, the working man from the farmers to the coal minors t miners to e factory workers. he told entrepreneurs guys like the guy who owns our company who built it from nothing. he told him you didn't build that hillary clinton called us deplorables. now bloomberg is calling us stupid. steve: keep in mind the dnc made this possible for michael bloomberg to be on the stage tonight by changing the rules and everybody has -- had to live by until he came along and self-financed his campaign. of course, the other candidates are furious with that, particularly bernie sanders who smells like the
4:13 am
dnc is out to derail him like they did last time. pete: yeah. you needed a certain number of donors. bloomberg has one. they said okay. no problem. steve: that's all you need when you are down. ainsley: what does this mean going forward? will they change the rules back for the next election? pete: supposed to change it this time. now they found another way to ---kick bernie out. steve: people dropped out so far because they didn't make the poll number or something like that. it's like hey, wait a minute, why are you doing that for him you? could have done that for me. pete: there you go. sounds fair to me. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. good morning, jillian. jillian: begin with this fox news alert now. nascar driver ryan newman is awake and talking following his terrifying wreck at the daytona 500. newman's car hit a wall, flipped and crashed into another car during the final lap. it landed on driver corey lajoie's car he joined us earlier and described the aftermath. >> it was like the smoke cleared for a split second
4:14 am
and i had a car sitting on my lap more or less. ryan is probably the toughest guy in the garage so there is no question he will make a full recovery and be back soon. jillian: newman is hospitalized in serious condition. his injuries are not life threatening: 2020 bernie sanders request as partial recount in iowa after a recanvas shows him in a virtual tie with pete buttigieg. wants. the recanvas result buttigieg narrowly leading sanders by less than 100 unable to declare a winnernt as the results may not be co rescue border wall. climbed on top but couldn't get back down. first responders used 35-foot ladder to rescue the man near san diego. is he now in border patrol custody. call them from mr. and mrs. incredible. married police officers catch a crook in the middle
4:15 am
of dinner date. show off duty detectives chase and nicole polling out their guns as a masked suspect runs out of a raising cane's in kentucky. they traced him about a block before placing him under arrest. that's probably not the night that they had planned on. pete: not the robbery he planned on. there is nobody in here. ainsley: they were in the right place at the right time. steve: some democrats crying foul and calling for bill barr's resignation as attorney general over the roger stone case. where was the outrage when president obama's attorney general medalle meddled in polil cases we will talk about that coming up next. ♪ ♪ sing a songs ♪ ♪ sing a song ♪ ♪systems in all seven countries.
4:16 am
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♪ >> i do make his job harder. i do agree with that i think that's true. he is a very straight shooter. social media for me has been very important because it gives me a voice because i don't get that voice in the press. steve: okay. there's the president addressing claims that attorney general barr apparently says that the president's tweets are making it impossible to do his job. this as the doj shoots down rumors that barr is planning to resign over those tweets. here to weigh in is former u.s. attorney brett tollman who served as chief counsel to the senate judiciary committee. he joins us now from salt lake. good morning to you, preted. >> barr warns i will walk if
4:21 am
you keep tweeting. show down at justice. do you think this stuff is true? >> >> i don't. i know that the attorney general obviously expressed some frustration. but, that's not the way he communicates. he is not going to be, you know, dealing with ultimatums. he wants to do his job. he wants to have as great of an ability to do the job in a meaningful way. and that's who, look, that's who this attorney general is. steve: but, that's also hot president is. i mean, we saw him out on the tarmac. he said, yep, i'm making his job harder. but it's because the press, all these people right here, are against me. it's my only way to get my voice out. >> yeah. the attorney general has been taking action because he thinks it's the decision that is right based on the law and the facts. the president tweeting why does he make it hard? because the president lives in a political world and has to deal with the political aftermath of many decisions.
4:22 am
but, the attorney general is a strong, level-headed, calm, you know, individual that wants to plod through every day and makes a good as a decision as he can. steve: sure. then there is the hypocrisy that some have cited where there are a bunch of democrats members of the department of justice and whatnot, investigators, who are calling on the attorney general to resign over the roger stone situation. but the hypocrisy is the double standard. when eric holder got involved and asked -- was asked to get involved in politically sensitive cases, where was the outrage then, preted? >brett. >> you noticed there weren't letters signed by thousands of conservative, you know, former u.s. attorneys or deputy attorneys general calling for holder to resign. there is a double standard. and the aggravation really
4:23 am
have you now see congress jumping on that and look at the result. you have a president who is doing his job. he is pardoning people in meaningful analysis. why is he having to do that? because congress and the democrats are too concerned about the attorney general and this president than doing their job and passing legislation that can fix our criminal justice system. steve: ultimately, don't you think this is just phase 2 after the impeachment thing didn't work out so now the narrative is going to be, look, this president guy, he is breaking all the rules. and have you got these well-regarded people of law enforcement community saying he has got to go and we are going to hear that right up to election day. >> yeah, steve. i think you create the very fire you claim to be reporting on by, you know, putting into the media that there is controversy or putting into the media that there is a strain between the attorney general and the president. and you see a lot of that going on. and that's what they are
4:24 am
focused on. let's impeach him now for a tweet that he is going to send out and for the attorney general doing his job. steve: i think that's probably about right. i don't think the president is going to stop tweeting. but that's just the way it works. >> i don't think so. steve: all right. brett tolman joining us esident, he has been slamming the l.a. maher eric garcetti for protecting illegal migrants in his city. our next guest's son murdered by illegal immigrant in california. now she is running for congress and she has a message for the l.a. mayor next. ♪go your own way copd tries to say go this way i say i'll go my own way with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function
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4:28 am
and lower drug prices now. steve: yep, now it's time for news by the numbers. the first number is 140. that's how many times a new york city subway scammer has been arrested. 140 times. charles barry's latest arrest came after police say he stole $32 from a tourist. he has been booked seven times since new york's bail reforms took effect last week he told the new york daily news, quote: it's lit. it's the democrats. the democrats know me and the republicans fear me. next, four. that's how many private citizens spacex wants to send into orbit by 2021 as
4:29 am
part of a new partnership with company. it's unclear how much a ticket will cost or who those four people are going to be. finally 900 bucks. that's how much money a chick-fil-a worker returned to a guest after he found it at georgia restaurant. listen. >> i just try to stick to my christian values. and know what's right and what's wrong. >> the guest says it was her rent money and glad she got it back. pete: donald trump calling out democratic l.a. mayor democrats in his city. >> no matter their immigration status. i want every angelina to know their rights and how to exercise them. remember, you have the right to remain silent. you don't have to open your door to an ice agent that doesn't have a warrant signed by a judge. most importantly, i want you to know you do not need be afraid. your city is on your side. and rest assured here in los
4:30 am
angeles, we are not coordinating with ice. pete: in a tweet, president trump firing back saying the mayor's efforts to shield illegal aliens endangers the lives of the p enforcement who have to go in to the field to apprehend those released. he shouldn't be urging illegals to beat the system. he should be urging them to safely turn themselves in. ainsley: our next guest agrees with the president. her son, there is his picture, ronald desilva murdered by illegal immigrant in california in 2002. his mother agnes begin bonnie legal immigrant now running for congress in california. she joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: are you running because you are tired of these policies in your area. >> absolutely. after my son's murderer was released early in november of last year and i finally got him deported. i felt very strong and very empowered to fight for american, to fight for my country that i love and respect. pete: agnes, it's one thing
4:31 am
for democrats to look the other way. it's another thing for a mayor to stand in front of the camera with their chief of police there saying here's how you avoid police and we're going to help you do just that. how do you overcome that sentiment? >> both ought to be arrested. number one, the chief of police is only agreeing with the mayor because he is afraid to lose his contract and be fired. and garcetti ought to be arrested. he is saying he is protecting the immigrant community. well, the immigrant community has no fears or concerns about trump's policy. what garcetti is refusing to say he is protecting illegal aliens, those that commit crimes i'm not saying every illegal alien commits crime but they commit a significant number of crimes. they take jobs from americans. they steal your identities. and this is not okay.
4:32 am
ainsley: you say they undercut wages. democrats all want citizens to pay for their healthcare. tell us your story, agnes. i know you immigrated here legally from hungary. >> my parents left hungary after the soviet union invaded the country. might parents left everything behind to enjoy freedom. and we are either going to be trump 2020 or socialism. and i would choose trump 2020 a million times over. never socialism. because socialism oppresses you and takes your freedom away and i will not sit back and allow my country to turn into a socialist country. and president trump was so correct when he said america will never be a socialist country. if i can help it, united states will never be a socialist country. my family fled that disaster. i was 2 years old.
4:33 am
and when we imgrated to the united states, i was stateless because the government took our citizenship away. this is the only country i have citizenship of. and i took my oath of citizenship extremely seriously to defend and protect my country. and the mayor and the chief and everybody else who is in power should do the same and including those in congress. that's why i decided to run, to bring some integrity back to the house of congress. pete: if you have seen socialism, you know you don't want what it actually means. agnes gibboney, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate it. we also asked mayor garcetti's office for a statement. no response as of yet. ainsley: it is 7:33 on the east coast. pete buttigieg calling out christians who support president trump. >> i himself and anything that i find in scripture. ainsley: the growing backlash over those
4:34 am
comments? pete: plus bernie sanders supporters backing bloomberg. >> big money shouldn't influence politics. >> could you ever support a guy like bloomberg. >> i would begrudgingly vote for him, yes. pete: lawrence jones talks to those voters who joins us live coming up next. ♪ why can't we be friends ♪ (whistling)
4:35 am
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stay two nights and get a free night for your next stay. one night, two nights, free night. book now at ainsley: president trump landing in las vegas overnight for a west coast campaign blitz as democrats are preparing for a sin city showdown. pete: six 2020 contenders will take the debate stage overnight including michael bloomberg because of a few changes he qualified at the last minute. steve: most people think of las vegas and they think mr. las vegas is wayne newton. well, that's true. but today our mr. las vegas is griff jenkins out on the strip. hey, griff. griff: hey, steve, ainsley and pete. good morning to you. mike bloomberg is not on the
4:39 am
ballot here in nevada's caucus. he is certainly on the debate stage. there is no welcome party from the candidates to his arrival. look at this vicious elizabeth warren tweet. she says it's a shame mike bloomberg can buy his way into the debate. but at least now primary voters curious about how each candidate will take on donald trump can get a live demonstration of you who we each take on an ego maniac billionaire. let me show you who is on that stage. it's going to be bloomberg, buttigieg, sanders, warren, klobuchar and biden. already bloomberg's name came up in a town hall last night when candidates were asked whether or not they would take bloomberg money if they got the nomination. watch. >> if mr. bloomberg wins and i certainly hope he does not. i will support the democratic nominee. as of now, we have not taken -- we don't have a super pac. >> sure. i'm not going to reject that help because it came from a very wealthy person. >> now, nationally, look at the latest nbc, "wall street
4:40 am
journal" pool. poll. you see sanders is rising. followed bye bye den at 15%. bloomberg and warren tied for third at 14%. followed by buttigieg 13%. klobuchar 7%. and as you mentioned ainsley at the top, president trump is here in vegas. he spent the night at his trump hotel in the campaign took out a full-page ad, page 9 a today in the las vegas review journal where in it they say that the democrats will kill nevada jobs. the president holding a rally nearby in arizona tonight and then he will be in vegas for a rally later in the ainsley: i'm sure that wasn't cheap to buy that ad. that's huge. steve: all right. let's bring in lawrence jones. fox news contributor, fox nation hosts a well. he joins us right now from las vegas. lawrence, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. steve: so tonight it's going to be michael bloomberg, former mayor is going to be a piñata because any of the
4:41 am
others want to survive they have got to beat him up. >> yeah. it's going to be a big night. i had the opportunity to go out and talk with voters at a bernie sanders rally as you know yesterday was the last day of early voting for the nevada caucuses. i wanted to ask them did they feel like bloomberg was trying to buy the election? take a look at what they had to say. >> how do you feel about the democratic party and mike bloomberg trying to buy this election? >> it's a sad reality. oubigmoney should not influence politics. >> i'm incensed and outraged and incredibly disappointed with the democratic party. >> how do you feel about bloomberg's comments. another week about him saying stuff about minorities. >> it's despicable and something that you expect from an oligarch like him. >> i think we all know bloomberg wants policies have not been recently -- >> say bernie doesn't win, could you ever support a guy like bloomberg. >> i would begrudgingly vote for him, yes. >> i would have a really hard time doing that.
4:42 am
>> as you can see, guys, a lot of people are troubled with what the party is doing. they changed the rules to benefit one guy. and many people are saying that it's unfair to the other candidates that are already out of the race. steve: and the problem for the democrats then as you know, lawrence, because you have been to those rallies, they love bernie so much. if he is not on the ticket and they feel that the dnc ripped him off, they are just not going to show up to vote for anybody in november. >> yeah. these are the hard core progressives. they don't want incremental change. interesting twist, guys, in an interview yesterday with the vanity fair the campaign manager for bernie sanders said that they believe that fox news is more fair to the bernie sanders campaign than liberal msnbc. pete: i saw that and if you are one of these campaigns spending a lot of time raising small dollar donations so can you reach the threshold to get into the debate and then they erase it there is a reason
4:43 am
for a lot of frustration. one of the camps that did just that was pete buttigieg. he has been on the stage. he will be on the stage tonight. he did a town hall in las vegas as did many other candidates on cnn. he was asked a question by erin burnett. the question reveals as much as the answer. we are going to play it and get your response, lawrence. watch. >> all right. >> do you think it is impossible to be a christian and support president trump? >> well, i'm not going to tell other christians how to be christians. but, i will say i cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything that i find in scripture. pete: do you think it's impossible to be a christian and a trump supporter was her question? >> look, i'm not going to get into theology because we will be here all day. i'm a preacher's kid. i'm not going to go back and forth on it. the question set up says a lot about cnn. steve: exactly. >> i think pete needs to worry about the conservatives that are now going to be in that primary. because there are a lot of
4:44 am
black voters. a lot of brown voters that are very concerned that don't line up with his ideology. i think he needs to be more concerned about reaching people in his own primary instead of republicans that support the president to have christian values. ainsley: christians flawed. christians on both sides, democrats, republicans. the bible is there so they can keep us in check. it's a guideline for us to live our lives. it doesn't mean we follow every single thing in the bible. we try to. but we are failures. >> and i don't think the government paying for everything is quite christian doctrine. i also don't think killing kids is christian doctrine as well. but, again, like i said, i can go back and forth with mayor pete on that all day about the value system on the left. they become even more progressive. get in the way of those christian values. again, the democratic party used to value that evangelize vote. right now they shun those people. he needs to be worried about how he is going to get those voters. right now we are cece ago lot of christian voters out there supporting mayor pete.
4:45 am
steve: joining us from the so-called sin city of las vegas. ainsley: i know. pete: it all comes together. ainsley: don't get in trouble, lawrence. >> they hate that they hate that. steve: i know they do. check out his shows on fox nation "keeping up with jones" and man on the street. which we just saw a little of it there at the bernie rally. thanks, lawrence. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: jillian is upstairs. jillian: that's right. a community mourns the loss of a 6-year-old girl at vigil in south carolina last night. faye swetlik died through asphyxiation from her neighbor cody taylor. her body was dumped in wooded hours. he killed himself in his home. officials found one of faye's boots and a soup ladle covered in dirt in his trash can. there are no other suspects. a former major leaguer is outraged after being excluded from the san francisco giants world sear years reunion. the team is barring aubrey
4:46 am
huff from tweets they say is inappropriate. on "fox & friends first" he called the decision political. >> my twitter account is basically a spinoff of you who i was in the locker room from 2010 through 2012 with the giants. it was okay then. it's not so okay now. this world of political correctness just drives me nuts. critical. jillian: huff was criticized for this post among many others. the caption here reading in part getting my voice trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event bernie sanders beats donald trump in 2020. a 94-year-old world war ii marine veteran is gearing up to meet president trump at his rally in colorado tomorrow. >> i'm delighted to meet that guy. mr. president, i'm as excited when you first came down that escalator and i have prayed for you that time on. >> don whi don whipple will also meet vice president pence.
4:47 am
battle of iwo jima. a look at your headlines. send it to you. steve: thank you very much. outside our world headquarters yesterday was kind of chilly. today, janice dean, it's close to 50 now. janice: it is. what goes up must come down. lynn what's your name. >> learn da virginia. >> pete from buffalo. >> williamsburg, virginia? >> and catherine from virginia. janice: you know it's going to snow in virginia tomorrow. >> it is. janice: take a map and show you why. cold front moving through, arctic air going to plunge southward and eastward. see all that rain across the south, worried about the mississippi river valley obviously with historic flooding there. some of that moisture is going to get cold. and it's going to be cold enough for snow in parts of the carolinas and virginia tomorrow. that is going to be a big story, my friends. because that could be more snow than new york and boston this season. so, you came to new york city to not get snow, right? >> we came to get snow and
4:48 am
now we are going to get it at home. janice: all right, my loves. thank you so much. wave to pete, steve and ainsley. steve: we will wave back. ainsley: 47 minutes after the top of the hour. honeymoon nightmare texas nolle weds trapped on a cruise for weeks because of the coronavirus. they are finally back in america but under quarantine. how they are staying positive and what they're looking forward to the most. they are going to join us live next ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug [ siren ] give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need!
4:49 am
only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs... on a ski lift... everywhere. ♪ download audible and start listening today.
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♪ ainsley: welling it is a honeymoon they will never forget. rachel and tyler torres were among hundreds trapped on the princess cruise japan. they are now under quarantine military base in home state of texas. joining us now rachel and tyler. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. can you turn up the volume just a little bit? ainsley: back here in the control room i am sure they are going to do that. turn it up, please. so what a way to kick off your wedding.
4:53 am
your marriage. tell us what happened from day one. >> yeah. so, we got married on september 8th. we decided we were going to do a little bit of a late honeymoon. we flew out to tokyo 17th of january and got on the cruise ship on the 20th. we did a full tour of asia. it was nice and great. and then on the 3rd of february, we went into tokyo bay. they quarantined us for 24 hours. then we had positive cases for 14 more days. so, of course, got with our jobs. they were fine with it. then again a little while back, 14 more days. and we decided to take evacuation flight into america and we landed in san antonio. we didn't know where we were going to land until we landed. ainsley: so many questions for you. steve and pete had a question for you. were you able to drink alcohol on this -- when you were quarantined?
4:54 am
[laughter] >> well, we tried to order corona beers. >> specifically. they had other beer. ainsley: i'm sure they ran out of alcohol fast on that ship. did you have people going door to door and serving food. >> the way it worked. they had the normal chefs cooking in the kitchen, and then all of the wait staff were delivering door to door for everybody -- for all 1,300 state rooms three times a day. we were a little bit concerned that they were working elbow and elbow and deliver to all of us. we think maybe it was a little too much exposh for them. ainsley: how scary is that. if you even just coughed a little bit were you freaking out? >> we were a lot more worried about being separated in japan than we were about really contracting the virus, even. ainsley: i'm sure your folks are so upset. how are they handling it.
4:55 am
>> my mom is a little bit of a worry wart, she is doing pretty good. she is hawaii today. >> a great support system. they have been really wonderful. ainsley: i know you were on that plane on monday with 300 americans brought back. thank goodness you are safe and sound in texas in your home state. what are you looking forward to the most? >> i think seeing our families. seeing our dog and eating some wanna burger. ainsley: are you from san antonio? >> we are from the dallas area. ainsley: okay. well, we wish you all the best. and one last question. did you see anyone on the ship? were any americans? did they test positive? >> so, we knew that there were 14 people on the plane. as far as people that we have seen positive, i don't know about americans. but our neighbor, two australians were positive. our neighbor at dinner, he tested positive and our state room attendant tested positive. so people all around us,
4:56 am
luckily we have been fine though. ainsley: i'm glad you are all okay. god bless you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. still ahead, oregon conservatives fed up with liberal leaders are petitioning to join idaho and the governor there is welcoming them with open arms. is he going to join us live in the next hour ♪ moving up ♪ then i'm moving out ♪ i'm moving out ♪ ♪ ause of my psoriasis. i was covered from... ...head to toe with it. i was afraid... show my skin. every time i moved my arm... skin cracked and bled. it really hurt. then i started... ...cosentyx. that was four years ago. how are you? now, i don't really think about it. see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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>> "fox and friends" on the cable morning news show. wave at your self. >> that is a good one. should we jump right into the news. my jump right in says home free crazy life. >> you can just listen to the show for free, save a buck. our third and final hour. $0.95 by itunes. we have a busy final hour and
5:01 am
start in vegas, all part of the west coast campaign blitz and prepare for a big debate in las vegas. >> there are 6, 2020 contenders that made it to the debate stage including michael bloomberg who qualified at the last second. >> live in los angeles with preview in the script. >> there is no welcome mat as michael bloomberg prepares to make his debut on the debate stage. michael bloomberg is going to dance about a lot of things from his stop and frisk record as mayor of new york city as well as recently on its comments about farmers but the question the candidates talked about and bloomberg is trying to buy his way into this debate and here is what they said.
5:02 am
>> what else do you call it when you dip into your endless reserves of millions and billions and don't go through the process? >> mister bloomberg has every right to run as president of the united states as an american citizen but doesn't have the right to buy this election. >> reporter: there are six on stage, here is bloomberg followed by buttigieg, sanders, warren, klobuchar and biden. he is not on the ballot but nationally he is rising in the polls. if you look at the latest in bc wall street journal poll, opening up a lead at 27% followed by biden at 15% but warren tied in third, 14%. p buttigieg, 14. klobuchar 7. we will see what tonight brings but to add to the excitement,
5:03 am
donald trump spent the night in his hotel, has a rally in nearby arizona and later in the week will have a rally. >> how close are you to the crosswalk? i can hear the walk don't walk sign. >> 25 paces behind me. 20 leaf blowers surround the sand, there are jobs in las vegas in the middle of the night. >> interviewing kellyanne conway. >> it is not in city. >> i was looking at the washington post and they published the washington post
5:04 am
abc poll. everyone is talking about bloomberg. guess who is in number one position? mister bernie sanders. keep in mind, one month ago, joe biden was the national front runner and according to abc bernie has 32% which is double joe biden. joe biden is at 16. these are the new results and michael bloomberg in 14 has bought $350 million worth of commercials and elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar who did so well in iowa and new hampshire at the back of the pack. >> polls like this will continue to send panic throughout the establishment of the democrat party that believes a socialist can't win in november but if the energy is with him, crowds for bernie sanders. >> 17,000.
5:05 am
>> young people, how you put that back in the box even with a billionaire if he build a delegate lead as they give delegates proportionately, he builds the lead you keep the lead when you keep getting delegates unless michael bloomberg can buy enough. >> bloomberg was elected. if biden were elected, if bernie were elected, they would be the almost persons elected president. bloomberg and bernie would be the first jewish president, styron bloomberg would be the richest president ever and if bloomberg won he would be the first new york mayor. >> it would be interesting to see the dynamic tonight. we have all seen michael bloomberg when he ran for mayor. is not a dynamic debater. bernie sanders has more enthusiasm, he is in your face. we will find out how that works. we were talking about how behind-the-scenes at the bloomberg campaign and been doing mock debates. >> pretending to be different
5:06 am
people, they are playing for a draw and declare a win. if he survived to move on. >> it should not be about policy, when you watch these debates you are looking for someone with charisma. this president has it, bernie sanders has it for fun to watch and interesting not only what they say but there hand movements. >> if the moderators don't, what do you mean when you bullet are farmers and people who work with their hands, what do you mean when apologizing for stop and frisk, when crime went down in new york city, when you were mayor, wasn't stop and frisk part of the reason it went down 32%. >> >> a comment, someone felt - it does condescend to people who
5:07 am
don't have the same view he has. >> bloomberg, you know as much about farming as a hog knows about an airplane. how you teach somebody else how to do it? better stay in new york city where corn comes in cans. >> some people using hogs is the support animals. >> the former mayor of new york city billionaire new yorkers, back and forth yesterday, the president talked about how the dnc is trained to stack the deck against bernie sanders. and many mike, good luck, no standing on the boxes and then he had this observation on the tarmac about how the dnc is treating bernie. >> it is unfortunate what is
5:08 am
happening to bernie sanders, always be careful what you wish for and i'm not wishing for anything but whoever it is i will be very happy. in that section of the democratic party, it seems they are being taken advantage of. >> we had lawrence jones asking whether to crossover for michael bloomberg, that is a rubicon to cross for a lot of these people. why would i vote for him when i reject the billionaire class. big problem for democrats. >> bloomberg was asking on twitter, why do you want to run against bernie so badly? the president responds many mike, i would rather run against jews and blue because cans trust a word use and now you want us
5:09 am
to believe you? >> the slogan his promises made promises kept promises kept, he ran a lot of things. most politicians actually did it. good luck running on the he didn't follow through on what he said. >> is the attorney general william barr about - and he keeps tweeting about the doj he is out of here. do you believe these headlines, and he mulls residing over trump's tweet. these are unnamed sources. and bars irritation, and underage, bar warns trump, i will walk if you keep tweeting. it is a showdown at the department of justice.
5:10 am
>> but then the department of justice, the spokesperson addressed those rumors saying addressing beltway rumors, the attorney general has no plan to resign. >> lindsey graham will be happy, was praising them and praising the president for appointing him. >> a lot of people who appreciate what the attorney general has done, you can support two things at once, you can love the attorney general and understand what the president needs to do with twitter to go around the media. the media are the ones driving the stories which is they can because they realize how effective william barr has been and driving that which would be good for them, not good for the president. >> that is what we are seeing, that is what a former us attorney suggested and he looks at the back and forth and it was just last week the attorney
5:11 am
general said the tweets are making my job much harder, impossible in some cases but also said i won't be bullied by congress or newspapers or editorial boards or the president and yesterday the president said my tweets do make it hard but nonetheless here is brett coleman on the ag, not calling it quits. >> the attorney general expressed some frustration but that is not the way he communicates. he is not going to be dealing with ultimatums. he wants to have as great an ability to do the job in a meaningful way and that is who this attorney general's. >> if you were to believe that story, in all the papers this morning you have to believe the attorney general throwing up his
5:12 am
hands, saw the latest tweets and is gossiping with people. i don't really know. he said that is not the way this guy operates. >> he would probably stay in office but sending a clear message please stop tweeting, start telling me how to do my job. >> it hasn't affected the way he does his job. he said i'm going to take another look at michael flynn's case because i feel he was severely mistreated in the process too. you look at enough data points and you see a lot of smoke trying to drive that wedge. >> but you got to know the president is not going to stop tweeting. regarding the attorney general stone as paul manafor 20 part in the bunch of people, we are going to be in the next batch. >> the president has been very outspoken about reforming what is happening in the prison system. >> the president said of all those people their sentences
5:13 am
were very unfair. >> do you think the folks that hate on his tweets are truly offended or they realize it is effective? >> let's take it to some headlines. >> rod blagojevich at home in chicago for the first time in eight years thanking donald trump for commuting his corruption sentence. >> for my daughters and me, my everlasting gratitude to donald trump for doing what he did. i was a democratic governor, my fellow democrats don't treat him very good. >> rod blagojevich was sentenced for 14 years for trying to sell barack obama's senate seat when he was elected president, donald trump granted clemency to ten other people including edward d
5:14 am
bartolo junior. ryan newman is awake and talking following his terrifying wreck at the daytona 500. his car hit a wall, slipped and crashed into another car during the final lap and landed on another car. he joined us earlier and described the aftermath. >> i have a car sitting on my lap, the toughest guy in the garage, no question he will be back soon. >> newman is hospitalized in serious condition but the good news is his injuries are not life-threatening. a mexican man is charged with being a russian spy in the us. police arrested hector cabrera at the miami airport as he tries to leave the country. a russian contact allegedly recruited him to get the license plate number of the us government worker in formula. he is scheduled to appear in federal court friday.
5:15 am
the queen is reportedly banning prince harry and megan markel from using their royal label in their brand, weeks after the couple said they would step back from royal duties. megan and harry sent thousands of dollars on a new sussex royal website and working on trademarking their brands. the fallout seems to continue. >> it is not their brand if they can't use it. >> you are not using our label. >> i think harry and megan is a better website anyway. let's register that. >> work on that. >> it is 8:15 on the east coast. >> switching gears the illegal immigrants cleared in the killing of kate steinle ruled mentally incompetent to stand
5:16 am
trial on a gun charge. what will happen next? we will discuss. conservatives sick of liberal leaders wants to join idaho and the governor will welcome them. look at that. he joins us live. ♪ we are moving on ♪ oh hear my song ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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and watch all the shows you love. >> some conservatives in oregon are getting creative to escape their state's liberal leaders, starting a petition to move the
5:21 am
border westward so they can join their state. two counties have approved putting initiatives on the ballot in oregon if they get enough signatures. our next guest loves the idea. grabbed little joins us now and thank you for being here this morning. what is your case to these counties in oregon to say come over to idaho. >> what takes place in the portland area has a big impact in parts of oregon, looking at idaho fondly, because of the regulatory atmosphere that doesn't surprise me one bit. >> the lead petitioner putting together the movement to do that agrees with you and here's part of the statement. rural county and oregon have
5:22 am
become increasingly outraged by the oregon legislature that threaten our livelihoods, industry, wallet, gun rights and values. we tried voting them out but it oregon is "outnumbered" and this is our last resort. let's say that they were able to do that and pass it in the legislature and you and yours. are we talking about redrawing the lines of idaho. >> i saw the map from the news piece and it didn't surprise me because i know a lot of people. there are a lot of hurdles and legal hurdles that jump before they could do that. >> u.s. congress, idaho and oregon state legislature would have to approve it but if it gets on the ballot in oregon which it looks like it will, they need a couple thousand signatures, it could be a big
5:23 am
political discussion. any thoughts on what the new idaho would be named? >> i don't think we are excited about changes. >> you can -- you have your choice. who gets to name the state? >> no matter what happens we will maintain our name which is probably what they are interested and would like to have more control and freedom. >> a lot of folks in this country feel like certain cities dominate the politics of the entire state and don't - thank you for joining us, governor brad little of boise, idaho. thank you very much.
5:24 am
bernie sanders has vowed to fight corruption but a new book claims bernie has funneled campaign cash to his wife, jane, for years. the author of that book joins us next. ♪ look own your look... ...with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one... ...fda approved... temporarily make frown lines... ...crow's feet... ...and forehead lines... ...look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic, may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions,
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>> reporter: some quick headlines was a court must decide how to treat the illegal immigrant acquitted in the murder of kate steinle. josé garcia was deemed incompetent because of mental illness was a california court must decide if he will be given medical treatment. he was acquitted of murdering steinle on a san francisco. he pleaded not guilty to federal gun charges. jury selection begins in robert durst's murder trial, he is accused of killing his best friend nearly 20 years ago. he was subject of the hbo series jinx where he was unknowingly caught admitting this. >> war. >> he pleaded not guilty.
5:29 am
>> 2020 hopeful bernie sanders vowing to end greed and corruption. >> the only way that change every takes place in this country is from the bottom on up, not the talk down. what this campaign is about, not just beating trump. it has taken on corruption of wall street. >> there he is talking about greed and corruption but our next guest is sanders has a little problem. in his new book profiles and corruption, peter schweitzer claims sanders has funneled campaign cash to his wife jane for years and peter joins us live. you say that jane sanders has
5:30 am
immediate company and is profiting from her husband's candidacy. >> this goes back to the 1980s when bernie was mayor of burlington, vermont. one of the first things is he put his then girlfriend, y on the payroll, the city council objected, bernie ignored them and that began this pattern of steering money, taxpayer money and campaign money to his family. his wife set up a media buying business registered to their home in vermont and started doing media buying for her husband's campaign. she had no background in advertising or media buying and the dirty little secret is when you do a media by the buyer is entitled to a commission of 10 to 15%. it can be quite lucrative. we know that at least 150,$000 was funneled to jane sanders this way.
5:31 am
we also found out in a couple cases allies of bernie sanders who ran for governor of vermont in 2000 and ran for lieutenant governor in 2004 were expecting bernie's endorsement. bernie didn't give it. bernie decided to endorse these candidates. he seems to be leveraging his position as well. >> i don't think most people knew that and i'm sure a lot of the bernie sanders crowd listened to him talk about ending greed and corruption don't realize that but being a media buyer, what she is doing is not against the law. >> now, it is not. part of the issue is it is hard to create laws to fix these problems. the conflict of interest laws in corporate america, if you did this as with a family member and
5:32 am
did not disclose it to shareholders in a public traded company would be in trouble with the securities and exchange commission but the problem is politicians get to write their own rules. they want to apply conflict of interest laws and requirements to corporations that they don't apply to themselves. >> at the same time there seems to be some hypocrisy because bernie is honest and every day talking about greed and corruption and people standing right there who really want him to be president don't realize what may be going on behind-the-scenes when it comes to every one of those media purchases. >> the hypocrisy or inconsistency goes deeper because bernie's worth several million dollars. he has a stock portfolio but when you look at his stock portfolio he is not investing in socially responsible investment funds, he's not buying solar company stock or buying into an
5:33 am
organic cattle farm. he is buying fortune 500 companies so he attacks wall street, attacks big pharma, big oil. he is invested in those companies, that is where he is putting his assets so it is a major problem for bernie, the gap between the image he portrays in the reality of how he actually conducts his own affairs. >> this is the campaign season and we are learning more about the candidates. are you the only person looking into their personal finances? because your book profiles in corruption is the only place i heard about this the bidens and all those other people, where is the curiosity? >> great question. there doesn't seem to be a lot. what this book does and my previous books have done is the oldest story in political journalism is follow the money. we need to know who joe biden's family is, how bernie is doing
5:34 am
things, what amy klobuchar is up to and for people to know whether they are conservative, if you are voting in the democratic primary we need to know this stuff now rather than 6 or 8 months from now. >> the book is go profiles and corruption, abuse of power, new york times bestseller, thank you for joining us live. by the way we did reach out to the bernie sanders campaign for a statement, they have not gotten back to us. we will keep you posted. chris murphy now admitting to secretly meeting with iranian leaders but critics say that sounds like a violation of the logan act, the same law michael flynn was accused of breaking. democrats? molly hemingway will talk about that and joins us live coming up next. ♪ g him...
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>> welcome back. at the conclusion of the peter schweitzer segment we just had i needed to tell you tomorrow we will have somebody from the bernie campaign responding. >> donald trump touching down in las vegas during his west coast campaign swings. >> he will three rallies and three days, wasting no time slamming democrat leaders of california. >> kristin fisher joins us from the white house with more. >> reporter: donald trump is threatening to intervene in california unless the state does something to curb the growing homeless problem. >> we have things we don't want to discuss in the streets flowing into the oceans and it shouldn't happen. they can't do it themselves the
5:40 am
federal government will do it. >> reporter: the president made those remarks during a meeting with organizers of the 2028 olympic and, heading to a fundraiser in beverly hills. it was not the first time he threatened to intervene in california. he has been spark with democratic leaders throughout his presidency on everything from immigration to environmental regulations, the president said he does want the city to prepare for the 2020 olympics, the first since the 2002 winter games in salt lake city. more stops in california heading to a rally in arizona. in colorado springs tomorrow night. a city that is full of his democratic rivals in the big debate in the caucuses on saturday. this is a pattern we are starting to see by the president
5:41 am
and his campaign going wherever his rivals are before the caucus primary. the president said yesterday this is a strategy that proved effective in iowa and new hampshire. in his words we have a big voice and might as well use it. >> let's bring in molly hemingway to talk about the president's trip to the west coast. molly will be there for four days, going into california slamming the leaders there for the homeless problem and their supported illegal immigrants. your thoughts? >> people are forgetting donald trump is running a campaign. he went to iowa and new hampshire and there were republican primaries and
5:42 am
caucuses in those states and it is to get them out for his 2020 election hope so need to start contacting them now and getting them excited. he's going at the same time democrats are but that is because there are republicans as well as democrats. >> if he squares off against bernie sanders who will be able to raise a lot of money or michael bloomberg who has a lot more money than donald trump he needs to raise money for his campaign and that is why he is doing a fundraiser with larry ellison who runs oracle and is doing a fundraiser out west as well. >> michael bloomberg and donald trump -- michael bloomberg really is one of the world's wealthiest people, already spent $400 million in advertising, a lot of money as he attends to purchase the democratic nomination. >> i love that that is fair. >> ironic for democrats many of which are running against wealth saying we want billionaires out. wealth taxes a big part of the debate tonight. >> the establishment seems to
5:43 am
like michael bloomberg, not the democratic voters but the establishment. >> let's talk about chris murphy from the state of connecticut. he met with a member of the iranian regime and the irony is this sounds a lot like what michelson was accused of, violation of the logan act. >> reporter: i found it interesting, i broke the story a couple days ago that he had a meeting with the iranian foreign minister and what is interesting is a few years ago when michael flynn and the incoming member of the trump administration had a conversation with his russian counterparts the treatment was illegal, mike flynn needed to have his life ruined and the department of justice, media figures said this was the logan act violation even though michelson was the incoming national security adviser but chris murphy having secret meetings in the hotel rooms of
5:44 am
uranium leaders, a sanctioned individual by the us government and only admitted it after my story broke. now it is a very good thing. a lot of hypocrisy on display. he says because he is a senator he is allowed to do this but it is reported people who weren't senators like john kerry were in this meeting which would mean john kerry violated it. >> maybe an alternative foreign policy. do you have the new york times? i am sure the story is in the new york times right now. is that right? >> not sure. now that chris murphy admitted he did take part in this meeting, they might have covered it. >> not sure it is on the front page. >> democrat senator from connecticut chris murphy says i am a rank-and-file us senator. i cannot conduct diplomacy on behalf of the whole of the
5:45 am
united states government and don't pretend to be in a position to do so but if trump isn't going to talk to iran then someone should. lack of dialogue leaves nations guessing about their enemies intentions and getting wrong can lead to catastrophic mistakes. >> he actually contradict himself in that brief statement. he says i'm a senator, doing anything but i'm trying to conduct foreign policy here. he had publicly at this meeting in munich slammed the us policy publicly. it is likely he did the same in private as well. a lot of people say having mixed messages from us figures can cause problems. >> if part of your approach is to not talk to the regime in light of the regime's conduct and a senator walks in and says that president guy, pay no attention to that. >> what was reported to him? >> he was talking about various issues, iranian supporting terror groups and what's not.
5:46 am
it would be in contradiction to stated us foreign policy and when you do these things you let the state department know what you are doing and make sure you are not missing anything up that you don't know about. >> 14 minutes before the top of the hour. >> an update to the story we continue to follow, 6-year-old girl at a vigil in south carolina overnight. faye swetlik died by asphyxiation to by her neighbor woody taylor. she was dumped hours after -- he killed himself in his home. officials found one of faye swetlik's booth at a soup ladle covered in dirt in his trashcan. there are no other suspects. two women found that after their car rolls off a fairy.
5:47 am
their body found inside a mercedes between miami and nearby fisher island. it is not clear how the car fell overboard, they are typically closed off by metal chains. harry styles attends awards days after being mugged. styles with threatened by a man with a knife when walking through london. he handed over his cash before the fee for an away. he was not hurt and no arrests have been made. >> he gave up the money and they are looking for the guy. he is a world-famous chef transforming failing restaurants into booming businesses. what is his recipe for success? >> host of restaurant impossible robert irvine joins us live next. >> let's check in with ed henry for what is coming up at the top of the hour. >> see if he does anything with his arm. >> did he really dog food yesterday? let's move on. >> people want to know why i
5:48 am
left him. big three hours of news coming at you. new details on the cause of death for young faye swetlik and the involvement of a neighbor and we are getting ready for live news conference with rod blagojevich over the pardon he and others received. we will talk about that with our headliner and ask about reports that william barr may be threatening to resign. join us at the top of the hour. you can actually see taste- trends. since when can we do that? since we started working with bdo. (announcer) people who know, know bdo. these people did, thanks to somnapure. somnapure from force factor helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed. don't be a zombie - get somnapure. available at retailers nationwide.
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>> playing the night. i want to kiss my wife and daughter. >> rod blagojevich back home in chicago after donald trump commuted his 14 year prison sentence. >> live in littleton, colorado, the prison where he was held for years. >> reporter: good morning, eight years, last night he got out of prison, went to the airport but before he got on the plane he >> my daughters, we express our most profound gratitude to donald trump doing what he did. he didn't have to do this. he is a republican president, i was a democratic governor and my
5:53 am
fellow democrats don't treat him very good. >> reporter: he was greeted by a crush of media and others, he arrived half past midnight chicago time, the 14 year sentence for corruption, others criticized the move including members of the illinois house delegation which released a statement exposing disappointment saying they thought the original sentence was fair and called him the face of public corruption in their state. later today a news conference is scheduled. there was announced by patty blagojevich saying her husband will be there. that is scheduled for 11:00 central time, noon eastern. have a good morning. >> he is having a great morning. >> he turns restaurants into success stories on his head show restaurant impossible. >> the situation is unfair.
5:54 am
it makes me angrier than i have been in a long time. now the staff is going to hear about it. you have created a problem from the start. >> that is how we have always run it. >> the show is in sixteenth season is the host jeff irvine joins us. what are you doing her
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