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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 19, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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here carrying a world war ii veteran to his seat and making sure and the crowd chanting "usa" as they did that, how cool is that? thanks for inviting us into your home. "the story" guest hosted by trace gallagher starts right n now. >> trace: great video, thank you so much. tonight, an exclusive one-on-one with rod blagojevich, now a free man after president trump commuted his 14 year prison sentence, he served eight years of that sentence and critics say they are disappointed he didn't serve more for public corruption, crime and attempts to sell the senate seat vacated by president obama in 2008. >> i've got this thing and it's [bleep] golden and i'm just not giving it up. >> trace: and others believe his sentence was extreme as one
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reporter covered his trial puts it, there was one sentiment i heard over and over again, i know blagojevich was guilty but 14 years is insane. an argument his wife patty has made on this very show. >> my husband is serving more time than any other governor has ever served but he's also surfing more time than any other politician for charges that have to do with fund-raising. >> trace: is standing by tonight's bernie kerik, he too received clemency from the president, the former new york city police commissioner was pardoned after serving three years on charges of tax fraud and making false statements. he says this moment is life-changing, he joins me in moments but we begin tonight with the former governor of illinois, rod blagojevich. it is i know very sad -- very happy for you to be home, your family is i'm sure happy to have you today during that news conference, you called yourself a trumpocrt, you are clearly
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very grateful for the president has done. >> my wife and i, my two daughters are all very grateful to president trump. he didn't have to do this, i was a democratic governor, he's a republican president, what he did for me today doesn't help him at all politically but president trump is very different, he is different from his predecessors. this is a president who solves problems and is fighting to bring about the change of the american people have been hungering for for years. we were promised that change, this is a president that is doing it. the fact that he gets so much pushback is proof positive he's keeping his promises were perhaps others who promised change didn't do that. >> trace: i know for the past decades that you have distanced yourself from the democratic party but i want to put up on the screen -- this is from the illinois congressional republican delegation saying about the president's actions
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quoting blagojevich as the face of public corruption in illinois, not once has he shown any remorse for his clear and documented record of egregious crimes that undermine the trust placed in him by voters. as our state continues to grapple with political corruption, we shouldn't let those who breach the public trust off the hook. is there a point here that you should have shown a little bit of remorse, some regret that you have not yet shown? >> i agree with the sentiment expressed in that statement by the illinois republicans but they are pointing that statement at the wrong place. it should be pointed at me, it ought to be pointed at those uncontrolled, unaccountable wallace prosecutors who did this to me. i broke no laws, i crossed no lies. they used the standard to convict me that it was applied to those congressmen in every u.s. senator, the same result would've happened to them what happened to me. i raised campaign contributions
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legally and lawfully come i never promised anything or threatened anyone in exchange for campaign contributions. the right to seek campaign contributions is not only necessary and routine in politics, it's also protected by the constitution, it's considered the first amendment right. without a promise or a threat, there is no crime, there's no quid pro quo. there is not in my case and i appreciate with the congressman are saying but they ought to point those statements in the direction of the prosecutors who did this to me and many of whom are the same people doing it to president trump. >> trace: i think they would point to the statement you just made of proof positive that you don't have any regrets about this. you spent eight years in prison, you could have spent 14 and you look at some of the statements you made back in the day when you talked about this thing is [bleep] golden and the court convicting go of trying to shake down the ceo of a children's hospital and the children's hospital would not comment on your commutation.
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is there not even a modicum of regret of the way you handled this? the things that you did, the things that people said you did over and over again in that courtroom? >> no, let me explain this. if the proper law was applied to my case, none of those things, none of the results that change the rules in the second trial and used fake law by conversations and tell a jury that these things were in violation of law. if they actually use the standard to convict me that the united states supreme court in the mccormick case said was not the law. there was no shakedown of a children's hospital, i sent that hospital $8 million. i never threatened them or promise to them, no one ever said that i did. we sought ca campaign contributs from people we had sought them
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from before. >> trace: let's get your reaction on the other side. >> this is a man who's a governor of our state, he committed crimes as found by his jury of our peers, he's got to accept responsibility for that. president trump decided time served, eight years is enough and it is what it is but as i said, president trump is probably the least credible person to make this decision. >> trace: as we said in the intro, the amount of time, the 14 years -- everybody in the court we were covering at the time said that is astronomical for these types of crimes but everyone also agreed there should have been some time served for the way you conduct yourself in office. >> if, in fact, i crossed a line or broke a law of course i should serve some time, but i didn't. they moved the lines with corrupt intent. it's deja vu all over again with
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regard to what they've done for president trump. they are taking routine things and try to criminalize them. we have a system now, let me borrow from what supreme court justice flyer said where you have uncontrollable prosecutors who have no accountability, who are politicizing their power and using them against political figures, taking routine things and turning them into crimes that are not crimes. that is why i continue to this day to insist on my innocence because i crossed no lines and broke no laws. i will tell you how i would've let the people of illinois down, if i gave into that. if i would've allowed these guys were shakedown artists and given to a life sentence, i would've let the people of illinois down because they didn't hire me to do that, they hired me as a governor to fight for the constitution and the rule of l law.
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this is the larger fight. so many people tried to do with the major-league level to a republican president what they tried due to a democratic governor and they are threatening to take away from all of us our rights to choose our leaders through free and fair elections. who hired these prosecutors who are covered with sovereign immunity under the law -- where is it in the constitution who said they are the ones who should decide who should and should be in office? i'm not in a position where i want to admit to anything i did wrong because i didn't. i would have done wrong if i gave into this. >> trace: you have said again and again the prison was a horrible experience and you want to work on prison reform, justice reform. what does that entail? >> i can't hear anything. >> trace: we lost his earpiec
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earpiece, we will bring in former nypd commissioner bernard kerrick. you were in florida when you got the call for president trump, he said it was a merry emotional phone call, can you tell us what happened. >> the person on the other end said he was getting the president on the line, the president came on and he started off the conversation saying he was in the process as we were speaking presidential pardon which would expunge my federal record. i got extremely emotional -- i can't tell you exactly what i said, what he said after that but it was a good day for me, it was a very happy day for me. i have to tell you as i'm sitting here and listening to governor blagojevich, i'm as
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happy for him as i am for me. >> trace: some people at this network also lobbied, did you know this was coming? >> no, i applied for my presidential pardon under president obama. this has been going on for four years. i did not know it was coming, i had no advanced notice until the phone rang. i've heard from time to time it could happen, might happen, but yesterday was the day. >> trace: do you think -- thes,e people have some controversial statements about your pardon -- do you think the president is greasing the skids for more controversial pardons? we are talking about paul manafort, michael flynn, roger stone, your thoughts on that? >> i think the president is doing exactly what he said he was going to do three years ago when he said he was going to be totally committed to criminal
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justice reform. one of the things which i have done in addition to my 30-year career of service, 9/11 and everything else. in the aftermath of my commission, i worked with the obama white house and the trump white house on criminal justice reform issues and i have to tell you about this president has done more in the last three years on criminal i'm happy to be a part of it. >> trace: i want to put this up because the critics are out there, their cases involved a blizzard of abuses of power, butchering public trust, falcon tax records and lying to investigators. it's almost as if trump is arguing implicitly that such corruption should not be criminal at all but as the normal behavior of powerful men such as himself, your final thoughts about 15 seconds. >> the president has the power of executive pardon, i think my
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total commitment to service, my 30-year career of heroism and meritorious service, my time fighting for criminal justice reform, i think that is with the president considered in making this decision. >> trace: i want to bring back in former illinois governor rod blagojevich to give him the final word on this, we lost his earpiece a short time ago -- the final word to you moat what does the future hold for you? i know you are back with your family, is it reality television again? is it books, are youoi >> i need to find a job. at some poi family and contributing to the education of my children and to my wife who has worked so hard an herself. clearly you have to make a living but i would like to say this. i know what i'm saying is true
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and if anyone would take the time to look into the facts and circumstances surrounding my case of the people who did this and what they tried to do to president trump, what they did to an american hero like bernie kerik and a whole bunch of other people, a criminal justice system that is inherently racist and discriminates against people of color and african-americans come i've seen it. i sought in eight years in prison. if we don't do something about stopping this, if we don't rein in these uncontrolled prosecutors who have unlimited power, the life of our democracy will be choked and we will lose our freedoms. the precious freedom of the american people to choose their own leaders through free and fair elections, that is what is at stake here. our country is in trouble and there's a small clique of people in the justice department to did to me and they are trying to do it to president trump. you as ay shaving companies because the cut on the chin during the news conference was pretty vicious. i will give you ten seconds to
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respond but you are tapping at the whole time. bit of a change between prison razor blades and domestic razor blades? >> yeah, i've been bruised and battered and i was bloodied today, i haven't shaved with a razor like that in nearly eight years, 3,000 days. i've got to start practicing again. >> trace: rod blagojevich, good of you to join us. bernie sanders is running away with the lead in a new national poll in joe biden hopes the voters of nevada will help him mount an early comeback in this democratic contest. his deputy campaign manager will join me exclusively from the site of tonight's debate, next. (whistling)
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>> trace: democratic presidential contenders gearing up for a high-stakes debate in the better end of this weekends caucuses. bernie sanders has surged to a 16-point advantage over front runner joe biden in a new national poll. if joining me now his deputy campaign manager and communications director for joe biden, good of you to join us. you look at this paul and joe biden losing half of his support in about a month has got to be very concerning for the campaign. >> i think we are entering a stage of this race where we want to see candidates who have previously not been vetted, not had to answer tough questions have to start answer those questions. i think what you're going to see on the debate stage tonight, he's going to lay out his vision for america and make the case that he's somebody who has made progressive change his entire career and he's going to raise
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some really important contrasts on issues like health care where there are incredibly important differences between what vice president biden wants to do which is to protect and build on obamacare and what other leading candidates like senator sanders want to do which include a $30 trillion medicare for all plan that takes away choice from people, it doesn't give them the option to decide what kind of health care they want and that is particularly important in the fatah which is big union state where you have families who negotiated those health care benefits. these are important choices in this race and you're going to hear a lot of conversation about that on the state should night. >> trace: that union came out and were disappointed in bernie sanders. i want to bring up the point you said about unvented. there are candidates in this race who have not been vetted and the finger is pointed at mike bloomberg. is that a veiled way of saying we are going after bloomberg tonight? >> i think there are questions
4:21 pm
that voters have. you have somebody in michael bloomberg who is running in a democratic primary who did not endorse barack obama in 2008, who oversaw a stop and frisk policy in new york city that was incredibly damaging for young black man in that city. you have somebody who called obamacare the signature achievement of president obama and vice president obam biden's tenure in the white house, there are questions that voters want michael bloomberg to answer. part of your job is to raise those questions and is it going to come i imagine it wouldn't people have questions about his running millions of dollars in advertising suggesting that he has a close relationship with barack obama but when in fact he wouldn't even endorse him in 2008 when he was on his way to becoming the first african-american president of the united states. >> trace: are you concerned
4:22 pm
about michael bloomberg talking up his relationship with president obama? this needs to be a lot of his advertising and he is fostering this -- we have this great relationship and it's got to be a little bit annoying for vice president biden to see this commercial stay in and day out and everywhere and they are omnipresent. it's like $400 million worth of stuff is a lot out there. >> i think people know that joe biden was barack obama's partner in the white house, he was there with him every step of the way fighting for things like the affordable care act, fighting for things like the paris climate accord. that is the work that vice president biden has put in and has done, he had barack obama's back every day in the white house. i think mayor bloomberg had some questions to answer about why he has disparaged some of the biggest achievements of the obama-biden administration and why he wouldn't endorse barack obama in 2008 when he was the democratic nominee. if you're asking for the votes
4:23 pm
of democratic voters, i think those are questions you have to answer. >> trace: what i find fascinating about this as we talk so much about bernie sanders and he is clearly the front runner right now. we aren't talking a lot about pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and i wonder why that is. nobody seems to have their knives out for buddh pete buttig and amy klobuchar and everyone is pointing at bernie and bloomberg and i wonder what the internal thought process on that is. >> biden is always going to be making his best case for why he should be the democratic nominee, there are strong contrasts with a lot of people in this field in terms of can these candidates have a record of achievement, have they been able to bring people to the table to get things done? joe biden is the candidate in the field who has done that, he has done that on the world
4:24 pm
stage, he has tackled crises and has been there with a steady hand on the wheel, that is what voters are looking for in this time of unprecedented turbulen turbulence. i think democratic voters have questions about who is the candidate. i think joe biden has an unparalleled track record and the vision for the country. you can talk about plans and have all the great plans in the world but if you haven't had the experience to get them done, to bring peopl able to make real change and i think talking about some of those candidates you mentioned at the top, i think there are really strong contrasts between the records of success and achievement and joe biden's. >> trace: it's going to be very important to the next four days for the former vice president. good to see you, thank you so much. also here tonight is a poster at echelon insight and also the host of fox nation's what are
4:25 pm
the odds? i'm not sure if you heard what kate was saying there but you've got a lot of people running the numbers, is he income outcome is he going to make it or not? i want to put this up on the screen, this is from the former pennsylvania governor rendell and he says advice for the fellow democrats is do not count joe biden out. consider what would happen if biden came in first or a close second in nevada and used his strong popularity with black voters to win the south carolina primary in the six southern states on super tuesday, that wouldn't be enough to guarantee his nomination but it certainly would make him a player who could go on to milwaukee, your thoughts about that? >> i think it would be crazy for anyone to drop out of this race before super tuesday and joe biden is very much included in that. he had very underwhelming performances in iowa and new hampshire, there's no way to spin that for his team, those were disappointments. nevada, it doesn't look like he is necessarily on track to win
4:26 pm
but south carolina is a state where he does quite strongly and super tuesday immediately on the heels of south carolina. if he has a good night on that saturday night and can channel that into a really strong super tuesday, there are so many delegates at stake in that part of the contest, anyone who leaves before that would be crazy. >> trace: you're saying he doesn't have to win the nevada caucuses but south carolina, he goes in there, does he have to win? he needs to win where he has said again and again, he left new hampshire early to go down to south carolina, doesn't he need to win south carolina to have a shot at being one of the major players on super tuesday? >> he either needs to win or he needs to come in an extremely close second because in this case he is demonstrating that i'm the candidate to african-american voters in this primary can get behind but if bernie sanders is able to credibly make the case that he has won or effectively won since
4:27 pm
iowa is questionable, how can he be treated as anything but a front runner? one thing to keep in mind for south carolina is tom steyer, he's an interesting x factor. if he ends up winning, all bets are off. >> trace: i want to put this on the screen because i found this interesting. this is about the head-to-head matchups between president trump and the top five democratic challengers and look at it. all the way across the board, they all beat the president and there's a lot of people sitting at home saying "come on, they aren't all going to be the president." any of them are going to have a difficult time up against president trump, your thoughts on that pole. >> even if somebody wins nationally by two or three points, that doesn't mean you become president as president trump and not president hillary clinton have found out for the other thing to keep in mind is for these
4:28 pm
democrats, they haven't faced the full force and power of the trump campaign machine. impresse campaign operation and they are going to have tons of ammunition to use against any of these democratic candidates. these democratic candidates are an open question, he's right about that. there are a lot of things america doesn't yet know about pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar and michael bloomberg. >> trace: good to see you, thank you. the white house defending president trump tonight after he declared himself "chief law enforcement officer of the country." senator mike lee on what the constitution says next. little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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transitions light under control. ♪ upbeat music transitions signature gen 8, available now in 4 new style colors. transitions. >> trace: president trump
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confirming his pick for acting director of national intelligence, tweeting moments ago "i am pleased to announce that our highly respected ambassador to germany will become the acting director of national intelligence. rick has represented our country exceedingly well and i look forward to working with him. i would like to thank joe maguire for the wonderful job he has done and we look forward to working with him closely perhaps in another capacity within the administration." he won't need to be confirmed by the senate. the president declared himself chief law enforcement officer of the country, the white house now doubling down. a senior official telling real clear politics this narrative that the president is not allowed to direct the doj in a criminal matter is preposterous. join they may now as republican senator mike lee, a member of the judiciary committee. does the president have the right to direct the doj?
4:34 pm
>> the president is the head of the executive branch of government and all senior personnel within the executive branch of government including federal prosecutors, the attorney general and every u.s. attorney is appointed by the president and after a senate confirmation serves at the pleasure of the president. he can fire any of them at any time he chooses, this is part and parcel of the executive branch authority. it necessarily follows that along with the power to pardon and commute sentences, he does have the power to dismiss people who make these decisions. >> trace: what do you make of this back and forth between the president and attorney general, coming out last thursday saying the president is making my job very difficult with these tweets, making my job impossible was the quote. the president said yesterday it is making his job harder but 3 minutes later he defended his right to tweet, your thoughts? >> the president doesn't shed
4:35 pm
his first amendment rights by becoming president of the united states and the chief executive officer of the federal government. regardless of whether you think this is how you would like to have the president and attorney general communicating, this is 2020 and this is a time in which this president came to power based in part on the fact that he has learned to harness the power of social media. if he chooses to communicate this way this is his prerogative, it's not the prerogative of these deep state department of justice liberals who join together in this group and called this a violation of the constitution. they are frivolous arguments and they should be ashamed of themselves. >> trace: this whole idea of bill barr saying he was going to the side of the president didn't stop tweeting, were you buying into that in the early reporting? >> i don't know i'm reluctant to speak for attorney general bill barr or the president on this, i don't suspect this is something that is going to culminate in his departure but i don't know him well enough to be
4:36 pm
able to guess whether that's going to happen. you've got to remember the president is bill barr's boss. the president of the united states has every right to speak out on this issue. >> trace: your thoughts on top democrats calling for him to resign or be incarcerated, impeached. >> of course the democrats want this, these are the same democrats who just impeached the 45th president of the united states without any valid basis in fact or in law. he's gotten attorney general who has an established track record, who is respected, a no nonsense prosecutor and a seasoned, wise attorney, of course they want him gone. this doesn't make it right, it doesn't mean they have a valid basis for doing so because they don't. >> trace: i want to get your thoughts on this ballot, this is jonathan turley writing in the hill in defense of william barr saying "there are good-faith reasons to question the justice department process that led to
4:37 pm
the resignation of multiple prosecutors after lowering a recommended sentence, there also stands a legitimate question of why it was necessary to intervene in this particular case over a sentencing recommendation. your thoughts on that. >> i'm not at all certain that his tweet had anything to do with bill barr's recommendation. i could be mistaken but if i have been informed correctly, his recommendation was made before the tweet ever came out. it's important to remember that the president of the united states in addition to being the boss of the attorney general and every u.s. attorney has the power to pardon and commute sentences, that greater power to pardon or commute would also necessarily encompass the lesser power to urge for a lesser sentence. >> trace: i want your thoughts on this because talking about lawmakers eyeing changes to surveillance, to faisal warrants, that type of stuff -- what do you make of all ofhi nes
4:38 pm
long overdue. i've been saying this for nine years, what happened with operation crossfire hurricane and the fact that the trump campaign was singled out is something i predicted for years would happen. i guarantee you there is more of it. we need reform, we need it now and i believe president trump agrees with me. >> trace: utah senator mike lee, good to see you. michael bloomberg set to make his debate debut but has his campaign already conceded that bernie sanders cannot be beat? that story coming up next. veriz. we're building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's more than 10x faster than some other 5g networks. and it's rolling out in cities across the country so people can experience speeds that ultra wideband can deliver. 1.7 gigs here in houston. 1.8 gigs here in frigid omaha. almost 2 gigs here in los angeles.
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4:43 pm
to a plurality or even a majority of pledged delegates, the bottom line is if biden, buttigieg, and amy klobuchar remain in the race, they will propel sanders to a seemingly insurmountable delegate lead. with me now guy benson the host of the guy benson show and fox news contributor, he's a bloomberg 2020 pollster and a fox news contributor, welcome to you both. i've got to ask you, doesntable? >> not that i see, i look at all are available plus our own. bernie is ahead, that is clear but this is a dynamic race. mike bloomberg has made up about 15 points in the last ten days to two weeks and he is within striking distance of the front runner. tonight is a big night and i don't count him out at all. we have a great shot on super tuesday.
4:44 pm
>> trace: sounds to me like you've got the bloomberg campaign saying buttigieg, biden, amy klobuchar, let us go at it here. >> i'm struck by the arrogance of that, when you hear those words and read this memo, here is a man and mike bloomberg who has every right to be in this race and is very effective spending $400 million of his own money and blanketing the tv landscape with his ads but for him to show up having never set foot on a debate stage until later tonight, his name hasn't appeared on the ballot anywhere. these other candidates have been busting their rear ends with their campaigns to the better part of a year and now he decides he's going to big foot this thing -- we got to stop bernie, it's got to be me, get out of my way -- i'm not sure how it would sit with supporters of these people who have been added for a very long time. >> trace: bloomberg is in
4:45 pm
trouble with comments tonight, he had a couple of issues in this time it's about transgender comments, bloomberg saying if your conversation during the presidential election is about some guy wearing a dress and whether he, she, or it goes to the locker room with your daughter, it's not a winning formula for people. the human rights campaign saying transgender women aren't "he, she, or it," they are women. words matter and mayor bloomberg should apologize for using language that demoralizes and dehumanizes members of our community. you have to stop and frisk minorities comment, you have the farmers comment, it seems to be a little bit of a pattern going on here. >> on issues with lgbtq employees and city employees in new york, been inclusive and
4:46 pm
progressive. he has been supportive of a woman's right to choose, he has done far more for african-americans in terms of having an agenda of change. some of the words may strike you as less than ideal, he's apologized for some, some take it out of context but the man in his record, inclusive and progressive, i think he's got a great shot. >> trace: let me give guy the last word, i don't think he hates farmers either -- that's not the point. it's not the optics because it's really the ear saying but it's one of those things where it doesn't sound presidential. >> the pronoun, a guy in a skirt, i am actually not part of the language police and i think people jumped on each other's throats too quickly when it comes to phrasing and a certain terms but this is the party, this is the reality that
4:47 pm
michael bloomberg is stepping into. there is a woke subculture where you have to stay in line rhetorically and if you don't you should recognize it and apologize, it feels like the latest stop on the apology tour for mike bloomberg. he joked in 2017 he would have to do it so he is. >> trace: president trump set to land any minute in phoenix ahead of a rally there later this evening, we are told that hundreds of supporters had been camped out throughout the day and we will take you live there coming up next. rn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? to land in arizona moments from
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up for hours as the president seeks to secure a win in a state he won by three points over hillary clinton in 2016. kevin corke's life at the sight of tonight's rally. >> the president winning arizona in 2016, not a huge margin but certainly comfortable and he anticipates he will enjoy a great deal more support in 2020.
4:52 pm
i should point this out, he enjoys a healthy amount of support in the valley and a lot of that support will be on display here tonight as we anticipate another capacity crowd for a keep america great rally, this time in the grand canyon state in the valley of the sun. counter programming to be sure, counter programming of the democrats, but it's also important to point out, this is a chance for the president to build energy and enthusiasm for his own reelection bid in 2020 which campaign officials tell me is going very well despite what some recent polling might suggest. the president talks about that on twitter today, he said internal poles show i'm beating all of the candidates. the fake news poles, here they go again just like 2016. there polls will be proven corrupt on november 3rd just like the fake news is corrupt. he may have been referencing
4:53 pm
"the washington post"-"abc news" poll which showed the president losing to joe biden by seven percentage points and losing to bernie sanders by a 51-45 margin and losing to michael bloomberg 50-45 about whom the president talked during remarks in california earlier tonight. >> devon and kevin set up long before we heard many mike hates the farmer, long before we learned about his hatred of the farmer, i don't think he's going to be the candidate anyway. we'll have to start working on crazy bernie pretty soon. >> trace: we expect the president pretty soon. thank you. "the story" continues next. own . own . and trulicity activates .
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♪[ siren ] & doug give me your hand! i can save you... lots of money with liberty mutual! we customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> it's been 75 years since the battle of iwo jima and today the heroes who fought in the gruesome 36-day fight were honored in a special ceremony at the world war ii
4:58 pm
memorial in washington. fox reporter ray bogan has the story. >> on a peaceful winter day at washington's world war ii memorial a small group of veterans and their families gathered to mark this 75th anniversary of a battle that raged for more than a month. >> today it's a pleasure. i'm getting a lot of attention and i kind of like it. >> a pleasure and a far cry from where world war ii veteran ira rigger's stood 75 years ago today. >> landed at the beaches and wave of their guns for the growing power of the assault. that's when ferocious fighting broke out on the tiny japanese island of iwo jima where 7,000 americans died and another 19,000 were wounded. for veterans who were there, the memories are still vivid. >> one of my jobs as a c.b. was to lay out the cemetery. and it looked like a wheat field when we were finished burying all those bodies
4:59 pm
with their crosses and stars of david. >> it's unbelievable battle in an entire war of unbelievable battles. >> joint chiefs chairman general mark millie came from the pentagon to honor the occasion. his own father fought at iwo jima carnage firsthand. >> and therein lie the campaign that is the bloodiest campaign in american history per square mile. >> general mille honored the veterans and the fallen with a wreath laying and had a sincere hope that some good came out of so much sacrifice. >> so, for those of us here today on the 75th anniversary of the hitting the beach of a iwo jima, let us resolve once again to never let it happen again. >> never again. veterans of iwo jima, including martha's uncle harry grey are the inspiration behind her new book unknown valor. now, the subject of of a documentary airing on fox news this sunday at 10:00 p.m. and that is "the story" of
5:00 pm
wednesday, february 19th, 2020. but, as always, the story continues. i'm trace gallagher in for martha mccallum. "tucker carlson tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucke "tucker carlson tonight." buckle up an incredible amount of news this hour. people in charge still giving the country away to big tech and to china. we'll have details on that. mayor pete buttigieg, father pete still lecturing america on its many sins. he is very disappointed new. and tomorrow roger stone could receive a 9-year prison sentence for offending washington: we will tell you about all of that in just a minute. but, first tonight, democrats are holding yet another primary debate this hour. this one in las vegas for the first time former mayor michael bloomberg will be standing on the stage. his campaign felt it was important to tell nbc news that he will not be perched


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