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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 19, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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news this sunday at 10:00 p.m. and that is "the story" of wednesday, february 19th, 2020. but, as always, the story continues. i'm trace gallagher in for martha mccallum. "tucker carlson tonight" starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucke "tucker carlson tonight." buckle up an incredible amount of news this hour. people in charge still giving the country away to big tech and to china. we'll have details on that. mayor pete buttigieg, father pete still lecturing america on its many sins. he is very disappointed new. and tomorrow roger stone could receive a 9-year prison sentence for offending washington: we will tell you about all of that in just a minute. but, first tonight, democrats are holding yet another primary debate this hour. this one in las vegas for the first time former mayor michael bloomberg will be standing on the stage. his campaign felt it was important to tell nbc news
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that he will not be perched on a box this evening. it's not clear if they were bragging about that or not. in fact, bloomberg shouldn't be on the stage at all. for a full year the democratic party maintained clear rules about who qualified for their debates. candidates needed to meet a polling threshold. they also needed donations from a large pool of people and that was on purpose. the point was to ensure that candidates had actual grassroots support and weren't, say, using their vast personal fortunes to buy name recognition with slick tv ads during judge judy and rise mechanically in the polls. they didn't want that candidates like cory booker and julian castro complained bitterly about these rules and asked for them to be changed. the dnc wouldn't budge. it wouldn't be fair to make exceptions, they said. and then mayor mike arrived. first he sent a $300,000 bribe to the dnc last november just two days before entering the race. and then he sprayed cash on every living democrat willing to work for him and there were many. by the end of january the dnc had changed its mind on all of this and then it
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changed the rules. the party got rid of the donor requirement. suddenly, magically the richest man to run for president qualified for the debate. in other words, bloomberg bought his way in. that's his plan to win the nomination. that's his plan to win the election. in case you are wondering whether there is a connection between wealth and political power, michael bloomberg is here to confirm it. in fact, he has decided to prove to all of us that our democracy is fake. that a man with a blank personality and not a single popular idea can become president anyway. truly on the strength of 30-second tv spots that he has paid for himself. here's one of the latest of those. >> there's nobody that i respect for and felt more respected by. >> mike believes excellence is not defined by gender. >> mike builds a culture that advances women. >> as a foster parent of 20 kids, there are times where you need flexibility with your schedule and mike was always supportive of that mike supports women. he promotes women and he respects women.
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>> tucker: mike supports women. mike respects women. right. if you have to say that you know it isn't true, obviously. just ask the pregnant employee bloomberg ordered to get an abortion. when mike bloomberg becomes the feminist candidate you will know we have entered a world of pure lying. that's the world of the democratic national committee. before long bloomberg will be on stage with gloria steinem or some other wave of feminism. spent entire lime shattering the glass scbleelings or transrights or etching of illegal immigrant caravan coming up on a $20 bill. out with jackson, in with the sacred undocumented or whatever seems to work at the moment. whatever it takes. it's not pretty. it may degrade our system beyond saving. but if it stops bernie sanders from winning, the democratic establishment is all for it. piers morgan is editor-at-large for daily we are happy to have him tonight. so, pierce, why is the
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media, and they are unmistakably promoting mike bloomberg? >> one reason, tucker. they want to get rid of donald trump. they don't actually care how many of their liberal values, which most of the media hold and most of the democrats support to hold get trampled in the process. there is one thing about michael bloomberg aside from all the ridiculous hypocrisies that you have just been through and there are many more. there is one that really sticks in my gut and it's this. he owns and runs one of the biggest news organizations in the world, bloomberg news. and until now, pretty respected in a pretty impartial, respected as a news organization. and bloomberg has ordered all 2700 journalists that work for him tha they are not allowed to investigate him while he is running for president. to make it fair, he says, they can't investigate the other democrat candidates, either. however, to make it really fair, all 2700 journalists can investigate donald trump. so, you are going to have
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the potential frontrunner, maybe the nominee of the democrat party who is in charge of this massive news organization basically ordering a hit on donald trump and to protect his blanket around himself and perhaps any other democrat candidates. that is an appalling abuse of power. it is degrading to every journalist that works at bloomberg news. i cannot believe there is not more of a fury about this amongst mainstream media until i remember that mainstream media is so pathologically opposed to donald trump and so desperate to get rid of him that they are prepared to tolerate, effectively the gagging of bloomberg news in a way that even vladimir putin probably wouldn't try. so, here you have a guy. >> tucker: that's exactly right. may i ask though why has no one resigned and why hasn't anyone said we are living in a world where increasingly billionaires control news outles to political system. that's not a concern to liberals? i'm not a liberal. i'm very concerned about that. >> right.
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i find it absolutely shocking. i'm a lot more liberal than you are, tucker. i find it absolutely shocking. i cannot understand why any self-respecting bloomberg news journalist has not already walked out the door. they have been ordered that they cannot investigate their own guy. and by the way, the reason why it's so important is many of those bloomberg news reporters, they may be in possession of material which could have the material effect on whether michael bloomberg should be president of the united states. and we may never hear about this because they have all been ordered not to investigate him so they can't report anything that isn't just out there already. but if they get something bad on donald trump, that's going to go up all over bloomberg news. you know, it pays into this whole thing around bloomberg to me of this charade that somehow he is even a democrat. this is a republican guy. he was a republican mayor. he is somebody who -- you know, the democrats have spent, what, four or five years now screaming every
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liberal in america screaming that donald trump is the antithesis of everything they stand for. and now they are trying to, in order to stop bernie sanders, from getting the nomination, they are now trying to promote a guy who is a billionaire new york traitor who likes to trash talk. who has a pretty unsavory record for stop and frisk, racially incendiary comments and policies who has ndas all over the place with women with inappropriate behavior. hammered obamacare. all the things which the liberals have been using as sticks to beat donald trump. bloomberg has with bells on and yet they are now all rallying around to make him potentially their nominee. and i just find it utterly ridiculous, completely hypocritical, and it stinks. and if you are donald trump, watching all of this play out. everything you have feared about the democrats, everything you have screamed about them is playing out in realtime. it's a total fraud and the
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victims are the american people. >> tucker: well, exactly. it's a corporate takeover of the country. so nicely put. pierce morgan, so great to see you tonight. thank you so much for that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: democratic polster and supporter of mike bloomberg. thanks for come on. >> thank you. >> tucker: i know a lot of bloomberg supporters every one of them is on his payroll. i ask the same question which is aren't you concerned about the corporate takeover of the country that he represents and if you aren't, tell me what issues he is running on? they always point to gun control. and i think he is sincerely for gun control. and i am sure you think that, too. here is my question. if he is for gun control, why is he disavowing the single most effective gun control program ever put into place in this country, stop and frisk, which took thousands of illegal firearms off the street? how is he against that? i don't understand. >> tucker, let me explain. he is running on his record. and using his money to communicate what his record is. one of the most successful mayor's new york has ever seen. his biggest success was
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bringing people together. he brought people together after 9/11. he brought people together again after the great recession. he grated almost 500,000 new jobs. he expanded health insurance to 700,000 new yorkers that didn't have it. he actually cut incarceration rate by 40%. he reduced the carbon footprint. he turned around a failing school system. he raised the graduation rates. he got schools up. >> tucker: carbon footprint? i lived in new york for some of that what he did was lower the crime rate, which made. >> he did that and a lot of other things. >> tucker: he did do that he is not running on it. he is disavowing it and he did it in part by taking -- hold on, by taking illegal guns off the street. he says he is for that but now he is not for it. just explain in language i can understand what that means. how can he not be for gun control if he is for gun control. >> is he for gun control. stop and frisk ended up locking up hundreds of thousands of young black and brown men, putting them into the criminal justice system and really -- really
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creating huge problems for communities across the city. and i think what he understands now is there are a lot of unintended consequences. >> tucker: so people with illegal guns shouldn't go to jail? >> he was trying to get guns off the street but there were will the of unintended consequences. >> tucker: okay. >> and hundreds of thousands of young black and brown men got caught up in the criminal justice system who did not have guns who should have never been there in the first places and he understands the impact that had. >> tucker: is he not for gun control. >> is he more for gun control than any other person in the country. >> tucker: now is he against it? >> is he not against it. >> tucker: second issue is climate change. big for climate change. not clear can you do anything about climate change but whatever. look at the polling on climate change. it's at the bottom of voter concerns. so it's wages. healthcare, opioids, i has nothing to say about that. >> yes, he does. >> tucker: funding at the issue at the bottom of people's interest. yet is he a viable candidate? how is that? if he wasn't rich we would laugh at him. >> a plan to lower prescription drug cost and plan to expand economic
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development in rural america and reach out to manufacturing communities that donald trump was supposed to revive which he is not. he has been working to put forward clean energy programs that are actually getting communities that have been ravaged by the coal industry back to work. the fact is there is tens of millions of jobs that are available in the green economy and mike bloomberg is probably best positioned because he knows best about how to get the economy moving again. he has demonstrated that time and time again in his personal life. did he that as mayor of new york city. and he understands that our biggest threat to the country, to the world is climate change. simply ignoring it. >> tucker: then, okay. hold on. if he believes that why is he flying in a private jet to bermuda every weekend? sincere question. >> i don't think is he going to bermuda that much because is he crisscrossing the country. >> tucker: hold on, slow down. why is he flying in a private plane i'm serious if he cereally cares about climate change. that's the most destructive thing you can do if you think carbon is a pollutant why is he doing that. >> i think you would have to ask him. you should talk to him about
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his record on fighting climate change. he has actually done more than this president or any other president to fight climate change. he very much is going to get us back in the paris climate accord and. >> tucker: if he is for climate change why doesn't he fly commercial. >> that's an issue you would have to discuss with him, tucker. i'm not his pilot. >> tucker: aren't you bothered by it it's so hypocritical it's nauseating. >> i have a feeling he will spend a lot more time in camp david than bermuda and meantime make america carbon neutral by 2050. he has a plan to, i think, bring renewable energy sources to america by 2028 cutting our electricity use significantly. >> tucker: did you ever think like if i had asked you three years ago at the height of hysteria about trump your answer to trump is going to be a 78-year-old male billionaire? that is really not what our party stands for, is it? >> my answer to donald trump is anybody that believes in bringing this country back together that respects women, that respects guys, that respects minorities, that can put us back to work. that can lower healthcare
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costs and actually unite the country. the biggest problem we have as a country is the divisiveness and negativity that has been propelled by donald trump. mike bloomberg has a demonstrated record governing most diverse city in the country and bring back together. >> tucker: if you keep repeating the talking points. >> this is reality. this is how mike bloomberg. >> tucker: i mean this with respect. you didn't answer a single one of my questions. those aren't real answers. the guy is buying the nomination and we should be worried about that. >> he is not buying the nomination. >> tucker: lectures me about climate change are you joking? it's absurd. >> he is simply using his money to get his record out. and people can choose to support him or not. the fact is 15% of the country is now supporting him. >> tucker: you are going to need to have real answers if you want to be president. great to see you, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: pete buttigieg is still run for president and still telling you he is a way better person than you are a better christiannd and brave he is after the break.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: mayor pete buttigieg won't be in the democratic field for much longer. he survived this long because he was a favorite of wall street now the man who actually owns wall street has decided to buy the nomination for himself. in with bloomberg out with buttigieg who is not needed anymore. but before he drops out, we should know how ground breaking the buttigieg campaign actually was. it was the world's first attempt to construct a presidential candidate using legos. each block was clearly labeled. there was the harvard degree and the road scholarship credentials certain to impress socially anxious
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media figures. there was the work on democratic political campaigns designed to demonstrate little to the party. there was a stent at mackenzie and company priewf prf that buttigieg would never threaten the donor class. he became the mayor of south bend at the age of 29. at the end only one block missing something to appeal to middle america. pete buttigieg chose military service. people respect that in 2009 he joined the naval reserves. five years later did a tour in afghanistan. he was officially now a veteran and he never stopped reminding you of it. >> when you write a letter and put it in an envelope marked just in case and set it where your folks can find it, you never again lose sight of the stakes. and by the way, when i was overseas, each one of the 119 trips i took outside the wire, driving or guarding a vehicle, we learned what it is to trust fellow americans with our lives. the men and women, the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and civilians
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who got in my vehicle, they didn't care if i was a democrat or republican. they cared if i had selected the route with the fewest ied threats not whether my father was documented or undocumented when he immigrated here. they cared if my m-4 was locked and loaded not whether i was going home to a girlfriend or a boyfriend. >> tucker: my m 4 was locked and loaded outside the wire. you got the impression buttigieg spent his time in afghanistan stringing taliban ears on to necklaces as he told beto o'rourke at one of the democratic debates i don't need lessons from you on courage. ugh. who talks like that? not people who have actually been there that's for sure. phonies talk like that. and buttigieg is nothing, if not a phoney. kyle smith of national review spent some time looking into buttigieg's military record. and here's what he found. when buttigieg joined the navy, he didn't do it in the usual way. he didn't go enlist. he didn't sign up for rotc. he never attended officer candidate school. instead, buttigieg joined through something called direct commission. take a physical, sign the
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form and you are. in buttigieg never even completed basic training. as kyle smith put it imagine someone got a diploma direct from harvard but never wrote any papers or took any tests. that would be a little different, right? not surprisingly hunter biden joined the navy in exactly the same way. when buttigieg deployed to afghanistan, he didn't go as a member of a unit. he went as a one-man reinforcement. he never saw combat. instead he spent his time sitting on base or ferrying people around in a jeep. you heard it in the video we just played. 119 trips outside the wire. but that's not an official stat from the military. buttigieg apparently counted himself for future use in a presidential debate just another lego block. the good news it didn't work in the end. democratic voters may have bad ideas but they know a transparent fraud when they see one and they just did. so mayor pete doesn't just sermon nice about his military record. he actually gives actual
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sermons at cnn town hall he argued that the right in america is a collection of fake christians not up to the moral caliber of saint pete buttigieg the episcopalian. >> i find a message in scripture that is very different from what the political right seems to want to talk about all the time. a lot about poverty. a lot about compassion. a lot about humility. >> do you think it is impossible to be a christian and support president trump? >> well, i'm not going to tell other christians how to be christians. but, i will say i cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything that i find in scripture. >> tucker: i think that was a concordance up there on stage with him real scriptural expert pouring over the gospel of john. yeah. he is a moral expert. that's how he knows things like partial birth abortion.
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great. >> it is extremely important that no one person have to be subjected to some other person's interpretation of their own religion. i know we're not going to agree. >> partial birth abortion is something that was coming up governor northam a huge controversy when he was running for governor. i think people, even democrats a lot of pro-life democrats in the country want to know exactly where your line is because you will be the president if you win. >> my point is that it shouldn't be up to a government official to draw the line. it should be up to the woman who is confronted. >> tucker: they are impressed over at "the view." a senior pastor at community church of god in clio, michigan also mayor buttigieg's brother-in-law. ryan, thanks so much for coming on. i'm completely in favor of candidates talking about their faith and living it by the way. but, all of a sudden you have mayor pete buttigieg suggesting that christians, christianity and conservatism are
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incompatible. where did that come from and is it true? >> yeah. in the height of intellectual dishonesty for pete to make claims that there is no come pattability with being a christian and voting for trump which pete, in fact, is the one who is pushing agendas and rhetoric that is against clearly against scripture. so, it is just very interesting to me that pete wants to use this type of terminology. you played that clip from theview. i'm in a state of lament when you hear that we have someone running for commander-in-chief who can't make a moral decision on whether to keep a child after it's already been born or to have it killed. what kind of moral suggestion is he going to be giving if he can't come to an understanding of that? it's alarming. it's extreme. and it just concerns me, tucker. it's unbelievable. >> tucker: well, of course, it's sickening to the layman just the idea of killing a child who has been born. but you are a christian pastor, you are familiar with the scriptures, the new
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testament. is that consistent with christian teaching the idea that you should be allowed to kill a child? >> absolutely not. you will find nowhere in scripture, specifically just -- i encourage people the last time i was on here, tucker, i encourage pete and everyone in america to read psalm 139:13-16 god says in his word that every single person is fearfully and wonderfulfully made in the image of god. jeremy 1:50 god knew us before we were ever in our mother's womb. jesus says i have come to give life and to give life more abundantly. jesus same to give life, not take life. this completely is against the word of god and it's outlandish for someone like pete to be pushing this pro-abortion anti-god rhetoric like he is on the campaign trail. >> tucker: i cannot resist a sectarian question. i'm episcopallen i will tell that you upfront. have you ever seen a
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episcopallen wag his finger in the face of people to make a moral point? i thought that wasn't allowed last time i checked. >> absolutely. everything that pete is pushing is an anti god i'm going to be honest with you. nothing lines up with scripture and for him to make cases like to say that you cannot be a christian and vote for trump, he's the one that is openly contradicting god's word over and over. i know he uses scripture over and over again on the campaign trail because he knows the importance of the american people of what the founding fathers found america on was this christian judeo values. tucker. >> tucker: yeah. i agree with that. rhyan, thanks so much for joining us tonight. good luck next thanksgiving with him. >> thank you so much, yep. >> tucker: pete buttigieg's brief surge appears to be ending. elizabeth warren is done. looking like a two-man on the democratic side between
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michael bloomberg and bernie sanders. so what happens next? dana perino person we go to for questions like that. she hosts "the daily briefing," of course, she co-hosts "the five." she joins us tonight. dana, great to see you. so this does look like two trains speeding towards each other on the same track. what's the final scene? >> almost, except what's really interesting is that bloomberg has been able through the shear force of his fundraising, i mean, his payments for all of these ads that now he is in the top 2 in national polls. so he has tried to make this a person two person race and pushed biden, pete buttigieg and off to the side. the reason to believe it doesn't work for this week's purposes bloomberg isn't even on the ballot in nevada. and his team had some nerve today but, you got to hand it to them, he basically said that bernie sanders is so dangerous that everybody
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else, biden, buttigieg, warren, klobuchar should drop out now because bloomberg, he says, is the only person that could possibly beat bernie. >> tucker: so when does the rest of the democratic establishment, you know, wall street, tech people, the morning show hosts on msnbc, when do they all swing in behind mike bloomberg against bernie? >> it's hard to say. first of all, mike bloomberg has been in all of these ads. but nobody has actually seen him in debates or in any big interviews. so, it will be interesting to see if people who are sort of bloomberg curious think that the person in the ads matches with the person they see on stage at a debate. i think that he had to debate. it was getting to the point where it was going to be embarrassing if he didn't. but, again, he is not on the ballot. >> tucker: right. >> the media as we showed on "the five" are very, very concerned that bernie sanders could possibly run away with this and ruin the
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democrats' chances for having sort of power position for the next generation. and i have to ask like why are they surprised? medicare for all is just another fancy word for single pair. anpayer. that's what president obama billed back in his term. they have been building to this position for decades. >> tucker: so they really think that michael bloomberg has a better shot of beating donald trump than bernie sanders does? i stand alone in laughing at that. >> i think it's very hard to imagine -- first of all, bernie sanders is definitely the frontrunner. he has won contests. he has bounced back from a lot of things. you have to hand it to him. pete buttigieg has won delegates. one of the things that pete buttigieg has not been able to show and we will see what happens in the next two states, can he win in a state that is not so predominantly white as newtatior the debate are kind of low. but his expectations for delivering some results are very high. but it will be a while before we even see that
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super tuesday is not until march 3rd. and that might seem it will go by in an instant but in campaign time that's a long time. and biden has to hang out there, try get through south carolina. i will mention one thing, amy klobuchar did something very, very smart. today she announced she will do a fox news town hall next thursday before the south carolina primary. and i think that was smart because it shows even if she doesn't do well in nevada in the caucus, she has got a plan. she is moving forward. she will be on fox news and she will garner a lot of attention for that. >> tucker: yeah. and i think she will be a fine running mate with mike bloomberg. [laughter] we will see. >> i don't know. i'm with you. i'm a skeptic. but i am glad that they have provided us some entertainment. >> tucker: they certainly have. if nothing else. dana perino, thank you so much. great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: smart phone are incidence cybil parindesensibley
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making you sick? really sick? we will tell what you it is. half of washington appears to be bought off by china. one of the city's political blogs isn't doing much to highlight it. why? because they are part of it. our investigation is next. in america we all count. no matter where we call home, how we worship, or who we love. and the 2020 census is how that great promise is kept. because this is the count that informs where hundreds of billions in funding will go each year for things like education, healthcare, and programs that touch us all. shape your future. start here. learn more at
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♪ >> tucker: the average american now spends more than four hours a day using a smart phone. by the way, that's what the surveys say. the real numbers have got to be higher than that that
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includes making phone calls, surfing the internet, checking emails, 150 things. taking pictures and texting them to your brother-in-law. smart phone is indispensable you literally can't do without it. displacing your phone even for a minute is like losing a child at disney world all can you think about until you are reunited. how healthy is this? not spiritually healthy you know the answer to. that is it good for you to be with your smart tone all the time as it turns out probably not. linked mobile phone radiation to cancer. the national toxicology program found high exposure to radio frequency radiation used by cell phones was associate associated with clear evidence we're quoting now of tumors in rats. in 2012, italy's supreme court upheld a ruling that says there was a link between a business executive's brain tumor and heavy use of a mobile phone. our trustee fcc though says there is nothing to worry about. according to our federal agencies, smart phones are entirely safe. here's the problem with that
5:37 pm
claim. when the fcc screens for phone radiation they allow companies to test their phones from up to 25 million meters away from a person. that's really far. the manual for samsung's galaxy 10 note plus, for example, tells users that the phone, quote, should be positioned at least .6 inches away from your body. okay. when was the last time you actually held a phone at that distance. if you are not on speaker phone, you have never held a phone that far away. you have it right up against your ear. and when it's in your pocket as it typically is the phone is about two millimeters away from your body. a lawsuit filed in december against samsung and apple cited own test from fcc accredited lab showed at zero millimeters the iphone 8 hit users with five times as much radiation as federal exposure limits allowed. samsung's galaxy x 8 was three times as high. now, both of these companies regularly run ads encouraging the use of their phones in unsafe ways.
5:38 pm
apple ad shows a woman falling asleep with an iphone touching her body. samsung commercial shows a pregnant woman holding a cell phone to her belly to take a sonogram. 20 years from now we are going to look at that ad and laugh bitterly like one of those camel ads with smoking doctors. can you imagine they did that? in other words, we should be worried about this. but, few people seem to be. the french government has already advised the public not to have long conversations with a cell phone to the ear. in this country there is almost no public conversation about the risk this is. none. let's hope we don't have to wait until the statistics become undeniable to talk about it. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: one of the most important stories of this era one that's rarely told is the ongoing betrayal of america interests and ideals of our elites in favor of chinese. china is surpassing the i. united states in economic power and in global influence. and that didn't happen by accident. our leadership class actively helped them do it and they got rich in return. we have given you many examples of this on the show
5:39 pm
over the years. tonight, another. politico was a blog based outside of washington, d.c., conventional people read it for a conventional view on politics. politico is one of the reasons everyone on television sounds the same and is usually wrong. it's also one of the reasons sucking up to china seems normal in washington. a few years ago politico entered into a called content partnership with the south china morning post. that's an english language newspaper based in hong kong that is widely understood to be a mouthpiece for the communist chinese government. the "new york times" would describe the publication as quote a newspaper to describe china's south power. the south china morning post is owned by china's ecommerce al alibaba. like all chinese companies alibaba is required by 2017 national intelligence law to, quote: support of and assist and cooperate with china's government spy agencies. yes, spy agencies.
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that's politico's partner and it shows. what sort of content has politico's partnership produced? well last october pro-democracy protests broke out in hong kong. here's the "l.a. times" headline from that day. quote, hong kong protesters defy police set up road blocks. "the washington post" used this headline. police blast mosque with water canon as hundreds of thousands protest in hong kong. now, here by contrast is how the south china morning post described it quote rampaging mob stage arson spree in hong kong. the morning post story went on to describe how a group of criminals was more radding and lewding and vandalizing and. paper described as quote illegal march. the piece never once hinted as to why the group might be protest not guilty first place no. mention of political oppression or roll back of rights in hong kong. the protesters are simply presented as evil. that's why they were doing it. the whole account bore no
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resemblance to a news story it wasn't journalism. state propaganda staged on behalf of the chinese government. here's the best part. politico ran the entire thing, ran it without comment like it was entirely real presumably many of its readers in washington thought it was real. and that of course, was the point of lying from the chinese perspective. telling lies on behalf of a hostile foreign government, you would think that would be considered over the line, if not illegal. but politico was happy to do it. what did politico's employees think of this we called reporter ben to find out to find out. enthusiastic moralizer. he compared trump to george wallace during the 2016 campaign for promising to secure the border. how does ben selector feel about working for a publication that makes money from chinese state propaganda and political. he refused to say. when asked if he planned to
5:42 pm
continue working for an employer that would do something like that, he referred to all questions to the office flack. we didn't bother to call the flack. we had had enough lying for the day. ♪ >> tucker: politico working for the chinese government. we will have more on that story. we can promise that bernie sanders on the brink of leading a socialist takeover, meanwhile of the democratic party. how exactly did that happen? fbi counter terror expert how marxist thought permeates the party next. the president's son is on the stage in phoenix as part of the trump rally. the president is taking the stage any minute. >> said 1,124th maybe and they looked around the table at each other. these are the leaders of her cabinet. people who may end up in her cabinet and they said less than 1/10th of 1%. rather than just being we are going to pretend that never happened? this is a win?
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: mike bloomberg is surging in the democratic race. is he blanketing daytime tv. all the judge shows with 30 second spots as we told you. still, bernie sanders does remain the favorite to win the democratic nomination according to the common sense. a big change. for decades it would have been unthinkable that america would elect a self-described socialist to high office. henry wallace probably the last. now it seems inevitable that socialist also take control of the democratic party at some point. most people didn't see this coming. how did it happen? terry turchie the former fbi director of counter-terrorism new book called "in their own words" the democratic push for communist america. he joins us tonight. terry, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me,
5:48 pm
tucker. >> tucker: how did this happen? you say you are not surprised by this. why? >> well, you had a good story on china and it's perfect lead-in. china, cuba, russia, all of them for decades have wanted to change and alter the perception of americans about their system. that's what their intelligence services do. we talk about theft. what they really do is change attitudes. you can look back over five or six decades the 60's and '70s to the weather underground terrorist organization to the black panther party to self-defense both describe themselves as communist minded men and women who wanted to overthrow the u.s. government. they set forth a strategy and the weather underground strategy is just about word for word what the democrats are talking about today when they push socialism and democratic socialism. and that's what the in their own words book does. it kind of walks through and gives you a playbook as to how this has happened. how we are almost on the verge of incremental communism installed before we even know it. everybody says no american is going to vote for a
5:49 pm
communist government. that's exactly true. they are not even knowing and realizing right now they are being sold socialism but in the words of the radical weather underground and the words of the democratic party platform of 2016, which they call their most progressive ever, we are getting the same thing. and that's what is really frightening. that's why we wrote this book. >> tucker: interesting. so, describe exactly what that means? what is the difference, would you say, between socialism and communism? >> well, of course, when you get into the argument socialism is about the community, kind of owning things. communism is about essentially public ownership. but what i'm talking about here is what we saw on the street. this is what we learned years ago about what people really do and how this is affecting our country. and let's take the issue of race. in the weather underground grand scheme of resistance which is what they call their strategy, america was a terrible, terrible country. it was a country of systemic
5:50 pm
racism of institutional racism. it was a country that we should be just sad and just taken aback by our history of slavery and something we just couldn't outlive or outgrow. what do you hear when you listen to democratic party candidates today? systemic racism, institutional racism. the police are racists. why did the weather underground choose racism? well, for the same reason that the old kgb and new svr and the chinese intelligence services push the very idea that racism will divide america. they have believed that forever and they believe it now. but, now the difference is the democratic party is spreading the same thing. they have literally gotten their hands around the words, the actions, and the policies of soviet and russian-style communism and chinese style communism and i guarantee you that's where they're going. you can look at these words and whether it's the democratic socialists of america or the communist party of the u.s.a., i will
5:51 pm
give you another example. barack obama talked about the fundamental transformation of america. huey newton the co-founder of the black panther party in 1970 in a speech at boston college talked about the total transformation of america. >> tucker: well, that's what -- they are certainly trying to transform america and promoting race hatred along the way. terry turchie, thanks for the book. thanks for coming on tonight. i appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: rod blagojevich the former illinois governor out of prison after eight or nine years. first public remarks since his sentence was commuted by the president, that's next. also, update you on roger stone, he is being sentenced tomorrow. he is facing nine years. we will tell you where we think that's going. plus, the president rallies supporters tonight in phoenix. monitoring the situation for breaking news. stay tuned for that. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tucker: former illinois governor rod blagojevich is a free man tonight. matt finn was there as the family reunited in chicago and joins us with an update. matt. >> tucker, blagojevich spoke to a crowd right outside of his front door today. some people booed him. he joked he doesn't look any younger with his gray hair. he says his freedom was taken from him, convicted on corruption charges, including trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat. blago as he is called repeatedly dabbed his face
5:57 pm
with a napkin saying he cut himself shaving. >> it's been a long, long journey. i'm bruised and battered and bloody. it's been a long time since i have shaved with a normal razor. it takes a little practice. i'm sorry. i have got to keep dabbing the blood. >> i would like to apologize for his tardiness. he couldn't find where i put his socks this morning. [laughter] >> a lot changed in the nearly 8 years that i have. >> he says he is now a trump ocrat vote for president currently unlikely as a felon. >> how do you appreciate the fact that somebody given you back the freedom that was stolen from you. he didn't have to do. this he was a republican president. i was a democratic governor. doing this has nothing to help his politics. president trump is a man who is tough and outspoken but he also has a kind heart. and this is an act of kindness and i also believe
5:58 pm
at the beginning of the process to actually turn an injustice into a justice. >> the illinois delegation to the houses it's disappointed that blagojevich is the face of corruption in this state. up next, blagojevich says he has got to find a job. tucker? >> tucker: matt finn for us in chicago tonight. thanks, matt. speaking of prison, roger stone is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow in federal court. he faces as you know nine years in prison. effectively the rest of his life for lying to congress during the course of the mueller investigation. like the russia collusion fantasy itself, stone's prosecution was wholly political. it was a shocking insult to the american tradition of equal justice. obama appointed judge amy behrman jackson an open democratic partisan allowed a former congressional candidate, a democrat with a history of attacking stone to run the jury in the case. then judge jackson stripped stone of his first amendment rights. she threatened to send him to jail if he tried to defend himself in public.
5:59 pm
that's why roger stone isn't on this show tonight. you go to prison for it. the whole thing is enough to shake your faith in our justice system unfortunately. president trump could end this travesty in an instant with a pardon and there are indications tonight that he will do that. in the last 24 hours he has done the same for former police commissioner bernie kerik and financier michael mel kin. democrats will become unhinged if he pardons roger stone. what happened to roger stone should never happen to anyone of this country of any political party to democrats as well, ever. it's completely immoral, it's wrong. fixing it is the right thing to do and in the end that is the only thing that matters. that's it for us tonight. tune in every night, including tomorrow night, at 8:00 to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. thanks for joining us. the president's rally in phoenix about to begin. should be a big one. you will see parts of it on
6:00 pm
hannity. he takes over from here. hey, sean. >> sean: buckle up, the president set to stage the stage any moment now in phoenix, arizona. we will take you there live as it happens. first, we start with the president well blasting mini mike the farmer bloomberg from earlier today probably a preview of coming attractions for tonight. take a look. >> this meeting, kevin was just saying, was set up long before devin and kevin set it up, long before we heard that mini mike hates the farmer. long before we learned about his hatred of the farmer disrespect of the farmer. i don't know. i don't think he is going to be the candidate anyway. america is a nation built by fa w


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