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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 20, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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have a brokered convention. >> laura: i cannot wait. >> we will wait to decide then. >> laura: this will be so much fun. it is about time they nominated the person who captures the heart and soul of this party. tom and mark, thank you so much. that is all the time we have. the time we he time we >> the fox news election alert, stunning night in american politics with the democratic feel going for the jugular on each other in terms we have not seen, straight out of the gate a battle on stage between factions of the democratic party straining to the breaking point from the far left of the limousine liberals to the heartland democrats. michael bloomberg and bernie sanders taking a shot after shot, a battle over who can beat donald trump in november. contrast that with a keep america great rally in phoenix where the president made his case for reelection.
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this is a night for team coverage indeed. kevin cork straight ahead with the president's message from arizona, bret baer, howard kurtz here late tonight with top moments from the debate. let's begin with peter doocy in las vegas. >> reporter: democratic candidates who spent weeks leafing through binders of opposition research about michael bloomberg did not wait long to start using it. >> that broadened for space lesbians and i'm not talking about donald trump, i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> the warren campaigns is lines like that helped her have her best fundraising hour ever tonight but it was bernie sanders who had bloomberg's attention arguing sanders is unelectable and called democratic socialism communism. >> the best-known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with 3 houses. what am i missing here?
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>> you miss that i work in washington, live in burlington and like thousands of others -- forgive me for that. let us tax which tax haven. >> new york city. >> and joe biden was at centerstage but didn't get much attention from his rivals the way he did when he was polling better. instead bloomberg and sanders were treated like they are the ones to beat. >> we could wake up 2 weeks from today, the day after supertuesday and the only candidates left standing will be bernie sanders and michael bloomberg, the two most polarizing figures on this stage. and most americans don't see where they fit if they have to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil and the billionaire who thinks money got to be the root of all power.
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>> pete buttigieg was not spared from the aggressive elizabeth for and when healthcare came up, she rattled off a list of research that left buttigieg and amy klobuchar laughing. >> pete buttigieg has a slogan that was thought by his consultants to paper over a thin version of a plan that would leave millions of people unable to afford their healthcare. it's not a plan, it is power point. amy's plan is even less. it is like a post-it note, insert plan here. >> i am more of a microsoft word guy. >> post it notes were invented in my state. >> because this is las vegas the event was of the script but the crowd was cheering and booming of laughing and really into it and away we have not seen it previous debates and the debate is winding down, other
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headliners like brian kerry or share or way new not just getting ready to start their shows. >> we don't want to come back for my are -- maria katie but when you have a great candidate we will come back to you. a study in contrast with the president rallying the faithful while democrats reach a point of vitriol and seen on stage to this point in the rest of the top three moments in a debate let's bring in bret baer, anchor of special report, great to have you. key points in your view? >> the big picture, the biggest winner donald trump. this moment of seeing democrats go at each other was a moment where michael bloomberg for all of the ads and all the money was sort of like the wizard of oz when they pull back the curtain and realize it is this guy, he's not the guy in the ads. it felt a little i that.
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the first one was with amy klobuchar about taxes. take a listen. >> the number of pages, thousands of pages, can't go to turbotax. >> everyone here has released their tax returns. it is a major issue because the president has been hiding behind his tax returns. even when courts order him to come forward. i don't care how much money anyone has. it is great you have a lot of money but you have to come forward with your tax returns. >> they will be out in a few weeks, that is as fast as i can do it. i only entered this race ten weeks ago. all my associates have been at this for a couple years. >> it was noticeable that they were in midseason form and he was not.
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she stepped in a couple times in the dustup with pete buttigieg but bloomberg had a rough go. >> the democrats are obviously upset about his wealth, being a huge tactic or a huge edge, going after him about his money and his homes and that sort of thing, no surprise seeing that attack. >> was before and had the best strikes. i don't think overall she tends the ball against bernie sanders. that is which he had to do, change the dynamic with bernie sanders the big picture donald trump is the big winner but in the democratic picture bernie sanders is the big winner. she did have a great strike against michael bloomberg where he was really flustered about nondisclosure agreements. >> are you willing to release all those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story. >> we have a very few
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nondisclosure agreements. >> how many? >> none of them accused me of doing anything other than they didn't like a joke i told and let me -- agreements between two parties that wanted to keep it quiet and that is up to them. they signed those agreements and we will live with it. i'm not going to end these agreements because they were made consensually. and have every right to expect that they will stay private. if they want to release it they should be able to release themselves. so yes. >> joe biden at the end at a couple of moments but then regressed. he didn't have a big night. he needed to tonight and it was not that. >> did you sense desperation from lower-level candidates knowing they didn't perform well tonight. could be curtains pretty much.
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>> i think they since the races changed. with the money bloomberg has put in, $400 million and the theme that bernie sanders has behind him, they had to change the dynamic. there was a moment where bloomberg came back and said we as a party cannot elect a socialist but he didn't say socialist. >> i can't think of a way to make it easier for donald trump to get reelected and listening to this conversation. it is ridiculous. we are not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that. other countries tried that. it is called communism and it didn't work. >> bernie sanders said that is not us, that's a cheap shot. it's not communism, it is democratic socialism. to my first point, that line is bernie sanders is the nominee will be used in some trump add.
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the most fascinating moment was at the end where they went down the road and said what about contested or open convention and bernie sanders said the person with the most delegates should win and all the others said the process should play out because guess what tonight meant bernie sanders still has momentum. he still looks the same. he is still the same guy and is probably going to get the same delegates and when you get to milwaukee he probably is going to have a plurality of the delegates and it is going to be a big challenge for this party to figure out of the democratic socialist will be the nominee. mike: it did not surprise me they were eager to punch away at michael bloomberg. mayor pete hit his central point, we are not going to let god by it blow up the system. >> i thought pete buttigieg have a strong night overall, the big top-tier as far as bernie sanders and bloomberg, buttigieg had some striking moment against
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amy klobuchar and that was to the detriment of klobuchar and i do think that he is very polished, very good what he does about delivering it but whether that will move the needle in this race, the race after this debate is the same race we saw going and with that is shocking but it is. mike: elizabeth warren came out swinging on nondisclosure agreements, did she do anything to change her course? >> i think she had some great punches against bloomberg. i don't think she had great punches against bernie sanders and that is a lane she needs to own. she needs to own that lane. there are a lot of trucks and buses and the moderate lane. bernie sanders has a clear ride in the hov progressive lane and that is the difference. i think bernie sanders is well-positioned to be the nominee of the democratic party as of tonight. bloomberg had his moment. it was not tonight.
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it happened but he's not the guy in those campaign ads. >> are you surprised he didn't have a better answer on the mbas? >> yes. i heard he was very practiced and practicing with debate prep and all kinds of practices. i would think the guy, one of the moments he would push back on. there were good moments he pushed back on the party going down the road of socialism but overall i think this is a pretty bad night for michael bloomberg. >> the president making his case to arizona in a keep america great rally. kevin cork joins us from phoenix. good evening. >> good evening. is expected the president spent the majority of the time talking about his accomplishments but also uses or marks to target the policies espoused by some of the leading democratic presidential candidates most notably
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democratic socialist bernie sanders and new york city former mayor michael bloomberg. >> a new member, no boxes, we call him no boxes. and i hear he is getting pounded tonight. the dnc will take it away from bernie, that is okay because we don't care who it is, we are going to win. >> reporter: the president referring to the rough night mayor bloomberg had. the rally was in many ways the perfect counterprogramming for the president as the democrats hit the debate stage but also a chance to build energy and enthusiasm for his own reelection bid. arizona part of the go west to with stops not just here in arizona. he also spent part of the day in california. on thursday he makes his way back to nevada and over to colorado for a rally and then the big rally coming up friday night in las vegas, nevada.
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campaign officials tell me they believe in number of these states he is visiting notably arizona, nevada and colorado are all in play. he did when here in 2016 but they are taking nothing for granted while making a strong push for nevada and colorado. mike: thanks a lot. this was the most divisive debate yet among the democratic field struggling with this race. howard kurtz joins us next with his top moments. stick around. do you ever get that? it's nice to finally meet you in person. you're pete nocchio? oh, the pic? that was actually a professional headshot. i'm sure that's it, yeah. i, uh, i think i've lost a few pounds recently too. i'm actually doing a juice cleanse. wait! you don't... (glass breaking) (gasp) ah! oh...! with geico, the savings keep on going. just like this sequel. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> senator klobuchar for a minute, this is not right. i understand she provides a name. it happens but let's be clear. missing a name all by itself
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does not indicate that you do not understand what is going on. >> beyond going after each of the democratic candidates got a little testy with the moderators. let's discuss with howard kurtz. what about the moderator? >> the msnbc moderators were very aggressive, none of this tell us your thoughts why donald trump is a terrible president, let's take a look. >> you release three letters from your doctors but now will you will not release anything more. what happened to your promise for full transparency. >> there are some democrats who like you a lot but worry that this plan medicare for all will take away private insurance and goes too far. are they right? >> now. >> what does that language say about how you view people of color or people in minority
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neighborhoods? >> reporter: the last question about michael bloomberg's record on stop and frisk in new york city, specific questions that produce clashes between the candidates and the smartest thing moderators did was disappeared and let the rivals go at it, amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg dripping condescension. >> after iowa and new hampshire some candidates trying to change their momentum. how do you think these candidates dealt with one another? >> bernie sanders took a fair amount of incoming, was the best debater on the stage but also his flip-flop on releasing his medical records which he promised to do after his heart attack. the dog that didn't bark, joe biden had some aggressive moments but took almost no attacks on stage reflecting his reduced standing on the polls. the punches that were thrown in las vegas. >> mister bloomberg had policies
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in new york city, stop and frisk went after african-american and latino people in an outrageous way. >> i don't think there's any chance whatsoever and if he is the candidate we will have donald trump for another four years. >> a billionaire who calls women fat bronson horse faced lesbians. >> close to 5 million young black men up against the wall. >> michael bloomberg was treated as if he were the front runner and he had a really poor night. the fact that he hasn't done interviews with journalists showed how out of practice he was in that exchange, the history of alleged sexist remarks in which he disputes. he didn't have a good answer. elizabeth warren cleans his clock in that exchange and got the better of him when it came to the attention behind stop and frisk.
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michael bloomberg brought a knife to a gunfight and no question, he lost a lot of blood from these attacks. elizabeth foreign may suffer backlash aggressive style but she brought howard to to a gunfight and wasn't afraid to use it. >> the former vice president was jumping out trying to say don't forget about me. i'm the former vice president of the united states which i know these foreign leaders. i was there when president obama did these things, what about vice president biden? >> i thought coming back to bloomberg that biden scored a few points are landed a few blows when he talked about how bloomberg was trying to act as barack obama's best friend but hadn't endorsed obama in 2008 [and] had -- he used to be a republican.
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the question there, just as donald trump used to be a democrat and was friendly with the clintons republican voters cared about the future. i don't know how much that hurts bloomberg but once he had to be on that stage and handle himself without hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising he had a challenge to make a good impression and had some good moments but it was a tough might for him and didn't do anything to stop sanders's momentum even though bloomberg wasn't shy about saying he didn't think sanders could be donald trump. >> is bernie sanders your winter? >> bernie sanders went into this debate with all the momentum, the lead in the polls and i don't think he got thrown off track so i would say he was my winner. elizabeth war and was stronger than i expected and i have to call michael bloomberg. doesn't mean he can't come back but it wasn't an impressive debut on the national stage. >> thanks for your time and your analysis. have a great night.
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(vo) get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. ♪ >> mike: in the wake of those high-profile pardons, washington is trying to decipher the real relationship between the president and his attorney general, and what that may mean with big events in the coming >> in the wake of those high profile pardons washington is trying to decipher the real relationship between the president and his attorney general is what that may mean with big events in the coming days. >> it is well-known the president isn't a fan of being told what to do especially by those who work for him. a spokesman said he would do whatever he wanted when it comes to the roger stone case or anything else at the justice department. >> there is a long precedent of
12:28 am
presidents talking about various cases that are ongoing. the president can make his opinion known. he has a right to do that and does so on a routine basis. >> the white house didn't back down amid reports his attorney general might resign in protest over continued presidential tweeting and commenting on open criminal cases like former trump advisor roger stone. the attorney general's spokesman at talked about beltway rumors, the attorney general had knows plans to resign. tomorrow william barr's prosecutors will make their recommendation at stone's sentencing hearing but whatever the judge rules won't take affect until stone's motion for new trial gets its day in court, the president could always pardon stone or commute his sentence as he did for bernard carrigan to illinois governor rod blagojevich who today was unrepentant. >> i broke no laws, cross no lines. they use the standard to convict me that if applied to those congressman and every us senator the same result would have happened to them. >> back to the feud between donald trump and his attorney
12:29 am
general, typical trump defender kimberly strawser cautioned the president saying he needs william barr is attorney general far more than william barr needs his job as attorney general. >> thanks a lot. democrats tonight seem to agree none of their rivals on stage can beat donald trump, turnout is key but so is message. listen. >> in order to be donald trump we are going to need the largest voter turnout in the history of the united states. >> i don't think there's any chance of the senator beating donald trump you you don't start by saying i have 160 million people, i'm going to take away the insurance plan they love. >> in terms of being able to
12:30 am
beat donald trump a better position than anybody else to beat donald trump. >> most americans don't see where they fit if they have to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil and a billionaire who thinks money out to be the root of all power. >> let's bring in a close ally of donald trump, republican congressman mark meadows, great to have you. >> what are your take aways from tonight's debate in las vegas? >> i got to watch the entire debate. the clear winner tonight was donald trump. we now know why they spent so much time on impeachment, because they don't have a message that will resonate with the american people. it was interesting to see all of them go at michael bloomberg, they perceived him to be a front runner. not only was he not prepared but was stopped and frisked tonight and found wanting because he was just blown away by the attacks. i haven't seen that much blood in the water since the last week
12:31 am
of shark week. >> some establishment democrats seem to be freaking out at the possibility of bernie sanders, democratic socialist being the nominee. alexandria ocasio cortez says don't get caught up on labels. >> one of the largest plurality of voters in the united states of america consider themselves not wanting to be part of this labeling. they don't feel there's a home for them in the democratic party or the republican party. doesn't mean they are in the middle. >> a response? >> bernie sanders is the one who labeled himself. he calls himself a socialist, closer to karl marx and carl icahn and when we start to look at this is clearly the momentum behind bernie sanders. i saw that when i saw him on the ground in new hampshire and iowa and yet we saw that again tonight. a lot of belows were given and
12:32 am
shots taken but bernie sanders seemed to come away unscathed. with you put a label on it or not the american people want to know what is the message that is going to come forward out of democratic debate and the message from bernie was let us make sure we take everybody else's money and distribute it to those who don't have it. the only one who is not distributing is money is bernie sanders. >> the bloomberg campaign memo obtained by fox news warns the state of the race remains status quo the biden, peter and damien the race on supertuesday, opening a delegate lead that is nearly impossible to overcome. is bernie unstoppable on the democratic side? >> i don't know that he is unstoppable but certainly he is the candidate to beat, the one with the most momentum. michael bloomberg is not the one who is going to take him on.
12:33 am
maybe somebody else on the debate stage tonight for just shows $1 billion doesn't make you prepared for prime time because obviously michael bloomberg was not prepared for even the simplest questions he should have anticipated. if bernie sanders wins in south carolina which he is falling very close to joe biden right now, it could be a katie bar the door kind of mentality for bernie sanders and his team. >> any sense of how the president is doing right now? >> the president had not only a great week over the last couple weeks with the debacle that started in iowa, the acquittal on impeachment but had a great rally tonight not just in california but in scenics. he's feeling really good, feeling positive mainly because he is delivering on the promises he made, he set out to make america great, we are keeping america great because he
12:34 am
delivered on the promises and is going to continue to do that not only for the next nine months but the next five years. >> congressman mark meadows, see you back on the hill soon. >> thanks for your time. stick around for more analysis of a big night, doug schoen, leslie marshall all chomping at the bit. >> this commute has been pretty rough. >> audiobooks, meditation and everything else. hey! you know, i do think it's weird you've started commuting when you work from home. i'll be in my office. download audible and start every day off right.
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promoting healthy blood sugar levels. so, start feeling lighter and more energetic by taking metamucil every day. take the metamucil two-week challenge, lighten up. just take metamucil every day for two weeks. available at your local retailer. ♪ >> mr. mayor, are you willing >> mister mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? [cheers and applause] >> we have a very few nondisclosure agreements. >> this was a night of as many personalized policy attacks on one another so let's bring in the power panel, doug shown and
12:39 am
leslie marshall and mark tyson. who won and who lost? >> i think elizabeth warren clearly won. that was one of her mike drop moments. she came prepared, not only to talk about some issues specifically in the state of nevada, she knew she had to up her game and i feel she did and i felt, a lot of people online, google agrees with me, number one among searches but you saw somebody who could go against trump on the debate stage and i don't think everybody has looked at elizabeth warren in that way, she was strong and prepared and new her stuff. my loser would be the democratic party. hold on, mark will be excited about this. the reason i say that is i think everybody on the stage forgot we are on the same team and the only way to not have a repeat of 2016 is to be united and i wish they had focused more on the
12:40 am
true opponent, donald trump, rather than attacking each other. >> give me a winner and a loser. >> i have to agree in large measure with leslie. the winner tonight was donald trump. the democrats forgot that the opponent is the president, not one another. the personal attacks may have sounded good to some viewers or some ideologues but the loser as leslie put it are the democrats. if we nominate a socialist like bernie sanders who doesn't accept capitalism or people who believe in massive tax increases we are going to lose. it will be like george mcgovern. it will be a blowout michael dukakis. i was very discouraged with what i saw as a democrat and somebody who wants the party to win in november. >> stunned by your answer so far. your thoughts on who won the night and who lost. >> for all the reasons leslie and doug say i was very pleased.
12:41 am
i agree with your analysis. bernie sanders was the winner of the night because he was the front-runner going in and nothing happened that knocked him off of his frontrunner status. if anything the guy giving him the most potential competition was michael bloomberg with $2 billion ready to burn and he had a flame out. what a disaster. it reminded me of when jeb bush in the 2016 campaign wasn't ready for the question about the iraq war. how could you not see that coming? how could you not have that prepared? he wasn't ready for the question about women, wasn't ready to answer about stop and frisk, like he hadn't prepared and you only get one chance to make a first impression. he has a lot of money. you can't count about but that was a devastating performance. mike: hold for one moment. we have to go to peter doocy in the spin room in las vegas, who
12:42 am
do you have? >> reporter: senator amy klobuchar, the only want to call out michael bloomberg for having a campaign bill that to you and buttigieg and biden should drop out. did he get the message? >> i don't think that is the way to make friends and influence people. you are trying to lead a party and that means bringing people with you and i was shocked. i'm the one who said he should be on the debate stage, most of my colleagues did not, he should not be buying his way, he should have the debate is fine, he debated. we will see what the results are but to seize that memo this morning made no sense. we work hard, got strong campaigns and as you can see by the end i am moving up in the polls. >> you did take a lot of incoming. the really personal stuff from pete buttigieg. you wished everybody could be as perfect as pete, do you mean it? >> yes, i meant it sarcastically
12:43 am
because he is someone who belts out a lot of talking points. i do the work. he is someone that seized on one error and acts like that is a whole campaign. when i disagree with him completely on one of the things he said, that he wanted to designate the mexican cartels as terrorist organizations. that would really make it difficult for our security coordination with the country of mexico. that is a much bigger deal. and the big thing is we want to win as democrats was look what happened. he lost his bid for the democratic national committee and lost his bid when he ran statewide in indiana and lost to someone who ended up losing to another democrat. we are going to put the ticket in his hands, doesn't make sense but i think the one thing that bothered me in a big way is people are tuning in, fox viewers are turning in.
12:44 am
moderate republicans, independents, and they looked at the blood test and they said i went to see someone will be a contrast to donald trump. that is me. >> turning a little more to the camera. last one, strong debate in new hampshire, credited with helping you finish in third place, what does tonight do for you. >> i had my chance to get out there and talk about nevada issues that were important like immigration reform. the economy and this is a state -- i made that case as well. we feel good about going into nevada. >> michael bloomberg being on stage. he has been in the race for so long, did a change the dynamic with him a? did you talk to him during the break? >> it created more of a
12:45 am
slugfest, people should see the boxing rematch saturday in vegas and i'm not sure that was good for our party. i hope the next debate, howie take on donald trump. >> alyssa before and had some hay makers directed at you. were you surprised by that? >> wrong about my healthcare proposal. it is a proposal that is many pages, mental health care, pharmaceuticals and the like but she felt she had to seize the moment. >> reporter: see you next week. >> it will be exciting. hopefully it will be a little more focused on the issues than this one. >> back to you. >> thanks to you, we will you roam around the spin room and get somebody else to come back to us.
12:46 am
the gloves are off, no more nice midwest. klobuchar and buttigieg dropped the gloves with each other. did any candidate goes too far in your view? >> i thought amy klobuchar did. she came off of the high in new hampshire, she got money, she got support, amy klobuchar, yes and i don't think she's going to do anywhere near as well in new hampshire -- in nevada as she did in new hampshire. i honestly didn't think her answer regarding not knowing the president of new mexico's name was sufficient even though this before and came to her defense. it was petty and trite for her to attack pete buttigieg when he spoke spanish and say we can't all be perfect like you. it just was not becoming of her
12:47 am
and the candidate for president. >> did some democrats come across as desperate tonight? >> frankly most of them were over-the-top, too abortion too hostile. i would very much like to wipe the smile off mark's face but i doubt i will be successful tonight. the harshness of the debate, the personal nature of the attacks, the american people saw it. amy is right to say moderate republicans and independents tunes in. what are we doing by slipping away at one another as viciously as it was. there might be some short-term political gain, we will see but i can assure you these kind of debates heard the democratic party, hurt our chances, hurt our chance of holding the house and winning the senate. >> final thoughts from you. >> there's a fight for the soul of the democratic party happening right now and i hope people are going after bernie sanders because he will be a disaster if he's head of the ticket. the person who really went after sanders and made progress for himself was pete buttigieg. he was very focused on the fact
12:48 am
-- focused on bernie sanders. is best line was we have a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil into billionaire who thinks money is the root of all power and went after two of them and did well for himself. >> thanks so much. making is from the spin room. peter doocy has another top candidate. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> let's put forward someone who is actually democrat. we shouldn't have to choose between one candidate wants to burn this party down and another candidate wants to buy this party out. we can d >> let's put forward somebody who is actually a democrat. shouldn't have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out. we can do better. >> the spin room where candidates go to mingle with reporters, rocking and rolling in the middle of the action. >> good evening, pete buttigieg here, michael bloomberg on stage for the first time. was he chatting with the other candidates during the break? how to change the dynamic? >> it is a change because he hasn't participated in debates or campaigning for the past year. there's a lot to be said for the president of campaign process it doesn't just play out over the airwaves but in diners and
12:53 am
backyards and across places like nevada and south carolina, iowa and new hampshire, he seems to think he can skip past all that so tonight was the first chance to have a real view of the differences among us in tonight demonstrated my party is going to be in trouble if our only choices have been narrowed down to mayor bloomberg or bernie sanders. >> bloomberg, the campaign had a memo that said you are one of the candidates who should drop out, get out of the way so it can be him and bernie sanders. what do you think of that? >> if he thinks there's got to be one alternative to bernie sanders we can find common ground on that but maybe he should step aside for the person with the most delegates right now. >> in terms of the delegate fight you are right there. amy klobuchar is behind you but it felt like things got really personal with you too. didn't feel that way? >> to me it was about policy. if you are a senator running on experience in washington you should be prepared to defend
12:54 am
your votes and i challenged some of the votes i disagreed with, support for trump appointees to the bench, support for trump appointee to customs and border protection, a vote on language many viewers anti-immigrant. we have a difference of opinion on policy, we should have a discussion about. >> do you think the overall discussion tonight changes anything because of this before and was a, michael bloomberg was on defense the whole time. did anything change tomorrow? >> i think so. what happened tonight demonstrated why we can't move in the world some of the pundits are starting to predict where we wake up and two weeks, superto stay behind us down to bernie sanders and michael bloomberg, that will be a problem, senator sanders continues to be polarizing it now is motivating, often disturbing behavior by some of his supporters and michael bloomberg who is going to be such a challenge to go against somebody like donald trump.
12:55 am
donald trump got elected by pretending to care about forgotten people. mike bloomberg doesn't even seem to be pretending. >> reporter: does it frustrate you, this talk, you singled out bloomberg and sanders that they are getting so much attention, you won iowa, that was two weeks ago. >> i seem to when iowa every couple days, just got another certification. i also recognize every state is different. this is about what is ahead and not what is behind us. to succeed in democratic counties and counties that voted for donald trump, that is one of the ways we can prove, not just claim, we are building a campaign to win in november. >> thanks to you and pete buttigieg, quite a nice. safe travels on the campaign trail. quite a night, michael bloomberg making his debut on the debate stage. some people did not give him the highest mark but a critical
12:56 am
stage after iowa and new hampshire, going into nevada and south carolina and supertuesday after that. most-watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i am mike emanuel. ♪ ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe. the nightime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. >> washington democrats keep on losing their minds and they haven't a member of the committee, i hear he is getting pounded tonight. >> one thing i'm embarrassed about is how it turns out with stop and frisk. >> billionaire who calls women horse faced lesbians. i'm not talking donald trump but mayor bloomberg. >> socialist democrats are trying to destroy american healthcare and social security. my administration is protecting


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