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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 20, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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them and have a lot of people >> regardless of what side of that are here waiting in line to how things go. the aisle you are on for sure if biden loses south carolina immigrate. they have to go through the the establishment and centerleft might look for someone even further on the outside to try to process of immigrating the way put into the democratic convention. >> thanks for joining us. our parents did and many others are waiting to immigrate in. it is 13 after the hour. and donald trump signing some >> but of course the flight things for him as well. >> amazing moment for him, he the democrats lugged it out in deserves it. sin city, the president may be thank you so much. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends night in vegas between the dems first" continues right now, wasn't far from the mind of rally goers. touting his progrowth policies in phoenix. goodbye. >> my administration is >> they have no plans, no agenda protecting your social security, your medicare and is fighting to >> washington democrats keep on give you great healthcare and losing their minds, now they that is what we are getting. have a new member who is getting >> the contrast could not be more stark, the republican pounded tonight. >> one thing that i'm embarrassed about was how it turned out with stop and frisk. except to impeach him. >> i was a democrat. we left it because it never did national committee feeling confident while telling the anything for us. democrat showdown a dumpster >> when you look at the democratic field, anybody stands fire, are in see national spokesman liz harrington joins out that you think could threaten the president? >> now. >> not at all, i don't think that. us coming up. ♪ >> a billionaire who calls women fat brides and horse faced lesbians and i'm not talking about donald trump, i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> he didn't get a lot done. >> socialist democrats trying to destroy american healthcare in your social security. >> next stop on the west coast swing is colorado springs, my administration is protecting people already camped out, ready your social security, your to go for tonight's rally, then
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to vegas friday and the midday medicare and is fighting to give rally there, got in the next hour, for the next few hours we you great healthcare. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. >> pete buttigieg has a slogan followed by his consultant and that's why there's otezla. amy's plan is even less. otezla is not a cream. it is like a post-it note, insert plan here. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated... ...with an increased risk of depression. bernie has a good start. >> i more microsoft word guy. >> the dnc is going to take away tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... from bernie again. that is okay because we don't ...or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. care who it is, we are going to are here, live all morning long win. >> we are not going to throw it on "fox and friends" talking to voters about what they thought capitalism other countries tried about the rally and a wild night some people taking otezla reported weight loss. that, it is called communism and it just didn't work. in vegas. >> can't wait to hear what >> i believe in democrat people had to say. >> the president slams michael socialism for working people, not billionaires. bloomberg from phoenix, the your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. newcomer faced a brutal first debate in las vegas. >> the top democrat rivals also upper respiratory tract infection exchanged nonstop attacks on >> the us mca is a gigantic each other as well. who stood out and who fell flat? and headache may occur. victory for farmers and ranchers joining us live is political analyst ron meyer, nice to see tell your doctor about your medicines, and manufacturers across the you this morning. state of arizona. let's get right into your winners here and start with joe and if you're pregnant or planning to be. biden because i kind of agree with you, the first light we saw otezla. him putting up a good fight. >> that's right. he looks more alive than normal, got his talking points well show more of you. >> if you could name the delivered. he has a lot of problems president of mexico and your response was now. >> that is right. >> part of the committee that is overseeing these things. >> are you trying to say i am
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stumbling in the past. done? the other candidates didn't attack him because they were busy attacking mayor bloomberg are you mocking me? >> i'm running because so many and so it made joe biden look better, made him look more the people are being left behind. united. a lot of people forgot about some of his weaknesses and problems and so biden at the end of the day looks like he will be the centerleft person coming out of that debate of people paid attention which i think they >> we added 225,000 new jobs, we will. >> >> you say sanders was another winner last night. how do you make that? are winning big. america is thriving like never before and ladies and gentlemen >> everybody was attacking everybody else, biden has looked a is owner, the best is yet to weak the last few weeks and the come. ♪[ siren ] & doug give me your hand! only person that comes out i can save you... stronger after the last couple weeks is sanders. he hasn't taken any significant punches. he is going to win nevada lots of money with liberty mutual! significantly. he could pull an upset in south we customize your car insurance carolina over joe biden which could make things tough for so you only pay for what you need! biden and tougto >> no surprise michael bloomberg only pay for what you need. took a pounding last night. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> reporter: everybody knew he from an irresistibly delicious idea. in 2020, the jones family also had some delicious ideas. would take a pounding. he had the most staff members and ads of anybody yet none of what if we make king's hawaiian breakfast sandwiches?
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>> just when you were getting these paid staff members prepped bored with the debates. him for the debate or he wasn't yum! >> all of a sudden last night happened. listening to some. >> drop bloomberg and it is like and king's hawaiian monkey bread! yum! with millions of dollars, one person could give him something. he will get attacked on these things, stop and frisk and dropping blood into a tank of peron a. they went nuts. >> it was something to see. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. yum! obamacare and the women who claim you sexually harassed the king's hawaiian >> reporter: showdown in sin menu need strong responses. he looked like a deer in the what an irresistibly delicious idea. city, 2020 democrats will open headlights, stunned that he was getting attacked even though to is with michael bloomberg in his debate debut, former new literally every campaign it's a masterstroke of heartache and redemption. york city mayor on the spot forecast that they were going to use those attack on him. >> let's listen to that right about his spotty record on now. the lexus nx. modern utility for modern obstacles. lease the 2020 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. several key issues. >> are you willing to release all of those women from those >> candidate me their final pitches before the nevada nondisclosure agreements? caucuses, donald trump took to >> none of them accused me of experience amazing at your lexus dealer. doing anything other than maybe the stage very close by in arizona to explain why he thinks they didn't like a joke i told. licensed better. >> we are breaking it down in live fox news team coverage with political analyst ron meyer on have stop and frisk. >> i apologize that asked forgiveness. >> bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million deck, todd pyro live in phoenix, americans. voter reaction to the president's rally. >> we begin with griff jenkins >> your campaign said you would eventually release your tax in las vegas with highlights from the debate. records. >> it is vegas where they love why should democratic voters
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have to wait? >> i can't get turbotax. >> we are building the wall as i their prizefight last night was >> if you have been working on this and trying to raise funds said faster than ever. and all of a sudden bloomberg my administration is protecting comes in billions of dollars and your social security, your a bloomberg -fest from the start. tries to steal it from you, you could see why they are so angry. not entirely clear that after a couple hundred million dollars the former new york city mayor was ready for what came at him. medicare and is fighting to give you great healthcare and that is >> mister bloomberg had policies >> they are all angry and the in new york city of stop and issue is everybody except joe what we are getting. biden and bernie sanders end up we are going to defeat the looking petty because they are delivering attacks not only on radical socialist democrats and we are going to win arizona in a bloomberg on each other. a lot of those second-tier landslide. rob: the president kicking off a 3-day tour of the west coast in the battleground state of frisk which went after african-american and latino people in an outrageous way. >> a billionaire who calls women fat brides and horse faced candidates are the secondary arizona where his narrow win in 2015 helped him win the white lesbians. i'm not talking about donald loser because they end up looking very petty and not very house. trump. i'm talking about mayor strong themselves. bloomberg. >> 71% of the people i women. if you look like you're having >> all the mayor has to do is to constantly attack to make yourse r debate but we will see >> america first policies being felt in the state is there another win in the cards for say you are released from the nondisclosure agreement. 2020? joining us live is liz harrington, good morning. quite a difference last night >> i have been nice to some with what is going on in las women. vegas and arizona. [applause] >> a great split screen for us yet again. you have donald trump in >> and when it came to being the arizona, a state where wage fiercest fighter on the stage the massachusetts senator had a growth is at 4.4%, huge number,
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plan for that. it was called warren goes wild on everyone. watch this. unemployment just headed to its lowest rate since 2008 and while >> mayor buttigieg has a slogan. democrats are in las vegas it is not a plan, it is a power point and amy's plan is even arguing about who can illuminate less. private insurance the fastest, it is like a post it note, insert plan here. bernie has started very much but instead of expanding and who can kill natural gas, and bringing in more people to help, millions of high-paying jobs along with it, donald trump is his campaign relentlessly attacks everyone. in phoenix honoring world war ii >> one of the biggest surprises we saw was a new personal attack vets like julian irvin, 100 years old, great supporters helped him to take a front seat between buttigieg and klobuchar spot right there at the trump rally, that is what makes america great and that is what we are voting for in november to keep america great. when the mayor attacked klobuchar for not remembering the president of mexico's name. rob: a really cool moment. watch this. >> you are sticking your the are in see statement in las candidacy on your washington experience, not able to speak the first thing about the politics -- >> are you trying to say i am vegas, today's democrat party, futurist socialist policies, the democrat field is so wide open shows how truly weak it is. there are to be fair a number of done? are you mocking me? i wish everyone was as perfect as you. you have not been in the arena candidates trying to be more
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doing that work. moderate in this race but it is you memorized a bunch bernie sa interesting what they say about how split the party is. that has to be good news for your camp. maintaining his lead, not making >> democrats are in complete disarray. when you take out the more the past three years it was russia and then ukraine and look at what is left of the democrat party, party that is eating any gaffes or getting any big knockouts but it was bloomberg's campaign manager's statement itself, a socialist millionaire arguing about killing millions afterwards, here's what he said after a rough night, quote, you know you are winner when you are drawing attacks from all the candidates. everyone came to destroy mike of healthcare jobs versus a big tonight. it didn't happen. we will find out from the pundits today how they feel about it. the caucuses are three days away. >> good luck at the casinos. government billionaire trying to buy away the election but wants to kill off all the coal miners jobs. there is not a lot of debate going on in the democratic party we appreciate it. >> democrats took the debate stage donald trump rallied and it is because they don't thousands of supporters in phoenix. have a solid candidate is a solid message for the american people to compete with the best >> democrats keep on losing their minds, they hate the fact that we are winning, we are economy in the world ushered in winning big, we are winning by donald trump. jillian: debate going on last winning winning. night, let's talk about that.
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they repeat had something -- mayor pete said something about >> todd pyro was there and joins us live from the diner in a president for middle america. phoenix with how voters are reacting in arizona. >> most americans don't say where they fit if they have to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism the root of all evil, let's put forward >> reporter: good morning to both of you. combine a raucous crowd with the democratic debate a somebody who actually lives and works in a middle-class neighborhood. >> this is a part-time mayor. listen. >> now they have a new member of the crew, many mike and he's getting pounded tonight. it sounds nice but he said on the debate stage he agrees with i hear they are pounding him, bernie's standards and it is not a matter of difference in washington democrats have never been more extreme, taking cues policy. from crazy bernie sanders. it is the timeframe to get there. they are all pushing a radical agenda and he hasn't proven any results, look at the crime rate . >> when he wasn't calling out democrats the president was in south bend, the new york post touting his own achievements including on the economy and had an expose talking to people military. >> this is truly an incredible who lived under what mayor pete did and it is not pretty. >> appreciate your time, we will be right back.
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rob: sentencing day for roger stone. prosecutors said he should get 7 to 9 years in prison but after a trump tweet the doj recommended a lighter sentence setting off a political firestorm. the prosecution team stepped down from the case and democratic leaders called for an investigation. stone has been found guilty flying to congress, section and witness tampering. there is speculation he could be pardoned by the president. >> and 14 your corruption, he
2:12 am
insists on that. >> and control prosecutors have no accountability, politicizing their power and using them against political figures. >> bernie character is praising the president after pardoning him and 6 others. >> this president has done more in the last three years on criminal justice reform than the last four presidents total. >> three years in prison for tax fraud and false statements. rob: a man is arrested three times in one day and police are blaming the bail reform. scott nolan was charged with shoplifting, shoplifted for assault and hit someone with a break. the union representing the police department slamming this new bill. >> a bit of a more row killer. >> a proactive police department.
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rob: he is in custody and faces a judge tomorrow. >> nascar driver, after a horrifying crash, his wife posting this video showing newman hand in hand with young daughters calling it the best study. and slid over the finish line upside down. that is a welcome site for so many. rob: it is unreal. the amazing democrat debate in las vegas, battleground between capitalism and communism. >> we are not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that. other countries tried that. it was called communism and it didn't work. rob: bernie call that a cheap shot.
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♪ ♪
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♪ everything your trip needs for everyone you love. expedia. >> washington democrats keep on losing their minds and they have a new member of the crew getting pounded tonight. >> one thing i'm embarrassed about was how it turned out with stop and frisk. >> a billionaire who calls women fat broad and horse faced lesbians. >> he didn't get a lot done. >> socialist democrats are trying to destroy american healthcare.
2:18 am
>> pete buttigieg has a slogan thought up by his consultants. amy's plan is even less, like a post it note. bernie has a good start. >> the us mca is a gigantic victory for farmers and ranchers and manufacturers all across the great state of arizona. >> literally the committee that is overseeing these things. >> are you trying to say that i am done? >> i'm running because so many people are being left behind. >> we are winning big. >> ladies and gentlemen a is owner, the best is yet to come. jillian: sho bloomberg in his debate debut, the former new york city mayor on the spot about his record on several key
2:19 am
issues. >> has candidates made their final pitches before the caucuses donald trump set the stage, life is better with him in office. >> we have team coverage with carly shimkus giving us the moment you are talking about the most on social media. >> we start with republican strategist, a debate of their own. good morning, guys, thanks for coming on. michael bloomberg called bernie sanders essentially a communist. what did you make of that? >> he is talking about socialism, communism, don't know if that is the correct term. no one understands what communism is. when you have a man who is so against billionaires raising millions of dollars of his own to run for president then it is a good time to call out, good moment for michael bloomberg. he had that one good moment,
2:20 am
bernie sanders being a little bit hypocritical with communism and capitalism. >> a moment from last night's debate. >> i believe in capitalism. i'm not going to limit what people make the right now our tax code is so tilted against regular people. >> we are not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that. other countries tried that. it is called communism and it just didn't work. >> it is not communism. that was a cheap shot. rob: he called a cheap shot, that scares wallace people about bernie sanders, the way he thinks. >> i understand certain aspects of what people want to say but so glad bloomberg -- when it comes to capitalism we live in a society where it is about being successful, economic freedom, people are tired of dems trying to punish people for being successful, being happy and growing. pew research poll says an
2:21 am
average family has a household income of 70,000 more, look at capitalism, 30,000, more negative aspects. the thing is this. when you make more money realize the hard work you put in makes it happen and that is what it is supposed to be about. of things are more challenging you want some more support and more help and we look for ways to give people ways to learn to be successful, different programs to become more successful do not punish people for it. jillian: a quick poll for bernie sanders with a huge lead among democrat leaning voters, 16% for biden and then go down, bloomberg at 14. what does that say about the state of your party? just incredible to see that number. >> bloomberg is a guide to
2:22 am
watch, he believes in capitalism, he is the man who made his american dream come true, hard work, became a billionaire and that is what we want to the white house, why people voted for trump. we believe in that dream, sounds like we completely agree that bernie is too left and bloomberg is somebody who believes in capitalism. rob: it almost sounds like vilifying the wealthy is working which is scary in this country. >> people are tired, absolutely tired of trying to punish people for their success. what they are saying, they have the nerve to say last night attempt to limit people's welcome you got to be kidding. how about i -- from now -- 60 grand a year. >> klobuchar and michael bloomberg did not put them down. they like capitalism. people are feeling the burn but a lot of those burn supporters
2:23 am
are younger and want free school, free universities and things like that. sounds great but in actuality not all democrats feel that way. rob: people in this country work hard because they want a better life for themselves. it is hard to want to share with everybody a lot of cases and that is the problem with these messages. we appreciate it. jillian: 36 after the hour. was more persuasive, the democrats or the president? >> they have a new member of the crew, many mike. we call him now boxers. >> i am a new yorker. i know how to take on an arrogant conman like donald trump who comes from new york. >> which event did voters prefer? the big debate in vegas for the president's rally in vegas? rob: the rapid reaction coming up next. ♪
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jillian: welcome back, democrats go head to head in vegas for the ninth round of primary debate, the first for michael bloomberg. in arizona, what were the top moments and how did americans react? the author of persuasion and partner, we carter joins us every day, t. let's start with elizabeth warren. she came out swinging last night specifically against michael bloomberg and wanting him to release nondisosur >> i hope you heard what his defense was. i have been nice to some women. he has gotten some number of women to sign nondisclosure agreements for sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace.
2:28 am
mister mayor, are you willing to release all those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? jillian: this was a memorable moment, here is the question. is this going to help elizabeth warner hurt bloomberg? >> what will come out of this is it will hurt bloomberg but not elizabeth warren. it will give her a pickup. one thing people want to see is can my candidate take on donald trump? she is tough. i could see her on the debate stage against trump. will be a huge lift in polls? not enough. republicans want to be there. they don't want elizabeth warren to be president, she doesn't resonate with them. do they want people to be called out on these things? absolutely. but elizabeth warren isn't going to get them across the aisle. jillian: let's talk about
2:29 am
michael bloomberg on being able to defeat donald trump. listen to this. >> i am a new yorker. i know how to take on an arrogant conman like donald trump who comes from new york. i am a manager. i knew what to do after 9/11 and brought the city back stronger than ever. i'm a philanthropist who didn't inherit his money but made his money. i am spending that money to get rid of donald trump, the worst president we have ever had. jillian: does that surprise you? >> takes one to know one. i'm not sure what his message wa democrats given a b-. independents ac, republicans in f. not surprised that republicans. he needs to make his case last night, to say this is why am here. here is my story. saying i am a new yorker so i can take him on didn't resonate, didn't have a standout moment. he was dry, delivery wasn't compelling and people weren't
2:30 am
excited by him. jillian: everyone took shots including pete buttigieg. >> most americans don't see where they fit if they have to choose between a socialist to think capitalism is the root of all evil and a billionaire who thinks money are to be the root of all power. let's put forward somebody who lives and works in a middle-class neighborhood, industrial midwestern city. let's put forward someone who is actually a democrat. >> it was a good line. democrats gave it to become independents to see coming you can see a lack of enthusiasm, your 19 democrats really excited, not seeing republicans really repelled, nancy independents moved to the side of anybody. this was not a good debate for democrats because nobody's mind was changed, they were taking each other down, taking each other out and nobody was getting energized by it. jillian: energized was the problem in arizona.
2:31 am
here's a clip of the president as he slams michael bloomberg. >> now they have a new member of the crew, many mike. now boxers. he spent $500 million so far and has 15 -- dnc will take it away from bernie again and that is okay because we don't care who it is, we are going to win. >> republicans gave it a b plus, independents a c plus, democrats in f, not surprising. what i'm looking for his enthusiasm in voters. the highest we cite independents go all night was at the trump rally. republicans all night for the president. i am liking those independents. >> they don't know. >> they seem more excited by what the president is saying than what democrats are saying and that is not good for any of the folks last night. jillian: we will keep having this conversation.
2:32 am
rob: the leader of the so-called squad on defense on the view. >> the abuse we have all been subjected to, the most violent misogynistic sexist harmful. rob: megan mccain holding aoc's feet to the fire, what the darling of the far left thinks about bernie sanders's base. you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. the ninja foodi pressure cooker, the pressure cooker that crisps. stay two nights and get a free night for your next stay. one night, two nights, free night. book now at
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rob: fox entrance coming up unless i is read the clock. let's tell you what we haven't. a real debate recap, special thanks to michael bloomberg for appearing and being the target of everyone. elizabeth warren opened up on everyone.
2:36 am
the questions were great, moderators were strong. we discussed that. the president has a big rally and numbers to town as well as continuing dueling with his attorney general william barr. we will see where that goes. you might have heard in the closing arguments protesters calling out joe biden's track record on immigration. the former dhs secretary jay johnson will be here live to talk about that and more. white house press secretary sarah sanders staring at me. former speaker of the house john weiner and dana lash will be here because guns came up and it was supposed to be a romantic date night but two off-duty cops married for just six months bring into action when a man's gunman attempted to hold of the restaurant they were in. that couple joins us with details of the dramatic takedown gone viral on social media, now to something loud and thunderous.
2:37 am
jillian: we are back with a fox news alert. a mass shooting in germany being treated as a terror attack the ten people are dead not including the suspected far right extremist gunman. 9 people were killed in frankfurt overnight. police finding the bodies of the suspect and his elderly mother in a nearby home, the newspaper claims he left behind a letter and video confessing extremist views. rob: two passengers on a quarantined cruise ship in japan have died from coronavirus. the elderly man and woman both had preexisting medical conditions, the 14 day quarantine coming to a end, hundreds more passengers today but the americans on board cannot come home. they must be symptom-free before they fly to the united states for two weeks. it has caused 2000 of worldwide, 76,000 people have gotten sick with that including 29 americans. jillian: fees and court
2:38 am
findings, governor ron desantis is going to fight. rob: what could this mean for the upcoming election? >> reporter: a big win for 1.6 million xl and in florida. a federal appeals court giving them the green light to vote without having to pay their fines and fees. a three judge panel wrote this. it is undeniable that the requirement punishes those who those who can and does so by continuing to deny them access to the ballot box. in 2018 florida voters overwhelmingly passed an amendment to allow felons who already served their time to vote. even singer john legend showed up in a florida courtroom to support those ex-felons but the republican-led legislature passed an amendment that ordered those felons to first have to pay off any court fines or fees before they could go and vote. in november 17th plaintiffs sued in federal court to overturn
2:39 am
that basically saying this equal 82 unfair poll taxes and they won. governor ron desantis is vowing to fight back, his spokeswoman tweeting this. we disagree and will appeal. what happens here could greatly impact florida's role in the upcoming election. university poll says 80% of released felons have outstanding legal fees. the florida primary just from a corner in a couple weeks. tuesday march 17th. the clock is ticking. rob: megan mccain challenging alexandria ocasio cortez over her endorsement of bernie sanders and his, quote, misogynistic supporters. >> the abuse we have been subjected to buy bernie brothers, the most violent, misogynistic, sexist, harmful, real problems and i don't think
2:40 am
he's doing enough to tamper it down. >> we have to reject hate, vitriol and denounce that kind of behavior. i think he works very hard. >> sanders has distanced himself from bernie bros on twitter but mccain insists his campaign is not doing enough. 7 minutes until the top of the hour. a hand from patriotic trump supporters. rob: social media reaction coming up. ♪ and we have no way to integrate all that? no...but bdo does. (announcer) people who know, know bdo. . .
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>> i don't think that that momentary forgetfulness actually reflects that i know about mexico. i first want to say greetings to president lopez obrador. you know, how many members are there in the israeli conecuh set? 120. who is the honduras? hernandez. rob: amy klobuchar defending herself after getting called out for not knowing the name of mexico's president. carley: carlecarley shimkus here with the reaction to last night's fallout. >> amy klobuchar was forced to answer about a campaign trail slip-up she had last
2:45 am
week the reporter asked her the name of the mexican president and she failed to remember. take a listen. >> i know that he is the mexican president. >> can you tell me his name? >> no. >> the whole thing made even more important by the fact that majority of nevada's latino population is of mexican dissent causing it to gain a lot of. she didn't forget she just didn't know. tony a little bit more understanding saying she did but she also owned up to the mistake quicker than anyone and owned being a human being. elizabeth warren defended her on the debate stage last night saying that it was clearly just a mistake and we can all move on from this whole thing. jillian: we all forget things. >> exactly. jillian: let's hear from michael bloomberg on taxes. >> fortunately, i make a lot of money and we do business all around the world and we are preparing -- the number of pages will probably be in the thousands of pages. i can't go to turbo tax.
2:46 am
jillian: sorry about that touch screen issue there. mike bloomberg did spend the entire night basically defending himself. a lot of people feel he did himself no favors in this thing. he came across as elitist and, you know, gave amy klobuchar an opportunity to say that she can use turbo tax. so one twitter user said i use the paid version of turbo tax this year to report my taxes. so that puts knee a social class slightly beneath mike bloomberg but way above the peasants. defending bloomberg saying is worth a whole lot of money he is not going to able to use turbo tax. rob: great from him. great moment from the president's rally. >> great way to end this hour on fox news. a world war ii veteran carried down by two trump supporters, 100 years old. and the president said on twitter and during the speech that he is the hottest celebrity in the world right now. how about that?
2:47 am
jillian: great moment. thanks, carley. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ ♪ >> washington democrats keep on losing their minds. they hate the fact that we're winning. >> you are staking your candidacy on your washington experience. >> are you trying to say that i'm dumb? are you mocking me here, pete? >> they have a new member of the crew mini mike. i hear he is getting pounded tonight. >> a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. and no i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> all the mayor has to do is say you are released from the nondisclosure agreement, period. >> i don't think you look at donald trump and say we need someone richer in the white house. >> mike bloomberg owns more we
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