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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 20, 2020 6:00am-8:59am PST

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live on march 7th, go to fox & to sign up. >> i don't know if you want to see brian in person. >> bill: we start with breaking news. at right now we are waiting for the sentencing of roger stone. longtime friend and ally of president trump arriving at court as you can see. prosecutors recommended, that will be a whole new trial, after strong political bias against president trump. more on all of this straight-ahead in a live report. but in the meantime we start with fight night in las vegas as
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the democrats brawled literally with michael bloomberg. he took most of the blows and what is perhaps the most contentious 2020 debate so far. good morning, i met henry. it got hot in there very quickly. >> it was like a bloodbath. so 2020 rivals taking bloomberg to task over stop and frisk, tax returns and a whole lot more. as each candidate tried to stand out as the best option to take on president trump. meanwhile, the president himself held a rally in arizona where he unleashed on democrats, focusing his fire on bloomberg. >> i don't think you take on donald trump and say you need someone richer in the white house. and it's important that those workers are able to assure the benefits also. >> i can't think of ways for donald jumped to get reelected. >> he didn't get a whole lot done, he has stop and frisk,
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it's not whether he apologized, it's a policy. the policy was abhorrent. >> a no, i'm not talking about donald trump, i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> now they have a new member of the crew, mini mike. i hear he's getting pounded tonight. i hear they are pounding in. the dnc is going to take it away from britney again. that's okay, because we don't care who the hell it is, we are going to win. we have to. >> ed: want to impact. we have life fox team coverage. dan henninger will join us to break down last night's big bell. jacqui heinrich a standby with more and the president's big rally. we begin with griff jenkins, is live on the ground in las vegas. scene of a crime. good morning, griff. >> [laughs] good morning, ed.
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nobody loves a good beat down like vegas, and mike bloomberg got one from start to finish. he was attacked 45 times by the other candidates, and it was a bit of a surprise to see just how much he struggled for a tax he knew were coming. watch this. >> i don't think there's any chance of the senator beating president trump. >> he has stop and frisk. >> i'm a bass about how it turned out. >> your campaign has said he would eventually release her tax records. wash democratic voters have to wait? speak of this takes a long time. >> are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements? >> they were made consensually, they will stay private. >> ed, one of the biggest standouts, elizabeth warren, after a lackluster showing in both iowa and new hampshire, really rolled the dice, if you will. not only talked bloomberg, but essentially everyone else on the stage. take a look. >> mir buttigieg has a slogan.
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it's not a plan, if the powerpoint. and amy's plan is even less. it's like a post-it note, "insert plan here." bernie has started very much. but instead of expanding and bringing more people to help, his campaign relentlessly attacks everyone. >> another interesting development appears to be a new rift between mayor pete buttigieg and senator klobuchar. i got personal, at times mayor pete buttigieg attacking klobuchar over not knowing the name of the mexican president. >> part of the committee that is overseeing these things, and we are not able to speak too literally the first thing about the politics of the country. >> are you trying to say i'm dumb, are you mocking me, pete? >> as far as how bloomberg did, his campaign manager putting out a statement saying, "you know you are a winner when you are drawing attacks from all the candidates. am not sure everyone necessarily
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agrees with that, but we won't see bloomberg's name on the ballot here on saturday in the caucus. we will see him again next tuesday in south carolina back on the debate stage. ed, julie? >> ed: a wild night in las vegas. griff jenkins, thanks for starting us off. julie? >> julie: meanwhile, president trump not far from the heat. just about 300 miles down the road holding a rally in phoenix, arizona. firing up a large crowd there at a veterans memorial coliseum. the president will be in vegas later today, however, before heading to colorado springs. jacqui heinrich is live in las vegas with that. hi, jacqui. >> good morning, julie. president trump's stops today are part of a three-day tour of the west coast where he's using the same strategy he did ahead of the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary, hosting big rallies, diverting attention away from the democrats right before the nominating contest, and trying to show people's footprint is bigger than his
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rivals'. president trump was in phoenix talking about mostly his economic record, unemployment, and jobs growth. he had plenty to say about the democratic debate, the president taking swipes at the newcomer to the stage, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >> i hear he's getting pounded tonight. i hear they are pounding him. he spent $500 million so far, and i think he has 15 points. it just came out. hey, fake news. how many points does he have? >> following the debate, the president tweeted, "the democratic party as a party of high texas high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, blatant corruption, and the total destruction of your second amendment. the republican party is the party of the american worker, the american family, and the american dream!" he made his way to las vegas, he will address graduates from the hope for presenters program, recognizing the work of formerly
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incarcerated men and women as they transition back into the community. they jumps to colorado springs for a keep america great rally tonight before heading to las vegas for another rally tomorrow the night before the nevada democratic caucuses. the republicans in this state canceled their nominating concepts under the assumption he would be the party nominee, but it's important during the campaign here because he lost the state to hillary clinton in 2016. julie? >> julie: jacqui heinrich, thank you very much. ed? >> ed: back to the democratic debate, michael bloomberg facing attacks from all side. look at "the new york post," summing it up with this cover. "black and bloom." dan henninger is "the wall street journal" editorial page deputy editor. good morning to you. that post sums it up. "the huffington post" said "bloomberg terminal," making fun of the machines by suggesting his political health is no terminal. the bloomberg stock is down. is he out? >> he is far from out, ed.
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they had to attack him because he did in blanketing the country with all these ads. he has now spent over $300 million, and in some of the state polls like in oklahoma he is in the lead. all of the sudden he has risen as they had to go after mike bloomberg because he has more powe firepower than the ots did. as my friend said last night in the debate, mike bloomberg unfortunately brought a wallet to a knife fight. >> ed: that's a good way to put it. we finally have the battle joined about socialism versus capitalism, and in the second hour, bloomberg sort of warmed up. maybe he was getting the rust off, and went after bernie sanders. let's listen to that. >> best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. with that i miss here? >> you missed that i work in washington, live in burlington,
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and like thousands of other vermonters, i do have a southern. forgive me for that. >> bloomberg seemed lost, nervous. maybe as this is a fact that the folks who like to two contests are not in midseason form. he took it directly to sanders. >> he did. i have to say, i know all the focuses rightly on mike bloomberg's performance. it wasn't that great. i've got to tell you, ed, vulnerability -- basically free. ism isn't going away in this country.a democratic so" let out. the other things, pete buttigieg pointing out that in this health care plan, it came up with the union and culinary workers, that there's a $25 trillion hole in paying for the health care plan. and bernie had no real good answer to that. every union person out there
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watching who has a good health care plan has got to be thinking about that. bernie is saying, "we are going to have a health care system like canada's or the united kingdom's." secondly, bernie was asked to write out by one of the moderators, would you ban fracking? would you say to all those workers in places like pennsylvania, west virginia, that would lose their jobs?" and bernie said, "we are going to ban fracking. they will basically have to get over it because we have to save the planet for their children." >> ed: the future is now. >> how will that play with people with jobs related to the energy industry? >> ed: with coal miners at all the rest. here's another between bernie and bloomberg. we will react. watch. >> we are not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that. other countries try that. it was called communism and it just didn't work. >> let's talk about democratic socialism, not communism, mr. bloomberg. that's a cheap shot. >> ed: he was under fire.
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sanders had some difficulties, as well. on the other hand, even the bloomberg campaign is acknowledging that sanders very soon could have a delegate lead that nobody else can catch. >> yeah. as mike bloomberg said at the end, the talk on this stage is any indication, donald trump is. bernie sanders is the front runner now. he's got about 30% of the vote in most polls. i think it is sinking in on democrats that they have a real dilemma. they know that one of these moderates has got to emerge. is it going to be mike bloomberg or one of the others? those three others, pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar and indeed elizabeth warren, are down there in the bottom tier. i think what we signed this bloodbath last night was them understanding that they have to pull votes from one another. so they had to hammer the opponents. >> ed: it was like an episode of "survivor." who is going to survive? quickly on warren, her campaign putting of this idea that because of a strong performance
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she had her best fund-raising last night of the whole campaign. clearly she had energy, she went after bloomberg, she scored points. but is it too little, too late? >> it's too little, t it differ, elizabeth warren is too much too late. they elizabeth moran puts the meat on the bones of her progressivism. i think that's her problem. she describes the details of how much is going to cost and all the think she's going to do, people pull back. >> ed: sanders meanwhile, as you said, doesn't tell you the math. doesn't add up, and he's being called on it. >> it comes across as authentic. >> ed: great analysis, we appreciate you breaking it down. much more on this author of the show. later this hour we will talk to republican congressman andy biggs. he was at the president's big rally last night in arizona. then, former secretary of state john kerry explains what is next for his friend who has endorsed, joe biden. later, reaction to it. all from the dnc communications director.
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>> julie: at the u.s. getting a new spymaster. president trump naming richard grenell to take over as acting directio director of natl intelligence. >> ed: plus, coronavirus claimed the lives of two passengers from the diamond princess, the cruise ship quarantined in japan. you have a levitate straight ahead yes. the first word to any adventure. but when allergies and congestion strike, take allegra-d... a non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. so you can always say "yes" to putting your true colors on display.
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it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> ed: breaking this morning, the president tapping a new spy
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chief naming richard grenell u.s. ambassador to germany currently to become acting director of national intelligence. it puts a key trump ally in charge of court needing the nation's 17 spy agencies. kt mcfarland is the former deputy national security advisor to the president, as you know, and has been around fox for a goolongtime pico debbie back. was your reaction? this is someone very close to the president come he's gotten high marks as ambassador to germany. what is the significance? >> i think it's a terrific appointment. he was looking at a number of different jobs, the president was looking at him for a number of things. it turned out to be a critical thing. now putting them in the intelligence agencies, it's important for two really significant reasons. everybody has missed. one is huawei and the 5g network. >> ed: with china. >> with china. does china gets to build the
6:18 am
infrastructure, or do we? that's a critical significant important milestone, because if the chinese bill that they will be able to listen into every phone call, read every email, every text message. >> ed: the director of national intelligence will be at the center of that? >> he will be at the center of the decision. we thought he said they will be in our networks, but as the europeans. should they use american equipment, infrastructure? should the use chinese? >> ed: any other key points? >> those are the key points. he knows you up as the ambassador of germany. and he's fearless. >> ed: on the other hand, democrats jumping on what they see as a lack of experience in the intelligence community. mark warner, the top democrat on the senate intel panel, says the president has elected an individual without any intelligence experience to serve as the leader of the intelligence community. this is the second acting director the president has named to that role since the resignation of dan coats.
6:19 am
apparently in an effort to sidestep the senate's constitutional authority to advise and consent on such critical national security positions." bottom line, they think the president is putting in somebody favorable to him but is going to be unaccountable. >> wait a minute, we've seen what happens in the senate with the confirmation process pay look at what they did to judge kavanaugh. why should trump, who knows he will have trouble getting people confirmed and are going to have people rake through the coals for no reason whatsoever than partisan political reasons in an election year, i think trump is doing the right thing. he's confirmed by the senate to be the ambassador to germany. as far as experience, horsefeathers! that is just ridiculous. ric grenell is one of the most experienced foreign policy national security experts, conservative, but one of the most experience in the country. he was at the united nations for decades, he's been in europe, he's been in washington, you know he's been a consumer of
6:20 am
intelligence, which often is a little bit more important than being the provider of intelligence. >> ed: to your point, he was launched at the u.n., working with john bolton, ambassador of the u.n. that leads us to this talk at vanderbilt yesterday where the former national security advisor john bolton was with susan rice, as well, and basically susan rice said, "you have a great decision making process, but if he disregards his advisors and tweets at 1:30 in the morning about whatever comes to mind, it's not going to hell." bolton responded, "i'm not sure there were any of her's and the national security and administration whoever shy about voicing their opinions. i'm just not sure their opinion ever matters." any significance to that? >> two points that are significant. susan rice may not like the tweeting in the middle of the night, but guess what? it's really effective. what has trumped on his foreign policy? he stood up to china, nobody else to that. we are at peace in the world. where did libya go, mr. obama? how did iraq nf innocent go? he's also taking on iran
6:21 am
economically, not militarily. as far as foreign policy successes and energy independence, and his willingness to stand up, it's working. >> ed: john bolton, last point, saying he's not sure of their opinions mattered around this president. >> guess who got elected by the american people? not the intelligence community. not the bureaucrats. not even john bolton. and trump got elected come he's going to get reelected. >> ed: kt mcfarland, we appreciate you coming in. julie? >> julie: a lawyer for lawyer for julian sanchez dropping a bombshell, saying his client was offered a pardon if he denied russian hacking. how the administration is responding to that claim. plus, a scary situation for a paraglider who flies into some power lines. why it took hours to pull him to safety. >> everything's going fine, not sure why or how he was able to get entangled.
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>> ed: a scary scene in california pay look at this, after a paraglider flew into some power lines about 40 miles north of sacramento. the men had to wait until crews could ensure the power lines were deenergized. he was finally pulled to safety about three hours after it all started. rescue workers say he remained awake and alert throughout the ordeal. >> he's exhausted. it seems to be -- all of his vitals seem to be stable. they are taking him to the hospital for more evaluation. >> ed: i bet he was exhausted. about 2400 customers in the surrounding area briefly lost power during that whole episode. wow. >> julie: it is sentencing day for roger stone, president terms
6:26 am
longtime advisor facing judging huberman jackson today in d.c. federal court. we saw him arriving this morning, he was convicted of lying to congress and witness tampering. david spunt's live in washington with this. >> good morning to you. roger stone will learn his fate at some point in the 10:00 hour. judge amy berman jackson, we don't know how long the process will take. it could take up an hour. that's what happened in the paul manafort case. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it. roger stone was convicted by the start as unanimously by the jury back in november. roger stone arrived at the d.c. district court house with family members and friends and supporters behind him, sometimes in the last 45 minutes looking optimistic. the prosecution team with the u.s. attorney's office in d.c. recommended a 7-9 year sentence in a sentencing memo. president trump publicly complained about the 7-9 years on twitter. the next morning attorney general bill barr and
6:27 am
his team argued it was too tough. that set up a fury. the four original prosecutors working for the justice department quit the case in protest. a spokeswoman for barr insists the president's tweet had nothing to do with barr's decision paid the president began firing off tweets complaining about the justice department and its branches. barr then said this. >> to have public statements and tweets made about the departme department, about people in the department, our men and women here, about cases pending in the department, and about judges for whom we have cases, it makes ity job. >> barr said it was right that roger stone was convicted. again, we are going to hear about 10:00 this morning. roger stone could face significantly less than 7-9 years, ultimately it's up to judge amy berman jackson. it's important to note that
6:28 am
roger stone will walk out of here today. he will be taken into custody because there is a second trial appeal that is pending. the judge has not ruled on it. she said she will delay execution of any sentence today. there's also a question of president trump may pardon roger stone. he said he hasn't thought about it but he's tweeted about how "unfair this has been" to roger stone. these are all things we will have to take into consideration and watch, but roger stone will leave here today and we will see ultimately if the judge decides to get him a new trial. i can tell you this, today we will learn what his sentence will be. julie, ed? >> julie: we await the news. when it comes we will bring it to you. thank you so much, david. ed? >> ed: thank you, julie. a team revealing a massive data breach. the mgm hack exposing personal info for some 10 million people, including government officials and some celebrities. what you need to know this morning, coming up. >> julie: plus, no one pulling punches last night during the debate in las vegas. how mayor pete and
6:29 am
senator klobuchar's rivalry soared to new heights last nig night. >> he is basically saying i don't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> if winning the race for senate in minnesota translated directly to becoming president, i would have grown up under the presidency of walter mondale.
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we also keep them ready for the next big opportunity. like 5g. (woman) where machines could talk to each other and expertise could go anywhere. (woman) when it comes to digital transformation, verizon keeps business ready. ♪ >> ed: a former congressman this morning's denying claims he offered julian speech of a
6:33 am
pardon on behalf of the white house in exchange for the wikileaks founder denying that russia hacked the 2016 campaign. it comes after a lawyer for assange made that same claim in court. doug mckelway is our correspondent life in washington with the details. good morning. >> good morning, ad. this will truly feel democrats' quest for another investigation into president trump's relationship with russia. in testimony yesterday, a lawyer representing julian assange said in 2017 former california republican carnes medina rohrabacher met with assange of the ecuadorian embassy in london to deliver a message from president trump. that message? if russia had nothing to do with the hacking of dnc emails during the 2016 campaign, trump would offer assange a pardon. that testimony met with unequivocal denials from both the white house and rohrabacher, the former congressman said in a statement, "at no time did i talk to president trump about
6:34 am
julian assange. likewise i was not directed by trump or anyone else connected with him to meet with julian assange." rohrabher did acknowledge that he did go on a self-financed fact-finding missing to meet assange, and heolssge he would call on trump to pardon him if he would say who give a maximum else. stephanie grisham said yesterday in the statement that the president barely knows deena rohrabacher other than he's an ex-con basement. he has never spoken to him on the subject or almost any subject. that it's a complete fabrication, and a total lie. this is probably another never-ending hoax and total life from the dnc." rohrabacher did acknowledge that he met with chief of staff john kelly after returning from his fact-finding mission. he said he told kelly that assange would provide information about the act dnc emails in exchange for a pardon. rohrabacher claims neither kelly nor anyone else in the white house followed up with
6:35 am
him. ed? >> ed: doug mckelway, thank you. >> when you ask bernie how much it costs, he says, "we'll find out." or something to that effect. it costs over $35 trillion. let's get real. >> if he goes and is the candidate, we will have donald trump for another four years, and we can't stand that. >> most americans don't see where they fit. if they've got to choose between a socialist who thinks capitalism is the root of all evil, and a billionaire who thinks money ought to be the root of all power. >> julie: mike blumberg wasn't the only one to take hits last night, as you can see. front runner senator bernie sanders fending off repeated attacks from the other candidates. we will bring in john sadler now, political reporter for the las vegas sun. it's no surprise, obviously, that bernie sanders was under the microscope. he is leading in the state, so obviously the number one always has to get -- to put their vest
6:36 am
on, if you will. buttigieg went right for the jugular with bernie sanders on medicare for all. we talked about how the unions in vegas would be happy about that. sure enough, he brought up the culinary union. what did you make, first of all, about buttigieg's accusations that medicare for all and his war against the culinary union would pretty much backfire for him? >> well, i think we can see that the culinary union leadership has pushed back fairly hard against medicare for all and single-payer health care in general. it hasn't really hurt his polling numbers coming into the nevada caucuses on saturday. he is still leading the pack. what it stands -- it stands to see if the culinary leadership's position on medicare for all is shared by their members. anecdotally i've seen events that sanders has held with union members come members have given cheers and boos when
6:37 am
single-payer health care is mentioned. so we just have to see. >> julie: i also want to bring up the fact that he once again did not explain how he's going to pay for it. you heard biden say it's going to cost $35 trillion. why isn't bernie sanders exactly laying out a plan as to how to pay for this? that's the down like the easiest target, medicare for all prayer that's why the culinary union in particular has issue with it. why, if he's trying to be transparent, >> i think his argument or the arguments as i'm understanding it is that whenever somebody brings up the fact that this will raise taxes on many americans, they also don't bring up the fact that this might change the amount of premiums that the young american might have to pay so i think he's trying to avoid any attack that might come along with raising taxes and trying to keep it in
6:38 am
the narrative alive that the average american money. about his followers, and i think that was one of the reasons why the culinary union has an issue, they have not endorsed any particular candidate but they also have issues with the fact that a lot of sanders followers can get pretty nasty on social media and have come out and attacked these members of this union that are so critical to voters in nevada. how do you think that sanders handled that when he came out and said 99% of my followers are nice. talk to the union and they will tell you a different story. >> right. i think he handled it as well as he could have in the moment. he said that there is this instability with some of these debates, stressed that he had
6:39 am
followers who suffered from racist and sexist attack so it was good to hear him say it is not something that he agrees with in doing these attacks against the culinary union. >> obviously elizabeth warren took that knockout punch right out of the gate with bloomberg but i want you to take a look at this contention back and forth between mayor pete and amy klobuchar last night. >> part of the committee that is overseeing these things and we are not able to speak to the first thing about the politics of the country. >> are you trying to say that i'm dumb, are you mocking me? i made an error. >> just based on your record of voting in washington come you have to own those votes especially when it comes to immigration. >> i wish everyone was as perfect as you, p. you have not been in the arena doing that work. you've memorized a bunch of talking points. >> do you think beat her himself
6:40 am
at all by coming after amy? nobody really took jabs at him but by taking those jabs do you think it might hurt him? >> i'm really not sure. i did think it was interesting that the two centrists in the race use this as an opportunity to attack each other rather than go after the more progressive candidates. >> they are trying to attract moderates, is that the way to do it by going after each other? >> i don't necessarily think so, but i guess we will see there. i think that you lose people who might be looking for the electability and the civility argument here whenever you target other candidates that may essentially be on the same moderate level as you are a set of the progressive candidates. >> thank you very much, we
6:41 am
appreciate you coming on. >> we will stay on the democratic race but also the president taking aim at those 2020 candidates while they were taking shots at each other on the debate stage, congressman andy bates was at the president's big valley in his home state of arizona. he is joining us live coming up. >> a series of deathly shootings in germany, who the gunman was targeting and who the police suspect was behind it. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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6:45 am
>> democrats keep on losing their minds, they hate the fact that we are winning. washington democrats have never been more extreme taking cues from crazy bernie sanders. democrats are trying to destroy american health care and your social security. my administration is protecting your social security, your medicare, and is fighting to give you great health care. >> ed: the president on the campaign trail again slamming 2020 democrats last night while they were debating in las vegas just days ahead of the nevada caucuses. he held a big rally in phoenix and our next guest was there, he is arizona congressman andy biggs who joins us live now. thank you for coming in. it's good to have you. my colleague bret baier in his analysis right after the big debate said the winner was president trump. >> i think that's true. i saw bits and pieces at the
6:46 am
rally but they seem to be going after each other, spending incredible sums of money not having any plans, and attacked the democrats a little last night but mostly was optimistic and positive about what his administration has accomplished in spite of the fact they tried to impeach him and has been attacking him and investigating him. >> had some attacks on michael bloomberg last night, he's been tweeting about bloomberg and the camp including the candidate himself, has been tweeting back suggesting the president is nervous that bloomberg could be a more establishment candidate and maybe not as far left obviously is bernie sanders, let may be the president is nervous about bloomberg, that is the claim after the performance last night. should the president be nervous >> i don't think so. i think bloomberg is actually moving left, further left.
6:47 am
is tough for him to be a moderate because the primary voters and the democrats seem to be bernie sanders types and so he seems to be moving left and that's going to be hard for him to pivot back were he to win the primary and this is anyone else on that stage. >> elizabeth warren is said to have a big night, campaign got a lot of money, another candidate that is more on the far left, her case was to not just go after bloomberg but to go after the president and say we shouldn't trade in one billionaire who was controversial for another and she had a litany of attacks against the president, your response this morning. >> this is coming from somebody who is created a legend for herself of who she is, claiming minority status and oppression, all kinds ofe, so she can say what she wants but she is probably as controversial as anyone that i see on that stage
6:48 am
last night. just trying to move attention away and get it to somebody else and that is donald trump. and i'm not sure it's going to work for her. >> may be too little, too late for her but also for joe biden. he was shouted down, interrupted at one point by liberal protesters upset about deportations during the obama administration. i want to ask you about that because arizona being a border state, the president talking up his crackdowns on illegal immigration last night. >> basically, president obama deported the most of anybody that has been deported of any president the last three administrations, this president has tried to ring the border under security so we are having fewer and need far less to deport people. the reality is, the border fence
6:49 am
is going up and we are seeing more immigration enforcement on the other side, on the front end and that's the best way to do it is by engaging mexico to stop it. >> ed: we have seen the president do that. only got 30 seconds, sorry to interrupt but i want to get this in. this world war ii veteran, you were there, seems like a very poignant moment before the debate -- the rally, i should say, this was posted on social media of this world war ii that carried in by them, what was it like to acknowledge that gentleman service to our great nation? >> it was emotional, it was fantastic. i engage with a number of world war ii vets and they love this president and it's so powerful to see. >> ed: i can hear the emotion in your voice no doubt, we
6:50 am
appreciate you coming in. a remarkable moment last night, thank you. >> julie: two passengers have died from the coronavirus after being released from quarantine on that cruise ship in japan. the new restrictions the cdc is now putting into place because of it. >> ed: plus, this mild direct club in some trouble. they offered to straighten your teeth for the fraction of the cost of getting braces. my customers are now complaining that cheaper is not always better. we will break that down with charles payne, he's got some thoughts coming up.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> ed: some terrific news from the nascar world, ryan newman seen here with his two daughters
6:54 am
being released from halifax medical center in daytona beach after showing continued improvement. his car turned into a crumpled heap of metal when he hit the wall and caught fire monday night on the final lap of the daytona 500. wonderful to see him doing so well. he said his daughters were his support, beautiful story. >> julie: fox news has learned two passengers have died after being released from quarantine on the diamond princess cruise ship. that was docked off the coast of japan. the cdc now placing all passengers and crew under travel restrictions. following the story for us live from atlanta with more. >> those passengers will have to wait an additional 14 days before they are allowed back into the u.s. as for the two victims, described as a man and a woman in their 80s, both of them
6:55 am
than a week ago after becoming ill. each tested positive for covid-19. these are the first deaths linked to the diamond princess. additional passengers remain hospitalized in japan including this american couple. >> they are staying on top of this trying to prevent a real pandemic worldwide. i want to contribute to that as best we are able to as well. >> in cambodia, health officials have cleared the remaining passengers, all 781 tested negative for coronavirus. this group has been held for evaluation after one passenger who already traveled on to malaysia became ill with covid-19. the doctor in cambodia after being rejected from multiple asian ports although now face new challenges in the form of
6:56 am
limited flights and international travel restrictions. today, russia's temporary ban on chinese nationals went into effect for russian officials announced they are making exceptions for some chinese travelers including diplomats and those holding business. >> ed: did joe biden get any kind of a boost? we will have a reaction. former secretary of state john kerry saying what is next on whether he violated the logan act by talking to iranian officials. and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. - that's pretty sweet. - that's cool. oooohh!
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7:00 am
so you can... retire better. >> ed: breaking right now, we are waiting for the roger stone sentence. >> julie: a longtime friend of president trump in court right now waiting to learn his fate after a jury found him guilty of lying to congress, obstruction of witness tampering, prosecutors recommended seven to nine years. will have to wait and see but they did intervene calling for a lesser sentence. meanwhile, stones lawyers asking for a new trial after the jury revealed strong bias against president trump. going to bring you that sentence as soon as it comes in but as we learn from reporting last hour. >> ed: in the meantime, fox news alert, an explosive show down last night from the debate stage in las vegas. 2020 democrats treating all
7:01 am
kinds of jobs, welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." this is one of those days where you cannot wait to get to the a-team because it is going to be explosive. >> julie: i picked a bad week to stop drinking. i needed a drink. two seconds in. i am julie banderas in for sandra smith. so six candidates taking the stage last night including former new york city mayor michael bloomberg for the very first time so all eyes were on him, all jabs were at him and while he took much of the incoming fire, he was hardly the only one. >> ed: let's get the peter doocy first to his life in las vegas with more highlights from the big night, good morni good morning. >> good morning, ed and julie and michael bloomberg took his for about an hour and a half before he really went on the offensive arguing that the current democratic front runner bernie sanders is unelectable because he promotes policies that bloomberg calls communist.
7:02 am
>> happens to be a millionaire with three houses, what did i miss here? >> you missed i work in washington, who live in burlington, house too and like of others, i do have that, where is your home? >> new york city, thank you very much. and i pay all my taxes and i'm happy to do it because i get something for it and i thought the center next to me was half right, i agree. >> elizabeth warren was picking fights with as many candidates as she could name and an answer last night especially when it came to her trying to promote her health care plan. >> mayor pete has a slogan thawed out by his consultants to pay for over a version of a plan that would leave millions of people unable to afford their health care. it is not a plan, it is a power
7:03 am
point. and amy's plan is even less. is a post-it note. >> more of a microsoft word guide. >> post-it notes were invented in my state. >> the bloomberg campaign leaked an internal memo suggesting that pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar don't drop out that sanders is going to mount an insurmountable lead in the delegate fight. i asked pete buttigieg about that, whether or not he's going to drop out and he said maybe bloomberg should step aside. >> ed: peter doocy all over that, thank you for kicking us off in this brand-new hour. let's bring in the a-team, david as men anchor of bulls and bea bears, columnist for "the new york post" and the one and only robert wolf's founder of ceo former economic advisor to president obama. fox news contributor and as our democrat at the table, dying to
7:04 am
get your take. >> we are calling at the red wedding. make it quickly. was a brutal night for mayor bloomberg to the point where rp people i've known for over 30 years because he's usually incredibly prepared and the reason we know he wasn't prepared was because i mentioned this before, the one thing that he's been really at the forefront of his gun reform. last night we were in las vegas, the biggest massacre and gun reform happened on the only one to mention it was joe biden. that tells you how ill-prepared. no question elizabeth warren came into that fight and just was totally prepared for the show down and won the show down. she had a great night for her because we are talking about her, raised a lot of money. i thought it was a great night for joe biden because he was in
7:05 am
a target. he could go on offense that i think mayor pete got the best of amy klobuchar in that battle and lastly i think with bernie, it wasn't a great night because he chose medicare for all and the unions are not supportive of it and talked about that. >> ed: i want to get everybody in here but you mention elizabeth warren, let's get this sound bite out there, warren slamming bloomberg. >> a billionaire who calls women to fat and horse faced and no, i am not talking about donald trump, i am talking about mayor bloomberg. i will support whomever the democratic nominee is but understand this, democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire. >> she is a killer and killed him last night but i don't know if that translates because she doesn't come across as likable, so she has sort of done what
7:06 am
chris christie did with marco rubio, blown herself up at the same time and again with bloomberg, will people remember? he had that great sound bite where he got sanders for having three houses, the fact is he went in there and he also showed disdain he has for mere mortals and i think that is really his achilles heel. he is rather an arrogant, cold person and i don't know if that will work for him if he ends up being the nominee. >> ed: he was also the only person there who talked about doing anything for the private sector, who talked about the private sector as something other than an evil institution that was destroying the planet. is literally a phrase that was used not by anybody on stage but by one of the questioners saying what he going to do about the corporations destroying the planet? at least someone was represented and at the same time i agree with robert. he is spending hundreds of millions of dollars but at least tens of millions on a staff that is supposed to prepare him for these things. i just wonder if there's going
7:07 am
to be some major shake-up of that order because clearly, either they did not do his job or he is just unteachable. >> julie: the bloomberg campaign put out a quote on the statement because a lot of people were saying that he went down in a fire but bloomberg, his campaign believes differently. they write "you know you are a winner when you are drawing attacks from all the candidates, everyone came to destroy mike tonight. didn't happen. i would say elizabeth warren pretty much destroyed him on the stage. a lot of them called him out on the stop and frisk, something that he had weeks if not months to prepare for. >> the women issue was absolutely critical for he was caught flat-footed, he was clearly unprepared for that question whether he was willing to reveal or release the women for their nondisclosure agreements. >> julie: so he had an opportunity to release them, most people that have signed an
7:08 am
nda, they are not going to want that out there whether he is telling jokes or not, i don't think it's going to be good for him but the other thing is that he didn't really want to go into what his plans were. for a lot of democrats who basically pete buttigieg called them out, saying i'm actually a democrat. he needed to convince democrats that he's a democrat and he didn't do it last night. >> i've done debates on both the clinton movement and the obama movement and you have to be able to get out of your comfort zone so you don't freeze on stage. he struggled with that when they were attacking him but more importantly, you've got to know when to pivot. his strength his business, his strength is capitalist, he didn't deflect and pivot. you have a minute and 20 seconds. use it, he could have said listen, on stop and frisk, what i did was wrong and i wish i had
7:09 am
a mole again and i can't go back and what i'm now trying to do for the african-american community, look forward and by the way, you can't go back but you doing in small business lending, what i'm doing in minority banking, he didn't deflect at all, he really throws the first. i am just blown away by it and the thing about elizabeth warren what i would say in response is she needed to have a good night just to get back in her groove. i'm not saying she's going to be the nominee, i'm just saying she had her best fund-raising night overnight, it keeps her in the game. >> ed: the president seems like he's declaring himself the winner, tweets "perhaps the worst in the history of debates and there have been some really bad ones. he was stumbling, bumbling, grossly incompetent. this doesn't knock them out of the race, nothing will." so the president is able to hold
7:10 am
himself up but talk big picture because the bloomberg camp themselves before this debate said the moderates need to wake up, this is before the bad debate of performance because bernie after super tuesday i have 41% of the delegates. he may be running away with this and then bloomberg has a bad performance. >> of course, donald trump is just sitting there rubbing his hands with glee eating popcorn because it is great for him to watch the democrats pull each other apart. but you have to put it in a little bit of perspective, this is always going to happen, it happened to the republicans, people move on and people forget, people can get behind them but what we have seen is they can't choose an anybody otr than bernie, getting enormous crowds in nevada, new hampshire, iowa, he's the one with that crowd energy that is trumpian. >> ed: leading california with
7:11 am
a lot of dar delegates. bloomberg no charisma or personality oh, my god, say something. you were just accused of insulting that broadens, but he didn't even jump in and say something. >> i had a lot of fun, i wish i had popcorn but there was a substantive issue that bothered the heck out of me and that was the job of the media which was not done on fact-checking, it was so many crazy numbers that were thrown out there, joe biden for one said he had a good night but he said just raising the corporate tax rate up to 28% would bring an $800 billion extra a year from corporate taxes. that's what he said. we actually took in a total of $216 billion from corporate taxes and he said when you add in a minimum of 15% that would raise another 740 billion, that is an 800% increase in corporate taxes. nobody in the history of
7:12 am
humanity has ever had an 800% increase. i hate to have these awkward details but they matter and there was such nonsense, economic nonsense. >> bernie sanders after nine debates still hasn't explained how he's going to pay for medicare for all. you're a democrat but a capitalist, we have talked about this before and beaten up on bloomberg but where he is starting to find his voice in the second hour was when he got animated on taxes, socialism versus capitalism, but he seems to be losing that battle on that stage because the majority of votes want to take the country left. >> that i disagree with because i believe the moderates are the silent majority. you actually look at it, you can find bloomberg, amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg, and joe biden are at 55 to 60% and maureen and bernie are at 40 to 45% so it's just not accurate that if we can coalesce around one moderate than i actually think we would
7:13 am
have someone, but we are not doing that which if warren actually does well and take some from bernie, it just went up. going down to 5%, 15 to 20%, lost a little trajectory for the next week, but has been made on one debate stage. no all of a sudden we are going to have six or seven people into super tuesday. bernie doesn't hit 40% and hits 2425% of coming up to get 55% after that. >> julie: elizabeth warren if you fact-checker as well, the moderators, i don't expect them to know every single fact but when there is something that is glaringly wrong, i would love for the moderator to step in and challenge them, it was a
7:14 am
complete free-for-all, i would call it a you know what show in my house. >> also did not answer any foreign policy questions. >> julie: because they left the circus to run on and were not taming their animals on the stage. my other question for you guys, it will get great reading this and i guess that's a good thing but i would've liked to have seen a little more substantive answers from some of the candidates. elizabeth warren went after amy klobuchar and said if you go on her web page, two paragraphs on health care. five paragraphs if you want to count them and then she went after a lot of her other teammates there if you will then call them out on things that she herself, medically for all, that is something that bernie sanders and her seemed to be on par with. did you think that she did a good enough job to break herself out of the pack because she came out with her gloves on?
7:15 am
>> i don't know she really helped yourself last night. >> she dominated the food fight but with respect to policy, she was for medicare for all, couldn't explain it and pivoted multiple times which is why when she was a front runner couldn't actually hold onto it in october. medicare for all is just not happening so doesn't make a difference. the numbers don't add up, we are not moving away from private insurance on the public option so that will debate and what i would say about the debate people, the moderators, it wasn't a debate. was a screaming match for a couple of hours. >> it is not a debate, it's about personalities. is whether or not you can cope with the fire and we have seen last night that the other candidates that have come for these debates where cory booker and kamala harris have dropped off, these people are the last man standing and women and they can handle it. what was michael bloomberg coming in at the last minute can't handle it.
7:16 am
shows he doesn't have the personality to take on donald trump. any of those other people on the stage could do it. >> you have the american economy right now doing very well and the american people feel good about it and president trump decides to tweet saying the republican party as a party of the american worker, the american family, and the american dream. think what you want of donald trump, but it is hard to argue with that. >> ed: he made a case of the state of the union and at the rally and is going to continue, great discussions. >> julie: a fox news alert now in just minutes, the trump administration is expected to announce even more sanctions against iran. this comes after iran's president said that he is not willing to negotiate with the u.s. unless it drops current sanctions and the iranian nuclear deal is reinstated. rich edson is live at the state department with more.
7:17 am
>> good morning, and iran's leaders say they want sanctions to go on the other direction. they say they are not going to negotiate with the united states until the u.s. pulls back on some of these sanctions. meanwhile, the trump administration is adding more. state department's point man on iran, special representative is going to be here at the state department in 15 minutes announcing more sanctions against iran. meanwhile, secretary of state mike pompeo was in saudi arabia meeting with saudi leaders there meeting with the crown prince to discuss countering iran in the region. he says the u.s. sanctions campaign is draining iran's capacity to conduct strategic activity in the middle east and the effort takes time when there was more work to do. he is also touring the saudi airbase were 2500 u.s. troops or station to respond to threats from iran. the u.s. sent more troops and equipment in saudi arabia over the summer after officials blamed iran for an attack on the
7:18 am
saudi oil facility. in iran, leaders there are pushing citizens in the parliamentary elections looking to bolster the legitimacy even if iran's leaders choose the candidates in these elections. democrats have challenged the strategy is making iran more menacing in the region and provoking the iranians especially by killing iranian general. state department this morning will also likely highlight that weapon shipment that was intercepted and the persian gulf by the u.s. military earlier this month, that according to u.s. officials were headed for who the rebels ar i ran back. >> julie: there was a new acting director of the national intelligence, what we know about the president's pick richard grenell. >> ed: plus, joe biden needed a big showing last night's debate but did he get lost amid all the bloomberg bashing and the dustup? our headline, former secretary
7:19 am
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>> julie: president trump naming a new acting director of national intelligence, richard grenell's ambassador to germany who has no direct background and intelligence. lucas tomlinson with more from the pentagon. >> good morning to you. ambassador grenell does not have experience but that does not stop the president from nominating him and made it official in a statement a short time ago "ambassador grenell is committed to a nonpartisan, nonpolitical approach of the intelligence community on which our safety and security depend. the president has every confidence that ambassador grenell will perform his new duties with distinction. "supporters born out that he has been the ambassador for nearly two years where he meets with intelligence officials on a daily basis. it was a longest-serving u.s. spokesman at the u.n. in history. he briefly served as mitt romney's national security
7:24 am
spokesman, in lockstep with president trump. this comes as democratic senator chris murphy said he met iran's foreign minister in germany last weekend. >> i saw senator murphy met with the iranians? is not a fact? is there anything i should know? sounds to me like a violation of the logan act. >> the logan act was a 200-year-old law for bidding law preventing unauthorized americans for meeting with iran's enemies. "iran restarted their nuclear program, fired at our troops come up support for proxies, your iranian policy is a disastrous failure to it and i'm the ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee, it is literally my job to meet with regional leaders." he will also remain ambassador to germany. >> ed: thank you. a former vice president joe biden meanwhile off to a
7:25 am
bumpy start after poor showings in iowa and new hampshire. did you get back on track last night? we are going to ask our headliner, former secretary of state john kerry is next. the better question would be where do i not listen to it. while i'm eating my breakfast... on the edges of cliffs... on a ski lift... everywhere. ♪ download audible and start listening today. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. i take it once a week.
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7:29 am
>> ed: joe biden came into last night's debates after poor showings in iowa and new hampshire and hard to say if he made much ground, our headliner today is biden
7:30 am
supporter john kerry, i spoke with him earlier about what is next for the former vice president and i pressed the former obama secretary of state about president trump's allegations that he violated the logan act. secretary carrie, good morning. we appreciate you joining us. you've been through this process before, the nominee for the democratic party. a lot of people think they can skip the early states in the early stages and they find out in a debate like this that the other candidate is sort of in midseason form, showing a bandaged image of michael bloomberg black and bloom as if he had a pretty rough night. your thoughts. >> i think it was a tough night, certainly the first part of the debate. is hard just to jump in if you are not out there in combat so to speak and i think that showed. but i what was important, a food
7:31 am
fight in a very personal way and many quarters, but i think joe biden actually stayedin a v. i thought it was his best debate, it came at a time that was obviously helpful and good to him, important going into nevada and what's really important to look at is the leading candidate at that moment is in the 20s, and if you have four people divided by the vote with a sort of similar point of view, that distorts what the reality is here. the next few days in nevada and south carolina are going to help ween this out a bit, that will change the dynamic of this race. >> ed: you say in the 20s but bernie sanders and some national polls is reaching into the 30s and poise in debates last night, there were points
7:32 am
where it was missing in action on issues like health care, took a long time before even he got in there. the question is how can he change this dynamic because it appears right now that bernie sanders over the next week or two could end up having a delicate bee that is going to be very hard to beat. >> i'm not going to get into the predictions, the personal experience is often very wrong in these things and my judgment is joe biden, how many times, how many debates have we spent most of the debate on health care and the distinction between joe biden and the others as he doesn't want to kick 150 million americans off of their health care. he made that point last night but more importantly when you look at where the world is today, the biggest challenges we face as a nation are challenges that require our president who
7:33 am
has relationships with other countries, with other leaders who knows that playing field and has the ability to be able to lead america, the leader of the free world once again we hope, and i think joe biden is the only one who comes back to the table with those relationships with that experience, with the ability to deal with cyber warfare, nuclear weapons which are now back on the table with the question of extremism, the fight that we waged originally against isis, that was a strategy that obama-biden administration and all of us worked on. that's what makes america safe. of >> ed: i hear you, but no foreign policy questions at all, i could be the moderator's fault. i would like to ask you, in this debate you were talking about comes at a time when president trump is accusing not
7:34 am
just you, but senator chris murphy now for violating the logan act of negotiating with foreign governments with iran. >> that is once again another presidential life, a complete effort by the president to distort reality, because he would know i didn't negotiate with anybody. i did what any senator and secretaries of state in history have done continuing to go to conferences abroad in order to be well-informed. what he ought to do is focus on somebody called rudy giuliani who has been out there engaged in very direct negotiations in an effort to try to a subterfuge foreign policy so let's get real here. >> ed: on that point, the president says rudy giuliani as his personal attorney, he has every right to see information that is out there for hundred
7:35 am
biden, number one and number two, the president believes that we have been undermining his foreign policy. >> the personal attorney of the president of the united states should not be meeting with people who have now been indicted who have broken the law and who are engaged in activities with the president's personal lawyer. we have to be real here. that is aivity wafe and i thinkd totally inappropriate. i more importantly i'm a look at the policies that underlie this. we went to the brink of war with iran, the president farmed out to iran the decision about whether or not we would be at war because they had responded in a way that they might have been at war in that moment. >> ed: you when the other
7:36 am
democrats have been saying that for weeks now that we were at the brink of war and is going to get us into war with iran and it hasn't happened and instead it appears that iran has been pushed back. >> it didn't happen because i ran happened not to kill an american when they responded. they had, we would've been that war. that means the decision of whether to go to war was in fact dependent on the response of a country that is the regime none of us like. the question is what do you do about that regime? how do you respond to it? the president has isolated us from france, germany, britain, china, russia, all of whom not only signed the agreement but are trying to keep it alive. so the president is on his own, if he had gone to war, the united nations security council would not have been with the united states, our allies would not have been with us, we would've been on our own. that is not the way to put american soldiers at risk.
7:37 am
>> ed: let's get back to the debate, i wanted to go down that road. let me play a clip that puts your candidate in a moment where joe biden spoke up and pushed back against michael bloomberg on the issue of nda's and women. >> are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements? >> accuse me of doing anything, maybe didn't like the joke i told. >> all you have to say is you are released from a nondisclosure agreement. mack. we are not going to end these agreements because they were made consensually and they have every right to expect that they will stay private. >> ed: you hear the groans they are, your candidate pushed back hard on the issue of transparency, can the democrats nominate someone like michael bloomberg who will not release these nda's?
7:38 am
>> obviously, democrats across the country coming up in the super tuesday race which is the first time that people would have that choice in front of them, they're going to make up their minds on that so it seems to me that joe biden and others were correct in saying it was important for people to be able to speak out on the transparency and accountability is critical here. i take with the reason people were groaning and booing is that most people know there is not and even ground that you are on in that nondisclosure process. so it seems to me that the vice president was absolutely correct to call for the full disclosure. the call for the freedom if the person wants to. some of them may not want to so it is legitimately play out to
7:39 am
be able to make that choice. >> ed: last question in iowa, you were overheard on a cell phone allegedly saying that bernie sanders may run away with this in your party will be in danger if that happens and you said maybe i am bleeping deluding myself here but maybe you should get into the race. he later tweeted that's not really what happen. final point, you've got in the presidential thing totally out of your system and you're not running? >> of course i'm not running. i am sitting here supporting somebody that i think will make a terrific president of the united states but nobody should take a one sided overheard conversation and try to make conclusions about what it was. i received a phone call from somebody who was expressing that concern and i responded to that concern and had a conversation. is one sided and i made it crystal clear i am here supporting the vice president of the united states, former vice president who i think had a terrific night last night and nevada.
7:40 am
>> ed: a divided convention, would you put your name in there if there was a divided convention? >> that's not how it works. i don't even know how it works but i'm telling you right now that the race will change between now, i think, and super tuesday and it needs to because there are four candidates now dividing up votes and no matter what happens, if you go to the convention and there is not a majority for one candidate of those delegates, then the rules are crystal clear. those are the rules. at four ago, bernie sanders supported the rules on the other side of that coin, so i think that you can't just be flipping it for convenience. rules matter, the rules of the party make it clear that we will vote until the majority of
7:41 am
dugout mack delegates have decided who the nominee is. >> ed: we appreciate you taking the time this morning. >> good to be with you, take care. do mack right now in a d.c. court room, roger stone is about to learn his fate, sentencing underway for the former friend and confidant, going to bring you that sentence live as soon as it comes down. plus the debate within the debate last night between the burning and the billionaire. we are going to talk to moneyman charles payne. >> in terms of the senator beating president trump, i don't think there's any chance whatsoever.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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7:45 am
to my bernie sanders and mike bloomberg going at it last night on the bit biggest debate stage, likening the policies of democratic socialist sanders tot
7:46 am
that was a cheap shot, sanders did not like that. joining us for more on this, charles payne, author of the book unstoppable prosperity. so here's the interesting thing. bernie sanders is trying to frame this democratic socialism as sort of mimicking denmark or sweden or these european countries and by the same token if you look at the actual policies, they really more akin to communism. they really are more a kin to some of the more economic policies throughout history where the government played such an increasing role in determining who got what, where the resources went. >> ed: has about 6 million people and they don't have much of a military's they don't have to spend money on that so you compare it to america. >> norway has got this gigantic oil things are trillions of dollars coming from that and
7:47 am
then they sprinkle it around and start thinking about things that make america unique like innovation and all of those things, the entire world benefits from, that is not taking into account. what bernie sanders is playing to our those americans who feel like they've been left behind and many of them voted for president trump last go around and he is saying give me a shot because i will just take directly from the rich fat cats and give it to you. >> ed: we got into great detail on where he flubbed last night, here is where bloomberg seem to find his voice, watch. >> i can't think of a way that would make it easier for donald trump to get reelected listening to this conversation. ridiculous. we are not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that, it was called communism and it just didn't work. >> ed: sanders got upset, said it's a cheap shot and all the rest. but it's clear bloomberg got
7:48 am
under his skin. >> by the same token, he just released his war on wall street this week, and 11 page in-depth approach on how he's going to attack the epicenter of capitalism, he has a $5 trillion tax plan out there so he's got the right talking points on this topic but what he is saying to these voters is i'm going to do the same thing that these guys are doing, so it is tough to have it both ways. i don't know how you're going to win the democratic nomination by saying -- by being a strong proponent of pure capitalism, i don't think that's possible. too much i understand he wants to cut taxes and he wants to make the wealthy pay more but when you come out -- sorry, he wants to raise taxes but when you come after not only the wealthy but also the middle-class basically saying success story is not okay in this country, whatever happened to the american dream? michael bloomberg as an entrepreneur, he started this business on his own and he became a billionaire so he
7:49 am
saying use the example of what the american dream is all about. >> europe is still looking back on their past. they are basking in the glory of the past with no hope of ever being preeminent again. the next 100 years will be between asian countries whether it's trying to order others, india, and america to be world dominance or look at the coliseum because we have boxed ourselves in with these policies were democratic socialists and policies, high taxes, little innovation and beating down on which successful people and ideas but not being able to flesh out ideas that can make you rich. >> julie: the most successful people that are helping the jobs number. >> ed: was close on that, you've got a million dollars, we all know that. smile direct club taking some heat this morning. >> some folks are saying that their teeth are loose. and this is a company that just
7:50 am
went public at any time they go public, and shows you all the things i could happen. anyone were to read the risk factors, they've got to acknowledge that this isn't real dentistry. this is someone opened up a store like come on in, we will fix your teeth for real cheap, 1800 complaints by the better business bureau, if you were to go all this, people have been complaining about this for a very long time. some municipalities directly taking action against the idea of this kind of stuff. by the way, i've got tom steyer today so i'm going to ask him how he would defend capitalism even though he has been a major critic of it. who? >> ed: appreciate it. meanwhile, day three of deliberations and the harvey weinstein trial. next, what the jury is asking about and what it can mean.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
when victory deliberations now in their third day, has been all over this at the courthouse in lower manhattan. >> as we entered day three of jury deliberations, the story has a lot of questions, so many of the judge didn't even have enough time to answer all of them yesterday. harvey weinstein and his attorneys arriving here this morning early, he has been here every single day at this trial, the seven men and five women must decide if the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that he a woman in a manhattan hotel room in 2013 and assaulted another woman in 2006. the jury is asking to review
7:56 am
plenty of evidence from blueprints to emails to testimonies. the jury also asking for more information about a lot of the different testimonies, they are asking for blueprints during a different email seeing all this evidence again as they tried to comb through this information. it's been 13 hours now they've been deliberating and will have more throughout the day. >> ed: thank you. >> julie: the trump administration ramping up its high-pressure campaign against iran, much more on that coming up. >> ed: new sanctions. ok everyone!
7:57 am
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when not breaking this hour, at any moment now we expect to learn the sentence for roger stone come a long time friend court right now waiting to learn his fate after being guilty of lying and obstruction of justice. prosecutors recommended seven to nine years in prison for the justice department intervened calling for a lesser sentence. meanwhile, stone's lawyers are asking for a brand-new trial after the jury foreperson revealed strong political bias against president trump. we will bring you that sentence as soon as it comes in. straight to another fox news alert fox news alert as america turns up the pressure on iran with the state department just unveiling brand-new sanctions. tehran remaining defiance. >> i am announcing the united states is sanctioning five senior regime officials under executive order 13876.
8:01 am
"the five" officials being designated today have denied the iranian people free and fair parliamentary elections. >> ed: the stand off all playing as president trump says former secretary of state john kerry, two democrats have violated federal law by meeting with iranian leaders. senator kerry and secretary carrie denied that to us in an interview a short time ago, much more on this later in the hour. meanwhile, fallout from michael bloomberg's debate debut, a fiery face-off for the 2020 democrats hitting pretty hard and while the billionaires seem to be the main target, candidates also took some personal shots at one another. welcome back to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i am ed henry. what a debate. >> julie: we can't stop talking about it, never gets old. julie banderas infra sandra smith so the gloves were definitely off last night with bloomberg facing attacks from all sides, elizabeth warren
8:02 am
starting things right off just minutes into the debate but others quickly joined in. >> i like to talk about who we are running against, a billionaire who calls women fat broad's and horse faced. i know, not talking about donald trump, talking about mayor bloomberg. >> the mayor said when we passed it, the signature piece of this administration, it is a disgrace, those are the exact words, it was a disgrace. >> we talked about stop and frisk and we talked about the workplace that mayor bloomberg has established on the problems they are but maybe we should also ask how mayor bloomberg in 2004 supported george w. bush for president. in put money into republican candidates for the united states senate. >> ed: joining us now, chris stirewalt, fox news politics editor. we often talk about the hype
8:03 am
leading up to the debate, it all comes down to tonight and often times it doesn't deliver. it has been a sordid ugly affair in which there were vendettas and personal attacks, insults. was a real garbage situation. >> ed: are you talking about the bachelor or about the debate? >> exactly. this had sharper elbows. >> ed: let's get to some serious policy points. michael bloomberg had a rough night but on the other hand when he started talking about the economy, capitalism versus socialism, he found his voice a little. let's listen to that. >> i can't think of a way that would make it easier for donald trump to get reelected than listening to this conversation. it's ridiculous. we are not going to throw out capitalism, we tried that. other countries tried that.
8:04 am
was called communism and it just didn't work. >> it burns. >> ed: but michael bloomberg is trying at least, may be failing, but trying to reach a general election audience trying to defeat the president but it looks like bernie sanders while he took some shots, he may be running away with this in terms of delegates. >> he is running away with it slowly and the problem for democrats is on that stage, bernie sanders is probably the second worst choice, elizabeth warren would be donald trump's green, that would be the best one if you could handle elizabeth warren who is both radical and unlikable so she's a double whammy, but you have bernie sanders a self-described socialist to use to right erotic fiction in a newspaper in burlington, vermont, is good enough. you are trumped, you are likely want this guy. nothing happened on that stage
8:05 am
that slowed bernie sanders. in fact, what happened on okay with the contested convention and all of them were okay with trying to rip each other's faces off until june, july, and in the meantime letting bernie sanders continue to rack up the delegates. >> ed: where does that leave us in terms of a contested convention as you tee up of milwaukee, they were all asked that and said let's let this play out because they think bernie is going to have the lead in delegates and it's a free-for-all? >> bernie was the only one who said the most important questi question, all of that aside, the most important question tonight was will you abide by the rules? and sanders was clear, he does not want to abide by the rules, even if he hasn't hit the threshold, it ought to be given him and it's going to undergird a lot of this. would democrats need is to unite
8:06 am
behind someone who can block sanders, that is their urgent work, that work was not done last night to any degree and super tuesday is right around the corner. >> ed: that seems to pick up on your reality show theme, what's going on in the moderately last night because maybe a sideshow in the bloomberg-warren battle and sanders in there as well, in a deathmatch to see who could survive, let's play that. >> on the committee that oversees border security, you are on the committee that does trade, you are literally part of the committee that is overseeing these things and we are not able to speak to literally the first thing about the politics. >> are you trying to say that i'm dumb, are you mocking me? i made an error. >> ed: adding to that, you think you're so perfect, p. >> they were perfectly
8:07 am
ridiculous. those two people were perfectly ridiculous. you have a guy rocking a 9% and you have a rocking a 7% and they are up on stage lighting in the dumbest most personal way with each other, personal attacks just to get a garbage situation for democrats. >> ed: when you say garbage situation, that played into what mark meadows said last night. listen to this. >> i got to watch the entire debate and i can tell you the clear winner tonight was donald trump. we now know why they have spent so much time on impeachment because they don't have a message that will resonate with the american people. >> ed: that is the republican point of view but are the democrats playing right into that? >> first of all, i don't know why he's shouting but what is mark meadows going to say? is not going to say good night for the democrats, he's a partisan, that's his job is to say it's good for trump. however, i think there's truth in it and just as i said before,
8:08 am
the point is the more likely democrats are to nominate a socialist, the more likely democrats are to nominate socialists in an ugly contested convention, the better it is for trump but i would caution republicans like meadows. four years ago, democrat sounded just like him about donald trump. i think that i in the head-to-hd with bernie sanders has the advantage but sanders won't be as easy to beat as people like mark meadows think. he will be a tougher outcome republicans but i remember with the clinton people were laughing about four years ago. you think you're up so perfect, chris. >> ed: will have to use that against each other in the days ahead, i appreciate you coming in. to my president trump heading to colorado today were hundreds of supporters have been camping out since early yesterday for a big campaign rally tonight in colorado springs, it is all part of the president's four day trip to the west. we've got chief white house correspondent john roberts life on the north lawn watching it all for us. >> watching it a little bit from afar but the president does have
8:09 am
a big profile and makes a lot of noise so even all the way back here in washington, the president keeping up a high-profile at the same time the democrats are gearing up over the important of important nevada caucuses on saturday, the president with a little bit of counter programming last night to the las vegas debate without capacity crowd in phoenix taking aim at the democratic field with particular focus on the newcomer to the debate stage michael bloomberg. listen here. >> i hear he is getting pounded tonight. i hear they are pounding him. he spent $500 million so far, and i think he has 15 points it just came out. >> he will be defending a special commencement, 31 former prisoners will graduate from the reentry program and after that, off to colorado springs for a
8:10 am
late afternoon rally tomorrow afternoon on the eve of the democratic caucuses, a big rally at the las vegas convention center as he did in new hampshire, the president trying to take some of the wind out of the democrat sails, the president insisting into phoenix that while democrats have been trying to take him down, he has been getting things done. listen to this. >> while the extreme left has been wasting america's time with the hoaxes we have been killing terrorists, creating jobs, raising wages and acting fair trade, securing our border and lifting up citizens of every race, color, religion and creed. but while losing nevada to hillary clinton back in 2016, a lot of what the president is doing here is trolling the democrats making sure that they do not get an open playing field
8:11 am
for either of their caucuses or their primary end to that end, the president will do the same thing in south carolina, their primary is coming up a week from saturday, the president is in india most of next week that when he returns, he will go to south carolina for a big rally again to try to take some of the wind out of the democrats sails. >> julie: john roberts, thank you very much. >> ed: fox news alert as we await the sentencing of president trump's longtime friend roger stone after the justice department of course overruled his prosecutors and called for less time in prison. what will the judge do? >> julie: plus, the u.s. imposing a new round of sanctions against iran, how tehran will react and this all comes as president trump accuses two prominent democrats including former secretary of state john kerry of violating federal law and meeting with iranian leaders. >> that life, a complete effort by the president to distort reality because if you knew anything about the law, he
8:12 am
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>> for the elections tomorrow, the council denied more than 7,000 candidates the right to participate in the election.
8:16 am
they also disqualified 90 sitting members of iran's parliament for running from reelection. >> julie: imposing a new sanctions, five iranians in charge of elections, fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst joins me now. first of all, talk to me about the state department ramping up against iran. do believe it will be effective as the sanctions have proven to be? >> i think this decision is the two officials who have been designated go back decades since the foundation of that republic but for the first time, it doesn't work on the economic side but on the political side, these are the two regime leaders who block change in iran and as it was announced by the state department and basically those two people choose the candidates so that regime did
8:17 am
not change have those two people are functioning. >> julie: i want to talk more about iran and u.s. relations. john kerry was on last hour and he came on and had some pretty strong words regarding why we are not at war with iran and i want you to react to that. he basically said had an american actually been killed by iran when they fired missiles at a u.s. base last month that we would be at war with iran. here is john kerry and that i want your reaction. >> we went to the brink of war with iran, the decision about whether or not we would be at war because of iran had responded in a way that they might have, we would have absolutely been at war in that moment. i don't think any president should allow another country to make the decision of whether you go to war. >> julie: i believe the reason we are not at war number one with iran is because iran knows where it stands, it knows how to killed an american they would not only face sanctions, they
8:18 am
would face something much harsher from this president so he knew what he was doing when they fired at a u.s. base but what do you make of him questioning the president's stance with iran essentially saying the president like that is ready to go to war with iran? >> i don't believe it is the case. balance power, encirclement and sanctions prevent war because if we have not stopped the iranians and iran, they would have attacked further. they were attacking saudi arabia and when you deter the other side, you are stopping the war and when you message them very strongly and then you show if they attack you that you can respond in a strong manner, that is deterrent so i don't believe the administration is irration irrational. the strategy is working. the big question is, what would have happened had this ministry should not withdrawn from the iran deal which has funded many of the missiles that were used
8:19 am
against them and against us? >> julie: what would we expect them to actually do. would we expect them to negotiate? >> the sanctions are designed to put a lot of pressure and two things can happen. number one, the regime would want to make a case there was another light, the population needs to put pressure on the iranian regime, they are aimed at talking and telling them they are not allowing you to vote, putting the pressure we need on that regime. >> julie: by meeting with the foreign affairs minister, the president just waiting this, i will put it on the screen, john kerry and senator chris murray grossly violated the logan act with respect to iran. a republican did what they did, they would be very serious ramifications. my question to you is is he right and how damaging is this?
8:20 am
>> when it comes to the logan act, they were two components. one is strictly legal meaning in world war ii, officials meeting with officials and though we had some artists going and visiting vietnam so it all depends on the status, what is the iranian regime to us at this point in time? most of them are designated as terrorists, can our officials or politicians meeting with the iranian regime, that's the big legal question. is obvious and clear that all these pressures and sanctions that they are targeting us and chanting death to america and in the midst of this, one would say okay. but without informing that administration going in, without reporting to the administration, i think this was a very wrong political move. >> julie: always great to see you, thank you so much. >> ed: meantime, a new ruling
8:21 am
from a federal judge, how the border patrol is responding this morning. plus, still a lot to unpack from last night's heated debate. by seven say it is a clear indication the democrats are headed towards a brokered convention. the dnc communications director gets a chance to respond next. >> whatever the rules the democratic party are, they should be followed and if they have a process which i believe they do, everybody -- >> you want the convention to work its will.
8:22 am
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8:26 am
>> ed: roger stone is about to learn his fate, sounding off after issuing a sentence to president trump's longtime friend. >> julie: long ago, mention stone violating previous court orders not to talk about the case, the judge also talked about intimidating behavior directed at the court room before -- from stone before the trial including the social media post which included a picture of the judge with what looked like gun crosshairs over her head. when my prosecutors recommended seven to nine years originally for lying to congress and obstruction of witness tampering but the department of justice called for a lesser sentence. >> julieto my call ten minute re are alive inside the courtroom, outside the courtroom, we will bring you the decision live as soon as it comes in so stay
8:27 am
tuned right here. a federal judge in arizona meantime issuing a permanent order requiring border patrol to provide clean mats and blankets to any detained migrants within 12 hours of arrival at the detention facility. following the story for us in los angeles. >> this was the culmination of a weeklong trial but a nearly five-year case prompted by migrants who had complained in 2015 that u.s. customs and border patrol kept them in inhumane conditions. and district court judge nominated by president george w. bush handed the migrants a victory ruling the cbp cannot hold any migrant it detains "longer than 48 hours unless they provide conditions of confinement that meet basic human needs for sleeping in a bed with a blanket, a shower, food that meets acceptable
8:28 am
dietary standards, potable water, and medical assessments performed by a medical professional. the ruling only applies to the tucson, arizona, sector of the u.s. and mexico border and also makes permanent preliminary injunction the same judge issued in 2016 that requires cbp to provide clean mats and blankets to any migrant held longer than 12 hours. they argue that the facilities in question are not subject to constitutional minimums in terms of treatment of detainees because they were processing facilities rather than detention centers. cbp told us in an email this morning "we are reviewing the ruling and defer to the department of justice for matters pending litigation. an attorney for the national litigation law center, one of the advocacy groups that brought the case called the decision "a
8:29 am
tremendous victory for communities fighting courageously to uphold human dignity and the rights enshrined in our constitution. inoi out again that this extends from 2015 before the more recent influx of asylum-seekers and the outcry over conditions and family separations. therefore likely to be a lot more lawsuits in the pipeline. >> julie: jonathan hunt, thank you. >> it was like reality television, it was a sordid, ugly affair in which there were vendettas, personal attacks, insults, it was a real garbage situation. >> ed: that of course was fox news politics editor chris stirewalt not talking about the bachelor, blasting last night's democratic presidential debate as garbage tv so joining me now, dnc communications director, she is live and of course from las vegas.
8:30 am
thank you for coming in. >> so great to be with you. when becky was not talking about the bachelor's let's give a fair chance, how did it play out? >> i have a lot of respect for chris but i disagree with him here. i will say there's a lot at stake for these candidates. you are heading into the nevada caucus on saturday and the south carolina primary the week after that. almost a week away from super tuesday. so you saw a clear contrast between the candidates and that is to be expected. you've seen this in previous primaries before, surprised that it took so long for the candidates to contrast with each other but the reality is every single candidate understands what is at stake and that they want to beat donald trump so while there was clear contrast, this is how things go and i have no doubt that our party will come together at the end of this primary. >> ed: noting at the end of it president trump obviously won anyway. however, when you have the
8:31 am
amy klobuchar-pete buttigieg thing about do you think i'm dumb, you think you're so perfect, obviously that got nasty and personal but big picture here when your party is having this civil war over socialism and capitalism, how can you say things are in a good place? >> i think that right now, our party whether it is health care and expanding access to coverage or whether it's making sure people have good paying jobs, everyone agrees on that stage on basic democratic principles. it's a matter of how we get there and it is up to the voters so we are very early on in this process. i will note that you are right, there was a very ugly republican primary, i think they took punches way earlier than this but the reality is at the end of the day regardless, you have every single person on that stage who is committed to supporting the nominee and they have committed that to us. >> ed: i respect that but you didn't answer the question about
8:32 am
capitalism versus socialism. i understand why you may not want to answer it directly but you now have a front runner for your party who is a democratic socialist and will not tell the voters that you say he respects so much how much medicare for all will cost. how can he get away with that? >> that is up to every candidate to talk about their plan and how they're going to pay for their plan. i will say that whether it is bernie sanders or anyone else on that debate stage or anyone running for president, they have to sign a pledge that if they are going to win the democratic nomination and except at that they must run as a democrat. so i just want to be very clear about that, but everyone on that stage, they want to make sure we are having access to health care. >> ed: talking about supporting the nominee when you get one, how you get there is a big question this morning given this divide in the party. has an interesting story about a brokered convention, possibility in milwaukee, one democrat who worked on two campaigns for former president obama called a brokered convention "the biggest
8:33 am
nightmare democrats can imagine. you want to see a complete show, tune into the brokered conventions. it's your party headed for a brokered convention? >> i will say only 2% of the votes or delegates have been allocated. this is a very premature. i was back and look to articles in 2016 with donald trump and republicans in 2008 with hillary clinton and barack obama and i will tell you every time there is a close primary, there is talk about a contested convention. not only are we at 2% of delegates allocated by by the end of april, that is 90% of delegates. between april and july, that is a clear amount of time that whoever is leading can bring our party together and the reason why you haven't had a successful convention in modern history is because democrats understand they have to get together and they have to support our nominee and this year, more than ever people believe that we need to
8:34 am
be donald trump so i do not believe they will be a contested convention because democrats know what is at stake. >> ed: last question, your boss tom perez took a lot of heat change the rules to let michael bloomberg in and at the time, some smart people in your party said he is taking the heat but he's actually not trying to help bloomberg, he is trying to smoke him out, get intensive debates saying everything is good. as out the way it played out? it doesn't seem like it worked out as well for him. >> we don't make the rules based on any candidate, we make the rules based on where we are in the process. that was very clear. i think if you're pulling over 10% at this point in the race, then you need to answer questions from the american people and i think you saw that last night from every single person. >> ed: i will take that as a "yes" that you were trying to smoke out bloomberg but we will continue that conversation.
8:35 am
i appreciate you speaking out and giving your views this morning. thank you. they might think so much for having me. to make a desperate search underway as authorities issue a statewide amber alert for a 15-month-old girl. evelyn boswell was last seen on december 26, the day after christmas but she was not reported missing until tuesday. both parents have been working asking anyone in the sheriff's office of the numbers on your screen, please call if you have any tips. >> ed: meantime, married off-duty cops deciding to cut date night a little short to snuff out a criminal. >> we both love raising canes, we there frequently. we went there for our first dinner after our wedding and we just went there to enjoy a relaxing meal and it went another way. >> ed: that's because they
8:36 am
spotted a would-be robber. what the newlyweds did next in the restaurant's reaction. to make a legendary hip-hop group making no bones about it changing their name after a quarter of a century. what sparked the identity crisis? we will have details when we go the headlines next. and once you refinance, the savings are automatic. thanks to your va streamline refi benefit, at newday there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. activate your va benefit now. one call can save you $2000 every year.
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>> ed: a live look outside the courthouse in washington where we are waiting any moment now the sentencing of roger stone, his defense attorney said a couple of moments ago urge the judge to ignore all the outside developments in the case, the political noting that he is 67 and he has no previous criminal record, noted his charitable work. he did not choose t the judge went into a recess and we expect any moment now they
8:41 am
will come back out of recess and we look at the sentence and once we have it we will bring it li live. >> julie: time to go beyond the headlines where we take a break as we focus on a kentucky couple out on a date tonight until this. newlywed off-duty cops forwarding an attempted robbery, the restaurant awarding them with free chicken for a year. joining us now, reporter and national review and fox news contributor. you and i have both had our fair share of bad dates, not going to go there. but was this a good date or a bad date? what happened between these two is the timing was flawless. >> i feel like it is probably a good date because they want to check now they get all the free chicken that they want so they came out on top. i hope they get free sides as well because that's my favorite part. i like the biscuit and i dip it in the mashed potatoes and gravy and then dip it in corn.
8:42 am
all carbs and fat. >> julie: that is great. that's why you weigh 2 pounds. so first of all, this couple that went on the date, here is the husband, the detective chase mccowan on how they reacted when it all went down as they were eating chicken. >> we just jumped up and training took over, drew her firearms and approached him, started to yell at him to drop the weapon and to put his hands up and he didn't listen to that part, took off out the door and we just followed after him. >> julie: kind of is a reminder to stupid criminals that when you do something like this in public, you are in the public and you don't know who sitting among the public. >> telling people to stick to cybercrime. >> julie: stay on twitter. >> you have a point, it is funny that it is remotely, when i saw they did that they were going to have in the studio with all of the chicken because fox and
8:43 am
friends never misses an opportunity to have cheesecake, burgers, a bucket of lard, whatever, national lard day, they celebrated all. >> julie: let's talk about the boneless thugs. >> bone thugs and harmony change their name to boneless thugs which many people would say they are the most iconic rap group of all time so this is kind of sad mama but also i am a capitalist so i have to support it and if a restaurant chain reached out to me, i would like to say what i change my name, my parents gave me the same but you'd be introducing me as his equal due to tim's in no time. >> julie: let's play the clip. >> this is not an argument. no doubt about that. >> a new love for boneless wings lead to a new name. >> i like boneless wings,
8:44 am
whatever. >> julie: so that's great, capitalism. all for that. that is all the time we have, thank you so much. we will talk about it next time. >> ed: was out on bail, now arrested again, the ex-boyfriend facing murder charges this morning, she was a prominent therapist in hollywood, fox news legal analyst will break the case down for us that is next. hi! we're glad you came in, what's on your mind?
8:45 am
8:46 am
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8:49 am
he is under arrest again, his arraignment scheduled for today. fox news legal analyst is here to join us live and talk about it, thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure, thanks for having me. >> ed: what really stands out about this case for you? >> me personally, it hit home because my sister died in a violent relationship so i know all too well the perils of domestic violence so it is really tragic and what is so unfortunate about the circumstances is that she did exactly what she needed to do, she went to law enforcement, she went and got a restraining ord order, this was a relationship that was very violent, documented well, she got the restraining order, so i am frankly she was pulled into some sense of security not knowing of course that he continued the obsession about her and they just met up recently just by happenstance at an event and
8:50 am
that's when she had expressed she was concerned that they were then connected again. but this is without question because of the circumstances leading up to her desk meeting that he burglarized her home and then obviously killed her or that's what the allegations are, the prosecutors are looking at the death penalty. >> ed: i am certainly sorry for your personal loss, i'm sure it is searing to read a case like this and go through the details. some other problems in terms of do you think law enforcement should have known more when she called in that she was concerned, does it look like there were some missed signs or they just ran into each other and it was nothing to do to prevent the tragedy? >> i'm going to be very frank with you because of my own personal circumstances, i don't think there was enough seriousness taken with respect to individuals who are in violent relationships. this is talking about my own experience in speaking with other victims of
8:51 am
domestic violence, the attitude towards these individuals his well, okay, fine, and i sort of let go and then wait. and then taking the other side of course, going to defend themselves and say this is a relationship that was so long ago that the order of protection last in 2015, how would we have known that in 2020 that her life was in peril? so i think balancing these interjecting my own personal circumstances, i know from having dealt with this battle in my life that it isn't taken as seriously as it should be. >> ed: and it is something talked about all the time, not enough action taken to actually get to the bottom of the situations and prevent more of these violent crimes. in this case, murder, obviously. i want to ask about another case, the attorney representing michelle carter who encouraged
8:52 am
her boyfriend to kill himself, she has now been released from prison early. this is causing a lot of controversy. >> it is, but thankfully there is a change in the law that is literally being discussed and going through the process in massachusetts. is called comrades law. there is an individual circumstance like this where you are encouraging someone to take their life, you to show reckless and wanton conduct which is pretty extreme, that you knew that your circumstances would create of substantial harm to another. very high threshold to me. but under this law, all you have to establish as a prosecutor is that you encouraged someone to take their life. very different circumstance, much easier to prove for the prosecutor and you can face up to five years in jail. i applaud the legislators for bringing this forward, i know you and i covered the michelle carter case, it was shocking, absolutely shocking, stomach turning. i think everyone was relieved that she had justice and she did
8:53 am
serve some time but making it much easier for prosecutors to prosecute that type of crime. >> ed: referring back for people who don't remember the details, we spoke on the air at the time about the reeves of text messages back and forth where it showed what she was given, she knew that the boyfriend had mental issues and yet kept pushing and pushing. >> and we've talked about this on the air, even when carter got out -- when michelle carter was on the phone with conrad, even when comrade left the car, the text message and i'm paraphrasing, saying get back in the car, you have to go through with it, you're so spineless, everyone wants you dead. obviously we are not jurors but that must've tipped the scale to say we've seen enough and they convicted. >> ed: one last point and then i want to move on to
8:54 am
roger stone, the attorney for michelle carter has said the media demonized her. do you buy that out or based on the text messages and all the rest, it wasn't about the media demonizing her, she had her own problems >> frankly, i can't even imagine -- yes, the defense attorney is going to say that, their emotions to try to change and that's my recollection but at the end of the day, those jurors knew that they couldn't allow them to sleep in, couldn't keep up with the case, couldn't bring in any of the information they knew before the trial and i'm sure they looked at those text messages and have the same gut reaction that you and i did and others who viewed them. >> ed: we appreciate you covering all these different subjects. let's go to washington on roger stone when you talk about the defense attorney, just reported some new information about the defense attorney saying for roger stone talking about trying to keep the political controversies out of
8:55 am
the courtroom, let's focus on this older man, 67 years old about to be a great grandfather and being told that just a moment or so ago they went back in and out the court is back in session, they had been in recess of the sentences just a moment or so away. how difficult is it for the federal judge in this situation that the president tweeting, the attorney general of the united states in the middle of this controversy, prosecutors resigning in protest, how difficult is it to keep those controversies out of the courtroom? >> great question and it is absolutely critical for attorney general barr to step forward and say he is being completely -- his opinions as to the sentencing has nothing to do with any political pressure. is critical, obviously it is not helpful that the president has stepped forward and tweeted about this particular circumstance, it is certainly put attorney general barr's subjectivity in question and put
8:56 am
it in the crosshairs but it is absolutely essential for attorney general barr to look that he is impartial and not being affected in any way by the executive branch of government and the defense attorneys are doing the right thing to say let's focus on this. >> ed: got to go. appreciate your time. we will be right back. sorry to interrupt. here's record-breaking news for veterans. va mortgage rates have dropped to near 50-year lows. newday usa can help you refinance your mortgage and save thousands a year. newday's va streamline refi makes it fast and easy because there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no out of pocket costs. i urge you to call newday usa now. güéhky j÷9úmix@0q-b3akuirúñ"÷pk i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do.
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i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, at liberty butchemel... cut. liberty mu... line? cut. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. cut. liberty m... am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> ed: the stone sentence about to come in. >> julie: w we will have
9:00 am
reporting live but right now "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: a big hour on "outnumbered." fox news alert is where we will begin come expecting the judge to announce the sentence for former trump associate roger stone. could happen any moment now. the case has been before the judge for more than an hour yet. it's become a political firestorm come as you may know, after attorney general william barr intervene to push for a letter prison sentence than the 7-9 years prosecutors had originally sought. the judge today called the initial recommendation "well within the guidelines." let's first go to david spunt, live outside the court


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