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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 20, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i'll see you bright and early tomorrow, america's newsroom. 9:00 a.m. eastern time, tucker is coming up next. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we're monitoring the president's remarks. we go there if breaking news occurs. what can you buy with $460 million? you can buy a lot of things. a boeing 747 if you wanted one, an entire nfl stadium. you can get a pack of peanut m m&ms for every person in the country or get that money and get humiliated by elizabeth warren in front of the country. that's what happened.
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bloomberg wouldn't be the first rich liberal with unusual tastes. warren was happy to play along. this is one of those exchanges worth replaying again and again and again. elizabeth warren spanked him like the bad billionaire he is vigorously. watch. >> i'd like to talk about what we're running against. a billionaire that calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. no, i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about michael bloomberg. democrats won't win if we have a nominee with a history of hiding tax returns, harassing women and supporting racist policies. democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another. >> tucker: you wonder how often bloomberg pays to get yelled at like that. at one point, elizabeth warren forced bloomberg to admit that
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he wouldn't allow strange female employees about working for him. >> he's gotten some number of women to sign nondisclosure agreements for discrimination in the workplace. mr. mayor, are you able to release those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? if they wish to speak out and tell their side of the story about what it is they allege, that is now okay with you? you're releasing them on television tonight? >> senator, no. >> tucker: holy smokes! makes you wonder about elizabeth warr warren's husband back home. remember, she asked for his hand in marriage. he said yes. an offer he couldn't refuse. in the face of a woman like that, mike bloomberg crumbles. he didn't look rich. he look old and weak.
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he couldn't explain his own canadidac candidacy, made apologies for his record. he bragged about cutting new york city's crime rate in half and disavowed the policy that made it possible. >> if i go back and look at my time in office, the one thing i'm really worried about, embarrassed about is how it turned out with stop and frisk. >> tucker: how bad was it? even on the most obvious question, the one he had the know was coming, how can someone as rich as you relate to normal voters? bloomberg whiffed it. apparently the army of consultants he hired to write his lines forgot about it. maybe he got sick of being se - self-definiself self-definiself self-definite --
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self-depricating. you know don't use turbo tax when you're as rich as he is. >> fortunately i make a lot of money and we do business around the world and the number of pages will be in thousands of pages. i can't go to turbo tax. >> tucker: oh, but didn't get better from there. the conversation turned to china. bloomberg know as lot about china. he's getting rich there in defending its fascist government for many years. last night, not surprisingly, he was still acting like china's publicist. when asked about their carbon emissions, bloomberg said that end i can't was a bigger problem, which is a total crock. you have google. check it yourself. china emits 29% of the world's carbon. twice as much as the u.s. and the number is rising, not falling. india, the bigger problem, accounts for 7% of the world's carbon emissions. yeah.
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bloomberg's chinese masters are not pleased by the lie. by the end of the night, he failed so completely, so utterly, that his odds of winning the democratic nomination dropped by a third on the betting site predicted. even the analysts on cable news, many of whom secretly hoped to work for michael bloomberg had to admit his performance was historic awful. really a new low in the history of spoken english. >> gloria, what is the big headline? >> bloomberg was awful. >> this was a disaster for bloomberg. >> they tore the skin off of him last night in las vegas. >> he's probably doubling the salaries of his staff. i wouldn't want to defend him after the night he had. >> it was a devastating introduction for mike bloomberg to a lot of america. >> he went in as the titanic machine.
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titanic, meet elizabeth warren. >> she left bloomberg in a puddle on that debate stage. >> tucker: all true for once. bloomberg ate it last night. here's the question. does it actually matter? that's what is worth thinking about. the answer is it doesn't really matter. bloomberg hurt him, but she didn't hurt herself much. not a single person watching wants to listen to her for the next four years. bloomberg is still rich and still blanketing daytime television with his ads. far more americans will see bloomberg's commercials than watched this debate. that's the truth of it. so for the highly entertaining moments, the debate didn't change the race. bernie sanders is still the frontrunner and if anything, he's becoming less impressive as he rises in the polls. last night he lamely tried to claim that his online supporters, the one harassing opponents on twitter might be secret russian agents trying to
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sow discord in the democratic party. sanders said that on stage. unfortunately people were to dumb to notice it. so nobody asked a follow up question. meanwhile, the various democratic also-rans spent their evening savaging each other. did they. amy klobuchar, supposed to be nice, took a ball peen hammer to pete buttigieg. watch this. >> you're staking your candidacy on your washington experience. you're on the committee that oversees border security, you're on the committee that does trade. you're part of the committee that is overseeing these things and we're not able to speak to the first thing about the politics of the crisis itself. >> are you trying to say i'm dumb or are you mocking me here, pete? i wish everyone was as perfect as you, pete. let me tell you what it's like to be in the arena. i'm so proud of the work i've done on immigration reform. you have not been in the arena doing that work. you've memorized a bunch of
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talking points. >> tucker: wow! so that was real. she clearly hates him. good for her, by the way. he's awful. he's the fakest guy in the race. not that it matters. neither one is going anywhere in the end. things got so fractious, they couldn't get behind the candidate that got the most votes. they called the electoral college racist and all that matters is the popular vote. of course, they never meant that. the only person that means it is the bernie sanders. the only reason he means it, in this case he's the only one that can benefit from that standard. it's hard to see how anybody get the majority of primary votes but sanders is still likely to have the most in the end. in a typical year that would make him the democratic nominee. niece not the case this year. so who wins? who is the nominee?
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that is something our friends in the democratic party will have to figure out at their convention in milwaukee. good luck with that. author mark steyn joins us. mark, you watched last night. so many levels of awfulness. but how would you assess what you saw? >> well, i think the best explanation for bloomberg is that he is in fact a russian asset who has been planted into the democrat race to make joe biden look forceful and vigorous. you've said that he spent $460 million to wind up on stage, talking about nondisclosure agreements. i understand, by the way, that since the debate, he's asked everyone that watched the debate to sign a nondisclosure agreements. so hopefully -- that's another form of $60 billion dollars.
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you have to hand to it the cherokee dominatrix. she won't be the candidate but she uttered that phrase, horse-faced lesbians, which hasn't been used in a presidential debate since grover cleveland. but to fillet him for calling women horse-faced lesbians and he stood there looking horse-faced himself, unable to respond to it. then she starts going on about nondisclosure agreements. he won't disclose how many nondisclosure agreements he signed. eventually, it's such a lively debate, miracle of miracles joe biden wakes up and has a swing. like come on, man. god love you, man. nda, man. i played for the nda years ago. my son owns an nda franchise,
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chinese generals. he's -- bloomberg is the biggest disaster. if it is billionaire to billionaire, sencical people -- lionel shriver, best selling novelist. she said people will welcome bloomberg as a respite from trump. no, they won't. if it's billionaire to billionaire, nobody -- people are going to go with the billionaire who isn't like this guy. the one thing you say about trump, when he came up with that rosy o'donnell line, he wasn't the creature of minders. he wasn't the creature of people that don't tear tell the sultan that he's going to have to come up with an explanation as to why so many of the girls in the harem had the sign nondisclosure
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agreements. it was pathetic. >> tucker: probably the best summary i've heard of american politics. i don't think you can beat presidents and we're all going to suffer. mark steyn, great to see you. thank you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: well, last night's debate left every democrat looking weaker and less capable of taking on the man that they december spice, president trump that is terrifying to the press. they're worried washington's home team that they'll blow their second election in a row. >> has anybody panicked besides me? it does look like sanders is rolling and 2/3s of this country thinks we're going in the right direction and you have a guy that wants to burn it down. to me, i just don't see him having any shot in a general election. i'm panicked. i'm absolutely panicked. >> i have to tell you, i'm hearing from the trump campaign. they're thrilled. >> donald trump will destroy michael bloomberg the last night
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is any example of what happens on a debate stage. >> nobody laid a glove on donald trump. they were too busy tearing each other to shreds in an intramural ping-pong game. >> double peebles is a democratic donor. happy to have him on. thanks for coming on. so you're a long-time democrat. very familiar with the party. you watched last night. you assessed. what do you think the chances are someone will emerge from this group to beat the incumbent? >> minimal, unfortunately. the challenge is that we don't have any real new ideas. there's a focus on vilifying president trump without offering some innovative ideas about how to move the country forward and how democrats would do something different in terms of moving the country forward and making america a better country. that's what is missing. >> tucker: such a -- a
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foundational point, a smart point. it's obvious. voters vote for the person that improve their lives. a lot of smart people in the democratic party. why aren't they doing that? >> they're struggling. the economy is doing very well. we're near full employment. african american unemployment is the lowest since statistics have been kept. unemployment itself is lower than any time in the nation's history since they've been keeping track of it. so what do you run on? i think this idea in a decision was made early to vilify the president no matter what he does, donald trump can never do anything good as far as they're concerned and that has been the message. so as a result of that, they have lost any ideas about where they want to bring this country. they don't have a plan other than healthcare for everybody, where most americans are already insured and we should be focus on how to cost-effectively insure the remaining americans that don't have it. they're at a loss for an agenda of how they would change things
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other than they think donald trump is a bad person. >> tucker: so bottom line, and i think that is the only unifying idea, if you can call it that, in the party right now. you don't think that you can beat trump by hating trump. is that what you're saying? >> no, you can't. because you can't -- the villification has been going on years and people are tuning it out. if we want to talk about the racial divide that they are embracing in the democratic party right now, how do we provide access to economic opportunities for all americans. how do you level the playing field. that's what americans want to hear from. in fact, if you look -- there's no new generation of ideas up there other than pete buttigieg who is immensely unqualified to be president of the united states. >> tucker: you know, it's hard to disagree anything you said.
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i'm not clear why they're not listening to you. i'm glad they're not. thanks, don. >> thank you for having me. >> a lot more on the historically bad democratic debate coming up this hour. ahead, dave portenoy joins us to discuss the ritual humiliation, self-humiliation of michael bloomberg. first, democrats in congress are pushing the new-way forward bill. last night showed their presidential candidates are no less radical. more on that ahead.
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>> tucker: as we told you
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repeatedly in congress now, democrats are pushing a revolutionary piece of legislation called the new way forward act. the act would block deportations for criminals. some serious criminals. allow judges to intervene to protect them more. even more demented, it would spend your money, taxpayer dollars to fly deported criminals back into the united states where they could list off your tax dollars. it's lunatic. it exists because the entire democratic party is lunatic on the subject of immigration. it was on display last night when moderate pete buttigieg joined moderate joe biden calling illegal aliens every bit as american as you are if not more. >> in south bend it was not always easy to stand up on immigration. we delivered. we created a municipal i.d. program so that dreamers and others undocumented were able to navigate everyday life. we stood up for those rights and stood with members of our community with the message that
5:22 pm
they were as american as we are. [speaking spanish] >> tucker: so joe biden, for example, has moved from being right wing on immigration for open boarders. he was harassed for activists for the supposed sins of right wing barack obama. watch. >> i'm running because so many people -- [booing]. >> tucker: angry children screaming in public. you probably paid colleges to educate them. glad you did. kris kobach is running for senate. happy to have him. thanks for coming on. i can't get past my talking point, illegal alients,
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undocumented immigrants are more american than you are, mr. and mrs. american. who do you make of that? >> it is really disturbing, tucker. it also echos the new way forward bill, which you have very -- laid out clearly. the new way forward build says aliens have a right to come home, criminal aliens have a right to come home. if they're as american as we are and they have a right to come home, this is a disturbing view of what it is to be an american. they think america is a place on a map and if you stand on american soil so briefly, suddenly you're an american. of course that's contrary to centuries of history. that reject an american creed that all immigrants come to adopt. they want to break that down. the parts of the american creed, things like capitalism and the rule of law are things that the democrats no longer accept. so i found it really shocking how they have adopted this montra that illegal alients are
5:24 pm
as american as we are. >> tucker: it sends a clear message. if i said to my children, the kid down the street, the one that is breaking into houses and never goes to school and gives us the finger when we drive to church, he's every bit as much my child as you are. maybe more. the message would be clear. i hate you. wouldn't it be? >> yes, exactly. and the message sent by the new way forward bill, you mentioned many of the problems in it. on on the of what you mentioned, another problem. it would turn every city in america into a sanctuary city. local police would be forbidden from helping ice in any way. so just imagine, thousands of americans would lose their lives, be injured. if you're one of the victims of someone that has been brought back to the united states, you've been injured by the illegal aliens and betrayed by your country, in the name of what? it's insane. >> tucker: yeah. in the name of what? can they get elected on this? is there popular support for
5:25 pm
these ideas? >> thank goodness, no. i don't think so. certainly not among republicans and the vast majority of independents don't adopt -- embrace this idea. i think even a lot of democrats, too, are rejecting how the leadership of their party has gone so far to the left. so much toward embracing illegality in this country and embracing illegal criminals so much that they want to fly them back to the united states after they've been deported. i can't see how that makes sense to most voters including democrats. >> tucker: it's scary itself. thanks, kris. good to see you. thank you. >> good to see you too. thank you. >> tucker: pretty amazing moments at last night's debate. we haven't gotten to all of them. how will did greg gutfeld and lou dobbs remember what happened? we'll find out. final exam is ahead. first, a member of minnesota's somali community has publicly confirmed what we've been
5:26 pm
suggesting a long time. ilhan omar did marry her own brother in the case of immigration fraud. that's his claim. we're monitoring the president's speech in colorado springs. we'll go there if news warrants. we'll be right back. >> reducing the cost of child care and giving american families $200 in their pockets thanks to the republican child tax credit. and when it snows, the kids go sledding right there. the frels family runs with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. because this is more than just land, it's home. search "john deere 1 series" for more.
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>> tucker: for years now, ilhan omar has studiously ignored allegations that she illegally married her own brother a decade ago in the case of immigration fraud. now she's facing more credible accusations. trace gallagher is on the case. hey, trace. >> hey, tucker. when the accusation was first made, congresswoman omar tried to knock it down calling it absurd. when the media turned up a wedding certificate, omar went silent. refusing to make any comments at all saying she does not talk about her family or personal life. now others are talking like akeem osman who is on the record telling the daily mail in 2009, ilhan omar married her biological brother so that he could legally remain in the u.s. and attend college. at the time omar was married to
5:32 pm
ahmed hercy, but it was a religious marriage, there was no state state marriage license. so marrying her brother would allow her sibling to get his documents. but mrs. omar is not saying that she married her biological brother but gave him the name of the christian minister that married him. the minister says she does not want to be involved or interviewed about congressman omar. tucker? >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks for that. roger stone received 40 months in prison today. if he serves it, he will be over 70 years old when he gets out. for a perspective, that's more than many murders serve in jail. stone's crime wasn't murder. the official charge was lying about the existence of e-mails that were themselves completely legal. his actual crime was spending 40 years giving political advice to donald trump and gleefully mocking the people in charge.
5:33 pm
they hate him for that so does cnn. jeff zucker ran interference for the corrupt power structure. >> the end, a judge stood up for the rule of law and the justice system and standing up for prosecutors that have all come under attack by the president. she herself threatened by roger stone and also in the end defending prosecutors, standing up for this rule of law, talking about how this was all about a cover-up for the president, how roger stone did this, committed these crimes of lying and obstruction and intimidating a witness in an effort to help the president. >> stone's sentence was delivered by an obama appointed judge, amy berman jackson. you hear people say that our justice system is infected with
5:34 pm
poll tax. judge jackson is a prime example of that. it's shocking she's still on the bench. if there's anyone in washington that deserves to be impeach is amy berman jackson. at this very moment tonight, countless violent predators in new york and california walk free without posting bail but jackson wanted to punish gates and manafort before they were convicted. she did. ultimate she revoked manafort's bail and placed him in jail in solitary confinement. jackson reserved here real fury for roger stone. she declared that stone was prosecuted for covering up for the president. now, be cnn left to pass without comment. anybody was watching was baff d baffled. it's untrue. nobody connected to the
5:35 pm
president has ever been charged with a crime related to spying for russia must less convicted of one. stone was not charged with covering up for anything. that was not the charge. amy jackson knows that. she lied about it. in other words, here you have a federal judge lying about the case before her, scary? yes, it is scary. roger stone's entire journey, partisan prosecutors, partisan judge couldn't have been more dis hone dishonest. it's hard to imagine it happened in america. everybody ought to worry about equal justice. if they can do it to roger stone and win accolades from cnn, maybe they can do it to you. roger stone can no longer speak
5:36 pm
in public. amy jackson has revoked his first amendment rights. the entire democratic party and their servants in the press can defame him at will and are. but as stone dares to express his own opinion, amy berman jackson will send him to jail immediately. she's said that she banned him from speaking publicly about the case in any way. he can't tweet or write on facebook. no television, no reporters. he cannot express himself indirectly. if roger stone asked a friend or family member to deliver a statement, he would be violating the judge's order. we won't say violating the law because it's not the law. no judge can abolish the freedom of speech. it's inherent. what you're watching is a democratic activist wearing robes and it's terrifying. already today cnn has made a graph explaining how roger stone's prison sentence proves that the president is a
5:37 pm
criminal. you could have predicted that would happen. we did predict it. enough. this farce must end. apparently there's people around the president telling him not to pardon roger stone or wait until after the election. no. the president must pardon stone immediately. trump's voters know that at some point they could be where roger stone is right now. this is a horrifying precedent for everyone. it cannot be allowed to stand. michael caputo is a former trump campaign adviser. thanks for joining us. do you think there's any chance that roger stone will be facing prison 40 months if he hadn't supported donald trump? >> no. in fact, if roger stone were a democrat, he would be lauded just like mccabe and the others out there. as you know, tucker, the washington district is as toxic and unfair to republicans.
5:38 pm
if roger stone does get a retrial, which he should considering the malice and, you know, the lies that were told by that juror, he should -- a.g. barr should have it outside of washington d.c. there's no chance that he gets a fail trial in d.c. give him a fighting chance. have the trial outside of d.c. let me tell you something, tucker. tamika hart, the juror that was a lieutenant in the resistance that managed to make herself the foreperson, it's reported by people that were in the trial today that she was outside the building at the courthouse today trying to figure out whether she wanted to go in or not. she was sighted out there when people recognized her, she ran off. this is a toxic place, washington d.c. there's not a chance that any of us would get a fair shot, not you or me. that's why we're asking people to sign the petition at and ask for a pardon immediately. >> tucker: i've never seen anything like this in my life.
5:39 pm
i wish i haven't learned as much about it. it's shaken my faith. i know you feel the same. thanks. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: dave portnoy watched last night.he joins us in just a moment. first, a time for an epic final exam. lou dobbs been in cable a long time. how much has he learned about the weird things that happen? we'll find out as he faces off against greg gutfeld next. let m,
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>> tucker: time for final exam where the news experts here at fox news compete to show who has been paying close attention to what happened this week and win amazing prizes from the tucker
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store. last week, lou dobbs prevailed in a squeaker over the world's smartest man, mark steyn. this week his opponent is greg gutfeld, co-host of "the five." he will be facing off with a titan of cable news, the fox business network's lou dobbs. thank you for doing this. >> tucker, you realize this is difficult for me. we live together. this is going to be a bit strange. >> tucker: i omitted the term life partners from the script. it's nobody's business. we're leaving a lot of doors open. >> i have previous engagements. >> tucker: yes. >> i bet you do. >> tucker: you know the rules. i ask the questions. first to buzz in gets to answer the question. you have to wait till i finish asking it before you answer. you can answer once i acknowledge you. every correct answer gives you a
5:45 pm
point. each wrong answer detracts a point. best of five wins. does that make sense, the simple math? >> i guess so. i tuned out. >> tucker: good. we'll see how you do about the proven one. question 1. this is not multiple choice. one answer. senator klobuchar drew a blank when asked the name the president of which country? lou? >> mexico. >> tucker: mexico. she didn't know the president of mexico? is that correct? >> correct. >> i know that they are our neighbors and regardless who the leader is that it is someone that i will work with. >> i'm sorry. do you know who he is? do you know his name? >> yes. i know that he is the mexican president. >> can you tell me his name? >> no. >> tucker: i felt bad for her.
5:46 pm
first point to lou dobbs. not surprising. this is not multiple choice. things got crazy in a rally in nevada when a group of topless protesters stormed the stage and poured milk all over themselves. they are protesting the dairy industry to which 2020 democratic candidate did this happen? lou dobbs. >> bernie sanders. >> tucker: bernie sanders. i was it bernie sanders? >> bernie, i'm your biggest supporter. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: this is filthy editorial, tucker. >> i would not buzz in on that. i don't like to see people
5:47 pm
objectified. >> me either. >> tucker: you're the michael bloomberg here to elizabeth warren. he's spanking you. this is a multiple choice question. it's a two-point question here it is. a group of protesting the democratic debate glued make america great again hats to a number of animals and released them into downtown las vegas. were they stray cats? pigeons, c, rabbits? greg? >> i'm going to say probably rabbits. >> tucker: were they rabbits? rabbits making america great again. to the tape we go. >> we'd be crazy to ignore it. >> ignore what? the bird wars? call it what you want. they'll be back.
5:48 pm
>> tucker: ouch. >> where i come from those are called rabbits, tucker. >> tucker: i'm not going to do the math on this. >> looked like a rabbit to me. >> a flying rabbit. >> tucker: another two-point question. this is another opportunity for you. perhaps the last question. the president made history when he drove a lap around the daytona 500 track in his armored limousine. the limousine is called the beast. here's the question. how much does the beast weigh? 7,000 pounds? b, 11,000 pounds or c, 14,000 pounds? >> i apologize. >> tucker: you're saying lou is too early and goes to greg. >> i'll say c. >> tucker: you'll say c.
5:49 pm
14,000 >> yes. >> tucker: c? >> c. >> tucker: is it c? >> yes. >> the beast with the flags flapping in the air leading the race cars behind them. the president was the grand marshall. the beast weighs 14,000 pounds. cannot go 200 miles an hour like a nascar. but certainly an exciting moment for our race fans and those watching. >> that's very good. >> tucker: c as in c. >> i thought it was 22 miles an hour. >> i'm trying to throw this match. it's kicking in, lou. >> i love them. >> tucker: all right. final question. a two-point question. it's multiple choice. here it is. one fast food chain has found an odd thing to brag about. they say unlike other fast food
5:50 pm
restaurants, their burgers are capable of growing mold. which chain makes that claim? is it wendy's, b, burger king or c, mcdonald's? >> tucker: i'm doing to say wendy's. >> tucker: greg gutfeld says wendy's have the mold capable burgers. are you right? ♪ >> isn't that disgusting? makes it look better. would you eat that? >> that's an interesting strategy. >> i bet somebody got fired over that strategy. >> tucker: greg, lay down your arms. it's over. you have been completely steam rolled by the lou dobbs express. >> tucker, i only get beaten by
5:51 pm
lou. i tell him that every weekend. >> and it works. >> it does work. it works. >> tucker: i so dark i can't play along. congratulations to you, particularly lou, the human juggernaut. thanks for participating. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: thanks for throwing the match. >> this table moves. >> tucker: an for the final exam? pay close attention to the weird things that have happened all week. we'll be right back. at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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>> tucker: so does mean by happiness? michael bloomberg is one of the richest men. last night he was one of the most miserable on earth. he was forced to a -- apologize for everything he's good at. why? we go to dave portnoy. she was watching last night's debate. he joins us tonight. dave, you are a student of human nature. you watch what happened with bloomberg. you're not a bloomberg hater or anything. but tell me your reaction to it. >> yeah, no, i didn't have any opinion about bloomberg. i was watching college basketball. it was a three overtime game. i flipped to the debate right when bloomberg was getting
5:57 pm
crucified. the only thing i know is when he tried to get rid of big cokes. this was like watching "game of thrones." somebody getting executed in front of your eyes. if every debate was like that, i would tune in. that was better than anything like you see on hbo or anything like that. i have no idea what he was doing. for a billionaire, somebody you would think is smart, he looked totally caught off guard by everything they were saying about him. like some people don't like me. not many. some. but i know if i'm in a debate with somebody that doesn't like me, i can pretty much read what they're going to do, the greatest hits. he looked totally confused. like whoa, whoa, whoa. i didn't know people would bring this up. it was stunning and fun to watch. >> tucker: so if you're bloomberg, how would you respond? how should he have responded? >> once he hesitated and once he panicked and once he was going down the rabbit hole, if i were him, i would have walked off. the hell with it.
5:58 pm
i have billions. i don't need this in my life. there's no coming back. there's no coming back. somebody like me that is neutral on him thinks he's a village idiot. there's no way to respond. the rest of the debate he was okay. but once you get absently savaged like that and you have no comeback and they're dancing around punching you like a piñata, it's done. it's game over. there's nothing that you can buy, no amount of money that can come back from that. he should have said, i made a mistake. i'm out of here. and whoever is his advisers are, i mean, they should be brought out. how do you not tell him he's going to get those questions? it's obvious. it was nuts. >> tucker: so bloomberg is not married. he has a long-time girlfriend that he's lived with for ten years. he's going home to her. what does she same to him, do you think? >> she's probably got a good gig. you know, gazillions of dollars. it wasn't that bad.
5:59 pm
what else can you say? if he has any brains he knows it's bad. he had me so confused. i'm very pro money. i like making money. i want a gazillion dollars. i want the money he has. maybe he thinks you're not so smart. how can this idiot be up here? he had me in a mind trap. if you're the girlfriend, you play along. make him a grill cheese, put some potato chips in the middle, tap him on the back and say it wasn't that bad. what else can you do? >> tucker: so even michael bloomberg can get rich. i think you just exposed the central problem of the american economy, which is it's not that hard to billion a zillionaire. >> if i was bernie sanders, this is my campaign. it's more than raw luck. i don't agree with it, but if you're trying to take my money, how did bloomberg get it? that's what i felt like. how is he so rich?
6:00 pm
what a moron. >> tucker: so good. a great dave portnoy. congrats on the company. >> thank you. >> tucker: we'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. you know who we are. sean hannity takes over. big night. >> sean: tucker, the only night i was cool to my son is when i showed up on bar stools. i don't think he knows what i do for a living. great show. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. mini mike bloomberg's campaign, we can officially report is on life support with a respirator and feeding tube. he was literally ripped to shreds in last night's debate. i can't really overstate how poorly he performed. single worst debate performance i have ever witnessed in my lifetime. frankly, he embarrassed himself and anyone that supports him. mostly himself. well, he's his only real big donor. take a look. >> mr. bloomberg


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