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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  February 20, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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anyway, unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you. you give us this camera every night. we don't want to let you down, we will never be the rate trump media. we always seek the truth. set your dvr so you will never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is here. >> laura: we are both wearing dark colors after such a fun debate last night. it's like we are in morning. how could it possibly be customer to set a pink tie or do you call that salmon? are you confident enough? >> sean: do you think i pick out my ties? fox says here, where this tie, wear this shirt. >> laura: you should stand up so everyone can see your genes. >> sean: all the time. there you go. hannity jeans. >> laura: oh, they're iron. >> sean: they are not ironed! llama, you just took away my whole image. i never wear suits, i hate
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suits. the tie is coming off now, goodbye, goodbye. >> laura: [laughs] you had a great show. >> sean: there you go, you can have it. i hate that thing. >> laura: you had a great show, i love it. >> sean: what a debate last night, i can't wait to hear your take. >> laura: the ingraham angle, bloomberg, the leftward lurch into nights "angle." internet, here we go again. it wouldn't be election season without the media hyping a story, as i predicted. i knew as soon as stuff started going south in this campaign for the democrats, they would start chirping about election interference by the russians. bingo, right after the bad debate, this is what is happening. congressman devin nunes is here on the latest intel leaks ahead of 2020. and as the next round of sets in, sol wisenberg is here to tell us what today's roger stone
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sentence reveals about the previous one. and raymond arroyo has a special thursday edition, what is that all about? i've seen and unseen. more biden blunders customers know, we can pile on joe now. and trump vegas pigeons customer can't wait for it. but first, why bloomberg is failing. that is the focus of tonight's very sad angle. to me what was most surprising about the democrat debate right now wasn't that elizabeth warren came out punching against michael bloomberg but how unprepared he seemed from the get-go. >> i would like to talk about who we are running against. a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse faced lesbians. and no, i'm not talking about donald trump. i'm talking about mayor bloomberg. >> laura: his instinct was to ignore elizabeth warren, speak in general terms and when all else fails, just recite his resume.
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>> i'm a new yorker, i know how to take on an arrogant con man like donald trump that comes from new york. i am a mayor. i was a mayor. i know how to run a complicated city. the biggest, most o diverse city in the country. >> laura: warren was circling him like a turkey vulture over a wounded faun. >> he has gotten some number of women, dozens, who knows, to sign nondisclosure agreements for sexual harassment and for gender discrimination in the workplace. so, mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements? so we can hear their side of the story? [applause] >> laura: you would think with all that duo he shelled out, that bloomberg would be ready for those obvious points she was going to raise, right? well. >> none of them accused me of
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doing anything other than maybe they didn't like a joke. >> and when you say they signed them, if they wish now to speak out and tell their side of the story, about what it is they allege, that is now okay with you? >> they wanted to keep it quiet for everybody's interests. >> women were being muzzled by you. >> they were made consensually and they have every right to expect that they will stay private. [audience booing] >> laura: oh, boy. zero emotion. zero connection and in the end, zero credibility. onstage, he has neither the raw political skill or the raw instinct of trump, or bernie for that matter. now bernie, i have to give him credit. he knows his base and his base wants massive wealth redistribution. >> we have a grotesque and immoral distribution of wealth.
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michael bloomberg owns more wealth than the bottom 125 million americans. that's wrong. that's immoral. >> i can't speak for it, all i know is i have been very lucky, made a lot of money and i'm giving it all the way to make this country better. and a good chunk of it goes to the democratic party as well. >> have you earned too much money? is it an obscene amount -- should you have earned that much money? >> yes, i worked very hard for it and i'm giving it away. >> laura: can you believe that question, first of all customer should you have earned that much -- bloomberg's best effort at defending capitalism actually came later in the debate when bernie went in for the kill. >> mr. bloomberg, it wasn't you who made all that money. maybe your workers played some role in that as well.
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and it's important that workers have some of the benefit. i want workers to be able to sit on corporate boards as well so they have some say in what happens in their lives. >> would you support what senator sanders is supporting? >> absolutely not. i can't think of a way that would make it easier for donald trump to get elected them by listening to this conversation. it's ridiculous. we are not going to throw out capitalism. we tried that, other countries tried that. it was called communism and it just didn't work. >> laura: well, neither did your performance, frankly. it is too little, too late. bloomberg has gone through life thinking that he who pays the piper calls the tune. that rich folks have real power in the rest of us, we have to do with the rich people say. but both trump and bernie, they understand power better than bloomberg does. they know that you can also achieve power by having a strong message and taking that message right to the voters.
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but for years, bloomberg ignored the many signs that g.o.p. voters were fed up with the type of people who ran our party and they wanted to go in a more populous direction. and of course the populists eventually took over the republican party and then bloomberg became a democrat. meanwhile, the left has spent decades teaching folks that america is an evil country, that capitalism is evil, that rich people like bloomberg or even, even if he gives away his money and that we will all die soon due to and immediate, emergency. now bloomberg finds himself trapped. he actually cares about his issues, and he wants to nominate a socialist. even if that risks losing it all to trump. it's happening to bloomberg, it should be a lesson to anyone who cares about capitalism. if the voters don't trust the free market system, they will try to abolish it and campaigns
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and a lot of money that you spent on consultants won't be sufficient to change their minds. last night's debate showed that trump is the last best hope for capitalism, because he supports a market system but also understands the importance of making sure that american workers benefit from that syst system. but it's too late for someone like bloomberg to parachute in and tell everyone sit down and shut up, let me run the show. that's the angle. joining me now, matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union, former chair of the d.c. democratic party in ari fleischer, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. all right, even with bloomberg's flatline or debate performance, he still has enough money to stay in it, does he not? >> yeah, he's got unlimited resources. he's already spent half a billion dollars and when i have a bad day, i might have some
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more french fries. for michael bloomberg, i would spend a few more billion dollars. there is no limit to what he can spend and i do think we should be worried about it because he could spend in a general election in a way they could be problematic but he is not going to get this nomination, it ain't happening. >> laura: last year michael bloomberg campaign -- or he gave a speech precampaign -- and said that he would never go on an apology to her. let's watch. >> it's just not going to happen on a national level for somebody like me starting where i am unless i was willing to change all my views and go on what cnn called an apology to her stomach to her stomach speak i was wrong, i'm sorry. i should have acted sooner and i didn't and i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry, i've asked for forgiveness. speak about last night wasn't enough. that didn't really go to what the heart of stop and frisk was,
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a racist endeavor meant in a racist fashion, so the voters and even the democrats are not buying this apology from bloomberg. >> michael bloomberg's fundamental problem is he doesn't fit in the democratic primary because they really moved in a socialist direction so it is going to be a fascinating task to see if there is an alternative to bernie sanders and socialism because i think it will be bloomberg still but he is a wounded bloomberg after last night. what last night showed is that it doesn't matter how much money you have. people judge politicians with their own eyes and what they see with their own eyes counts more than what they see in a commercial peer bloomberg is lucky he's not on the ballot in nevada on saturday. so can he get his act together by super tuesday? that remains to be seen. he does have a shot of doing that. >> laura: the media are freaking out about bernie's front runner status. watch. >> burning, you're full of it. none of this is going to get past, you're going to be
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miserable president and we will lose 49 states. >> i don't see how democrats will do anything but bleed out their newfound support in the suburbs when they put a socialist at the top of the ticket. >> i am panicked. i am absolutely panicked. >> laura: that made me so happy. all these never-trumperers are freaking out. new york's finest liberals and never trumpers are freaking out. do you share their concern? >> no, i don't. it's early. your guests know this. their leading republican operative and former cabinet members, you need 1991 delegates. bernie sanders is a snapshot. do i want bernie sanders to get the nomination? no. do i think bloomberg is 100? no. do i wish he had thrown some political punches? >> laura: no? wait a minute, scott, scott. in the first speech he gives, we've got to get a reality check on "the ingraham angle."
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wait a second, scott, no, no, he gets up today right after the bait and says trump won the debate! you think bernie sanders didn't have a good? you don't think bloomberg is going to? >> bernie sanders will never lose a debate because he's been talking about the same thing for 40 years. bloomberg didn't have to have a super night, he had to get through the night. should he have thrown more political punches customer chart, he should've. and he should have done more. he had information -- >> hats off to. >> laura: he is a man without a party. he is looking around -- hold on. >> it's a snapshot of one debate. you can't take a conclusion about bloomberg at. >> laura: this is affecting the whole body politic. hold on, scott. he's looking around and he sang, what the heck? wait a minute, these people are actually asking me, do you think you should have this much money?
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>> do you remember this historical figure, adam scottsdale and he said, who am i, what am i doing here? that was a michael bloomberg moment. you are looking into his eyes and he is saying, what am i doing? why did i think i was going to get this nomination? scott, i've got to handed to him -- >> laura: his campaign manager even admitted that he bombed last night. >> listen, mike it's got to get his legs under him. we need to push back a little harder against people who are screaming about things that they haven't done and get mike's record out there better than we did last night and i welcome him but i think he will be back in i think this is a campaign that right now is just getting interesting. maybe there's not much of a campaign in march after that day but were certainly fighting as hard as we can to make sure that there is. >> laura: hold on, he said basically, is the guy who's running his campaign, this thing could be over by mid-march. the way this is going. i said this last week, it could be over by mid-march.
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>> some of the delegates are up by super tuesday so we still have a couple of weeks to go. yes, it's early but the whole reason the early states matter is it builds the momentum and the delegates. >> laura: rolling down the hill, you know this from all your years in politics. he gathers a lot of stuff on it. it's called momentum. you see burning up there, he is in the zone, he's getting the assistance from liz, she's giving him a few. she knows she's not going to be the top scorer but she might be the person who has the most assists at the end of the game. that is pretty good. she's excited come he's doing the thing with the hands, he's very for the workers. he at least stands for something. bloomberg, what the heck is bloomberg standing for except china at this point? >> the same people that elected donald trump, people are sick and tired of career politicians. sick and tired of people who just say all the way things and can't do anything. that is why bernie has busted through. for decades, bernie has been principled. he's been principle to a plurality, not a majority. in the majority come he is a wacky socialist.
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but inside the democratic party, the growth of liberalism and socialism is becoming a majority inside the party and that is why bernie can win this thing. as from bloomberg, not only did he fail to defend last night, he failed to make the case why he had any positive ideas about being an alternative. it's not that his record needs to be talked about, it's who is eat and what are his ideas because mike is a moderate? that is the case he has to make and he flopped. if you say he is not wounded i'm glad you're not my doctor. >> it's one debate and it is a snapshot so i don't have to be your doctor but here's the deal, bernie sanders, the democrats and republicans -- the democrats are worried about bernie sanders and republicans would like nothing more than bernie sanders to be the nominee because he's labeled himself a democratic socialist. i could with the g.o.p. is doing but we've got a long way to go and i've got to tell you something is someone who is the only democrat, if you will come
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on this show, there are a lot more conservative and moderate democrats in the democratic party. in the media just focuses on the socialists and liberals. we have to wait and see. >> laura: i get you, scott. >> i know what you're doing, g.o.p.! you're not getting bernie. >> laura: i'm not underestimating bernie, i've set at 50 million times on the show. i'm not underestimating him at all because i think he has something the other candidates don't have. he has a purpose driven campaign and he's been doing this kind of campaign for how long? ten, 15 years? >> but he can bring in all the democrats he needs. he is a movement candidate but that movement has limitations and where going to see that -- >> laura: that is what they said about trump in 2016. how many times have we heard nicole wallace say he hit his ceiling at 30%. >> he did but the democrats just didn't vote. >> that's not right. >> laura: you know what happened? no one else will get out of the race. you couldn't get a coalition from the other people, so when you don't have a coalition when people drop out of the race they
7:17 pm
say it's going to go head-to-head, the guy with the most juice is going to get it. it happened in 2016, it happened in 2012 when romney got it because santorum and newt gingrich wouldn't form a coalition, so romney ran away with that. nicole wallace and her guests were mad that this wasn't brought up last night. >> what i would've recommended someone to last night's take on what is a black stain on the trump legacy and that is putting kids in cages. to speak at the fact that they didn't talk about kids in cages here in nevada, you have the hit concentration of mixed status families. it is not far away, it is very present and no one talked about it. >> laura: will that help counter the trump booming economy? kids in cages? >> obama's homeland security secretary was on fox today explaining that obama separated kids from parents because that is what the law tells you you
7:18 pm
must do. the reason why perhaps some of those democrats didn't bring up the fact that trump was putting kids in cages is because they know every president pass to follow these laws, because kids should not go to a jail. >> laura: there was no family detention facilities at the time, and then the judge came in and said we have 20 days. anyway. >> at the democratic talking point but i don't think it is going to be an issue. the way you unite the democrats is beating donald trump. >> laura: that is what bloomberg tried and it fell flat. none of them made the argument -- >> maybe he didn't bring up trump enough in that debate. you've got to remember come super tuesday, a majority of those people on the stage last night aren't going to be there. you're going to get down to two to four candidates and dave got to be talking about trump and his negative policies and his values on america. >> laura: 53% confidence in trump's policies today.
7:19 pm
>> economic may be, but over all. his values aren't american values. >> laura: final word, did anyone last night make the case as to how they could grow the economy faster or stronger than donald j. trump customer getting a lesson? >> know when that is a fundamental flaw all democrats have. they're going to shrink the economy, redistribution of wealth. but the democrats have done, they are economic deniers. they refuse to acknowledge how lower and middle income people are surging in this economy. they're doing the best under the trump economy and that is just economic to nihilism. they can't face reality. the economy is too good. >> laura: great to see all of you in coming up, new evidence tonight that ilhan omar did marry her brother. we bring you the new details later in the hour, but next, in the wake of their abysmal debate performance, democrats resurrecting an old favorite to go to. of course, after the president. and we're talking about this with devin nunes.
7:20 pm
he will join us and just moments to take on the left's latest red scare.
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♪ >> laura: with their 2020 dream now on the edge in a divided field, democrats are rekindling an old flame. russian collusion. yes. play today their media allies dropped a couple bombshells. "the washington post" first reporting after a congressional briefing on election threats, trump soured on acting spy chief. trump erupted at joseph maguire in the oval office, perceiving him and his staff is disloyal for speaking to congress about russia's perceived preference. that reportedly ruined maguire's chances of becoming the permanent intelligence chief. the implication is clear, trump is firing mcguire to
7:25 pm
cover up russian election interference. whatever that means. sources are telling us tonight this is just not true and that trump did not erupt in anger at mcguire. but instead of trying to find the truth, the same players are confusing trump as a putin toady. >> the russians are coming and interfering in this election right now. >> russians are interfering again and trying to elect donald trump if that is an earthquake. >> russia helping the united states get reelected. >> do i think the russians will be back in 2020? i say, what do you mean be back? they never left. >> laura: this is really good. here to set the record state's investigative journalist aaron feltman and devin nunes, house intel committee member. this all happened a week ago but we are hearing about it now after a horrifically bad debate performance by the guy they
7:26 pm
thought was going to drop in with all this cash and take it from the socialists. how convenient. >> laura, thank you for pointing out how ridiculous this is. maybe all the fake news reporters will finally find the new pictures of trump that adam schiff and the democrats were looking for. this is so idiotic. you notice how when they would make elections the russians didn't do anything? if the russians supposedly and putin only like republicans, why did they let the republicans lose the house of representatives and nancy pelosi won last time? it is never going to stop because they don't have any other issues, it seems like. >> laura: here's the list of the sanctions president trump has actually put on russia. he wanted to have a better relationship with russia but he's really been a tough character towards the russians. sanctions for $10 million in the hacking scheme, 2016, election interference, sanctions for syria, the salisbury attack,
7:27 pm
human rights abuses, sanctions for ukraine and venezuela. that is just a smattering of what we've done towards the russians so how does any of this even make sense? >> part of what makes sense about all this is the president has some reason to be dubious about his intelligence communi community, so you look at the first interaction between the president and the intelligence community, you have that defensive briefing that actually had agents from the crossfire hurricane team there to try to get information they could use on the president. the fbi also lied to the fisa court to get information that would allow it to do wiretaps on carter page. i reported last week, real clear investigations, that the fbi team met with christopher steele in rome a month before the
7:28 pm
election and gave christopher steele highly classified information, there are all these reasons for the president to be distrustful of his intelligence committee, which is a really damaging and dangerous thing. you need trust and cooperation between the chief executive and the intelligence community. >> laura: former cia chief and noted russian hoax or john brennan tweeted today, we are now in a full-blown national security crisis. i tried to prevent the flow of intel to congress, trump is abetting a russian covert op to keep him in office for moscow's interest, not americas. is there any evidence that trump tried to keep this briefing from any of you? >> no, i mean it is totally idiotic and don't forget, i think another thing that happened today that really set them off, yesterday the president of the united states summoned back the ambassador from germany.
7:29 pm
a very accomplished person, he's done a great job in germany, has really led the fight for nato to pay more and this is somebody that they don't want because he's not one of them and they know he can't control him and that has been one of the problems throughout the whole deep state of affair that been dealing with for three and a half years. if you actually say something like hey, we've got some dirty cops here and there might be a problem with pfizer, or the whole thing is a hoax and the mueller people wrote a bunch of garbage, if you say that you are immediately a denier but the fact of the matter is these guys have lost their mind, okay? vladimir putin is not running some operation with donald trump, there's no evidence of that, so all this is is they don't have anything to run on and so they've got to make up russia again. >> laura: the party who cried russian wealth. again, nobody believes them.
7:30 pm
they keep promising their base this big payoff. now we got them, we got them just where we want them and then the base is getting angrier and angrier, you said he's going to be impeached, you said mueller was going to get him. none of that i has happened and business confidence is up, up, up. so they're getting reckless and the party because they keep overpromising we are going to get trump and not delivering. >> i think your analogy of the boy who cried wolf is apt, which is you can't have the intelligence community saying the russians are doing this, the russians are doing this other thing when they are not actually doing them or not doing them in the way in which the community is saying because when the russians do show up with bad intent people are not going to believe them. >> laura: by the way, joe biden waited in the news tonight. here's what they said on the latest cnn unending town hall.
7:31 pm
>> we are deeply involved in the intelligence committee, we knew it then, they continue to be involved, i guarantee you they are involved and the fact is i expect whoever did that is about to be fired. >> laura: congressman, we saw this circular reporting last week, intel leaked to the democrat house members, and it goes to the media, so they can create a news cycle. this keeps happening. leaked, new cycle, trump is in bed with some nefarious force. >> this is the same play they run over and over again. it's like the famous movie "groundhog day." for three and a half years we wake up and see the same old thing. that is why appreciate what you're saying tonight. i don't think anyone is buying it. i just left a huge republican dinner here, president trump was out yesterday, it was actually a
7:32 pm
joke tonight, everyone was talking about how the new thing is, they are back to russia again. no one is going to believe this garbage. >> laura: by the way, china's economy is slightly bigger than russia. no one is worried about china. they believe him on the coronavirus, china never tells a lie, never cheats on trade deals but russia is always a big problem. follow the pattern and you will know what the factual conclusion is. great to see both of you. raymond arroyo joins us in moments with the low lights. bloomberg's awkward deadpan, biden's blunders and more. plus, why are vegas pigeons wearing maga hats? seen and unseen. memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> laura: it's time for our seen and unseen segment where we expose the big cultural stories of the day. there were many telling moments from the democrat debate and trump's rallies. tell us how the 2020 election could turn out. from culture to politics. joining us with the details, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. as you saw, bloomberg was thrown for a loop by warren last night but what did we miss that was happening? >> as he laid out, the roses off the bloomy here. warren was relentless with him. >> mr. mayor, are you willing to release all of those women from those nondisclosure agreements so we can hear their side of the story? [applause]
7:38 pm
>> we have very few nondisclosure agreements -- >> how many is that? >> let me finish. >> you could see but the stunned reaction and the constipated finish, he was caught off guard. without personality, it's awfully hard to win national office and he has all the warmth of a day old clam dish. but elizabeth warren let something slip on "the view" today that gives us a little insight into her relentless bloomy assault when whoopi goldberg complemented her over it. >> you know, i feel good about it. i had a job to do and i came and i did it. >> a job to do. you intimated this earlier, clearly this is the socialist wing pulling together bernie and warned against the moderates and let me tell you, the moderates were having their field they too. bloomy is the target. everyone is threatened by him.
7:39 pm
the moderates had their own trouble. amy klobuchar was trying to ingratiate yourself to latino voters in november. it didn't go as planned. >> my name is amy, and when i took spanish in fourth grade my name was elena. they gave me that name because i couldn't roll my letter ares >> what do you know about the mexican president now? >> i know he was elected in the last few years. >> do you know who he is? >> i know he is the mexican president. >> can you tell me his name? >> no. >> oops, she tried to pick it up at the debate. watch. >> i first want to say greetings to president lopez, who is the president of honduras hernandez. >> thank you.
7:40 pm
>> senator klobuchar -- >> i wish everyone was as perfect as you, pete. >> laura: that is a mean girl. to speak of this is like peppermint patty grows up and hates linus. these two were duking it out for number five. it's really a mess. >> laura: that is so good. she is sitting there going, okay, resume polisher. this is something out of 11th grade. he got into harvard early and she is going to the state school and she's ticked off because he sitting in the front row. >> you're so perfect so perfect. >> laura: and then she is lik like -- >> they barely laid a hand on bernie although he was really irritated when mayor pete challenged his party identification. >> let's put forward someone who was actually a democrat. >> it's may be time that the
7:41 pm
working class in this country to have a little bit of power in washington, rather than your billionaire campaign contributors. >> let's hope the cardiac care unit is on speed dial, break out the paddles for bernie. poor old joe biden keep slipping, and not only in the polls. he made a bunch of mistakes but at tonight's cnn town hall he said this, listen. >> i think i can help candidates win for the senate, in north carolina and arizona. clearly in pennsylvania and in michigan, and in states we have to win. >> he made a little mistake there. he was talking about winning a senate seat in philadelphia and pennsylvania. there is no senate race in pennsylvania. then tonight in the town hall, this is what i mentioned a moment ago, he mentioned this about a second term. watch. >> if anything changed in my health making me incapable to fully exert all of the energy that is needed to be done, then
7:42 pm
i give you my word i would not run again. >> okay, if you lack the mental acuity at this stage, skip the first term. forget the second. >> laura: raymond, let me just say, if i ever lack the mental acuity to do this show, you can take it. okay? >> it's a shame we couldn't get to trump. he's been great out there. he had most hilarious material tonight about the oscars, but to go back to 2016 in reference to polls and debates, the past is not going to work. >> laura: this is about the future forward, the shining city on a hill, you don't want to take that -- >> tell us what you are going to do. people want to know what you're doing next. you've been successful. claim that record and move it forward. to be when he's got to get off the golden oldies. >> jeb bush. >> laura: we are referencing guests on cable news that nobody has heard of. he's elevating people that literally no one -- not nobody,
7:43 pm
that few people have heard of. a lot of her college and high school chums, going, the president went after you on twitter. >> everybody's got to get there 15 minutes. >> laura: he had a huge crowd at that rally. >> thousands and thousands of people outside but you've got to give them something meaty to look forward to. >> laura: it's about america, it's not all about settling old scores. >> or mental acuity. >> leave the petty grievances to us. okay, a somali community member is blowing the whistle on comments about ilhan omar. find out why next when i have more mental acuity. stay with us.
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>> laura: congresswoman ilhan omar spent the last two years denying serious allegations that she married her own brother so he could stay in the united states. now a member of the somali community in minnesota has come forward with new evidence. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is standing by in our west coast news bureau with all the details. >> meant the accusation was first made a few years ago, democratic congresswoman ilhan omar tried to knock it down by calling it absurd. then when the media turned up a wedding certificate, ilhan omar went silent, refusing to make any comments at all saying he does not talk about her family or personal life. now others are talking. a prominent member of the minneapolis symbolic community who is now on the record telling the daily mail that in 2009, ilhan omar married her biological brother so he could remain in the united states and attend college. at the time, omar was married,
7:49 pm
but it was a religious marriage, meaning there was no minnesota state record stating that they were husband and wife, so mary and her brother would allow her sibling to get his legal immigration documents. but he isn't just saying that omar married her biological brother. he also gave the "daily mail" the name of the christian minister who married them. that minister reportedly says she does not want to be involved or interviewed about the congresswoman. while omar has refused to talk about the allegations, today when the cohost of "the view" meghan mccain retweeted a story about the alleged sham marriage, writing "how is this not a bigger deal?" omar responded, "paying people to generate fake news stories in order to delegitimize me and those i represent isn't a good luck. desperation is a sad mobilizing tool." of course this has become a lot more than a media goose hunt. last month our corporate cousin
7:50 pm
"the new york post" reported that the fbi was investigating the marriage and have met with a source in minneapolis, and immigration and customs enforcement, i.c.e., is also looking into the matter. >> laura: thanks so much tonight. and roger stone was handed a 40 month prison sentence today for lying to congress and witness tampering. that is farther left than the 87 to 108 months federal prosecutors initially called for. remember the left's temper tantrum over bill barr recommending that he get just 36 to 46 months behind bars. >> there is integrity to the doj, that is what bill barr has destroyed. >> it's not even debatable that what he does cuts against all rules, norms, and requirements. to someone who is enabling a system of government in which the president can be a dictator. >> what bill barr has done should mean that we are demanding a resignation. >> laura: how foolish to these
7:51 pm
people look tonight? an obama appointed judge agreed with bill barr, not the prosecutors out for stone's head. will president trump moved to pardon stone? >> roger stone has become a big part of the news over the last little while and i'm following this very closely, and i want to see it play out to its fullest because roger has a very good chance of exoneration, in my opinion. >> laura: joining me now is sol wisenberg, former deputy independent counsel. do you have an issue with how aggressive yovanovitch mueller's prosecutorswere here? >> i do. it's true that what they recommend it was technically within the sentencing guidelines. but everyone i have talked to about it in the white collar industry agrees that it was really a draconian recommendation. that no judge would give a recommendation like that. the average sentence given under
7:52 pm
the obstruction guidelines for somebody like stone, the first defender with no criminal history is 9.4 months, not seven to nine years. they did nothing improper in the sense of doing anything unethical, but i think it was kind of a ridiculous recommendation. >> laura: and they all decided to go off in a huff after bill barr came out, this doesn't seem right, the judge ended up agreeing with what barr had ultimately thought was more appropriate. but here is a tweet from nbc reporter today, after they told the world the first recommendation was out of whack, his prosecutor, the guy who replaced the guys who quit in protest, argued today for all the enhancements that bumped the sentence as high as nine years. now it looks like revolt, he said. is that point evidence of some
7:53 pm
type of internal uprising among some of these line prosecutors against the attorney general? >> i don't think there is any doubt that there are people who are very hostile to the leadership of the department of justice and i think it is very troubling. there are people who consider barr and his people and occupying force, and occupying army and i think it is really, really sad. barr is the boss of them, not the other way around. i think what is unfortunate that happened here, i can guarantee your viewers one thing. barr and his deputy believed before the first memo was filed that the prosecutors were not going to ask for 87 to 108 months. they were either deceived or there was a failure in communication. barr had every right to go in and do what he did, he is the
7:54 pm
boss. but i think it is very important the president heard barr. he may not have intended to but he undermined and hurt barr by tweeting about it. he should let barr do his job. when the president tweets and barr does something he was going to do anyway, it undercuts him tremendously, and hurts him. >> laura: you and i have talked about this before. of course the president has article two authority to fire anyone he wants in the executive branch. he just has that authority. if he doesn't trust the attorney general than he can believe him of his duties but you have to let him do his job. it's as simple as that, or get rid of him. but i completely agree with you. he's fortunate, we are fortunate to have president trump but we are fortunate to have bill barr as attorney general. he's one of the best, i can't think of anyone. maybe sol wisenberg would be good too. thanks so much, great to see you as always. stay tuned. i asked for the emails and you sent them. ingram's inbox next. bottom line is,
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little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling. >> laura: i love this part of the show. it's time for "ingram's inbox." when will the democrats be at the foreign policy questions, iran, north korea? we know where this bun stands on health care and climate change, good grief. the next is from randy, republicans are convicted in d.c. courts, advice for durham, do interviews outside of the district. prosecution for lying may stand a chance. be sure to send me any of your
8:00 pm
thoughts, comments, even video questions about the show where things stand politically. if you want to talk about service animals, you can email. kristin fisher in for the fox news at 19. >> kristin: i always want to talk about service animals. this is a fox news election he learned, getting roasted on stage and calls on several of them to drop out so we can forge ahead, a new report tonight that mike bloomberg's campaign is plotting a brokered convention strategy. politico is reporting he's reaching out to uncommitted democratic delegates across the country which is sure to fire up the progressive base of the democratic party and we've got democratic congressman


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