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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 20, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> tucker: so good. a great dave portnoy. congrats on the company. >> thank you. >> tucker: we'll be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. you know who we are. sean hannity takes over. big night. >> sean: tucker, the only night i was cool to my son is when i showed up on bar stools. i don't think he knows what i do for a living. great show. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. mini mike bloomberg's campaign, we can officially report is on life support with a respirator and feeding tube. he was literally ripped to shreds in last night's debate. i can't really overstate how poorly he performed. single worst debate performance i have ever witnessed in my lifetime. frankly, he embarrassed himself and anyone that supports him. mostly himself. well, he's his only real big donor. take a look. >> mr. bloomberg had policies in new york city of stop and frisk,
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which went off african americans and latinos at an outrageous way that is not a way to grow voter turnout. >> i'd like to talk about who we're running against, a n billionaire that calls women fad broads and horse-faced lesbian. no, not donald trump. mayor bloomberg. >> i don't think you look at donald trump and say we need somebody richner the white house. >> the mayor says he has a grade record. he's done these wonderful things. the fact of the matter is, he's not managed his city very well when he was there. he didn't get a lot done. he had stop and frisk, throwing close to five million young black men against the wall. >> we had very few nondisclosure agreements. >> how many?-- >> let me finish. none of them accused me of doing anything other than maybe they
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didn't like a joke i told. >> sean: that's like a dana white mma beat-down. you can buy a lot of things with $500 million. you can. but you can't buy a personality, charisma and you can't even buy good debate preparation. in two short hours, this never-ending slick $500 million marketing campaign collapsedhi before the entire country's eyes. the cover of the "new york post" called it a brutal beat-down. even the far left tabloid, the new york daily news compared it to a massive explosion. politco writing that it was a monumental failure in terms of preparation. the liberal daily beast, their headline "bloomberg hundreds hundreds of millions to get his ass beat." csnbc said bloomberg took a beating.g. former obama official van jones compareded bloomberg to the sinking of a titanic. you know, when it hit the iceberg. and mr. throw-up chris matthews
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compared him to a prize fighter that couldn't stop bleeding and didn't have a cutman in his corner. even to cnn, it's unanimous, a horrible night for bloomberg. you get the picture? so the democrats plan b is an unmitigated disaster. it imploded last night. with biden and bloomberg's epic implosion, there's no plan c. last night's debate proved one thing. the democratic party is in a state of complete and utter chaos and a meltdown and only going to get worse. take a look. >> we're going to talk about votes in the senate in washington? let's talk about it. [talking over each other]. >> hello, hello. thank you. senator warren and mayor bloomberg, this question is for you. i want to talk about -- maybe this is appropriate here. t >> can i defend senator klobuchar for a minute? this is not right.
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>> sean: let's see. a devout socialist leading the way a wall street billionaire that thinks anybody can be a farmer, a harvard professor, a couple other sociopaths that are hell bent on fame and glory. it's like a sick, twisted joke. the weakest presidential field frankly in the history of american politics. and last night it was essentially a circular firing squad, all showing their true colors. i couldn't write it any better. take a look. >> most americans don't see where they fit if they have to choose between a socialist that thinks that capitalism is the root of all i'll have and a guy that thinks money is the root of all power. >> maybe it's time for the working class of this country to have a little bit of power in washington rather than your billionaire campaign contributors. >> it's not a plan, it's a power point.
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amy's plan is even less. it's like a post-it note. insert plan here >> the only company we can't go after, gun manufacturers. >> you know what? you have not been in the arena doing that work. you memorized talking points and a bunch of things.wh >> sean: ouch! you can see it, a bloodbath. but through the shouting and identity politics, we did learn that these insane people want to be your next president or actually pretty dumb and their policies are more chilling. take a look. >> nbc did a poll yesterday. says joe biden is best equipped to beat donald trump. that's what your poll said. >> you're literally in part of the committee that is overseeing these things. and we're not able to speak to literally the first thing about the politics of the crisis of ourselves. >> are you trying to say i'm dumb or are you mocking me here, pete? >> why do you complain? you wrote the code. >> you m did.
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you and your campaign -- >> you and your 99 senators. >> not me. >> what a wonderful country we have. the best known socialist is a millionaire with three houses. what did i miss here? >> you missed i work in washington. house 1. live in burlington. house 2. and like thousands of others, have a summer camp. forgive me for that. [speaking spanish] >> i wish everyone was as perfect as you, pete. >> sean: yes, benny sanders, the soviet-style millionaire that wants to eliminate capitalism. what i'm about to tell you should shock you. bernie sanders is the frontat runner. now this is what i've been saying. t the new radical extreme democratic socialist party of america, that's the same guy that wants the federal
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government to confiscate your private property, your wealth, nationalize our entire energy industry, get off oil and gas completely. the life blood of the world's economy. nationalize your healthcare industry. how did obamacare work out? put a cap on the amount of money americans are actually allowed to earn. dramatically raise taxes on everybody making over $29,000 a year. that means anybody. the same guy that praised only every communist dictator around the globe, the guy that actually honeymooned in the former soviet union. the communist soviet union. now the whack jobne pseudo-communist, he could be the democratic nominee. tonight we can report that it seems unlikely that bernie will get the delegates needed to gete the domination outright, which means this ultimate schiff show will get much worse. buckle up. odds are high, we're headed to a
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contested convention. top democrats are plotting a way to rip this nomination from bernie's cold socialist hands and in fact, last night's debate, no candidate on stage except for bernie agreed that the primary winner should go to the candidate with the most votes of the people. they all agreed that the process should play out. so super delegates, in other words, democratic hierarchy havd more say at the convention on the second ballot than the people that go out and vote and caucus. so that's right. some of the very same people, by the way, includes elizabeth warren and mayor pete that want to eliminate the lectoral nomination, they want to steal it from bernie again. brace your zest. we're months away from political chaos like we have never witnessed before. this is basically the appetizer. this is just the opening salvo, if you will, a preview of coming
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attractions. the only question tonight is will bernie taking lying down like in 2016. he and his supporters let the dnc slap them around again or will it turn into a civil war. can't predict the future. we shouldn't take an election for granted. stakes are too high for the american people. anything can happen. but last night's debate had a clear winner and it was not anyone on that statement. even mini mike bloomberg seess the writing is on the wall. take a look. >> so how was your night last night? look, the real winner the debate last night was donald trump. because i worry that we may well be on the way to nominating somebody that cannot win in if we choose a candidate that appeals to a small base like senator sanders, it will be a fatal error. >> farmer mike may be right. democrats are limping into nevada and south carolina right around the corner super tuesday,
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this is going to get bloodiere and uglier fast. with republicans, all united around president trump, his campaign has never been stronger and tonight coming up, we'll show you polls that back this up, the best polls since he's been inaugurated. first, let's go to lawrence jones, our 2020 correspondent on the ground. he's standing outside of tonight's massive make america great rally in colorado. so i saw on twitter the crowd outside was massive. >> sean, it's crazy. the president just wrapped up his speech. i've been to a lot of these, sean. you send me across the country talking with these voters. this was the largest crowd i've ever seen. it wasn't just elderly people or farmers. it was young people that were against socialism. we also talked about who the president calls mini mike and his performance.ut many are asking, is this the best that democrats have? take a look at this.
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>> can anyone on that debate stage defeat donald trump? >> no. no. none of them come close. >> last night's debate showed a lot of those candidates are so o flawed. >> what about mike bloomberg? he's pumping a lot of money. >> little mike. he's going to shrunk even more. >> does bloomberg have a shot against donald trump? >> absolutely not. >> even with all the money, he won't buy this election? >> not even. >> what about with bernie and the young people supporting him? >> they're here. our young people are >> you think america will ever elect a socialist president? >> no, i don't. i think bernie is history and his past. it doesn't go well within the american values. >> do you think the american people are buying any of this socialism stuff?am >> i don't think so. not on a deep level. no. it's superficial. >> what about bernie sanders? >> boo!
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>> really? you think we want socialism? we want a communist? >> sean, they made it clear, they're choosing their family, pocket books, military over socialism. they don't think anybody on the debate stage can beat donald trump. we'll have to see. >> sean: i see you have a big crowd behind you, lawrence. here's the question to ask the crowd. here's the question. >> i got you. >> sean: say sean wants to know if there's any l.j., lawrence jones fans there. >> sean hannity wants to know if there's any lawrence jones fans behind me. [cheers and applause] >> sean: there you go. our 2020 correspondent on the ground, lawrence jones. inside the arena, president trump offer his own analysis of the dumpster fire of what is the modern extreme socialist democratic party. take a look.wn >> got very big ratings.
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you know what? mini mike didn't do well last night. i was going to send him a note saying it's not easy doing what i do, is it? how about klobuchar? did you see her? she choked. albert e. newman locked at her and said, something slightly derogatory. she said, are you accusing me of beingli dumb? who would make a statement like that? >> sean: the only amazing thing, it's never been this type of phenomenon in terms of rallies. the greatest political show on earth.yp and the better part is, it's working. soleimani dead, caliphate done. baghdadi associates dead. head of al-quaida done. we're breaking every economic record we've had, the lowest unemployment for every demographic in the country. before wet get to that, earlier today, president trump reacted to the roger stone sentencing
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and the revelation. guess what? we've been right. the jury forewoman in the case had a deep anti-trump and anti-roger stone bias before she went on the jury.. take a look. >> and it's my strong opinionia that the forewoman of the jury, the woman who was in charge of the jury is totally tainted. when you take a look, how can you have a person like this? she was an anti trump activist. how can you have a jury pool tainted so badly? it's not fair. >> sean: question do have ay? constitutional right to an impartial jury.av the forewoman posted a long stream of not only rabid anti-trump posts on social media, she also included posts about the stone casese specifically before she was ever on the jury.l well, that sounds like grounds for a brand new trial for roger
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stone, doesn't it? doesn't it seem like a miscarriage of justice? duel justice system? we need equal justice, equal application of our laws. we've been telling you now for years about all of the anti-trump bias and the russia probe, the double standards that exist, hillary's obstruction, the espionage act, the dirty dossier. we have bulletproof evidence that now it's extended to the jury pool in the stone case. the good news is, the president and his allies are stronger than ever. president trump just hit his highest approval number of his presidency. by the way, at this point in the obama presidency, higher than obama's approval number. at this same point in his presidency. joining us now with reaction, author of radicals, resistance, revenge, the host of justice, judge jeanine pirro and reince priebus. i can't believe -- how did they know this woman had commented on
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the case, judge? how is that possible? >> first of all, the thing that is more concerning to me right now is why the judge made a decision to sentence roger stone when there was a question as to what the legitimacy of the verdict based upon juror bias? understand, sean, that they had a juror questionnaire that asked all the potential jurors as that did when i was a judge, is there anything in your background that would cause you to be unfair to roger stone? this woman had a facebook page that i understand was personal.. but she apparently was a democratic candidate for congress. she was an activist. she was someone that commented on stone's arrest. she is someone that should never have been on that jury. so one of two things is going on. she either lied when she was being chosen as a juror for that case or someone already knew about her and skipped over it. plus, why was she so interested
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that she objected to the attorneys and the prosecutors withdrawing from the case? she has nothing to do with sentencing. her job was to assess the facts. everything about this stinks. there needs to be another trial. they shouldn't have gone to sentencing. i'm telling you, there's not a judge in this country that would not demand another trial. if she doesn't, you have to say to this judge, what did you know?er why would you not at least recuse yourself when you came out and said that this jury has served with integrity under difficult circumstances, judge? why are you standing up for this jury? why?re >> sean: let me just add and gregg jarrett has a great column about this, about how the judge agreed with the attorney general's assessment about thess judgment. nine years nor five cases of lying. okay. median spent time for rape isdg
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four years and two months. reince priebus. you watched this debate. an unmitigated disaster. you helped debate president trump in 2016. i remember after every debate, i'd like at the report and there was donald trump winning by a large margin. pretty good debater by every standard. any one of these guys last night, can they stand up to donald trump in a debate? >> i think they might have a hard time. last night everyone on the democrat debate stage crashed around burn. have you ever seen "the final destination?" that was the final destination of political debates. bloomberg talking about ndas, talking about how embarrassed he was on his own record. i think that -- i don't think bloomberg's people around him are dumb. i think that bloomberg is probably very arrogant, not willing to be instructed and handled.
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that's the difference between him and donald trump. say what you want. love him or hate him, you know, the president was able to be instructed, he wanted to learn. i handled the debate prep for a lot of candidates. here's the thing. you have to have natural talent. i went back and looked at thatat second debate. the second general debate against hillary clinton. the one that turned around the entire 2016 candidacy for donalt trump. almost every one of the best lines from that debate president trump came up with on his own. they weren't prepped even though he was ready for the debate. they have to matter and they have to have talent. bloomberg doesn't. he doesn't have the talent to stand up against trump. >> sean: do you see bloomberg recovering from this disaster, janine? judge janine? >> i suspect he will try. here's the bottom line.
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the guy is not that bright. to spend over $400 million and not be prepared for the obvious questions about women being disgraced in the workplace, not knowing how to answer stop and frisk and not knowing how to respond to farmers that are stupid? he's stupid to not prepare. it's arrogant and rience is right.on 's >> sean: can he recover or is this bernie's to lose now? >> i think he can recover because of the way the democrats have set up their delegate allocation rules. the things that you outlined your opening monologue. i think he could return in milwaukee at the convention of the dnc. but look, this was a total disaster. part of it is he's not -- he's not -- he's trying to be a bleeding heart democrat when he's not. it's not authentic and he's notc ready and he doesn't have the talent for the big stage. >> you hit it on the stage. you said you have to have an
10:21 pm
appeal and guy that walks in the room and people are attracted to you. mike bloomberg doesn't have it. >> sean: not by a long shot. judge, thank you. reince priebus, thank you. and out in colorado springs, donald trump jr. is with us. so you got a big shout-out and big applause line here. you watched this disaster last night. i'm dying to get your take on it. >> oh, it was pretty brutal. as i put out on twitter, mike bloomberg can buy a lot but you can't buy personality, sean. you can't buy wit. it's not that he didn't know the questions were coming. it's that he still doesn't know how to answer them. he doesn't have that. thtrump has a natural talent for that. whether you're in jail or only rosy. when they threw stuff at him, he came up on his feats. mike bloomberg doesn't have that personality. that's why he can't relate to anyone.
10:22 pm
the comments about minorities that were vicious and farmers that were so disruptful. he doesn't have that ability to interact with people.s the entire world saw it yesterday. he spent more money to get to where he was yesterday than we did to win the presidency. he's going to have to spend more to remain relevant in this. right now he spent half a billion dollars to look like a jerk. >> sean: okay. one of the earliest interviews goes back way before your dad thought about running for president when i met you. oh, you farm. you dig a hole and stick a seed in and up comes up corn. breath-taking ignorance and out of touch. i can't imagine. but your dad respects and loves farmers.eaut your dad wants the manufacturing industry back in america. america first. even the military comments he makes. the farmers, the comments about
10:23 pm
farmers. you called him a blue collar billionaire. i'll never forget it. >> i did. i got hell for it. it's like what can he do?ol you see it, the way he interacts with people.'s mike bloomberg wouldn't last three seconds on a farm. donald trump didn't?-- it wouldn't. it would be over, three seconds over and under. i'm taking the under. >> sean: 4,000 acres. done.dr drop a seed in, cover it, water. up comes your corn. pop up in rows, right? >> it won't look good for mini. it would be over fast. the reality is this. donald trump made his fortune
10:24 pm
dealing with workers. not behind a computer screen, not wall street billionaires. he did it by dealing with construction workers. people doing real work. that's why he's able to relate to them. you can't teach that. you have to have that. donald trump had 40-year career of doing just that. and that is important in politics. when you're talking about bringing back blue collar jobs to america, it helps to understand those people, to understand what motivates them. that's why donald trump, i get it. i used to talk to you about the irony of the brash billionaire from new?york being able to transcend that and talk with, not at. because there's a big difference ivtog lectured and having ant conversation. donald trump can talk with these people and they got it. now he's delivering for them.. >> sean: all right. don jr. in colorado springs with his dad tonight. thanks nor being with us. all right. when we come back, a "hannity" heated debate on bloomberg's disasterous remarks. and matt gaetz went on "the view" clashing with joy behar. we get the behind the scenes story as we continue with "hannity." ♪ people in other countries,
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♪ >> sean: last night mini farmer mike bloomberg walked into a nest of vipers at the democratic debate. one by one they laced into him over, well, not only his policies of stop and frisk, but his language as well. take a look. >> mr. bloomberg had policies in new york city of stop and frisk, which went after african american and latino people in an outrageous way. that is not a way you're going to grow voter turnout. >> he had stop and frisk,eo throwing close to five million young black men up against the wall. >> when the mayor says he apologizes, listen very closely to the apology. the language he used is about stop and frisk. it's about how it turned out. now, this isn't about how it turned out.
10:30 pm
this is about what it was designed to do to begin with. you need a different apology. >> bloomberg's racist words will haunt him. he said that criminals only fit one m.o. you can take that, pass it out to all the cops in every city.d he agreed only minorities were being arrested for marijuana charges because he put all, not some, all the police in minority neighborhoods. he did it because that's wherene all the crime is and oh, one other thing, he talked about oh, yeah, police throw the young minorities, 16 to 25 up against walls. that is called police brutality. here with reaction, harvardmi professor, dr. cornell west and dan bongino, geraldo rivera. cornell, you haven't been on in awhile. if donald j. trump said in of this, you, professor, would be all over him rightly so.
10:31 pm
the media has been virtually silent, haven't they? >> no. we have to be consistent. i called trump a neofascist gangster. let me say this, brother. this notion that my dear brother bernie sanders is pro soviet, he's what i am. i'm not a soviet. the soviet union murders thousands of jews. >> sean: he took a honeymoon there who honeymoons in the former soviet union? >> bernie sanders supports civil rights, personal liberties. he's the first one to defend people's freedom of religion. he went to the soviet union -- >> sean: you can have bernie. he's all yours. >> you know he's my brother. >> sean: i'm going to tell you this and geraldo will back me up.
10:32 pm
we have the best employment situation for african americans, women, youth unemployment, african american youth unemployment. that happened under donald trump. geraldo rivera? >> it's true, sean. it's interesting. you're very eloquent?? expressing the effect of the trump economy. why can't we bo equally eloquent in expressing the success of what seems from the retrospect of draconian policy? remember, bloomberg takes off from guliani?-- >> sean: i'm not against the policy?-- >> he had 350 black and latino men -- >> sean: you're missing the point. - >> 350 black -- >> sean: geraldo, it's not race. it's socioeconomic. sure, you limit police resources
10:33 pm
in areas where there's higher crime to protect people that we love. >> bloomberg committed political suicide last night by being woefully unprepared. that was political malpractice. to change history is unsupportable. cornell well, professor west will be getting his wish. i think bernie sanders will be the nominee. i think there will be a stark choice for americans to make. >> sean: 100%. >> not just the nominee. we are going to beat trump. we're going to beat trump. >> sean: good luck with that. >> whether you beat trump is another story. >> sean: dan bongino. let's go back to the statistics. under obama biden, more food stamps. they had eight years. i didn't mention criminal just tis reform nor opportunities for minorities in america. trump did that. not obama, not biden, donald j. trump.
10:34 pm
>> yeah. also the worst recovery from a recession -- >> and bernie is going to do better. >> i don't know what he's going to talk about. >> sean: hang on. dan first. dan? >> i'm sorry. but dr. west doesn't know what he's talking about. i played videos of bernie sanders himself supporting so soviet union. they have puppet shows. i can play it. i'm not going to be lectured how bernie sanders didn't support the soviet union. you're right, barack obama had the worth recovery from recession in modern american history. >> sean: hang on, brother cornell. hang on. >> we're talking about russian culture.
10:35 pm
he's not supporting -- >> sean: i have a question for you. we have the lowest record-breaking unemployment for african american, hispanic americans, youth unemployment and i want you -- and we got criminal justice reform. i want you to say to brother donald trump, if you will, youou like to say everybody is your brother because i love, becausey i believe in jesus and god. >> you and i. >> sean: donald trump, great job. it's true. it's working for thankfully our whole american family, every demographic. say it. >> my dear brother, authoritarians made the trains run on time. i acknowledge the degree to which the statistics are indeed well. it goes hand and hand with unbelievable contempt and hatred -- >> sean: say it. donald j. trump got it done. he's helping minority communities in ways with?-- with jobs. eight million new jobs. >> you're not going to get the
10:36 pm
sound bite. i keep track of them. >> sean: dan, you got short-changed. i'm sorry. >> i'm trying to make the point, sean, that i know liberals don't do facts and data. they have vibraniun coated skulls. but when you look at the numbers, barack obama produced the worst recovery from a recession in modern american history. look at the numbers. i thought we did numbers. liberals claim to believe in science but not science when it comes to the science of numbers about the barack obaman administration. >> sean: geraldo, thank god forw these numbers. >> my prediction is that donald trump will double the african american-latino vote that he got in 2016. and at the same time, i think that there's got to be a recognition that we're all in this together. that's the candidate that wins.
10:37 pm
>> sean: one glorious?-- >> it's not them against us. >> that's why brother bernie will win. you shall see. >> sean: i can't believe it. you know, cornell, i still love you. i can't help you. just love you. love you like geraldo. >> i'm a christian trying to love everybody. sometimes you put me through a test, you and brother trump. i'm telling you. >> sean: being friends with me, geraldo will say you need prayer and fasting. when we come back, shocking statement by the congenital liar adam schiff. and gregg jarrett how a.g. barr was vindicated and matt gaetz goes on the hard hitting news show "the view." he will give us the behind-the scenes story ahead. >> tucker: as mentioned earlier, ♪ bottom line is,
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>> tucker: as mentioned earlier, roger stone sentenced to three years in president. the president talked about it earlier. take a look. >> what happened to him is unbelievable. s they say he lied. but other people lied, too. just to mention comey lied. mccabe lied. lisa page lied. her lover, strzok, peter strzok, lied. >> sean: it was reaction, author of "defending the constitution" alan dershowitz. i didn't get that book yet. >> i had to write this book, this is my speech in the united states senate. the one that has been so
10:43 pm
misconstrued by cnn and otherut networks. so i had to put out a book. it's my speech. my answer to all the questions. i challenge anybody to read it and call cnn and see how they doctored the reporting of my speech. they literally doctored it by taking everything out of context and putting words in my mouth. >> sean: where have you been? fake news. let me introduce gregg jarrett. number 1 best seller author "witch hunt." i read your column. i was blown it expressed my opinions exactly, gregg. all of the attacks against the attorney general, i thought -- couple things today. one, the presidentin showed amazing restraint. i'm going to let the process work its way through. we now know a juror, the foreperson, the lead juror now had tweeted out and on this case. i want to know did the judge not know this? how did this person sit on this jury?
10:44 pm
that case needs to be thrown out immediately. such an injustice. you point out all of these people that said, oh, nine years for five lies. process crimes. nine years. a we don't put rapist in jail that long. attorney barr, attorney general barr was vindicated. the president showed restraint that i think was proper and right and spoke out against an injustice. we have a right to an impartial jury, gregg. >> the sentencing vindicated what bill barr did and his judgment in the case. he knew the trial prosecutors had lost perspective and demanded a punitive sentence of 7-9 wildly outside the federal guidelines. he sought to correct it. he recommended 36 to 40 months indeed. the judge picked 40 months. so not only vindicates bill barr exposing the idiocy the 2,000 ex-prosecutors that demand that
10:45 pm
bill barr resign. makes the trial prosecutors that resigned in protest, all four of them look like petulant children. >> sean: let me go -- professor, you and i have gone back and forth about this, about the espionage act, subpoenaedo e-mails, bleach, hammers and we got into the dirty dossier. unverifiable. the warnings, premeditated fraud on a court. i would never lie to a judge without going to jail. and the president's right. i have faith in the attorney general. i believe he's getting to the bottom of it. i do. premeditated fraud on a court, denying one american their civil rights, spying on a candidate, a transition team and a president. it's happened. it's no longer in dispute. the i.g. report confirms it. >> i agree. and i think that it's much more serious violation to law to a fisa court, not correct the fisa court record, allow the rights of an american citizen, could be you and me, to have our privacy invaded in violation of the
10:46 pm
fourth amendment. you know -- >> sean: could you keep me out of jail if i lied to a judge? >> well, i might be able to.of most lawyers probably couldn't. for you, sean, i'll keep you out of jail. look, i want to keep people out of jail in general. i don't want to see criminal justice weaponized for partisan political reasons against either party. >> sean: all of these people lie. all of them. great book. read it, professor. great column on the a.g. he was vindicated and the president was vindicated. thank you.a. coming up next, matt gaetz clashes with the co-host of the sard-hitting news show "the view." we have the tape and he will tell us what happened behind the scenes next. ♪ view." view." we have the tape and he will doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief.
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♪ >> sean: all right. usually the left wing antics on abc's "the view" go unchecked. today matt gaetz joined the table and went head-to-head with joyless behar. take a look. >> i was wondering if you were wearing black of like the political left in the debate last night. >> you know, don't count the bodies yet.ti >> we have a comeback president running against the throw-back left and the venezuela wing of the democratic party taking over with bernie sanders. >> oh, come on. >> bernie sanders praises venezuela and cuba. i don't want that for our great country. >> sean: congressman matt gaetz gives us behind the scenes. jesse waters is also with us. i've been on "the view." i gave up going on there, getting yelled at. gets loud. it's like stereo liberalism.
10:52 pm
what is behind the scenes like for you, congressman? >> sean, abc told me to show up and i would be surrounded by women. i thought i was auditioning for the bachelor. you can find my surprise -- >> sean: what is wrong with you? i can't help you. >> actually, the last person i talked to before i went on the view was jesse waters. he called me and told me if i needed a passport and cash he would get me out of there. but what is happening in the democratic primary, you see a takeover from the most radical elements of their left wing base and that opens up for us a lot of ground to go and seize with. just folks that want rising wages and an improving economy. as long as the microphone is on and the camera is on, i'll go. >> sean: i was proud of you. i'll be honest. jesse, i was shocked howph congressman gaetz shut it down.
10:53 pm
>> i didn't believe he was going on. he's not selling a book. what is he doing? he strokes my ego and says hey, waters, you have any advice? h aysten, kill them with kindness. flirt with joy. you'll have a great time. he goes jesse, that's the same advice that every single woman i talked to gave me. and then i was like wait a second. are you insulting me? i thought to myself, that's a compliment. he knows that i know how to handle women. i know what they want to hear.r. so -- and he took it. he took my advice and it was very classy. >> sean: i'm not responsible for your comments. you're both nuts. you're out of your mind. but actually was funny. and i do like whoopi goldberg. i think megan mccain does a good job, congressman. but i have to tell you, joyless is like totally joyless. like no joy except rage trump.
10:54 pm
>> we could see the meltdown on the democratic party on the face of joy behar. there's no hero for the democrats. we watched that debate and could see there's absolutely no one that is on that stage that is going to beat donald trump with the foundations of our economy, our military, restore country. we have a great case to make and they're just in like this o despondent state of disarray. >> sean: i notice you don't wear the purple tie and shirt on this show. i won't comment on that. >> threats from >> sean: the color of my monitor is off. jesse? >> listen, i thought there was a lot of chemistry between the congressman and joy. he spread a lot of love there. i don't know what word he used. sanguinity. i had to look that up. i'm not sure if he used it correctly.
10:55 pm
a great performance. he didn't make them walk off the set like o'reilly. he has a ways to go. 9 out of 10. >> being back on "hannity" is like being back in bed after a long road trip. >> sean: love you both. president trump going hard after hollywood tonight. that's ahead. ♪ bottom line is, moms love that land o' frost premium sliced meats have no by-products. [conference phone] baloney! [conference phone] has joined the call. hey baloney here. i thought this was a no by-products call? land o' frost premium. a slice above.
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♪ >> sean: earlier tonight at his massive rally in colorado, the president called out the extreme 2020 radical democrats, and even liberal hollywood. take a look. >> by the way, how bad were the academy awards this year? did you see them? and then you have brad pitt. i was never a big fan of his. little wise guy. he's little wise guy. >> sean: and dumb as a rock. that is my opinion. anyway, unfortunately that is
11:00 pm
all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you. you give us this camera every night. a we don't want to let you down, we will never be the rage trump media. we always seek the truth. set your dvr so you will never miss an episode. gs s let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is here. >> laura: we are both wearing dark colors after such a fun debate last night. it's like we are in mourning. how could it possibly be? is that a pink tie or do you call that salmon? are you confident enough -- >> sean: do you think i pick s out my ties? fox says here, where this tie, wear this shirt. i'm wearing jeans. >> laura: you should stand up so everyone can see your jeans. >> sean: all the time. there you go. hannity jeans. >> laura: oh, they're ironed. >> sean: they are not ironed! laura, you just took away my whole image. i never wear suits, i hate suits.