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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 21, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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be sure to send me your thoughts, comments, even video questions about the show where things stand politically. if you want to talk about service animals you can email and include your name and where you are from. that's all-time we have tonight. kristin fisher is in for the fox news at night team and takes it from here. >> i want to talk about service animals. >> me too. have a good show. >> this is a fox news election alert. after getting roasted on stage by democrats angry about his big spending and his calls to drop out so he can forge ahead, a report that michael bloomberg's campaign is plotting a brokered convention strategy. political reporting he is reaching out to uncommitted democratic delegates across the country which is sure to fire up the progressive base of the democratic party and we have democratic candidate tom stier here tonight to respond.
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democrats crying foul over donald trump's use of the word exoneration for roger stone but the president is laying out a vision of redemption that goes beyond stone. is there a vision of trump justice taking shape or is it just something built around political expediency. we have analysis from top legal scholar robert george straight ahead. welcome to fox news at night. let's get straight to breaking news correspondent trace gallagher live in our ill a newsroom with the very latest on the democratic race. >> more on that breaking news. bloomberg's strategies aimed at those democratic establishment who believe bernie sanders's nomination could be a liability. political reporting michael bloomberg is trying to convince democratic party officials currently aligned with joe biden and other moderates to instead
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align with him. the goal being that in a brokered convention party insiders would deliver the nomination to bloomberg over sanders. in the world of political spin there apparently are no more losers meaning a crafty political operative would try to spin the cleveland browns into the new england patriots but when the bloomberg tried to paint last night's debate is when it made a bridge too far. critics called bloomberg's debate performance pathetic, unprepared and possibly the worst ever. to fight back team bloomberg had to spin and edit. watch part of what happened last night followed by the bloomberg version. >> i'm the only one here that ever started the business. is that fair? okay. what we need is -- i'm the only one here that ever started a business.
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is that fair? >> those dumbfounded stairs went on 20 seconds was in reality that lasted less then a second and he got pulverized on social media, great job editing just like you, a total farce, you bombed big time last night as it was glorious. a joe biden spokesman wrote next they can make a deep fake where the mayor answers joe biden's question about releasing employees from nondisclosure agreements. abc is reporting over the past three decades 17 women have taken legal action, none made it to trial in the defense bloomberg used is the same when he used last month on the view. >> you have no desire to do that? >> we couldn't do it if we wanted to. i think a lot of the women would
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not want to do that, a few but not really. >> reporter: elizabeth warren got rave reviews for going after warren, still at it today. >> it was my job to make sure america got a closer look at mayor bloomberg, of all the people on that stage he is the riskiest one for the democrats. he would be most vulnerable in the general election. >> reporter: tom stier who was not in the debate, democratic candidates spend so much time terry each other down he thinks the big winner was donald trump. >> you have to wonder what bloomberg may do different. thanks so much. roger stone was sentenced to 3 years in prison. his case has been at the center of ongoing tensions between donald trump and his justice department calling a difference
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of opinion in the department over the sentencing recommendations. help us understand which side the judge cited within this controversy over the sentencing. >> the obama appointee on the bench agreed they overstepped when recommending a 7-9 year sentence for trump's disgraced advisor, that puts on the same side as the attorney general which as we have seen over the past week or so is not necessarily the same side as the attorney general after bost, the president. >> roger stone still can't talk about his case because of a gag order but smiled while leaving court today. a judge sentenced him to 3 and a half years, less than half with the government originally asked for. judge jackson spoke sternly, at times almost yelling at the
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notorious trump competent and dirty tricks operative. this is not roger just being roger. he lied to congress, lied to our elected representatives. roger stone will not be sentenced for who his friends are or who his enemies are, the president views it as a partisan hit job. >> i think that is the best thing to do. because i would love to see roger exonerated. and i would love to see it happen because i think he was treated fairly and fairly. >> the judge compared stone's 40 month sentence to scooter libby received 30 months for lying and obstructing justice as a top aide to dick cheney. donald trump pardoned libby in 2018. democrat adam schiff foreshadowed his response to a possible pardoned tweeting to pardon stone when his crimes were committed to protect trump would be a breathtaking act of corruption.
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>> roger stone and everybody has to be treated fairly and this is not been a fair process, okay. >> as the president notes, there's more to play out, stone is free tonight because his attorneys want a new trial. one of their argument centers on the jury's for men who allegedly didn't disclose social media posts that were critical of the president before being picked, the president weighed in on that tonight saying the whole case isn't looking good for the justice department, with justice in quotation marks. >> >> amid these tangles at the justice department and his own attorney general, we are getting a better understanding of the president's views on justice. and remarks before the rally the president tried to strike a tone of empathy and redemption on a week when he partner commuted the sentence of 11 people from rod blagojevich to krystal nunez who was imprisoned for 12 years on a marijuana charge.
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>> we are here to reaffirm that america is a nation that believes in redemption and that is what it is about, redemption. we believe in second chances. we have thousands of people in prison that have stories like alex johnson. thousands and thousands of people and i love doing it and you can be poor, middle income, rich, injustice is injustice. >> robert george, the mccormick professor of jurisprudence at princeton university. what does this week tell you about how donald trump may be reshaping the justice department? >> i'm not sure he is reshaping the justice department. he got himself into a tiff with his attorney general, his attorney general is a person of
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incredible stature and served before, it's a bad idea for the president get intuitive with the justice department but what happened is judge jackson gave a judicially independent sentenced to stone, 40 months, considerably less than those that are called rogue justice to public officials requested. 40 months in jail is no fun for anybody. the question is will donald trump pardoned him? the president seems to be signaling that is what he is going to do. heather: 9 he said a good chance for exoneration, making these comments is what the attorney general said he did not want donald trump to continue to do. if i am william barr how my
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feeling? >> you are still concerned that the president is going to do things that undercut your performance, william barr used very strong terms. it when decades of the president is making it impossible for me to do my job. that's a pretty strong thing to say and i think he would prefer that the president step back a bit, the president has pardon power, it is in the constitution, he is chief executive of the united states, he can do that. there are times it is appropriate to do that. i'm sure william barr doesn't have any objection to him using that power appropriately but he probably should step back a bit from the stone case and the other cases and let the justice department, let the attorney general do their work. >> what you think of the possibility donald trump does pardon him, the president said he is still considering it. at the end of they will donald trump arden roger stone? >> the odds are 99%. the question about possible misconduct by the foreman of the jury, the woman trump himself
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referenced in his remarks, that misconduct would give ground for the president to justify a pardon. >> take a step back and look at these pardons donald trump has done over the course of this week, he also passed some bipartisan criminal justice reform. do you think he is heading into election day trying to seize the mantle of empathy and compassion from democrats? >> no question he's doing that and hoping to break into some sectors of the voting public that republicans have not done well and he himself is not been that popular, especially minority voters and with some of the pardons he has even and somebody may yet issue he may actually build some support for himself, certainly criminal justice reform earned him some points in the african community
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where injustices have been an issue for a long time and he did something obama didn't do, the clinton didn't do. trump i think is playing this in a politically savvy way which is not to say he doesn't actually believe in what he's doing but it helps politically. heather: 9 before the debate started the former obama press secretary robert gibbs, said are we going to see a candidate that shows empathy on the stage and we now know this was one of the bloodiest debates we have seen this cycle. did last night playing to the president's hands? >> it did not help the democrats. it is fair to say the winner of the democratic debate was donald trump. democrats seem to be moving themselves into a position where the two people who have a
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significant chance of winning the democratic nomination are an avowed socialist and someone who seems to be playing to the stereotype of being a plutocrat. that's not a good place for party to have a nominee. you don't want a socialist and you don't want a plutocrat but they seem to be in the lead. what seems to be uniting the democrats and the only thing uniting the democrats is rather extreme social liberalism which creates its own problems with late-term abortions and so forth and so on so democrats are in some trouble and interestingly we might for the first time in a long time see a convention that chooses a nominee, a convention that is a convention and not a coronation. >> of some reports are to be believed it appears former mayor michael bloomberg might be really trying to push a brokered convention. >> i wouldn't be surprised. donald trump just wrapped up two of his three rallies in three days, his in colorado springs stumping for cory gardner and trying to keep colorado in play
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in 2020. alicia was at the rally and joins us with the highlights. all right. he seemed to be having a little bit of trouble with the audio. i've been to quite a few rallies myself and it happens. we will try to get that report when we come back but coming up, we are examining the debate over the bernie brokes. next hour power panel here and there on deck to weigh in. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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>> at a certain point, you've got to ask yourself, why did this pattern arise. why is that a case with your supporters? >> i don't think that's the case. >> i don't think it is especially the case. >> if you want -
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>> new fallout from that moment when pete buttigieg challenged bernie sanders over the behavior of his supporters, the so-called bernie brokes have been accused of bullying tactics and abusive tactics, the deputy chair of the international teresa can someone send an example of a bernie bro being that to which steve scalise who was shot and nearly killed by a self-described sanders supporter back in 2017 replied i can think of an example. let's bring in the power panel, democratic strategists testslynn figaro and jeff mason. i will start with you, tough to argue with that response from scalise. >> the only people who are arguing with that attacking him are anonymous people on twitter.
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myself working for bernie sanders, that was a powerful statement to remind people how real this can get for a lot of folks being driven by the type of toxic environment we see on social media. a lot of people forgot about that incident, would have been great for mayor pete to bring up to bring concrete example on what happened to the congressman. we should be quiet, those who want to say what about this, what about that, respect the fact the man almost lost his life and bernie sanders has to continue to sell his base and his supporters that this stuff is unacceptable. shannon: it is surprising mayor pete did not bring that up. how big a problem are the so-called bernie bros for bernie sanders? >> some of bernie sanders's opponents want to emphasize it as a problem. if you look broadly at bernie
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sanders's performance, he is the front runner, doing extremely well in the polls, did well in iowa and new hampshire, looking good in the next couple states. it would be misleading to suggest the bernie bros are having a huge impact in tamping down the enthusiasm people have but you saw criticisms on stage, played the clip of mayor pete and i expect we will see more of the democratic candidates who are trying to tap her down bernie sanders's moment event raised this issue. >> the big headline of course from the debate last night was mayor bloomberg just getting a real pummeling and it continued today. listen to elizabeth warren who was on the view today, get your reaction on the other side. >> democrat should not appoint someone who has a history of
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embracing racially outrageous practices. >> after his performance tonight i have no doubt he is not to drop another $100 million. >> in order to try to erase america's memory of what happened on the debate stage. drop out of the race, keep putting your money into help democrats beat donald trump and take your ego out of this. >> a seattle talkshow host joins us, thanks for joining the conversation and i will start with you. how much do these attacks from warren on bloomberg, how much do they help her? >> i don't think it helps her in the short term. >> everybody said she had such a great debate performance. >> he had a great debate performance but all it did was we can michael bloomberg and not help her campaign. she's going after the same
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voting base as bernie sanders so by not going up to bernie sanders i don't know if you've done anything to carveout the amount of support he has. she's going to go into nevada this weekend and maybe come in number 3, maybe number 4, going to south carolina, i don't see what her plan is other than trying to pretend she's no longer further to the left than pete buttigieg and amy klobuchar it in a situation where you have a convention that is going to be brokered maybe she comes out and says put me not as far to the left as bernie sanders and not someone who is trying to buy the election like michael bloomberg. shannon: do you think she should have gone on the attack? following her in new hampshire, talk about how she is the candidate of unity. we are seeing a different side of her, is it too little too late? >> bloomberg was the new kid on the block, the billionaire, the epitome of all they talk about
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but a straight shot the first disclaimers i gave her winner for last night. i'm a huge elizabeth warren fan but there was not one person on stage who has not been accused of toxic work environment, several candidates were accused of sexual harassment in the workplace including bernie sanders. joe biden was also accused of personal touching and senator warren represented corporations. there was a company she represented that women trying to sue for breast implants. at the end of the day every last one at an issue with criminal justice and racism in bloomberg is doing a good job, not a fan of bloomberg but just saying the fact that not one could cast a stone based on their own records are really poor performance but shout out to her for beating to a pulp, clearly she won, we can't go back and correct iowa. we don't know who won that. we can't correct new hampshire
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but it did show her value. shannon: only a little time left so i want to talk about other news breaking tonight. new york times has a story out tonight, russia backed trump's reelection and he fears democrats will exploit its support. classified briefings lawmakers according to the new york times that angered the president who complained democrats would weapon eyes the disclosure. what are you hearing? >> that's not the type of report donald trump wants to see. he has been doing well in the polls, he is out campaigning in a bunch of states this week, past impeachment and you have russia coming back with a briefing done by people from his own administration. if what the briefing said was factual that is something congress wants and needs to know
12:26 am
about but he was upset about it and that is one of the reasons he is swapping out the dni. >> russia may be coming back but not surprising what russia did in the 2016 election. thank you so much. all right. we've got alicia back with highlights from the president's rally coming up. should the new york times have published an op-ed by a taliban leader. we have that after the break. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest.
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>> kristin: president trump was fired up tonight writing make >> donald trump was fired up tonight, riding the highs in the polls after a heated democratic debate. alicia joins us with the highlights. >> reporter: we are back, donald trump worked his crown for an hour and 40 minutes hitting on his favorite topics like low unemployment and the economy and has a new target, the democrats
12:31 am
performance the last night's debate starting with mayor bloomberg. >> he wasn't meant for the cabinet, do we agree? he wasn't great last night. i think he lost too last night. looks like crazy bernie. she couldn't breathe. alfred e newman looked at her and said something slightly derogatory and she said -- >> making a reference to when pete buttigieg pressed her for failing to recall the name of mexico's president. as part of his western swing he showed support for colorado gop senator cory gardner and took aim at the academy awards and whenever best picture. >> how bad were the academy awards. the winner is a movie from south
12:32 am
korea. we have enough problems with south korea with trade on top of which they give the best movie of the year. >> the democratic national committee tweeting about that. parasite is about how oblivious the ultrarich are about the struggles of the working class and requires 2 hours of reading subtitles. of course trump hates it was the crowd of 8000 plus didn't seem to mind, many slept outside to get in. the familiar crowds are something that in 2016 many said would not translate to a trump victory. >> there were 800 people sleeping outside in the snow last night in bitter cold, the crowd was enormous, something is happening in this country. >> the president headed back to las vegas for another rally
12:33 am
after this one. >> the trump administration negotiates with the taliban top republicans slamming the new york times forgiving one of the terror group's leaders a platform. aishah hasnie joins us from the new york newsroom. >> reporter: this is an unprecedented move by an american newspaper and it is getting a lot of heat especially from senior staff at the paper. the new york times published this op-ed called what does the taliban want? the deputy leader of the taliban in afghanistan is also a wanted terrorist by the us. in this piece he writes the withdrawal of foreign forces is the taliban's demand. he accuses americans of flip-flopping and moving goalposts when it comes to negotiations for peace. as you can imagine, reading a
12:34 am
terrorist demand and complained did not go over well with liz cheney among those who talk about this. she slammed the new york times writing i have some questions for the new york times since they decided to give the taliban a forum to spew garbage like we did not choose our war, we were forced to defend ourselves and asked remember 9/11? she's referencing the taliban's role in giving al qaeda a safe haven in afghanistan and she questioned whether the newspaper paid for this piece. the correspondent casting doubts on his portrayal of himself and the taliban by tweeting it is independent of news operations and judgment, omits the most fundamental fact that he is now
12:35 am
taliban peacemaker, he is behind some of the most ruthless attacks of this war. so far the new york times has not commented and we are still waiting for their comments. >> thank you so much. breaking news michael bloomberg may be plotting a brokered convention already. tom stiers here next but first, where in the world roundup? mexico's president is under fire after a series of gruesome murders all female victims. women's rights activists are clashing with police in mexico city square calling for the president to resign. mexico's reports are up 25% over the last 5 years. plus a dangerous trend along the us-mexico border, cartels using children, some as young as 12, to smuggle drugs. they were doing this through social media and video games, 100 arrests in 2018, it is a class ii felony which is
12:36 am
prosecutors the option of trying them as adults. finally in the uk a 77-year-old man fighting off someone trying to mug him at an atm captured on the surveillance video but the attacker who had a knife was no match for the 77-year-old. police are praising the man for bravely fighting off the assailant who ran away empty-handed and that is how you do it. did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential. you have potential. you have-oh boy. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> i did not think it was a great look over all for the democrats and i >> it was not a great look for the democrats and donald from stands to gain for that. >> it was a great night for donald trump is a terrible night for the democrats. >> the democratic party is not going to nominated democrat. they will nominate a socialist or someone who some time ago was a republican. >> how did bloomberg do last night? that wasn't pretty. >> you won that debate.
12:41 am
>> donald from declaring victory even though he wasn't on stage and a new gallup poll showing for the first time since he was sworn in that more americans approve of his job performance been disapproved, he is at 49% approval, 40% disapproval, eight years ago president obama's job approval was a 45%, disapproval at 48% and you better believe donald trump talked about that paul at the rally tonight. >> the radical left's attempt to poison our democracy and overturn the last election have totally failed. they have been a complete flop and we today have the highest poll numbers we have ever had today. >> our next guest is trying to qualify for the next debate on tuesday in charleston, south carolina, democratic presidential candidate tom stier joins us now, thank you for staying up. we appreciate it.
12:42 am
thanks for being on. let's start with who you think won the the bait. who do you think won? >> the people i saying donald trump won the debate are telling the truth. the democrats on stage were so busy attacking each other that they forgot the actual job is to tell the american people how we are going to do a better job for them than donald trump can do. why what he is saying is true about the economy, he's actually doing a terrible job as a steward of the american economy and pulling together democrat coalition that has to show up in november if we are going to beat mister trump. >> would you have attacked michael bloomberg if you were standing on that stage? >> i listened to that debate and wondered which party michael bloomberg thought he was talking to. it is very hard if you are running as a democrat to explain
12:43 am
stop and frisk, hard to explain support for redlining by banks and hard to explain the speech at the republican national convention in 2004 supporting the reelection of george w. bush. but he was in a tough spot and he was in the hot seat because he had a lot of things that are hard to reconcile with leading the democratic party. >> are you at all frustrated that the dnc changed the rules just enough to allow mayor michael bloomberg on stage but not you? >> they change the rules to prevent me from getting on the stage because actually i'm in second or third place in the data, last poll had me at 19%, i am at second or third in south carolina in the last poll i had was a 20%. actually there were no qualifying votes that would let me get on that stage and i spent
12:44 am
time on the ground talking to people in nevada, talking to people in south carolina, putting together the diverse coalition that will take not just a win to the democratic nomination, not just to represent the diverse democratic party with black people and latinos and asian americans as well as white people but also to bring the coalition that's going to show up in the polls in november to beat donald trump. >> real clear politics average has you in third place in south carolina and you are in a surprisingly strong position some might say in south carolina. i want to read something from the associated press just yesterday that says stier's aggressive courtship of black voters coupled with tens of million dollars in advertising has put him in a surprisingly strong position that could siphon support from joe biden, creating a lane for sanders that undercuts biden's case that south carolina will be his electoral firewall. the bloomberg campaigns is
12:45 am
unless you and others dropout bernie wins. any chance you drop out? >> i think i'm the person who can unite the democratic party. i'm the person -- i spent a ton of time on the ground talking to people in south carolina and we have the biggest group of people doing door-to-door grassroots work of any campaign in south carolina. i believe i'm the person who can attract a coalition of black people, attract a coalition that includes latinos, attract a coalition that includes asian americans and data americans as well as working people, working white people. the two things that i think it will take to win, and i will show in nevada that the men in south carolina, the truth is to pull together the party across all our divisions and secondly to be able to take on donald trump on the economy. i can take him on. he is lying on the economy.
12:46 am
>> and reporting political, the blue berg campaign is plotting a brokered convention strategy. what do you think of it? >> way too early. we have just started this process. we will come together around somebody. i think it will be me and the party will come together and pull together the coalition, the biggest coalition in america to beat donald trump handily. >> thank you for staying up late with us. gets in sleep and good luck getting on the debate stage next week. >> thank you. >> donald trump wants to put a woman on the moon by 2024. will democrats try to stop him? nasa administrator jim bryden stein next. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado
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>> there's a lot of talk about tensions between the united states in our elections, there's a potential confrontation between the two countries looming in space and i'm not talking about a fight over the moon. two weeks after this russian rocket launched into space last november the spacecraft it was caring took the global space industry by surprise when it
12:51 am
suddenly split in two, then the two russian satellites did something even more unexpected, they began trailing a multibillion-dollar us spy satellite. russia has been developing anti-satellite weapons for some time and the fear is it is trying to inspect or photograph or disable the us national security satellite. all of this has been confirmed by the us military. the first time it has ever publicly identified a direct threat to a specific american satellite by an adversary. john raymond, head of the new space force said we view this behavior is unusual and disturbing. it has the potential to create a dangerous situation in space. it is clear that russia is developing on orbit capabilities to exploit our alliance on space-based systems that fuel our american way of life, a way of life that relies on satellite
12:52 am
every day for gps navigation, communication, financial transactions and military reconnaissance. vice president mike pence met with the rest of the space force at leadership at peterson air force base details of what they discussed were not disclosed but it is precisely threats like the ones posed by the pair of russian satellites the trump administration is why the us needed a space force. in addition to establishing a space force the trump administration is trying to safeguard american dominance in space with a new program called artemis, the goal, to return american astronauts, a man and a woman, to the moon by 2024 and the man tasked with making that happen is jim bryden stein who joins us now. thank you for joining us and i have to start with this new budget proposal from the white house. you have to be happy about it,
12:53 am
$2.7 billion increase for nasa but a budget is just a recommendation. congress still has to approve it. to that point i want to share with you something that was written in the hill, an op-ed that said getting astronauts back to the moon may seem easy compared to getting the money to accomplish the feat. do you think that you and the rest of the trump administration can get democrats on board to fully fund the artemis program? >> i do. we have seen bipartisan support for the artemis program. i can't tell you i did an event with the speaker of the house nancy pelosi in san francisco, a women's equality investment and one of the key features of the event was that we need to go to the moon and this time go with all of america and that includes women. that is why we call the program artemis. artemis in greek mythology is the twin sister of apollo which here today 50 years after the apollo program we are still celebrating. i believe this program established by donald trump has
12:54 am
strong bipartisan support. we have seen it, we felt it, we saw it in the last budget request and it got funded and now we're moving to the 2021 budget, the biggest budget nasa has ever had in nominal dollars. in real dollars is slightly behind apollo but this is an amazing budget funding for nasa for the purpose of going to the moon sustainably and on to mars. >> differently bipartisan support but this concern from congresswoman can drawing, democrat from oklahoma, she says, quote, the devil is in the details, vanessa budget includes an encouraging increase it is nowhere near the 5 to $6 billion needed for a 2024 moon landing which when we talk about plans as big as returning to them in the details matter. is it enough that money? >> we believe it is enough money. we have got to execute the budget when congress
12:55 am
appropriates the funds but we do believe it is enough money and if you look at 2021 it is a significant increase. if you look at 2022-2023 it goes up from there. this is a traditional development program that follows a normal bell curve. the money ramps up and the money will ramp back down as we get to develop and of the program but i do believe it has strong bipartisan support. i heard the present of kendra horn from oklahoma say very clearly this is in no way a rejection of the artemis program and in fact she said we need to have the first woman on the surface of the moon. we are in good shape. >> i could talk to you all my, the space force trying to find out, asking folks what they should call members of the space force, any suggestions what they should be called? >> i don't know. maybe*lord, i don't know.
12:56 am
>> i like that. i heard space raiders, orbiters and all kinds of stuff. interesting to see what they come up with. thank all of you for watching, grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. you clean dishes as you cook, to save time and stay ahead of the mess. but scrubbing still takes time. now there's new dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster. on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds
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cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster. new dawn powerwash dish spray. spray. wipe. rinse.
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>> good morning. it is friday february 21st. happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert. doomsday called mother waking up behind bars. she was arrested in hawaii after months of evading police and questions about her two missing children. the joyful reaction as family members pray they can finally get some answers. >> anybody was last night's debate? many mike didn't do well last night. i was going t


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