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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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michael eric dyson. can we just say mike dyson? we should bring the hook and get him off of the stage. >> tucker: thank you. that's it for us tonight. have the best weekend. we'll see you next time. >> special to this special edition of hannity, trump versus the left, tonight 256 days away from the presidential election and the presidential party is going broke. the dnc is less than $10 million cash on hand. in contrast, the rnc has nearly $80 million, the 2020 candidates aren't faring much better. prfrpt builds a massive war chest, the opponents are hemorrhaging money on the campaign trail. none of this matters to mike bloomberg who is trying to buy the race. he has so much money he's paying nierd americans to say nice
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things about him on-line. but that's not all. the latest spending spree involves a series of weird billboards including one that attacks the president for how his steaks are prepared and another one that reads, quote, donald trump cheats at golf. mike bloomberg doesn't. it's real. we're not messing with you. as you can see, money can buy a lot of things but it can't buy a sense of humor or charisma. it can't even buy good debate prep. after bloomberg's pathetic performance that the week's debate, bernie sanders is piling on. check this out. >> were you surprised with how unprepared he seemed for base eck obvious questions in debate, in nevada. >> i was, i was. and if that's what happened in a democratic debate, you know, i think it's quite likely that trump will chew him up and spit him out >> the 78-year-old devout socialist now has a real path to winning the nomination, frightening. if he can't get past the rigged
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dnc convention readty to do anything and everything to stop him. joining us with more is former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. thank you for joining us tonight. the democrats have tried this before. you've seen the mcgovern candidacy, tb dukakis candidacy, and the mondale candidacy. they all have one thing in common, going down in flames with the radical agreement they had. has the country changed that much that bernie sanders can have a shot at being president of the united states? >> look, we're a country that elected an actor that made movies with chimpanzees, we elected a nuclear engineer peanut farmer. we elected a guy from arkansas with no particular claim to be ready to be president. so, you know, a wide range of people have won the presidency. and i think those of us who watch in amazement as donald trump wiped out 16 competitors
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before taking on clinton and beating her, i don't want to be presumptive, so i would say that sanders has a very distance possibility of winning. but it's a much greater likelihood of taking the entire democratic ticket down, ending pelosi's speakership. he's the greatest gift to kevin mccarthy, the republican leader in the house you could possibly hope for. because sanders really is the true democratic party. he represents all of the big government ideas, all of the radicalism, all of the weird foreign policy that's just at the heart of the democratic party. and i think that the contrast between president trump and his record, particularly on the economy, but just in general. i mean, think about the trump judges and then ask, you know, can sanders give us a list of people he would nominate to the supreme court? they would all be radicals. so, it could end up being one of
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the great historic campaigns in american history. >> well, i think given that the mcgovrp candidacy, dukakis and mondale went down in flames in an ere -- govern candidacy and dukakis, and mondale, if it didn't happen, it didn't happen. now we have an alternate universe where facts actually don't matter. if he were to getting the not, surviving given the fact, mr. speaker if he gets out there, the name is on a bill that would cancel people's insurance plan. we saw with the culinary union fight in nevada, this isn't even popular with union democrats who can't stand bernie sanders' ideas. so this has got to be a problem for him if that he were to win the nomination >> i think a lot of democrats, including mayor bloomberg have been trying to make that case. the challenge here is something very different. bernie sanders essentially is a
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bumper sticker. it is a gosh, i love a nice future where i didn't have to pay back my student loans. where everything was free. where somebody took care of me. and sanders represents in that sense a sort of a myth. and it's very hard to fight a myth with facts. now, everyone who is open to facts will peel away, ultimately, and the campaign would hay out what sanders would mean i think would be devastating. you look -- i worked on a new book this summer laying out the choice on this campaign. and i'm devoting an entire chapter to what i'm calling the radical 200 in the house. because if you're start going down the list, you know, this isn't five or tip or 15 people. this is not aoc and "the squad," the entire democratic party is marching off of a left wing cliff and doing so -- there's a bill, for example, that would raise the fica tax and the social security tax by 19 pth
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and it has 206 tell cats signed on. something is going on in -- democrats signed on. something has gop on in their party where they've lost all touch of reality >> the problem i have is bernie sanders is a fraud. he's lying to people. he keeps talking about this mythical idea of democratic socialism. there's no such thing. he keeps citing examples that don't exist. in order, he keeps citing denmark and scandinavian country, we need to be more socialist like the danes. if you ask people in denmark, one of the foreign leaders who was offended by the characterization of denmark, they're a market economy, he's making it up. he's a genuine radical but using nonradical examples like denmark and scandinavia to sell ideas. he believes it, hard socialism, not just democratic socialism he keeps talking about it >> anybody who honeymoons
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in the soviet union and said john f. kennedy made him sick because kennedy refused to work with fidel castro, you go back through sanders' entire career, he's very hard left. he's somewhere between a genuine communist and a very, very hard core socialist. but, he's also been around for a long time. he's learned the game. he's pretty good at shading things. the problem he's going to have, as any democrat will have, is if you run against donald trump, you run into someone who is willing to go head on, uses the power of the enormous twitter following, larger than the three networks combined, and i think that ultimately as i said a while ago, bernie sanders literally could be exactly the choice the country should face because then we have the real debate. i mean, do you want to comb down the road of zimbabwe and
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venezuela and cuba, every failed centralized state in the world? or do you want to continue to create job, have the best economy we've ever had, lowers unemployment rate for african-americans and latinos. it's a clear choice. it will be healthy for america to get it in the open. >> i agree. duke it out, have that fight. speaker gingrich, thank you very much. we appreciate it. joining us with the latest from las va forwards is jackie line ric, what do you got for us? >> dan, a lot of can't kates here in nevada -- candidates here in nevada. critical for those who underperformed in new hampshire and iowa. especially joe biden and elizabeth warren. neither clear add threshold of delegates. biden has been relying on the
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wall there. if he doesn't do well in nevada it could shake that support. warren sparred with former mayor michael bloomberg taking him to task over sexism allegations. he agreed to release three women of nondisclosure agreements following a few days of criticism. the caucuses could provide an edge for bernie sanders who has the biggest grassroots donor campaign as any campaign and neck and neck with pete buttigeig. amy klobuchar needs to make her mark. the factors need to factor in the early votes which is a first in this state. the democrats sent a memo to the campaign saying they plan to scrap a google forum they plan to use to report the results and using a phone-based system, sparking concern among some of the campaigns and it. >>s the second time they shifted gears after the iowa caucus up results imploded when the app
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melted down. >> what a mess, jackie, thanks a lot. one day after the caucus, a brand new scandal for the flailing joe biden campaign. biden told a story on the campaign trail about being arrested in south africa in the 1970s on the way to visit nelson mandela. a small problem with that. there's no evidence this ever happened. in fact, one former congressman who travelled with biden to south africa told the times, quote, i was never arrested and i don't think he was either. the biden campaign continues to implode right before our eyes. meanwhile, the trump campaign is gaining momentum. in a rally in las vegas, president trump had a few words for the democrats that want to take his job. >> mini mike has spent $500 million in order to get embarrassed by poke hon us. she's mean. have you seen anger on her face,
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the nervous injury, jumping up and down, she's a mess. bernie emotional, screaming, going crazy. and biden is angry. biden is angry -- everything is anger, gee! and that's what happens when you can't get the word out. >> joining with reaction is ari fleischer, former california congressman darryl issa and from "the wall street journal," kimberly have tos sell. this has been a disastrous few weeks for the democrats. the iowa caucus meltdown, rumors of a meltdown. they can't figure out how to phone bank and use microsoft excel to count votes. it's another russian host 2.0. i had to write it on a list so, many of these debacles happened. i get it, the news cycle is quick. i don't want to be hyperboll
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eck, people can forget about it next week. it does dent the democrats as planners who want to manage our health care. they can't even get a spread sheet down. i'm not crazy, right? >> i'm looking forward to nevada tomorrow. i can't wait to see if they take out an abacus to see how the vote goes. the democrats are returning to their roots which is the party that made no sense and couldn't get anything done. along came bill clinton, they looked like they were going to change their image but wanted to restore the old mcgovern-ite image but having confidence. i started to feel sorry about joe biden. so hard to imagine what was going through joe's mind. why would he have made it up? is it true? if it is, why have we not heard about it for 30 years. it's a sad ending for joe biden. you have to feel it's inevitable now. >> congressman, i'm with ari. i know it's not the pc thing.
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you want to get people fired up in your party. it has been a mess for biden. this is a guy on the left that could have left an icon. one of the more popular presidents, barack obama, he jumps back in the fray, clearly unprepared as a guy running, clearly running for congress every two years. you're used to this. he was clearly not ready for this. forgetting what state he's in. telling stories that don't make sense, changing positions on things. it's been a disaster. for the guy that is supposed to be the safe pick, he's starting to look unsane for everybody who donated to his campaign >> you're exactly right. one of the challenges is, he tried to be, quote, the nice guy. he's not the nice guy party. the nice guy wing of the democratic party is gone. so he's faced with the situation in which the party faithful wants a pocahantus. somebody who can beat bernie
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sanders. and the rank and file, the people he thinks he represents, they want somebody like him but 20 years younger, more organized, and just maybe, maybe a little more honest about his background. >> kimberly, i'm a great admirer of your work on spygate, by the way, you were fantastic. your op-ed is in "the wall street journal," you missed the case if you weren't reading your stuff. you provided a lot of good tips along the way. but i'm reading some of your recent stuff too about the campaign. bernie sanders seemed frazzled the other day called out by michael bloomberg in what might have been bloomberg's only good moment in the debate on the fact that bernie sanders is in fact a millionaire. and he used to rail against millionaire and billionaires, he sliced the millionaire part out and focusing slowly on billionaires. this is an obvious almost alinsky-like tactic. that was one of his rule, focus it on him. he'll have a hard question once
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the tax returns come out >> don't you wish there had been more moments like this. bernie sanders is sitting there just waiting for someone to tear in to these proposals that are divorced from economic reality, from a lot of the inconsistencies within his campaign. and this is bloomberg's opportunity. new, i think the sad thing is, people are talking about whether or not he's at risk because of his record or wealth. the bloomberg campaign is instead going to hinge on whether or not he seeks to at the fine himself away from the rest of the will field. -- the rest of this field, in particular, bernie sanders. so he had a good line. bloomberg, since he's declared, he's been rushing to join the pack with the $5 million tax hike. that's not the way to win the nomination. the way is to do what he did to bernie on stage and say, look, people, some of this is just ridiculous. the party has lost its way. we need a candidate who's sane
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and who can talk about these issues in a more comprehensive level. and i'll -- we'll see if he can do that. that's going to be the test for mike bloomberg. >> i agree with you. i think we're looking ate all on the panel rationally saying where's that john delaney lane. who was him? i ran against him for congress. he was running for president and went on stage and said, the math here is ridiculous, guys. and gained a little bit of traction for half a moment. but, ari, is there a space anymore in this modern democrat party for that? people forget, it was bill clinton who gave the state of the union speech and said the era of big government is over. that was a bill clinton speech. you said that right now in the democrat party, you would be run out of the party >> this is a big question, gallup said, do you consider yourself a liberal democrat. they asked that of democrats. when clinton was president in '94, only 95% of democrats called themselves liberal. today, 51%.
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that used to be the word democrats ran from. they couldn't get elected. now you can't get nominated if you don't consider yourself a liberal to the point that bernie, the socialist, is actually not in the lead and likely going to win the nop nation. this is a terrible problem the democrats have. it takes liberalism to win a nomination. it also means liberalism loses a general election. that's where the democrats have brought themselves >> congressman, i have a minute left. >> hurry -- >> go ahead. sorry >> yeah, i just have this -- >> i have this challenge -- i wanted to get your take on it. in every election, do you have a safe pick, an outsider pick, and the radical pick. the problem i see this for the democrats is every one of the lanes is led by a democrat that doesn't line up with the brand. biden is not safe, butti g eig is an outsider, and bernie is a millionaire with three home, summer home he calls it. this is a real branding problem for them once they get past this primary, is it not?
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>> it is. let's say they have one or two of those lanes they could kov. they're up against the same donald trump, the same president trump that's taken from them, the african-american democrat or independent who now has a better job seeing a pay raise. the hispanic who may not have believed in donald trump's theory, but now realizes his streets are safer and his kids are getting jobs and education is improving. they don't have a plan to deal with the democrats that have defected and continue to defect to president trump >> can i get a quick answer from you, 30 seconds left. do you see this russia hoax 2.0 already developing problems with "the new york times." do you see this as the result of potentially disastrous democrat debate and leaks in the democrat committee to change the narrative away from their problems? could that have something to do with it? >> of course. but don't you wish they'd come out with a new hoax?
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ed you can only run the plays like 70 times before the american public gets wise to them, right? i think they need to change up the script a little bit >> i think we can all agree on that. ari, kimberly, thank you for your time, i appreciate it. coming up, the left is gearing up for brand new russian witch hunt, won't believe what they're saying now. memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ at progressive park! insurance themed fun ♪
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>> with the democrats' election hopes imploding, they're retreating to more russian conspiracy theories ahead of 2020. following a tubes you report of interference, the partners in the media mob are going all in on conclusion hoax 2.0.
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take a look. >> it's an effort to squash any information at all about a russian cyber attack on our 2020 election. pause if the russians are attacking our election processes and they're doing so to benefit donald trump, i think frankly the president welcomes it. >> they're happening again -- so is the president. it's happening over again like it did in 2016. >> oh we're learning that putin is stepping up the election interference. >> the president is a russian operative. that sounds like the description of a bad hollywood screen play, but it is real and it's vladimir putin's greatest achievement. >> it never end, folk, it never ends. but just like ere other one of the so-called bombshell, the story has major flaws and misinformation. a national security official speaking to cnn's james tapper poured cold water on the report explaining that the intelligence doesn't say that the russians are trying to help trump.
6:25 pm
but the democrats aren't letting facts get in the way of the anti-trump narratives. hillary tweeted, putin's puppet at it again, taking russian help for himself. unbelievable. the democratic conclusion delusion is aimed at bernie sanders too, following a report that russia is trying to aid his campaign too. earlier today, president trump weighed in on the left's russian obsession. take a look at this. >> i was told it was happening. i was told a week ago. they said you're trying to start a rumor. it's disinformation. these people are crazy. that's all they think about. they don't think about the country, job, lowering your drug costs, infrastructure, these people are crazy. >> this comes as the tell cats and the media mob stenographers ignore the real deep state that lied about the russian dossier,
6:26 pm
the fisa court and the people about trump and russia. it had real impacts. listen to security advisor katie mcfarland tribing how the conclusion hoax put her through hell. take a look at this. >> for two years, your life wept on hold. >> went to hell. the fbi showed up in my house, up announced. i was all by myself. they never met with any russianr dealt with any russians. well, we can't tell you not to get a lawyer. but we just want add lit built of information. the whole time they were setting me up for a perjury trap. >> that was attorney general barr gettings closer and closer to the truth. see how eric holder snapped on the reporter paul sperry on the rrt about serious irregularities in the mccabe probe. holder tweeted, this is incredible it shall why don't you shut the hell up, before
6:27 pm
adding, get, people like you want to use the justice system for political reasons that are both dangerous and ignorant. eric holder tweeted that. think about that. joining me is alan derschowiz along with "witch hunt" author greg jarrett and sarah carter. greg, i'll go to you first. here we are again. we were laughing. i can't believe we're trotting this out again. obviously, this is a symptom of durham closing in on the truth. and i think the two takeaways from this durham report are going to be the case was the dossier the entire time, that this pap cop louse tip was a face story. and secondly they know no later than the fbi than january 17. they know it's a fake. it's a hoax. what's your take on that? >> i loved the clips you played. lawrence o'donnell last night saying trump is a russian asset or agent. thank god he said he liked "fon
6:28 pm
with the wind "and not dr. dr. zhivago." they will never let go of the russian host. in "the new york times" and almost nothing that you read the in "the new york times" isn't slanted by bias that's liberal in an anti-trump narrative got it wrong, fundamentally. they misreported that the russians preferred trump. that's not what the intelligence said. they borrowed it almost word-for-word directly from the intelligence community assessment report on the 2016 election. i recite it in my book, i reread it today. it's almost word-for-word, the same thing. americans are smart. maybe a few of them bought into the russian hoax until it was debunked by the mueller report. they're not going to buy into the russian hoax volume two. >> it's police state nonsense here, right? i never thought these words would leave my mouth here, but i
6:29 pm
feel bad for the sanders campaign here. this is unbelievable. he takes a briefing it shall a briefing that leaks magically, immediately to the washington, d.c. same thing happens to trump. this is supposed to be the intelligence committee here. and it seems everything they're doing is everything but intelligence. not all, somebody at the top is doing a lot of taj out there. -- damage out there. >> i believe -- i believed since i was a college student that russians have always, the soviet union and now russia tries to sow discontent in the united states. tries to divide people. i don't think they care who wins the election. they love what happened in iowa. they're looking forward to maybe a problem in nevada. they loved what happen in 2000 when we had to go to the supreme court to resolve the election. anything that sows discord among americans is good for the
6:30 pm
russians. but the idea that the american president is a russian agent or that the russians have a preference for who gets erected president, and that preference is actually reflected in the result really does sound like science fiction or perhaps cnn reporting. i have to tell you about cnn. cnn doctored a recording to my answer to a question in the united states senate. they doctored a recording. they left out the critical statement before, they left out the critical statement after. they doctored it, so much for cnn. and so you just can't trust anything that's on that station. and then they had people saying, oh, derschowiz thinks you can shoot your opponent if you're the president, putting forth some of the worst lies about me and other people. so, forget about cnn when it comes to trout. >> journalism unfortunately died a long time ago over there. sarah, your work on the whole spy gate probe along with greg has been incredible.
6:31 pm
i believe as we're talking about before in the earlier segment with kim strossel, they're in panic over what durham is starting to uncover here. the purposes of this segment, the two key takeaways, a lot of them, but the two key takeaways of this case was always the dossier. the papadopolus story is a moment, they spied on a presidential candidate because of a fake paid for political document. i want to share two key dates with you. july 5. they said they didn't open the case until july 31. but on july 5, they're meeting with steele and the inand the fbi in london. before they open up the case, fusion gps and the justice department. this is not a coincidence >> this is not a coincidence. this is what durham is investigating and you know as well as i do, dan, they're looking further back to 2015. and i want to make one quick point, and they're looking at the money.
6:32 pm
that's what they're going to to. they're going to follow the money, the intelligence, and go where that takes them. a quick point, i agree with alan derschowiz on this. russia wants to sew discord on this. they don't have to worry about the kremlin, the gru, and their agents, they have agents right here in the united states buying chaos hook, line, and sinker. they put it out there. we see the democrats, we see the anti-trump media, and everybody jumps onboard, dishing out disinformation coming straight from russia. that includes hillary clinton, john brennan. eric holder, and everybody else in the media. chris o'donnell that wants to dish out russian disinformation. so if there's anybody on russia's payroll, so to speak, it's them. it's not anybody around donald trump. >> sara, the real shame of this, is we had at one point a nonpartisan ic intelligence community that could referee all
6:33 pm
of this stuff. now, not all, but sadly due to people like brennan, comey, clapper, people at the top, the reputations for the communities are so tarnished nobody knows what to believe anymore >> that's right. that's the tragedy here. the people in america deserves better >> that's the problem. >> i agree. >> it's so difficult today to figure out what the truth is. >> the intelligence community is, according to admiral mike rogers, who was nsa director, he eventually spilled the beans that they used the dossier as part of the intelligence community assessment. and it would turn out to be fabricated and phony. the fbi learned about it the very month trump is inaugurated and they concealed it to the american people >> renewed two more fisa's, by the way. up next, some of the most shocking statements ever uttered by a democratic national candidate. you won't believe the tape we're about to show you. about to show you. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to the hannity special, trump versus the left. the president is working hard to help the country, the left is working hard to tear it down. and their extreme positions are alien ating americans. last night in a cnn town hall, joe pieden showed the ignorance on fire arms and declared war on u.s. second amendment rights. take a look at this. >> made a commitment to do everything in my power in office and out of office to getting the assault weapons off of the street which i've done once already and to get clips this have multiple bullets in them not for sale, not be able to sell silencers. all those things. i'm the only guy that's beaten the nra nationally. i did it twice, nationally.
6:39 pm
and gun manufacturers i'm coming for you. oh. >> in the full time hate trump media is no better. the view attacked president trump after he pushed for hollywood to start making movies like gone with the wind >> bring the good old days >> the birth of a nation up in there, because we don't have that kind of cow towning and -- >> what's interesting is -- thank you. >> yeah. >> i -- i think that's why he's upset. i think that's when he saw the name in the movie, he thought it was the trump family. >> fox news contributor, johnny joey jones, from the hill, joe concha. johnny, good to see you. democrats in the past have run on hope and change, they tell
6:40 pm
you what you want, your health care, your kids' education, your liberty, everything else. this election, they're being honest about this stuff. should this scare us? >> they don't know where to turn, especially joe biden. which's going to vote for him? bernie sanders has a base. you nope, the parallels between the -- you know, the parallels the way trump came to be president and bernie is trying to, are there. joe biden understands he's the jeb bush in the mix. ha what's he going to do. the lack of understanding and knowledge about the 2nd amendment is something that all over the country. bernie sanders is from vermont, they use guns, know guns, they hear someone like joe biden who's the vice president of the united states mislabel it and mispronounce it and misinform about guns, the last thing they want is someone writing policy to take those guns away, because they don't understand >> rachel, i think donald trump has a unique opportunity here, with black and hispanic voters to seismically change
6:41 pm
politics for the republican policy. if he moves the needle just a little bit with those two blocks of voters, this could change politics forever. think about what he stood for, school choice, criminal justice reform, whether you agree or not, these are things that would resonate in communities who haven't heard our message in the past. you see the same dynamic in this election? >> absolutely. i thought he had a great chance with hispanics because hispanics are fairly responsive to so many of his economic messages. i didn't really know or believe he could do what he has done within the african-american community. we had the first african-american president ever and he couldn't get criminal justice reform over the finish line. here donald trump did. i think many, many black people are paying attention to that. and school choice is huge. you saw what happened at the state of the union when the little girl stood up. the left, the media elites
6:42 pm
didn't pay attention. but plenty of moms and dads in schools where their kids are trapped in schools that are not performing, they paid attention to that. >> joe, i brought up earlier with speaker gingrich in an earlier interview on the show, the media ecosystem now is completely different. this is not the david brinkley, walter cronkite, even tom brokaw era where they didn't say it, it didn't happen. you have all of this media out there, the social media. the way to spread the message is geometrically larger than it was years ago. the reason i say is these candidates taking these radical positions, give us your guns, kids, and money, that's not going to work in the general election. they're not going to be able to run away from it. it's going to be on youtube, everywhere. won't be easy to make go away anymore >> checks and balances. fox news appeal to the niche audience out there in the country, that's half of the country.
6:43 pm
social media and the paul reveres on there as well. for joe biden to start saying he's going to go after guns, let me read you one gallup poll question on the matter. do you think there should or should not be a law that would ban handguns except for police and other authorized persons? 29% say yes, 70% say you should not ban handguns or take away people's guns in any capacity. it's a losing issue. as for another clip you played from the view with michael eric dyson where he says, okay, gone with the wind, when the president evokes that, that's racist. there was a time last year, msnbc, cnn used the word "racist or racism" 4100 times no it in a year, not in a month, in one week, july 14 through the 21st. so when we hear all of this, yeah, the president is saying it's a dog whistle because it's racist, it's lost the impact and it's why many oddsmakers have him the prohibitive favorite to
6:44 pm
win re-election because the democrats don't have a bumper sticker message of optimism. what are you going to do to make people's lives better? nothing really to run on at this point from what i've seen, dan >> two bedrock messages, class warfare and identity politics. we see it turned on bloomberg and pieden and others. thank you, we appreciate it. a stunning trend that could spell doom for the democrats.
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>> welcome back to the hannity special, trump versus the left. while the democrats assure themselves and their party is in disarray, a record gop field is taking shape. take on socialist democrats across the country. one of the radical squad's ring leaders, aoc, managing to
6:49 pm
irritate even sympathetic lefties on "view." which eck this out >> i was really happy when you were elected. it was a great step in the right direction. then you lost me. because it felt like you were saying to people like me that i was too old and didn't do enough. so, you sort of hear it sound like you were dismiss iing us bothered the hell out of me. >> of course. >> and i've been -- >> she's been upset about it. >> been about that for a long time >> joining us for reaction, former advisor for trump and republican 2020 congressional candidate catalina lau, congressman biggs, and congressman jeffrey lord. i'm getting a little tire of this crap. no such thing as democratic socialism, okay? can we cut through the nonsense? it's sad i have to applaud michael bloomberg who's an awful
6:50 pm
candidate. and for finally calling this monstrous fraud bernie sanders out on a nonsense, a limousine liberal, owns three homes, one he calls a summer camp, i don't know what that means and hat tip for someone for calling him out. there's no such thing as democratic socialism. it's either the government controls the production or you have relatively free markets with taxes say. isn't it time to start new rules, man, hold their feet to the fire on this. >> absolutely right. you have two very divergent points of view in america today. you have craziness on the left. and bernie sanders, he's beyond socialist, i'm sorry. his brand of socialism like everybody else up there is authoritarianism, you add that to socialism, that's what that means, that's where they are. it's a negative. it's terrible. but you have the free market system going on with donald trump where he's reduced the corporate tax rate. he's done everything he can to
6:51 pm
boost this economy. and the democrats are trying to unplug it at every step of the way. you have to call it what it is. they want to come back in and wreck the economy. that is the divergent views you see between the two parties today. i was pleased to see bernie sanders got called out on it. because you know what? e will's got more money than he knows what to do with. >> this is frustrating. this should be for you as well. i want to look at the leftist, these bernie bros, did you crack a dictionary, do you know what socialism is? you can go to and check it out. denmark is not socialist, neither is sweden or norway. they're free market economies, they have nanny state governments, but it's not socialism. i'm getting tired of this. >> it's right. bernie sanders' honeymoon was not spent in sweden and denmark, it was spent in moscow at the height of the soviet union.
6:52 pm
and he hovs the talk about cuba and all this thing and how great it was in nicaragua when the sandinistas were there in the '80s, how great it was when they had lines for food. that's really, really terrific. the good news about this, though, the president says america is not going to be a socialist country. when i go out to talk to people here, when i give talks myself or whatever -- people stop me -- they are livid over this. they are determined to reelect this president. they want nothing to do with socialism. they turn out in droves to put an end in this. this is driving a reaction. just like impeachment did. that's a good thing >> catalina, congratulations running for congress, be i the way. glad i did it. it takes a lot of guts. deep respects for doing that. but i know this is an area of interest central to your campaign, the socialism bent we take with candidates like aoc and the squad.
6:53 pm
what are you going to do to get the message out? >> let's not sugar coat the fact that socialism is just one step away from communism. i'm running in a district that president trump won in 2016. a long-time house republican seat here in illinois 14, the northern part of the state here. it was flipped by the democrat socialist, lauren underwood, she campaigned as a moderate as people did in 2018. but quickly we realized they are socialists. so what they're doing is they're trying to infiltrate all of the districts, especially long-held republican seats. so it's energized, especially but -- especially by someone like myself who works for president trump. you knoll, the america first agreement is so important. we need to bring it back to the long-held republican seats to ensure that we are fighting on the side of freedom. but it's also more important that the gop has new faces and
6:54 pm
new perspective to carry that torch to really counterattack the far left especially women on the other side of the aisle. so head to to join our movement. we hope to have success here in 2020. >> congressman biggs, a quick answer for you. do you think bernie sanders is socialism bent? do they have a shot of pulling this out? will sanders have a shot of becoming the nominee or will the establishment shut them down >> you're going to be their nominee and a nixon-mcgovern-type '72 election outcome. that would be great, wouldn't it? >> got to go. the great one, mark levine, we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," trump versus the left. the great one, mark levine asked
6:59 pm
about what he has to do with the rise. >> the candidates move hard left. they're called out, they fudge a little bit on their positions and so forth. several of them are socialists. do you think that free societies get a little lazy? get used to prosperity? get used to peace? and then not willing to take a risk and throw it in the other direction >> the strong and the smart survive. we have to be strong and smart. because very bad people can be strong and smart. so we have to be stronger, and smarter. >> be sure to catch mark's full interview with prime minister netanyahu this sunday at 8:30 eastern time on life, liberty, and levine here on the fox news channel. one more thing, don't forget, democratic socialism, no such thing, there's nothing democratic about socialism. please, look it up in the dictionary. unto rt -- unfortunately, that's all the time we have. thank you for being with us.
7:00 pm
be sure to catch our pod cast. sean will be back here on monday. have a great weekend. thanks for tuning in. >> i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. are the nevada caucus results tomorrow meaningless for democrats at this point? in a moment, i'm going to explain why this is already a two-person race. before we react, all pre-eminent hosters. plus, we're the first to point out that russia hysteria once again infected the entire democratic media complex, robert ray and dylan explain what's driving it. also tonight, an unbelievable incident which you guys might have missed because you're focusing on the p