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tv   Fox News Democracy 2020 The Nevada Caucuses  FOX News  February 22, 2020 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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lane. we will see. arthel: meanwhile that's it for us, bret baier takes over coverage right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> first contest in the west is now underway, this as democracy 2020 in nevada caucuses, good afternoon, i'm bret baier in washington, democrats going for the gold in the silver state right now the doors are closed, caucus sites across nevada, state party leaders are predicting a near record-turnout after 70,000 people participated in nevada's first ever early voting period earlier this week, early votes coming into fox news decision desk suggesting bernie sanders off to early lead although it is too early to project whether self-described democratic socialist will win
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the nation's third contest in the democratic presidential primary, we will have more results as they roll in, you'll see them at the bottom of the screen, the raw numbers from the various precincts, they'll be ticking through as we gets the votes coming into the system and right now as you see bernie sanders at 40.2%. 36 pledged delegates, small portion of 1,991 need today clinch the nomination but also at stake momentum, at the moment it's bernie sanders that's surging, but the actual delegate former mayor pete buttigieg, he tops the list with 22 pledged delegates so far one ahead by bernie sanders, followed by elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar and vice president joe biden, packed two hours of coverage and analysis ahead, fox news reporters spread across nevada and the country. we begin with griff jenkins in henderson, nevada, hey, griff.
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griff: hay, those trends that fox news is putting out now certainly follow the precinct in this liberty in henderson that we have been following, let me let you have a look, you see the precinct, 20 precincts at the high school, this is just one of them, you see them at ease, they've been working now for over an hour, they've just finished their second alignment which means essentially done now it's time to record it and we got their count they tell us has bernie at 40 and buttigieg at 20, those are the only results they gave us but certainly matching that of what fox news is predicting is the trend at the very moment, the precinct site leader jennifer webb cook telling us that she felt that it was that early voting that really helped ease the process here. it ran very smoothly, we have seen absolutely no hiccups as we continue to monitor it, again, our one precinct here has got bernie at 40, buttigieg at 20, that's, of course, not
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representative of the entire state, just this one here in henderson, nevada, now, there's an interesting part of this day, it's a very rare part, bret, but that is if any two groups had a deadlock tie, meaning they couldn't agree, couldn't move to other ones, then they have an old habit of breaking that tie with a deck of cards, this in my hand is an actual nevada democrat party chair official deck of cards on standby that will be given to the precinct chair if there's a tie, the precinct chair will then under observation open the sealed package, shuffle it at least 7 times and each group will draw one card. high card wins, a is high and in rare case, those two cards haven't to match, goes to suit, spades first, then diamonds, then hearts and then clubs. >> very fitting for las vegas,
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you know, put the bets down there, you go, griff, thank you very much. the nevada caucuses offering the first real task for 2020 democrats, stay with much more diverse electorate than iowa or new hampshire, jacqui heinrich is live in las vegas at another caucus site, i'm sure they're ready with the cards there as well, jacqui. >> yes, they are, bret, they are getting ready for first alignment, things i'm told at the caucus site is they are moving smoothly but i'm told from campaign sources that's not the case at other caucus locations, those sources telling me, quote, huge red flags and i'm told at least 3 precinct locations early voter data is not yet available, remember, nearly 75 nevadans -- 75,000 nevadans as early voters, this
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could significantly delay the process depending on how long they get data in. early voting ended 4 days ago. democratic party volunteers didn't show up to administer caucuses at a few locations, several sites, campaign staff members are being asked to act as precinct leads which they say is inheritly problematic because they are partisan and work for specific candidate, however, the democratic spokesperson told fox news there's no volunteer shortage, more than 2,000 volunteers across the state and they add it's common campaign volunteers for help it happened in 2016 and 2008, all this happening after the party decided yesterday to ditch a google form they plan today -- planned to use caucus and relied on phone calls and text messages, first time they switched gears, they plan to use similar app there and abandoned that app instead opting for a
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google form, now the simpler method they are using today is one that they've used in the past and certainly not what they plan to the with the prior two plans. democratic caucus has been working hard to avoid meltdown we saw in iowa, yesterday the state party asked precinct leaders to sign confidentiality agreements ahead of today's caucuses which would ban them from talking to the media if they had any problems, but we do know at this location i'm told things are moving smoothly, so nothing bad to report yet here, bret. >> okay, thank you, here is how the caucus breaks down, first alignment as it's called, caucus goers gather in groups, candidates need 15% to be considered viable, once a candidate is considered viable, voters are locked in, they can't switch f a candidate is not viable his or her supporters can try to gain new supporters or physically align with another candidate in the room. the final alignment supporters are counted again and the
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delegates awarded afterwards at the democratic national convention. let's bring in panel, fox news sunday anchor host chris wallace, executive editor of the serve america pack marie hoff and chief political correspondent byron york, also fox news contributor. chris, seems like it lines for bernie sanders as sites have? >> we will see how results go, the thing that strikes me is how impossibly and incredible by complicated and needlessly complicated the whole process is. you were talking about the 15% and if somebody is not viable, they have to go over, but you have another problem which is that you have 70,000 people who voted in early voting over 4 days so they had to put not just their first choice but their second or third so if on caucus day the total votes let's say for pete buttigieg and particular precinct don't add to 15%, then all of his early vote supporters would go to the second choice, this google
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software, the original plan was they distributed 2,000i pads to the 2,000 precincts and 250 locations across the state, the -- the google form on the apple ipad, i don't want to mix up my companies here have 13 steps to try to record and you have to record not just one but 3 things, the first alignment, then after, you know, people don't have viability, the second alignment and then the delegate equivalent, then they decide late in the week, that's just too complicated, that's not going to work, we will have people call it in but a lot of people aren't sure about that and remember in iowa, a lot of times when people called in the lines were busy or cranks calling on the phone calls and yesterday the state party said that they wanted everybody, remember all the talk about bloomberg and the nda, nondisclosure agreements, they wanted all the caucus leaders to sign nda's saying they wouldn't talk to the press, what could possibly talk global market action overnight wrong with all
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of that? >> you know, the election popped up on them. marie, let's get past the process, we are getting information that bernie sanders has won the wynn and bellagio sites, remember that the culinary union sent out a flyer saying that bernie sanders was not somebody that was great for them because he would take away their health care, seems like he's winning those overwhelmingly, even in those sites that are big union spots. >> that's right, he made the point that you can't accuse him of not supporting unions, he has his entire career. i'm certainly watching how much bernie sanders wins by, i think it's pretty clear that he will be the victor here but two people i'm watching tonight, first is mayor pete buttigieg who is in the lead of delegate count still, he has more than
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bernie sanders and the only one that took bernie sanders on directly really during the debate, but there is an outstanding question whether mayor pete can win in diverse state, he did very well in white states in iowa and new hampshire, but he's coming up against nevada and against south carolina and against super tuesday states all of which are very diverse, this bubble, this balloon that may have been pete buttigieg's campaign may actually burst today and the other person i'm watching is elizabeth warren. a lot of the early vote came in before that debate where she really had breakout moments, really went hard against mayor bloomberg but a lot of it didn't and if she has any hope of resurrecting her campaign heading into south carolina in super tuesday she has to do well today and debate was well for her. bret: this one site, byron, your thoughts, this is a more diverse state, 30% of the state's population is hispanic or latino
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going in bernie sanders had more than 50% of that vote at least heading into the day. >> i think the party biglies who are having breakdown of bernie sanders is going to be in worse shape after that, how many times because did we hear because iowa and new hampshire were so white the real test would come in nevada and south carolina where there were large percentages of hispanic and black voters, the democratic coalition is remarkably diverse coalition, you to appeal to that diversity to win. now bernie sanders goes to a state with a large number of hispanic voters, appears to be very, very well after having gotten the most votes in iowa and the most votes in new hampshire, he will have the most votes in nevada, by the way, because of him we will know what the popular vote is and it's just like we did in iowa for the first time. so it makes sanders a much stronger candidate.
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bret: chris, to that point, the changes that bernie sanders fought for after 2016 have really changed the whole dynamic about getting on the way to milwaukee, about -- chris: and also in milwaukee, yeah, you know, he -- there was a strong feeling on the part of sanders and his supporters that he somehow got rooked out of nomination, i don't think in 2016 he did, hillary clinton had more votes, more delegates than he did but he had enough power that he was able to affect a number of changes in nominating and as byron pointed out what the delegates were that came out of caucuses, now they are reporting the raw vote both the first vote and then after people realigned the second vote, much more importantly when you get to the convention super delegates don't get to vote in the first ballot, so the super delegates who really put hillary clinton over the top in philadelphia in
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2016 are not going to play a role at least in the first ballot in 2020 in milwaukee, that could be a huge advantage, the super delegates, of course, are the mayors, the governors, the officials, the party establishment, not considered as strong supporters of bernie sanders, the fact that they have to sit out for the first round in milwaukee is a huge advantage for bernie sanders. bret: number 2 today, marie, have bragging rights to be the owner of the other lane? is today that big of a test for number 2? >> democrats have clearly been looking for moderate alternative to bernie sanders, that's why some of them were looking at mayor bloomberg quite frankly. after his disastrous debate this week i think that people are taking another look at joe biden and it really matters the most for the former vice president because if he does not get a strong second here, make it clear that he's the moderate option as he mentioned in that
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debate, he's still the one in polls that does best head to head against donald trump. bret: third or fourth is really painful? >> i think it's almost impossible to come back from for the former vice president and tom steyer coming up, right now in third, he's someone, chris will be sitting down with him tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris: thank you for that. bret: good promo. >> we haven't heard from iowa and new hampshire, he's coming on to the scene, could he also be a moderate alternative that really hurts biden? this is really make or break for biden. bret: we have nevada, south carolina next week, byron, is there pressure if someone doesn't finish second for the others i have to get out of the way like mayor bloomberg said in predebate letter and the debate didn't really deliver? it's hard not seeing dwindling a
1:15 pm
little after south carolina. bret: nevada? >> no, for things to change and people in south carolina are watching this, they were watching iowa, they were watching new hampshire, they they are watching nevada today, we have seen polls joe biden's support among black voters go down and this idea that there are strict lanes, they're really more flexible than that, voters that trying to decide between biden and sanders. chris: can i push back with you, marie, we only got 10% of the delegates in, but if biden finishes at 20% and bernie sanders finishes at 40% i don't review as rejuvenation for joe biden at all, a state he's supposed to bring, i'm strong with the minorities, blacks and latinos, if he loses 2 to 1 in first state with heavily minority population, as i don't think it's a great boost for
1:16 pm
him. >> anything less than second would be disastrous, campaigns are about to run out of money. they can probably get to south carolina as byron mentioned but several of them, amy klobuchar and others can't go much further past that, mayor pete has gone up in the past 24 hours on air in south carolina taking on bernie, he's trained sights on bernie in a way we haven't seen the other candidates. that will become more important as chris says he wins 2 to 1. bret: panel, thank you so much, bernie sanders has the early lead, you can see the raw vote coming in, race still too close to call, so we will nevada bet big on bernie as we head to break a live look at the caucuses, still underway across the state, our special coverage of the nevada caucuses continues next. s
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bret: nevada caucus results coming in right now, these are hard numbers coming in from different precinct sites, 13% in, there you see biden in second at this point, it's very early, some some of the beddings since this is las vegas, bernie sanders 48% chance for a large victory tonight according to couple of the betting sites, here is a live look inside the
1:21 pm
caucuses happening right now across the state of nevada, a lot of them continuing, some of them have wrapped up and we are getting some of the early results, henderson, couple in las vegas and then reno, joining me now karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff and moe, communications director, both fox news contributors. karl, as you look at this, i want you paint the picture of how this rolls out as we head towards south carolina and on the way to milwaukee and 1991 delegates? >> well, remember, again, out of the overall roughly 4,000 delegates for the for the democc convention, 36 at stake here today, not a lot but a lot rides on a small number. i'm sort of with marie har, if biden runs third or fourth, race
1:22 pm
comes to an end, i think this helps him going to south carolina with little bit of momentum behind him and if he wins south carolina he'll have even more momentum going into super tuesday, it's interesting that the great debate performance by elizabeth warren apparently doesn't seem to be showing up yet in the -- in the results and that's because a lot of people voted early and we also overstress what debates can actually do. there are debates that change the course of a campaign, but the fire was not aimed at the two players who are leading so far today, sanders and biden. bret: mo, i'm getting word that we have the live shot earlier from griff jenkins in which he had a deck of cards, that's how they break the tie at the precinct sites, there was one in reno just moments ago that did break with a card pulled and the bernie people pulled a king, so
1:23 pm
they won. mo, your thoughts on this day? >> yeah, i don't disagree with any of this, joe biden needs to come in second or he's going to have a hard time making, having a rationale for continuing and i also agree with karl on the debate performance of elizabeth warren, you know, i think that debate may not, we will see, it may not have helped her pull an upset here in nevada, what it may have done is just hurt mike bloomberg who took because of her. was that the right strategy? bernie sanders is the front runner and you're trying to regain momentum, go after the front runner, playing for second place rarely gets you what you want, so i think, you know, bernie is going to pretty clearly have a good night. what i'm watching for is not the raw vote total, but the distribution of where the votes
1:24 pm
are coming from, because, remember, this is a caucus, the delegates are allocated at the precinct and county level not based on a statewide total so i remember in 2008 working for hillary clinton's campaign where we won the raw vote total, we won the popular vote in nevada but barack obama walked out with i believe one more delegate than we did because his support was spread out more across the state than hers which was much more concentrated in the urban areas. so i will be curious to see what the distribution is and what -- how close second place is not in terms of the raw vote but in terms of the delegates. bret: karl, what about the other candidates who are trying to be the alternative to bernie sanders who is clearly the front runner as we move on, what would you say that those other candidates, i mean, is he getting to be fish or cut bait time by the time you get to south carolina? >> moment of good point, if you want to beat the front runner attack the front runner, don't
1:25 pm
attack somebody else, they have been turning their fire towards bernie sanders if they have any choice -- any chance of making themselves the opposite, you know, the competitor, the alternative to bernie sanders, i want to pick up on one other thing that mo said, i think he's absolutely on target with this issue of distribution of these people, we have to be careful about this, for example, i've got a friend who is at the precinct site 82, in the middle of harris at at hotel and they have 32 people in the room and those delegates will be -- will be chosen not by the 30 people in the room but by the several hundreds of people who voted early and cast their ballots for one individual and how that all plays out as we sort of sample that is going to matter because somebody who is able to run well in elco, in henderson, las vegas and sparks, in carson city as opposed to just running well
1:26 pm
inside clark county and urban parts of clark county, las vegas is going to have a better shot at taking a bigger chunk of the delegates. bret: we are looking live in henderson, nevada, i'm getting clarification it was mayor pete's team that pulled club two bernie sanders spade, so mayor pete won in that site. karl, mo, thank you very much, first results coming in, democratic candidates looking for a breakout win with pivotal contest because more of what you just heard the bounce towards south carolina, more continuing coverage straight ahead. [sneeze and sniffles]
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1:31 pm
the vegas strip, peter, you have been there pretty much all week, i hope you still have money left, but what's going on there with the sanders campaign? >> it's interesting, bret, i spoke to an official from the bernie sanders campaign this morning during a very rare rainstorm here in las vegas and this official said they thought the rain could actually help them here in nevada because their sporters, many supporters are so enthusiastic that they would show up to caucus even if it was during a fire storm. >> i want this country to have the highest voter turnout rate of any country on earth, not one of the lowest. [cheers and applause] >> so whether the establishment wants it or not, we will open the door to working people, to young people, to say come on in, this is your country, vote, participate in the political
1:32 pm
process. >> the bloomberg campaign is bragging today that they're on the front page to have local newspaper in las vegas even though they are not competing here with a story about silly billboards they bought to troll trump while he was in town that donald trump eats burnt fake, donald trump is the center of attention as candidates focus more on him than each other. >> say again? [inaudible] >> i beat him by -- just moving on. look, one of the things that is going on here is that, you know, people want to know who is most likely to beat donald trump. >> bernie sanders got out of town last-minute vote wrangling for him but joe biden has been working around at caucus sites and last night he did something that you can really only do in las vegas this time of year, he
1:33 pm
met cher, bret. bret: wow, you can only do that in las vegas, believe in love. peter, thank you so much, once we wrap up things in las vegas, the next contest in south carolina, 54 delegates up for wall, joe biden's fire wall or not, we will see, joining me now reporter at the state newspaper and jim, political reporter at courier, maya, how does the stage set up after nevada and how does it look in south carolina on the ground? >> i think certainly this -- this race is still shaking out to look like it may still be joe biden's fire wall, he's obviously still considered the favorite to win, but that margin between him and senator bernie sanders is certainly shrinking especially after two disappointing losses for biden in iowa, new hampshire and we are still not sure what will shake out in nevada, obviously we have very different voting demographics versus nevada, this
1:34 pm
is certainly a much more competitive race on the ground than what we probably thought would look like, maybe 5 or 6 months ago. bret: jamie, nevada as i mentioned before has population 30% roughly hispanic latino, 10% asian american, 10% black or african american, it is a different makeup obviously than the state of south carolina but seems going in that bernie sanders is doing well with hispanics and african americans and does that pose a problem for the biden camp in some place like south carolina as he's on his way up there? it certainly could get interested, so in south carolina in 2016 about two-thirds of the democratic electorate was african american and we have a very small hispanic population, so this is a major test specifically with african american voters and could be a bellwether for other southern states, that's why south carolina has been important in the past, biden even in nevada has maintained a -- at least a
1:35 pm
plurality among african american voters so that indicates that he's maintained the strength that's in large part when you talk to voters on the ground in south carolina because of his connection to president obama and because how familiar he is to african american voters but this is certainly going to be a test to that, senator sanders has made a lot of inroads as has tom steyer, california businessman, hiring several influential african-american legislators onto his campaign so he has also put some -- some difficult factors in biden's fire wall. bret: to speak to tom steyer and strength in south carolina, he has spent a lot of money, 15%, third right now in nevada, it's still very early, he was not on the debate stage in las vegas, he is going to be on the debate stage in south carolina on tuesday. >> that's right, tom steyer has
1:36 pm
spent millions of dollars not just on air waves in south carolina but investing on black-owned businesses, black-owned media, he has taken full page ads on newspapers and able to disrupt the race for candidates like joe biden. what's interesting, though, it goes beyond the resources that tom steyer has been spending in the state, when you talk to supporters what they really like about him is accessibility to him, of course, he's not a politician, he didn't have to be a dc during impeachment hearings, he -- he hasn't had to go to fundraisers across the country or he hasn't spent a whole lot of time holding bigger rallies in super tuesday states an here on the ground and because of that he created the sense of accessibility to voters, many voters that i talked to who are at tom steyer
1:37 pm
events who are undecided are still weighing between tom steyer and joe biden but what's interesting when you ask them, well, what is it going to make to tip you over to finally support someone, they said, well, tom steyer was in my backyard and i have yet to see joe biden, tom steyer has had bigger impact than in early voting states. >> interesting a billionaire doing a different way than mike bloomberg in campaigning in these early states, one last thing very quickly, jamie, you also in south carolina will receive a presidential visit from -- from president trump before the south carolina primary, what does the breakdown of the state look like? traditionally it's a red place. >> yeah, it certainly remains a mostly republican state, you know, the democrats have made some gains over the past few years but i would expect that trump will get a large and rowdy crowd on friday night in north
1:38 pm
charleston, certainly a lot of republicans in south carolina who have been watching this democratic play out and watching the democrats in south carolina get all of the attention which is a rarity in a -- in a historically red state, so they are excited to show their support for him, there's no republican primary in south carolina, they canceled it in a show of solidarity with president trump, so that rally will be their way to show support. bret: which is what nevada did as well, maayan, jamie, thank you so much. early returns giving bernie sanders a lead, realtime special coverage of nevada caucuses continues next severe psoriasis. severe psoriasis. or psoriatic arthritis, little things, can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable... ...with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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bret: watching first results out of nevada, they are starting to come in, we are getting them slowly, 17% in right now. right now it's a beatdown, bernie sanders with a big lead over joe biden, tom steyer in third and then elizabeth warren in fourth, again, this is early, but things are lining up it looks like for bernie sanders, we are back with panel chris wallace, marie harf and byron york. the senator concedes political spending is a form of speech, we are delighted according to editorial board conceding money vital to getting message out, supreme court decision and
1:43 pm
citizens united which ms. warren has made a career, the bottom line, chris, she went in saying this is a moral decision, we should not take super pac money and she's running out of money and now she's taking. chris: this is not the first from elizabeth warren, first it was the whole issue about whether she was of indian heritage or not, native american heritage or not and, you know, she went on that road and didn't turn out that very well, then she was absolutely for medicare for all and then when that wasn't doing so well, she said, well, you know, we have this transition plan and had to come up with a cost for her plan and that's when her fortunes really sunk in the late fall and now super pacs and you're exactly right, it wasn't like she just said this is a strategy and i want to do it with small donations and not big donations, she made it a moral issue and now what's happened is she's in real money trouble, she was down to her final $2 million which
1:44 pm
sounds like a lot but in a presidential campaign isn't much money at all and so suddenly a super pac said we will support you and her explanation was, well, everybody else is doing it so i'm going to do it, well, that's not exactly a big moral stand. i will say one thing about the debate, we will argue about whether or not the debate helped her, it certainly hurt michael bloomberg, the only way it helped her not just with votes she raised a lot of money off of it, $14 million, roughly since the debate, so it has been very successful in giving her a war chest but the flip-flop is only latest of series of them. bret: i expect she will be asked about that in debate in south carolina, marie, she did have a strong debate but these are the things, candidates she said she's staking a stand and made a big deal about it and to weather from it is a tough thing? >> it is, elizabeth warren has done this with a number of
1:45 pm
issues throughout her career and these purity tests that she or others set up i think to a lot of democrats are pretty outrageous, why would we take away a huge piece of fund raising from the democratic party when other democrats are using it and republicans are using it, why would we fight with one hand tied behind our back but i think another thing interesting, bret, that we are seeing out of nevada and we saw in new hampshire, two things are happening at the same time, first turnout is historic, very high, we had huge turnout in the early voting in nevada, a lot of democrats are fired up, but at the same time, there feels like there's paralysis among democratic voters, underneath bernie you see fluidity, i feel some of that because overwhelming democratic voters say in polls that they want to pick the person that beats trump but not the person they agree with and they can't figure out who it is and we see tom steyer
1:46 pm
up to third and pete buttigieg back in fifth, so much happening underneath the bernie level because democrats are scared about finding the right candidate and can't figure out who it is. bret: iowa did not show the numbers, new hampshire did, nevada is, byron, back to elizabeth warren, it seemed like in the debate she was trying to fight the moderate lane meanwhile spent most of the campaign before that trying to go the progressive way? >> the flip side to the flip-flop from elizabeth warren is what so many voters view as bernie sanders consistency. bret: for 40 years. >> i covered bernie sanders a lot in 2016, young people would tell me that one of the reasons they looked him so much he has believed the same things his whole life, since before they were born and that's -- that kind of consistency has a lot of admirers because the -- i mean, i think the public's number one perception of any politician they'll change their opinion to
1:47 pm
suit the prevailing wind. it makes her look weak but makes him look particularly strong. bret: 19% in, first results trickling out of the west as nevada caucuses coming in, voters in various sites selecting preferred democratic candidate, the panel will weigh in on the critical contest, what it means for some of the campaigns as our special coverage continues next i'm your 70lb st. bernard puppy, and my lack of impulse control, is about to become your problem. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. sini wasn't sure...clot
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1:51 pm
bret: welcome back, bernie sanders out to early lead in nevada, you can see the race boards here, we have 19% in but just getting anecdotal information from around the state as you look in las vegas, for example, the casinos are really the big part of the voting population and those different sites in casinos, john, journalist out there in nevada in las vegas says it looks like bernie has won caucuses in bellagio, park, rio and wynn, lost at paris, workers candidate and that's a big deal, we will see if that all pans out, joining me fox news politics editor chris and pollster and fox news contributor kristin anderson,
1:52 pm
chris, look at what we have so far and paint the picture for us? >> the good news for mainstream democrats in first two contests that bernie sanders was underperforming and case that can be put forward that hillary was such a bad, bad candidates and democrats didn't like it and that was bernie success, here is bernie sanders equaling or improving upon performance in nevada doing better with hispanic voters, doing better in the down state part of nevada instead of what he had to do hunt for votes like a turkey in the straw in the northern part of the state, here is bernie sanders in command and here is joe biden 30 points right now, of course we don't know what where the votes are come, 30 points behind. he's such a pail imitation if you're not as good as hillary clinton it's not a good thing. bret: kristin, to that point, if you're 30 points back and in second, are you really in
1:53 pm
second? >> it's a really rough position for joe biden to be in. there's no way to spin it, there are different ways to come in second and this is not a very good way to come in second especially with the polls showing in south carolina potential that bernie sanders is closing in on him on the fire wall state and he needed positive momentum even if it wasn't a win, he needed to be in striking distance of bernie sanders in order to have really positive momentum going into south carolina and bear in mind a big argument he's made all along, look, we can't take these early primaries and caucuses at face value because it's mostly white voters and the democratic party is a diverse party, wait till we get to more diverse states and i will do really well there. well, bernie sanders is doing quite well in a state that is much more diverse than iowa and new hampshire undercutting the argument that biden has made. bret: chris, we should also point out that there's early voting going on including texas, florida, california and in
1:54 pm
california 1.3 million ballots have been returned, so as this is happening other states that are going to factor in on super tuesday and beyond are already looking at these results. >> the basic question for democrats now is if they can't get biden out of this race fast enough, right, the danger for democrats is that joe biden is a zombie candidate lurching through super tuesday soaking up another 17% of the vote or whatever and not letting mike bloomberg try to consolidate that portion of the vote, this will be over really soon for democrats. it is going to be -- it is going to be loud, it is going to be big and it's going to be in the first week of march, they better get their acts together if they are really serious about keeping a socialist from the top of their ticket. bret: speaking of which that's democratic socialist vermont senator speaking in el paso, texas, he's in texas making his
1:55 pm
pitch. [cheers and applause] >> and what that proposal does is it moves this country as quickly and as aggressively as we can away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [cheers and applause] >> and by the way, under the green new deal we create up to 20 million good-paying union jobs. [cheers and applause] >> and what the green new deal is about is simply saying to the fossil fuel industry who makes billions and billions of dollars every year that their profits are not more important than the future of this planet. bret: traditional stump speech talking about the green new deal, kristin, ran it up for us here, is there a way for the
1:56 pm
moderate lane to consolidate to compete against a really surging bernie sanders before milwaukee? >> there are i think over a thousand delegates at stake on super tuesday, there's a lot still to come, but i'm beginning to hear democrats that go first of 5 stages of grief, right now they are in denial, we can consolidate and it'll be fine, we have four more stages to go. bret: yes, i agree, all right, we will be back, bernie sanders off to this early lead in nevada, former vice president joe biden just in second, fox news live coverage nevada caucuses continues with brand-new hour next and maybe a call. you fell asleep with your sign again. "you fell asleep with your sign again." no, i didn't.
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>> welcome to democracy 2020, coverage of the nevada caucuses, an early lead expanding lead for senator bernie sanders in nevada with former vice president joe biden now a distant second. welcome to the second hour of our special coverage of the nevada caucuses. i'm bret baier in washington. the statement being made in the silver state with what could likely be record turnout there. early votes coming into the fox news decision desk suggests bernie sanders is off to an early lead, although, too early right now to project whether the self-described democratic socialist will win. although we're closing in as we
2:01 pm
get more numbers, the nation's third contest in the democratic presidential primary, 45.2% for sanders. biden at 18.1. steyer performing well. remember tom steyer, the billionaire was not on the debate stage in las vegas. he has spent millions of dollars on campaign ads in las vegas and more importantly in south carolina, the next stop, where he's also performing well in third heading into that. 36 pledge delegates up for grabs in nevada, a small portion of the 1991 needed to clinch the nomination. that will happen at milwaukee at the convention. pete buttigieg leading with pledge delegates heading into nevada one ahead of sanders followed by warren, klobuchar and biden. alicia acuna is following the buttigieg campaign. we will begin with mark meredith live at las vegas at the state democratic caucus headquarters. mark, you know, it's slow going here on some of this vote. we have seen this before. they are hoping it is not iowa. >> right, you are absolutely
2:02 pm
right about that because of what happened in iowa, we have seen the state party here in nevada change what was going to happen today, changing the technology and procedures. they didn't see what happened two weeks ago happen again today. we have been hearing from some campaigns they have had some concerns about the amount of volunteers or lack thereof really that have been out there at some of the caucus locations across nevada. the state party pushing back on this telling fox news they believe there have been plenty of volunteers and they don't think it is a real issue likely to impact what's been happening. of course time will tell. we've also heard from some of the campaigns that they were concerned about the early voting data that happened. we had some 75,000 people that showed up to vote over a period of four days for early voting, early caucus going here in nevada, and there were concerns about whether or not that data was getting out correctly. however, the senior advisor to the democratic party here in nevada is pushing right back, telling fox news that they are taking the complaints with a grain of salt over this.
2:03 pm
listen. >> -- for, you know, a campaign, for example, to start raising some questions, particularly if it is a campaign that may not be performing as well as they need to or had hoped that. often you will see them start to raise questions so they can start, you know, potentially raising challenges to the outcome. >> now, we're going to be looking for the different data sets that will be coming in in a few hours. that will be basically the first round of the caucus. then for those candidates that are not viable, that don't have enough support, then we have the final alignment. then the total number of delegates to the county convention won by the candidates that's the number we will look at closely because eventually those get eventually down towards the national convention. those delegates pretty much what it is all about. we have been asking the state party about when we can expect to see these results. where i am right now is essentially a hotel ballroom. they have a screen right there with windows screen saver but nothing has been posted on there. we have been trying to find out when that data will be posted for us here in the room to see. so far no answer on that. but we did hear from a
2:04 pm
caucus-goer who talked about what they experienced earlier today. this is from moments ago. >> i thought it was going to be like more chaotic, but it was actually pretty smooth. it was pretty much, you know, between biden and -- very beneficial. they had several locations throughout to help. it was great. >> one satisfied caucus-goer there. we are waiting to see if it will impact the democratic national committee, its chairman is here in nevada. he's been speaking with reporters. we will continue to watch that. bret, back to you for now. bret: mark, thank you very much. we have some raw vote total coming in. 24%, so it is picking up now. we're getting some of those other sites coming in. 44%, 44 1/2 for bernie sanders at this point. let's go to buttigieg campaign, hoping for a breakout performance, but not in the top four heading right now. strong showings though in iowa and new hampshire, so far, doesn't seem to be materializing in nevada. alicia acuna has more from a
2:05 pm
caucus site in las vegas. alicia? >> hi, bret, yeah, when the di started -- when the day start the buttigieg campaign said he was feeling great and thought it was his opportunity to show the ability to gather some broad support. we have been talking that this really is his first real big test on whether or not he can appeal to a truly diverse electorate and prove that he's the one who can take on president trump. mayor pete and his campaign have been on the ground here in nevada, trying to make the argument that he is not extreme, that he is the answer for those who do not want to be part of a socialist revolution or those who do not want to maintain the status quo, and as senator sanders has been leading in the polls and leading tonight, buttigieg is offering himself as that moderate lane, that he feels a place where more people fit, even if they don't always agree. >> got a thumb on the scale in that american decision. we have got to get this right. we have got to put forward the nominee who can bring as many
2:06 pm
americans as possible into the majority that will defeat donald trump. >> buttigieg attended a canvassing kick off event yesterday in a heavily populated latino community. here's what he said when asked why polls show him underperforming with people of color. >> i know why that bar is so high because they have been let down again and again and again, taken for granted, and politics has not delivered and someone comes along, talking a good game, new guy, saying all the right things and asking you to trust him with your vote. >> now, from here, bret, we're at a caucus site right now, but we will be heading to the place where the buttigieg campaign will be holding its watch party. the mayor is expected to be there. he is scheduled to, but also tonight he's scheduled the hold a town hall in aurora, colorado,
2:07 pm
an all important super tuesday state. he's looking ahead already. bret? bret: thank you. we should point out that almost 90% of the state's voting population coming from two counties. joining me now democratic congressman california congressman john garamendi, biden campaign surrogate. thanks for the time, congressman. your thoughts on this race and if the former vice president needs to finish second here to get a bounce into south carolina. >> i don't really think so, although he's likely to finish second. he's run a good campaign in a very difficult area. i'm here on the university of nevada reno campus, couldn't find a more difficult place, but there are supporters here even on this campus. i think he's going to do very well. people are -- i've worked the lines, probably talked to 2 or 300 people as they were going into the caucus meeting, and, you know, everybody has their own favorite candidate, but all
2:08 pm
of them have enormous respect for biden and they are saying, you know, he's the kind of guy that can take us across the finish line if it doesn't work out for my candidate. i think you will see that kind of consolidation as this goes on through super tuesday and beyond. biden is a very strong foundation that i think will be seen as we go on into the rest of these primaries. bret: how do you think the rest of the party looks at this race when the prospect of a senator bernie sanders as the nominee becomes more and more reality as the proportional delegation, the delegates on the way to milwaukee, he could very well clinch this or he could have a -- [inaudible] -- heading into milwaukee. is there a pressure on the other candidates like the former vice president to consolidate into one? >> well, i think you're going to see consolidation simply as a natural matter. some people are going to drop out after super tuesday. and there will be a consolidation.
2:09 pm
i think they are going to consolidate around biden, as a very viable opponent in the november election and even more important he can govern. he can actually govern, and we've got to put this government back together again. our allies, they just came back from a nato conference, they are really really concerned about what has happened during the trump administration with their relationships with the united states, and biden needs to put that back together again. climate change, another issue that requires international. and most important, the government of the united states is in chaos. you only need to take a look at the most recent news of this week. we need a good strong functioning government, and that's where biden can play a critical role. bret: here's what critics of joe biden say, is that he steps in it, on the campaign trail, and that it really is painful for the supporters to watch as it happens. the latest is this story
2:10 pm
about -- he tells a story about getting arrested in south africa in the 70s, and now the former ambassador who says he was with says he doesn't remember that at all, it didn't happen, and it wasn't in joe biden's memoir. what about that? >> well, don't we all tell stories, and don't we all tell stories in a little bit perhaps more flavor than actually occurred? but the biggest storyteller of all is our current president. you know, i know, the general public knows that when the president is talking, you cannot believe any of it, and when he says don't believe the press, believe me, the president, we've got a serious problem, as the ultimate storyteller, the current president. bret: so you're not worried about this as a storyline about the vice president. >> no, i've known biden for 30 years. i was his campaign chairman in 1988. he was telling stories there. sure, he does, and you do, and i
2:11 pm
do. we sometimes embellish our stories, or we don't quite get it right. the reality is this is a man has the experience that our government, this nation needs, the experience of international, the experience of being in the senate working to get things done. right now the senate as we all know is a graveyard for legislation from healthcare to voter issues, securing our election, all of that is absolutely dead in the current senate. biden knows that place. he's put together very very important legislation that has really moved this nation dealing with the issues of the budget, dealing with the issues of international work. that's the kind of person that we actually need as president, somebody that can put this thing back together again and get this nation on track as it goes into some extremely important years
2:12 pm
ahead. he fits the ticket. bret: i hear you. i have heard the resume. i think there are supporters out there who are concerned about story telling. if the resume is so overwhelming and so overpowering for democratic voters, why a fifth and fourth place finish in these first two states? >> well, that's going to be a very complex thing for the political scientists to work out. everybody's looking for the new bright shiny object, and we certainly have some terrific people running in the democratic primary, and people are always looking around. they will go around. they will look for a new candidate. they will test that candidate. sometimes they fall in love with the candidate and stay with them, but ultimately, everybody that i talked to in the line today, probably a couple hundred people, all came back to the same point, yeah, i'm with warren. yes, i'm with bernie. yes, i'm there, but i sure like
2:13 pm
biden, and that's the kind of support that he has out there, as this campaign winnows, as people take a look at what's really going to be necessary in the november election, they are going to watch somebody that can be broad, middle of the road, somebody that is progressive, but not radical progressive. they want somebody that can actually stand toe-to-toe, yes, with two storytellers, perhaps, but joe biden telling a happy story about his -- that's going to ultimately play out. and you're going to see biden very strong in the months ahead. bret: congressman, we appreciate your time today. we will obviously follow it throughout the campaign trail. >> always. i look forward to it. bret: will nevada double down on bernie sanders? he has a sizable lead right now. there are plenty of precincts still outstanding. we are watching the vote totals come in. plus senior trump campaign
2:14 pm
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2:17 pm
bret: welcome back to our coverage of the nevada caucuses. okay, here's the deal. on the bottom of the screen, you
2:18 pm
see this. it says 4% right now. don't freak about that. we are starting to get the number of delegates added to each candidate. this is why it is confusing. delegate equivalent. we're switching metrics now which means you will see this percentage of expected vote actually decrease on the screen. this is kind of part in parcel of the complexity of this caucus system. stay with me. it is getting us closer to figure out who is going to win. it looks like sanders is in a very good position to win. in fact as we get more of the actual raw vote total in, we may be able to make a call here. just explaining the graphics you are seeing on the screen. everybody is switching these metrics. it is the caucus system in action. back with the panel, chris, marie, and byron. we're going get there soon. >> this feels like chutes and ladders. you go up, hit the chute and go down to the bottom.
2:19 pm
your brain is going to blow up. we went from 29% to 4. [laughter] bret: more importantly, the biden surrogate, congressman garamendi. that was something. chris: that was something. just to restate it, what we're talking about is that apparently on the campaign trail, joe biden is taken to saying that in the 70s when he was a u.s. senator, he went on a trip to south africa, nelson mandela, the great freedom fighter was in prison off the coast of capetown and that he went to try to see him and he said he was arrested by white apartheid south african authorities. the problem is, that he's never said this before. he wrote a book, a memoir in which he talked about the trip. he never said it before then. there were people who were on the trip with him, they never saw any indication of that, and now you have john garamendi, who is -- i know him. i like him. i have known him a long time, a distinguished democratic congressman from california says
2:20 pm
he's a storyteller. he said he told the stories in 88. let's remember the story told in 88. he read a speech in which he talked about his life and how he was the first person from his family to go to college and all this stuff, and it turned out he had lifted the speech, you know, hook line and sinker from a british labour leader at the time and it wasn't his speech at all. he plagiarized. he lifted somebody else's life story and claimed it as his own. there was such a furor about it he had to drop out of the race. i'm not saying this as bad as that. but to compare this story to the 88 story. >> he got to the electoral case for joe biden. he said he can win. he can bring the coalition together, had the resume. he also kind of acknowledged that that resume wasn't working with the voter he was talking to
2:21 pm
in line. they had other people listed as their first choice but then they said we like the joe biden. four years ago it may have been different, but today everybody in the party likes him, people respect him, but they are not choosing him as their nominee because as the congressman admitted, in his role as a surrogate for the biden campaign, we're looking for the new shiny object. if that's bernie sanders, not even a democrat, who last night tweeted about the republican establishment and the democratic establishment, that he was taking both of them on, that's what it looks like in nevada, but the biden story, that resume, bret, as you mentioned, it just isn't resonating. >> another problem with the story is that it is from the 70s. it completely supports the idea that biden is a figure from out of the past and that he's lost a step with people who -- bret: i mean bernie sanders is
2:22 pm
not a spring chicken. >> not at all. he has an enormous amount of support among young voters who see something in sanders that they don't see in any other candidate. the one thing that you could tell at the beginning of this race, one thing that 38 years in u.s. senate says about a person is they are a senator. they are not a president. and that's coming out with biden. bret: i want to get a clarification on this numbers that we're seeing come in, and the complex caucus system, and where we are as far as the possible call in nevada. politics editor is joining us now. help. >> oh, well, you might want to -- bret: i think we explained it pretty well as far as the 4%. but what do you think about, you know, where we are as far as this race? now the numbers go back -- here we go. [laughter] bret: fox news decision desk can now project that vermont senator bernie sanders will win the nevada caucuses, further cementing his lead over half a
2:23 pm
dozen democratic rivals raising the question really of whether the self-described democratic socialist can be stopped on his march toward the democratic presidential nomination. he's not only going to win, chris. he's going to win convincingly it looks like from the numbers we have seen and the numbers we are likely to see from some of these sites coming in. bernie sanders the winner in nevada. talk to me about the metrics we're seeing >> so we had originally because we are full of excellence, we had data that other outlets did not have, the competition did not have because we had people at the polls getting raw vote so that we could actually keep people updated earlier. then once the world caught up to us, and we start to get delegate data, then we make the switch and change to the percentages. it doesn't change the fact that -- in fact, it reinforces the fact that bernie sanders was just stomping out of all of these people. it is crazy. bret: we're eventually going to get to a second place. it looks like biden's positioned
2:24 pm
to do that early, but it's not definite. >> the question really becomes for biden who has run a very expensive campaign, but has always been underfunded, the question at this point is when do donors, when do leaders inside the democratic party, when does barack obama go to joe biden and say this has to stop; right? this kind of -- this kind of failure is not acceptable because of the damage that it's going to do for the rest of the lane. it's not fair that mike bloomberg gets to big foot them; right? it is not fair, but it is the way it is. biden's terrible performance in contest after contest has to demonstrate to them that this guy's got to go. bret: you know, again, the numbers on the screen are the new metrics, 4% in, but it is 36 points. where is this possibly going to finish when we get to the final numbers for bernie sanders? >> we could certainly see biden do better. we don't know where this is all
2:25 pm
coming in from. there could be pockets that are going to be good for biden. it is not going -- obviously he's not going to be in anything like contention. he might like to have a little more separation from tom steyer. he might like to look in a more respectable way. we're looking at a scenario now that could end a week from today for joe biden dropping out of the race in south carolina. that's like a real possibility that he and his campaign have to stare down the barrel of right now. bret: why wouldn't congressman garamendi and all the surrogates say hey, we came in second, we're the heir-apparent to the moderate lane? >> based on what i heard the congressman say, i think there's some -- marie is quite right. joe biden is the best liked democrat. he is the best -- in a lot of ways, the best liked active politician in america today. people really like joe biden, but joe biden cannot feed the bulldog. he can't get it done. it may be a fact that people didn't want to say -- they were too nice to say hey you're past
2:26 pm
your prime. you can't do this anymore. you missed your window at this in 2016. maybe they are just too nice to say it. when you get down to voting time and the real thing, they say we can't go there. bret: and for the others, chris, quickly, about elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar, pete buttigieg, what do they take out of nevada heading to south carolina? >> i hope they did well in the casinos. amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg, pretty much dq'd in that debate. it is unfair to them there's no bounce out of new hampshire. somebody tell me their path forward. somebody make the rationale for why they should stay in super tuesday and soak up vote share that ends up empowering bernie sanders. bret: i think weekend stallwart
2:27 pm
is much more aggressive. [laughter] bret: thanks, chris. we're back with the panel. >> i hear what chris stirewalt is saying i don't quite understand it. if he's in effect saying that the establishment is going to say to joe biden, drop out of the race, and if they are going to basically buttigieg and klobuchar drop out of the race, well, then who is the moderate candidate? i mean, are they all going to drop out of the race and cede it to michael bloomberg who had a disastrous debate who isn't even really a democrat who is trying to, you know, spend half a billion dollars. i just don't understand the mechanism under which all of these people who have actually campaigned and gotten votes are going to simply say, you know what? mike, you do it. i don't understand how that comes about. bret: right. marie? >> i don't think it does because this concept that there's a,
2:28 pm
quote, democratic establishment that could tell any of these people, mayor bloomberg who has no allegiance to the establishment, is anyone going to listen to tom perez, the chair of the democratic national committee? these people have built campaigns over months and years. they have some money left, some of them. they are raising more. elizabeth warren isn't going to listen to someone in washington tell her to get out of the race. so i think they are going to keep bleeding votes from each other. all it does is empower bernie. but as a democrat myself, sitting here today and contemplating the fact that we may be in a place where a democratic socialist in bernie sanders is our front-runner certainly, and the best quote moderate alternative is a former republican mayor michael bloomberg who has recently as 2016 gave millions of dollars to keep republican senators in office, if those are my choices, you know, speaking to what was said earlier, i think a lot of democrats are feeling what republicans felt in 2016, that we are in a sort of five stages of brief process, and we're
2:29 pm
trying to figure out how to make sense of it because there are people like elizabeth warren who are very attractive candidates, but there doesn't appear to be a big lane for them for chris's point. bret: some are saying this is all good for donald trump. a lot of people say be careful what you wish for, sanders could be confident in getting a lot of people fired up about his campaign, but as you look at a down ticket scenario, with bernie sanders with the top of the democratic ticket as the nominee, there are a lot of suburban democrats and senate races that would be up for grabs. >> it is entirely true. the voters are actually speaking here. i mean, the party can get upset. and by the way in 2016, a lot of republicans were pulling their hair out and the republican candidate won the white house. so the voters are speaking here. i'm in the be careful what you
2:30 pm
wish for camp here because sanders does have a certain authenticity. i'm not saying he's going to win the white house. it does win people over. it appeals to voters. he's got the most votes in iowa, new hampshire and nevada now. so what does it do to people down the ballot? it hurts them pretty bad. and this is hugely important for trump because if he were to win, he's got to have the senate because the thing that has cemented his legacy with conservatives is judges. bret: it is official. nevada now in the win column for bernie sanders. think about that. technically he won in the popular vote in iowa. he won in new hampshire. and now won the nevada caucuses, and he's closing in on joe biden in south carolina. so now can any other democratic candidates put the brakes on his momentum? senior trump campaign advisor mercedes schlapp reacts to the news next.
2:31 pm
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2:35 pm
bernie sanders is going to win overwhelmingly in nevada. bern bernie sanders himself is not in nevada tonight. he's already looking ahead to super tuesday, ten days from now. he spoke a short time ago in texas. our own casey stegall is there in el paso. good evening. >> good evening to you, bret. the senator already had left the stage before news of sort of these results trickling in from nevada with those caucuses. he didn't say anything on stage while he was addressing all of his supporters here, but he did have an awful lot to say and took a lot of shots at president trump, calling him an embarrassment to the country and he got a lot of cheers with that. organizers tell us that this venue, the el paso convention center could hold about 2500 or so. it was full. there was some spillover crowd out here, listening to everything on big speakers, but there is no coincidence that senator sanders is already here
2:36 pm
in texas. in fact, he's already leaving el paso and in route now, some 600 miles away to san antonio because she has another rally planned there tonight, as you well know, and then tomorrow he's going to be hitting houston and austin. so it is no coincidence that he's here in texas because early voting is underway in this state, and early voting is extremely popular. in fact, about half of registered voters in texas cast their ballots early. it's been going on for four days, and it will go on all next week. so five more days of it, so that is why senator sanders is focusing his efforts on texas because there are so many delegates up for grabs here. the biggest reactions coming from the crowd in el paso today came regarding immigration and also education. listen. >> all of our kids regardless of the color of their skin or the
2:37 pm
language they speak, regardless of the zip code they live in gets the kind of education that they need. >> sanders also getting big cheers -- big cheers from this crowd today when he talked about ending family and child separations at the border. of course we are just a stone's throw away from the border of the united states and mexico here in el paso. so a 228 total delegates are up for grabs in texas on super tuesday. 228, that's a huge number, bret, as you well know. it is also not winner take all like california. they are awarded largely proportionately on senate districts, so a lot at stake here in the lone star state. bret: casey, thank you. bernie sanders according to to some of the entrance polls had more than 50% of the hispanic vote in nevada, 54 actually i believe. sanders says his supporters are coming out in force, with one
2:38 pm
goal in mind, defeating donald trump. joining me now is senior trump campaign advisor mercedes schlapp. thank you for being here. your thoughts on this. we have called it for bernie sanders, the prospect of sanders as the democratic nominee from your point of view. >>i'm glad they were able to call nevada despite the fact of the chaos we saw happen in the iowa caucus in the first place for the democrats, but look, clearly the bernie sanders win is very telling. it shows that the party has shifted far left. that's their comfort zone. byron york talked about the democrat establishment. the voters are speaking up. they feel comfortable with the aoc squad, bernie sanders component of the party. that's where it is moving towards, which is about fundamentally changing america, allowing for government takeover of our healthcare, making sure they spend trillions of dollars on a green new deal, ending fracking, ending our fossil fuel industry and obviously destroying american jobs.
2:39 pm
that's the direction they are headed to. secondly bret, there is a second alternative here because what you are seeing is all the other votes just divided up among the rest of these candidates because nobody else wants to go out, so of course that's going to give a boost to bernie sanders. bret: isn't that what happened with donald trump in 2016? isn't that how he consolidated his win, while others were fighting around the other vote to be the alternative to donald trump and then this movement occurred? do you think the same movement is happening with bernie sanders? >>i think it is slightly different in the sense that donald trump won new hampshire, he won the nevada caucus, and then from there on it was south carolina and so forth, where he dominated the field. this is not what we're seeing in the democrat party. it is a fractured party right now because of the fact that -- bret: wait, mercedes, he won iowa technically. he won new hampshire, and now he won nevada. and he's closing in on south carolina. it is kind of -- >> it is there, but it's i would
2:40 pm
say donald trump had a much stronger i would say presence in terms of when you look at how he was able to narrow that field quickly coming super tuesday, as opposed to i think the democratic candidates, you are not seeing really anyone pull out yet. i think they are going to stay in for super tuesday. you know, after super tuesday, it's about 38% of the delegates that are being allocated. if they continue down this pathway, if these other candidates don't start dropping out, and then you have the mike bloomberg scenario, which he -- think about it, he hasn't been on any of these ballots. his first test will be super tuesday. i just think it's a much more chaotic process. they are not necessarily narrowing down these candidates. they seem like they are staying on board to get through and maybe lead to a pathway of brokered convention. bret: we will see. we will also cover the president in south carolina as he's been doing bouncing around the
2:41 pm
states. mercedes, we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. bret: bernie has nevada in the bag according to the fox news decision desk, biden coming in second right now, not even cracking half of the delegates as sanders. what does this mean for the biden campaign? our special coverage rolls on next. ahh no, come on. i saw you eating poop earlier. my focus is on the road, and that's saving me cash with drivewise. eh, not enough fiber- chocolate would be good- snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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2:45 pm
tonight. we don't know what the final will be but he will win by a big percentage. what does this mean looking towards south carolina, super tuesday ten days from now. joining me now is a fox news contributor. good evening. sanders is looking ahead to super tuesday state. it looks like he has a firm control over this party, as you look at states going down the road towards milwaukee. your thoughts tonight? >> ideas move people, not money. that's the fascinating thing about presidential politics, and that's what bernie's campaign is made up, socialist ideas, but inside the democratic party the socialist ideas are enough to move people. look, what bernie did today in nevada is phenomenal, if you compare it to new hampshire. new hampshire he barely won. it was a small majority and people questioned whether he could build upon his base. boy, did he build upon it in new hampshire, across almost every demographic group -- in nevada, i should say, across almost
2:46 pm
every demographic group. bret: this is a 78-year-old self-proclaimed democratic socialist who is from vermont, who has been saying the same things for 40 years, who thinks that, you know, last time around he was cheated in 2016, but now he has captured something in a bottle. >> he sure has, and to take the culinary workers in nevada, the people that -- a lot of the experts pointed at the brochure that said bernie's healthcare plan would take away our healthcare that we worked so hard to get in the negotiations, in the gigantic casinos up and down the strip, bernie won where the culinary workers are the strongest. what does that tell you about the power of his message, his ideas? there's something about bernie that these liberal democrats are drawn to that can beat their self-interests when they look at just their health plan. that's the power again of ideas. that's what bernie has captured.
2:47 pm
that's been his whole career. some of those ideas, are going to be painful for him in a general election. in a party that's moving liberal, moving increasingly socialistic, bernie increasingly fits that bill. bret: marie and kristen said the democratic party is in five stages of grief here as they deal with bernie sanders winning each of these contests. there's a long way to go as far as states yet to vote. if you were looking at this, how do you think this plays out for the alternative to bernie sanders? >> well, if i'm joe biden, i'd brag about my performance in nevada. it looks like he's going to come in second place. it looks like he's going to have won the african-american vote, although by a smaller margin than i would have thought, but that's the type of message and momentum that he needs to take if he's going to have any chance
2:48 pm
in south carolina. so bragging rights for second place, albeit, a very distant second place, are up for grabs. biden should be all over the place grabbing it, just the way buttigieg grabbed that he won iowa when he didn't really win iowa. the politician that goes first often can set that tone. so it's a moment for biden if he would do that, and then he could potential by that alternative, unless south carolina just bombs, which i think is more likely than not for biden, but that's his last chance, and then clearly it's a bloomberg sanders race. bret: you know, we should point out bernie sanders kind of set the table for the rules for this year with the 2016 changes. it's more in his favor because proportional delegates along the way. if he has a plurality of delegates heading into milwaukee, but it's a sizable lead, is there any chance the democratic party can pull the nomination away from him? >> well, if it was winner take
2:49 pm
all, bernie would be up in three states and nobody would have a single delegate. bernie would have them all. this is actually hurting bernie at this point based on performance. i always discounted the idea of discontested convention. it sounds so juicy and the proportion of representation, the thick pack of democrats that all seem viable and some have more money, it seems more plausible this year but it's almost never plausible because of the momentum theory of politics, once a candidate gets ahead of steam and gets momentum, it is very hard for the others. they start to drop out. they don't have money. all of a sudden the pluralities turn into almost majorities and then they turn into majorities. that's one item of conventional wisdom that i think could be postponed. the other idea of conventional wisdom is to get rid of is that all the pundits who thought warren had a great debate, because she took it to mayor bloomberg. she had great one-liners against
2:50 pm
bloomberg. just because you are able to make a case against someone doesn't mean you are making a case for yourself. warren is not doing any better here in nevada than she did in new hampshire. that debate didn't really help her nevada results. people in washington think if you take down someone you are winning. the american people look at it a lot differently. bret: ari fleischer, as always, we appreciate your thoughts. let's get some final thoughts from our panel. chris, let's start with you. chris: first of all, let's tap on the brakes. bernie sanders has not won the nomination. only three states in. that's 3 or 4 percent of the delegates. we've got south carolina. we've got super tuesday, where there's going to be 14 states. you can certainly make a case biden wins south carolina. he's rejuvenated. bloomberg has a great debate next tuesday in south carolina, he's rejuvenated. but right now nobody would -- you know, bernie sanders wouldn't trade places with anybody else, neither would his
2:51 pm
campaign. let me make a case -- i know people are saying that the democratic party should be in states of grief. let me make a case for bernie sanders viability. one, there are only two politicians in america now who can fill an arena with thousands of screaming fans. one is donald trump. the other is bernie sanders. he was up in tacoma this week, he can get huge support, and that is, you know, the gold standard in politics to have passion and big crowds behind you. secondly, listen to what mercedes schlapp said. there's two things she went off on bernie sanders about, one was medicare for all. that's going to be a tough sell to a lot of people. the flip side of it is that healthcare and not protecting people with preexisting conditions is a real weakness for donald trump or a potential vulnerability. you could see bernie sanders maybe not pushing medicare for all as much as let's protect the people who have problems and another example of that would be climate change. green new deal, tough sell, but
2:52 pm
the idea i'm going to try to save our planet, that's also attractive to a lot of people, including suburban housewives. one, bernie sanders doesn't have the nomination. two, if he does get the nomination, i don't think it means the democrats have no chance. bret: look at the numbers here today, maria. whites bernie sanders 28%. pete buttigieg 19% the next. nonwhites sanders 44%. joe biden at 21%. in nevada, the sanders campaign can make the case of crossing the line of going towards hispanics and african-americans and winning the majority or the plurality of those voters. >> and they can make the case that they've brought together the democratic coalition that's needed to win the nomination and that's needed to win the general election. there were questions about whether bernie sanders could do that better than a joe biden. if he can make that case, that is a stronger argument for him in this primary, but it's around this time in 2016, as donald trump was winning more contests, that you saw the rise of the never trumpers, and you saw this
2:53 pm
concerted movement in the republican party to try to stop him. now, obviously it didn't work, but one thingly watch this week is -- one thing i will watch this week is whether on the democratic side there's a similar stop sanders. bret: what do you call them, never bernies? >> i don't know. i haven't come up with a name yet because i'm not a part of it but it is a question of whether this democratic establishment that we've all been talking about will try to do something, try to coalesce around someone or if they will buy into this argument that maybe bernie sanders actually has a path to win. he has a populist streak. it helped him in the upper midwest. certainly did in 2016. he did it with the union today. he can compete with trump. he has a movement. that may actually win the day here. we will see. bret: you know, whenever the democratic party establishment or the republican party establishment makes itself forceful or public, it seems like that only empowers any other campaign that's tapping into that. >> it backfires.
2:54 pm
i was covering that never trump movement pretty closely, and the one thing they realized was that they were too late. donald trump had been running for president for a year at that point and had developed a lot of voter loyalty. now, bernie sanders has won votes in iowa and new hampshire and nevada. he may do really well in south carolina. then we're going to have this question -- bret: how about california? >> bernie? bret: yes. >> absolutely well. we're going to have this odd thing. south carolina is a week from today, and then that's a saturday. then the next tuesday is super tuesday. that kind of makes no sense to me, a scheduling matter, but there it is. but i think it is going to be in part a referendum on whether a candidate bloomberg can just skip all the early stuff and say vote for me now. you haven't seen me for a long time. you have seen all these people out in the field working trying to win your vote, but vote for me instead. i think there will be a huge referendum on that and i don't think he will do really well on it.
2:55 pm
bret: do you think the debate tuesday is make-or-break for bloomberg? >> when you have an unlimited amount of money, nothing is make-or-break. i would say to the democrats they don't need my advice on that stage maybe instead of focusing on michael bloomberg, maybe you ought to be focusing on bernie sanders because he is cleaning your clock, and everybody sitting there devouring each other, they ought to go after the front-runner. there's no medal for second or third place. you are either the nominee or you are a loser, and at this point, bernie sanders is picking up steam. bret: does the field narrow because of today? >> no. but it will after south carolina. bret: but it will after south carolina? >> oh, absolutely. if biden doesn't win south carolina, he's dead, isn't he? he's just dead. and there's no point going on to super tuesday. i was thinking back to jeb bush in 2016, who was making a last stand in south carolina, and he didn't make it through the night. chris: also i just think people are going to really run out of money. first of all, there isn't that much money you can get between
2:56 pm
saturday and tuesday, as you point out, there's no gap at all. but to go into 14 states broke, it is going to be pretty tough when bloomberg has all this air cover, you know, millions, hundreds of millions of dollars in ads. bret: panel, it's been a pleasure on a weekend day. thank you very much. that's going to do it for our special coverage of the nevada caucuses. senator bernie sanders the big winner there called by the fox news decision desk. i'm bret baier in washington. join us next saturday for live coverage of the south carolina primary. i will be back on monday, 6:00 p.m. eastern with "special report". jon scott and "the fox report" picks up our coverage after a quick break. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+/her2- metastatic breast cancer,
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memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. jon: fox news projects bernie sanders the winner of today's caucuses there in nevada. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". sanders collects more than 50% of today's delegates in early results, after he won new hampshire primary. today's caucuses mark another key step in the 2020 democratic race, but some candidates are not sticking around for the results, including sanders who is campaigning in texas right now and warren who is on the trail in seattle. we have fox team coverage of every angle of the nevada kauses.


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