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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 23, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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since 1776 we haven't been part of that, so i guess they could use it here. >> thanks for letting me join. do it again at 4 p.m.? for now, leland and gillian in d.c. eric: see you in a few hours. ♪ ♪ >> won the popular vote in iowa -- [cheers and applause] we won the new hampshire primary -- [cheers and applause] , -- and according to three networks in the ap, we have now won the nevada caucus! [cheers and applause] gillian: bernie sanders coming out on top last night. the picture at the top of the democratic race beginning to get a little bit clearer, sanders cementing his lead at the head of the pack after the caucuses. right now we've got 60% reporting and sanders taking home at least 10 delegates and
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42% of the vote. welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington, i'm gillian turner. great to be with everyone at home. busy political day yesterday. leland: very with busy yesterday, and it would appear as though nevada had a little better go than iowa -- gillian: things went more smoothly. leland: i'm leland vittert. former vice president joe biden also picking up some momentum in the nevada caucuses. votes are still being counted, but he is currently sitting in a distant second place in what could become his best showing yet. jacqui heinrich in las vegas with a closer look at what we know and the results as they stand right now. good morning, jacqui. >> reporter: good morning, leland. yeah. the nevada caucuses were the first time we saw a truly diverse electorate come to vote, and it affirmed senator bernie sanders' spot as the clear front-runner in this pack and also revised joe biden's campaign.
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sanders with about 60% of precincts reporting is in a strong lead over his rivals, making it the third straight win for him and putting a spotlight also on how much democratic voters want a progressive candidate. sanders left nevada yesterday in a show of confidence and gave his victory speech from delegate-rich texas where he says the populist wave that brought him to this point will bring another success. >> don't tell, don't tell anybody, i don't want to get 'em nervous, we are going to win the democratic primary in texas. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: former vice president joe biden got the second place finish his campaign needed after a dismal fourth and fifth place finishes in iowa and in new hampshire. the caucus results here in nevada lend aring credence to his claim that the first two voting states don't represent the rest of the country and affirming his support among a diverse electorate ahead of south carolina's primary where he's expecting a good showing of support from black voters. in his victory speech, biden boasted about union support and
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took swipes at sanders and former mayor michael bloomberg. >> now we're going on to south carolina and win, and then we're going to take this back. [cheers and applause] i ain't a socialist, i ain't a plutocrat, i'm a democrat. [cheers and applause] and i'm proud of it! >> reporter: slightly behind biden in third place is former mayor pete buttigieg, a slip for him since iowa when he essentially tied with sanders. he congratulated sanders on his win but quickly criticized putting the election in the hands of a democratic socialist saying most of the party would be alienated by his medicare for all plan. he also argued that sanders' nomination would hurt down-ballot democrats. >> senator sanders believes in taking away that choice, removing people from having the option of a private plan and replacing it with a public plan whether you want it or not. >> reporter: disappointment
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for senator elizabeth warren who had a very good debate performance, and that brought her some record fundraising, but it didn't have the kind of impact that she needed to have an outcome in the caucuses yesterday. also a disappointment for senator amy klobuchar and tom steyer who are battling it out for fifth place. and, of course, former mayor michael bloomberg, we have not yet seen how he might shake up the field when he enters the race on super tuesday. leland? leland: noteworthy, warren in her remarks was going after bloomberg rather than bernie for her statement in terms of where the real risks were in the democratic party. jacqui heinrich, early morning in las vegas for you and your team, we appreciate it. gillian: president trump reacted to yesterday's caucuses by congratulating bernie sanders for his win, and he says he can't wait to face off against him in the general. david spunt at the white house with the latest. david? >> reporter: hi, gillian, good afternoon to you. president trump on air force one right now on his way to india,
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but before departing he came out on the south lawn, spoke with press for about ten minutes and immediately began talking about bernie sanders. >> i think it was a great win for bernie sanders. we'll see how it all turns out. they've got a lot of winning to do. i hope they treat him fairly. frankly, i don't care who i run against, i just hope they treat him fairly. i hope it's not going to be a rigged deal because there's a lot of bad things going on, and i hope it's not going to be one of those. >> reporter: the president for months now is pushing that narrative that the system is rigged against sanders, you heard him say it right there, perhaps a way to solidify sand as the democratic nominee -- sanders as the democratic nominee. sanders moving full steam ahead e to super tuesday statements. last week word came down that russia and vladimir putin was trying to help the sanders campaign. sanders received a briefing of sorts but condemned any help from russia in very strong words. president trump said today he was not briefed about russia
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helping his campaign and did not opt to take the firm stance that sanders did. listen. >> nobody said it. i read where russia's helping bernie sanders. nobody said it to me at all, nobody briefed me about that at all. what they try to do is people like certain people have information, no different than it's been. >> reporter: the president did not seem concerned about any russian interference in his re-election campaign. president trump will spend one night in india, come back midweek, then he'll held to south carolina later this week for a rally on friday. that's no quicks dense because of the -- coincidence because of the big super tuesday race, and then on saturday he'll attend the cpac convention. when asked, president trump said he fully expects bernie sanders to be the nominee. sounds like he's rooting for bernie sanders to be the nomineing or gillian. gillian: to india and back in under 48 hours, imagine the debt
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jag. -- jet lag. thanks for that. leland: we are less than a week away from south carolina's primary, ten days til super tuesday. we're joined by fox news contributor steve hayes. nice to see you with, sir. >> thanks for having me. leland: how similar is what we're seeing in terms of a freakout from the democratic establishment about bernie sanders as it was to the freakout by the republican establishment in 2016 at this time over then-candidate trump? >> i think it's pretty similar, although democrats have had four years to prepare for this and didn't do much preparation. in fact, you could make the argument they made it ease questioner for bernie sanders in some respects. look, i think you're seeing the establishment now react in two different ways. one, they're freaking out, as you suggest, they're raising the prospect of having to ride bernie sanders, they're talking about down-ballot damage that could come with a bernie sanders nomination, but you're also starting to see, i think, the very earliest signs of some level of accommodation for bernie sanders. dan pfeiffer, who is one of
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president obama's smartest advisers, was on "meet the press" this morning and saying, well, look, bernie sanders just embraces popular policies, he just uses a bad label are calling himself a democratic socialist. it sounds like he's getting comfortable with bernie sanders. leland: and there's a big wing that it's okay. elizabeth warren talking about how the real threat wasn't from sanders, but from michael bloomberg. take a listen. >> i want to talk specifically for a minute at the top about a threat that is coming our way, and it's a big threat. not a tall one but -- but a big one, michael bloomberg. he plans to come in on super tuesday and immediately afterwards here in washington drop hundreds of millions of dollars and buy this election. leland: you'd think if she was still actually running for president, she would be attacking bernie sanders, not bloomberg. what's her game plan? >> i don't know that she has
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much of a game plan here. she didn't do well in nevada, she's not likely to be the nominee -- leland: [inaudible] >> no. i think she's more ideologically simpatico with bernie sanders -- leland: running for vice president? >> maybe or a cabinet position or something. it makes no sense strategically for her to be taking on mike bloomberg at this point unless she's trying to reare live sort of the glory of what most people thought was a pretty good debate night a couple nights ago. leland: david spuntout in noted that, in a way, president trump seems to be rooting for running against bernie sanders. mark short was on "fox news sunday" a couple hours ago and said this: >> we would look forward to that. i think it would show a stark contrast between a president who's had unemployment rates of 3.5% versus a candidate who i think continues to embrace socialism. i think's a stark contrast for the american people to choose from. leland: bring this full circles, there was a time when democrats were salivating against running
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against -- for running against donald trump. >> i think he's more likely to not win the nomination and could win the presidency, but this is who you want to run against if you're donald trump. donald trump was going to run against socialism no matter who who he faced, pete buttigieg or joe biden, but the move among the democratic party towards socialism, it's a gift. even if he qualifies it with democratic or whatever, bernie sanders is is a socialist. the policies he's pushing are more or less socialist policies. the country, i think, is not quite ready for that. leland: from your reporting, are there any republicans who are overtly or covertly trying to help bernie sanders along the way as a way to have that be the nominee, to your point, somebody to run against? >> i mean, you've heard this split, i think, among conservatives who would like to sort of goose bernie sanders or encourage him along or talking about the fight between the democratic establishment and sanders to sort of cause trouble. i don't think there's much of a
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pro-bernie movement among people actually believe things that are conservative. leland: fair enough. all right. read about it all in the dispatch, subscribe online, still free for the newsletter. steve hayes, thanks for getting dressed up on a sunday is. chris wallace's entire interview not only as a you saw a clip from mark short, but also tom steyer, 2 p.m. eastern, and mark levin talks to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on life, liberty and levin. tonight at 8 p.m. eastern. gillian: reaction is pouring in now to the intelligence community's claim on friday that russia is already interfering in the 2020 race. bernie sanders reacting birdies avowing -- by disavowing russia's efforts, president trump saying it's all fake news, not even happening. molly henneberg has the latest on that story. >> reporter: hi, gillian. national security adviser robert
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o'brien says it's, quote, the same old story that we've heard before. he's talking about leaks to the press after the democratic-led house intelligence committee received an intelligence briefing earlier this month claiming that the russians want to help president trump win a second term. >> i haven't seen any of that intelligence. i highly doubt it because, look, it's a common sense question. why would russia want the president who's rebuilt the american military, who's given the ukrainian leeptal arms, javelin are missiles and has sanctioned russia, why would they want him reelected? that just doesn't make common sense. >> reporter: o'brien says the trump administration has been, quote, very tough on russia. the president dismissed the russia report as, quote, a misinformation campaign for his politicallen enemies in congress. the president and his national security adviser said today, however, that they have seen reports in the media that russia wants to help democratic socialist bernie sanders get
10:13 am
elected. sanders says he was briefed on it last month. and now sanders' democratic primary opponents are taking note of it. >> the white house is shedding light, the president's angry because the intelligence community, in fact, informed bernie sanders -- and, i guess, others and members of the committee -- that, in fact, russians want to see trump reelected, and they like bernie. >> reporter: president trump said no one has briefed him on the russians wanting to help senator sanders. he says it was probably a leak from democratic house intelligence chairman adam schiff because schiff doesn't, quote, want bernie sanders to represent him. congressman schiff tweeted today, quote: nice deflection, mr. president, but your false claims fool no one. gillian? gillian: david sanger out with a great piece too that says, essentially, what russia is going for here in the united states is neither political party, they just want chaos. [laughter] molly, thanks for that.
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leland: coming close to succeeding in some ways. a mardi gras float struck and killed one person last night. the man, who has not been publicly identified, was killed during a parade. this comes just three days after a woman was run over by a different float on that same parade route. gillian: officials today are investigating that bus crash that killed three people and wounded 18 others yesterday when it rolled off a highway in southern california. a 5-year-old boy was subsequently taken to the hospital, he was in critical condition after suffering life-threatening injuriesment a few passengers also thrown off the bus while others remained trapped inside. this as emergency responders found the bus tipped onto its roof. officials now saying the cause of the crash is under investigation if, will be for some time. [background sounds]
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leland: a california man has died when his homemade rocket crashed. that was the liftoff. the 64-year-old man known as, quote, mad mike hughes, boarded that rocket yesterday morning. he launched himself toward the sky but died on impact because his parachute failed. he was known for getting a vantage point on the horizon, he was trying to advance the controversial theory that the earth is flat. gillian: people in one mississippi town are back in their homes today following a gas leak that sent at least 46 people to the hospital. officials say a pipe containing carbon dioxide ruptured around 8 p.m. last night. residents reporting green gas and a strong odor in the area. an initial investigation now says that the ground near the pipe appears to have caved in and that weather events may be behind the rupture. leland: president trump is enroute to india right now to visit one of america's largest
10:16 am
trading partners. kevin corke on the ground in new delhi where it is now monday morning. hi, kevin. >> reporter: good to be with you, lucky. the is the ninth largest trading partner with india, but for i could ya america is second -- india with america is second as far as trade is concerned. we look forward to the trip and continue our coverage here on "america's news headquarters." ♪ ♪ as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get.
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♪ ♪ leland: all right. president trump spoke a little bit earlier as he headed out to moo lean one, heading for a two-day visit to india, saying that he will hold, quote, the biggest event they -- meaning the indians -- have ever had with a rally at the world's largest cricket stadium. kevin corke has made his way to new delhi, hi, kevin. >> reporter: good to be with you, lucky. there are two important aspects to this upcoming trip. you're going to have to talk about the diplomatic but also the financial. to be fair, the latter won't get the lion's share of the attention certainly from the press, but it doesn't mean it's any less important. let me share some of the topics that we anticipate the two leaders will spend a great deal of time talking about as the
10:21 am
president makes his way here to india with. trade and tariffs, we've talked a lot about that, you and i have over the last several weeks, there's been this dust-up between the countries, still trying to massage a trade deal. they're not there yet. 5g, counterterrorism, energy security, anti-corruption efforts and religious freedom among the topics we expect the leaders and their officials to discuss. the president made it very clear that this is a trip that he, his family, his white house team, well, they've all been looking forward to. >> i look forward to being with the people of india. we're going to have many millions and millions of people. i hear it's going to be a big event. some people say the biggest event they've had in india, that's what the prime minister told me, this will be the biggest event they've ever had. >> reporter: certainly, they are expecting it to be that, and if the energy on the ground is any indication, it probably will be that. now, the president and the first lady are coming here with a
10:22 am
12-person official delegation, ivanka trump, jared kushner, but other luminaries including the board to india, the commerce secretary will be here, wilbur ross, robert o'brien, as you see, the energy secretary, sec chair and the nsc as well. the big event, of course, the rally, we expect about 100,000 to attend that, and think of this as a home and home, the americans put on a tremendous rally for the prime minister last year in texas. now his team will return the gesture. it should be quite the event. very quickly, lucky, we there will be probably one major -- we anticipate there will be probably one major arms deal to announce, also perhaps an energy agreement as well. we'll keep an eye on that. no trade deal, but the talks will obviously continue. back to you for now. leland: yeah. we saw a similar arms deal announced doesn't president's trip to -- during the president's trip to saudi arabia. kevin, thank you. gillian: for more insight on
10:23 am
what we can expect to see during president trump's india visit, we'll bring in policy studies chair over at the center for strategic and international studies, richard. i want to ask you first to just kind of give us a scene-setter here. why this trip is happening, why the president is going to india and why now. kevin gave us a full screen of the issues on the table, could you up pack those for us? >> in the next 20 years it'll be the third or fourth largest economy, and increasingly our security relationship has been expanding. we both look at the regional issues, particularly the rise of china, we see very similar pathways is and good areas to collaborate. so it's getting big, huge economic potential and an emerging security partnership. gillian: take a listen to what president trump had to say. a lot of people are saying, a lot of experts saying the reason he gets along so well with prime minister moldy is because they're both committed to the
10:24 am
idea that a lot of the partnerships around the world boil down to the interpersonal relationship. >> they've been hitting us hard for many, many years but i really like prime minister modi. we've got to talk a little business. they've been hitting us hard. they give us tariffs, one of the highest in the world is india. gillian: they've been hitting us really hard, but i really, really like him. >> yeah. both of our nations have massive trade deficits with the world, and both countries have been putting up trade barriers and hitting each other sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. but prime minister modi, he has decided that the partnership with the united states is so important that even though they're putting up trade barriers, they're choosing in areas where the government makes decisions to buy things, they're choosing to buy from the united states. as kevin mentioned, we're looking at one or maybe more defense agreements on the table, new energy agreements. these are all areas where the government of india is trying to offset the increasing trade tensions by buying from the
10:25 am
united states. if we're both putting up barriers, at least they're choosing the united states to be a partner of choice when they buy. gillian: tell me about the arms that kevin said we might if expect something big. >> the deal that seems most promising, actually quite a few that have been teed up, but there's a lockheed naval helicopter, multiuse that's going to help for research, it's going to help for search and rescue operations, counter-sub options and as the pla navy, the chinese navy begins more active operations in the indian ocean including submarine, for india to have the capabilities to be able to see submarines is and in wartime scenarios to be able to go after, the united states is providing the tech for that. gillian: that all sounds very expensive. is india gearing up to be the next saudi arabia? >> well, i mean, india the economy right now is already one of the largest on earth. a per capita basis, of course, it's a relatively impoverished nation, but in total 1.3 billion, a lot of purchasing
10:26 am
power, one of the largest military budgets in the world, and they're in a very dangerous region. you think about india's neighbors, they've had tense military relations with pakistan, increasingly e tense relationship with china and, overall, india's napes, nepal -- neighbors, nepal, bang rah derek the same. they may not have a lot of resources on a per capita basis, but in total the they do, and they're spending an increased amount on -- gillian: they've got population power. >> they do. gillian: a lot of critics of the president are saying this is all for show, this trip is payback nor him for -- for him for when he hosted the prime minister at the end of last year with this huge howdy modi rally. there were thousands of people packed into a stadium in houston, welcoming him there, you know, a lot of love shown between he and the president. and so folks are saying the president's doing this trip now for political reasons.
10:27 am
we've now entered campaign season, so he's going somewhere where he knows he's going to the to get a very welcome reception because at this there are not a lot of countries on earth where he's going to be embraced be like this. >> well, i just came back from four weeks in india, went to about a third of indian states, and i think, by and large, indians think he has an excellent chance at re-election. they're not going to treat this like a lame duck president visiting. we wish we could is have reduced some of the trade years -- barriers, but we do have deals on the table. i joined when president clinton went in 2000. then that trip was such a big deal because it had been a while. gillian: you think there's some real, sub instant thive issues they're going to get at? >> our security relationship is growing, they're buying more from the united states. i think there's a lot of deliverables some of which may not strike you today as immense, but those of us who have been working on this relationship for a long time, even small mentions
10:28 am
about the united states as a partner for security ties and such 20 years ago was unthinkable, anded today that kind after language happens regularly. gillian: thanks for your time, we appreciate, richard. leland? leland: back here at home, all eyes will be on bernie sanders. here's his rally in texas on saturday night. the democratic front-runner, what it means for president trump's campaign, when we come back. ♪ ♪ let's get down to business.
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♪ ♪ gillian: bernie sanders now turning his attention to the lone star state after walking away last night with a big win in nevada. steve harrigan is in houston with sanders to kick off a rally in just a half hour from now. steve? >> reporter: gillian, the crowd about four blocks deep, people waiting to get in here at the university of houston. this is one of four rally for sanders here in texas. this comes after a convincing win in nevada. sanders winning in almost all
10:33 am
demographics; men if, women, union, non-union, college-educated, non-college-educated. so a real convincing victory for sanders in nevada. especially in younger voters, those under 30 years of age by about 66%. sanders has said quite openly he expects to win the texas primary, paying less attention to his democratic rivals in his speeches here. instead focusing his criticism on president trump and the republicans. >> they think they're going to win this election by dividing our people up based on the color of their skin or where they were born or their religion or their sexual orientation. we are going to win because we are doing exactly the opposite, we're bringing our people together! [cheers and applause] >> reporter: texas primary is the second biggest prize on
10:34 am
super tuesday, 228 delegates, they'll be given out proportionally, and sanders is in a strong position financially. he raised $25 million in january alone. some of those millions now being spent on ad buys near texas. gillian, back to you. gillian: thanks for that. leland? leland: fundraising in a minute. just a fox news alert now, pete buttigieg's campaign, according to the associated press, is raising questions about the results of nevada's caucuses and asking the state democratic party to address more than 200 reports of problems allocating votes on saturday. they sent a letter to the state democratic party. obviously, in nevada they had hoped to avoid iowa 2.0. at least in the beginning, it looked like they had. now pete buttigieg's campaign is asking for an investigation. we will follow that. our friend, steve harrigan, noted a big focus of the 2020
10:35 am
campaign is not only the amount of money these candidates are bringing in, but how they are raising it. dan palmer writing in the "wall street journal" this week, the most effective politicians ask you to do something for them when you cut them a check for $20, you are committed you will tell your friends, and you will vote. lavishly spending one's own money may persuade, but that isn't the same thing as earning voters' ace lee scwoons, with that, we bring in dan palmer. dan, good to see you. does what you just explained in your column also explain why bernie sanders, who seems to be the undisputed king of the small donor, won so handily in nevada? >> the king of the small donor is donald trump. on the democratic side, bear new york's a movement -- bernie's a movement candidate. he's been at this since 2016. his people have skin in the game, they're showing up. and in a caucus state in particular like nevada, that type of commitment and energy
10:36 am
really, really translates. so, you know, last night there was one winner, bernie, and there were, like, five losers. there's no second place in nevada. that's a total disaster. i mean, the significance of the nevada primary is not the 36 delegates at stake, it's whether or not it propels you to generate more interest in your campaign, more earned media, more small donors, more large donors. no one got a boost out of nevada last night except for bernie. leland: if you're a bundler for amy klobuchar or even for pete buttigieg, especially for elizabeth warren, it's got to be pretty tough making calls to bigtime doe to nors and asking them to open their checkbooks right now. >> yeah, it's not going to happen. you make those calls and they tell you, let me get back to you, or maybe they don't take the call. no one's cutting any checks unless there's a sign of life, and there's no life. i mean, really the only possibility that the structure of this race is going to change is if biden comes first or a very close second in south carolina and carries that momentum into super tuesday.
10:37 am
absent that, the last man barring the door is bloomberg, and that's a pretty weak candidate in terms of his inability to connect with voters. it doesn't matter how much money he spends, he doesn't have a movement -- leland: you say it may not matter how much money he has to spend. bernie sanders views it slightly differently, at least he did on "60 minutes." take a listen. >> i am worried about an unprecedented amount of money being spent on a campaign. and, you know, we've never seen anything like this in american history. and i just think though that the american people will rebel against the type of oligarch movement. we are a democracy. one person, one vote, not a guy worth $60 billion buying an election. leland: does attacking bloomberg's money, conceivably his strength, work? >> boy, that comment from bernie is really rich. i mean, bernie is trying to bribe the electorate, you know? okay, bloomberg's trying to buy
10:38 am
it, but they're both using money as a weapon to try to gather people to their side. the bloomberg money is maybe worth, you know, obviously the saturation adds some value, but it's really get out the vote. very expensive. day eta collection, identifying your voters. it's not about persuasion, it's about getting the people you know are going to vote for you out to polls. that's a big operation. could be worth five plus points to a campaign. none of the midgets who are left in the democratic field have the money to be able to have a comprehensive get out the vote campaign other than bloomberg and bernie. leland: this was cash on hand as of january 31, february's been expensive, so we may not have a good idea. mike bloomberg, $55 million, bernie sanders, $15, 16 million and then you have donald trump, you called him the king of small
10:39 am
donors at $92 million. the question is this, in a small donor duke-out between bernie sanders and donald trump who are both movement candidates, does bernie sanders' voters is and the enthusiasm provide a unique challenge versus the rest of the democratic field for president trump and his fundraising? >> you know, i think bernie has both a high floor and a low ceiling. his message about redistribution is not popular enough to get to 50 plus 1, so i think, you know, it won't be about the small donors at the end of the day. it's about the strength of the message. i just don't see the bernie sanders message being able to unify the democratic party. if we have a situation where it's a billionaire and the anti-billionaire fighting it out to the convention, how does the winner unify the party? i think it's going to be a bloodbath, and i think that the big money is going to be on the senate and on the house. the establishment democrats with a bernie sanders ticket are going to be fearing for their
10:40 am
life. leland: yeah, we're already hearing in terms of some of these groups like third way and others talking about shifting money into those democratic house and senate races. dan palmer from los angeles, appreciate it. >> thank you, leland. gillian: ahead, australia is beginning to remember some heroes who have helped them to contain those massive wildfires that have been devastating the cup. take a listen. >> 25 lives have been taken by this fire season. each one of those is a story of grief, of to found loss -- profound loss, great sadness, of lives cut short and of families being changed forever. ♪ ♪ good- snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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>> leapt us heal, let us rebuild, d most importantly, let us never forget especially those we have lost who can never be replaced. god bless you all.
10:45 am
leland: that was australian prime minister scott morrison speaking today at a memorial service for the 25 people who were killed in those massive wildfires that swept their country for weeks. members of the fire service and members of the public all came together to remember the victims and, obviously, to thank the firefighters who gave their lives. three australian and three the american firefighters are among those who died trying to save that country. ♪ ♪ gillian: italy is now confirming 132 cases of coronavirus, making in the biggest outbreak in a single country outside of mainland china. this happens as the global number of infections has now grown to at least 78,000 people worldwide. christina coleman is tracking the outbreak there our l.a. bureau. christina. >> reporter: well, gillian, this is a sudden outbreak in italy. as of thursday, there were only three cases of the virus reported. now that number is up to 132.
10:46 am
areas in northern italy are on lockdown including the financial capital of milan. authorities also shutting down carnival events in venice which reported its first two cases. health officials are worried because they can't trace the immediate source of the virus or in italy. >> translator: we and the health authorities were unable to locate patient zero. we have not identified this, so it is difficult to make any predictions. the only concrete and valid measure to be taken was to close these territories. >> reporter: or in iran at least eight people have died from the virus. there's now 43 cop firmed cases of the illness -- confirmed cases, up from 28 yesterday. the country has stopped direct passenger flights to china and is offering out face masks and sanitizer. infection it is also surging in south korea. the government announced 169 more cases of the virus today, bringing the country's total to 602. the death toll has risen from 3 to 6. south korea's president says his
10:47 am
government is increasing its antivirus alert to red, the highest level, which allows school closings and restrictions on public transportation and flights in and out of the country. and here in the u.s. the cdc says the virus is not spreading fast, but that it could happen. today on his way to india, president trump says the u.s. has the evolving situation under control. >> it's a bad situation going on throughout the world, and i can say the united states, we very much closed our doors to certain areas and about certain areas, from certain areas, and we'll' what happens. but we have the greatest doctors in the world. we have it very much under control. >> reporter: and today china's president xi called covid-19 the biggest public health emergency the country has ever faced and called for more efforts to stop the outbreak. and while the daily count has declined in china recently, the death toll continues to rise. gillian? gillian: also overnight the state department here raising the travel alert level for, i
10:48 am
believe, china and south korea. christina coleman from l.a., thank you. leland: '60s supermodel barbara smith has died, she was the first african-american woman to appear on the cover of mademoiselle magazine all the way back in 1976. she later had a successful home decorps line and a string of popular restaurants. in a statement, her husband said heaven is shining even bright e now that it is graced with b.'s because dazzling and unforgettable smile. she was 70 years old. (sensei) a live bookkeeper is helping customize
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♪ ♪ leland: welcome back on this sunday. president trump's new intel chief, acting director of national intelligence, is wasting no time installing his own team to oversee the nation's spy agency. garrett tenney with us now with details on that. >> reporter: yeah. this is a number of changes he's already made. on friday the former acting head of intelligence, joseph mcguire, resigned and according to "the new york times," his deputy, andrew hallman, resigned as well after ric grenell told him his service was no longer needed. one of the first hires as a
10:53 am
staffer, kash patel, played a key role in republican efforts to investigate alleged surveillance abuses by the fbi and doj. grenell and patel have been given a mandate to clean house according to cbs news and to carry out a top-to-bottom review of the intelligence agencies which the president has routinely criticized since taking office. grenell is expected to lead the odni on a temporary basis, and he is involved in discussions about who will be nominated to fill that position. this morning president trump said he has narrowed his list of candidates down to four or five very respected people. >> ambassador grenell has done a fantastic job. this is just a temporary job. we have five people that we're looking at very seriously, expert people, and at a certain point in the not too distant future, we'll be nouning who they are. >> reporter: -- announcing who they are. >> reporter: democrats are blasting the president for
10:54 am
appointing tremendous knell who has never worked for an intelligence agency but is tasked with overseeing the nation's 17 spy agencies. given that grenell is a staunch ally of the president, senator chris murphy e said he is concerned about the administration weapon nicing classified information. >> what i am worried about is the politicization of intelligence by this administration. the new acting head of intelligence has no background in intel, he is a trump loyalist, and i think we all worry about this administration controlling massive amounts of intelligence, massive amounts of classified information and leaking it out to the press when it advantages them. >> reporter: and by law, grenell can only serve in an acting capacity for 210 days, but there are exceptions to that, so it's possible he could sustain that role for much longer until they're anal to get someone -- able to get someone nominated and concerned. leland: you've got to think about gina haskell and others now running agencies, what this
10:55 am
means for them. garrett tenney, thank you very much. gillian? gillian: well, another turn in the mention sit saga. -- meg sit saga. what harry and meghan are saying about the queen's latest directive, this coming up after the break. ♪ ♪ is changing things up.
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with an app that's changing the way we do money. download robinhood now. >> well, megxit drama is not over yet, jessica whose children
10:59 am
were in wedding. they are not plan to go use the word royal, once out of royal duties is finalized, that will be the spring. leland: wasn't the whole point of this that they wanted to go off and live the quiet life by themselves and registering global charities dot com, really? gillian: they are going to continue to use charity work but not turned normal monarch. it's not shady at all to get your best friend to start registering websites on your behalf. leland: all says i just want to live a private life with my new child and step back from public eye, calling the paparazzis take pictures of you as you go for
11:00 am
runs, it falls in line? gillian: you don't do that? leland: i do, they just don't come, gillian turner on with fox news sunday and chris wallace next. mr. sunday, take it away. chris: i'm chris wallace, the president replaces america's intelligence chief after department warns congress russia is interfering in 2020 campaign, to help mr. trump win reelection. ♪ ♪ chris: meanwhile the president issues controversial pardons and may give another to former adviser roger stone. >> i would love to see roger exonerated. chris: we will discuss white house turmoil with marc short, chief of staff to vice president pence. then bernie sanders wins nevada, his third straight victory in the democratic race. >> we have now won the nevada caucus. [cheers and


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