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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 24, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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so-called bomb site. the family stayed somewhere else and they got a refund. guess that's-that depends on your definition of a bomb site. live coverage continues from india with "fox & friends" first right now. bye-bye. rob: it is monday, february 24th. this is a fox news alert. hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets to welcome president trump and first lady melania as they arrived for their first official visit to india overnight. gillian: we are live with the major moments as the president delivers his america first message to the largest rally crowd yet. wait until you see it. happening today, democrats gearing up for their next test in south carolina. rob: with bernie's blow-out win in nevada over the weekend, putting him on a possible path to nomination, some are calling for a recount. a big makeover for one of
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baseball's most beloved mascot. gillian: how do philly fans feel about the new look? "fox & friends" continues right now. ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day. ♪ don't let i it get away. ♪ gillian: good shot. easing into it a little bit. rob: it's not bad outside. gillian: it's very warm, i know. rob: we'll take it. gillian: good morning, i'm gillian mele. rob: the president kicking off his first official visit to india with a crowd of more than 100,000 people. gillian: standing beside prime
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minister modi as he promised to strengthen the important alliance. >> america will always be faithful and loyal friends to the indian people. your unity is an inspiration to the world, our people are prospering and spirits are soaring. our representatives will sign deals to sell over $3 billion in the absolute finest state of the art military helicopters and the monster known as al baghdadi, the founder and leader of isis, is dead. [ cheering and applause ] rob: a little highlight reel there. john roberts is live in india with the major moments from the president's -- from the first stop of the president's whirl wind india tour. jupe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was the biggest crowd president trump has ever spoken in front of and it was everything that was promised by
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prime minister modi. the stadium holds about 110,000 people. there were only a few empty seats behind where the president was speaking but there were thousands more on the field. so well over 100,000 people i would say here. it was part campaign rally and also part joint statements by the two leaders. campaign rally from the standpoint that president trump would like to get the support of many of the 2.8 million indians who now call america home, many of those are now citizens and able to vote and prime minister modi looking for the support of president trump as he goes forward with his plans to reenergize the economy of india and with all indications from the president, in his speech today, he has got it. listen here. >> it is your faith in the strength of a free society, your confidence in your own people, your trust in your own citizens and your respect for the dignity of every person that makes the united states and inya such --
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india such a natural, beautiful, enduring friendship. >> reporter: on his way to the stadium, the president and first lady stopped by the ashram, the first ashram that mahatma gandhi appeared at, his home from 1917 until 1930. the president from here is going to go to the taj mahal and tomorrow there are bilateral meetings with the prime minister which promise to be difficult at times because a lot of what they'll talk about is trade. president trump suggesting that the united states and india could forge a better trade relationship, one that's not as protectionist as india has now and in doing so could strengthen both economies, the president also saying that india agreed to bible i don't think so of dollars - ---bible i don't think
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so of dollars of -- buybillions of dollars in military hardware. listen to what the president said. >> i believe that the united states should be india's premier defense partner and that's the way it's working out. together we will defend our sovereignity, security and protect a free and open indo-pacific region for our children and for many, many generations to come. >> reporter: the president also talked about eradicating radical islamic terrorism. he got cheers from the crowd when he said he was leaning on the pakistani prime minister to do something about the terrorists who hide in the hair tries in -- in territories in pakistan. the president saying he's got a good relationship with pakistan. that's a difficult topic in india because tensions have remained ever since the two countries were formed after world war ii. the president also taking on the difficult issue of immigration,
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difficult from the standpoint that prime minister modi i'm implemented some immigration policies that have drawn fire and criticism from around the world because they seem to be discriminatory against muslims. the president was not critical of anything the prime minister has been doing so for modi's part he seemed to get the measure of support from president trump today that he was looking for. rob: talk about how surreal this is for a lot of the president's supporters, waking up this morning and seeing the president doing a rally in india. i think a lot of people are waking up saying what is this, what's going on. >> reporter: it was pretty extraordinary. don't forget, there are almost 3 million indian americans who have i'm greated from this country to the -- i' i'm immigrd from this done troy the united states. there are increasing technological ties between india an the united states. i met a couple who spent eight months of the year in kansas
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city and winters here. there is a natural affinity and growing relationship between the united states and india. so for people to wake up this morning and be hearing about the president's rally in india, i don't think it's that unusual and i think during the rally when it was playing out lieive x early this morning, there were a lot of people in the united states watching it, i know because they were contacting me on twitter. gillian: thank you so much. rob: and back at home, all eyes are on south carolina ahead of the democratic primary there. senator bernie sanders is now the man to beat after his landslide win in nevada. gillian: aishah hasnie joins us with new questions surrounding the caucuses. >> reporter: with sanders latest win in nevada, the 2020 candidates taking aim at him. the buttigieg campaign claiming that there are irregularities in the caucus results. in a statement, the campaign says, quote, explain anominallies in the data, given
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how close the race is between second and third place we ask that you take the steps before releasing final data. the nevada democratic party responding by saying this, quote, we laid out our early vote and caucus day processes, step by step, and we communicated these processes to all campaigns. buttigieg isn't the only one calling out sanders. senator amy klobuchar challenging democrats to really consider if he's the right choice. >> about a debate ago or so we were asked does anyone have trouble with a socialist leading the democratic ticket. i think the stakes are so high in this race that we have to have someone on the head of this ticket that can bring people with her instead of shutting them out. >> reporter: amid those attacks, sanders just got a boost from a former competitor, remember marianne williamson, so she just officially endorsed bernie ahead
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of south carolina's primary on saturday. and take a look at this, a new poll shows joe biden in the lead with sanders and tom steyer trying close behind there. biden seeing a drop in african american support in that state. and he blames steyer. >> you have steyer spending hundreds of millions, tens of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars out campaigning there and so i think a lot's happening in terms of the amount of money being spent by the billionaires to try cut into the african american vote. >> reporter: and steyer just qualified for tomorrow's debate. rob: just in time. aishah, thanks so much. gillian: now to this story we've been following, quarantined coronavirus patients will not come to alabama. they are backtracking on the plan to bring them to a fema facility. of the 300 americans on the ship, 14 have tested positive
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for coronavirus. cases now surging in south korea and itly, over 2600 people have died worldwide, nearly 80,000 people have been infected. rob: president trump's public charge rule goes into effect nationwide today. it will make it harder for legal immigrants to get green cards if they receive public benefits like food stamps. the department of homeland security says it could cost billions of taxpayer dollars. the rule was given the green light by the supreme court last week. gillian gillian: 20,000 people expected to pack into the staples center today to pay respects to kobe bryant and his daughter, gianna. they died in a helicopter crash outside los angeles last month. rob: the date, february 24th, honors their basketball jersey numbers, two and 24. this will be the bryant family's first public appearance since
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that tragedy. gillian: still so sad. 10 minutes after the hour right now. it's warm here in new york city. rob: quite mild. we'll take it, janet. >> i was selling gillian last week that march could bring changes in the northeast, including new york stitch we'll have to wait and see. but for now, 45, we will take it, right. much of the country is sort of around average or above average. past 24 hours we'll show you the rain in the forecast for parts of the mississippi valley, the ohio valley, the tennessee river valley and that's not necessarily a good thing because we have seen flooding over these areas over the last couple of weeks, so flood advisories remain in effect for parts of kansas, missouri, as well as the ohio and tennessee river valley. that will be an ongoing situation as we go through the next couple of weeks, into the springtime. there's the future radar. we have cold air that will sink sowed ward and we'll -- southward and we'll have snow from the midwest to the great
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lakes. then we'll have to watch these pattern change as we get into march. we're almost done anyway. so we need one big snowstorm here in new york city. rob: that sun is getting bright in the sky. i'm loveing that. >> if it happened, it will be short lived. i will keep you posted. gillian: a massive crowd cheering president trump on as he seeks to strengthen the u.s.-india relationship. our next guest says president trump is speaking the universal language of trade language. rob: george why models were sg their stuff before an empty house. stay tuned. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like james lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic®
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enduring friendship. indians and americans are always striving to be greater, so our nations have become thriving centers of culture and commerce and civilization, giving light and vitality to all of the world. jillian: president trump receiving a very warm welcome during his whirled wind visit to india, the president standing on stage with prime minister modi to tout a strong relationship between both countries and promise of a stronger future. rob: aaron perini explains how resetting relationship with india could help the president's standing on the world stage tel us why this is so important. >> what we are seeing is a strong and strengthening relationship between india and the united states. president trump on stage announcing the sale of billions of dollars in military equipment, specifically helicopters, to help one of our key allies in india. the president is also touting the fact that there will be
2:17 am
trade talks beginning in india. this is a president who is great the art of deal making and is standing in india as the top world leader to move america forward and strengthen ties with end gentleman. jillian: you mentioned there will be a trade agreement in the initial phases. the president mentioned two different times, if not more, that prime minister modi is very tough. why do you think he made it a point to say that? he definitely said it for a reason. >> there's no tougher deal maker than president trump. he wants to make sure that the focus is a good trade deal, is one that puts america first and is reciprocal with our partners and he's not taking any trade deal for granted. he wants to make sure that negotiations are moving forward in this early stage so the conversations can continue for a prosperous trade deal india and the united states. the president's the best deal merck out there, though. rob: india of course a lot of
2:18 am
protectionist policies in the country. if we look at the balance of goods and services and trade between these two countries, a deficit of $25 billion. the number is getting better. the president wants to get that closer to even as he always says. how exactly can he do that? what does he have to offer prime minister modi? >> well, the united states is a booming economy and a growing economy, one that any trade partner across the globe would want to get into it, an economy and a market that is strong and growing, not only in terms of goods and manufacturing but export and technology. this is a country on the rise, so any trading partner should know when they're going into negotiations with the united states, we're coming from a place of strength when we continue these talks. jillian: other countries watching, what do they take away from this? it was a massive crowd and they were very excited to see him. >> any country that saw president trump today in india saw a world leader and a world class leader. president trump is a strong force and the strongest force
2:19 am
for the american people wherever he goes, he brings the message of america first. he is putting our american citizens first on the global stage wherever he goes because that's what he cares about most. he walks into india so he can extend these relationships and these ties between the americans and the indian people. this is really important across the globe. rob: what about china? you're talking about manufacturing. we have a big deal we're trying to work on with china. india is a good option for companies in this country if they want somewhere to go. how does china view this relationship. >> china should know our relationship with india is strong and growing and phase one of china trade was a big negotiation and a good first trade deal as we start to work on phase two of china. india should see how that trade deal went, the length that the united states went to to make it a fair trade deal for the united states and china.
2:20 am
china should know the negotiations going on in india will hopefully yield the same results, a strong trade deal because america is a strong country and we want trade deals that are putting america first. jillian: erin, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. rob: 20 minutes after the hour. first michael bloomberg told journalists they weren't allowed to report on his campaign, now the billionaire is accused of breaking one of the biggest rules on twitter. jillian: how the site is breaking down on an invasion of bloomberg bots. ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi pressure cooker with tender crisp technology. the best of pressure cooking and air frying are now in one pot. and only the ninja foodi has tender crisp technology, so you can cook foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. you may never need another appliance ever again. the ninja foodi pressure cooker.
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awesome. so while moving may still come with its share of headaches... no kidding. we're doing all we can to make moving simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. rob: welcome back. elizabeth warren unveils a plan to legalize marijuana. she would reduce federal funding to states that do not legalize
2:24 am
the drug. her plan includes working to expunge past marijuana convictions and making sure big tobacco doesn't dominate the industry. she says she will fill her cabinet with pot supporters. jillian: senator bernie sanders will promise to legalize marijuana if elected. he is the frontrunner going into tomorrow night's debate. he will likely be forced to defend himself over his comments about a socialist dictator. >> we're opposed to the authoritarian nature of cuba. it's unfair to say everything is bad. when fidel castro came into office, he had a massive literacy program. is that a bad thing? jillian: republicans quick to jump on the comments. senator ted cruz tweeting it makes a difference when those you murder at the firing squad can read and write. venezuela, one in three people face hunger every day, hyper
2:25 am
inflation renders many salaries worthless. venezuela's president has been reluctant to let organizations into the country to help with the humanitarian crisis. 40% of houses also report daily electricity and water cuts. rob: it appears twitter had enough of michael bloomberg's social media barrage, the company suspending some pro bloomberg accounts for violating policies. the policies were rolled out last year in response to russian meddling. bloomberg's campaign said they did not intend for the accounts to mislead anyone. jillian: president trump and the first lady now on their way to tour the taj mahal after rallying a record crowd in india overnight, the president bringing his america first message to the world stage. we are live in new delhi with what we can expect. >> evidence is clear that
2:26 am
russians are up to their same old, same old. rob: republicans think that democrats are deploying a go-to smear strategy, this time to derail bernie sanders. our political panel on deck to debate that, coming up. ♪ i'm high on believing. ♪ that you're in love with me. ♪ we have like 40 years of data! that's incredibly valuable!
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. right now, president trump and the first lady are en route to tour the damag taj mahal. rob: the president giving a namaste rally in india before 100,000 people during the first visit to that country as president. jillian: kevin cork joins us from new delhi, india, where air force once is expected to land in minutes. >> reporter: first trip to india as president, but i have a feeling he'll be back many more times if that is possible because of the warrant of the well -- warmth of the welcome has been overwhelming. 110,000 people at the rally, one that will be long remembered for not just the warmth of the reception and the platit udes and the mess an tries, the --
2:31 am
pleasant t'ric. and he talked about the importance of the democracies. the president making a special note that india's impressive gains over the past decade are a shining example of what strong leadership and good stewardship can do. >> as a democratic country, you have done it as a peaceful country, you have done it, as a tolerant country, and you have done it as a great free country. >> reporter: applause and ovation for the president throughout the speech. today we saw the namaste rally, he'll be visiting the taj mahal shortly and he'll spend the night in delhi. on tuesday, there's a welcoming ceremony followed by business meetings and the big state dinner on tuesday night. on the agenda, trade, tariffs,
2:32 am
5g telecom, energy security and defense cooperation. but it's trade that really is expected to dominate the buy rat bilateral conversations to come, talks the president said he is certainly looking forward to. >> we are in the early stages of discussion for an incredible trade agreement to reduce barriers of investment between the united states and india and i am optimistic that working together the prime minister and i can reach a fantastic deal that's good and even great for both of our countries. >> reporter: you may have heard the president mention that the prime minister is an awfully tough negotiator, he played to the crowd a little bit with that. i thought it was a little tongue in cheek but certainly appropriate because the trade talks have been slow but steady. you may have heard him mention a big defense deal, one that would sell billions to the indians in aircraft and other defense technologies, it's the kind of
2:33 am
deal the president says we should certainly see many more of moving forward. guys, back to you for now. as soon as the president makes his way to the taj mahal, i promise to bring you that. for now, back to you. jillian: kevin cork, thank you. rob: the president and the prime minister modi, they are loved by supporters because they are not liked by the establishment in their reexpression testify countries. -- respective countries. joining me now, republican strategist, lauren clapy and robert patillo. lauren, we'll pull up numbers here, 16% of indian americans voted for donald trump in 2016. he is not popular within this faction. how much does this trip help? >> i think it helps immensely, mostly because this gives an opportunity for president trump to highlight the relationship with modi, the need and the want for us to have a strong trade
2:34 am
relationship with india, which is a huge economy, and as you know, there's about 3 million indian americans in the united states who they have leaned democratic but that 16% has grown to something around 28% since president trump has been in office and that's mostly because of his economic agenda. indian americans like what they see. so for him to go out and then stress a stronger relationship and more economic benefit and a stronger relationship there, it's only going -- he can only grow from there. rob: try to get a better trade deal going on there. robert, you saw this last year, they had this big rally in houston with prime minister modi, he's pushing for that base. do you think he has a shot at it? >> i don't know. what i don't understand is if president trump's going to be representing the united states of america in india, why doesn't he talk about human rights abuses against muslim minorities. let's talk about the protest in kashmir and the citizenship law
2:35 am
that hurts ethnic minority muslims within india. the fact that the president would not address those issues, instead talk about a military deal, i think doesn't represent the american people. if he wants to appeal to indian americans who are here, most of them are here because of the economy in india, understand that 30,000 young people enter the job market every day to get 400 jobs there. so until he's red i do address those issues -- ready to address those issues, i don't think he'll make much progress with americans. rob: to be fair, what we've seen is a rally. we don't know what will be discussed behind closed doors and he has the meetings in delhi as well. lauren, your response? >> i would say for the most part indian americans have signified they've been pleased with donald trump's position on pakistan, how strong he's been. as far as countering some of the violence going on in kashmir, there's going to be conversations we don't know about. i don't think he's going to publicly blast president modi
2:36 am
because he's trying to start negotiations at this point. but i think that that will -- if that happens, it will probably happen behind closed doors. rob: let's talk about the political development over the weekend, we learned a lot about evidently russia trying to push for donald trump to be the next president, to be president again and also bernie sanders, supporting bernie sanders as well. robert, what did you make of this? a lot of people are saying this is a political leak coming from the left. >> i don't understand how it could be coming from the left, when bernie sanders is the most far left candidate, probably in american political history. rob: a huge faction of democrats are worried sick that he'll be the nominee. >> bernie is the left. bernie sanders had this information a month a it was his responsibility and duty as a candidate to come forward and let the american people know before voting started in iowa, new hampshire and nevada, that there might be online interference so people could sift through the information. it's a question of integrity.
2:37 am
he chastised the washington post for reporting on it instead of chastising the russians and later on made a statement. the intelligence agencies tell us that the russian government is going to interfere in our he'll. >>election. it's not about who they elect. i think every candidate needs to fight against it. rob: let's listen to the president, then you respond. >> i read where russia is helping bernie sanders. nobody briefed me about that at all. they leaked it. adam schiff and his group, they leaked it to the papers. rob: so he's really upset that this got leaked out almost right off the bat, it went to schiff's committee of all places. what do you make of that response? >> i think that obviously there's a problem when classified information is leaking to the media so quickly and i think that that's bad for our intelligence community, it's bad for the president's relationship with congress, it's just -- that's not something that should be happening. i do think the president should
2:38 am
know and i think he's been told that russia has been -- has never stopped interfering. they have never stopped meddling, trying to sow chaos in our systems. that was in 2016, it was during the mid-terms, it has been continuous. and so i think it's important to understand that by meddling, they're not infiltrating our election systems and his administration in particular has done a lot of work with the state and local governments to make sure that those election systems, the actual voting booths are secure. what they're doing is just sowing the information, and division online with social media. rob: it certainly leaked out awfully fast when the information came out. lauren, robert, thank you. jillian: i his base think he's perfect but is pete buttigieg guilty of plagiarism. the old tweet by a prominent democrat that looks like this one. >> they said oh, it's a big crowd. said it's only because you guys
2:39 am
are coming. usa! rob: the left putting the miracle on ice team in the penalty box just for appearing on stage with the president. we have the defense to the social media backlash, coming up. ♪
2:40 am
2:41 am
2:42 am
>> they said boy, this is a big crowd. i said it's only because you guys are coming. i would like to invite these incredible sports legends to join me on stage. usa! usa! rob: what a moment, right. the 1980 miracle hockey team honored by president trump in the rally in nevada, forced to pay defense when liberals struck an attack on social media. jillian: carley shimkus here with how it all went down. >> while the team received a warm reception at the president's rally, their appearance did not sit well with
2:43 am
some of the president's critics. the backlash so strong that the team responded, tweeting for us this is not about politics and choosing sides, this is about proudly representing the united states of america, whether your beliefs are democratic, republican, independent, et cetera, we support that and are proud to represent the usa. it is an ho honor and a privile. the president's supporters cheering them on on social media, one twitter user says what's horrible about it, a miracle team and a miracle president. heather also chiming in, saying god forbid they support our president and want what's best for our country and annie on social media also weighing in, saying they know the real meaning of winning. so it is always controversial when a team appears with a president, equally controversial when a team chooses not to. rob: and maybe plagiarism for mayor pete. >> his campaign has been compared to former president
2:44 am
barack obama. on saturday, buttigieg posted this, if we can light up a high school gym, we can light up a neighborhood, if we can light up a neighborhood, we can light up a city, if we can light up a city, we can light up our country. but in 2012, the former president had this tweet appear on his twitter account, saying one voice can change a room and if it can change a room, it can change a city. and if it can change a city, it can change a state. you think that's kind of similar? some people on social media do. this person calling him plagiarism pete, so many nicknames going with pete biewj jet. -- buttigieg. i think twitter is lighting up your plagiarism says another person. former president obama's speech writer wrote in saying oh, man. jillian: oh, man to an empty fashion week show. >> this may be a first. giorgio armani hosted his milan fashion show in an empty room, did not have an audience.
2:45 am
he was planning to but decided to cancel amid coronavirus concerns, so he streamed it online instead. the fashion house said the decision was taken to safeguard the well-being of all of his invited guests by not having them attend crowded spaces. some are making light of this, this twitter user said he should design clothing that would protect people from the coronavirus. a very serious situation in italy, 152 cases, the largest outbreak outside of china. thjillian: these are live pictures happening, coming in from india where it's later in the afternoon over there. they are landing as we mentioned and they are going to be touring the taj mahal. they are over there on this two-day trip. the president as we've been talking about this morning spoke at length earlier this morning, rob, in front of a packed crowd of more than 100,000 people
2:46 am
alongside prime minister modi. rob: the scene of the rally this morning, about 100,000 people, it was a huge crowd. it was a surreal experience i'm sure for the president, his first trip to india. today, he will play tourist, visiting the taj mahal, outside of delhi where he heads to next. the next thing we'll see is the president coming out of the plane. he'll head into delhi. they'll be talk about trade and trying to get a better trade deal happening between india and the united states, a country that we've had struggles with their protectionist policies, trying to get tariffs moves offed of motorcycles and other things like that. jillian: as we go to brian kilme, we heard the president saying we were in the beginning stages of a discussion with an agreement. we'll see what goes on with a
2:47 am
that. >> reporter: the president feels the tariffs are too high with india, the president wants a more equitable trade deal and want to be the number one arms supplier to india. right now it's with russia. we'll talk about the world -- i guess the world doesn't all hate donald trump. 125,000 people don't show up to cheer a man they don't like. we'll talk about that and we'll have some funs, had hurricanes have a gla zamboni driver. they asked him to play goalie. he will join us, telling what it was like to put on the pads and winning. and new rules effective today limiting immigrants, who will be a possible burden on taxpayers, some on the supreme court don't light that. we have kevin mccarthy here on the new russian hysteria. i thought the russians want
2:48 am
bernie to win. no, they want donald trump to win. maybe they want chaos in america. get this, the man running against adam schiff using his failed impeachment strategy against the california congressman. we'll talk about all that coming your way in about 12 minutes. see ya. ♪ (sensei) beautiful. but support the leg! when i started cobra kai, the lack of control over my business made me a little intense. but now i practice a different philosophy. quickbooks helps me get paid, manage cash flow, and run payroll. and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. hey! more mercy. (vo) save over 40 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. the easy way to a happier business. welcome to portabella's. thisfor some scampi bites.eady wait a sec i feel like i know you?
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rob: welcome back. a live look at air force one in india, in northern india, this morning. it's 4:21 p.m. the president has just landed after a massive rally in western india and then he flew up after a big rally with the prime minister in front of about 100,000 people and he's going to be heading to the taj mahal here
2:52 am
shortly. he's about 50 miles to the south of the capital of delhi. he's going to see the taj mahal with the first lady. then they're going to head to delhi, the capital and they'll have a lot of big meetings coming up here tonight and tomorrow, talking about trade and other policies with india, the president has a very good relationship with the prime minister. jillian: prime minister modi was speep speaking on stage before he presented president trump to the massive crowd of more than 100,000. it was interesting to hear prime minister modi, he spent a lot of time talk about the significance of the president and the first lady and his family being in india, in their country, to strengthen their ties, not only the two of them but he spent time talking about ivanka, spent time talking about jared. he said he knows jared is not always in the spotlight. he talked about the porches of their presence for -- importance of their presence for all of this. rob: india and their policies on trade, something the president will go after a little bit. the prime minister of india being scrutinized for a policy a
2:53 am
lot of people think is anti-muslim in the dealings with the muslim people of the kashmir region of india, and a new policy on immigration which may rule people out from coming into the country if they are muslim, coming into india. so that is a big point to be made as the president visits and there is the president and the first lady, wearing a yellow tie and they're getting off the plane right now. jillian: live pictures in india, the president and first lady just getting off air force one, they're going to make their way to the taj mahal where they will do a tour there, this is day one of their busy two days in the country. prime minister modi talked about the new-frowned friendship, the way they're going to strengthen their ties, the president talked about this being the beginning stages of discussions of a trade agreement. he said prime minister modi is a tough negotiator but he did confirm they are in the beginning stages of the walks.
2:54 am
rob: the president respects i think a tough negotiator as you see ivanka and jared on the left. if you remember, it wasn't that many months ago, just last year, when in houston, texas the president hosted a rally with prime minister modi and it had a massive crowd of indian americans at that rally, the president is not all too popular with indian americans in the united states. i'm sure he's trying to shore up that base a little bit, there's about 4 million we understand in the united states. jillian: we had john roberts on the show. he was at the event. he said there were so many people in the united states who were up in the middle of the night, watching this rally as it was happening in our overnight hours and he said i know that because so many people have been sending me messages so people were interested to see what this was about. rob: it is interesting, i think for a lot of people, a lot of the president's supporters. you see rally in india, i think that's a bit of a surreal thing.
2:55 am
usually the president visits with other world leaders and it doesn't look like a rally at a how long stadium with 100,000 people. i think that was very surreal for a lot of people and you see a cultural moment for the president and first lay ditch this is a big trip. the president's trying to kind of redo a lot of the trade deals all over the country. he likes the one on one approach. he doesn't want to deal with places like the european union. he doesn't like a lot of the other trade deisms he likes to go into the country one on one, he thinks it gives him more leverage. the president has the strongest economy maybe in the world, ever, he says. he likes to try to get a fair trade deal with a country like this that we have a massive deficit with. jillian: look at the fan fare that's going on. look at what they are greeted by. they are immersed in the culture right now and you can see the president clapping there and the first lady alongside. i mean, these pictures speak volumes. rob: it's quite a moment. it is really pretty.
2:56 am
it is something to see there, a warm day in india in northern india as the president tours some of the culture there. we know this is his first trip to india as the president of the united states. he did have a casino in atlantic city called the taj mahal which is interesting enough and he'll be visiting that site very soon. jillian: as we continue to look at the live pictures and watch what's going on as the president and first lady slowly make their way down that red carpet and eventually they'll make their way to the taj mahal where they will tour the taj mahal and just taking a moment to take all of this in, it looks like that's what they're doing. prime minister modi made it a point to say there's so much our of coul two countries share. it seems like they are on the same page right now. you never know what's going to happen as talks continue. he said this visit that you're
2:57 am
watching live marks a new chapter between the two countries, a new era of progress and prosperity. rob: the president and prime minister of india are similar in many ways, both populist leaders of their country. the president from what i'm reading is more popular with people in india than he is with indian americans in our country. prime minister modi is popular there as well, he's a democratically elected leader of india. the president and first lady will tour the taj mahal, which was built in the 1600s as a mausoleum for a favorite wife. it's supposed to be a spectacular thing, a powerful place to visit, an incredible visit. jillian: this is video from earlier this morning, this is prime minister modi alongside president trump, this is what we were talk about, this rally
2:58 am
where there were more than 100,000 people and when you see images of the entire complex, it's -- they play cricket there. it is massive. a lot of people were dressed in white, wearing white hats. for a while you didn't know what they said. john roberts had one in his hand and it was trump hat. it said namaste trump. rob: namaste trump. they put one on every seat of the massive 125*eu9 strad stadih was -- stadium which was not supposed to be open yet. it's a cricket stadium in india, a very popular sport. you can see -- look at the size of the crowd. the president has never gotten a crowd that big in the united states, him and the prime minister of india getting a crowd that big there and there was a lot of cheers in that crowd and he talked about a lot of different things that matter a lot to the people of india. he talked about terrorism, got lot of cheers on that. talked a little about trade, making deals with india, talked about the things that prime
2:59 am
minister modi has done for his country an got a lotsupport on s well. jillian: in addition to that he got cheers when talk about terrorism. the president, i thought was interesting, was trying to insert himself and be one with people when he is at these different locations. he got a ton of cheers. the cloud erupted when he talked about india's presence in the film industry and when he talked about the sport. it was so fascinating to hear their reaction to him. rob: it is something else. as we look, here is back live. agra, india, at about 4:30 in the afternoon. the motorcade now heading over to the taj mahal. it's been a big day already for the president. there is the speech on the right from earlier. there is the live picture on the left of the motorcade moving towards the taj mahal and then of course after that they will move 50 miles further north from agra to deli. trade talks and other discussions will resume. jillian: that's one of the big take aways this morning president trump out there on that stage in front of a crowd of more than 100,000
3:00 am
saying we are in the beginning stages of a discussion of a trade agreement. stay tuned for more to see what comes of that. in the meantime, "fox & friends" is going to continue this coverage right now. rob: we will see you later. jillian: have a good day. ainsley: right to a fox news alert. moments ago president trump and our first lady melania landing at agra air base in india. they are now heading to the taj mahal. the president kicking off his two-day visit to the country overnight giving historic rally in front of 100,000 people. steve: you are looking at live images combined -- the images on the right were from the world's largest cricket stadium that was absolutely packed. president trump and prime minister modi speaking to a massive crowd. here's an excerpt. >> india, a new history is being created. >> america loves india.


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