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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 24, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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best moments of his life. we are glad we got to witness it too. thank you for watching "special report," i am shannon bream and washington. please join me tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern for fox news at night, the story starts right now. hey martha. >> martha: hey there shannon, thank you very much. harvey weinstein's defense team, their client tonight is in rikers island facing up to 25 years in prison. after his conviction on two of the five counts that he was charged with of sexual assault. they say that he took it like a man and that this is not over. according to his attorney, the man who ruled hollywood for nearly 30 years and won 81 oscars said this upon hearing the verdict. i am innocent, how could this happen in america? weinstein was acquitted on the most serious charges that were against him, but after weeks of excruciating testimony from these women the jury found him guilty on one count of criminal act and one count of rate in the
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third degree. a verdict that would be remembered as a watershed moment for the me too movement. >> these are eight women pulled our justice system into the 21st century. sexual assault is sexual assau sexual assault, no matter what. >> for the prosecution today, to members of a weinstein's defense team donna rotunno and damon cheronis. great to have both of you here, welcome back. donna, were you surprised? >> i was, i was. i think the evidence just didn't support a guilty finding on any counts, i think that the jury was in a position where they looked at a verdict sheet of five counts and felt that they couldn't walk out of there and convict him of nothing. >> shannon: damon, as you looked into the questions from the jury, how did you read what
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they wanted to look at again? everybody of course read the tea leaves, i think the feeling was that he was going to get off. >> questions are always the worst part of the liberation, you want the jury to come back and have to deal with that. when they came back with the question regarding the potential deadlock, we were a little confused because of how the jury instructions were written. there was a ray to read it poorly for us, and a way to have hope. we were stuck in the middle, the instructions were a little complicated. >> shannon: was harvey angry with you? >> no, he has never been angry with us at all. he saw how hard we worked, he was grateful. he expressed gratitude to us, and he wasn't strong. he was shocked, he was shocked. he knows he didn't, he was shocked and we don't believe that the evidence shows that he
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did. >> shannon: did you argue for him to be allowed to go home and await his march 11th sentence in there? why did the judge turn that down? >> they raised the number of his medical conditions as a reason why come out the judge didn't give a reason as to why he was denying it he said he agreed with us that mr. weinstein had some serious health conditions and that he remanded him to custody. he did not explain the reasoning, but he denied our request. spea>> will he have any medical care? >> he will, we made a request and we have already heard that that is being honored. he was being moved to an infirmary area of rikers island, but now we just heard before coming on that he was experiencing some high blood pressure and some heart palpitations. >> shannon: that is not surprising. what i heard earlier today from joseph napolitano, they said
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that this judge is very tough. he has a heavy sentence or peer >> i know experience with that, but i have heard that that he does have heavy sentencing tendencies. mr. weinstein has no criminal history, we are hoping he takes a lot of the mitigation that we are going to put forward into account. realizing that there is going to be other judges looking at this as well. >> martha: you did a cross-examination of these, how much data emotion play into this for the jury? there were some very emotional moments up there, one of the witnesses broke down and everything had to be halted. how much do you think that impacted the jury? >> i am sure it did, that was one of the things we were hoping we could deal with in jury selection. we know that this is going to be emotional and we know they will be ask hard questions, can you set that aside and look at the evidence? it is a tough ask.
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>> you have been criticized by a lot of women and people out there. here are some of the headlines that have been level that you through the course of this process. that you are the most dangerous thing to come out of me too, what kind of woman defense harvey weinstein, there is a special place in for harvey weinstein lawyer. what do you say to that donna? >> those headlines say more about those writing them then they say about me, those headlines do not take into account the fact that when you are charged with a crime you have a right to due process, you have a right to say evidence should be something that we look at in terms of determining whether or not someone has been guilty, to attack me i think not only attacks the justice system, i was prepared for the attacks but i was not prepared for the attacks on the system itself. so when people come out writer said that my defense is wretched and my questions, did you think we were going to walk into a
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courtroom and people will make claims and i would not ask any questions of a witness? of course that is not going to happen. i was more surprised about the attack on our system of justice and i really am about the attacks on me. >> martha: when i interviewed you prior to this, you said that you believed he is innocent. that goes beyond just saying everyone deserves defense, which i think everyone can understand. when people hear some of the stories, some of them are surprised that you say that you believe that harvey weinstein who 80 women have accused of all varieties of assault all the way up to rape is innocent, do you still believe that? >> i believe he is innocent of the crimes we were dealing with in our case itself, two different women making claims and our case, of course there were others. in terms of what the jury was asked to find, i believe he is innocent of those charges based on the evidence that i was able to review and deal with and live
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with for the last nine months. >> martha: damon, he came out and said this proves that rape is a rape whether it happens in a dark alley or in a relationship, it doesn't take away the possibility that in that moment that was a nonconsensual event and it was a rape. >> i don't think this case changes anything in that regard, i think every case has to be looked on on its own merits. the fact that individuals stay in contact or send emails, our problem was the type of contact, the type of loving responses that just to us did not add up to a nonconsensual encounter. i don't think it will be a sea change and how these cases are tried. >> martha: do you think, what are the grounds for appeal? >> there are multiple, obviously there is an issue with one of the drivers and the information that she had prior to coming into the case and whether or not
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we believe she could be fair and impartial. we were made aware, and then we made inquiries about it. it didn't remove her, our questions didn't remove her but we definitely think that could be a potential issue. there were issues with regard to evidentiary matters, issues with regard to a number of witnesses, there are multiple issues. >> martha: we will be following it, you are not sure whether or not you will handle the l.a. case, is that true? >> correct. >> martha: keep us posted, big day obviously after a lot of work from both of you. one that could leave harvey weinstein in prison for a very long time. thank you for being here tonight. my next guest blew the lid off the weinstein scandal with an explosive report in the new yorker in 2017, he was in the courtroom today when they verdict was announced. former nbc producer and "vanity fair" contributor, thank you for being here
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tonight. what was it like for you to be in that courtroom having worked on this case for such a long time today? >> personally, it was very gratifying. having worked on this investigation since the end of 2016, to see where it has come true today and to see harvey in custody, it was validating. in a professional way. it was very rewarding. >> martha: from where you were sitting, what was his reaction likes? did he seem shocked? >> it was hard to see because i was behind him and he was immediately surrounded by officers, but i did note that he was slow to get up and when it was time to be in custody at the other was interesting that he was almost reluctant to go out, he did go out but he walked out with two officers. >> martha: this goes back to you walking on the story with ronan farrow, and shutting
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the story down according to your reporting. do you feel some sense of vindication today given how hard you fought for the story? are there any repercussions for them given this outcome? >> i feel 100% vindication. with regard to our story that should have been published earlier at nbc and wasn't published, what they decide to do ultimately at nbc is there called but i know it continues that many of the journalists have lost the newsroom so to speak, what happened was shameful. >> martha: do you think there is any chance this ends up coming back to bite them? i know there have been suggestions for outside counsel and outside investigation, what happened with your story and why they decided to bury the story. you felt that people were tracing what you are doing and giving harvey a heads up. any investigation into that or
4:11 pm
will it be conducted from outside? >> i think there is absolutely, there should be and outside investigation. why not, at this point. for the sake of the brand of nbc news there should be, and if there is still some accounting that needs to be done. we connected some of the thoughts and what happened, but ultimately some truth needs to come out. >> martha: absolutely, rich mccue thank you for coming back on the show. good to see you tonight. the majority of americans now predicted that president trump will win in november, but bernie sanders is giving him a run for his money and several key battleground states. we will take a look at michigan, pennsylvania, all of that. plus offenders campaign senior advisor chuck rocha is here as well to talk about why he thinks bernie can win texas, next.
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>> martha: bernie sanders is now the undisputed front-runner after saturday's win in november, the question many are asking is can he defeat president trump? a majority of americans, 65% of still believe that the president is poised for reelection come november. despite pulling averages in key battleground states in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania that showed the democratic socialist pulling even or ahead of the president and those had to head matchups. joining me now karl rove, former deputy chief of staff for george w. bush. great to have you with us tonight, what do you make of those battleground had two heads? >> the president is going to have a tough fight, nobody
4:17 pm
should expect this to be a cakewalk. the economy is doing well, but the democrats are coming hard and they start with an energized base. i would say this, there are a lot of polls in 22,004 that showed the democrats beating george w. bush, there were a lot of polls in 2012 that showed the republicans beating barack obama. being an incoming president means that if you want a strong campaign and the economy is good and you provide a second act and do you describe what your opponent will do to the country, all those things combined can make for a strong reelection but president trump cannot take it for granted. >> martha: what about bernie sanders as the lead candidate at this point? do you think that a sustainable? do you see him going on th all e way? >> i am recycling the whiteboa whiteboard, think about this. i want to take a moment here,
4:18 pm
there are 3,979 delegates for the democratic national convention, it takes a majority of 1,991. we have seen 101 delegates selected in these three contests, 22.5% of the people who are necessary to get the total delegates. bernie has won nevada, he will probably get 25 delegates to 11 delegates for joe biden, and there are still about 46 delegates, or 2.3% of what he meets in order to win. this ibefore we start wrapping p before the other 47 states, the virgin islands, puerto rico, guam, maybe we need to recognize we could be in for a longer contest and it could start next, this saturday in south carolina, it could go on on march 3rd.
4:19 pm
it's amazing to me how many people are saying will be have already settled the contest won three states who represents such a small slice of the total number of voters. >> martha: i am with you, i think there will be a lot of twists and turns in this thing before it is all over. karl, thank you. good to see you tonight. also joining me tonight as chuck rocha, sanders campaign senior advisor. good to have you with us, thank you for being here tonig tonight. this is representative of freiburg weighing in on bernie sanders and what he sees as some hurdles for him in south carolina. watch. >> i do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry, this is south carolina and south carolina are pretty leery about that title of socialist. how does your candidate get past that? >> 80% of our staff are people of color, majority
4:20 pm
african-american. the majority of them are from south carolina, that is where you start with hiring folks from the community to work in the community. it is a unique concept to let people in their own state make their own decisions, if you took a step back and look up what happened in nevada with african-americans, wheat got second place there with them and had overwhelming support with latinos. i think it is a springboard, we like everything we are seeing on the ground. >> martha: we will see how things work out and south carolina, joe biden is very strong there as well. he has a strong base with african-american voters in south carolina as well. this just happened a moment ago, a big dustup obviously with chris matthews and his characterization of how bernie sanders is doing. comparing it to the invasion of france, let's look at his apology just a couple minutes ago. >> senator sanders i am sorry for comparing anything from that tragic era in which so many suffered, especially the jewish
4:21 pm
people. this is going to be a hard-fought, heated campaign of ideas in the days and weeks and months ahead i will strive to do a better job myself of elevating the political discussion. >> martha: what is your reaction to that? >> we all get hot and say things in the moment, i am glad he apologized. it's a good thing to do, we need to all rise above. it will be a heated contest, we all got mad sometimes. i am from texas, i get mad a lot of times. we need to move on and get past that, i am glad he said what he had to say. >> martha: let's talk about the florida voters, debbie powell who is a politician from florida is clapping back here at what bernie sanders said about castro and the fact that it was great that he brought literacy to the people of cuba. she said the castro regime murdered and jailed dissidents and cause unspeakable harm to many south florida families, to this day it remains an authoritarian regime.
4:22 pm
what do you say to her? >> i say that that is what bernie sanders said today, he didn't say anything barack obama didn't say. i know debbie, she is a really good friend of mine. she has a lot of cupids in her district, that is what she needs to be saying. but i promise you barack obama won the cubans and oh eight, and bernie sanders will win them in. i followed the senator's decision on that. >> martha: you are in favor, you think that was a good move for him? >> i have trusted heads decision so far, we won the first three contacts. >> martha: chuck rocha, thank you very much. good to see you tonight. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer has been accused of helping bernie sanders in this race by taking away support for more moderate democrats, coming up next. i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchemel... cut.
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>> martha: 24 hours out from the next presidential debate, candidate tom steyer is surging in south carolina. trailing behind joe biden and bernie sanders for the lead, but something that he should drop out and give his millions to other candidates instead. watch this. >> tom steyer, you just wonder why he hasn't been funding other people's races and anti-trump movements from the very beginning. >> it's a vanity project. >> it is a vanity project, and it has been a vanity project for a very long time. it's a vanity project that can help reelect donald trump. >> martha: joining me now to respond to that and other things as tom steyer, 2020 democratic presidential candidate. thank you very much for being here tonight. what do you have to say to joe scarborough and what he said about you today?
4:28 pm
>> looks, i think institutional people inside the beltway think that somehow institutional politicians own. and anybody who goes out like me as an outsider and goes and talks to voters, and listens to what they have to say, and makes a pitch for what needs to change, somehow it's disturbing the status quo. so i think that that is ridiculous, and i think what they are talking about is black votes. they are talking about black people in south carolina who i am connecting with and talking to, and who are pulling and supporting me. somehow those are supposed to be votes that are owned by institutional politicians, and i think that that is both ridiculous and insulting. you have to earn votes, regardless of who the people are. that is what i am down here to do, to earn votes, to talk about what is important, to talk about what is in my heart, what i care about, and to connect with people's. >> martha: here is joe biden responding to what he has been doing in south carolina, watched as.
4:29 pm
>> you have tom steyer spending hundreds of, tens of thousands, millions of dollars out there. a lot is happening in terms of the money being spent by billionaires to try to cut into the african-american vote. i think that has a lot to do with it. >> martha: what do you say to that? >> let me say this martha, i have spent more time in south carolina than any other candidates. i have been on the ground talking to people, and there is joe biden saying cutting into the african-american vote. the implication is that he owns the african-american vote, he doesn't have to earn it. but it is something that institutional politicians from washington, d.c., somehow own. that is ridiculous. let's be clear, that is insulting because the implication is that african-american voters aren't out there listening to candidates, listening to what they have to say, and trying to figure it out. that is what they are doing. that is why i love
4:30 pm
south carolina, actually being here and talking to those people about what is going on here. the problems they are having with clean water, the problems in terms of what they get paid, the schools, the housing situation, health care. that is exactly what i am doing, i am not sitting back and saying who is down there taking away the things that i own? that's ridiculous. >> martha: i am sure you've seen stories out there that complain about the fact that you paid more than $40,000 to rent the property, and to the bank that was founded by you loaned $1 million to one of congressman freiberg's son-in-law's, and they say that you have been trying to buy favors through these mechanisms with your business, and now the word is that he's expected to to endorse joe biden. >> we are not doing that, that's not true, i knew nothing about that, that bank is a nonprofit
4:31 pm
bank that is designed to support businesses owned by black people, latinos, and women because they have been discriminated against. it was set up to 15 years ago, i have had nothing to do with it because i have been involved politically. those are ridiculous untruths, there was an application there that when we go out and spend money and organizing in african-american communities, which we are doing, organizing for us within 20 miles of where they were born. that is how you do political organizing, that is exactly what other people should be doing. >> martha: with regard to african-american voters, the atlantic did a piece recently that said that democrats are not doing a good job of reaching out to minorities in the way that they used to. when it comes to latino voters, they say that latino voters are telling them according to their research that they don't like being treated as a sort of a one issue group come out that immigration is not all they care
4:32 pm
about. never trumper folks have been saying we can grow the latino vote, we can bring these voters over to the republican side because wages have been going up, employment has been going up, what do you say to that? >> look, i have been working with the african-american community through our bank and through political organizing for decades. i have been working with the latino community for 35 years, do i think when i go into those communities people say to me all the time that politicians have been breaking their promises to them. all the time. everything will day. so in fact, what mr. trump is lying on the economy. he stinks on the economy. >> martha: what matters is whether or not, what people feel. you have six to present in the gallup poll say they are better off today than they were at when was elected. that is voters saying that.
4:33 pm
>> and there is nobody pushing back with the truth, because i am on the ground. and talking to people. >> martha: that is not people saying, i think. you are saying someone is manipulative numb? don't you think that takes away the agency from these individuals? you are saying they don't know whether they are doing well? >> i am looking at what mr. trump is doing, he is giving tax breaks to corporations and rich people. he has failed to trille trade w. he has said that he would balance the budget, he has blown up the budget. i don't think what mr. trump has done, i don't think that mr. trump has done a good job in
4:34 pm
terms of the economy for working people at all. >> martha: that is the argument that will be laid out on both sides, we thank you very much for being here. >> yes it will. >> martha: we will be watching tomorrow night and as we move forward to south carolina, thank you sir. >> thank you much. >> martha: senate democrats demanding new action tonight over russia's alleged attempts to metal in 2020, despite reports that there was an intelligence briefing on the issue that some say was overblown. we will talk about that with frank jarrett when he joins me coming up next. (howling wind)
4:35 pm
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's (howling wind)
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(howling wind) >> martha: leading senate democrats: on the administration to issue new sanctions on russia and possibly vladimir putin himself over an alleged attempt to influence the 2020 election. anything less would be a shark of your responsibility to protect the united states from serious threat. they may have overstated the
4:39 pm
threat, what does that mean? franfrank jarrett joint is now, always good to see you. tell us about this report that you believe you were hearing was overstated. in what way? >> the intelligence official who didn't go to donald trump went to adam schiff's committee first, and overstated the moscow preferred donald trump in the 2020 election and misled the committee. as a consequence it lead to distorted reporting by the media, mass hysteria ensued, the presidents political opponents piled on. any information was overstated. there are several sources, national security sources who have told members of the media including cnn, but i have talked to one key official as well who said that this is completely overstated. going back to the 2016 election,
4:40 pm
we found out from robert mueller's investigation that russian controls were weaponizing disinformation for and against donald trump. for and against hillary clinton. turmoil, chaos, discord. >> martha: what about bernie sanders? this democratic strategist talking about the burning part of the story, watch this. >> bernie should have told either his competitors or the dmc or someone to say be on the lookout, bernie is someone who is very inclined to run around saying the process is rigged and it sounds like the russians are trying to rig it. he should be more vocal about it. >> martha: apparently they came to bernie about a month ago, he didn't tell anyone. i can't believe they would do this twice. then they don't tell president trump that they
4:41 pm
believe it is also happening on his side again? >> every department and agency in the executive branch reports to the president of the united states. so donald trump wasn't upset that the intelligence committee was debriefed, he was upset that they debriefed them first and not him. he had to hear it secondhand from somebody on the committee. the intelligence community is supposed to provide information beneficial to the president of the united states to help him on national security matters and foreign policy. here, they are running a committee on the house instead of going to the president. no wonder the president is suspicious. >> martha: whose responsibility was that toothache no, no, no, go to adam schiff but make sure that you also brief president trump. >> the director of the office of national intelligence, they dni.
4:42 pm
ric grenell. he has his work cut out to sort of clean up the bureaucracy there that may have tried to undermine the president of the united states. it's the swamp, martha. >> martha: it's pretty amazing they would go to bernie sanders and not president trump if they believed it would happen on both sides. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> martha: thank you. great to see you tonight. so the dow suffered a really awful drop, it's worst in two years because of the coronavirus concerns. all live report coming up next, what you can expect tomorrow after this. with advil liqui-gels, you have fast-acting power over pain, so the whole world looks different. the unbeatable strength and speed of advil liqui-gels. what pain?
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and if you call us today, you'll only pay $149-an over 50% savings. read it again, papa? sure. i've got plenty of time. life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. >> martha: there are 19 new cases of coronavirus in the united states, the worldwide total climb to over 79,000. it is wreaking havoc on global supply chains and companies worldwide was somehow claiming the virus creates economic pandemic. >> when the markets go down and the price of gold goes up, it is an indicator that the investors are worried about the economy. the common denominator is still trying on witches exporting and consuming less, the partial shutdown of chinese manufacturing could cost the world up to a trillion dollars
4:47 pm
in lost output, apple has already said it won't make revenue projections for the first quarter neither will procter & gamble or royal caribbean cruises. in fact, travel and tourism worldwide is seeing a big-time slow down. when you talk about public health and economic health, here is the other wild card. we are now seeing significant new pockets of coronavirus infection in italy, he ran and south korea. and health officials say many of the new cases are people who did not come in contact with people from china, so for now authorities are unclear exactly how or why the illness is spreading in some areas and not others. the outbreak in italy is especially concerning because it is close to the industrial hubs of europe like germany, switzerland, and austria. but many analysts still think the virus will have a short-lived impact on the markets, they call it the "hurricane effect." watch. >> the hurricane hits, it dampens economic activity,
4:48 pm
output, employment, or spending basically comes to a halt for a short period of time. senate resumes. >> 79,000 cases worldwide, more than 2600 people have died. the u.s. has 53 cases, no death and while this is not yet a pandemic, health officials say country should prepare for a potential pandemic. martha. >> martha: trace, thank you very much. he is a recognized journalist, broadcaster, composer, ten as anchor of entertainment tonight. >> reunited and it feels so go good. >> mary hart, john tosh for one night only. >> martha: this is so excited, including a 2015 cancer diagnosis in which he was given 18 months to live. he is now healthy and credits
4:49 pm
that to his face. wait to see you, i have watched you and admire you and all of those capacities. >you cover in hollywood so many years, we had the defense attorneys on for harvey weinstein today. what was your take on that? >> i thought you were masterful the way you interviewed them, i also thought that what a terrible position for them to be in. to answer those questions i think hollywood is getting cleaned up. i think that is what is going on here. i think it was a watershed moment today. >> martha: you and mary hart are going to get together again i heard. >> tomorrow night we are actually doing the show together again. >> martha: that is fantastic, i know everybody is going to love seeing the two of you out there together.
4:50 pm
i used to watch the show all the time. today we all watched this celebration of kobe bryant's life, as someone who has covered the entertainment industry for so long you have covered everything, politics, sports, all of it. what did you think watching that? >> my wife and i both cried, it happened not far from us and calabasas. certainly the memorial today was just heart-wrenching, kobe was really our royalty. and getting to know him and his family, especially he and gianna and the other families that were in that helicopter, i think we all just felt very vulnerable at that moment. it was not too far away for us to say it will never happen to me, and i think the press handled it wonderfully. >> martha: everybody mourns their loss, and although family members. your book is called relentless, unleashing a life of grid and
4:51 pm
faith. talk to us about your cancer diagnosis and the amazing faith that you and your wife had that got you through it. >> in 2015 i got a horrible diagnosis of a very rare form of prostate cancer, if it hadn't been for the doctors at northwestern and johns hopkins i wouldn't be alive. the cancer kept going back, it's a picture of connie and i when i was getting chemo. people who have been through this type of suffering it is tough to get on the other side of that. when the cancer kept going back, at a certain point during that period, and i were studying basic scriptures. the promise of when went to the cross and he took not only our sins but he also took our sicknesses, we got the revelation of that and when it came time for one more big treatment which was 62 treatments to radiate my pelvis,
4:52 pm
all the complications and everything, faith was born in earnest at that point when we shared a look in the examining room. we are done with this, we will stand in our faith. originally we had faith in the doctors, i wouldn't be alive if we didn't. but ultimately, it's i've been well for two years. my blood tests are clear. it's a different kind of way to pray, you are not begging god, instead of telling about your sickness you are telling your sickness about god. whoever says to this mountain be moved and to be cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart but believes in what he says will be done will have what he says. when you speak life over yourself, you end up with about a result. >> martha: a beautiful message, i am so glad your faith was strong enough. thank you so much. on the edges of cliffs... on a ski lift... everywhere. ♪
4:53 pm
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>> martha: we will learn about my uncle harry gray, 1 of 7000 marines killed in the battle of kojima, and seven other men who served with them are the inspiration behind my new book "unknown valor." now the subject of a documentary available on fox nation. speak on the brink of battle, he watched the command post waiting for the attack. >> they are going on the toughest assignment of marine corps history. >> most of us could not figure out why we needed marines to do it. >> 24 hours after the battle began, more than 500 americans were dead and nearly 2,000 wounded. >> there was an odor of death on
4:58 pm
the island. >> we thought they are were guys, but they weren't chaps, they were marines. >> that is the only thing for the operator. could i do something without -- and my remark was, i will try. >> in the 34th replacement draft, it is this some stomach someone that you recogn? >> oh, yeah, it was my buddy, gray. i think his name was gray. >> martha: he was my uncle. >> he was my buddy. he would always call me pops. >> we ended up buddy buddy. harry, thank god we had each other. we were legging in a crater, me and harry. he gave me a quick hug and he
4:59 pm
took off. except for the night we had an awful mortar attack. one landed right between harry and the kid next to him. killed both of them. i wanted to kick them like, why did you do this? i want you to know that i love you. and i never saw them again. [crying] >> martha: 75 years have passed since the last days of world war ii. lives have been lived, children and grandchildren born but the men, they still wonder sometimes, why they were spared and others were not. >> you know, --
5:00 pm
v3 it is an honor to meet these men. for the meantime, you can get a free copy of my book and fox nation by thursday. that is the story monday february 24th, 2020. i will see you later on "tucker carlson tonight," and i will see you later tomorrow, good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for weeks the media told you it was wrong to worry about the coronavirus. the mysterious lethal disease spreading rapidly around the world. if that concerns you in any way, do you think we ought to take steps to protect ourselves from it? a new york bigot, coronavirus racist profiling against asians. an arrogant at and a writer for "the seattle times," a parol racism is the real academic fear.
5:01 pm
so one the publications wag their fingers in the face of reader


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