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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 24, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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v3 it is an honor to meet these men. for the meantime, you can get a free copy of my book and fox nation by thursday. that is the story monday february 24th, 2020. i will see you later on "tucker carlson tonight," and i will see you later tomorrow, good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for weeks the media told you it was wrong to worry about the coronavirus. the mysterious lethal disease spreading rapidly around the world. if that concerns you in any way, do you think we ought to take steps to protect ourselves from it? a new york bigot, coronavirus racist profiling against asians. an arrogant at and a writer for "the seattle times," a parol racism is the real academic fear. so one the publications wag their fingers in the face of readers and told him he was
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irrational and immoral in fact to worry about the coronavirus than the annual flu. identity politics trumped public health and not for the first time. awoken us is a colt. it lets you die before the admitted diversity is not her strength. so fast-forward to today. what began as a regional outbreak in the city of lujan china is now spreading across europe. parts of italy shut down tonight and catholic services in in some places funerals have been suspended indefinitely. take a look at a grocery store in milan. italy old -- italy's italy's industrial capital, the buying in bulk with a natural disaster which this is and it's moving f. confirm thousands of cases of the disease so far and japan with infectious at the same level. the virus has been reported in iran. at least 12 people have died so far but one lawmaker says the real death toll is at least 50. apparently international sanctions don't stop the
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coronavirus. on friday, the centers for disease control warned that it's possible, even likely that america will have a general coronavirus outbreak as well. that shouldn't surprise you. train is the world's most sophisticated authoritarian government. leaders have shut down entire cities and drag people from their homes in an effort to curb coronavirus. but it has not worked. officials in our country reported about three dozen cases of the virus in the u.s. so far. but that is a misleading number. the truth is, we have no real idea how many americans are infected. why? here is white. as of yesterday, only three public health labs in the entire country were properly equipped to detect the virus. fewer than 500 people in america have even been tested for coronavirus. out of a population of 327 million, for real. keep in mind five and a half million people ride the subway every day. worried yet? this could be serious. how likely is an epidemic in the
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united states? are we ready for if it comes and how many can die? real answers to the most basic questions about coronavirus. dr. marc siegel is a fox contributor and the international airport outside of washington which is receiving flights directly from asia. and tours of custom importers controller at the airport. international pastors being screened for the virus they were. dr. siegel joins us in the main terminal. thank you for coming on tonight. so first, to where you are now, you just toured the screening area at the international flights of asia coming in. what is your assessment of it? >> well, custom borders protection agents told me people are flat-out lying, tucker, where they have been. they may have started one place. they have started in china, gone to europe, come here and they don't admit it because they don't want to be quarantined. that is number one. now you talk about japan,
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south korea and how it's putting there. two flights from japan already here today and expand through customs, south korea quickly through customs and tucker, get this i am standing in front of air china. there is no china come up i have news for you. i spoke to the agents at china and they said this flight is leaving from here and it is going to new york and then onto china and i asked the passengers they are how can that be? how can they possibly come back? they said, tucker quote it's not your business." >> we do know they are getting over to china. i interviewed deputy secretary of homeland security at the airport. he admitted that there is more virus here then we know about. and that it is an imperfect system. he did say though that they are clamping down on travel, south korea, japan are probably next. certainly, they are worried about italy. he said they are very, very
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intense about iran but nothing they can do about iran because it's an adversarial state. i also asked him where this virus may have come from. you know what, he said do not rule out the possibility that it was made in a biology lab outside of here. take a listen. >> had to we this was not a lab accident and came out, that has been question. how do we know this did not come from biology? >> so our colleagues in the task force made it very clear, we don't yet know the origin of this particular virus. it is the third coronavirus in the world. the previous ones were murderers, mader east -- middle eastern virus that would come from that to camels to humans and then sars in china which came from a bat to a civio humans in china. it is not entirely, we are not entirely sure how this one started yet. there is a biological facility
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in the province that people worry about. but i will say the reading that i have done of medical professionals suggest that the structure of the virus seems unlikely to have been man-made. because if it was made to be a threat, you would expect to see certain characteristics that are present. does that mean it rules it out, no, not absolutely. >> it does not mean it rules it out so that is another thing we have to worry about. where did this come from? that is homeland security talking. now, he did say they are doing a lot of screening at the airport, tucker, and also at the cdc is in the middle of ramping up their response to this virus. you are going to see a lot test kit soon to overcome the problem you talked about. testing will become more and more prevalent. i see that as a position to differentiate this from the flu and anybody that has a respiratory problem. but i think there is more cases in the united states that we know about, tucker. >> tucker: that certainly
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makes sense dr. siegel. and finally the mortality rate of this disease. is it consistent across countries? how deadly is the coronavirus? that is a basic question and i don't feel we have a definitive answer to it. >> tucker, that is a really important question. i think there was a lot more deaths than supported -- reported a purity in south korea, 800 cases and we dt know yet but it looks like it's pretty deadly and iran has a welcome in several cases dying in iran stomach iran and italy. i think it may be more than 2% but i will tell you one thing, a lot of people are ending up with pneumonia from this virus. this is a very, very serious virus that puts people in the icu, tucker. >> tucker: boy, that would be stressful if it came here in large numbers. dr. siegel, thank you and we will talk to you throughout the week. we appreciate it. >> things, tucker. >> tucker: panicked over the coronavirus as we told you a moment ago is ripping the nation
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of italy. in italy for us tonight, joining us live, courtney. >> yes, we are getting details about this, who died of the coronavirus, she was a 62-year-old patient. she was on dialysis. the other patients have also mostly elderly and were, two of them were cancer patients. but this has been a real mystery, however, who was the person who first infected a 38-year-old who fell ill, went to the emergency room twice, was not diagnosed, was not tested in them finally when he was tested for the coronavirus, it turned out he had already affected many people in the hospital it as well as the community. the officials are now saying about 230 have been infected here they have done over 4,000 tests on people. and of this amount, of this 50,000 people in sort of a web zone which is on lockdown.
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the police are taking, checking the borders to make sure nobody is going out. now, this has been a really huge emergency and in the cure. schools, theaters, pubs, cafes are closed. actually the pubs and cafes are open until 6:00 but then closed. and even things like soccer games which is religious here in rome have been postponed. the venice carnival which is a huge money operation and the heart of february here, canceled and even georgette armani had his decisive fashion show as opposed to getting people gather together for the catwalk. so you can imagine that this has been such an incredible amount of fear. as you mentioned it has led to a run-on supermarket, especially up north. so we see minds of people with mass trying to buy durable goods like cans of tuna and beans. we have seen shelves completely empty, especially a pasta which is a staple here.
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in so a real concern about people stocking up. here in rome, for example, no face masks since january when the first to code chinese tourist fell ill and taken to the hospital. that was to the start of this whole issue, but it really snowballed when this man went to the hospital and infected so many people. there has been even violence against asians. in one video, one man said, listen i'm a philippine not chinese, as he was being attacked, tucker. >> tucker: courtney walsh for us from italy, thank you so much for that. so for weeks, there have been suggestions on the march that the trainees coronavirus may have begun when the disease came from a lab in china. introduced along this idea rejected is conspiracy theory and maybe it is. but maybe it isn't. steven mosher is president of the population research institution and author of wide china stream is the new border.
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and sort of fascinating piece in "the new york post" in fact, there is evidence for the lab origin theory of the coronavirus. stephen mosher joins us. thank you so much for coming on. this is one of those topics no one wants to touch, but because we don't actually know where it came from in point of fact, it is worth exploring all potential explanations. tell us why you think it is possible this virus escaped from a lab. >> well my think it escaped from a lab because we have the chinese government basically telling us that it did. let me be specific on the 14th, president she ping held a meeting and he talked about the need with lab safety at biologil research laboratories. if that was not clear enough, the following day, the very next day, the ministry of science and technology produced a long document entitled "restrictions on strengthening vital security
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management and microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus." like the novel coronavirus, they are strengthening the handling of dangerous pathogens and viruses in the middle of an epidemic, which suggest what? that they mishandled the virus that they were experimenting on in their lab. and only a level 4 laboratory and all of china. so that is where you would put a dangerous pathogens. whether genetically engineering to be a weapon or not, that is where you would be experimenting on it. so it made sense that the epicenter of the epidemic that the lab there would be the source of the virus. the other thing my how did it get out of the lab? most people would think a technician got infected through core lab procedure and walked out on the street and infected his family and friends and so forth. but there is another way it could have gotten out of the lab. we know in china, some researchers, not all but some researchers have actually taken
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their lab animals after they are done experimenting with him, after they have been infected with the various viruses and so forth. if the lab animals aren't dead, they take the bats, rats, snakes to the local fresh meat market and sell them on the fresh meat work at to make extra money. so the virus may have passed to human beings by that means through the avenues of someone's stomach, tucker. >> tucker: that is one of those repulsive things i've ever heard of in my life, but i'm glad you raised that possibility because, of course made is a real possibility. the government and the chinese government are anxious to pretend that did not happen. they know for certain but once again we don't know for sure. stephen mosher, i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: the coronavirus spreads across the globe commit is turning from a health hazard and remains bad to a threat to the global economy but today the dow jones dropped close to a thousand points, the largest single data claim in two years.
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investors blatantly relays the global pandemic might jam the gears of global markets. for decades, american with the u.s. economy depended in some cases literally dependent on china. our factories have become their factories. now that china is sick, those factories are slowing down dramatically. experts say the world could lose a trillion dollars of productivity thanks to the coronavirus. this is a virus that so far has not affected more than a hundred thousand people globally. what would happen if millions became infected and tens and thousands died? could we be on the brink of a coronavirus recession? as we think about things like this come of course, fox news business, we are happy to have you tonight, melissa are you concerned, living beside the human tragedy of this, which of course is first and foremost in the minds of all of us but the economic effects, are you concerned about this? >> we were there with the active bell and we watched it sink down
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to poland by a thousand points. and you said the third biggest drop in terms of points ever. so definitely, a ton of concern out there. the main thing, how contagious it has become. to see it now rippled over to all of these other countries, and the idea of containing it seeming to be gone now because among other things, you mentioned everybody is dependent on china has a supply chain. so if you try to coordinate off, that is a huge hit to business. if you let things come out and it gets worse, that is a huge hit to business. i think there is a ton of concern. but i would say one really ironic thing, tucker. it may be planted a bit even though we will feel it here in the u.s. ron tickell -- ironically because of the presidents trade war that everybody made fun of d ridiculed. the president did realize that we are too dependent on china and the supply chain that we become, so to speak, to all of
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the products and the cheap labor as they continue to bite her debt and this is a relationship in which we were losing power. him because he started this trade war that was costing companies money, they went up and set up different ways, may be, may be here is our second, maybe we will do this. and it doesn't get solved. and a lot of companies have moved or found another way. now, that doesn't mean it will be felt all over the globe for sure. and we will deftly feel it here. apple, for example, manufacturers have put together a ton of things, a market that they want to sell into. so that is a company that will get it really on both sides. it is ironic that president trump sort of warned us about this relationship, and as usual, pay so much ridicule over it. now, we see yet another reason why we shouldn't be totally dependent on this one country including penicillin, tucker.
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when we stop making penicillin in this country in 2004, we get so many of our drugs and components that go into our drugs from china. this has been raised in the past as a major security concern. this is a big problem. we have been talking about it after the bell on fox business for a while here that really will come to light with this particular problem. we are dependent on life-saving drugs. >> tucker: it is horrifying. you have to wonder what previous presidents were thinking. melissa melissa francis, thank you for that report, thank you. so if you consume american media, you know the coronavirus is not a big deal. but take three steps back. is it a big deal? look how the government of china has responded to the coronavirus. keep in mind, the chinese commerce party does not have to worry about hostile press or any press at all really. they don't have to look good for the next election because there isn't a and new election. if the coronavirus was no big deal, they could ignore it and of course that would be their preference, why wouldn't it be?
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they are not ignoring it. they are panicking. the latest sign of that, china has began trade consumption of wild animals nationwide. now, this is not a symbolic attack on a niche industry. this is china so the wild animal trade is worth billions of dollars and employs millions of people. china just shut that down from a panel of it presumably rendered those people unemployed. instantly. now you still think the virus is no big deal? it might be worth it if it led to the cancellation of the annual elk meat festival. but since the ban is on wild animals and domesticated, it is exempt and they are continuing to kill dogs for food, which is disgusting. the coronavirus could kill tens of thousands across the globe and it could trigger a global recession. it could bring about a bernie sanders presidency. true, the political effects, you may not have thought through but we have them next. ♪
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it's smart. it grabs people's attention. it works. it's why comcast spotlight is changing its name to effectv. because being effective means getting results. ♪ >> tucker: as the chinese coronavirus spreads across the globe commit is far more than a simple health crisis. they have profound political implications in this country. name it out for a minute, think it through and the coronavirus could get bernie sanders elected president of the united states. right now sanders is they have a favorite to win the democratic nomination after the competition over the weekend in the nevada caucuses. democratic establishments they know that he might implement the distribution and they pretend to support but hate and fear. no one will admit the outcome of course and sanders main problem
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is he could never, ever get elected. >> is anybody panicked besides me in that it looks like sanders is rolling and two-thirds of this country thinks we will go in the right direction? you have a guy that wants to burn it down? to me, i don't see him having any shot in the general election. i'm panicked. >> what he said in the past about world affairs, how far left he is, i'm not sure how far left he is but they will make the most about in terms of world politics. they will kill him. but i think it is a little late to stop him. i think that is the problem. >> if you are voting for him because you think he will win the election or galvanize, sleepy parts of the electric commit politically you are a fool. >> tucker: so if you talk to people who are running the trump reelection campaign, they basically agree with what you just saw. they think a race against bernie sanders would be easy. the outcome would be given. they are highly consonant just like hillary clinton was consonant four years ago.
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one of only people in donald trump homes were a that understands the threat from sanders is donald trump himself. he didn't get elected president by accident. his political instincts are acute, brilliant actually. nothing at all like the people on television say. the president understands that sanders isn't just a left-winger although he has that. he is also a populace. people outside of washington and new york like populism. that is why they voted for donald trump in 2016. so how does the coronavirus get bernie sanders elected? here is how come it is simple. by kicking off a global recession. the u.s. economy is humming along right now and has been for several years. the president plans to run for reelection on that fact, which would make sense. but let's say a growing pandemic keeps china's factories closed. and installs economic activity in europe. that is not a far-fetched scenario we are on the road to that right now. what would happen? we would feel the pain in the u.s. after a few months it could hurt quite a bit, a lot. if the economic picture looks
5:26 pm
ugly in september and october of this year, sanders could easily capitalize on it and he would. i'm the candidate running against the way things are, he will say. i'm for free hera, health care -- health care by the way. and lead people are thinking about the new york subway city and surgical mask at u.s. airports. and none of that may happen of course but we pray it doesn't happen, but it does seem unwise to pretend that it couldn't happen. it certainly could. first of all, coauthor of the populace guide the 2,020, glad to have you won, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: i assume you're for bernie sanders and i'm not for bernie sanders. let's be has and will and analytical as we can. do you think an epidemic shop -- shock would help the incumbent r challenger? >> it almost helps the challenger and i just want to
5:27 pm
say clearly, no one certainly, not myself and i shouldn't say no one because some people are, but i am not the most normal people are not sharing any of those outcomes, of course. the human cost that would result not only from the illness but from the devastation of a financial collapse. that is a nightmare scenario. but of course, it benefits a challenger when you have a company -- country in free fall. the president is in and a strong position and they decided to prosecute ukrainian gate, russian gate case against him and it fell flat with the american people. his approval ratings went up. the economy in terms of a high level indicators, gdp, stock market, unemployment et cetera is good while i would say massive structural issue that bernie sanders is tapping into, but that is a pretty strong hand comment for the president to play going to an election. the other thing that you rightly point to is, look, bernie sanders is a health care candidate. that is why he's racking up all these winds, these massive winds and the democratic primary is because of the number one issue
5:28 pm
for democratic voters is health care. he is the most trusted canada on that issue. so you have a pandemic situation, suddenly it becomes important not only do i personally have health care, that do all the people around me have health care? are they getting the care and have they been tested? are we all safe? that is when it becomes important to make sure everybody in the country has coverage and puts health care front and center in the election. >> tucker: so later this week, we are planning a special on what bernie sanders believed good, bad all of. what i'm struck by if rarely if any i have seen the attacks on sanders are all sort of dismissive. he's this, that, some of it is true, some of it is not and probably a lot is true. but it doesn't seem effective. if the democratic wants to stop sanders, why don't they make real arguments against him? why don't they say he is a russian agent or some stupid like that, i don't understand. >> because like you said, they want to pretend they support his issue positions. they want to pretend, oh, course
5:29 pm
we want texas to go up on the wealthy. of course we want everyone to have health care, but we are afraid he can't win. he's too radical for these other people in the electric. but i love james horrible comment, he is the same guy whod republicans would be insane to nominate tom -- donald trump and literally the same people who made the case against donald trump and said te is no way he can get elected tht are now saying you have to be insane to vote for bernie sanders. look, let's be analytical about it. let's just look at the numbers. you have a guy who just massively increased comic you know the turn out very potentially important for democy increased young voter turnout, something hillary clinton struggled to do. and out out of all the democratic candidates performs the best among the white working class. so if you just look at the data and look at the numbers, maybe they would calm down, but of course, they have other financial interest at stake is why they really oppose him. >> tucker: it is interesting. as of tonight and i see this
5:30 pm
with sincerity, donald trump is one of the only people i know of in washington that recognizes this as a threat. every other republican is saying we want to run against bernie. i don't think that is wise at all. thank you for that analysis, i appreciate it. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: the coronavirus is a big story but not the only story. here to tell us what happened to harvey weinstein. what was he convicted of? what does it mean? what are the details? ♪ when you're not able to smile you become closed off. the meaning of a smile to me is the beginning of a conversation. the best advice i can give anyone... don't wait. at aspen dental, we're all about yes. like yes to free exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance. yes to flexible hours and payment options. and yes, you'll start smiling more too. don't wait, book at or call today. a general dentistry office.
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>> tucker: harvey weinstein is probably going where you thought he would go. he's going to prison and convicted on two web five sex crimes against him. tracy goulart -- trace gallagher has the latest on that, trace. >> despite strong objections from defense attorney saying harvey weinstein was in fragile health and should not be taken into custody, the judge was having none of it. courtroom weinstein ordered taken to jail immediately after deliberating five days, five women and seven men found disgraced movie mogul guilty of a first degree criminal act and a third degree rape puritan found not guilty more serious charges of predatory sexual assault which could have sent him to prison for life. when the verdict was read the defense attorney said weinstein was stunned. manhattan district attorney cyrus man said he is a predator. listen to both. >> he kept saying over and over again, i'm innocent, i'm innocent. how could this happen in
5:36 pm
america? i'm innocent, minnis m. >> it is a new day because harvey weinstein has finally been held accountable for crimes committed. >> harvey weinstein will spend five years in prison and we could spend up to 25. he is facing four sexual assault charges and a new trial in los angeles, tucker. >> tucker: and a new trial, while my comic trace gallagher thank you so much for that. nobody knows crime quite like nancy grace does. she's covered it for decades. crime stories with nancy grace on fox nation. we are happy to have her tonight to assess the harvey weinstein case. thanks for coming on. it is a segment but what do you make of what happened? >> the kid treatment is already started. you know where weinstein is right now? he's not on his way to jail but on his way to the hospital. he's already whining, having chest pains. you wonder, do those women have chest pains after he rape them? you know what else, tucker,
5:37 pm
this is a devastating blow to the state but i don't know what those people are talking about. this guy went down for two felonies can actually facing five to 29 years. the potential on one charge and a potential 25 years on the other. if they run consecutively, that is 29. now, they didn't teach math in law school but i'm pretty sure that is right. after march 11th, he can get ready to travel out to l.a. where he's facing four felony charges on two other women. if you didn't leave these charges, one of those women made an outcry to her priest. i can't wait to see what the defense will try to do with that, tucker. >> tucker: so harvey weinstein was, of course, if amy -- famous movie producer and famous presit and as you know a lot of political figures. >> i don't care. >> tucker: judging why -- what we learn from the trial, could he have kept his life secret? would people would have known
5:38 pm
what he has about? >> you know what, tucker everybody knew. everybody knew within the industry. and we heard that from the defense very first witness. there have always been rumors about harvey weinstein and his girlfriends. his rape were victims. you know what is interesting in the case with these women went through on cross-examination. they were cross-examined on the site, did they keep in touch with weinstein? some of them pitched projects to weinstein after sexually assault about what people don't get, women have to make a living. and after you have been rape, very often i have seen and i have tried a lot of rape cases even before dna and that is not easy. but a lot of women want for peace of mind to return to a sense of normalcy. they blame themselves. so they try to trudge forward. that was painfully obvious for me, anyway on cross-examination.
5:39 pm
>> tucker: quickly, can you assess the next stage of this? he's on trial for more charges? >> yes, i can. the very next day, the defense in new york will parade into court, and they will challenge the bond revocation. in other words, they want him out on an appeal bond. they want him to stay free while this case goes up on appeal. that is the first thing. then they will try to get him, move to another jail, then they will try to get a new trial. it is not going to work. we will see what the judge bert doesn't sentencing march 11th, but frankly, it is all now, he is headed to l.a. on those charges. when you hear this, tucker, you will cringe. in one of those cases, the woman tried to show him according to her, pictures of her children, her family, begging him to stop, but he didn't. and now, he will be tried for that as well out there. >> tucker: amazing. it must be sad at mbc tonight because they were close to him. nancy, great to see you.
5:40 pm
thanks for coming on. >> likewise, thank you. >> tucker: a deadly disease march into what could be a pandemic and the entire planet. describes the news network him are they covering it? you know the answer. watch out! ♪ with time, comes change
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aag is working to make your retireme... better. don't wait. get your info kit now! ♪ >> tucker: for stock market is plunging. western europe is shutting down imports peer of the chinese know much more about the coronavirus than anyone else have spent billions so far trying to keep it under control. they are panicked. you want to know how they feel? watch what they do. they were panicked. you would think that would merit scrutiny and concern from the leaders, but no. what are they worried about instead? if you guessed russia,
5:45 pm
unfortunately, you are right. over the weekend, cnn delivered the segment about how internet memes are not harmless fun, no. they are dangerous russian propaganda. the means wars. and for folks, you don't know this is the new thing driving a lot of narratives in conversation and voter suppression efforts. and this upcoming election. how is it weaponize for a chief political and what are those political ads that we have seen? >> means to introduce new ideas and often these ideas can be that problematic and memes in 2016 were used on facebook and to spread misinformation. >> one of the things that is interesting and sinister about this stuff, it really does have the impact of trying to increase cynicism and apathy. >> tucker: by the way, sidebar because it's hard to resist, two words there: narrative and problematic. if you find yourself using either one, tried to find
5:46 pm
another word. the hallmark of phony, please. meanwhile the former chairman of the dnc throughout a wild allegation that the president could be plotting to soleil state, an american state. 150, watch. >> i used to say this all the time but now it has new meeting. if you are not tough enough to get through this problem what will you do when putin vladimir putin asked for alaska back and we have a president today that would give it back. >> tucker: giving alaska back to the russians. he loves the russians. yesterday cnn wrote an entire piece predicting the president would be shocked that he can't eat steak and burgers while in india. so absurd. not only absurd, but bad for the country over time. cnn has dozens of anchors on highly abated experts and analysts and smart people that work there. this is what they talk about for three years running. what does that tell you a question mark it tells you they cannot be trusted with positions of public trust. and in a crisis that matters. these people ought to resign
5:47 pm
today because it actually is degrading our public conversation. it is making us dumber and blinding us to what the real threats are. it is obvious to the rest of the world but not obvious to us in part because the media is so stupid and so far off that they can't see how the world has changed. other columnist mark steyn joins us to assess the state of all of this. mark as you gaze around the globe at the eminent threats pressing in on us, where would you rate russian memes on that list? >> i would rate them very low along with the threat that trump will give alaska to vladimir putin. he will give vermont to justin trudeau long before he does that. and that is win-win for everybody. [laughter] but actually, i would slightly disagree with you, tucker, that this demonstrates the triviality of cnn. in actual fact, something rather profound is going on here. as you know, an obsession with
5:48 pm
dangerous jokes used to be a sign of totalitarian societies. and he wrote an excellent novel about it called "the junk about a student whose entire life is ruined about telling a joke that fails to meet the favorite of the communist party." that is actually what's going on. if you listen to all of that tripe about memes using humor to advance problematic ideas and the russians must be behind that, do you realize what they think? cnn is advancing the proposition that enjoying a laugh means that you are being manipulated by the kremlin. this is actually completely idiotic. >> tucker: and it is also totally corrosive to the country. i have to ask, and this is not a top the list of important things but i just cannot contain myself. joe biden is claiming on the campaign trail, on at least
5:49 pm
three separate occasions that he was arrested in south africa during a party. watch this. >> this day, 30 years ago, nelson mandela walked out of prison and entered a discussion about apartheid appeared i had the great honor of meeting him. i had the great honor of being arrested with a u.n. ambassador trying to get to see him in robbins island. >> i got arrested trying to see him when i was in south africa and nelson mandela. >> i came back from south africa trying to see nelson mandela and got robbed dominic got imprisoned. >> tucker: is it true? well biden's own 2007 when moore never mentions being arrested in south africa trying to see nelson mandela. someone traveling with him at the time does not remember it either. one of corn pops long lost relative, mark, were you there
5:50 pm
when he was arrested? trying to bit nelson mandela? >> i was there when biden was arrested trying to see manhattan mcgann. he did not want to swim in the pool with the secret service agents. so joe lent him a made of him so. these stories are quite interesting. all of these fans want to place him at the center of world events. it is like when they need amy klobuchar who ran into trouble and forget the name of the mexican president but joe biden immediately said to come i'm the only person on thiy who was the mexican president. and whoever was the mexican president before that and the guy that was the mexican president who was before the guy who was the mexican president who was the guy before the mexican president. and all slightly perplexing things and a relevant man wants to place himself at the center
5:51 pm
of well historical events. and in some subtle way, these pitiful fans of his actually tell you why he is running for president. >> tucker: will, it is so sad. he was the vice president. he went to foreign dictators. that is it. mark steyn, so great to see you as always. thank you for kicking off the week. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: one of our favorite people here at the fox news channel joins us in the friend zone who is that person? we will tell you when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: time for that "friend zone" and regular but much love segment where we welcome some of our favorite people from the fox news channel into the show. martha maccallum deftly qualifies for that. she's been giving us the story 7:00 p.m. for the past three years and now she's given it to you in written form. she has a new book coming out tomorrow called "unknown valor," a story of family courage and sacrifice from iwo jima, pearl harbor. and martha maccallum joins us for the first coming on. thank you for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: you learned a lot but what did you learn in this book? give us the outline. >> it begins with letters written to my mother and my grandfather from her cousin, harry who was an 18-year-old kid fighting on iwo jima. i was always fascinated by the letters. i started researching them and i got all his marine documents and
5:57 pm
that led to others with him. i ended up finding two with them, charlie lives in pennsylvania and george who lives in port and out. but was a football buddy of my uncle back in boston before they left for the war. and the stories of these young men and the 17 and 18-year-olds who were willing to give up everything, tucker, some of whom stole, when i met, iwo jima, stowed baptism certificate from his church because he wanted to go so badly at the age of 16. and incredibly inspiring and the love for our country is something that, you know, makes a stop and think about where we are in our country today and a lot of ways. >> tucker: iwo jima was a nightmare for the men who were there. >> it was. >> tucker: did you know your uncle? >> i did not. he passed away at the age of 18 and he was killed there. so his letters are the legacy that we have of him. either there is a picture on the screen, right there my mom has a little girl in front of that woman and that is my aunt and
5:58 pm
sister. so i loved it, tucker, using this story come i learned so much about the pacific theater and how brutal it was. i traveled to iwo jima and walked on those beaches and climbed the mountain and learned about what it was actually like there. it is an 8-mile square island in one of the bloodiest battles in history. we lost 7,000 marines they are and 20,000 were injured. one was charlie, who i thought i had the honor of meeting and getting to know through the process of writing this book. >> tucker: i can actually see the family resemblance. i don't think i'm in imagining it on the screen. you went to iwo jima. i didn't even know -- >> you can only get there one day a year. and you have to go through guam. i traveled on a plane, two planes, they go one day a year for the reunion of honor in japan is back in control of the island so you have to get permission to go there as a reporter or journalist or historian or veteran or family member. so i traveled with all these
5:59 pm
other veterans, some going back for the first time since they were 17 or 18 years old appeared to sit near them and watch them gaze out the window went as they saw it coming into view, the beaches laid out before them and to watch the expressions on their faces has now 90 plus-year-old man who made this very long journey, to go back and pay tribute to their friends was something i will never forget. >> tucker: that is an amazing story. i cannot believe your uncle died there. all these years later, you do this with these letters. that is a very touching and cool story. >> thank you, tucker. it has been amazing. >> tucker: everyone watching get this book. >> i think everyone will take something away from it. i feel like everybody has a hairy great and the kids who die on the beaches and nobody knows about. and you should take into that story and learn your family member stories as well. >> >> tucker: martha maccallum thank you so much for that. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: great to see you. >> great to see you too.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: we are out of time but you can go on and on and on and i bet you don't doubt it. >> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have the best night with the ones you love sean hannity in new york to take over. hey commission. >> seanto be too too high been h matt, welcome to "hannity." huge breaking developments tonight and the quest for equal justice and the truth of john solomon house republicans are considering filing criminal referrals against mueller prosecutors and now this is major news, john solomon will be here to break it down, but first we began the president making history in the world's biggest democracy just a few hours ago. he landed in new delhi, india, where 100,000 plus locals lined up along the president's motorcade route and another 100,000 filling in the largest cricket arena and 110, 120,000


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